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La Vie Boheme

If you’re gonna be a deadender, might as well burst into song.

See PUMA getting to do it–on television below the fold. Continue reading

PUMAs are coming on! Let’s get this un-party started.

Whoo-Hoo! What a Friday! Let’s not wait until the evening to have a PUMA Cocktail Party. Let’s start now. Diane, our Mistress of Mischief, at JustSayNoDeal.com has sent the following schedule of events:


Interview with MAWM! Neil Cavuto, FOX NEWS- 4:15pm







Diane sas she is fielding calls from the media in Japan and Germany as well. Hot damn! The Viral has gone Global!

Conflucians, this primary season has been strange and tumultuous. The outcome is still, as yet, uncertain and we are very serious about our cause. We can not support or vote for Barack Obama because he is an unready candidate and the way in which he was selected by the DNC cancelled out the millions of voters in the bigger Democratic and Swing States where Clinton won decisively. We suspect that the fix was in since last year when the RBC penalized Florida and Michigan with a 100% loss of their delegates and in spite of what James Roosevelt, co-chairman of the RBC, says, we do not believe the outcome on May 31 was fair or within the rules. What we want is a fair and transparent convention where Hillary Clinton can make her case to the superdelegates and if we don’t get it, we will take our votes and walk.

So, there’s the serious part. And we are sticking with it.

Now, as to the means? Well, PUMAs, let’s leave that up to our oh so fertile imaginations. 😉

Cue the music:

Friday : Shmoonity

I fried the hard drive in my macbook the other night and as a result, I can’t hearken to the call of my muse, Hypergraphia, at 3:00am like I normally do. It would mean I have to go downstairs to the other computer and oddly enough, I have found the arms of Morpheus much more compelling. In other words, I overslept this morning so this will be brief.
In case you guys haven’t heard, we made the Washington Post this morning. Or, I should say, Diane Mantevaulos, our head mischief maker and editor of the JustSayNoDeal Coalition did. The PUMAs are official. We have finally made the big time. The article, Hill, Yes! O,, No! was actually pretty fair to us. Diane and Murphy lay it out very well. So well in fact that even Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is getting it:

The Obama-McCain comparison is what Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) has been trying to emphasize. A prominent Clinton supporter, Wasserman Schultz said for women who care about reproductive rights, the economy and a range other issues, the only choice is Obama. “The opportunity to elect a woman has been missed this time, and that’s deeply disappointing,” she said. “While I understand the temptation to gravitate towards a Puma attitude, I don’t think that is productive. In fact, I think that is counterproductive. It will result in an outcome, if it becomes widespread, that elects John McCain by accident or de facto.”

Ding! Ding! Ding! Who said a Superdelegate can’t be taught? Yes, Debbie, while you were making political deals to screw Clinton over so Barack Obama and Howard Dean wouldn’t punish you, the voters in the rest of the country, and your state in particular, had this crazy notion that their votes and phone calls and emails and letters and PLEADING with the RBC would actually, you know, *count* for something. If not, why did we bother to spend our states’ precious wealth on primaries in the first place?? Do you know how much New Jersey is in debt? It’s in the billions. Ånd do you know how much money they spend on gifted education last year? $0. That’s right. Instead of funding a primary that cost millions and millions of dollars, maybe we should have put that money into making sure that my daughter has access to a decent math class. I mean, if it was all an exercise in futility in the first place and you SDs were just playing chess, why bother with a primary at all?

No Debbie, we are not going to come to terms with this. Time is not going to heal this wound. Oh, I take that back. If I wake up on Nov. 5 to find that Barack Obama, the inexperienced, untested, unvetted, lightweight candidate who we counted on you to stop, if I find that he is NOT my president, I will finally be over it. If the man who called me a racist because I thought he was unready does not take the oath in January, I will be satisfied. If all the people he threw under the bus, the old, poor, working class, Appalachians, women, latinos, asians, gay and Muslims find that the Democratic Party is now genuinely shocked and chastened for screwing us over as well as any Republican would have done, then we will have exercised our power.

That’ll learn ya’!

(The pic is of the lovely Diane with her designer stilts by Marni. I don’t know how she walks in those things either.)

Gary and Mawm are in NH at the Shmoonity rally. Can’t wait to hear about their day. For those of you who are going, make a lot of cheering whenever Hillary comes on stage or says anything. Be silent whenever Obama does. Booing is so unclassy in a PUMA.