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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I am American
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I am American
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    pm317 on I am American
    pm317 on I am American
    pm317 on I am American
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on All meetinged out
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on All meetinged out
    pm317 on All meetinged out
    pm317 on All meetinged out
    pm317 on All meetinged out
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on All meetinged out
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    • Missouri seeks to change laws in battle against opioid crisis
      Good idea. I wish we had this here: Like many other states, Missouri is trying many different methods to combat the opioid crisis that continues to rage. As part of that effort, the legislature is reexamining some of the laws on its books to see if changes can possibly stem the problem. One of the […]
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    • The Roots of Trump’s Policy of Separating Children from Parents
      So, you’ve all heard about this by now. It is, obviously, a terrible crime. And yeah, evil. It is an extension of Obama’s policy of holding families (without splitting them up, but still in terrible conditions). If you want to understand the link, read this Twitter thread. Thread: How did we get here? In 2015, […]
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I am American

Americans are welcoming

Americans are loyal

Americans are optimistic

Americans are patriotic

Americans are hard working

Americans are friendly

Americans are brave

Americans are generous

Americans are clever

Americans are innovative

Americans are from everywhere

Americans are protecting

Americans are honest

Americans are courageous

Americans are kind

Americans are hopeful

Americans never fail

Never forget who you are


Morning music from Woody Guthrie:


All meetinged out

I had 12 meetings on my calendar today. TWELVE. No one is that important.

Anyway, we’re still in R&R mode since I won’t be vacationing any time soon.

There are bloggers in this country who can not get away for vacation until September. They’re tired, they’re cranky and they are irritable with their bosses in the real world. My group has the sweetest people on earth. (Hey, thanks for the cupcakes today!) Imagine what it’s like for them to have to put up with me.

Some bloggers haven’t been on vacation since 2011. But for price of a grande Flat White at Starbucks, you can give this blogger a much needed extended weekend this summer.

With your gift, the blogger will have the energy to write more. You can give her the gift of a new bathing suit. A hat. Sunscreen. In return, she will send you postcards from her destination. (She just got a new passport for that quick getaway to Canada)

Don’t you want to make a difference to some blogger’s life? To help her get through the Trump era so that she can help YOU get through the Trump era? Isn’t it worth one Venti? One lemon raspberry biscotti?

Thank you.

(I have no idea how this thingy works)


Trump pulled us out of the UN Human Rights commission. Always a good sign.

And then there’s this:

Yeah, I’m betting the specter of losing Medicare might even get some of the most dedicated older Trumpers’ attention.

(Oh, yes, he would do that. Social security too. Yes, we know you’ve paid into both all your working life and you don’t have a pension. He does not care. Neither does the rest of the GOP. Welcome to post-rational America!)

Walk home song according to my mental state:

Morning Walk

If we don’t take a little break from all the bad, we will wear ourselves out. We have to keep this going for as long as possible.

Hold hands, look both ways before crossing the street, watch out for one another.

Post your favorite music in the comments.

Art of the Deal

ProPublica has obtained a recording of 10 Central American children as they are processed by the border patrol and separated from their parents. It’s hard to hear this without wanting to give them hugs and reassurance because that’s what little children need. They are too young to fend for themselves.

And it just occurred to me that this is exactly what the Trumpers voted for. It’s not that Donald Trump is some brilliant strategist and deal maker. But he is a brutish thug who knows damn well that causing misery for the young and helpless and forcing others to watch is the best way of shoving his unacceptable policies down our throats. He’s going to get $25 billion for his border wall if he has to terrorize every little kid from El Salvador to do it. Just dangle them out the window by their feet and threaten to drop them unless he gets what he wants.

This is exactly what Republican voters wanted. They don’t want him legislating or negotiating or compromising or being diplomatic. They want him to cut through all that comity that exists between people that make life less stressful and go right for the jugular. They want him to rip some throats out. And if that means being cruel to people who need help, kicking them when they’re down and taking their kids away, so be it. He showed them, those pansy liberals.

