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That sound you heard was the glass ceiling shattering!

With her speech tonight, Hillary Clinton *is* breaking the glass ceiling. She’s not backing down because she doesn’t f%&*(ing have to. She’s got 18 million of us standing in back of her and who knows how many Republicans who couldn’t vote for her who are just dying to pull that lever for Hillary. I heard from a lot of them when I was phone banking in PA. They couldn’t vote for her in the primary but they were making plans to march into that voting booth and joyfully vote for her in November.

This is what breaking the barrier looks like. It looks like proving yourself, about taking what the season throws at you and overcoming it. It looks like 18 million people not seeing you as a woman going after a man’s job but a person pursuing her dream.

Damn! She has carried the ball further down the field than any woman on the face of the earth. She can go the distance now or she can just walk away from it. But she’s not going to settle for second and she never, never should.  

Hillary Clinton made history tonight and nothing will ever be the same again.

Clinton Cocktail Party: Cast your fate to the wind

Who knows what the future holds?  

We have been here before.  We have had ups and downs.  How many times do we wish we had just walked away and saved ourselves a lot of heartache?  Or wish we had walked towards when courage is what we lacked?  What was down the road not taken?  

It is still weeks until the balloons drop in August.  Two months and more before that fate is sealed.  Time for minds to change.  Cooling off periods to lead to reason.  For anger and disappointment to be heard and corrective action taken.  

Of all supporters, we Clintonistas have been the most hopeful because we knew that with our candidate, we were in good hands, responsible, mature, strong.  It may take the powers that be a little longer to see it.  But we have hope that we can once again make the country move forwards.  Hillary is the best of us. 

The Clinton Cocktail Party continues unabated!  Step up to the bar to the left of the door and place your order with Rico, our bartender with flair.  Tonight’s special cocktail is a Lady Luck, but you can order anything you like.  

Tonight’s musical entertainment is performed by George Winston.  It’s a melody written by Vince Guaraldi, of Charlie Brown fame.  This light and lilting piece is guaranteed to lift your spirits as you “Cast Your Fate To the Wind”:

Everyone is welcome, PUMAs and Conflucians and Marshans and newly unaffiliated, but trigger words are definitely verboten.  If you feel one wriggling out of your grasp consider leaving it with Florence, our lovely checkroom attendant.  The waiters will be circulating soon with meringues, wedding cake and confetti.  Tonight, we feel light and airy and hopeful.  Tomorrow we crush the Obamaphiles’ nuts!  Whoops!  How did that slip out?  Oh, Florence..

Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

Nomination C.O.P.: Lemmings on the Brink

The lemmings are poised on the edge of the cliff, driven by migratory instincts they cannot fathom but only obey. Each wave of new arrivals presses against the backs of the lead lemmings until in ones and twos and then clusters they spill over the brink into the surf below.

They’re game little swimmers — most of them good for 200 yards or more in calm waters — but crossing choppy seas they will drown in quantities no longer measured by numbers, but in tons. (Did you know lemming populations peak and crash to near-extinction levels in four-year cycles?)

Superdelegate, hear my cry. You DON’T have to do this. You DON’T have to play follow-the-loser. Even if all your friends jump off a cliff, you DON’T have to follow.

Barack Obama is as unprepared to be President as he is to debate any legitimate contender. He promises everything until it comes to particulars, when he promises only disappointment. He remains untested against adversity, and unvetted against determined oppo artistry. He’s been bleeding popular support since February. He finished second in delegates and popular votes except in caucus states — and the parallel primaries in TX, WA, NE and ID will tell you what those wins are worth, as will tonight’s primary results in SD and MT (adjoining six caucus states).

You DON’T have to do this, but if you DO sign on tonight, remember: as a vulnerable target of high-pressure sales tactics, you are still entitled to a Nomination Cooling Off Period.

Tweety on Hillary: “Can she obey?”

I didn’t want to mess up the Obama-free zone in the previous thread, so here I am.  The prodigal daughter returns from her self-imposed Obama-free life, which has also involved eschewing political blogs, reading my once-beloved New York Times (and the crossword puzzles), and of course, virtually all TV news.

In this special time, I’ve re-read four Jane Austen novels — Emma, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice and Mansfield Park — and am about to start Northanger Abbey, which I’ll be reading for the first time.  I had a brief virtual affair with the new American Idol, David Cook.  I actually voted for him.  Several hundred times, I think.  I am 52 years old.

