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An Invitation to Democrats in Exile

Welcome all you newly “unaffiliated” voters! If you’re like me, you realized sometime in the last couple of months that you are part of the “old coalition” of the Democratic party. But you’re not cool enough to be courted by the “new coalition” because you’re working class, gay, hispanic, asian, a woman, old or a brilliant combination of an *uneducated* working class, sino-peruvian lesbian. And you said, “Um, that’s not really who I am” Actually, that’s NOT who I am, except for the woman part. (Lemme check *peeking down shirt* Yep, I’m a woman)

I’m getting kind of tired of being written off by my party except for the whole, “We need your vote” thing. I want my nominee to pander to me. I want him to make me promises he does not intend to keep. I want to sit at the cool lunchtable. So, today, I am registering as an “unaffiliated” voter. I mean, I’m a well-paid, suburbanite, college educated, working in a very creative field and I can shoot latte like the best of them. Plus, my boobs don’t sag so I will fit right in with all of the other Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture that Obama has in his plus column.

Now that I am “unaffiliated”, I’m like one of those really attractive singles on hot dating sites. Obama is going to want my vote big time. When I was just a Democrat, I was completely unsexy. But I have shed that old skin, sort of like dermal abrasion, and I’m brand sparkling new and beautiful and so much smarter than I was just a few minutes ago. And my mind is suddenly unburdened. Yeah! I’m no longer worried about Social Security because that was the *old coalition’s” problem. Or universal healthcare because shared responsibility means that I might actually have to acknowledge the working class. Or high gas prices, because if people are spending too much on gas to drive to work, they should just buy a house closer to each of their jobs. Duh!

Any day now, Obama supporters will be knocking at my door and ask me to get a membership in their exclusive club. I will be treated like a queen once they scan the voter’s rolls in NJ and see my name. It will be like, “Oooo, Riverdaughter is a “creative class” unaffiliated. Well, we must really ask her to do a round of golf with us or share a latte.” I will be pampered and courted and made to feel better than all of you losers who comment on this blog.

Soon, I will not be able to associate with you or will only be able to sneer disdainfully at you in passing. Who needs real Democrats when you can win without them?

359 Responses

  1. Hi: What? No one has commented on this great post yet? What’s with that? GREAT FUCKIN POST!!!!

    I will be linking to it. On March 25, in writing to my District Democratic Party Chair, I resigned and made it clear why. The DNC, for godsakes! Florida and Michigan for chrissakes. Talk about tearing the party apart. It ain’t the candidates. It is the process.

    The process is so tainted there is no way to validly conclude what constitutes the “will of the people.” I say it is time to marginalize the Democrats and create a party called The New Democrats — nationwide, one day primary. Period. Saves money, gets rid of old school politics, advances democracy in the US (now, something like a third world country…)

    Yah. You betcha.

  2. Hi Mark! Glad you agree. I posted this yesterday in the regular portion of the blog and got a lot of favorable hits. Katiebird suggested we make it semi-permanent in a tab.
    You’ve got courage, Mark. I’m with you every step of the way. We all are.
    And you’re looking pretty hot too.

  3. Oh…. sorry. I am not a regular reader, so I didn’t notice the earlier post that has so many comments attached to it… ooops.

    However, I think it is a great idea to have it re-posted here with a tab so it is never lost in the archives.

    Please consider me for your blogroll. http://www.HillaryNowObamaLater.org or http://www.MenforHillary.org

    Take care, Mark


  5. “I want my nominee to pander to me.”

    That pretty much sums it up.

    Obama didn’t kiss your ass on the basis of your identity trip, so he’s a hater.

    Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton abandons her policy chops for a series of fake panders… Crown Royal… symbolic tax cuts… he wouldn’t be my pastor (even though my pastor has a lot of respect for him)… and a bunch of hypocritical garbage about the franchise and the process.

    Thanks for President McCain. When SCOTUS overturns Roe v Wade, will you blame Obama for that, too?

  6. Reading River’s post about the Sirens of the new coalition enticing us to join the Obamalution, I got an eerie feeling of the “Stepford Wives.” If you never saw the original film (not the dumb recent remake), you’ll know what I mean. Netflix has it. Everything smooth and “conciliatory.” Fat chance BHO will ask his Justice Dept (if he’s elected) to assign a special prosecutor to investigate Bush, Cheney and pals on felony crimes of torture, illegal wiretapping and various other anti-Constitutional acts via grand jury and criminal trial (like Fitz went after Libby). I’m sick at heart at the thought of a schmoozie 8 years ahead where Bush era criminality will be swept under the rug for the sake of unity and conciliation with Republicans while the rule of law evaporates before our eyes but many (especially among Obamabots) won’t notice because they never realized the irony that if we don’t enforce the law (like the Constitution) we lose our freedom.

  7. Second sentence above ahould read: ” If you EVER saw the original “Stepford Wives” . . . you’ll know what I mean.”

  8. Oh my gosh, have I finally found somewhere that I can actually say that I don’t support Obama, simply because what I have seen, I don’t like and not be called a bottom feeding racist scum sucking bigot?

  9. Kim: Yep. Pretty much. 🙂

    It’s good to see you!


  11. A++++++

    You simply *must* come hang out with us on the Hillary board at FaceBook, RiverDaughter!

    Just drop me a note if you want the link !!

    And, yeah, I’m with you… or, maybe I’m even less willing to be courted than are you. I’d vote for McCain over Obama.

  12. Returned my DNC card in shreds a couple of weeks ago. Have been refusing their requests for money since Florida and Michigan debacle. Let John McCain know that I can be bought. Olympia Snowe or Christie Todd Whitman as VP? Sandra Day O’Connor SCJ clones? Rethink “women need more training”? I’ll give him “Crazy Old Uncle” status and will not throw him under a bus. UHC can wait until 2012 if it has to. Nixon brought the troops home from Vietnam. Uncle John can be persuaded. Would love to see McCain/Clinton but I know she’s too loyal to the Dimocrats if even I’m not.

  13. Pander: to provide gratification for others’ desires. (Merrriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary)

    Am I wrong to expect our elected officials, and those who hope to be, to seek to provide gratification for their constituents? Have we been in the desert so long in this country that we don’t even think we are entitled? Are they not talking about giving something back to us that was ours to begin with? I say it’s about damn time. The reverse has been the case for far too long now and many of us are hurting because of it. So what if it’s only 20 cents, for me it could mean I could afford to go to Starbucks once a month, order a latte and sit around with folks and intellectualize about how the other half lives.

    P.S. I know this is an “old” topic now, but I just had to get it off my chest. This seemed like a good place to be able to do so.

  14. I am eagerly awaiting my voter registration forms in the mail. I’m re-registering as an Independent.

    The Democratic party has left me too – never thought I’d see the day, but it is time to move on.

  15. I love this site..how do I subcribe? Obama is rapeing the american public of the Presidency…and they don’t even know it..What we all should be demanding is for him to disclose his campaign funding? He is buying delagates as well as superdelegates..to me…this is wrong…what ever happened to We The People, For the People? He is trying to deny the votes of the yet to be Primaries..and again fooling the public..and the media is helping him..We should all try to encourage Hillary to run under a new party called, We The People, For the People..and then she will win..she cares about the common people of this country and is capable and willing to make the changes that are necessary to give it back to us..Obama has consistently lied about so many things..and I believe he is getting funding from the Humas and other groups that want to take over our country..
    God Bless America, help Hillary give it back to us..

  16. This is a great site there are not ot many out here like yours I was born in PHilly rasied in Bucks county and now live in Ga. I am one hundred % be hind Hillary and glad to see others agree .

  17. Love the post. I do feel like a Democrat in exile and have left the party. I registered as “unaffiliated” here in Florida. I stand with Hillary. (Translation – Obama will not get grlpatriot’s vote.)

  18. Please allow me to luxuriate for at least a few more hours >>Barry Obama was trampled in WV. I expect by the time tomorrow arrives we will see the usual brain-dead super delegate rush to Precious side showing once again their collective support of the most divisive fraud in this election.
    It was a delicious victory for Hillary and for all who support her candidancy. I think Barry was off in another state “playing” President in waiting”.

  19. Weirdly, I was willing to vote for Obama if he got the nomination — before all the media attempts to belittle every Hillary victory, before the Obaminators ganged up on people in Kos and elsewhere and tried to shout every dissenting voice down. Who do they think they are, Karl Rove?!

    Now — well, now that it’s such a disgusting thing to be a white well-educated woman above 29 who cares about health care and economic policy and practical approaches to problem-solving, the Obaminators can just kiss my bumper sticker. Thanks for the post, River, you are a latte-lover after my own heart, as well as being the scariest thing to anyone of tyrannical leanings (left or right) — a SATIRIST! Woooooo. Scary.

  20. I voted for Edwards on Super Tuesday, because I’m a wage-earning working stiff and I found both Clinton and Obama too corporate-friendly for my taste. Even though Edwards had withdrawn a few days earlier, I thought that voting for him would send a message to the two remaining candidates not to forget us working stiffs.

    Judging from their words since then, I think Clinton got the message better than Obama did. For several weeks, I thought I’d be content with either of them. However, I slowly got wearier and wearier of the triumphalism and arrogance of the Oborg Collective, and Shakesville kept me up to speed on the misogynistic hatred of Hillary from the Corporate Holodeck Media, and some of the Oborg began coming over and laying their misogynistic verbal turds on Shakesville.

    Finally, the other day, a bunch of the little Oborg Visigoths came over and crapped all over one of the Shakesville threads [I would almost bet my next paycheck that they were all white college punks who think listening to gangsta rap makes them bad@$$es], and I decided to sulfuric HELL with those arrogant bastards, I am supporting Hillary and if the Democrats nominate The Precious, I will vote Green in November. Obama would now need to make some SERIOUS moves if he wants my support if he is nominated.

  21. AMEN.

  22. blah

  23. Just wanted to say hi, haven’t posted here in a while. Heard one of y’all today with Hillary. I loved Hillary tonight on conference call.

    On to phone calls in OR and KY this weekend. Please make calls when you have a chance. It’s getting close in OR, and our gal can win Go Hillary, create and upset in OR.

  24. Unaffiliated, too. That is when Beverly Hill Supervisor of Elections in Alachua County in Florida gets back to me.
    I only worry about November. You see once I was a Green and the state didn’t catch up on my change of party and when I went to vote on election day in Nov. 2000, I found I was not registered as a Green.
    I had to wait for about an hour while they cleared it up which I don’t think they ever did. I just voted as a Democrat I suppose. Thank God I did get to vote.
    I voted for Al Gore, by the way.

  25. I’m so glad the Confluence is here. I’ve never posted before but check in often.

    I first voted at 18 for Carter in the PA primary in 1976, and stayed through thick and all the thin. But 2 months ago, the FL & MI situation pushed me over the edge and I reregistered as “Decline to State” here in CA. In my brand new independent life I haven’t yet managed to be an appealing prospect as a voter to the Obama campaign, but then, the feeling is entirely mutual.

    Never have I made such a prolonged effort to think positively of a candidate, only to be disappointed with Obama over and over again. I gotta go with what I feel deep down in my not-particularly broken soul.

  26. Thank god I found you! We have two homes – I vote in CT and my husband votes in NY. Both of us are Hill-Billies (my bro-in-law’s derisive term). I’m trying to persuade my husband to vote for McCain. He’s trying to persuade me not to vote.
    Then I started to think of who will campaign with McCain in key states – Rudy (NY), Arnold (CA), Lieberman (CT & FL), Mitt (MA & MI), etc. – and felt a lot better. There’s a part of me that’ll be gleeful when ole Barry goes back to being a backbencher in the Senate in 2009 and loses the fund-raising allure that made him the DNC darling. The hedge-fund boys (Soros, etc) will have to find another patsy.
    If McCain picks our wonderful governor (Jodi Rell) as veep, he will seal the deal.
    Gotta go get my Big Gulp on the way to Wal-Marts. Yep, I’m another stupid Hillary hick.

  27. Hi Two States,

    I hope to see more of your here at The Confluence. Yup, no matter how many degrees we have, no matter how old we are, if we are for Hillary we are “low information voters,” and “old, dried-up crones.”

    I just let it roll off my back now, because that’s what Hillary does. She is strong as steel, tough as nails, and she really knows her stuff. You can call me a Hill-billy, I don’t care. I was born in North Dakota and grew up all over the Midwest. My ancestors were red-necked farmers and their toughness is still in my DNA. I can recognize the strongest candidate when I see her.

  28. Thx bostonboomer. This is my first chance to vent quasi-publicly, since I’m a fed employee. Fed buildlngs have to post the Pres and Veep pix, so I’ve had to look at Bushie and the Prince of Darkness since I started there in 2003. That’s what it came down to – I’d rather look at McCain’s puss than Barry’s for the next four years.

    BTW, we were at the Elton John – Hillary fundraiser at Radio City last month, just before Pennsylvania. He played “I’m Still Standing” as an encore and dedicated it to Hillary. Wonderful night.

  29. Let’s talk math, Clintonians.

    I actually spent time reading the DNC rules on Delegate Selection for 2008, last night….and although very dry, it turned out to be very interesting reading.

    Are you aware that the DNC rules for primary timing actually state that should a state primary be held earlier than permitted, that state’s delegate count shall only be reduced by 50%, not 100% as they are attempting to do in MI and FL?

    In addition, any candidate who actively campaigns in a state that is in violation of the rules shall not receive any pledged delegates or delegate votes from that state, such as Obama did when he refused to stop running television ads during the 3 weeks running up to the FL primaries?

    These are the rules established by the DNC to govern the delegate selection process at during the primaries. (See Links, below.)


    Those are the rules, folks…hard and fast. Obama’s campaign states emphatically that we must play by the rules…the rules are the rules, they repeat like a mantra when questioned on this. I wonder how many of them actually know that Clinton has the right – under the DNC rules – to 93 pledged delegates from FL, Obama gets none. Under these same rules, she has the right to 64 pledged delegates from MI, Obama gets none as he voluntarily removed himself from the ballot before the primaries and therefore did not win any delegates. He made his own choice about this, and now must live with the…what’s the word, Obamites? That’s right….Rules.


    Current delegate count for the two candidates as of 4/17/08 stands at: Clinton – 1874, Obama – 1904, and that isn’t even counting the primaries in the remaining states which are heavily favored for Clinton.

    What can you do? Tell the DNC to follow the rules the laid out for the delegate count and COUNT HILLARY’S DELEGATES (50%) FROM MI AND FL! If not, then watch the lawsuits fly and the conflicts begin!

    How’s that for math, Obamites?!!! Start lining up for Hillary like the good little Democrats you claim to be!


    These are direct statements from the:


    Issued by the Democratic Party of the United States Governor Howard Dean, Chairman

    As adopted by the Democratic National Committee, August 19, 2006.



  30. I am a democrat in exile for the reasons I believe are being stated here, but it’s not clear how one joins to become an effective part of the movement. Is there a central organization? If not, we’ll just be speaking to eachother and losing time and clout.

  31. Count me in. I’ve heard enough snotty BS from the Obama-supporting spousal unit, friends, relatives, and keyboard warriors to realize that the Obama so-called liberal men are backstabbing hypocrites. Lookit me, I’m not a racist, I’m voting for the black guy! In their rush to assuage their racial consciences on the cheap, they want the Bitch and her bitches to shove off and take the fags with them. Ohhh, they say, sexism is just sooo 70s. Quit bein’ so PC already, you’re ruining our fun.

    Not so fast. The fat lady has not yet sung, and the mouse is about to roar.

  32. Hoorah! Boy am I glad to see you! I listened to the Operation Turndown show yesterday, and called in, but couldn’t get through. He had on folks from CA (like me!), London, UK, Michigan – all over. There are scores of us that are PISSED. And here’s why. All his policy stands are copied from her. She looked positively presidential, taking down O’Reilly on Fox, while he was busy trying to take her down. She has an amazing grasp of foreign policy and domestic issues. She is standing so firm, so tall, and how can we NOT admire that in a presidential candidate? In short, she is presidential, centrist, and in touch with the American people and has fought her heart out for them.

    And what can he say? I got elected to the Senate two years ago, have passed nothing of substance, but feel I deserve the presidency.

    And the DNC is ramming him down our throats. It’s crazy. I am an independent, and I am voting HIllary all the way. The DNC cannot win with latte liberals and African Americans. They need the center. And the Repubs hate McCain because he plays straight to the center, instead of following the conservative agenda.

    Here’s the most heinous thing of all. At least the Republicans are straight with us that they don’t care about women’s rights, African Americans’ concerns, or children, the poor, the elderly. You know where you stand with them. But the Democrats are SUPPOSED to care about those things, yet show us with this election that what they care about is a candidate they can manipulate. They tell us they are for us, but then they screw us by letting Hillary get treated so misogynistically by the press, Obama’s camp (hey, keeping silent IS agreement with what’s going down), and the DNC (see that silent admonishment above). I know where I stand with the Republicans because they’re open about it. And now I get their point about “liberal hypocrisy” – spot on. If McCain got elected, he’s not for women’s rights, but we can apply pressure because at least we know he’s in OPPOSITION. Obama is in opposition too, just seems to be agreeing with ya’ll, sweetie, which makes it harder to pressure him.

    To hell with the Dems. I hope Hillary founds the Independent Centrist party or something similar and moves like a beacon to where she belongs….the White House.

  33. B.O. went around signing up 17 year-olds in high schools, pressuring everyone into thinking it’s the only cool stance (women who dared to be pro-Hillary were told by their boyfriends they were uncool and excluded from social events on networking sites)—even though 17 year-olds are too young to vote. The B.O.’s claim that this is kosher since they will be old enough to vote in the Nov. election, but this seems dubious—someone should check the legitimacy of this.

  34. “The fat lady has not yet sung”

    And guess what, she’s wearing a pantsuit, sweetie 🙂

    I think Obama just got himself about 8 million more problems, and they are ALL bitches lol

    HillBilly Dems for McCain

  35. lmaooo! Great post Hope!

  36. Yes, I’m one of those who will NEVER vote for Obama even if Hillary is selected as his VP. I will be voting for McCain if Hillary is not the nominee. However, I pose a challenge to you all: Jon Stewart of the Daily Show suggested to McCain last week that if he really wanted to win he’d pick Hillary as his VP. Let’s make that happen. Hillary as Mccain’s VP. They’ll unify the country and wipe Obama off the face of this earth…..Contact right wing and Hillary organization’s to make this happen. Hillary and John are friends after all and more of this country is registering as Independents. Hillary can become an Independent and say screw you to the DNC. I became an Independent. I’m loving it…

  37. I am a NObama voter. Call a Woman if you like. Burn Me at the Stake? Been there, done that. My latte days were short lived due to my chai preference. I am a straight coffee and cream gal now. Too many years of being a pc guru has tuned me automated datamaniac.

    I have been flirting with Independent Third Parties. In fact, I have always dreamed of leaving the Democratic Party but there were not viable reasons until this year.

    Gosh, all those years studying Alternative Health, Medicine and Politics made me once think that I was too Liberal. Now, I am finding that I might even be Normal or Average. I have been part of a base camp that until this year, I did not know existed.

    Well, now that we are discovering our ethical and moral fibers as the Obaminators work toward stretching our imaginations, I can now assume, I am not alone.

    Good Bye Matrix: Hello World!

  38. HLF: Sweetie, what rating did Clinton get from Planned Parenthood, pray tell? Being raised by a single mom is no qualification for being president nor is it any predictor of support for gender equity.

    No one I know has said a single racist thing about Obama. Not one. His campaign made it up in order to stifle us. And yes, it *is* Obama’s fault for not calling his supporters on their disgusting behavior. But while the media was joining in it was just so easy to let it slide because it favored him.

    As for Hillary asking us to support the nominee, she can ask and she will. She will encourage because she has a committment to this party that has treated her so poorly. But we have free will. We can choose to do as she asks or we can choose to make a point. It is time the party stopped taking women for granted and is is time they wised up to who their base actually is.

    You too have a choice. You could rethink your prejudice towards Clinton and avert the train wreck that the party is becoming or you can continue on your reckless course and suffer the consequences in the fall. We are drawing the line on bad behavior.

  39. Some commentators claim that Obama hasn’t himself shown sexist attitudes—-I think there is considerable evidence to the contrary. For starters, he continually took advantage of the fact that his disparaging and disrespectful remarks against Hillary would not lead to any criticism of him—due to the generally accepted women-hating attitudes in public discourse–, even though the remarks were all unfair distortions, if not out and out lies.
    Then there were remarks such as “sweety”—one of the few to even be noted (and largely dismissed and ridiculed rather than deemed inappropriate), and the time B.O. said, in response to a question about how pro-woman he was, something on the order of women are the ones who nurture us and instruct us in caring and morals…

    No one ever remarked on something that bugged me: in his speech the night Hillary won Pennsylvania he began by taking several minutes to talk of how “lovely” his host’s wife was (his host was a black mayor), mentioning how he too had “married up” and going on about “mmm mmm” what a lovely, lovely wife the mayor has—

    And recall when, trying to convince a Hillary supporter to switch to him, B.O. got down on his knees, and when that didn’t work he said, “do I have to kiss you?” (or very similar words)!!!

  40. You don’t need to be affiliated with Kos. We of the Liberal Coalition root for who we want, and nobody is obnoxious to each other.

    There are a lot of us m-m-middle aged women out here who have no intentions of voting for BO. Calling us PA folk bitter was not a good idea, being sexist and misogynistic is even worse.

    And when people tell you they are “the same” – make sure you tell them that Obama voted for the Bush/Cheney energy bill, and then ask them how that’s “change”….?!

  41. There’s not much damage McCain can do in one term as president. Reasons: 1) Democratic controlled congress. 2) He’s 71 and won’t run again. 3) Haven’t you noticed, Republicans are voting like democrats past few months,afraid of losing their constituency. Take the recent farm bill as an example. 4) Privatizing Social Security won’t happen. The public is against it. 5) Planned Parenthood gets only 300 million from gov’t. That’s not going to stop. 6) All judges have to be approved by democrats. 7) We need to “show” the DNC true protest. McCain winning would show them. 8) I used to live IN AZ. McCain is one of the most lefty Republicans there is.

  42. The republicans are going to run a simple AD. Obama, a 8 year, junior state senator. with no accomplishments of any note. Obama, a 3 year, junior U.S. senator, with no accomplishments of distinguishing note. Think about it. What has he done. ……………Maybe women should run this AD, their chances for a women president have been shunned by the DNC.

  43. I am now a man without a party. My entire family no longer has a party. We “use” to be democrats until “The Great Media Decider” chose a democrat for me that I could never support. When my father, who has never even entertained the idea of voting Republican in his 67 years says that he will be voting for John McCain in the fall, Obama has a problem. Now the democratic party would like you to overlook people like us and say “well we don’t really need them” and my favorite, “there all racist anyway” but I don’t think they get the disdain for Mr Obama. We have constantly had the media make excuses for this man and have called us Hillary people, “racist” “uneducated” “hillbillies” and my favorite “women” Now why is women my favorite? Well I’m a 28 year old college educated “male” that makes over 50 k a year. I don’t fall into their category they have set up to explain away many of Obama’s problem. If any other politician in America attended a racist church like Mr. Obama has done, their career would be OVER. But give him a podium and a teleprompter and the media will find a way to give him a pass. I can’t understand why more educated people aren’t abandoning this man. They, of all people, should see right through Barack Obama and the media creation that he is. yet it’s the so called “uneducated” people or as I like to call them “socially educated”, that are the majority in seeing this. I hope the Obamabots across this country enjoying losing without us. To be very honest, I wish Hillary would take this to the convention and if for some reason she still doesn’t get it, burn the place to the ground and walk out with her supporters. God that would rock. She could start the new and improved ” Bull Moose Party” I know that she won’t but we can all dream.