What does he want that wall for anyway? $25 billion is not going get it completely built, it’s not going to stretch from sea to shining sea. But I’m guessing it’s going to make some people very rich. No one I know wants a stupid wall. A wall could be used to keep us in. It’s a waste of money when we could use it for so many other things, like real infrastructure.

But he’s gotta have it. The money is going to end up in his pocket one way or another.

So, let’s just cut him and his family a check for $10 billion and tell him to take a hike from the White House.

Take the deal, Donald, and go away.

It’s not your conservatism…

… that bothers us, conservative women.

It’s that you think you can get away with being cold, heartless, snobby twats and hide behind your “virtuous” life and that no one will dare say a word against you. And you unreasonably resent it when you fail to pass our character test.

To you, it’s more important that people don’t drop the F-bomb around you than condemning white nationalism. Your priorities are defective.

You don’t have to be a white nationalist or sexist jerk or Incel or homophobic person or someone who thinks that immigrants are animals who deserve to have their children terrorized by the department of homeland security for us to want to avoid you in public. All you have to do is let others’ indecent behavior go without comment or protest because somehow, you benefit materially or psychologically from this administration’s reprehensible and inhumane policies.

That’s nothing to be proud of and we are not here to try to understand why you feel ok with treating people badly or approve your point of view.

If you don’t like it, tell it to the chaplain.

Tweet du Jour

Damn, we could have had a president with a sense of humor.


It’s crunch time. Michael Cohen is going to see a treasure trove of his documents turned over to prosecutors tomorrow. The special master charged with reviewing them found only 134 that were guarded by attorney client privilege out of the hundreds of thousands that were retrieved. And there were three that Cohen says should be privileged but the special master says are not. Ohhhh, to be a fly on the wall of that conference room. What could possibly be in those three documents? Anybody want to guess?

So what is the Russia thing all about? I think In the End we will find that Donald Trump et al was selling green cards to Russian Oligarchs to get around the Magnitsky Act. The Russians helped him win the election for this purpose. I don’t think they met an envelope they didn’t push.

What did they have on Trump? Probably years of corruption and low character behavior. But mostly corruption of the money laundering, bank fraud, intimidation types. Who knows? Judging by his decorating style (Married to the Mob crossed with the Gilded Age. Tacky, tacky, tacky. Overt narcissists ain’t got no taste.), Trump wasn’t into stealing precious objects of art or expensive paintings. Still, there’s something very big he’s hiding. Or maybe it was as simple as the promise of making him the most powerful man on the planet. He likes to play The World in God Mode.

Michael Cohen is the co-dependent flying monkey who finally is waking up to the notion that Donald Trump doesn’t care about him. This will be the fate of every Trumper so pay attention MAGA heads.

What will Trump do in the next couple of days to draw attention from the disaster unfolding in NY? I hear he’s stepping up the deportations of immigrants. Illegal, legal, green card holders, it doesn’t matter. He’s got to show he’s the swaggering lump of soft mean flesh he said he was. What’s destroying families about anyway? They’re only animals.

Well, we’re about to find out just what it is he’s got in mind very shortly. It’s fireworks season.


Last week, my neighbors built a fence. Whether it was to keep their dog from running into my yard or their kids corralled or so they didn’t have to see me performing sacrifices in the nude (what?? Doesn’t everyone do that?) I don’t know. But the effect was to cut off my view of the back of the houses and the little woods. It’s beautiful. It felt spacious. Now it feels a little claustrophobic. I’m going to ask him if I can paint the side that faces me. Black. Yeah. A row of limelight hydrangeas would look good against it.

Anyway, Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History tackles the unintended consequences of fencing the border. It turns out that it increased the number of illegal immigrants in the country. How can that be, you may ask?

Well, it turns out that Mexicans are human after all. Check it out on Apple podcasts (instantly!) or the home page here (you have to wait til they upload it.)

“Something there is that does not love a wall”


Throwback Thursday.

My brother used to like Duran Duran. Someone sent this song to me this morning.