I did a trial.  I’m still doing the post-trial briefing.

I’ve had my first job interview in 26 years. Not sure I even want to get a new job, but in times like this I feel like I should test the strength of the inertial forces.  Naturally, the guy interviewing me was an Obama supporter.

I just helped my daughter get dressed for her senior prom.  She looked beautiful.

I went to Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rico primary.  Bill was there.  I also ate arroz y habichuelas rosadas, mofoungitos y bistec

A friend who had persuaded me to go to an expensive Hillary fundraiser last fall unexpectedly argued with me when I protested the RBC “compromise” on Florida and Michigan.  It turned out that he had switched his support to Obama a month ago, and hadn’t told me. He’s a friend of the Clintons, and sadly told me of his “difficult” call to Hillary.   He urged me to unite behind Obama.  I told him that if Obama wanted the party to unite behind him, he shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for everyone to fall in line.   “Oh, I know, I’ve been telling them [the Obama camp] that.”  Keep telling them, I said.  There has been serious damage, I said, and they have to take responsibility for it.  “Yes, yes, I’ve told them.  I’m going to call you.  I’m going to get you involved.”  Communications thus far?  {{crickets}}

I just turned on MessNBC for the first time in weeks, because I don’t want to miss Hillary’s speech.  And I heard Tweety talk to Howard Fineman and KO about the possibility of Hillary Clinton as Obama’s running mate, which is why I was compelled to post.

Tweety to KO: “But can she obey?  Because that’s what a vice-president has to do. She has to obey the president.”

KO expresses skepticism. about Hillary’s capacity for obedience.  Tweety repeats: “I have to go back to this.  Can she obey?”

A few minutes later, Tweety asks Fineman: “Can she take the oath of obedience?  After eight years of political independence, can she accept the subservience?”

That’s what it comes down to.  Not can she help Obama win. Not whether her supporters can forget the sexism of the campaign.  But can she obey, can she be subservient?

I have the TV on CNN with the sound off.  Hopefully I won’t miss the beginning of her speech.  I think Rico needs to open the bar.



Dear NJ Superdelegates

Dear Senator Lautenberg, Congressman Holt and all of you remaining uncommitted superdelegates, 

I am writing you today to ask you to cast your vote for Hillary Clinton.  I am well aware of the math but I think in the interest of the party, you need to look past the numbers of pledged delegates.  The criteria for many voters has always been who is most competant and prepared?  Who has the most relevent experience?  Who reaches out to all demographics?  Who has the demonstrated capacity to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune with strength and dedication?  At the beginning of this primary process, Hillary Clinton was the last person I would have said fulfilled all of my criteria.  But in the past 10 months, she has proven to me that she is not just someone’s wife, not just a ceremonial position, not just a very lucky senator from the state of NY.  She is, by far, the best candidate I have ever witnessed.  

This may seem strange coming from someone Barack Obama’s age, living in Central NJ, who is a drug designer by day.  I would seem to be in Senator Obama’s prime demographic.  But I come from working class roots.  I value what the Democratic party used to value: social justice, fiscal responsibility, a healthy planet, privacy and wise use of our military forces.  I kept waiting to catch the wave of Obama fever but it just never happened for me.  I do not see the record of accomplishments in him that I see with Senator Clinton.  I think he has been handled gently by the media.  He rarely mentions core Democratic principles like shared responsibility.  Indeed, he has spent much his time appealing to independents and new voters while ignoring and disowning his base: the working class, women, gays. the elderly.  

The delegate count gets a lot of attention.  But we are on the verge of nominating a politician who lost many of the bigger Democratic and swing states like California, New York, Massachesetts, Pennsylvania ,Michigan, Florida, Ohio and my own adopted home state of New Jersey.  In what other primary year would such a thing be considered possible?  In what other year would we have witnessed the disenfranchisment of two important states that would cost one candidate her momentum for the duration of the primary season?  In what other year would we see delegates rightfully won by one candidate gifted to another whose name did not even appear on the ballot?  