  44. My husband made an intresting observation the other day…Obama had the nerve to show up in Michigan (undisclosed location of course) and called a reporter “sweetie” and my husband turned and looked at me and he said “its almost like they have been subliminally saying go back to the kitchen and go iron my shirts thats where you belong” I think it upset him as much as it did me. I was upset that he never answered the young ladies question, but my husband was upset at the condesending “sweetie”.said it made him think about some sign a guy held up at one of Hillary’s first rallys early in the campaign.

  45. Great site. Great work.

    Please consider me for your blogroll: http://nobloodforhubris.blogspot.com

  46. “Anybody who has ever voted for me or voted for Barack has much more in common in terms of what we want to see happen in our country and in the world with the other than they do with John McCain…I’m going to work my heart out for whoever our nominee is. Obviously, I’m still hoping to be that nominee, but I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that anyone who supported me … understands what a grave error it would be not to vote for Sen. Obama.”

    Hillary Rodham Clinton, May 14 2008:

  47. My vote in November will have a name: Revenge. It’ will be my gift to the DNC and BO. Let the Republicans finish the job Reagan started because the Democratic leadership put rules in the nominating process that gives more net delegates to the winner of the ID caucus than to the winner of PA primary by almost 10 points. All this could change if enough delegates figure out that it’s time to change their support to the right candidate, Hillary!

  48. Thanks Barry, for helping me find my political identity. After voting straight D for 40 years, I have finally awakened to the fact that I am an Independent.

    Nobama, no how.

  49. For the life of me I don’t understand why the Democratic Part is so self destructive. The ONLY presidential candidate they have been able to get elected in the last 27 years was Bill Clinton. All they seem to so is continue to push unelectable candidates at us.

    Is that their role in politics – to lose, lose, lose?

  50. When NARAL , DNC and the rest of them mail request for donations …
    I will mail their request back to them with “Hillary” written in my finest red lipstick in their very own postage paid envelope.

    I have not yet been assimilated by the BORG (Barack Obama Rapture Group)

  51. I truly hope the rules spelled out in this article are forced to apply. I’m still holding out hope that they aren’t able to pull off his coronation.

    It’s pretty sad when a Dem has to watch FOX News to get kinder coverage of a candidate. Even FOX trashes her, but the trashing has become so common that we’ve lowered the bar to be that if you don’t trash her constantly, you’re being nice to her.

    I’m no longer a democrat, and if she’s not the nominee, I will not ever vote for another democrat (I will vote Green or Lib). I’m 23, voted for Dean, voted for Kerry, and live in California. I’m disappointed with other young voters.

  52. Thank you, riverdaughter. Fabulous satire. I will be linking you on my new blog. We do not agree on all points; but we’re close. I am a 45-year-old Eurasian “creative.” I currently ponder my options. I cannot and will not vote for McCain. I wait to see if some substantial pandering from Obama (should he become the nominee) is in the offing.

    To date I have drawn some inspiration from his behavior as a Senator, however: I am weighing the option of simply declaring myself “Present” in November.

  53. I read somewhere that there was a movement for everyone, who was changing their party affiliation, to do it the 1st week of July. Dramatic numbers? That’s when we, spouse and I, are planning the switch.

    I am a Michigan voter. We were not as good as New Hampshire voters, so the one took his name off of our ballot in order to gain favor with the more important voters. We are so bad, that he has blocked, with the DNCs ok, every revote plan we had. So, we will see how this works out for him in November, should he be that party’s nominee.

  54. ‘Voting “Present” in November.’

    That’s perfect.

  55. Love this site. The story is an old one: we watch a qualified woman rise up in a corporation through grit, determination and hard work. She has been promised the CEO-ship by upper management, who are mostly men. They promise her their support. But then…wait, a man is brought in from outside the company…a new shiny toy, and he is anointed the CEO, at the last minute, despite logic. Well, the woman in question asks us to ignore this disloyalty, and get behind the company anyway. That just makes her look spineless. This has been going on for centuries, folks. I’m registering my protest vote with John McCain, and I urge you all to follow. He’s been pilloried and hated by the Republican Party for a long time—sound familiar? They have much in common.

  56. Help! Looks like my former boss drank the Kool-Aid. I’d e-mailed her Bryon York’s article from the National Review suggesting that Hillary would be the Al Gore of ’08 if she won the popular vote but lost the nomination. This was her response:

    “For argument’s sake, I don’t think that Florida can be counted in the “popular vote”. I recall that Hillary campaigned there (as she was thinking ahead to the general election) and Obama did not (as he was focused on winning real delegates).”

    My husband and I were in Miami the weekend before the primary. No, Hillary did not campaign. Is the Obamaborg rewriting history?

  57. Great Post!! I found you from Taylor Marsh’s site. I am from NH (you know, the swing state Obama doesn’t need???) and I will be re registering as Independent. If Hillary is not the nominee, I can’t bring myself to vote for a fraud like Obama. I guess, as a political junkie, I have read too much, watched too much, heard too much, and been insulted too much to ever go there. We have been blown off by Obama, Obama’s supporters online (oh my god, the things I have been called for supporting the strongest candidate out there), and the media. I have been waiting for Hillary to run long before she even announced her candidacy (much to my republican father’s horror). Somewhere along the line, Obama’s supporters thought they could bring me around to their side by insulting my candidate and calling me names. It won’t work, and neither will telling me that I will “come around” if he is the nominee. You couldn’t find a bag of smelling salts strong enough for me to go that far off the edge. The Democrats have a habit of nominating unelectable candidates, and they need to look at history and learn from past mistakes. Obama is way too inexperienced, lacks judgment when choosing his friends (so why would we allow him to choose a cabinet to help run this country…would they be all those crooked people he is tied to in Chicago?), and his arrogance knows no bounds. He anoints himself the nominee, when he doesn’t have the numbers any more than she does. The more he blows her off, the more her supporters and many uncommitted voters turn to her side. He is about as far to the left as it gets, and while Pelosi, Dean, and company may like that, us average Joes with a lot more common sense don’t really think like that. Most Americans sit more toward the middle, kind of like Hillary. I am praying daily for her to be our nominee and I refuse to lose faith in the only candidate that I feel can get our country out of the mess it is in thanks to GWB.

  58. In response to HLF:
    I don’t understand how any woman, in good conscience, could vote for Obama. Hillary Clinton has been horribly maligned in this campaign by Obama and his supporters. Hillary has fought for the rights of women and children of every race since Obama was in diapers. Just because he was raised by a single mother doesn’t mean he knows how women feel (look how long it took him to throw his own grandmother under the bus). You said you were a Hillary supporter until a couple of months ago, what changed your mind? Was it his defense of rev. Wright and the speech on race (when it was his judgment that was on the minds of most people, the fact that he was a “community organizer” for Wrights church in the south side of Chicago (have you seen what the place looks like TO THIS DAY…go on you tube there are many videos of it….places that his buddy Rezko were supposed to fix with taxpayer money I might add). And now on to the fact that once his global poverty measure goes through, everyone’s taxes are going through the roof….just in time for the recession. Helping other countries is a nice thing to do, and the US does more than anyone else, but have you seen the news lately?? We have many people across our country who have just lost everything to tornadoes, Louisiana is STILL rebuilding from the Hurricane, we have our own homeless (many of them working, but still not able to make ends meet), Charity needs to begin at home, especially in these tough economic times. Obama has done NOTHING since being voted into the Senate, as he said in the debates, he hasn’t had time because he has been running for President. Did anyone tell him that when you are president you can’t vote “present” on anything? Are you going to cheer him on when he goes to meet with terrorist leaders without preconditions? He will be food for propaganda and make the US look weak in the eyes of the world. If Hillary is not the nominee, the only way I will sleep at night is to know that John McCain will win the presidency, at least I know he loves his country.

  59. In response to “two states”:

    It was in the Tampa newspaper that Obama was there the day after signing the pledge. He also ran ads there (supposedly it was a “national ad buy” and he had no control about it running in Florida and Michigan. The paper states that he was the first candidate back in the state after signing the pledge.

  60. A friend told me about this site. She was correct, it does
    lessen my rage and remind me to calm down. Been raging
    about Keith losing his mind and his principles for profit.
    Support Hillary because she grew on me, too. Competence
    matters more than charisma to those of us who are unbelievers and do not dollow the call of Obama. We recognize we may have no choice in the fall. Some will not vote the top of the ticket. Others simply cannot select McCain and his double-talk views which gag the rational; still others who prefer Hillary are in a quandary.

    I asked the Obama campaign and GE who owns MSNBC, Newsweek and The Washington Post where all the non-stop smearing of Hillary began about Obama’s seed money from Exelon who signed a contract on 12/11/07 with GE for nuclear reactors at taxpayer ‘s expense consistent with the previous models. Hillary had voted no on using taxpayer funds which caught my eye ago and since I follow the money and seek to know who benefits, I’ve been seeking answers and received none.

    Am sorry for the boyos in GE where profits have fallen
    and where appliances will be divested. I can see why they ganged up on Hillary to ensure their choice wins the
    presidency–many operate in their self-interest, but to see
    how blatant the hate Hillary campaign has become from
    these and other media sources surprised me.

    Keith O.and Gene Robinson outdid Matthews who seems to
    be realizing beyond Media Matters that Hillary is the best
    man for the job. But the others around are waxing hysterical;
    note Keith’s 5/23 rant based on nothing for the want of something to do. We all remember Bobby and appreciate the good sense of his son and NRDC–he is for Hillary, so are others who have a clue about consequences. May she prevail.

  61. A friend told me about this site. She was correct, it does
    lessen my rage and remind me to calm down. Been raging
    about Keith losing his mind and his principles for profit.
    Support Hillary because she grew on me, too. Competence
    matters more than charisma to those of us who are unbelievers and do not follow the call of Obama. We recognize we may have no choice in the fall. Some will not vote the top of the ticket. Others simply cannot select McCain and his double-talk views which gag the rational; still others who prefer Hillary are in a quandary.

    I asked the Obama campaign and GE who owns MSNBC, Newsweek and The Washington Post where all the non-stop smearing of Hillary began about Obama’s seed money from Exelon who signed a contract on 12/11/07 with GE for nuclear reactors at taxpayer ‘s expense consistent with the previous models. Hillary had voted no on using taxpayer funds which caught my eye ago and since I follow the money and seek to know who benefits, I’ve been seeking answers and received none.

    Am sorry for the boyos in GE where profits have fallen
    and where appliances will be divested. I can see why they ganged up on Hillary to ensure their choice wins the
    presidency–many operate in their self-interest, but to see
    how blatant the hate Hillary campaign has become from
    these and other media sources surprised me.

    Keith O.and Gene Robinson outdid Matthews who seems to
    be realizing beyond Media Matters that Hillary is the best
    man for the job. But the others around are waxing hysterical;
    note Keith’s 5/23 rant based on nothing for the want of something to do. We all remember Bobby and appreciate the good sense of his son and NRDC–he is for Hillary, so are others who have a clue about consequences. May she prevail.

  62. If the DNC doesn’t wake up, and fast, I will be registering as an Independent on June 4, 2008.

    I do not support the slandering of strong women, strong political leaders, or the best Presidential candidate out there, merely because of an inelegant (but factually correct) phrasing about the 1968 election that mentioned that Bobby Kennedy (RFK) was campaigning in California in 1968 in June, right before he was assassinated there. I do not support the “frothing at the mouth” of Obama supporters like Keith Olbermann (aka “Oba-mann” ) — I do not support the DNC refusing to step in to stop the misogyny and personal attacks. I do not support the spineless superdelegates who’ve chosen to back Obama merely because he’s bi-racial — that’s not enough qualification to be President, for goodness sake. (My best friend is bi-racial and above 35. Should I nominate her, now? I think after dealing with her son’s care and her poor health and being unemployed on and off due to the lack of jobs in her field for the past ten years, she’d be a much better President than Obama’d ever be — at least she understands the economy!)

    What has Obama done that prepares him for the Presidency other than make speeches? Nothing.

    I read both his books and liked ’em, and of course I enjoyed his 2004 speech at the Democratic National Convention. I didn’t expect any of this nonsense from his campaign, and I had hoped for better out of him than saying things like, “The gas tax holiday idea is pandering!” when he voted for it three times in the IL Legislature. (So, it’s only “pandering” if Mrs. Clinton wants it? It’s OK if you do. Yeah, right, buddy.)

    This man is not qualified to be President, and we can’t trust him to do a good job if he does get in there; we’re headed into a major economic downturn (hint: it’s already happening), and this guy doesn’t understand the economy, foreign relations, trade, how to deal with world leaders — and Hillary Clinton does. Her policies make sense and the only reason Obama’s look so similar is because he copied them all!

    I am not in favor of Barack Obama and will vote against him in the fall if the DNC is not smart enough to nominate the only candidate left who has a chance to win in November (and, I believe, will win big if given that chance) — Hillary Clinton.

    Also — for the record — the DNC must stop their arbitrary disenfranchisement of the voters of Florida and Michigan. It’s wrong, it’s disgusting, it’s against the principles this nation was founded upon — and it makes me think of back-room deals and rigged elections, all bad things.

    In short: DNC, if you have to try this hard to get Barack Obama as your nominee, you should know very well that he will lose — and lose very badly — in the fall. If you want to lose, be my guest — put him up as the nominee.

    But if you want to win, use the justification of utter misogyny and ridiculousness on the part of the “O-Borg Collective” (aka Obama followers) and the threat of racial riots if Obama doesn’t get in as a way to say, “We don’t respect anyone who tries to push us around. Prove you’re electable. In non-caucus blue states. Then, we’ll talk.” (I don’t think Obama’s made that argument. He won Oregon. He won a few of the Eastern seaboard states that are traditionally Democratic, including Maryland and DC. And he won a lot of red states that won’t go blue in the fall, including Virginia, Idaho, and Utah. Why should I respect a guy who wins Idaho and Utah? Does he really think those states will vote for him in the fall?)

  63. Here’s the whiteboys for Obama phenomenon oversimplified for your convenience.

    These so-called liberal men don’t mind privilege one bit but they hate, hate, HATE being dorks. There are two things they desperately wish they were: cool and studly. Now, Obama is their hip new friend from the ‘hood, whereas Hillary is Mom, as well as every woman who refused to date them. So they get to hang with their new ultracool friend and kick those nasty women in the teeth. It’s a psychological two-fer! No wonder they fell for him in droves.

  64. I am happy to have found this site. I am gratefully reading a lot of people saying what I feel.
    I keep hearing the Democrat’s will heal and stand behind Obama . I think they are very wrong and grossly underestimate how many people feel about Obama.
    I love the honesty here.

  65. Thank you all for posting such articulate thoughts!

    Looks like we are still standing!

  66. Hello – I came across your site awhile back, and was relieved to read your post, because it helped me to get out of my being stuck in being angry at what is ongoing in the MSM and supposed other “Progressive” blogs. I voted for Edwards in the CA primary, and when he came out the day after Hill’s win in West VA, I felt like I was suckerpunched and wanted to to take my contribution and vote back. What this Democratic primary campaign for Prez nomination has shown me is: (1) in today’s society sexism is as prevalent as decades past and it is ignored, excused away, or is minimized and racism is a tool used in this campaign to accomplish this feat, (2) ageism is incredibly blatant at least towards women, especially Hillary in this campaign, (3) the Chicago Daley-Democratic politics that we have experienced on a nationwide level is just as frackingly evil as Rovian Republican smear politics (4) reinforces to me the fact that women were the last to be able to legally vote in this nation of “equality” (still no equal rights amendment) but sure as hell shouldn’t think they can run for President, (5) McCain scares the crap out of me because he’s nutz, but I’m so pissed off I can’t settle and vote for Messiah-Obama, because he infuriates me as much as Bush does (and that’s a whole lot). I’m glad to have your site as an oasis and to realize that I’m not alone in all my frustrations. Also, to simply discount millions of Democratic voters in Michigan and Florida by the party supposedly for working women and men is simply inexcusable to me. I know this is long, but it’s been pent up. Lastly, I ask, are TPTB running the Democratic Party intent upon throwing this election so we get McCrazy in? scratches head or do they believe in what they are doing or should I say not doing? Thanks for the opportunity to post my rant.

    Peace – D

  67. I’m in Pittsburgh, stumbled across your blog, love it (and the post above!) and am RELIEVED to know that the masses of us that refuse to have BOolaid shoved down our throats is growing!

    Just for the record…I do keep $5 in my jean pocket while I wear black tennis shoes, just in case the comet comes by to take me away from all these crazy ObamaBOTs! 😉

    Keep up the good work; fight the good fight. In the end at least we’ll be able to sleep with ourselves, especially when Hillary actually wins the 2008 nomination!

  68. Ugsome’s post on May 17th has got to be the stupidest, most glib paragraph I have ever seen this campaign season.
    Although I disagree with some of what I see here I appreciate that most at least try to be rational, even if they fail.
    But Ugsome wasn’t even trying.


  69. Really Dave? Did Ugsome’s comment hit a little too close to home?

  70. I really stumbled into this site by a passing reference in another site that I can’t even remember you know how linking is an abysmal maze of info gathering.

    As someone mentioned it is a pleasure to know I’m not alone with my thoughts. I agree with a lot of post here and would like to add this:

    If Hillary doesn’t get the nomination could she run as an Independent? I don’t know if one can write her in even as a protest vote.

    If she is asked to run for VP she should refuse. It is not only an insult to her but also to expect Americans to vote for Obama the least qualified to lead and have her run just to get her following. The DNC and Howard Dean (who should be tarred and feathered) need to know that they work for us and if she gets the popular vote (which she has) then they have to respond to the voters. The DNC needs to clean house and change the rules of engagement. Primaries should be held all on one day to stop the dog and pony show of states influencing the precinct votes at local levels by swarms of volunteers running from state to state I’m making reference to the Obama camps cheating and bullying competitors and even voters. I witness that in Texas and it was very ugly and stressful. The Democratic Party is inhabited by extras from “Night of the Living Dead.” Spineless creatures with blank stares — Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, and the rest of those that fell like dominoes endorsing the suit.

    If she can’t run as an Independent then we need to form a New Democratic Party and start a grass roots movement that will be ready for next election for 2012.

  71. The first thing Hillary should do as President is reform the DNC’s election rules. Should we accept that a glib speaker with little practical experience should be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States because he won a bunch of caucus states?
    I thought this was a primary season?
    Too bad she will have her hands full cleaning up the GWB messes to do this!
    The Democratic Party is looking very bad right now and causing all this angst because its processes are outdated and need to come into the 21st Century. At least we have a woman candidate! Now that makes sense.

    –Been There

  72. Well, excile enough of us, there will be no money in the DNC. They are having problems now to raise funds for the Convention. My college kids sure cannot afford to pay their own light bill.

    I will be moving on, once they anoint Obama tomorrow. I am even thinking about calling the Republican Campaign of McCain. Sorry, I will not vote for a racist. Just cant do it, not the KKK, or the Black Liberation Movement. No way.

  73. Dear Riverdaughter,

    Will you please give your home page to this VITAL TIMELY COLLECTIVE PROTEST this week as of Monday? As follows:

    Please Help Make This Protest Viral on blogs and via email. Feel free to include article in whole or part. edit as you see fit – or – whatever you can do to help move this Joint Protest – – -thanks, as follows:


    Democrats across America are aghast, outraged and know that telling someone their vote gets .50% value is less than the slaves even got (which was 3/5). Much of our nation is outraged at this highway robbery which has just unfolded.

    Florida voters have been treated as lesser citizens before – by the Republicans. Real Democrats across the country see clearly, when it comes to the current DNC, the Fix is In. In fact, this has been set up long ago. In the meeting today, before this decision was finalized, Florida’s representatives made crystal clear that they had no alternative to the January 29th date. The Republican majority legistlature attached this Primary Election date to the urgent bill for a paper trail voting system (to remedy the 2004 recount debacle ever occurring again.)

    The FLA Republican legislature knew well, that attaching this Primary Date Violation, as a rider to essential voting machine replacements, would make it impossible for the Democratic minority of the Legislature to avoid this date. The Democratic Legislature, as they explained in the Democratic Rules Committee Meeting today, attempted to pass a changed, delayed date. The State Republican party outnumbered them and voted this down. All these facts were made clear in the DNC Rules meeting today, May 31. And, for those unaware, the same DNC which cut FLA’s votes in 1/2 today, based on no fault of FLA voters, gave full authorization to 3 other states to have early Primaries, with their blessings. Why not Florida? (And why not Michigan, which has also been stripped of half its votes and had the equivalent of two rural voting districts) lifted from their chosen candidate and handed on a silver platter to Barack Obama?)

    The DNC stated today that they offered FLA $880,000 to redo the Primary. All this would support, as FLA representatives explained, was a mail-in ballot, without the budget or means to assure security and validity of ballots. It may also be recalled, that despite having handily won 55% of FLA primary votes, the Hillary Clinton campaign offered to come up with the means to redo the Primary, if the Obama campaign (which is far more funded by special interests) would agree. The Obama campaign, which badly lost the January FLA primary, with only 30% of the vote, refused to support a replacement Primary. Why? Because their poll numbers were still poor in FLA.

    The Obama campaign violated standards by being the only candidate’s campaign to advertise in Florida before the January Primary. When asked about these ads, the Obama campaign claimed that the Florida ads were part of a national ad buy and their TV use was overlooked by mistake. Imagine that! They forgot they were running ads for a Primary they have spent months now pretending didn’t even exist. They also ran ads in a neighboring state which included part of FLA in its media zone. When asked, the Obama campaign again said, Whoops, another overlooked mistake. Anyone who knows how to read knows, by now, Obama makes a lot of mistakes. It is normal to expect them to be overlooked and allowed, and whatever you do, do not ask him to explain them.

    The DNC, long known to be in the tank for Obama, claimed in today’s contrived “Rules” meeting that they had actually approved advertising in FLA for the primary. If you doubt the Fix is In, replay these facts: !) We told you, FLA, that your primary will not count. 2) Although your Primary doesn’t exist candidates can still place campaign advertisements. 3) So, in your non-existent Primary, FLA, in which Barack Obama spent a considerable sum appealing to FLA voters, but still lost anyway, we will restore 50% your votes, which is not enough to do our ‘golden boy’ any harm at this late May date!

    When Michigan attempted to schedule a Primary re-run, progress moved forward, capital was provided – until Obama supporters blocked the passage of the final arrangements beyond the time window of opportunity. Obama’s strategists knew they had sealed FLA’s fate, as well as Michigan’s, long before today. This meeting was merely a formality, a public pronouncement of wheels set in motion long before.

    Floridians and Democrats in Michigan can now expect miles of spin by Obama supporters, state wide, who will try to convince you how lucky you are to get back 1/2 of your vote. Should you fall for this soon-to-come PR campaign, just remember, that makes your vote count less than a slave’s did, well over a century ago. Such a deal, you can count for 1/2 vote now- in order to give the same party and candidate who stole the other half of your vote your whole vote in November.

    In Michigan Obama’s candidacy was to be included on the ballot. But when his campaign saw that he was 20% behind in the polls there, they changed their mind and withdrew his name from the ballot. It wasn’t that Michigan voters didn’t know he was running. He simply pretended not to be. As many have observed Barack Obama is skilled and practiced at pretending. Recently, for example, he has pretended to have removed his name from the MI ballot because he wanted to play by the rules. Today’s Rules Committee Meeting has exemplified ‘rules’ are now interpreted as “any means to an end.”

    This is a DNC that claims it is time to come together and heal. This is a DNC which has had the international news media keep count of all Primary results and their totals everywhere with a ZERO count given for FLA & MI throughout the entire Primary season. This is a DNC in which disproportionate numbers of Super Delegates have cast their powerful votes for Obama, nationwide, in contradiction to the voting will of the people in numerous states where Hillary Clinton won by a large majority. This is a DNC, which now thinks Obama can afford to lose a few delegates, and so has generously given every citizen of FLA 1/2 a vote back and less than 1/2 vote back to MI, 4 months after the people of these states cast 1 whole vote per person.

