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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Kliff Notes. 
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Kliff Notes. 
    pm317 on Kliff Notes. 
    pm317 on Kliff Notes. 
    Lady V on Kliff Notes. 
    pm317 on Kliff Notes. 
    pm317 on Kliff Notes. 
    pm317 on Kliff Notes. 
    Lady V on Kliff Notes. 
    Lady V on Kliff Notes. 
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Kliff Notes. 
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Kliff Notes. 
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Kliff Notes. 
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Kliff Notes. 
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Kliff Notes. 
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      So, 30 Labour MPs have signed a letter calling for Corbyn to stay in the EU’s single market as a member. This is not possible IF Labour’s manifesto is meant seriously. EU single market law is explicitly neoliberal, it does not allow for things that Labour wants to do, like nationization. Access to the single […]
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Kliff Notes. 

Sarah Kliff at Vox gives us the break down of the Better Health Care Reconciliation Act or whatever the fuck the Republicans are calling it these days.

Let’s call it Trumpcare. 

Courtesy of Trump and the Granny Starvers, the meanest people on earth (or a really sucky ska band).

Democrats in Exile

Take nothing for granted. 

If you love something, work your heart out for it. 

Spinning Georgia-6

See results here

#AHCA: The Only Thing On Our Radar 

The Republicans are going to try to ram through a vote on their horrific “health care” bill by the end of next week. I was no fan of the ACA. The Medicaid Gap was ridiculous and likely the reason why the working poor hated Obamacare. Then there were the unaffordable deductibles and the self-defeating way that Democrats separated workers into two distinct classes: those who were blessed to have employer sponsored health insurance and the growing contractor class who has to fork over a huge chunk of their unstable income to it. Add in the fact that the subsidies would have had to be paid back if the contractor underestimated his income by a little bit and you have the makings of a very short sighted policy. But hey, the Obama “liberals” were all for it because of the pre-existing conditions and who could argue with that??  

Who indeed. 

It almost seems like it was designed to have a lot of bad policy wrapped up in one or two good ones. We can thank the Republicans for adding amendments to the ACA that made it into the unappetizing melange it turned out to be. 

But the AHCA is turning out to be no policy at all. It’s just a transfer of health care dollars away from the people who need it, especially children who will lose Medicaid and CHIP insurance, to the pockets of the very well off through tax breaks. Jamelle’s Bouie at Slate’s Political Gabfest breaks it down for us in chilling detail. The biggest campaign donors want this roll back of health insurance no matter what. They want what they want and they want it now. That’s what they hired their Senators and Representatives to do. What happens after that is not their problem. It’s everyone else’s problem but what do the Republicans’ biggest donors care about that?  They don’t have to look at the people who will get royaly screwed by this. Did I mention that up to 50% of children will lose their health insurance?  And what about the mentally ill?

It’s sickening. Literally. 

Senator Al Franken has more: 

You don’t have to be a liberal to hate what Senate Republicans are doing behind closed doors. We’re just ahead of the rest of the class right now. 

Just wait. 


Lady V adds this from the comments: 

ACA/ACHA repeal/replace vote is planned for the end of next week.

McConnell is “allowing” Dems (and the public) only 10 hours to read the bill and vote on it. Now is the time to take action on this. It’s a horror: http://www.UpholdTheseRights.com/Healthcare.html

The ACHA removes pre-existing coverage protections for depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, addiction, and a host of other mental conditions, as well as classing obesity, hepatitis, HIV, diabetes, hospitalization, pregnancy or being the partner of a pregnant person, etc.–basically, almost everything–as a pre-existing condition and therefore subject to high-risk pool (premiums $10K-$25K/yr and up).

A pre-existing condition is something one had or was ever treated for prior to obtaining insurance coverage from a specific carrier.

GOP will make out like bandits and people will actually die.

Everyone is tired, and people are in “June/summer denial.” I hope the resistance is still out there and active.

Well they would, wouldn’t they

Conservatives blame the left for yesterday’s shooting.  

Let’s just forget about Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and Trump himself for stirring up trouble. 

So typical of these guys. They push people to the breaking point and then when someone acts out, they point fingers and say “Bad lefties!”.  Now will come the demands for apologies and the guilt trips. 

“He who is without sin…”

Meanwhile, how is the NRA doing in Congress today?  

Live by the sword…?

Republican representative and house majority whip Steve Scalise was shot today during a baseball game. Others were injured as well. 

Rand Paul says he heard 50-60 shots. 

If the new silencer bill is passed and enacted, noise pollution from firearms won’t be a problem anymore. 

I wish Scalise well. Will it change his attitude about guns?  Maybe. He is the Whip. 

Don’t get mad. Get even. 2018 is coming. 

Bootlicking at its finest

The Canadians weigh in on Creamsicle’s power hour of extreme bootlicking aka his first cabinet meeting. {{rolling eyes}}

There is some seriously good Kids in the Hall humor here in this post at Macleans:

Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services: “What an incredible honour it is to lead the Department of Health and Human Services at this pivotal time under your leadership. I can’t thank you enough for the privileges you’ve given me and the leadership you’ve shown.”
This isn’t fancy but it is brown-nosing at its finest—a master class in professional bootlicking. This man should have his own reality television series called Ass Kissers! (Each week, Price travels to a different workplace and instructs beleaguered employees on the finer points of being a slavish flunky). Given his moment to shine in front of the President, look what he packs into just two sentences:
• Hits the obligatory “incredible honour” line.
• Moves on to acknowledge his own role as a leader – but only in the context of praising Trump’s leadership and clearly positioning himself as an inferior.
• Brings it home with deferential statement of personal gratitude and yet another reference to the President’s leadership.
That’s some good toadying!



See, this is the problem with our world today. The Canadians are having fun at our expense and watching Justin Trudeau kayak when they should be planning an invasion while we’re at our weakest. 

They will be greeted as liberators. 

You gotta give the Trumpsters credit for staging brilliant distractions. While we’re watching toadying at its finest, the granny starvers are quietly giving Susan Collins permission to defect on the Senate healthcare bill that was negotiated 1.) in secret 2.) by Republicans only and 3.) by male Republicans only. Let’s review with Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri): 

Keep that in mind when the Republican Wurlitzer accuses Democrats of obstruction. 

In fact, when this baby goes down, the Democrats should have a press conference announcing how proud they were to obstruct this bill. They tried to stop it from happening but THEY WERE OUTNUMBERED. *Hint, Hint*. 

The debate and vote over the AHCA is destined to be “nasty, brutish and short”. Pence is likely to cast the tie breaking vote that deprives 23 million people of healthcare in an instant and soothes the tender injured feelings of the .01% who will get back the money those poor kids in West Virginia viciously stole from them for their albuterol. Gasping for breath during an asthma attack oughtta learn them good to not waste taxpayers money on preventable illnesses, like being born a poor asthmatic kid in West Virginia. (I have a soft spot for little kids who can’t breathe at night due to chronic severe asthma. Yeah, yeah, bleeding heart. So sue me.)

I think that’s what really astounds me about the heartless cruelty of the Republican health care bill. It not only rolls back Medicaid, it dismantles large chunks of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, otherwise known as CHIP, that Hillary Clinton worked so hard to pass back in the 90’s. 

The Canadians need to come up with a new metric for that. 

Don’t get mad. Get even. 2018 is coming.