It has always been my belief that if the Democratic party were to be divided, it would have to come from within.  At points in time in this season, I have felt pressure to divide us both from within and outside of our party,  The nature of the discourse within the party has been at the mercy of online hooligans.  From without, the media has had a large hand in picking our nominee by waging a war of hostility towards Senator Clinton that has been unprecedented.  Senator Obama has taken advantage of both of these phenomenon.  Even today, we see the steady and inexcusable drumbeat by the media to declare the race over while voters are still considering their options in South Dakota and Montana.  If Senator Obama is truly the Democratic party’s representative going forward, it is not too much to expect him to ask the media to be patient.  Instead, he is passive in the face of what can only be described as an attempt to suppress the remaining votes.  Time and time again, Senator Obama has been given the opportunity to lead and show his character and he has failed.  Time and time again, it is Hillary Clinton who demonstrates her mettle.  

I don’t know what personal dynamics are going on behind the scene.  I don’t know about the hurt feelings or damaged ambitions of the players in Washington.  But what has happened to Senator Clinton this year is uncomfortably familiar ro many women in the workplace who repeatedly have to demonstrate their competence and superiority.  Frequently, their qualities are dismissed, belittled, attributed to connections or unseemly ambition.  But for the sake of all people, men and women, white or African-American, it is time to see the participants of this historic season as persons.  

And that is what I am asking you to do in the next day or two, to pick the best person.  I am asking you to see the candidates as if they were musicians standing behind a screen.  Imagine yourself as a conductor and you have to choose one to fill a first chair position.  But unlike the world of professional music, there is no other orchestra that the loser can go to when the competition is over.  If you are the conductor, don’t you owe it to the rest of the orchestra to pick the best musician, the one that plays your music most truly, who can fill that chair during the first new symphony?  If your answer is yes, then the choice should be obvious.  It should transcend race and gender, money or connections. That winner should be Hillary Clinron.  

Please throw your weight behind the person who has the ability to bring us all together, who will have us play with great proficiency, confidence, power and in unison.  


Riverdaugher @ The Confluence

Hillsborough, NJ


The Obama-Free Zone (Open Thread)

We’ve been pounded all day with the WWTSBQ Drumbeat. But let’s put that behind us. Lift up your head and smile. According to the ARG Poll, Hillary led in South Dakota yesterday by 30% — and even MSNBC is said to think it’s a close race.

Are you reading anything fun? Interesting? What’s your favorite television show? What do you think is the most underrated movie? What’s your favorite 2-1/2 star film? Where do you live? Where did you grow up?

What’s your favorite question? What’s your favorite answer?

(cough) THIS is an Open Thread — as long as (glancing up at the title and raising eyebrows) you know….

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary,

I hope you don’t mind if I use your first name. I feel I’ve gotten to know you during this primary campaign. I’ve observed your performances in the debates with admiration. I’ve been amazed by your calm, composed demeanor as you handled a disrespecful and misogynistic media. I’ve marveled at your graceful treatment of a far less qualified opponent who has treated you and your supporters with shocking disdain. In short, I have developed a deep level of respect and admiration for you. You are a remarkable and accomplished woman, and you would be a great President for our country. I simply can’t give up on my dream of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Continue reading

Hillary needs our help: Contact Super Delegates today

Confluencians, I know that Hillary has assure us that she is untouched by the insults and demands that she quit. But, I would surely be easier for her if the noise was countered by the ringing endorsement of a Super Delegate (or dozen 🙂 )

Jeralyn at Talk Left has a link to a site that makes it easy to contact Super Delegates. Here’s what she has to say:

Here’s the link to Lobby Superdelegates.

Pick your state, tell them you are a constituent and make your case for your favorite candidate.

Superdelegates can make up their minds or change their minds anytime up until the convention. So long as Hillary stays in the race, there is no victor. As of tonight and tomorrow, this is a two person race.

Obama leads in pledged delegates, but doesn’t have the magic number. Hillary leads in the popular vote. More people have voted for her than Obama.

With neither candidate winning both the pledged delegate total and the popular vote, the question is, who is more electable in November and who can better lead our country?

Don’t be shy, this may be your last chance.

Here’s an experiment:  Before you make a comment to this post, please send a note to a Super Delegate.  Be nice, be gentle, be firm — Hillary is counting on us.

How many times must Hillary prove she’s a sticker?

(See below for important update)

Amid reports that The Precious has clinched the nomination and will gracefully accept the mantle of his party’s nomination tonight . . . . Gales of hot air have blown rumors of Hillary’s plans to concede.