    Real Democrats across our nation know that this is less than 50% too little and far too late! Were all this not insulting and flagrantly dishonest enough, this same DNC, which obviously re-invents its “Rules” as it goes along, has sardonically stated that come August, at the convention, if the chosen Nominee so deems, HE can give FLA & MI back their full votes. After it doesn’t matter at all. After it was counted at ZERO when it did matter. After it was arrogantly reinstated at less than 50% of its value, with the use of creative
    new math.

    Democrats of FLA & MI need to know that the thousands of protesters, who traveled to D.C. (for what had been billed an Open Rules meeting, then changed on short notice to a Closed Rules meeting) are joined by millions of other Democrats nationwide, in one outcry: A Vote is a Vote is a Vote. Not 1/2 vote. Not a four months too late vote. Not to be superceded by DNC party elite Super Delegate votes. Not a come to Denver, be nice and we may reconsider vote.

    We have not, until now, left the Democratic Party. We can now see, however painfully and shockingly, the current Democratic Party has left us. We invite and request FLA voters and MI voters who do not agree with the coronation of a candidate that the majority of voters have proven we do not want – JOIN US in a collective withdrawal of our Democratic Party affiliation. Prove that you know that your vote should count now and fully. Prove that no party elite can take away 50% + of your vote to substitute their own false math.

    This week, June 2nd – June 6 is the start of a NATIONWIDE PROTEST. Show the rest of America you care about your voting rights as much as any and all real Democrats should do. Go to your local official office (City Hall, Village Hall, etc.) and request that your Democratic Party affiliation be withdrawn and changed to “Independent” status. This is a national movement to show Florida voters count. If you carry a Voters Registration card, you can, instead, just rip it in half and mail it in:

    Send this “change of status” notice to the DNC Headquarters at 430 S. Capital SE Washington D.C. 20003

    Notify your fellow Floridians and Michigan voters that real Democrats around the country are with you in protest!

    Email this COLLECTIVE PROTEST ANNOUNCEMENT to your friends and family from coast to coast.

    Show the National Democratic Party that this country is still a democracy, whether they like it or not!

    Want final evidence the Fix is In? Read Barack Obama’s pre-Rules Meeting quote regarding the counting of Florida’s votes. Barack Obama stated he was “willing” to allow Florida’s and Michigan’s delegates and votes to be counted “In a way that doesn’t change the outcome”. Yes, you read that right: “In a way that doesn’t change the outcome”. In other words, as long as they don’t count, go ahead and count them. David Axelrod, his campaign manager repeated this public statement on national television verbatim last week. Isn’t it a strange coincidence that the Rules Committee results perfectly matched their declared expectations?! How can you make millions of votes”not change an outcome”? Well, you just count them at under 50%.

    Barack Obama scammed Florida and Michigan until their primary results could no longer hurt him. Now he actually thinks the voters in two large states of our union don’t know the difference. Obama, in his typical entitlement, just figures the pesky old people he disdains and the Cubans down south and the rural and working class voters and the majority of women can’t possibly be bright enough to notice that he has hoodwinked them. Let’s show him how wrong he is! MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE!

  74. I will be doing just that and declaring my independence! I will no longer be affiliated with the Demoncratic party, thanks to their “vote stealing.” For the first time in my entire 36 year voting history, if Barak Obama is nomiated (which seems very likely, thanks to the underhanded dealings of the DNC leadership), I will be voting Republican.

  75. Thank God I found this site! Its been great to read the commentary. I’m so disgusted by the DNC, the media, and the treatment of Hillary that even here in Georgia, I will write in her name for President as a protest vote. There can be no democratic party unity for me. I don’t want an Obama/Clinton ticket either: that won’t assuage my disgust. I’m joining the ranks of the unaffiliated!

  76. I live in the Appalachians which means I’m an ignorant, white hillbilly evidently. The “new coalition” can win it without me from the way Donna Brazile tells it. I wish them lotsa luck. Me? I’m gonna spend my spare time as the retired “old coalition” by reading and maybe helping out some of the downticket choices(Although I think Warner has it in the bag and Boucher probably does too). I’m considering checking out some of them womens groups since I trust neither of the men left to protect my reproductive rights. They haven’t exactly done a bang up job so far. I’m looking forward to reading more of the comments from the rest of the “low information” folks like myself. ;/

  77. thanks for President McCain. When SCOTUS overturns Roe v Wade, will you blame Obama for that, too?

    No problem. And Obama Girl can defend her own reproductive rights.

  78. From the YouTube videos I’ve seen, “Obama’s sweeties” need to do a little LESS “action toward reproducing”. Y’all are stupid about men! (The Obama girls) You’ll figure it out later on, I guess. I’m a (re) member of the SP-USA (Socialist) Check out the website “fore you scream “Communist”–it’s not. We could USE alittle class warfare in this country!

  79. OMG…..We were just playing around with this on Gretawire, but I had no idea that it already existed. Count me in please. Wehave to show the DNC that we mean business and we will not take their crap anymore.
    I have sent emails to as many people involved in the DNC meeting as I could.
    We have to do something and I am here to do my part.

  80. A family member just sent me an E-Mail with quotes from Obama. I’m listing them here. If the DNC nominates Obama, you can bet I’ll vote Republican. Here are those comments. Is anyone else as appalled about them as I am?

    I think you will find these quotes of Obama’s own words very interesting and
    very alarming when you consider the events and signs of the times in which
    we are living.

    This guy wants to be our President and control our government. Pay close
    attention to the last comment!! Below are a few lines from Obama’s books ‘
    His words:

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the
    age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating
    myself to whites.’

    From Dreams of My Father : ‘I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense
    of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.’

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘There was something about him that made me wary,
    a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.’

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘It remained necessary to prove which side you
    were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘I never emulate white men and brown men whose
    fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man,
    son of Africa , that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the
    attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.’

    From Audacity of Hope: ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political
    winds shift in an ugly direction.’
    If you ever forwarded an e-mail, now is the time to do it again.

  81. I’ve been lurking here for a few days, long time poster at TM, but seeking a new home. Thrilled I found you all!

  82. I am most definitely a “Democrat in exile,” but am confused as to how I can join PUMA, which has such appeal to me that I created a “bumper sticker” to tape inside the rear window of my car . This site, along with a very few others, has kept me sane since I discovered it a month or so ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    This is the greatest antidote to OBAMYOPIA! Absolutely ‘groovy’ and offers the best diagnosis for what ails democrats everywhere….

    Has anyone ever heard the lyrics of John Lennon’s 70s hit: “WOMAN IS THE NEGRO OF THE WORLD”? It’s a great find! He wrote with Yoko Ono who was vilified by sexist bozos as ‘fluff’ yet she was a philosophy major in Japan’s high-falutin’ u. for girls…

    From a Democrat in Exile

    P.S. I am not a bigoted racist ancient typical white menopausal woman.

  84. I am leaving Taylor Marsh site since the trolls have taken it over….

    We Hillary supporters are lost in the wilderness and are looking for a new home.

  85. I was not able to get this on hillary’s blog.

    An Open Letter to Senator Clinton:

    Senator Clinton:

    At times of great turmoil in our history, great and courageous souls are called upon to step forward and take the challenge of transformation for the restoration of the great principles that guide our humanity. This is one of those times and you are one of those leaders who have been prepared for such a time. You now have to make an important decision as to how to proceed – a decision that holds such enormous opportunity as well as great challenges. Even you may not be fully appreciative of the responsibility that lies in front of you. The eyes and hearts of freedom-lovers around the country and across the globe now rest upon you.

    While your campaign may have initially started as a quest for the Presidency, much like many campaigns before this, you are now put in a position to stand for something much more important. As the actions of political leaders in both parties and their supporters in the media and other institutions have now shown, the core values of our democracy on which this country was founded are now under assault. This is not just a serious problem for our country but rather a threat to all humanity – the world looks to us as the beacon of democracy. If we fail in our 200 year old experiment with freedom and democracy, we have failed the world.

    Senator Clinton, you can play within the rules of the so-called Democratic Party, you can clearly state your case, point to the fact that you have received more votes than any other candidate in a Presidential primary ever in our history and continue to appeal to the sensibilities of party elders to correct the errors in their ways and make the sensible decision. You can take the fight to the credentials committee and to the convention. From what we have seen so far, many of these party elders are driven by agendas beyond common sense, fairness, and democratic principles. Of course, the democratic party does not belong to the party elite and if you think there is any chance that we can take it back by going to Denver and you choose this route, no matter what happens, we will still be proud of you and the courage you have shown up to this point.

    However, you now have another option. You are in this race for the good of our country and its people. You have seen how the voting process and the foundations of democracy have been stolen in front of our eyes. Eight years ago, they stopped the recount of the votes (which was a travesty) but at that time, they did stick to the votes as they were last counted. They would not have dared to call Florida for one guy when the votes that were counted had the other person up – they did not count all votes. This year, the DNC actually took the votes that were counted and properly certified from one candidate and gave it to the other one – something that would not have been imaginable even in 2000. If they manage to steal this election this way, what will happen 8 years from now? Clearly the people who are manipulating this election are doing so to advance their agendas beyond this election. Whatever those agendas may be, if the democratic principles are at odds with them and have to be manipulated out of the way, we know those agendas can’t be good for us or our country.

    We can now see clearly that the two-party system has failed us completely and they no longer represent the will of the people. We need to build our own party and we need to restore the voice of the people in this democracy. I know this is not easy. There will be tremendous resistance from all parts of the establishment. There will be tons of negative press from the media. It will take a lot of money and support. And yes, you will be taking a huge risk by leaving the party and there will be backlash from your current party office holders. Many of your advisors will probably advise against it. But here is where the opportunity lies. Millions of people are behind you. Many of us have donated money, carried signs, attended rallies, made phone calls on your behalf – things that most of us have never done before. We are completely fed up with Democratic and Republican parties and we are ready for change. Never before in our history have the conditions been so dire and yet so fertile with opportunity for change. The popular vote that you have received in this primary campaign despite all the challenges that have been put in front of you, gives you the moral authority to proceed. If you agree to step up and take the challenge, millions of us are behind you. This is the transformation that we need to take back our government.

    This is not an easy decision and requires much courage and sacrifice from you but if you are ready to take the challenge, America is with you – America needs you. You will go down in history not just as the first woman President but as the American who stood up for America and transformed its political system to restore democracy and the will of the people. I hope you sincerely consider this option for the sake of our democracy.

    We are all united4america.

  86. I will never support Obama; no way and no how. Also, I will be registering as an Independent after the way Hillary and we women have been treated by the Democrat Party. The Party no longer speaks to me. I have been a Democrat all of my life (55 years old) and it is with severe grief that I leave this Party. However, I am and I am sure there are millions more of “US”; men and women alike after our disenfranchisement.

  87. The President has to have his judges confirmed, the democratic controlled congress will not allow judges to get in that will overturn Roe v Wade, so that isnt an arguement for not voting for McCain…

  88. I believe McCain will be putting up a section for Hillary for McCain voters on their site soon so.. Might be another avenue to get out the word of NObama!!!

  89. I completely agree with you United!!! I have to go to the Texas State Convention this weekend as a delegate for Sen Clinton. Once that is over, I intend to go down to the courthouse and change my party affliation to Independent. I have been voting for Democrats for the last 30 years. But I am done now. I think it will send a strong message if enough of us change to Independent, and it’s time to clean up this country’s elections. Imagine what the rest of the world thinks of us forcing democracy on other countries and our elections are a joke at best. Hang in together guys, and we will keep fighting for what we believe in.

  90. The DNC has decided to disenfranchise Hillary and her supporters completely. They want her to concede and endorse Obama. They do not plan to offer her the VP position, they have already decided that the head of Senate is also not open to her. They want to marginalize her as much as possible. Having the big bucks and big media behind them, they will control all news cycles, even if more dirt comes up on Obama and they may even win the election – the “new Jesus” is tough competition for anyone!

    I think Hillary has to take a stand. “Party unity”, etc. is all excuses for sidelining Hillary from the American political system and making her irrelevant. She has to stand up now. She has to start a third party and break away from the DNC and speak up about what is going on. She may or may not win the election but she will start the political transformation that our country needs. If she reamins silent and go along with what her advisors say, who by the way are also Democratic operatives and are looking for their interests in the party, she may be marginalized forever and we can’t stand for that.

  91. I am a Hillary supporter and would never vote for Obama. I’m not so sure we will get anywhere. We had exceptional speakers at the DNC Rules meeting anyone of them could of won the case easily. My husband came in and watched the last speaker for her and said see this guy is going to win it for her. I said I hope so everyone before him was fantastic. That when they broke and went in behind closed doors. When they came back with the verdict, I was in shock that’s when I realized this thing is big and it’s bad, it is really bad. We should have won. Everyone who watched it knows we should have won.

  92. Welcome Cathy & StarDust & — wow! So many new visitors!

    Grab a seat and join the fun. {{StarDust}} Thank you for sharing your Saturday story. We’re all still in shock over it.

  93. Thanks for creating this website – I requested a new voter registration card today and also notified the DNC of my decision. I was a member of the Democratic Party for 45+ years but “stick a fork in me, I’m done”. Regarding Roe v Wade – work for it little girls – I’m past that stage & I did my share of support at the time. If I’m old, I’m not needed by BO’s team, so let them do the job. I really don’t care much about Dems anymore – i just finally feel free – kinda like what it felt like to burn the bra years ago…………………

  94. Hello.
    I am a strong Hillary Supporter who is still shell shocked over what has happened. I don’t recognize my Party anymore…

    I cannot believe how the DNC Rules Committee violated the sacred right of each voter by snatching delegates from Hillary from MI and gifting Senator Obama with the uncommitted vote delegates. These should have remained uncommitted until the Convention. Then, they reduced Florida delegates in half. What? Are they 1/2 human? So horrible!

    The DNC Rules Committee did the least that they could do in support of Senator Obama instead of the most they could do for the voters of MI and FL…

    I am in shock that with with the delegate race in a virtual tie- a dead heat- and with the super delegates being the tie breakers- they chose the Male Jr. Senator with the winning smile but the slimmest of resumes over the Female more Sr. Senator with a lifetime of experience and service to her Party and her country. And she had the popular vote lead to boot. Unbelievable and sad.

    I have been a devoted Democrat all my life- my parents are Democrats- always straight party ticket when I have voted.
    I will not be voting for Senator Obama. I just can’t.
    Most of my family who were Hillary supporters are definitely voting for McCain. I am trying to warm up to the idea because I definitely will not support Senator Obama.

  95. McCain is certainly the best of two evils, but I’m still waiting for Hillary to do something( run Independant)
    I will only vote McCain if it’s the very last option left. Obama is just to scary.

  96. Oh Good Lord can we never rid ourselfs of Trolls. McCain will win and it Obama people like you that push us that way.

  97. I wish she would run as an indie but I don’t think she will.
    She has too many supporters within the Party that she can’t abandon after they have stuck with her and helped her.
    The two party system is so entrenched that it is hard for anyone to break through on a national level.

    I also read that the African American Politicians who supported her are taking lots of heat and there are Pro Obama candidates wanting to run against them in the next go around. She is trying to stop that from happening to them by having to talk to the Obama Camp and the Black Caucus about this.
    This is not only affecting Hillary Clinton but everyone in the Party who supported her. The nominee after August becomes the leader of the Party and the Obama Camp takes over…
    How sad.

  98. Wonderful – Moderator you removed the negative comment now it just looks like I’m talking to myself. (lol)

  99. This wonderful person, Hillary Clinton, was ROBBED of the chance of becoming our next Democratic President. Obama and his “agenda” so irk me–he basically hijacked all of Hillary’s positions and juiced them up on the Teleprompter so the masses would think that the ideas were “original” and “wonderful”.

    Don’t even get me started on the horrible, blatant anti-Hillary hatred of MSNBC, CNN, et al–it’s like they’ve become Fox News! When MSNBC et al said “how dare she even SPEAK on the evening of the Blessed Mary Oboma’s Coronation!–well, gee, excuse me, but she’s got virturally the SAME NUMBER of primary voters, and god forbid she should open her mouth and speak to her supporters! Oh, The Horror!

    More importantly, this woman has fought tooth and nail for unconditional health insurance for every single American, which I fully support.

    I’m a doctor who works only in a Hospital, caring only for sick, sick patients. Imagine being ill (for example, a 38 y.o. Mother of three with no insurance, who is told she has severe pneumonia and needs to take a month off of work….)…..Imagine that, people, and you’ll see what I see in the faces of my patients everyday…they’re not only very sick, but at the exact same time of feeling like shit, they’ve now got to think about money, bills, rent, buying food for their kids…..imagine it!!!!!

    Now, go to Obama’s website and read his compromised, shitty “health care for all” ideas—it leaves millions out of the plan….

    Hillary, goddamnit, declare an Independent candidacy and change the future of this country!

    I will never, and could never, vote for Obama.

    Take care everyone,
    Mike Longo MD

  100. Hello, all. Thanks for the site. I also have changed my registration and left the Democratic Party. I cannot bring myself to vote for Obama–I think we have to make a strong statement with our votes in November. I fear that many people will fall into the fold for the DNC, but I hope that is not the case. This election season made a statement far beyond which candidate was chosen–it demonstrated deep ideological problems within the Democratic Party and, in my mind a betrayal of its basic principles. So, I can no longer ascribe to this party that I no longer recognize. It is a sad day, but I feel I must continue to fight for what is right and send a strong message. I hope many here will stay true to that mission.

  101. I agree, this is bigger than a single Presidency term. I have lost faith in the Democratic Party. It is not the party of the people when they play politics with our votess. The DNC needs a wake-up call in November.

  102. Hey folks-Hillary Clinton will go home like Ron Reagan did in 1976 and come back in 2012 like Ron Reagan did in 1980. The history lesson today is History repeats itself.
    A side note: With all Of Senator Obama’s supporters telling us Hillary Clinton supporters dont let the door hit you when we suggest ewe may have to bolt the Democratic Party. They are doing harm to their own candidate, ensuring that a landslide will occurr in November, do not blame this on Senator Clinton when when the culprit is the venom of the victor and the arrogance of the self-righteuos. Oh and Don’t worry, the door did not hit me like Senator Obamas bus driving off a cliff hit the DNC and his Obamabots.

  103. Sorry, Stardust. But I noticed that Omega was a troll who has already been her under other names. That just isn’t acceptable. We won’t think you were talking to yourself. It has happened to all of us, because we don’t let the trolls hang around too long here. LOL

  104. This isn’t Kansas! Hey all. I’m Independent and it FEELS GOOD! I feel like subversity! Gorilla warfare of the written word! Let’s do something about all this!

  105. i heart independents

  106. By the way, I heard some female journalist on Fox describe the Hillary supporters as “whiners”. Will it ever stop? I am not whining–I am taking a stand based upon principle.

  107. I have spent the better part of my days reading the bloggs and attempting to keep up with the election. I am not a “poster” i just really want to know what others are thinking and talking about. However, I was so disgusted with the way Sen. Clinton and President Clinton were treated. Iwanted to be connected with a site that is pro-Hillary. I have voted for at least seven presidents and was a Democrate until last week when I left the party. I am now what we in CA call a non Partisan, I am AA but will NOT vote for MR. Obama. I find him to be dishonest and filled with reodric, He is uninspiring and does not set a positive agenda. I will be visiting this site daily but I will not be a frequent poster. Glad to know that you are here

  108. They have all gathered to bring pressure on the final outcome.
    He talks about Change is Washington yet he is surround by old Politics, Ted, Kerry, Dean, Pelosi and her gang of 8 and now 31 Senators.

    What a hypocrite.

    The real change comes from the one that is fighting to get in….. the one the old Politics is trying to prevent from getting in….

    The rush for the SD to step up is just more strong arming and pressure…. at the request of Dean and Peolosi.

    By the way another thing that I am not comfortable with……

    Obama has donated to the SD $710,000 and Clinton $210,000….. Studies show 82% follow the money.

    He has, I have heard, also offered the DNC his surplus funds for the GE…plus his donor list.
    He has $50 Million dollars plus.

    This is all scary stuff…… Democracy for Sale?

    Like I said…. I don’t feel comfortable with this.


  109. The Super Delegates are Pledges…….. no votes.
    They cannot make a final vote until the convention.

    Obama is not the nominee…… not yet.
    Clinton needs to quit.

    Is suspend campaigning the same thing as quit?
    She wants to retain her delegates.

    I think it would be great to have an exciting convention.

  110. I LOVE this site!
    I don’t want Hilaary to drop out, but people are pushing her out. This election is not just about being a democrat or a republician. This about how the American people feel.
    This American feels cheated. Hillary can do the right thing and support Obama but that does not mean we have to agree or follow. I don’t agree with her support of Obama but I will respect it. I just can’t follow her down that road. Obama and the DNC need to take a step back and realize they screwed up AGAIN.

  111. Is there going to be a forum where we can discuss various topics? I’m with hillaryclintonforum.net and we keep up with news and events and discuss strategies. We all however, are Democrats in Exile. Please let us know what plans you have Riverdaughter and perhaps we can join forces. PUMA

  112. I can see I will be spending more time here now that TM has caved to the obama… I’ll go down with the ship thank you. And we must all still stand and fight for Hillary because obviously she has been ‘pushed’ all the way off the cliff and as a dem Senator she can’t keep challenging the appointed one, but maybe the obamassole will implode before november and she will still be in a good place to step in. …I’m still clinging to my hope and wearing big steel-toed boots,(in case barry bends over in front of me…)

  113. I support Senator Hillary Clinton and I would like to tell you why. In my opinion, one can judge the character and competence of a candidate by carefully examining their record, their life, and their current platform and policies. This is concrete evidence that can directly translate into what kind of President we will have after the election. In addition, the way in which a candidate reveals their humanity, character, compassion, courage and commitment can be assessed as we watch them navigate the treacherous waters of the campaign. On the first point, Senator Clinton has demonstrated without question
    a life of public service. She has dedicated her life to advocating for children, standing up for women’s rights and human rights, supporting invisible minorities, fighting for healthcare and education, and assuring honorable treatment of our military men and women. In addition she has proven her ability to work open mindedly and successfully in a bi-partisan culture where she has passed significant legislation during her tenure in the senate. Senator Clinton also possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of all domestic and international issues. She understands the economy here at home, and has also
    established herself as an international ambassador and diplomat. She clearly understands the complex and multi-dimensional issues that face our country in the global community and she has a command of the issues that contribute to the delicate balance in regions such as the Middle East. Her service on the Senate Armed Services Committee, her invitation to join the Pentagon Iraq Transformation Task Force, and her support by 35 distinguished and accomplished retired high ranking military personnel speak to her unparalleled preparation to assume the role of Commander-In-Chief.

    These are only some of Senator Clinton’s accomplishments which attest to an impressive resume–a resume that is unequivocally one of the most distinguished of any presidential candidate. But her qualifications for president go beyond accomplishments. Senator Clinton has an indomitable spirit, an unquestionable love of country, unwavering courage and commitment to her mission, and a compassionate humanity. In the past months, I have grown to admire her more every day and to be inspired by her every day. Her ability to remain strong, clear and focused even when facing daunting challenges and adversaries has given me hope and courage. Her ability to be gracious and dignified in the face of unspeakable attacks is a shining example of how to maintain one’s belief and commitment under fire. Her amazing capacity to meet, speak to, and respect her enemies without bitterness or vitriol is brilliant and not only shows us how to conduct ourselves in everyday life, but also demonstrates how she would form allies in the world. She also knows when to compromise and when to hold fast to her principles and those of our country. She has an amazing capacity to be strong, courageous and compassionate. To me, these are the qualities that make a leader–a leader not only knows how to attend to the nuts and bolts of the job, but also knows how to connect with people and inspire them to be better people. In this arena, I find Senator Clinton far more inspiring than Senator Obama. For these reasons, I know she is the best person for the job of President. On the other hand, I have no confidence in Senator Obama’s ability to lead, his command of foreign and domestic issues, or his commitment to the principles of our country.

  114. Hillgirl – Thanks for your eloquent explanation, which I think speaks for most of us.

  115. I want the Dems for McCain bumper sticker…several! Clinton’s supporters who will not vote for Obama are called every name in the book and I am not going to take it anymore!

    As for McCain…he is a man of honor who will lead our country well. The McSame and old jokes do nothing for those of use who BELIEVE in him 100x more than we BELIEVE in Obama.

    Try mccainb4obama.com

    When is there going to be some serious organization going on??? The time is now people. Obama is anything but transparent and what I know about the man is not pretty. How SO many people can just explain some of this stuff away baffles me.

    And the story on MSNBC…about how the Republicans will “try to paint me as risky”, they will attack my “culture”. Well you ARE risky Uhbama! And he just loves to set his opponents up…he did it to Clinton from the beginning with his race baiting. He even mentions the white guilt and race card in reference to blacks winning in politics. It is in his book.

    In the meantime…I want those bumper stickers and I want some serious organization!

  116. If Chicago and all of it’s corruption and crime is any indication of Senator Barack’s capabilities, God help us all if he gets elected as President.

  117. Dear Riverdaughter & Friends;

    As a Republican, I would like to extend the hand of friendship. You will find that any number of us are still seething over the way Hillary was treated. If you are looking for a new home, we would love to have you.

    If you are interesting in supporting John McCain, email me. I can help you get started. We have a great candidate who may not be the spiffiest speaker in the world, but it comes from his heart. He is a man of honor.

    The Pink Flamingo

  118. Matt — There are plenty of other forums for your shopworn talking points. Bye, bye. (I’ll be tidying up some responses to Matt as well.)

  119. SJ Reidhead — If you’re looking for converts, look elsewhere. You Republicans had your chance to govern, and America is FUBAR as a result. The task of damage control falls to the next 7 Presidents, more or less, and it’s unfortunate that there may be not a single fit candidate on the ballot in November 2008. A pity, but we’ll start over as many times as it takes.

    If Obama is the Democratic nominee — and that’s still an IF — McCain will have my vote, for reasons I’ll explain if and when the time comes. That doesn’t mean I think he’s fit to hold office, or that I find Republican ideas suddenly appealing.

    If it’s converts you want — just follow Obama’s herd, and pick ’em off as the Hopium huffers begin to fall sick and lame. The mass disappointment that’s sure to follow his mass hsyteria will surely turn some young minds to the cynicism re politics and government on which Republican exploitation feeds.

  120. I’m a 40 year Dem who will never vote for Obama. This election is the time for women to let the Democratic party know we will not stand for the unshackled and shameless sexism peddled in this primary. Add the race-baiting and the political games with :votes”and you can have this new politics. I do believe in most of the Democratic issues, but most if not all of the political issues are accomplished in the House and Senate, not by the President. Political analyst on both sides are saying the Dems are going to end up with a Veto Proof Majority.

    Donna Brazile says Obama doesn’t need us,”He has a “New” Coalition and the core dems will fall in line. ” Well, we need to let them know that we will not fall in line. I’m going for a Split ticket and my purse is closed to the dems. Let them get their money from the new coalition.

    McCain has the experience, character and he loves this country. He will be the man I vote for. When the Dems start going after McCain, remember lhe was Kerry’s first choice for VP in 2004.

  121. I’m a Dem in my 30’s who does not own a gun or cling to religion, and I won’t be voting for Obama. I will be sorry to see Hillary have to support him after the media humiliation blitz against her. I understand why she has to do it, but I still won’t vote Obama. I wouldn’t vote for him if Hillary called me personally and asked me to do it.

  122. [“Matt” has been formally invited not to participate here. Any further incursions are subject to reporting to his ISP as violations of his terms of service — RonK]

  123. Thought so. I’ll bring my soapbox somewhere else. I just hope you folks don’t give us 4 more years of George Bush policy. caio
    [This post preserved for earthlink admins — RonK]

  124. Ronk, why so rude to SJR?

  125. Zimeeisme, et. al. – Yes, let’s have an organized effort that lets the Democratic Party know that we, life long Democrats, reject Obama. I’m one of the Hillary’s Bloggers group and am now working with Pacific John in the Draft Hillary group to get Hillary on the ballot, but also to network with other groups who are rejecting Obama.

    There are several movements and groups popping up in the wake of the most corrupt, biased election we’ve ever seen on a national scale. We should coordinate to show solidarity for the cause and to gain visibility. Whether its Hillary for VP, Clinton Supporters For McCain, Democrats for McCain, draft Hillary or write-in efforts, vote Green Party, or stay home, the common element of all the dissent is that we reject Obama. We are discussing ideas here:


    I, for one, am tired of being told that I will “get over hurt feelings” and vote for Obama. They misunderstand the outrage and I’m tired of being insulted. A few voices will be ignored, but millions of voices will be a deafening roar that cannot be ignored! For the next 5 months, let them bare witness to the backlash.

  126. Alright I understand That everyone is upset that Hillary didn’t win the election. But does that truly mean your willing to risk Everyone future Mines, your kids just to prove a point. I truly believe thats not right. I’m African American and a Very well Educated Voter. but This is a Question to everyone. if you truly believe that trying destory the Election by protesting for hillary is wright then think again. everyone in the world is watching and I’m From Pittsburgh as well. But This is giving hope to alot of people around the world. Its not just about you but its about the world to. if you truly want to be leaders then don’t cuz the world to hate us or cuz a civil war. because if u do in the end it will only hurt u. if you want to debate this or send me emails go ahead. but all i ask is for People who are willing to sit down and send me Emails explaining why they feel this way. thats all i ask because i want to have a good chat. I am a Obama supporter but i have the Highest Respect for hillary Clinton. My email is
    well i hope i get some questions.

  127. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home….I think this may be it!

    I am with all of you who are still gung-ho for Hillary….I do not want her to go any further than to suspend her campaign….I want the good fight to the convention!!!

  128. Well I thank you for letting me post this blog and allowing to have my voice heard. Yes I’m under 30 but that does not mean i can’t have my voice heard too

  129. To minimize or dismiss the fundamental ideological divide in the Democratic Party by sexist commentary is a huge miscalculation. To say that the women’s feelings are hurt, or that they are “whining” or that they are being vengeful is both sexist and untrue. This campaign has exposed some major ideological and political problems within the DNC that has disenfranchised groups of previously committed Democrats. Also, for me personally, it is not that I would not embrace another candidate in the wake of Hillary’s loss, but I will not embrace this candidate. In m opinion, Obama is not qualified for the job and I find his lack of knowledge and experience in both domestic and foreign policy to be a significant problem which could ultimately jeopardize this country’s national security. So please do not be so sexist, stereotypic, and reductionistic when discussing the reasons why Hillary supporters may choose not to support Senator Obama. Ask questions and find out the accurate information because these suppositions are how we arrived at the place we find ourselves in today.

  130. I’ve started my own PUMA blog. I’m not out of fight yet!

  131. Some say it is just some of Obama’s supporters who have been sexist or expressed hatred for women, but we who have watched the campaign closely know this is not true. His campaign deliberately used misogyny as a tactic. It was a major part of their strategy of discrediting the opposition. While hurling the “racist” charge at Clinton at every turn, they dipped into that vast reservoir of woman hate still existent in this country and poured it on, and a lot of their followers drank deep.

    Thus, they set back the cause of women and sowed division among Democrats that will take perhaps decades to heal. I don’t have time to wait for that healing and so I have moved on.

    Unity is based on respect, and they have shown tremendous disrespect for 51% of the population. Listen up, Obamacrats. No respect, no unity. No respect, no vote from me and who knows how many women and men. Deal with it.

    As sang Aretha Franklin, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me.”

  132. Hello to all of you,
    I just had a conversation on the phone with a Hillary staffer and it was a good converstation. We had a long talk. I was able to really understand how she felt. I listened. She told me why she felt the way she did, and how the media did things that I was not aware of. I am sorry that Hillary supporters are in pain. Truely. I would feel the same way at this point in time. I wanted to understand more, and now feel like I do a little better. At the end of the day we all want the same things. She told me that Hillary is very committed to her health care plan and wants that to be a part of the Democratic platform. I think that is admirable. I am not going to try to talk anyone into supporting someone if they don’t want to. If you truely feel John McCain is better on the issues than I think you should vote for him. But I think the bigger picture might be that all of us Obama and Clinton supporters can take away something from this. That both sides can use this opportunity as forgiveness. How much better our world would be if we really tried to look at the other side’s feelings and have empathy for them and understand them. No more war, no more starvation, everyone would be fulfilled. Isn’t that what most people really want. I know people reading this are saying- but, what about…………………………………………………………….. Well with forgiveness there is no but. You realize the other person isn’t doing anything to you. Forgiveness isn’t about the other person, it is about the forgiver. It doesn’t have to be outward, it can be a silent thing. A very smart person I know said “to change the world you must start with one person’s heart-your own.” I respect and admire anyone who has the compassion that Senator Clinton has. She is remarkable. I forgive anything that both candidates have done in the name of political expediency and even that awful media (oops, I slipped for a moment, sorry). No one is perfect but we are all trying to make this world a better place for each of us and I think that is what it is all about.

  133. You’re bookmarked for me as well and see some familiar names
    who have joined the ranks recently. This morning has been particularly mournful…espcecially since I saw the word that the
    Superdelegates turned their backs on Hillary in favor of money, money, money and those supposed new voters.

    Wow! I also just heard that the DNC is broke…so their hand is out to the Obama money machine.

    Oh, the irony of it all! all those purists who rage against the machine!

  134. I would like details on joining PUMA – my e-mail is Karee25@aol.com

    I will never vote for O-Bama, My vote will go to John McCain!!

  135. Karee Pyle,
    Send an email to the address below with the word “join” in the subject line.


  136. I still won’t vote for Obama ( AWOL boy george clone) Too many people were dazzled by a shiny label and didn’t bother to read the ingredients, both Dems and Reps need to be ousted never given the chance to be back in power. I am angry at both sides for their “Party first/Nation second” Blind loyalty. They all make me sick with the”Can’t let the other guy win” herd mentality. The Obama supporters will just be another version of the bushbots on that same bus smiling and waving as Obama steers America into a deeper abyss than the one AWOL boy george took us with those grinning 28%’s blaming everyone but Chimpy McFlightsuit. Now any criticism or truth about Obama will be answered with “Racists!!!” It appears we have a newer batch of people who hate all of us.

  137. “However, Obama said, he did not support the immediate removal of American troops.

    “I believe that U.S. forces are still a part of the solution in Iraq,” Obama said. “Sufficient numbers of U.S. troops should be left in place to prevent Iraq from exploding into civil war, ethnic cleansing and a haven for terrorism.” http://obama.senate.gov/news/051123-obama_pull_gis/

    “I’m not a military man,” Obama said when pressed for specific answers to his vision of how troops should be withdrawn. “I’m not running the war in Iraq.”

  138. The Dems have had a major hand in our Country’s present “Quagmire” Fuel prices have risen HIGHER with them in charge, sorry, but I won’t give them FREE REIGN to continue, I don’t appreciate the “guilt/hate our Country” view towards me because I won’t be a BLIND PARTY LOYALIST, the Dems have screwed all of us and you want me to look the other way and ignore their dirty fingerprints all over it? The “VETO” defense is a load of BULL, they could have at least tried and failed, it would have proved they attempted and not just drop their collective pants and bent over for bush. After their first 100 days, the Dems stopped working for all of us, it’s time the American people set our own “Term Limits” and let them know that they work for “US”.

  139. wide awake, I sincerely don’t believe a word of that. But, I am fine with “forgiving” a candidate if that would make you happy. I am fine with forgiving the Obama fan club, though it’s going to take me a little time. That does not change the fact that I won’t support him and won’t vote for him.

  140. Mr. Obama simply is not experienced enough to lead the free world. A goo set of vocal cords and a Teleprompter do not a great President make.

  141. oops, I meant “good”

  142. sjc-tx. Thanks! I am pleased that I could put all of that into words for myself and, perhaps for others.

  143. This has been the most disgusting, discouraging election campaign I have ever been through. Our own party wants to sabotage its own chances in November because the money is coming in. To heck with getting back into power.

    And no, there is NO way I will support Barack Obama. I saw through him even before he announced his candidacy. I was almost alone in my total opposition to him. None of the other five major Democratic candidates did I rule out supporting if they got the nomination, only Obama.

    I will absolutely not support John McCain, either. I will not vote third party. Since I live in Nevada and write-ins are not allowed, I have no choice but to select “none of these candidates,” which isn’t binding, in the general election.

  144. I was raised Republican by a man who was a constituent representative for Senator Orin Hatch. I have bucked the family tradition for decades. I voted for Al Gore and supported Hillary in the primaries, I even convinced several members of my family, (not an insignificent number, my dad has 140 direct descendants) to vote for Hillary. Now we will all join my dad to help McCain get elected.

    America can’t afford a young, inexperienced president who needs “on the job training.” Barrack doesn’t have the skills or the experienced people backing him to clean up the mess that we are in. The media and the DNC have done a tremendous disservice to our country.

  145. Wide Awake I appreciate your kind and reasoned comment but as the saying goes “it’s too late to make nicey nice”. I understand forgiveness but this for me is not about forgiveness. This is the last straw for me after years of having the far left side of the party shoving poor candidates with no chance of winning down our throats and me a good Democrat voting a straight ticket. Moderates like I are brushed aside and our voices obscured by the radical left wing of the party. I no longer believe I can change the party from within. Maybe in the end they will at least come to listen to what we are saying when they realize what they have lost, but I think they are too arrogant to realize they have made a mistake.

  146. P.S. they will probably try to blame Hillary but she is a big girl.

  147. I’ve never voted for a republican…ever. I’ve been voting since I was 21 years old (before the 26th amendment)
    I’ve held my nose and voted time and again. I’m getting old and tired of these phony “hope” candidates who promise to change the world.
    I want to hear some reality. McCain and Clinton were truthful about the phony war in Iraq. Obama handed us snake oil. He doesn’t do his homework and relies on
    his ‘gift of gab’ to convince folks that he knows what he’s talking about. I’m unconvinced.
    Clinton has devoted 15 years to making alliances to push health care. Obama has nothing… he has no alliances on the other side of the aisle…yet he had the audacity to act like he was equal to her on that topic
    …now I’m considering voting for a Republican for the first time in my life. At least with McCain, I have a known quantity. He has a record that I can look at to see if he is lying or not. Obama has what Cool Hand Luke had… a hand full of nothin’. I believe he is lying about Iraq simply because he hasn’t done his homework on Iraq. He won’t know what’s going on until he’s in the oval office… then he’ll be forced into making decisions off the top of his head. No thanks.
    We don’t need any more deadheads like Bush and Reagan. I want a president who will actually do some homework and tackle our problems logically, with full knowledge of the details – not another nitwit like Bush.
    Party Unity My Ass. I’m taking my lone vote elsewhere.

  148. Hi all, I am so happy that I found you — and just before I was about to jump off the planet! I am planning to leave the Dem party and re-register as an independent on Tues 6/10, if anyone would like to join me?! I also wrote to all of my loser Dem state “representatives” in Massachusetts to tell them to take a hike. PUMA is here, so let’s get this party started!!

  149. count me in.

  150. Just another one to join the ranks of those who are totally disgusted with the way Hillary was railroaded by the DNC. I also want in no way to be associated with Obama supporters. I’m surprised he wants to be associated with them. They come across as radical, nasty, juvenile kids with too much money and too much time. I haven’t voted Republican in eons. I will this time. I will also fight for all the democratic nominees for senate, house and more local offices unless these nominees have played a major roll in the media and DNC treatment of Hillary. And why have they done this? Money. Plain and simple. Well I do hate to remind them but the Republicans have plenty of money and it’s not doing them a whole lot of good right now. And I suspect right now the Republicans will take the extra votes.

    One more comment – were any of us taken in by the Rush Limbaugh campaign supposedly “to elect Hillary” because she’ll be easier to defeat? If you were I’ve got a brier patch just waiting for you.

    One reason I didn’t vote for George W Bush was because of his supporters. Well the tide has turned and now the vocal radicals are on the left. Pitiful.

    And all these poor people who really think Obama is going to just pull our troops our of Iraq, bring them home and everything is going to be roses – Dream on. WE destroyed their country. WE have to fix it and we need someone who can get the other countries to pitch in because it’s their problem also. It’s in all of our best interests to help Iraq become strong and self sufficient and a world partner, not a radical nation bent on destroying the rest of the world.

    I don’t care what John McCain says to get himself elected – he has a history of walking the walk. He works with whomever he feels is on the right road for this country regardless of party. No I don’t espouse the Republican goals but I believe that John McCain will work for the good of the country. And I also believe he’ll be out there working, not playing basketball in his newly created basketball court.

    And I have one little question for the Obama supporters – how do you expect a man who hasn’t quit smoking well into his 40’s when he know how harmful it is and that it is an addiction, to be able to have the discipline it takes to run this country. And his doctors say he’s healthy??? Smokers aren’t healthy. Ask them. They know it. I buried 4 smokers in my family. It took more than 10 years off their lives. But the democratic candidate for president hasn’t been able to quit and is still chewing nicotine gum according to his press releases.

    Pitiful. I’m sooo disgusted!

  151. I dont give a rats ass if Obama panders to me or not…..he’ll never get my vote. He’s a highly educated racist who is anything but a change agent. Candidate of Change? A Uniter? Hmmmm….now where have I heard that before…..oh yes, 2000 George Bush! That’s worked out very well for us all – don’t cha agree?

  152. OMG I am so with you Riverdaughter! I, too, changed my party affiliation to independent, and I feel sooo fucking liberated! Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice shame on me… well as a fed up Floridian the DNC won’t get the chance to screw me that proverbial second time.

  153. I too am switchig my Party. The Democrats have shown an unwillingness to do what the people want. They have an agenda that only they know and understand.

    What I understand is that as a life long, educated, affluent Democrat, I am tired of my voice not being heard. Women will not be called “sweetie” and we will not take a back seat to men.

    Obama is a down right scary man. He has a racial war going on within himself that he wants to use to spread hate amongst the races. He can deny all he wants that he does not relate to the anti-Amrican, anti-white rhetotic of Reverend Wright, but we are not all stupid.

    John McCain would never have been my choice for President but he, and every opther Republican, now have my vote. It doesn’t matter what Hillary is forced to say. I have been ignored for too long. I, like many of you, will teach the Democrats to ignore the majority’s wishes, to use the press to determine a candidate and to undermine our democracy and way of life. Watch out Obama, we will do everything we can to defeat you in November.

  154. I absolutelt love what I am reading and I totally agree! I am voting for McCain. CNN last night; Brazil said they could seat 100% Fla and Mi to generate party unity. Can you believe that? What a bunch of jerks!
    If they wanted unity they should have done that last weekend! I get more and more disgusted with these clowns everyday. Thank you all for the sanity check! Take care all.

  155. I saw this link through Raw Story, and frankly am amazed at some of these submissions. I was planning to vote for either candidate once the primary was over because they BOTH have qualities we desperately need right now.
    I understand frustration and anger when one’s candidate doesn’t win.
    And I agree that Hillary was treated unfairly during portions of this campaign,
    but I also feel there were times when Barak had been as well. But that is what it was-a TOUGH, hard hitting(from BOTH sides) campaign.

    But to simply cast a protest vote for McCain??

    Frankly there a bunch of seriously silly reasons people are using as excuses to not vote for Obama. He didn’t quit smoking until he was in his 40’s? Pulleez!
    How about not voting for McCain because he called his wife a c**t???

    And if you plan to vote GOP STRICTLY as a protest after they gave us over half a decade of Tom Delay, Dick Cheney, Guantanamo Bay, Abu Gharib, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush, Scooter Libby, phone taps(which McCain now supports), occupation, Black Water, Halliburton, extraordinary renditions, torture, scientific intimidation, political intimidation, Katrina Response, anti-Gay legislation, anti-choice legislation, international loss of respect and a more dangerous world….,
    then I can’t help but think some of these submissions are just more GOP operatives feeding off the understandable emotions of Hillary supporters.

    Or-if you are truly hurt-give Hillary and Barack a chance over the next few months and LISTEN to them. How can anyone shut a door before the conversation even starts??? If not, I’m afraid you’ll be no better than Rush Limbaugh’s pathetically un-American ‘Operation Chaos’.

  156. Wow… kindred spirits. Lately I’ve been feeling a lot like the Jill Clayburgh for the new Millenium: An Unaffiliated Woman. I sent my form in Wednesday morning, after those SOB’s spent Tuesday announcing that Obama was The Chosen One before the polls had even closed in SD and MT.

    Frankly, what is worse than taking one from the DNC without benefit of Astroglide is having to sift through the myriad postings around the ‘Net imploring me to renounce my “bitterness” just because my candidate “lost”. I’m tired of people ignoring the truth of this primary which is this: the DNC chose our candidate, not the people. Period. End of sentence.

    You want party unity? Okay, then line the hell up behind Hillary Clinton and tell Howard Dean and his cronies that breaking their own rules to benefit the candidate of their choosing is unethincal, anti-Democratic and anti-American. Tell them you take to heart the charter set out by the Democrats and you want them to reverse their decision on Florida and Michigan, count the votes at 100% and only award delegates to the candidates who were actually on the ballot. Tell them that misogyny is just as loathesome as racism. Tell them that a candidate flipping the bird to another candidate at a rally is an embarrassment to all that we stand for.

    Not willing to do that? Then shut the hell up and go sing “Kumbaya” with what is left of the Democratic party.

    Wow. That was really liberating. :o)

  157. Will never vote for obama. Enough said.

  158. ABC News just broadcast if Hillary endorses Obama tomorrow, WomenCount will follow her lead. Political expedience explains her decision. But in light of everything Obama; and considering even as a presumptive nominee his ignorance of everything international has already ignited a brouhaha among the competing parties in the Middle East (see his conflicting remarks about Jerusalem), on what basis did you decide he is competent to endorse as President of the United States?

  159. I heard posts coming from some that they thought they were the only one’s to feel this aversion to Obama. The only reason we feel like we’re all alone is only because that is what the media wants us to feel. The ones who will not be able to vote Obama are many. For each person that is voicing their opinion on this blog there are a million more that feel that way (they may not use a computer to blog as we do). We are being manipulated as with everything else the news media has tried to do. The one thing they did not count on is the fact that Americans are really intelligent and can be able to use common sense to steer though all this muck. We are only now being confused because everything we had always thought of as truth because it was stated on the news, we are now learning can be nothing more than a lie.

  160. After 37 years of voting Dem, my idealistic, accepting brain has finally figured out that the Dem party elite do not want a Democratic President. That would mean they would actually have to get off their a** and do something useful for a change. It’s much easier for them to pit Dems against Repubs and steer the conversation away from actually getting anything accomplished.

    Their support for Barack makes them look oh so cool! He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. When he joins the LOOSER’s Club like the rest of the oh so cool former Dem nominees, then they will shake their pin-heads and declare how the Republicans stole the election.

    Republicans will not steal this election, it was stolen by the Democratic Party elite. Remember when Hillary declared to Ted Kennedy and John “Loser” Kerry after New Hampshire, “I will not be swift-boated”! They may think they have gotten away with this, but the general election will clean this trash up.

    Many Obama-heads think we will eventually come back to him before the general, but I just laugh and say to myself “fat chance”! They can say we are not real Dems, we are racists, we are down-scale with no education, we couldn’t possibly vote for the opposition. I say to you, “Who is the real opposition here?”