Confluencians don’t need the reassurance — we’ve heard this same exact song since the day of the New Hampshire primary (I still remember the huge headlines announcing her plans to withdraw from the campaign that night), but we do need another Open Thread.

So, here’s some sweet-talk from Terry McAuliffe — clearing the stinky smell of this latest round of “Why Won’t The Stupid Bitch Quit”:

Sen. Hillary Clinton, however, will not concede defeat tonight or end her attempt to make history by becoming the first female presidential nominee.

Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe rushed onto CNN this morning to deny an Associated Press report that Clinton would concede tonight after polls closed in the final two Democratic primaries in Montana and South Dakota.

McAuliffe called the report “100 percent incorrect.”

“The race goes on,” McAuliffe insisted.

Moments later the Clinton campaign issued a statement saying, “The AP story is incorrect. Senator Clinton will not concede the nomination this evening.”

She’s winning: That makes some people go crazy. But we (like Hillary) can rise above it.


Please if you have any spare time today, the campaign is doing Get Out The Vote calls to supporters. As you can imagine this drive isn’t helped by the false rumors. Every phone call will help. Please do what you can.


Possibly more important. Jeralyn at Talk Left posted this link to a site that makes it easy to contact Super Delegates. Today would be a GREAT day to put our thoughts together and send messages out to all the Super Delegates in our states.

Tuesday: Michelle calls us liars

From The Billings Gazette, we have the heartwarming story of Michelle Obama and her real feelings about bloggers:

“The way this campaign has been run is the way we need to be forever,” Obama said. “Don’t trust bloggers or someone else’s opinion, because people lie.”

Well, that’s certainly a frightening concept, that Obama might actually run the country in the same way he has run the campaign, with rampant misogyny, hooligans threatening the opposition, theft of votes, campaign PR guys just making $!#% up about RFK and attempts to quell dissent. Yeah, four years of that sounds just peachy.

Of course, bloggers need not apply for commentary on the Obama administration. It is a forgone conclusion that we lie. Gee, and all this time I have been trying so hard to keep things like Rezko, Ayers, Wright and Farrakhan off the front page of this blog. After all, I can’t prove there is any direct criminality between Tony Rezko and Barack Obama. They might just have been drinking buddies. And Ayers and his lovely wife have paid their debt to society. Or someone has paid the debt for them. And Wright is *retired* for Gawd’s sakes. Besides, we all know that Barry was in the bathroom taking a whizz when Wright was pontificating about our collective white guilt. As for Farrakhan, just because the Obama campaign has been busily crafting pre-damage control transcripts of an alleged panel discussion featuring Michelle and Farrakhan doesn’t mean it actually happened. Then again, if imaginary voters can count in Michigan, maybe imaginary videos really exist too.

Ohhhh, so is *that* what this is all about? Is Michelle trying to marinate the press to discount anything that appears in the blogs about the alleged videotape that we take great pains to not discuss because we haven’t seen it (because, for all we know, it’s as real as pixie dust)?

But Michelle, there are so many other things that are perfectly true about dear Barry. We don’t have to resort to rumors and innuendo. Like, we could probably trust our lying eyes last weekend when Barry was awarded 59 delegates he did not earn, 4 of which were the result of direct theft from another candidate. Hard to discount that since The Confluence had two eyewitnesses to the event. And while it is true that Barry didn’t force the RBC to give him the unearned delegates, he took them anyway. At no point in time have we heard him say, “No, no, I don’t need these unearned delegates to win. And please give these 4 delegates back to Hillary because to take them would be stealing and that would be WROOONNG!” I did not hear him say that. Did any of you PUMAs hear Barry decline the stolen delegates awarded to him by the corrupt and obviously partial RBC?

And while it is true that Reverend Wright and Father Pfleger have been “caught on tape” as MSNBC would say, it would be unkind to say that Barry agrees with anything they say. After all, that would be like guilt by association. We all noticed that Barry separated himself from Trinity UCC just a couple of days ago. It took him twenty years but who among us doesn’t understand procrastination?

It’s not like we have to lie when the truth is so much more entertaining and outrageous. And we promise not to bring up the Farrakhan thing until it actually surfaces or until Barry’s campaign produces an official transcript. After all, our credibility is at stake here.