    I can not abide by Obama sitting in the Trinity Church for 20 years and letting his young children hear that hate. His wife, Michellorama, is full of hate and disdain for the “whitey”. I will not abide by prejudice and hate of any kind, be it white, black, brown, yellow and any other color or sexual orientation in between. The brouhaha about Rev Wright was not about race, as Obama tried to portray, it was about hate. Their hate, that is! I’ve walked out of church after hearing hate-filled sermons against gays and blacks. Why is it OK for Obama to get a pass for this hate? He may not have the hate of Wright, but he implicitly accepted it for 20 years. To me, that is not good judgement.

    Obama is just another empty suit, with no real principles. He would sell his soul for power! Look at his associations…Rezko, Wright, Ayers. The right-wing nut cases have nothing on these yahoos.

    I have to laugh at artDEsign’s post here, saying we are just GOP operatives feeding off the Hillary supporter’s emotions. You wish we were GOP operatives. This is real. I can and will not support Obama. He does not represent my values, wishes and hopes. Do you get it, artDEsign, we are not going to vote for him, even if Hillary is the VP choice?

    artDEsign, tell me what the Dem elites have done? Name one piece of legislation that will seriously help us as citizens or change our standing in the world or bring back jobs to our country. The Dems are just as guilty as Repubs.

    On Nancy Pelosi’s second day as Speaker, she declares, “Impeachment is off the table”! Who is she colluding with?

    I will not have loosing ‘abortion rights’ held over my head any more. This is now young women’s fight, not mine.

    John McCain will get rid of torture. We all know why… He also knows that we must change in regards to our dependence on gasoline. ANWR is off the table. He knows its just a stop-gap. He will not have anti-gay legislation. He knows it’s in the hands of the states, anyway. Painting him as McBush will not work. He is his own person and always will be.

    I am voting for John McCain…he is not perfect, but at least I know where he stands on issues. I went to his website today and signed up! I, along with at least 12% of other former Dems, according to recent polls, will vote for McCain. So, Dems, your nominee is in for a very rough ride, indeed! Hope you are prepared to be disappointed yet again.

  161. Just remember that for every one of us posting on here there are thousands who feel the same way – betrayed by the DNC and the media.

  162. WOW! A new home, great to see so many independent like minded people, I hope and intend to keep everyone of us working to make the changes we need, congrats to all on the start of the unparty

  163. I love it!

    My House has a Personalized sign on our door. Our neighbors have called us the Puma Den because I have Bengels. And, now we have also a total of five cats. Perrrfect.

  164. I agree with roderunner, I’m new at posting, but I have been at Hillary’s website everyday for a year and read every last blog. Everyday and night I watched all news channels and couldnot believe what I was hearing. What has become of our newscast, it is suppose to give us the facts and we make up our minds on them.You can have commentators, but be respectful.I will not vote for Obama,because of the company he has chosen to keep, and I have never cared for his wife. The first time I heard her speak all I took away from it was anger in her voice. I could go on and on (FL/Mi). I have never be so embarrased as to have to call myself a democrat. I have never been so envolved in politics before, I have just voted democrat in all the elections. I can say one thing Politics have really open my eyes.

  165. I can no longer watch the news — I have so much free time now — everytime I try to watch and I hear the words “Clinton” “Hillary” come out of their mouths, I know it’s going to be something negative and disgusting. So before they can even speak, I turn it off.

  166. The other day, I mailed my new registration. I am now and independent. Howard Dean, we will never forget. I no longer watch the news, I can’t read the paper. I am so emotionally drained. I never thought the party I loved so dear would betray me. I never thought that as a black woman I would be made to feel unimportant because I don’t support BO. Well, game on DNC, game on.

  167. A vote for Barack Obama is an endorsement, a validation, of everthing that has gone on in this primary season from the Democratic Party, from Obama and his supporters, and from the media. I cannot and will not condone the sexism, misogyny, disenfranchisement, and downright thuggary that has made the Democratic Party one that I do not recognize. I will NEVER vote for Barack Obama. I have too much integrity for that.

  168. I agree with you OhVoter, Obama and the machine should have thought of this end when they were designing their winning strategy. Bashing dems was not a good idea. I am sick of hearing the cry babies plead with me to not cast a vote for McCain because it is ignorance. I counter, that the ignorance of sexism, misogyny and disenfranchisement has cost the dems my vote. they need to OWN IT! I do not feel bad or guilty; I feel defiance running through my veins because of the machine. The machine stomped us out because they had a predesigned track and we were a problem. How dare they! I also have sifted fior their integrity, but I see none. My integrity will not allow me to endorse their candidate. PUMA!!!

  169. Greetings. This is my first visit to your site having been a regular visitor and blogger on hillaryclinton.com. My affiliation with the Democratic party goes back a long way. I worked on Hubert Humphrey’s campaign for the Presidency. That’s a long time ago. So while I fit the “women of a certain age” demographic that supports Hillary, I don’t fit any of the other labels given to her supporters. I am waiting to hear what she has to say today and hoping that she holds on to her delegates and encourages them to vote at the convention. As we know, pledged delegates have to vote for their candidate on the first ballot, but super’s can change candidates whenever they want. So until those votes are cast in August, there is no nominee as far as I am concerned.

    The Democratic Party that I have known for a life-time has become an unfair, misogynistic body that certainly doesn’t represent the will of the people. I no longer consider myself a Democrat, but an Independent, and will exercise my free will to vote for the most experienced and qualified person to have ever run for President.

    Thank you for this site.

  170. Debra,
    You have valid points, and believe it or not, I agree with some of what has been written here. But I was not saying that EVERYONE with your opinion must be a GOP operative.
    And I am in NO WAY against anyone registering independent. The country will be better off if we had a 3rd party with a true 3rd off the population represented. When Bush won AGAIN, thousands of us wanted to quit and leave the party, but instead I have been seeing a groundswell of local activity with the Green party in my neck of the woods-the rise of organic farming and amazing public input at the local level….and 1,000,000 Prius’ sold for God’s sake! But when people start venting by saying they won’t vote-as I’ve been reading here-or cast votes for GOP, just to teach the Democrats ‘a lesson’-we all know that’s not productive! If someone votes for McCain because they truly think he will do a descent job(especially if we can maintain a balance of power-again-with a Democratic Senate/Congress-we might have a shot. But if you vote for someone strictly for vengeance sake(and I’m NOT accusing EVERYone here of doing that!), then we’re back where we started-bitter politics and getting nothing done(not like anything has been done lately anyway). We all have a habit of taking a statement as absolution. Anger make s that easier to do. So who’s to say a 3rd, or 4th party won’t do exactly the same things as the Dems and GOP are accused of doing? I’ve sat in on Green Party meetings where the exact same posturing, bullying and BS takes place. So maybe we’re all screwed.

  171. Correction-When Bush was re-elected, thousands of us wanted to leave the COUNTRY, not the party.

  172. To those of you who are here from TM, I just dropped by there. Taylor has had no problem whatsoever turning on a dime and switching her support. After all those months of pouring our hearts out to her and thinking we had a sympathetic ear, Taylor just posted this under the headline “HUGE DAY FOR HILLARY”:

    A lot is riding on Senator Clinton’s speech today. So many people waiting to hear, expecting so much. Such an opportunity for her as she gives Barack Obama his due and pledges her support. As one door closes, Democrats walk through another, not exactly unified, but that will come for most. Hillary Clinton will be instrumental in making that happen. Her leadership will deliver a critical component required to win in November. Nothing is more important.

    Taylor was never listening to us.

  173. Nice to see mutual friends here. Will be voting as an independent for first time this fall. No McCain, can write in Hillary in our state without a vote for O or Mc. I will keep sending handwritten notes in reply to all donation solicitations from DNC, etc. Even Emily’s list is getting a letter from me. I work to hard for a living as many of you do, to just give away dollars to people who don’t follow through for women. McCaskill is an example of someone who is not in touch with reality and women in general. Has she ever worked for a living, really worked for a living? Thank you, River Daughter for giving us a place to come to decompress.

  174. I’m HOME!!! Auntie Emm I’m HOME !!!!

    Thank you ! thank you ! thank you !!

    I thought I was in a parallel universe for a while, where democrats did what they were told, and didn’t ask questions or demand answers.

    Yay it was’t me who was lost it was the DNC.

  175. Everyone needs to write to Howard Dean and thank him for once again (by the Dems), giving the Presidency to the Republicans. Writing in Hillary may make some feel better but this country won’t allow and Independent to win. She has to do what she promised; she has that much integrity. She showed it to us years ago; she made a promise and stuck by him. Democratic elite don’t want integrity. They want a “puppet.” My vote as planned for Hillary will now belong to John McCain.

  176. I’ve been replying to the DNC solicitations too! At least it’s costing them postage. I also unregistered from Emily’s List, which just backed BO yesterday. What’s he done for women exactly? (Except for sending Obama Girl into a tizzy.) Hmm, nope, nothing springs to mind. IT’S CLEARLY ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Does anyone have integrity anymore? I’ll give my dosh directly to Hillary-friendly politicians and groups (like PUMA PAC!). I also newly affixed a “Hillary for President” bumper sticker to my car today too. That felt good!! If you spot me on the road in Boston, please honk and say hello! : )

  177. This is definitely coercion at the worst level, if we say we will not vote in Obama – they will tell us yes we will. The media is the worst because they are helping them by a refusal to tell the truth about how many of us that will not vote Obama that there are (Sites are poping up all over the place with defectors). The media and DNC is hoping the teenage clique thing will work here. It’s not working with the people who can see through the Kool-aide and there are a lot of us. I think I can see another tactic they are using. (someone let me know if this makes sense to them)Take a water pipe shaped like a (T). The bottom part of the (T ) is where the voters feed their votes into. Going up into the top part where it splits off into votes for Obama on one end and votes for McCain on the other. (This is how it will be if we can’t get Hillary in.) Now look at the line for the votes that are heading for McCain – the Obama people want to poke as many holes in the line as they can. So they poke one hole and siphon off people who will stay home, then they poke another hole and siphon off people who will write Hillary in (In some states this be a vote Obama instead) then they poke another hole and suggest we vote for some candidate that doesn’t have a chance of winning like Ron Paul. When they get so many holes poked in the pipe the only votes that are going to McCain is a slow trickle. That people- gets Obama in. We all know Hillary beats McCain and McCain beats Obama. The thing is no matter what we do we need to be unified to stop Obama.

  178. Hi! New here, although I’ve lurked a few times. I’m so glad to have found this site – thanks so much! I’ve never been registered with a party because in Michigan (and now Virginia), we never had to publicly register, but I am now an Independent in heart and spirit. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way – I’ve been feeling like I am taking this way too personally lately.

    I just christened myself “Switzerland” over on TL – I have no dog in this fight. I can’t bring myself to vote for McCain, but I have to admit, I can’t wait to see what the Republicans unload on Obama and the reaction – they will be horrified and will have the vapors (“How DARE the Republicans say that!”). I look forward to feeling smug with my Obama-supporting co-workers in saying “Hey – I knew this was coming months ago. How could you not see it?”

    And guess what? The racism card isn’t going to work. It’s like the Boy Who Cried Wolf – you overplayed your hand, Barry.

  179. Uh…how ’bout putting us Jews on the list of exiles, since Barry Bonds’ Stalinist Utopia is predicated on Israel being sold to her enemies?

  180. Hillary should be the dem’s choice for president. the media pushed her out of the way for an imnexperienced senator who for 20 yrs. belonged to a hateful, un american church. I will now vote for mccain as will all my friends and family. we are so disgusted by this primary season. I hope obama loses big time so hillary will be back four yrs from now. greenelinda@comcast.net

  181. Linda,

    Join us in a current thread anytime you like. Welcome!

  182. I saw this post on another blog and wanted to change the age and make it mine… don’t know the writer, but I agree with her….In spite of what Hillary said about supporting Obama… (By the way I registered as an Independent when I saw how the Democratic party messed over Hillary)…. and I want to know when Donna Brazile a CNN contributor and big wig in the DNC is leaving the Democratic party… her promise was to leave if the superdelegates decided the nominee…..???????

    “Women have been messed over for many years by the Democrat Party and it appears that millions of “US” will be returning the favor, should this primary season continue on its current path. Hillary Clinton is clearly the best choice to be our party’s nominee for President. As a life-long Democrat, age 55, I think the way my party has hosed Hillary and their most loyal and largest voting block; women intolerable. I am confident the Democrat Party will pay a severe price for this blatant assault on women in November. Cry all you want about this being “sour grapes” but little good will result from your on-going efforts to rally Hillary’s staunch supporters around your chosen candidate instead of the people’s choice. Now, the Democrat Party leaders want women to get their pre- selected from the start, elite, wimp, Barack Obama elected in November. It will be cold day in hell before I comply and I also hope Hillary walks away from this Party. Most of the women, and many men as well, with whom I have contact are finished with the Democrat Party, now and forever. Also, many of “US” are starting a grassroots movement to insure these kind of sorry tactics employed by my now soon to be former party, never happen again. This clear favoring of Obama, making him the nominee because the party doesn’t want a woman, especially a Clinton woman, is more that I can tolerate. Of all the gall, the Democrat Party now expects “US” girls, including Hillary, to turn over our undying support to Obama. Sorry guys, this is not going to happen. Obama has no shot of winning in November without Hillary’s help and all of us, her supporters. Not on your life or in your wildest dreams is this going to happen. “

  183. Well, after Hillary’s phenomenal speech today, I do need to think about keeping the Democratic Party strong. She had a point when she said “we can’t miss this opportunity to take back the White House”…

    Now having said that, let’s rally to get her on the VP slot. History shows that the easiest way in the world to become POTUS is to have been the sitting VP, so that would be a heavy thought to consider if she’s offered the slot.

    Oh, politics…

  184. Thanks for your great post and magnificent blog. You are a true oasis in a sea of intertubes crap.

    Even after Hillary’s speech today, I cannot bring to consider voting for Obama. The misogyny, sexism, and race baiting used by the Obama campaign and the MSM has simple been too much for too long.

    My vote for John McCain will also be a vote against the DNC/Obama corruption that has taken over the party. It must be stamped out if the party is to be reformed and be the Democratic party of FDR again.

  185. Revenge is the name for my vote too.

    No misogynist, sexist bastard will ever get my vote.

  186. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the assholes at the DNC.

    My vote is against them too, as is registering as an Independent after 37 years as a faithful Democrat. Not one NICKEL more to the corrupt losers, Dean, Pelosi, Brazile.

    FDR would be so ashamed of those assholes. I am.

  187. Just as I said before – if the man himself weren’t whipped cream (full of nothing but air and really white) I wouldn’t vote for him because of the behavior of his supporters.

  188. I received a second request from Dean asking for $.
    Responded–No money, honey. Not fooled by your game-deplore racism, promote sexism.

    Dems aim to be losers by supporting the weak and eating the strong . As a female corporate vp, I have no patience for these backstabbing idiots.

    NOBAMA! I coined this phrase months ago.

    Dems seem to think we are a bunch of stupid sheep to be railroaded back into the fold. They secretly laugh at us. This tactic usually works–most buckle under pressure. Guilt. Fear. I won’t be whipped into shape, neither will my husband. We’ve been degraded by Dean and Phony Pelosi. People like us are their worst nightmare. Stay strong.

  189. I have unsubscribed, and when you do they ask why. I told them. ” Obama, I will vote for McCain.

  190. First post on what I hear is a Hill-friendly site.

    I’m staying strong for Hillary. This is not over yet. I’ll NOT roll over and join any BO camp, not now, not Nov. 4. Hillary is the one. I’m patient, I will continue to work for her. She is supremely qualified, she can govern, and she can win.

    Everything else is noise.

  191. I have seen a few posts on this site claiming McCain will get Roe vs. Wade overturned I disagree with this idea. As I told a social conservative friend of mine a few years ago just watch what the Republicans do with this topic nothing. I was right first of all they had a Republican President a Republican Congress and a Conservative Supreme Court and nothing was done. In fact the Republicans switched topics to Gay Marriage. It seems to me they didn’t want to lose the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg and they didn’t want to lose their moderate wing (to bad the Democrats didn’t follow suite this time I would still be a Democrat). If you think about it the Republicans haven’t really talked about Right to Life, unless asked, for the last couple of Presidential elections. All in all you need to cut through the political BS at election time realizing what any politician say is said to get elected and seldom carried out after the election is over. I supported Hillary because I saw with my own eyes her working on things like Universal Health Care years ago. All we have is promises from Obama and if I had a nickel for all the political promises made to me, but never carried out, I’d be rich and join the Republican Party.

  192. I am still subscribed. I like getting the mail and sending back love letters to the DNC.

    But I never thought that I would be more wanted as a registered Independent. But then again how much do I really want to be wanted by this guy?

    As for Roe v. Wade.How long ago was that? What has the DNC done for us lately?

  193. This is the first time I’m writing on any blog site. I’ve been looking for answers on why the hell BO is the major contender for the White House. I voted for Hillary and I truly felt she will be the 44th. I told everyone there’s no way I’m gonna pass the chance of voting for the first female candidate for presidency. I’m an INDEPENDENT, btw.

    I went thru the various phases of experiencing the pain of Hillayr’s “loss. Disbelief, anger, frustration then some acceptance. But at this point, I need to vent. I hope this movement “Hillary to the White House” continues. Maybe a site “18millionvoterspluswriteinHillary.com” would surface. I hope the rage continues and all these energies channeled positively in catapulting Hillary to be next the CIC!!!

  194. I find myself meandering in territory I’ve never been before. 35 years ago I registered as a Democrat. My father was a lifelong Democrat, my mother was a converted Democrat. My two brothers are Democrats. I have voted every single time I had the chance. I followed the issues, listened to candidates, put up the signs and the bumper stickers, donated when I was able, and was generally proudly a liberal and political junkie.

    I supported (and still support) HIllary Clinton. I live in an Obama-crazy town, and have listened to no end of disparaging remarks toward my candidate. It has changed my views of some longtime friends… they are still friends, but the meaness I’ve seen has shown me another side of them.

    Nowadays I stop in and read at No Quarter or other friendly blogs, but never at the Obama-only political blogs that I used to read. I was thinking, why am I reading now and then at these Hillary-supporters blogs? I am feeling a flat, hollow apathy at the whole political process right now. I turn the channel on the TV when they start talking about McCain or Obama… and I’ve never actively avoided political news before.

    I read a few blogs still because, to be honest, I hope to open one up some day and find something really, deeply, irrevocably damaging has hit the Obama campaign. I am not really expecting it… just hoping, I guess. I know how petty and low that sounds, but it’s the honest truth about my emotional position these days with regards to the presidential election.

    I don’t want to see McCain win, but I do want to see Obama lose.

    I will be not voting for president this fall for the first time since I was 18 years old. It won’t make a difference since my state is going to be blue no matter what I do, but it will sit better with my conscience.

    Mostly I am just done, though. Done with the party, done with the process, done with giving a damn. I’ve supported many, many losers in the last 35 years (as have all Democrats), but this time it hit a far, far deeper place and my former enthusiasm is now just apathy and cynicism. I re-registered as unaffiliated.

    I’ll keep reading from time to time at blogs like this though. Maybe something “terrible” will happen for the Obama campaign. It is a slim hope, but the only thing that interests me at all at this point.

  195. susan, please don’t succumb to the apathy. I feel sad when I read your narrative and that you’ve given up but I can understand. I hope it changes for you. Today, I felt excited when I heard in a talk show there is a bombshell – Michele Obama and her racist remarks and video with L Farrakhan. When I googled, it seems like it’s old story or remains a rumor.

    well…we’ll see…It’s not over…The blog sites and this one are giving me shreds of hope.

  196. It is a joy to find this site. I am a PUMA member (Hear us roar!). I am not voting for Obama for three reasons:
    1. He doesn’t possess enough experience to be Commander in Chief.
    2. I seriously question his judgment given the fact that he remained a member of a hate-spewing church for twenty years. I really think that it is dangerous to combine religion and politics.
    3. If Senator Obama really was interested in listening to the voice of the people and was a champion of democracy, he would have supported revotes in the Florida and Michigan primaries instead of working to suppress the popular will.

  197. This is my first visit here and I love it! We have a thank you card campaign in progress and I want to post the info here. Please send a thank you card to Hillary and on the front of your envelope please write “I AM ONE OF 18 MILLION.” On the inside of your card tell Hillary to take it to Denver or we will fight again in 2012. You can of course write a heart felt message too! The address is:

    WASHINGTON, DC 20510-3203


    Thank you everyone!

  198. I think they are no longer the democratic party , but the demographic party , and I guess I don’t fit in either .. but then I never liked cages boxes chains or labels I will leave that for them , i am just a heathen pagan wild woman running with wind in my hair and howling with the wolves again and loving my wolf brothers and sisters

  199. HOW DO I JOIN? I want to make my voice heard! I think HRC could start her OWN political party, which is something we really need, as the other two are hopelessly screwed up and STILL are having their strings pulled by the Powers Behind the Curtain. “Pay No Attention to the Man Behind The Curtain”! My elderly mother, her sister (my 82-yr-old aunt) and my mother’s three friends all want to join a Hillary party and/or want to make their voices heard that they will be voting Republican against Obama. The old soldier ain’t THAT different–he’s fairly liberal himself (would have been called a Southern Democrat back in the olden days, I’ll bet) and has worked with the other side of the aisle more than once, whereas B. O. never has.

    Let us put our names down someplace where we will count!

  200. We’re only worth a half a vote in Florida and Michigan. Hmmm, and they would dare to call us racists for not voting for BHO in the general? I wonder when it was the last time a person was worth only half their value?

  201. I said this long ago, we are homeless dems.Like termites in a house ,you could not see it was falling in until too late. That is what the far left has done to the Dem party. I gave money to Hillary, and she was unfairly dennied her win. I will not vote for Obama, today or in November.

  202. If you do not vote it is like giving Obama a vote, if we vote for Mcain, Obama looses 2 votes, the one he should have had, and the one Mcain received, I will make my voice heard, I will vote for Mcain, it is the best avenue to make them hear.I have been a loyal Dem for 31 yrs, and I see it as still being loyal to the Dem party, showing them they are headed in the wrong direction.I will not vote for Mcain even if Hillary is VP, I hope she does not give in and take it, she has bigger things upon her.

  203. ChicagOBAMA! Im gonna write a musical! “When youre good to Obama”, “He didnt hear it! He didnt hear it!” “Razzle Dazzle em”

  204. CNN is now sayiing Hillary Clinton and Bill, are wonderful, and good democrats. They will be a great help to Obama’s race. They are great assets that we can’t do without. WOW. After trying to destroy them. “The end of the Clinton era”. The media knows Obama needs all the help they can get or they will lose.

  205. Been there for MONTHS. Mystery novelist (mainstream; it’s all at the website). I’d suggest looking at my blog over there, though. This particular blog is supposed to be about writing, but more and more, the outrage both at the party leadership’s silence and at the Obama campaign’s silence has soured me.

    I’ve been a fierce, vocal Democratic activist and fundraiser for thirty five years, and I’m gone. I dropped the change to “no party” in the mail today. I’m also crafting a letter which will be meatspace-mailed to both of my senators (Feinstein and Boxer), my congressional rep (Madame Speaker; I live in SF), Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean and Harry Reid.

    I’ll be publishing that letter fairly widely, and will be happy to have it linked.

    Deborah Grabien

    They can BITE me.

  206. Yeehaw. I’m so grateful and happy for this site!

  207. thank you. it is a relief to have to have this site. I am in Hillary’s corner all the way.

    although, this has become bigger than her. This is now a fight for our party. It is a fight for our country’s future. It is about women’s rights…human rights. This is worth fighting for.

    I understand Hillary was under extreme pressure to exit as she did. I am a supporter, not a follower. So, i am not bound by what she is asking that I do. I am not there, and I frankly do not know if I will ever get there.

  208. You my dear are a writer….and a communicator!

  209. WOW!
    Glad I found my people.

    Think it would make any difference if everyday some percentage of 18M emailed the DNC saying

    “I’m still not voting for the DNC choice of nominee” ?


  211. I am Hillary supporter and so, I will vote for Mccain in general election

  212. I am a Hillary supporter. i did not like the way she was treated by DNC and media. so, I will vote for Mcain in general election

  213. I to am a Hillary supporter. i did not like the way she was treated by DNC and media. so, I will vote for Mcain in general election. I am 61 years of age and this is the first time in my life that I have seen so much negativity on Senator Hillary Clinton and all the support to Obama. She was a better candidate and had the momentum going forward. This was taken away from her and Now the Repulicans will win the WH. Shame on you DNC.!!!!!!

  214. Voteboth.com sent me an email. The organization wants me to sign a petition to have Hillary run as VP for sake of party unity. I strongly oppose this. I won’t vote for Obama regardless if Hillary is the VP.

  215. So i have to ask a question about the motivation (not arguing with your goals, just curious)

    where you guys for Hillary, against Obama, or just for a Woman?

    The reason i ask is mostly because I am curious how this community sees her current efforts?

  216. I love the fact that someone on here said termites, because that is EXACTLY it. I call them Obamites. They have eaten and eroded away the real base of the party and left us with this shiny exterior that has no foundation and will blow away or fall in at any moment.

  217. Disgruntled Democrats, please help support Larry
    Sinclair, who is trying to tell his story to the media
    of drug use and gay sex with Obama, as well
    as murder allegations in the Donald Young case.

    His press conference will be at the National
    Press Club in DC, June 18.

    He will be interviewed by Jeff Rense tonight



    McCain denied his affair the next day, but Obama
    has had 6 months, and has remained SILENT!

  218. ^^^ Can someone please delete this LS crap.

  219. where you guys for Hillary, against Obama, or just for a Woman?

    None of the above, for me. It’s a rather insulting question, right up there with the nice gent who rang into Randi Rhoades show after Hillary conceded, begging “all us Hillary supporters to just take five minutes! Look at the man! At hid character! At his record! Take the time! We would see he was worthy of our vote!”

    Of all the arrogant presumptions, that one takes the cake. Do these people think we all just went OOOH, GURL! and supported her blindly? I leave that to the Obamatrons who think they’re expiating their white liberal guilt issues.

    When the race began I preferred Kucinich (never happen) and Edwards (possible). My dream ticket would have been Edwards/Clinton: a progressive and a centrist, both genders represented. I’ve disliked Obama since 2004; I thought he was a noisy god-botherer and his record of showing up for not nearly enough votes has carried over to his Senate gig.

    But he, and the party leadership, were as silent and complicit in the media lynching of a colleague who was targeted for being a woman as any white farmer in 1930s Alabama was for standing silent while the local KKK lynched a black man just for being black.

  220. So I sat watching Hillary’s speech, marveling at the
    class, the mountains she’s climbed, the records
    she’s broken, how little girls will for generations to
    come memorize and cherish her speech. And then
    the speech was over and I sat at my computer and
    changed my registration to No Party Preference.

    I’m so happy to have found this blog, hopeful it
    will not be destroyed by . . .him and will work my
    buttocks off to make sure he never sits in the
    oval office.

    And by the way, one of his biggest lies of all is that
    he’s not African American. Barack’s father is
    officially classified as an Arab by the Kenyan
    Government. Records show that Obama is 43.75%
    Arabic and 6.25% African Negro from his father’s
    side. Barack is an Arab American of chiefly Muslim
    Kenyan origins.

    So I wish he’d tell the truth and stop giving
    African Americans all a bad name.

  221. I came from trying to draft Gore, to Edwards, then he flunked debate 101 for me, then on to the next policy wonk; HRC.

    But I started out not caring if Obama or Hillary won, till the incredibly sleazy astroturf campaign tactics and his terrible debate performances and the suspicion with Air America being funded by the DNC to trash HRC that something really not democratic was happening…

    at this point, I am sorting through my options…

  222. Hi,

    I’m Nate Jaeger. I’ve been around a long time and I’ve seen many elections and a lot of disappointments and changed my mind from time to time. This time I have to admit I really got sucked into “CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN”.Since I was born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen New York, on Welfare, it has always been pretty hard to fool me. I guess I am like everyone else, it can always happen. Anyway, we have cancelled all of or Tour Concerts for Obama over the next five months, stopped referring our thousands of fans to his donation site from http://www.soundclick.com/stiletto , http://www.natejaeger.com , our companion site with LUDACRIS at http://www.WeMix.com, returned the propaganda videos for our live show venue screens and have in general disassociated ourselves from his campaign. We will not present him at our shows at The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August where 800,000 people will attend. I spoke with Luda and he understands that when Obama hired Eric Holder of the Mark Rich scandal to pick his VP along with a another Veter. man who was involved with Mozilla from Countrywide and contributed to the mortgage crash, I realized that the only “CHANGE” was his lying to get nominated and it was just the “Same Old Thing” I spoke with him and he said it wasn’t his fault because he couldn’t hire veters to vet veters. Everyone knows who those people are and no extra time was needed to vet them.He is going to reward Holder with an appointment as Attorney General when he is elected. I advised him that we were through and he failed all of us “Out of the Gate”. Well that’s why I’m here and I have opened all my sights for free listening to my recordings and live shows and videos. If you come up with a Candidate who needs me, let me know njaeger@natejaeger.com.


    Nate Jaeger
    2008 “Renegade Tour”

  223. Just say NO! to Obama!

    Anybody-but-Obama is in full-swing with Republicans and Independents.

    Operation Turn Down and PUMA are storming the Democratic party.

    No Obama nation!

    No Obama!

  224. Why be Democrats in exile when we can be a force with whom the Democrats must deal? There are enough of us to elect some people in 2010.

    What say you?


  225. […] Clinton supporters inspires some raw feelings in me as well.  RiverDaughter writes of those “Democrats in Exile“: Any day now, Obama supporters will be knocking at my door and ask me to get a membership in […]

  226. I too am a Hillary supporter, who will not vote Obama even if he puts her on the ticket. I hate to say that but they are already blaming her because she is not turning out the vote for him. First she has to get out, because she is winning and making Obama look bad, then it’s her fault because he cannot get her voters to vote for him. I will vote McCain, not write in Hillary’s name, because I think that would be a wasted vote, and as a woman, I won’t waste my vote.

  227. Thank God I’ve found you. I feel that I’m experiencing the twilight zone! Today I learned Obama bin Laden was changing the name of the Democratic National Party to the Obama Autocracy and moving it to Chicago (did Auchi donate the officespace). I called Hillary Clintons office and left my message begging her to consider an Independant run.
    These are desperate times and extreme care needs to be taken right now to defend democracy. This is war, there has been a coupe d’etat of the Democratic Party. Once the convention is over God only know what is coming. Obama President for life?
    Please pick up your phone right now and call Senator Clintons office and leave a message giving voice to your concerns (202) 224-4451. Then leave and email on her site at http://clinton.senate.gov/contact/webform.cfm?subj=issue telling her that we NEED her to think of Americas best interests first and abandon loyalty to a corrupted party. Please let her know we will be there for her. She need to hear what we are feeling!
    I beg every person that reads this, to do at least this one thing. Let her know we want a real choice and she is the only person in a position to deliver the vote.
    We are being destroyed from within. Please do your share save our democracy! Or America may “CHANGE” into the kind of hell the rest of the world is living in.

  228. I started a blog earlier this year to chronical some of my political experiences as this political year progressed They’ve not been all that positive: http://vickierock.blogspot.com/. Take a read if you’d like to learn how things “didn’t” go all that well in Nevada’s caucus/convention processes. It left me feeling sleezed and cheated by the Obama campaign zealots.

    But, as much as I hate it to think about it should Obama actually become the legitimate nominee, I just can’t vote Republican and I’m going to have to vote Democrat. As a woman, I just can’t afford to let the religious right (i.e., the Republicans), over the next 4 years, pack the Supreme Court with religious zealots who would set women’s rights back 50 years.

    I’m hoping however, that this Puma you’ve awakened can sprout some legs and become a party in its own right. What a wonderfully sleak and agile symbol to go up against those of a jackass and a lumbering elephant. If a ‘Puma Party’ were to espouse moderate social policies and conservative fiscal policies, it could potentially be a means to actually unite a large number of Americans who want to take back control of our country from those at the extremes. Unfortunately, its not likely those legs will be ready for a jaunt through the 2008 election cycle … but let’s seriously give it some thought about giving it a test run during the the 2010 election cycle … and then go for the gusto during the 2012 election cycle! Let’s take back American from the fringes.

    Bush has darn near doubled our national debt which is now approaching the 9.8 Trillion dollar debt ceiling. McCain, who promises some of the same fiscal policies, could double it again. I haven’t a clue what Obama might do since he’s rarely voted on an actual bill. But as of now, EACH man, woman and child in the U.S. personally owns more than $30,000 of the national debt. Find me a candidate who will
    • dramatically reduce the debt-to-GNP ratio,
    • eliminate government-sponsored bribary in the form of outrageous earmarks,
    • work to enact line item veto privileges so that useless crap can be lined out of important and necessary legislation, and one who will
    • put the U.S. on a road to energy independence which includes and funds wind, solar and geothermal energy production
    … and I’ll vote for that candidate … in a heartbeat!

  229. I am confused about the PUMA sites. Is this the political activist organization? I have tried to get on PUMAPAC and the web site is down. I heard something interesting-Barack will not release his birth certificate. Why?

  230. Deb, another urban myth. go to snopes.com (the urban myth buster website) and you can download a copy of his birth certificate.

  231. I am so very glad that you have taken the time to write about this issue. I too am disenfranchised by the D party and look forward to an evolved party that really represents the people.. oh for the record I am a woman 57 with an MBA who is a diligent Hillary supporter… oh and by the way when I graduated high school woman did not normally go to college – so this so called uneducated group supporting Hillary is not an indication of intelligence but a indication of the time in history. thank you for your great comments and hooray for our great future.

  232. Hello, all. I love this website. Makes me feel good to have company!

    In all of my 57 years, I never thought I would leave the Democratic party. Well, I was wrong. I am now a registered independent. Got an E-Mail from someone in the DNC the other day (can’t remember who) extolling the positive changes Howard Dean has been making in the DNC and asking for my donation. Imagine that! (I wonder what planet he is from!). Anyway, for the first time, I will be voting Republican, not because I agree with the principals of the Republican party, but because I believe John McCain is at least an honorable man, which is a lot more than I can say for Obama. Here’s hoping others follow suit and do not vote Obama in.

  233. Wow, I hope this isn’t truly how we make voting decisions in this country. I appreciated the tongue-in-cheek delivery … until I saw the not-so-tongue-in-cheek responses.

    We’ve got some serious problems in this country, folks. If you want to pilfer your vote away just out of spite, that’s certainly your choice. (Ridiculously childish, but your choice.) I’d remind you, however, that there are scores of people around the world who don’t have the luxury of living in a democracy like we do. I hope none of them read this blog. Heartbreaking.

  234. Lets just call it “Cut off your Nose to Spite your Face”. Are you kidding? Vote for McCain because your angry that Clinton didn’t win. Yes lets vote for McCain and have more soldiers die in Iraq because your mad. Yes, lets for for someone who will make party hats out of Roe V. Wade because your mad. Yes lets give more tax cuts to the wealthy. Yes lets ignore the environment because your mad. Hillary said that this campaign is too important to fall in to this silliness. Party Unity My Ass I am sure was formed by one who never had any plans to vote for Clinton or Obama.

  235. So this is where all the sore and apparently ignorant loses go to crow.

    To think that you wold vote for conservative supreme court justices.

    To think that you would vote against a woman’s right to choose.

    To think that you would vote for four more years of no healthcare.

    To think that you would vote to continue the war in Iraq and a thrid one against Iran.

    To think that you would vote to cut the corporate tax.

    To think that you would vote to opposed a new GI Bill.

    To think that you would vote against an increase in the minimum wage.

    You are intellectually bankrupt all. And, it is sad there is not a test to be able to vote. An idiot with a vote is still just an idiot.

  236. I resigned from the DNC, the DCC, and the DSC. No more checks from me. If I see a good candidate, I will send her/him my money. I’ve been a Democrat since working for the party at age 12. Hillary was trashed by the Obama campaign. She speaks to my roots. I feel dissed.


  238. Obama is a very worthwhile candidate and one that every Democrat (and others) should support, unless you want Bush’s 3rd term. I did like Clinton, but she lost, so end of story. Obama will be excellent for America, and restore our world image.

  239. Tim Russert the architect and power behind the media electing a president. Ruining a great career and a disservice to America.

  240. If the Dems/women put McCain in the white house. Ironically, Roe v Wade would become a political third rail. Power is scary.

  241. Oh thank God!!! There are others!!! Can you imagine my utter disgust at being solicited for funds by the very party (that I’ve been a member of for 26 years) that just got done doing the thing I thought could never happen-CHASING ME OUT. Excuse me, Obama is NOT a ‘very worthwhile candidate’, and HELL NO, it’s not the ‘end of the story’. Hillary, please o please o please run as an independent; don’t get ‘Al Gore’d’ out of the Oval Office.

  242. I am in heaven. I thought I was all alone on the planet. It’s like everyone drank the koolaid but I wasn’t cool enough so I was left on my own. I know four, maybe five other Hillary supporters and we are being beaten down, even by our best friends. It is so nice to hear your voices, to hear words and phrases I have been hurling at the TV, when I have it on.
    Thank you for being here.

  243. Tim Russert resident evil. Died from charade. Could not stand the strain.

    Tim Russert architect and power behind the media electing a president.

    Tim Russert lost all creditability after going in the tank for Obama.

    Tim Russert bureau chief got MSNBC to fall in line.

    Tim Russert fair Ha. All creditability gone.

    Tim Russert you suck.

    Tim Russert Sorry you are gone. honest.

  244. Tim Russert…good riddance.

  245. What Obama said referring to guns and knifes was totally inappropriate and is a great example of how his words and therefore his ideas change depending on who is in the audience.. It also seems to me, people have let their racism show more and more since Obama has been running for president. I don’t see this leading in any productive direction. If Obama was truly a leader who was trying to build a bridge to understanding, this would not be happening. I think we all inherently know as evidenced by the Wright controversy that the point of Obama’s campaign is not to bring up ALL people to the level they could obtain if any racism or sexism was not present.
    McCain is a neocon and a sexist, referring to his wife as a c**t
    My choice and my husbands choice for president was taken away by the superdelegates who are bowing down to the Obamessiah.
    My husband and myself will not be voting on election day. I told my husband we will start a new tradition and I encourage others to follow our lead. We will stay home and make love that day.

  246. I will be voting on Election day for Hillary. I will never vote for Obama. Never. Hillary was the Presidential nominee for the people. He was selected not elected by the DNC. They will not recieve a contribution from me this time, not one cent.

  247. The editor of this forum can go to hell. Hater

  248. Hillary-Zilla, what a way to refer to the dead. May the gentle soul of Tim rest in peace. Your comment is so appalling and needs to be repudiated by all irrespective of their parties or personal affiliations.

  249. Tim Russert had a political agenda and betrayed the public trust. I am sorry he died, and I will most likely go the same way. He ruined a great career when he went in the tank for Obama. Fair my ass.

  250. It is chilling to contemplate the twisted DNC thought processes which resulted in flagrant betrayal of its own party members by stealing votes and delegates intended for Senator Clinton. Cowardice spawned the failure of the DNC and Mr. Obama to hold primary “do-overs” in MI and FL. When this is how DNC party loyalists are treated, how can any American feel safe if democrats are in power? My husband and I are MI residents and are leaving the democratic party forever !!

  251. Repudiate !! repudiate ?? I will not stand for Tim Russert being deified. And made untouchable. Everyone knows he has an agenda. He went way over the line.

  252. had

  253. hi RiverDaughter,
    i actually prefer Chai Lattés…. do you think that makes my vote less or more desirable? I don’t know…. I just don’t know… what exactly defines a Democrat again? I was absent that day! ..LoL! my heritage is about a 1/6 cup Native American, 1/3 cup Hispanic and topped off with a healthy portion of Anglo… soooo… should only part of me offended by Obama’s description of the trembling in fear “Typical White Person” ? or is half of me suppose to hate the other half? I’ve been so darn perplexed by it all! I also have a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art and make pretty damn good photographs…. soooo, why is it I can’t stand Obama? Is there a glich in my program? I love my country and don’t wish God to damn it. Am I a Republican? you can see my confusion….

  254. I think the best thing to happen now is McCain ask Hillary to be his vp…. like one woman said it will be a cold day in hell b4 i vote for obama and i for one dont give a damn wot colour he is i just think we have enough problems without having this mambie pambie mommas boy running the country…….. his wife is an absolute JOKE and we are already a laughing stock of the world… lets vote the fool in and have the economy dip into a total recession…..I am a floridian and sick of being screwed over election after election .first the chad ….. then the ballot fraud….and now my vote not counting HELLO i never said have the election early LET all votes count 100% AND HILLARY WOULD BE THE NOMINEE……..NOT THE BOY TOY…..

  255. No one is “angry because Hillary didn’t win” anymore than I am still angry because “Gore lost in 2000”
    You know it was a theft – and like the Republicans in 2000 are willing to benefit from this crime.
    Whomever I will vote in November will not be out of spite, but out of principle, self-respect

  256. wake up …. obamas lawyers stopped the revote in florida cause his sorry ass lost the vote …….. as 4 michigan he chose not to be on the ballot…. AND while im on the subject of NOBAMA>he made bigoted remarks about jews in an article years ago calling them KIKES>…….i guess he wasnt just sitting in the pews of that church not paying attention like he said……as for him staying there 20 years wot about his children being constantly bombarded with bigoted remarks i guess that wouldn’t effect a growing mind………I WILL VOTE MC CAIN … he is the lesser of the two evils.

  257. ummm, newflash MIZ…
    I’m not working-class and I’m not gay! therein lies your problem.
    trying to simplify, generalize and marginalize the millions of Democrats and Independents who chose NOT TO DRINK THE KOOL-AID, you and others and Nobama himself have 1) opened mouth and 2) inserted foot and 3) insulted and pissed off a WHOLE lot of voters that you now wish you had on your team. As you sow so shall you reap.

  258. Nobama-no way. Re-registered unaffiliated. Don’t appreciate the DNC trying to foist a total media creation down my throat. NO, WE WON’T!

  259. I’m not gay, black, female, hispanic in origin. I’m not weaIthy, latte drinking, suburban or urban. I’m not on wellfare, I don’t receive entitlements or subsidies. I’ll never see my forties again, I’m underpaid, work over fifty hours a week and can’t make ends meet. I don’t feel the need to be vulgar in speech. I AM a lifelong Democrat who has seen the party of Roosevelt, Truman and JFK be stolen from the base that it was entrusted to represent, everday Americans. Mr Obama is far too left for me and residing that far out on the political spetrum will render him ineffective at best domestically and potentially harmful internationally should he be elected president. Let’s not deceive ourselves that Senator Obama is the only bad experience in the present Democratic party. He is representative of a large block of politicians that we should also view with a wary eye. I want to see the party of responsibility again. The party that sees the struggle of the everyday American and responds to their needs, hopes and desires. A party that doesn’t just give money away but when the individual can not succeed helps them to do so. The party where a level playing field is basic. A party committed to fair taxation. A party that actually does something about education. A party, that when local government can not or will not, when the states can not or will not, WILL act in the best interests of all Americans. A party which can work with the executive and and legislative braches in concert to get things done for the good of all. A party who’s members recall that in the Federalists Papers, those who aspire to national office are responding to a higher calling where the good of all comes before the good of a few. Are there any Democrats like that left? I’m begining to feel like Tom Hanks having only Wilson for company.

  260. I have a silly question. Why have I NOT heard about the DFA? Democracy for Americans? Why did I not know these people existed and that Howard Dean is the founder of this progressive group, and that they ONLY back progressive candidates, and that Obama’s site says, “Obama for America”-not Obama for President. That the DFA site uses the phrase, “My DFA”-just as Obama uses “Mybarackobama” ? This group wants to “change” the Democratic Party “from top to bottom”. Well, they are certainly trying. There is no way that a move to Chicago could have happened so quickly-it didn’t-It’s been in the works since the inception of the DFA. Howard Dean, the founder of another party-all the while the chair of OUR party? This is just not right. I always thought that the chair had to remain neutral? No wonder they fought and lied, and misused the RBC to do what they had to do to select one of their own. How many people on the RBC belong to the DFA?

    Is anyone else “out there” frightened? There are 675,000 members of the DFA. They train young people, they have “manuals” for this, they have their OWN wireless company.

    Be afraid, be very afraid. The resistance has begun.

  261. Great site with great posts. As DemocraticUnderground has seen fit to revoke my posting rights because I don’t see the Obama halo and want Hillary as VP, I am glad to have found your blog.

    It is hard for those that did not drink the Obama KoolAid to remain DNC members these days after the way they screwed Hillary – I know I will no longer contribute to them. So I guess I have joined the progressive liberal independents who remember the Obama campaign of slime and lies against Hillary and will not forget – or forgive – Obama – the DNC – or DemocraticUnderground.

  262. Anyone who thinks the dali-bama train and all the Kool-aid drinkers are going to change anything for the good are crazy. He can’t even figure out how to lead his party to unity. All he can say is “Hillary come clean up the mess I made”.

    As for McCain, he is not Bush. He is an honorable, forthright person with a known voting record. Obama is a flip flopping liar with a free pass from the press. Wonder where all the millions went? I guess we should ask the media how much they got paid to give him a press pass.

  263. No Obama for me! I’m with you.

  264. Can’t leave a post up that disagrees with your point of view, huh? Oddly….Republican.

  265. Obamabot:

    We often disagree with each other. We simply don’t want to listen to Obama talking points. There are many other blogs you can visit where you will probably be welcomed. Try

    Please don’t continue to post comments. If you do, your ISP will be traced and contacted.

  266. Hi,

    I was wondering whether you are abstaining from voting or voting McCain. I am wondering this because you seem really well-informed, from the one or two posts on this blog that I have read so far. I am so far leaning towards not voting at all, because I feel uncomfortable with the idea of helping to elect McCain in case he is terrible, but with the facts you have posted about Obama I almost feel like maybe McCain might be the lesser of two evils and abstaining from voting will help to elect Obama by default. Have you decided whether you will vote/whether you will vote for McCain or not yet? What are your thoughts? Please email me if possible, just a short sentence would be enough. Thank you so much!

  267. I’m the person who was interviewed on NPR, the Hillary supporter who will not vote for Obama but is leaning heavily toward McCain. I also have a blog: http://barbaralebey.blogspot.com. If you are interested in seeing why I have come to this decision, check out my blog. I applaud all of you who will not be exploited by this sexist DNC. And shame on Nancy Pelosi, who was instrumental in destroying Hillary’s chances of winning the delegates she needed, even stealing some of her delegates to give to Obama and then allowing almost half of the Michigan delegates to be for Obama though they didn’t vote for him. The whole media frenzy over this silken-tongued opportunist with no record of achievement should make people realize that a lack of experience can be a dangerous thing in running the most powerful nation in the world. We should have learned how a lack of experience can do irreversible damage. George W. Bush showed us that. McCain is not Bush. In fact that is why the base of their party hates McCain. I maxed out in donations for Hillary and also contributed to John Kerry. I am not a Republican plant as I’ve been accused of. I am a Hillary supporter who now suppports McCain rather than Obama.

  268. I just came from huffpost and it is so unplesant to be a puma there. I am really sad too because Wexler is my congress rep and I voted for him. Today I was at the supermarket and thought about an interview I saw of Pelosi where she was kind of saying how distracted she was from her war efforts because of the farm bill. Then she pandered farmers in democratic areas to keep their party support. At a time when progressives now know that humans need fresh fruits and vegetables to stay healthy, I find it appalling that massive subsidies were not allocated to this means, with the objective of a healthy America. Sorry about the rant, its just sad. I will vote Mc Cain, I believe more than ever all politicians should be held accountale. No party rhetoric, it’s about the people, period. I am watching like a hawk now, and this whole thing with the DNC is so obvious. They think they are making history, and they don’t care about us. They are giving us a candidate that sat through 20 years of racial intolerance. I can’t stop thinking about when they will be buddies again and Wright will be consulted on major policy issues, Aaaaahg . Okay got it out.
    Love the NO VOTE FOR OBAMA, WE WANT CHELSEA’S MAMA! Maybe we could use it as a slogan or Hilary may not like it.
    Also I think people who know how to bump up please share, in my late thirties and it seems to be one of the big tools in Obamanation. We got to learn to bump up articles and videos ASAP.
    It could also be very useful to start to get some idea of how many of us we are. Threre seems so many groups. Would anybody know how to do that ?
    If we want to be effective we need to organise.

  269. The DNC wants only one thing, POWER. The party has been hi-jacked by the far left media. Obama is their choice, like it. Fall in line. And never forget the DNC is in POWER not you, the voter.

  270. […] to the position of feeling you are invisible and unappreciated by your designated political party. Welcome to feeling so silenced and dismissed that protest, […]

  271. I do not believe it is wise to go to Denver. It could easily turn into a very violent confrontation.
    This would not be good for anybody.
    Because of this I will not go. I believe our votes in November will speak real loud to the DNC. Remember if the party does not care enough about their issues, we should not be expected to. I will not forget, all my votes and efforts will go Republican if necessary, until their arrogance is thwarted and they realize our votes are a gift that need to be earned and appreciated and are not just owed to them so that they can do as they please. People power.

  272. I saw your representative on TV this morning and thank God for that. I am so glad to see other people thinking and felling like me. I am so upset about the whole fiasco in the Democratic party. I do not see Obama good for my country, at least not at this point and that is why I will vote for McCain, . Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion. People power.

  273. Brilliant invitation. I’ve been in search of an archetype for a character in a book I’ve been outlining. I think I’ve found it. You. Hmmm…. I’ll have to keep reading to learn more. In the mean time, I hang out at http://www.bentpage.wordpress.com. Thanks for invite.

  274. Nice page and that looks like my city of Pittsburgh to me. This is a nice site here.

  275. Keeping the faith; I hear that hillaryis44.com/clinton supporters count too, are organizing a march in Denver! They will be organizing nation wide; check in with them if you have the time to protest! We are all in this together and stand for the same thing. Hillary for president or PUMA!
    I am loving the strength of your convictions and appreciating your beautiful free speech.
    ; I am in proud company.
    Keepin the faith in Ca.

  276. I am a former democrat or at least I will be.. I am in PA and not sure what to do about Party since we have closed Primarys. I am disquested by the way Hillary was treated. I am also offended by the way the Hillary supporters are generalized as poor white women. I am 44 and an African American. I have supported my girl for the past 16 years and I know she will be our first female President.
    That being said. I will not vote for Obama in November and in fact I do not plan on voting Democrat for a long time. At least I know what I am getting with the Republicans. I sat and watched in disbelief the Liberals steal this election.
    I have to agrue with my Obama koolaid drinkers who say that Hillary supporters are not voting for him because of his race. I tell them its not his race its his racism. He has spent the past 6 months insulting white people now if he had been white saying that to African Americans would we support him? They cannot answer me because they know that African Americans would stay home in droves causing the Dem to lose. I also point out that I plan to vote for McCain “is it race for me too?” I will not allow anyone to make something racist that isn’t. Perhaps the next African American who runs for office will avoid the race card completely.
    I am just sick about this whole thing. I am fired up and I am not going to take it anymore.

  277. I am posting on behalf of my wife and I because I don’t want you to forget there are a bunch of us older voters out here that is just not going to vote for Obama. I will be 82 years old next month, plus a WW 2 veteran and my wife will be 70 in a few months. I have been a Democrat for 60 years and have advised the DNC to take my name off their mailing list, I have also advised every request that I get to also remove my name. I went throught the Democratic caucues and you never seen anything so unfair. We were “hooted at and jeered” and the step of the caucus procedure, after almost seven hours and not even yet voting on the rules report, we left. Hillary won Texas by 100,000 + votes but after all the voting and the caucuses she lost the delegate count 99 to 94, now if that’s not unfair, I don’t know what is. Puma has it right.

  278. i have one question to ask all those dems out there who are voting for obama….WHAT ARE YOU PRETENDING NOT TO KNOW?”

  279. Callmeindy:

    We aren’t “pretending” anything.

    We know all we need to know about Obama, that’s why we’re not voting for him.

  280. As a hillary supporter((EDWARDS before) I cannot believe you would elect Mccain who will do NOTHING for women or the middle class, I urge to vote Democratic!!

  281. Michelle, why not join us up on the active thread instead of sitting down here?

  282. I will never vote for BO. no way never……never….


  283. Like so many of you, I, too, am sick about Hillary’s loss of the primary. I think it would not be hard to prove that she was the target of some subtle sexism by fellows in the press who are rather out of thuuch with their own sexism, and who would deny it to their dying day.

    I have been temped to stay home in November; but, while McCain is certainly better than Bush, I fear with him in the White House we will get the “same old, same old” regarding Iraq, health care, etc, etc.

    BUT MOST IMPORTANT IS THE SUPREME COURT.!!As President, McCain will appoint more ultra “strict constructionists” (whatever the hell that means), and we will slide slowly backwards in civil rights, women’s rights, and Roe V. Wade.

    So, my friends, take a deep breath, swallow hard, and vote for Obama.


  284. I cannot get behind Obama. I don’t see any difference in him as to what we currently have–someone with no experience that will be “led” by the old boys network. Give me a break–change with Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, etc…..Real change could happen with a woman with experience. Everyone keeps saying they were worried about Bill…excuse me?! I don’t think Hillary is a puppet for any man. Besides–let’s think back to those Bill Clinton years—low jobless rate, deficit on its way to extinction, human rights actually meant something, belief in the constitution as it stands–not picking and choosing what applies to whom, and the nation wanting to continue with Al Gore after 8 years with Bill. Just what was it that was so horrible—-Oh yeah–that moral majority and the Lewinski scandal. That doesn’t compare to the raping of our country done by the idiot we have had for the last 8 years.

    I cannot vote for Obama. He has not said one thing about women’s rights—change will come to all when women have equal pay (that is how we will help our families), when we don’t have to work twice as hard to prove ourselves and when we are finally taken seriously. Oprah can have her Obama—-she sold us out and I won’t forget that. I want women to realize that we need to stick together, support our families, including our children and husbands. We can be our own worst enemey but we need to get on the same page. George Bush has set us back not brought us forward. Barak isn’t going to help.

    Paradigm shift———–women throughout history have held this world together. We have always put our families at the center of what is important. Can you imagine what the world would think if the United States elected a woman! Woman want to be equals. We aren’t here to take over and be damned if I will be patted on the head and be expected to continue to let men like George Bush or Barak Obama keep me as a second class citizen.

    Done rambling! Thanks for letting me rant.

  285. I just saw the GMA piece on this… I’ve been looking for a place to VENT… thank you!

    In Iowa we’ve been getting the O-Speek for 1.5 years already. I’ve still not heard much substance! Just O-Speek. Hillary gave us substance, and a plan… not just ‘hmmm” that’s something to do.

    the O-speek has to not only say what, but have some substantative HOW…

    “near a drenched corn field in eastern Iowa”


  286. Two days a go we watched the Supreme Court rule on gun rights. Next it will be reproductive rights. Be upset with the outcome thats fine. But think of all those wonderful Nader voters in Florida and what their “principles” got us for the last 8 years.
    Sen Clinton ran an amazing campaign. Don’t tarnish what she accomplished because of an inability to accept an outcome. She has and she will fight another day.

  287. I just found out about PUMA on GMA this morning. I’m glad to see there is an organized movement that backs up my extreme feelings of dispair over what has taken place with the politcal process this election cycle. I will not vote for Barack Obama, I’m going to write in Hilary Clinton. People threaten us who won’t vote for Obama with Supreme Court Justices and women’s right to choose. First, if the Democrats are in the majority in Congress neither will happen, and secondly if Roe vs: Wade was going to be overturned don’t you think it would have happened when the Republicans were in the majority. My blog moniker used to Political Addict, however I no longer can watch the biased political news. How dare they try to be kingmakers. I could go on and on. Thank you for a place to vent.

  288. We will not vote for Obama! We asked our Represenative, that is a super delegate, here in Western Pa. to vote for Hillary and guess who he voted for? We were unanimous in voting for Clinton but this guy WE voted for would not vote for who we wanted voted for. We are going to have one hell of a rough time in this country if he is elected. He has no experience, he can’t possibly have backing to do what we want and from the sounds of it he doesn’t want to do what we want and from the looks of it we are being screwed by the party we support. You want your e-mail filled from the dem. party? Send them your opinion, it’ll look like spam. I could go on and on but you know how we feel.

  289. Anyone who believes there in unity in the American political party system is delusional.
    The arrogant left wing amateur Barack Obama would be still sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s church if George Bush, Dick Chaney and the Evangelicals had not succeeded in hi-jacking the GOP for the last eight years. Barack Obama was a deliberate choice made by the DNC in retaliation to the unilaterally arrogant Bush Administration.

    How stupid is it to think that one form of extremism will counter act another? Both are counter productive and only serve the special interests that represent them and not the majority of the American people who are caught in the middle of the fray. Will this insanity never end? Is there no one left in this great Nation of ours who can speak for the majority? We had an opportunity to end it with the centrist policies of Senator Clinton, but the main stream media representing the left and the right were handsomely paid to throw her under the bus. I will vote for McCain in November because like Hillary Clinton, he too is a Centrist.

  290. what five questions would you ask obama if you could.
    Check out Lynette’s five questions at http://www.lynettelong.com.

  291. I am organizing a rally within the next two weeks here in Old Forge, Pa. to get the word out that not everyone is just going to stand in line with the DNC and vote Obama. If you want to attend or have someone in your organization that would like to attend, please let me know. I am hoping to get representatives from many organizations such as PUMA, Just say no deal, Clintons4McCain, etc. to attend and speak at the rally. It will be held on either Saturday July 5th or July 12th at the Old Forge Borough Bldg. It depends on when I can get the ad together and run in various local newspapers. I have half page ads dedicated to run next Thursday and am working on flyers now. I would like to make sure I can add each group that will be attending to the ads and flyers before I print. Therefore, if you could let me know if you, or anyone else from your organizaion would like to be a keynote speaker, I could ad your names to the info.

  292. Here we go with the Roe Vs Wade crap again. First of all it is established law and will not be overturned and it wouldn’t matter anyway because the Conservatives in the Supreme Court are already in the Majority.
    I will not vote for a known sexist. I will vote pro life before I vote anti american. I am sick of the Dems using my body against me.
    I am going to cast my vote who thought it was appropriate to play I have 99 problems and the B**ch ain’t one. Well not me. I will never hold my breath. I refuse to vote for a man who is a disquesting liar. I refuse to vote for a man who makes sexist remarks.
    Not only do I plan to vote for McCain I plan to vote across the board of Republicans. Senator Bob Cassey I will remember you in 2012. Ed Rendell watch the Unity crap. I will never vote for any Dems that support Obama. Hillary has to because of the Unity thing but no one else.

  293. I was watching GMA this morning and discovered this organization. I love the idea. Can I join too? What can I do to contribute? I am a young, educated African American male and I have zero faith in Obama. Everyone in my community thinks I’m crazy but they’re only voting for this man because he’s black – it’s disgusting. I’m so sick of Obama’s elite followers telling the media all of us Hillary supporters will ‘get over it’ come November. And don’t even get me started on the train wreck that is Michelle Obama. I’m voting for McCain!

  294. Wow, Still processing all this.
    I thought the only major party choices were
    Obamanation or go insane vote McCain.

    Thought PUMA might be interested,
    at some future point,
    in being part of one of our Forums
    (Thursday Night, July 3rd,
    we’re presenting an event called
    Declaration of the Independents
    A night of Independent Presidential Candidates
    see http://www.democracyunplugged.net).
    We’re based in Swarthmore, Pa,
    home of Swarthmore College
    aka “Kremlin on the Crum”
    (adjacent to Krum Creek),
    though none of us are affiliated in any way with
    the College (too conservative).
    Anyway, check us out.

    Bob Small

  295. For all your talk/complaints about stereotyping and polarizing of Democrats for Hillary, you do the EXACT same thing for Obama supporters. I don’t drink Latte, I don’t have a degree although I consider myself fairly intelligent. ( had to drop out to support my family) I work hard, I am not a Koolaid drinker (figuratively or litterally speaking) I don’t live up north or midwest, I live in the good old town of Selma NC. I don’t need to be courted by either candidate. Why? Because I have a brain, I can read, I can listen and I can decide for myself if the candidate has my best, or the countries best interest at heart. It sickens me to know that Americans with all your/our self righteousness are so darn FICKLE such whiners. Stop with this crap. THIS IS A SERIOUS TIME IN OUR HISTORY PEOPLE. We have a choice here. If you are so for Hillary and her policies then why in the world would you do anything to help Mccain in office. I supported Obama from the start I have read up on him for years now. Same with Hillary.

    But if Obama lost the nomination I would be dissapointed, but NEVER would I do anything to prevent Hillary from winning. I have always felt she was self serving but in her self serving she would atleast do some good for this country a whole helluva lot more the MCCAIN!!

    I fear and this is a fear that keeps me up at night sometimes. Dems will loose and once again republicans will continue to tear this country to shreds. Who will you blame then?

    I look at it this way, If Obama wins he will serve two terms, Then Hillary steps in and continue the fight, then Edwards comes in and we will have 24 years of getting this country back on track
    Hey wishfull thinking


  296. Hey, guess what? I have three degrees and I like lattes. I even shop at whole foods. And I’m smart enough to know that Obama is is con man who is in the pocket of the corporatocracy. I won’t be voting for him. Sorry you have trouble sleeping at night. I know the feeling. I don’t want my choices in November to be between and old, experienced Republican and a younger Republican who has hardly even held a full time job.

  297. WOW! I thought I was one of the only ones who felt like the DNC was shoving Obama down my throat! I was raised in a very democratic household and almost didn’t bother to vote again after the Al Gore fiasco and the more I learn about how this nominating process really works, the more discouraged I get. Obama is a one hit wonder. He has been packaged and presented as neatly as Boyz to Men or the Backstreet Boys were. I fully believe that if he gets in office that it will be the Democratic hierarchy that runs the presidency and not Obama. Somebody has already started “handling” him and his wife. They are both already conforming in order to get elected. Why would the DNC want a tough woman with a mind of her own when they can have this Rock Star wannabe? I am so done with the DNC.

  298. Why not join us up on the more active threads?


  300. Obama has that “new boyfriend” syndrome. Lots of excitement and he looked damn near perfect in those early days. You know, when you get to project on him all those traits you’re looking for beyond cute and smart – character, depth, humor, a moral center.

    As time goes on, he’s no longer the shiny new thing. He disses your best friend (behind her back of course), you begin to see his smarminess when he sucks up to your boss and he just doesn’t fit in or get your family’s zany, noisy humor – and he’s stopped trying. The ultimate deal breaker – you learn that he’ll do or say anything to get what he wants.

    You know the type – you’ve dated him or perhaps it’s your daughter or a good friend. He just never lived up to the promise of those first, early days. Best to heed the advice you’ve given or gotten – Lose him quick and move on.

  301. You are a writer and fellow human being after my own heart! I could not have said it better! Keep it coming! God bless you!

  302. I used to be a Yellow Dog Democrat but now that the “Independents” have taken over the Democratic Party, I’ll be supporting my local & state candidates as usual but candidate Obama? No F-ing Way!

    Obamiacs have no Party Loyality & aren’t likely to be around for anything more than the Rave or Meetups. Maybe when they grow up & learn that the Nation’s Business is a bit more nuanced than clinking on a “donate now” website, I’ll have some respect for their views. Obama….the only Change you’ll get is Pocket Change.

  303. Wow!! Someone else feels like I do!! Hip, hip, hurray!! I thought there was only a couple of us in the US. I’m very much an Independent with moderate to liberal leanings that was more than happy to be under the DNC banner until 2000. When Al Gore didn’t stand up and fight to the end for us and wouldn’t listen to our pleas to run again in 2004 that was enough of the DNC for me.

    I hope no one minds me saying so but even with my moderate to liberal leanings I’m not particularly impressed with Barack Obama. Especially since no one knows from day to day where he stands, or if he stands, on a given issue. Oh, and I’m sick and tired of hearing “where else do you have to go” now that Obama is the hair apparent of the Democratic Party.

    I was and still am a Hillary Clinton fan and I know someone, somewhere, will have something derogatory to say about that. But she ‘s a woman and understands the working person’s mindset.

    Sorry, for my venting but I thank you for the opportunity to vent just a little bit. I want a candidate, perfection not needed, who tells me what they are going to do and then DOES IT. Why is that so much to ask for????

  304. Flo, welcome and come and join us on the active threads!

  305. To all above feeling disinfranchised… do something to help out HIllary!!!… go to http://www.blog.pumapac.org

    We are an active group and surely do hope you will help us !!!

    donedems.com is another great website. read their manifesto and Need Reasons section… DO Something… continue to fight the DNC with your votes and your displeasure by not donating to their “chosen” one!!1

  306. Just a post that i love and wanted to pass on to you regarding the racism in this campaign…

    This is posted over on Greta’s PUMA blog. I found it moving and thought it should be shared.
    Comment by Wisewoman
    July 1st, 2008 at 10:18 pm
    From a 63 yr old, black female supporter of Hillary, thanks. I knew I would not vote for Obama after the awful debacle in SC where while accusing the Clintons of racism, Obama himself used race-baiting tactics to win SC and further his campaign. Obama had won IA, lost NH, lost Nevada, he had to win SC or risk being out of the race if he didn’t win this overwhelmingly black participating democratic primary. At this point Hillary had a 65% black support in SC. Obama had to rip these voters from Hillary’s hands, thus he played the victim of race on comments that in no way could be consrued to be racist. He was helped in this effort by Donna Brazille and Jim Clyburn of SC. Because I am retired I was able to closely watch his effort unfold. I marched with Dr King. Obama dishonored all who helped in the civil rights struggle and dishonored King. For this I despise him and will never vote for him, ever. I grew up during the James Brown “I’m black and I’m proud” era. I can not be proud of him becomming the first “black affirmative action nominee” due to the actions of the DNC and the super delegates.

  307. SEND YOUR MESSAGE TO Main Stream MEDIA. LET’s MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2020@abc.com, 48hours@cbsnews.com, atc@npr.org,
    comments@foxnews.com, earlyshow@cbs.com,
    evening@cbsnews.com, Foxreport@foxnews.com,
    ftn@cbsnews.com, Hannity@foxnews.com,
    hardball@msnbc.com, jripley@evtrib.com,
    larryking@cnn.com, loudobbs@cnn.com,
    mamapumamass@aol.com, morningedition@npr.org,
    moyersonpbs@thirteen.org, netaudr@abc.com,
    newshour@pbs.org, nightline@abcnews.com,
    nightly@nbc.com, onthemedia@wnyc.org,
    Ontherecord@foxnews.com, Oreilly@foxnews.com,
    rush@eibnet.com, talk@npr.org, today@nbc.com,

    date Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 12:48 PM
    subject PUMA POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO RECORD, NO CONSISTENCY, NOBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s time that the Main Stream Media stop taking sides and report the news. Report the inconsistency of actions vs. words that Obama has shown – from the time he got involved in Chicago politics to the unwillingness to speak up for the deep hatred and bias against Hillary
    during the Primaries. The MSM needs to “man-up” or “woman’up” and be big enough to admit the errors of their ways in the primaries.

    CNN – I am still waiting from a response from you…. The day after the S.C. debate – you incorrectly and deceptively spliced the clips of Obama and Clinton arguing IN REVERSE – in order to give the perception that Hillary attacked Obama first and Obama was simply defending himself. How dare you purposely contort the truth and on Wolf Blitzer’s show??? He was the one who moderated the debate the night before. What was the intention for doing that? Since then, most
    people think that Hillary threw the first tough punch in the primary season – good job at brainwashing everybody. I wrote about 10 executives at CNN and also wrote Wolf Blitzer and others and NEVER saw a retraction, correction and NEVER received ANY EMAILS back. Since
    when is it ok to change the news and deceive the viewers?

    This will go down in history as the worst bias in the media –
    regardless of if it was sexism or hatred towards Hillary or some political agenda, or if it was just about MONEY and RATINGS. If you want RATINGS…. REPORT the TRUTH!! You will be in the minority and people are yearning to see it.

    When I attend a Hillary gathering – full of life-long activist
    Democrats – and they say that they have started listening to Pat Buchanan because he is fairer to Hillary then most left-winged news networks … something has definitely gone awry.

    -amy roberts (the above words are mine…the info below is PUMA’s MESSAGE!)
    JULY 9, 2008 Contact: Murphy@pumapac.org

    Puma PAC, People United Means Action, is the Voice of the Voters in the Democratic Party. We are Protesting the Election of 2008, and WILL NOT SUPPORT the DNC’s selected nominee. We have thousands of members
    in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C. Our website is visited tens of thousands of times a day, and nearly ¾ million visits have been logged since we began on June 3, 2008. In the last 5 DAYS alone, 4 of which were a long holiday weekend, Puma PAC has accomplished tens of thousands of political actions.
    • Sent over 20,000 emails and letters to elected and public officials
    • Sent over 1,000 faxes and made hundreds of phone calls
    • Produced and distributed over 10,000 flyers all across the
    country in 24 hours
    • Raised thousands of dollars from individual contributors
    around the country
    • Organized and executed several local actions in Miami,
    Manhattan, and Minneapolis
    • Ordered sky banner ads to fly over beaches all around the nation
    • Intensified our planning for Denver
    • Begun work on a documentary with a Los Angeles film company
    about this primary campaign and our Puma PAC movement.
    This week is not yet half over. We have more and bigger plans for the NEXT 5 days. The Puma PAC movement is spreading like wildfire across the internet and the country. We are the Voice of the Voters in the Democratic Party. We are the ones who win elections for those politicians who represent the interests of ALL Democrats in ALL 50
    states, and who uphold the foundational values of Representational Democracy upon which our government of the people, by the people, and for the people is built.

    Presented by P.U.M.A. PAC, People United Means Action, an unconnected political action committee. Puma PAC is the Voice of the Voters (http://blog.pumapac.org) and is not affiliated with any candidate or candidate’s committee.

  308. A broad from abroad
    When I visit other lands, they ask me about my National anthem. They don’t ask me about my individual anthem.
    Hey! America has 101 anthems. They would have a hard time at the Olympics figuring out which of the 101 anthems they must play for the American winners so that they could express their “individuality”, and spectators would be wondering which country is on the podium. Silly isn’t it?
    Armenians suffered in the past, Native American the worst, Japanese suffered, Chinese were brought here to work on the railroads, Jews were persecuted in their home land then were called German Nazis etc, etc My point is we all bled some for this land not just the blacks. Now, we live in peace and we have been for the longest time. The sky is the limit for us as individuals. Groups wanting revenge it’s a counter productive, divisive and hate oriented means to come to terms with the past.
    God bless America and all Americans. We are free to do anything but we are not free to hurt each other. We obey the law. A country without law abiding citizens is a country that is headed for anarchy.
    You really, really don’t know how good the American system is until you try to physically go outside to compare it with other systems. Words are cheap. The simplest things you take for granted are not considered as such in the most industrial countries outside the US.
    One insignificant example that really ticked me off is when I try going shopping and maybe it was not noticed by the common tourist but I noticed it. I noticed it of course because I stayed here longer. The first thing you see is a big sign that says “Free entry and browsing” “Entrée libre”
    I should hope so. Free entry! As opposed to what? My American mind is asking. This is a clothing store or a tourist trap store, or a super drug store. I had to ask. Oh! No, no you don’t have pay. You can look. Yeah, I can? Well thank you for allowing me to come in to your store and maybe buying something. Why you have that sign, I asked. To attract people duh! What about welcome and thank you for coming? That’s only reserved to the people who buy. The others get a dirty look for not buying anything. My god! As if you insulted them by not buying something. WOW! Then I realized why that sign was stated in those terms.
    It’s because in the old days (like thirty or forty years ago before the Marshal plan that is) they had swap meets (these are towns not the showcase capitals) and you had to pay an entry fee to get in to see what the merchants had to offer. So the habit was carried over to the new and shiny stores.
    If you don’t buy you are sneered at and they are not shy to show it either.
    Outside food and toilet paper and toothpaste, I stopped buying anything!
    I asked once if they were open on Sundays because they don’t usually have they hours posted, because it takes away from the overly decorated window. The answer I got was “Do you work on Sundays??????”
    I also was taken aback by the “Sales seasons”. (Total of two in February and July for six weeks) all stores in the entire country have their sales during those 2 six week periods. No other sales are allowed. This is set by the government. Say what? The government? Now the government is debating whether or not they should allow so may Sundays in which stores could open for business!
    The woman almost chewed my head off for asking if they were open on Sundays. How was I supposed to know it was a sore subject? And some are for it and some are against it.? It’s a huge debate. Big brother has to make the decision soon. They want to copy the free market system of ours but some people are not willing to give up their set ways.
    If you don’t mind giving up your freedom of choice in your daily life then socialism is for you.
    I don’t think Americans have the mental attitude to accept this, to allow the government to run their lives. I believe we don’t have the same mental attitude to accept a system contrary to our core values. And why should we if other people throughout our history were and are risking their lives for the chance to come to America and live and work under our system. I’m talking about people with education,with two and three degrees, gays, and business owners.
    Example: My dentist Oh! my god if you only new
    When I go to him for my appointment and while sitting on the chair, he complains to me about his job and how underplayed he is. True. I asked him how do you make money with patients paying only 6€ per visit? He said well I get the 15 or 21 euros from the “Caisse (the treasury) depending on your situation and it takes a lot of paper work to do that and sometimes they pay late”. “Even with that how can you pay your over head?” “Office and equipments are government subsidized and I have to fill out so much paper work and wait and wait for a piece of equipment I need”. Then I said” I see you don’t have a dental assistant.” “Oh no I would have to pay way too many deductions and solidarity tax. I have my computer I do everything by computer”. Then he said “the system is different here, If you want to make money you don’t become a doctor or dentist.” I said yeah! You open a bistro on the beach front and for three months milk tourists.
    . I believe Obama will have a hard time changing our system without first changing our core American values. Obama and his administration would have to brainwash us to get us to think like my dentist. Ouch!
    Which dentist in the entire US is willing to get $8, and go through all the paper work to get the other $25 for the visit? So who is going to pay for the office and the dental equipment?
    Us the taxpayers! That’s who. (The treasury or, as they call it here the Trésor Public)
    Work hard make money help other to help themselves be independent but not help themselves to my stuff! That has been our recipe since day one.
    I’m pretty happy with it. A free bird! A vote Mc Cain is a blessing for America.
    I predict Obama’s plan will be a Chaos like we have never seen before, because he is not letting us read the fine print. But I’m telling it. I saw it and I lived it.
    Show me a better system. If you have travel just a bit or listen to those who traveled far and wide you’d come to the conclusion that there is no better system than the one we have now. Our opportunity to improve on it thanks to our constitution and the right to change leaders every 4 years are priceless my friend. In some countries people live and die under the same corrupted leadership.

    Take a good example Renee Marie; she was free to make her political statement with her talent. She was not jailed or thrown in a dungeon by her government, but we as the people found her statement offensive to say the least. That lady had a message and a window of opportunity to convey it. Her deliberate attempt to trash the national anthem days before our independence day speaks volumes. and as far as I’m concerned she is history; as in don’t let the door hit you on your way out. I’m also free to say: Rene you’re under the bus, and no one will pick you up until you rot. Con-artist

  309. Reregistered as an Independent right after June 3rd when Hillary “had” to suspend her campaign. The Democratic party is no longer MY party! My vote is mine and should be heard, counted. This is America, isn’t it?

  310. Just showing my strong support for this site and those who care about real democracy. Nobama no way. Never. And yes I’ll be voting McCain to ensure this – I’m pretty sure it will be the only option.

  311. Having read about Confluence in the NYT’s Opinionator column yesterday re: media bias in favor of Obama, I had to search for your site (NYT provided no link, curiously). It took a few minutes (I found you by googling Confluence+Democrats), but I’m so glad I made the effort.
    I’ve found a place to come home to. Thank you!

    -Lifelong Massachusetts Democrat writing in Hillary

  312. I just came upon this site from the NYT’s Opinionator, and I’m a bit surprised at how much anger remains here. I say this as someone who supported either Edwards or Richardson, and not at all someone who is drinking the cool aid on Obama.

    In fact, I tend to view all politicians as corrupt and opportunistic and elitist (how else can anyone think they’re the best person to lead a country of 300 million people, unless they think they’re better than everyone else?).

    I also the press coverage of Obama has been very biased (but in all honesty, in what way can any politician be blamed for nice press coverage? Justifiable anger should be directed at the Frathouse at MSNBC and the other media outlets).

    And clearly the DNC made a mess out of Michigan and Florida.

    But Obama didn’t steal the election from Clinton. The DNC made a stupid set of decisions about Florida and Michigan in 2007. Everybody knew they were stupid at the time and yet they were made — and just to be perfectly clear if Hillary or Bill Clinton thought they were the wrong decisions they could have easily stopped them (does anybody really think that in 2007, when everybody in the world assumed Hillary Clinton would be the nominee, that Hillary or Bill Clinton couldn’t have stopped anything [anything at all, really] that the DNC tried to do?). So stupid decisions were made when the rules were set, but those were the rules that everybody agreed to at the beginning of the process. Playing by those rules, and winning by them, does not amount to stealing.

    And the election was extremely close. So it must be very frustrating to lose such a close election (again, since I backed neither of the two, I can only guess).

    But we also have a situation in which the Republican party has done an incredible amount of damage to the United States in the last 8 years.

    To recap we have:
    1) 2 unfinished wars (one that should have been over 6+ years ago, and another that never should have been started);

    2) an economy incredibly tilted towards the very wealthy — more than it’s been since the Great Depression;

    3) a massive foreclosure crisis which was greatly enabled by a Republican party that simply does not believe that businesses should be regulated (only bailed out with our taxes);

    4) one of our greatest cities essentially given up to the ocean and not being rebuilt (and nothing being rebuilt on the World Trade Center site, for that matter);

    5) real efforts to undermine the basics of rule of law in the country;

    6) a great deal of anger and disappointment directed towards us around the world.

    (I could go on, but I think the point has been made)

    And people would rather continue this government than vote for Obama? I find it all a bit confusing. Every politician lies, and every politician is morally bankrupt. So of course that includes Obama. But it also includes Hillary Clinton or John Edwards or Bill Richardson or…

  313. james, we have principles here, we don’t believe in moral relativism as it appears you do. There is right and wrong, and what Obama and the DNC did was wrong and I will not support them. Your analysis is flawed. obma is owned by corporate america. That is why they (the media) support him and not mccain. We here all own our votes, they do not belong to a specific candidate or party. You glibly claim to have made your point when you have done no such thing. You parrot talking points that have been fed to you by the Obama campaign and the media. Unless you have something new to add maybe you should just move along.

  314. I think we need to be a bit clearer though in how we talk about and think about this.

    The DNC did nothing the last few months except enforce a set of rules that were made before the process started in 2007. Those rules were stupid and flawed. But everybody, EVERYBODY, running for the Democratic nomination agreed with those rules at the time. This is unambiguous. If you want, I can post the statements of ALL the candidates.

    What the campaign of Hillary Clinton wanted to do was change the rules after the fact, and count votes that had been agreed in advance by EVERYONE wouldn’t count. That is not a principled stand — that is a political stand. It is one that I understand coming from a candidate trying to find an avenue to victory. But it is not about principles (if it was, then the Clinton campaign would have objected in 2007).

    And quite honestly, counting votes in Michigan as they were cast when there was only one major candidate on the ballot? Do we really think that Obama would have gotten 0 votes in a state with the city of Detroit? Really? It’s simply not a credible argument to make.

    What probably should have happened is a revote in both Florida and Michigan — they could have done them in that long stretch before Pennsylvania voted when there were no primaries. The DNC should have made that happen, and swallowed the cost (isn’t it swimming in money this year anyway?).

    I am not, I don’t think, being glib. And I am not saying anything fed to me by the Obama campaign. In fact, I have never been to Obama’s website or anything like that.

    I am saying that the country has been severely, severely damaged by the Republican party and to vote for another Republican administration is simply confusing to me at this point. That is all I’m saying.

    That is definitely not the corporate world’s take on things — and there is little in how I understand the world that is shared with either the corporate media or the corporate world more broadly.

    And, finally, I think people tend to (very justifiably) criticize the Obama supporters as being obsessive and unthinking and cultish. And all that is true (and kind of creeps me out sometimes, really — no politician deserves that level of adulation, and bad things tend to happen when they get it).

    But having read and looked over a lot of the comments here, there seems to be an almost comparable level of obsessiveness here…

  315. james, your comment will not be posted because it contains very stale talking points. One thing though, you mention revotes in michigan and florida, you show how very uninformed you are with that one. Go look it up, it was Obama’s campaign who blocked revotes at every turn. Now like I said, unless you have something new to add, move along.

  316. oh, and james, they did not enforce the rules they made a long time ago, if they did, none of FL or MI’s delegates would have been seated at all. I was at the RBC meeting and watched them violate their own rules and meet behind closed doors to take away delegates awarded to Clinton by the voters of MI and give them to Obama—on top of giving him every single uncommitted and write in ballot as well….I call that stealing votes. So spare me your “rules” bullshit. They did no such thing.

  317. Welcome, Nell! Come join us on the active threads. Just click on the “Home” tab for the latest posts.

  318. Mike…you are an idiot….and clueless to why we are doing what we are doing. Clue….Blackmail….Extortion….party hi-jacked.

    Supreme court……..woooooooo.

  319. Mike, your comment was deleted because you are a troll. get over your delusions of grandeur. nobody wants to hear your self-righteous bs, that’s all.

  320. Nobamanetwork.com is only a month old and we have 300+ sites listed already and we receive thousands of hits a day! Our sole purpose is to promote any site or blog involved in this grass root movement that is sweeping the country. Your site is listed on http://www.nobamanetwork.com .

    If you are able, please put our logo on your site. The more we network the more it helps the movement.
    Get our logo here: http://www.nobamanetwork.com/images/logo100.jpg. (Right click to save the logo.) Please link our logo back to http://www.nobamanetwork.com.

    We are attempting to get a headcount to determine the size of this movement. Please let us know the number of your members, we would really appreciate it.

    NobamaNetwork.com is an equal opportunity directory, we collect no money, we support no one candidate, we have no forum, and the rumor that we are a McCain spy site is just that a rumor intended to implode the movement. Our only agenda is to promote the movement by creating this directory and marketing it.

    Thank you for your support!

  321. Old quaint expressions such as Dissent and Democracy have been given new meaning by Jeff Tiedrich and his gang of so-called “Moderators” who are more smirky than moderate, making them more like Bush & Cheney– and more like Obama– than they would admit.

    Attempts at free expression such as sharing links and criticisms about the real Obama are all it takes now to be insulted with profanity and summarily banned by Tiedrich or his gang. Meanwhile, people who repeatedly refer to rape, murder and torture, such as posters who joke about committing sodomy on Sen. Hillary Clinton, are allowed to keep up their abuse. The use of censorship at SC is apparently a big secret. It needs to be exposed openly. Tiedrich represents a threat to Internet freedom and to free expression of our political views.

    one current thread about this, if not already deleted:

  322. I just jumped of the Obama’s ship and I saw the light of the tunnel. What really turned me off when a friend of his from the hip pop wrote a song about Obama. In a lyric called Hillary a b**** and McCain should be in a wheel chair and it really tuned me off. Finally now Obama wants Michigan and Florida to be counted as a full vote and now he wants to change the game now and when he got his way from the DNC. I see Obama’s ship leaking more than ever and I dont want Obama in the white House and I will protest my vote either for McCain or Nader to get the DNC to get of their high horses and come to reality now in cluding Obama.

  323. Any interest in starting a campaign to have people write-in Hillary Clinton?

  324. I am thrilled that I found this site. This was an excellent post and it validates everything – I mean everything, that I’ve been thinking. I’ve donated to Hillary during the Primary, and donate again to help retire the debt. There will be NOTHING given to Obama. Besides – he’s got all those big donators now.

  325. Repugnant Republicans all here. Nothing but. Never have been Democrats, never WERE Democrats, never will be. Fraudulent liars here, one & all. Rachel Maddow has exposed Riverdaughter as a Republican. Why don’t the rest of you come out of the closet?
    I never had a problem w/ Hillary. In fact I almost voted for her, but chose Obama instead (I originally supported John Edwards). I have a problem w/ YOU people though. Why? Because you’re all Republicans parading as “Democrats.” You’re all disgusting. You’re worse than the Naderites or the Greens because at least they support liberals, unlike you all who are, always have been , always will be Republicans. Can I say this enough? Republicans, Republicans, Republicans: one and all. There are NO Puma Democrats, only Republicans. See you all at Obama Headquarters for the Victory Party on Nov. 4th!!

  326. Rachel Maddow has exposed Riverdaughter as a Republican

    Whoa — what? Do you have a link for this?

  327. David, take your head out of your ass for a moment and look at reality. it is the libertarian wing of the republicans who is attempting to hijack OUR Democratic Party with an Obama candidacy. You are the Republicans and we are merely fighting to hold onto what is ours. Go back to Arianna, Kos, Marshall and all the other former republicans that you take your marching orders from and tell them we said to cram it. You are going to feel so foolish when Obama loses in a landslide in november. I feel sorry for you. We’ll try not to rub it in your face too much 🙂

  328. I’m new to this site, but many thanks. I feel so deserted by the “Democratic” power wheel. The “Good Old Boys Club” is alive and well in the good old USA. I love my country, but to survive we need to change things. An elitist good ole boy is not the change we need. Michelle Obama is one of the most obvious biggots in the limelight.
    Thanks, I just needed to get that out! Hillary has my vote and only Hillary !

  329. riverdaughter

    I don’t know how to reach you. This is important. Please contact me.


  330. Brad – Do you have her email address? I’m not sure she’s around during the day to see your comment, but I could pass your request on to some other Conflucians who might know how to contact her.

  331. See below for an Article by Maureen Dowd on Obama & Hillary:

  332. Wow, the BO camp must have ran out of convicted criminals and dead people to recruit. They have now solicited nut jobs such as David.

    David – if the worst thing you can come up with to fight us is that we are Republicans, you I can assure are going down in “flames”.

    Name calling is not nice.


  333. Reasons I am NOT Supporting Obama:

    He did not know/care when he went through Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

    What “excesses” of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s? I thought those years of the civil rights movement, MLK, Robert Kennedy, women’s rights, the first Earth Day, our Constitution working through Watergate, etc. were pretty good things.

    Obama stole the nomination from Hillary in a back-room deal, discounting our votes but counting those of cross-over Repubs who WANT him to be our candidate.

    He is too close to the nuclear industry.

    He can’t win: He has too much baggage, real or imagined.

    He voted for the FISA bill when Hillary voted against it.

    I am not bitter because I like my guns and religion.

    I am not a “Sweetie” and neither are my girl friends.

    He cannot win: Karl Rove made a Silver Star winner a wimp. What do you think he is going to do to Barack HUSSEIN Obama?

    I do not forgive Obama for his brushing his shoulders when speaking of Hillary.

    He cannot win: Who won the swing states by large margins, 8 out of the last 13 primaries?

    I do not forgive Obama for calling Hillary “Annie Oakley”.

    He cannot win: 20 years in the anti-Caucasian congregation of Rev. White. Do you really think ole Karl doesn’t have video of Obama and family laughing and clapping at some anti-white comment? 20 years is a long time….

    Obama is a wimpy yuppie who does not think fast enough without a script in front of him.

    And now he wants to drill off-shore, in Hawaii perhaps?

    The only reason I will be watching the convention at all will be to see Bill’s and Hillary’s speeches and to see PUMA’s demonstrations which I hope will show that democracy still exists in the Democratic Party.

    There is no statute of limitations on war crimes, and Obama will not pledge to go after the Bu$h war criminals.

    That’s all I can think of right off the bat, but you can be certain that if, according to North Carolina rules, I will spoil my whole ballot by writing in Hillary’s name, I will vote for Cynthia McKinney.

  334. morningcupofcoffee – We are not one issue voters.

  335. Tom- Is Obama Pro- Choice? I can’t keep track of his stance on issues. So please, go someplace else, we are too smart for that ploy.

  336. Dear Readers:

    For years now, Roe vs. Wade has been used, quite successfully, as a mechanism to keep women voters “in line,” to make sure that we “behave well,” and vote for men, all the while keeping our fingers crossed that they will protect our rights for us.

    With a Republican in office for the last eight years, and a clear conservative majority on the Supreme Court, why has the dire prediction offered above not already come to pass?

    Indeed, it is because both parties use Roe, very effectively, to keep their respective consituencies, and especially women within those constuencies, in line. Neither party has any deep interest in disturbing a useful tension, a threat that can be mined, consistently, a fear that can be parlayed into obedience and silence, on into an ever-receding future, and in particular one that can be wielded to almost perfect effect by women, against other women.

    As a woman and a voter, I am no longer fooled.

    I will not be voting for McCain. I will also not be voting for Obama, whose stances on abortion, the Iraq war, the separation of church and state, the death penalty, gun control, and gay rights are so weak as to render him an unworthy representative of my aspirations.

    My vote is my permission slip to power; every four years I have an opprotunity to wield my power, to signal my approval, to acquiesce, or to resist.

    This season, I also resist the impulse so many other women indulge in, when they suggest that a woman’s refusal, at this stage in our political struggle, will bring harm to our daughters instead of help, pain instead of hope.

    Think. Judge for yourself. Then vote.

    Or don’t.


  337. Obama lost me when he PLAGIARIZED Cesar Chavez’ “Yes we can” slogan. In case you didn’t know he was a famous Latino activist. Obama’s campaign has a Latino problem and his little friends at the AP, CNN, NBC, ARIANA HUFFINGTON will NOT be able to save him from losing.

  338. Good grief – I just found you! The day after Hill left the race I left the party and am now an independent.
    Lord knows we don’t need “change” we need restructuring and rehab. We need to put humpty dumpty back together again after W and his playmates took our constitution apart. I want my privacy back, I want habeus corpus back, I want controls put back to deal with obscene profits on the backs of the middle class and I want someone who has had enough experience to know how to do it. That is not B.O. for sure.
    His arrogance, assumption that the nomination is his is just too much to bear. We used to nominate people at the convention – we can do it again.
    This is one working woman who’s pretty angry – and when momma’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy.

  339. T Boone Pickins is Obamams new buddy! The man who funded the swifboat attacks! Obama will cozy up to any snake.

  340. Welcome, Joanelle, glad you found us. Click on the “Home” tab and come and join us, all you new folks, on the daily threads.

  341. Thanks, Magdalena, I just registered on this site.

    I found the whole “super delegate” notion appalling. By endorsing before the primaries were over I believe they brought undue influence (because of who they are) into play. Between the SDs and the media Hill was pummeled in public.
    I don’t know of too many people who could have withstood the pounding that she took. But what really pushed me over the edge was the mysoginistic media, BO’s mysoginy and the DNCs adding to it.
    As speaker of the House, Pelosi has failed miserably and I am saddened by that as I had some high hopes.
    So…I ask here as I have elsewhere, does Hill have a VP in mind? If we are going to do this we need to be prepared, as she is nominated in Denver, to name her running mate.

  342. I finally at 55 years old registered to vote. Hillary was very inspiring to me, so I registered democrat. After months of watching Obama’s gang and followers treat her like dirt, I had enough. I changed my party to republican. Hillary kept going strong no matter what they threw at her. She never took a couple of vacations like Mr. Perfect and had more grace and dignity than he will ever have. If anyone deserved to be president it is her. So I will vote for McCain, anyone is better than Obama.

  343. If Dean and the other super delegates that vote against the results of their stateprimaries results, are so much smarter, then why is there only a 2/4% lead by Obama? In this election the democrate should have double diget leads when running against the Bush.

  344. It is my belief the Democratic Party has lost it’s integrity. I will vote for McCain as it appears Hillary was ripped off by Howard Dean and BO. Good luck to your cause.


    I am now an independant.

  346. I will be writing in Hillary Clinton as a candidate for
    the presidency in 2008. I googled “Write in Hillary for president” and signed a petition with at that time only 183 signatures. Lets start signing up!

  347. Write in for Hillary!!

    Help McCain start World War III!

  348. Can someone please ,please make the trolls go away? This is a safe space for Hillary supporters and Iets keep it that way

  349. Go away, trolls.You are NOT welcome here

  350. It is a total and absolute insult to Hiliary Clinton that she was not vetted. Even if Obama did not want her as VP, the common courtesy would have been politically correct. She has campaigned for him, more than anyone else would, and his behavior towards her is inexcuseable. Perhaps it is Mrs. Obama who does not want Hiliary around the whitehouse? Something to think about. I say LET THE DELEGATES NOMINATE HILIARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT…….

  351. Jann,
    How many millions of voters voted for Hillary and she is not even considered for Vice President. What is Democratic about that? How many people voted for Joe Biden? Do our votes count ? I guess you need a place to cry, that kind of talk helps unite the party. Then to get even over the 3am ad, we’ll send the VP announcement out in the middle of the night.

  352. “WHINERS!” ! Sorry to burst your bubble Ed but that type of old school intimidation doesn’t phase us. Hell you need to get with the times…haven’t you heard? The new partyline for anybody who is a Clinton loyalist is that we are all “racists”… Really Ed, you need to bone up on your Obamaphonics!

  353. Jann – If Obama cared about this country he would have selected Hillary as his running mate…he cares more about his ego and quite frankly I could give a rats A_ _ about him or his ego. Really he has shown the poorest judgement of any candidate in recent history, in my opinion. I will vote for John McCain as I believe that he is a maverick and will lean more to the left once elected. You know there was a day I would never have dreamed of voting Republican…I couldn’t fathom why anyone in their right mind would vote for George Bush but McCain isn’t George Bush and I feel confident that he is the best candidate.

  354. I wish Hillary would run as an independent. But, she is a trooper. Obama is a manipulator and I find him lacking experience, ethics and is untrustworthy. I was already either not voting or voting McCain – My vote will go to McCain. Then in four years, hopefully I will be able to cast my vote for Hilliary.
    thanks all

  355. No matter how we vote we will be s_____d – we can’t take even only 4 more years of Republican rhetoric and dismantling our constitution – not to mention there will be at least one, probably two more Supreme court judges named during the next administration -that is what we can’t afford.
    If we vote for Obama we will also get more of the same knee-jerk reactions – violence instead of negotiations. Occupying another country solved nothing and killed over a million innocent civilians not to mention our our military who we sent to be killed or maimed.
    It makes no sense at all – perhaps Gabriel Marquez was right.

  356. May I ask what happened to the comment I posted this morning? It is no longer appearing… I did not use any expletives….

  357. Joe “xerox” Biden wont sway me one bit. I do agree with him when he said obama was not ready for the presidency, that it was no place for on the job training.

  358. When I’ve posted a comment it goes under “moderation” and then dissapears…. I’m feeling like I may be a lone democrat on a republican blog….

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