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    pm317 on John McCain takes on Face…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on John McCain takes on Face…
    riverdaughter on Omg, there’s an internet.…
    riverdaughter on John McCain takes on Face…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Omg, there’s an internet.…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Omg, there’s an internet.…
    pm317 on Omg, there’s an internet.…
    pm317 on Omg, there’s an internet.…
    pm317 on Omg, there’s an internet.…
    pm317 on Taking down Cilizza for crimes…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Taking down Cilizza for crimes…
    pm317 on Taking down Cilizza for crimes…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Omg, there’s an internet.…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Omg, there’s an internet.…
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Omg, there’s an internet. Jeez.

Bloomberg sums up the top 10 picks for Amazon’s second headquarters and Pittsburgh made the list. But here’s where the real elite influence is felt. BOSTON is on the list.

Why? Because it’s close to Harvard and MIT. And that has what all to do with Amazon’s business model? That’s right. Nothing. Anyway, the whole northeast corridor of research was shuttered and a tiny leftover fraction sent to Boston/Cambridge to manage the outsourcing and what was the reason?

Harvard and MIT.

And while you could plausibly make a case for pharma R&D to relocate there, there are non-disclosure agreements around every corner. It’s not like collaborations are taking place over a pitcher of Sam Adams in Harvard Square. So, yeah, dumbest idea ever, especially considering that there are a lot more people crammed into an area the size of a shoebox and researchers don’t make nearly as much as the idiot executives who want to soak up prestige.

So what did Bloomberg say about Pittsburgh?

The city is home to a large labor force and well-respected research institutes like top AI and robotics university Carnegie Mellon. It’s also close to major distribution hubs and has an industrial manufacturing background that could be useful for Amazon’s warehousing projects. Yet it’s far from other major metro areas and tech hubs.

Omg, there is an internet. If we in East Bumfuck want to learn about something that may be happening in a “tech hub”, as if we aren’t one already, or Boston, someone can show us how to use a keyboard and tell us what a R-O-U-T-E-R is.

Plus housing is dirt cheap and plentiful compared to a place like Boston. We have all the stupid self driving cars you can eat and also have Google HQ here. You’d think if it’s techy enough for google. Maybe the Bloomberg “journalists” need to get out more.

Not that I want Amazon Coming here and exploiting us because Jeff Bezos is ideologically opposed to paying a fair share of the cost of maintaining infrastructure.

In fact, DON’T come, Jeff. We don’t need your kind of trouble. Pittsburgh is already pretty damn awesome.

In the meantime, I hope the other cities don’t let Amazon off the hook. I heard it trashed Seattle.

Aw jeez, the city made a video for Amazon featuring our beautiful three rivers:

Don’t encourage them.


Dream on, amazon…


John McCain takes on Facebook

He’s going out in a blaze of glory. (Provided he doesn’t vote for that stupid tax reform bill)

He’s proposing that the tech industry disclose who pays for political ads. The techs are going to try to finesse the situation. I’m really beginning to hate them and the Gig Economy they’re forcing on us, ruining our futures and upending the American dream.

BTW, I’ve taken to reading the release notes on the apps I update on my phone. It’s an obsession these days given what I now do for a living. Google and YouTube write the smuggest release notes. They’re all like, “We’re updating. Don’t you worry your pretty blonde head about what features we enhanced. You wouldn’t understand it anyway.” F#%^ing annoying. Kudos to Kayak who write very nice release notes.

Ok, I got off topic. Maybe I’m the only one who gets annoyed with this.

Anyway, I think we should support this bill. Nothing but full disclosure is going to satisfy me now. Your friends and family shouldn’t be suckered in to passing around propaganda without their knowledge.

That’s how we end up with dictators and autocrats with the self control of two year olds.


An aside.

I live in a diverse suburb east of Pittsburgh. Some of my cousins thought I was crazy to buy my house there. But it’s where I spent my happiest years as a kid. The demographics might have changed, but the sound of the trees in the wind, the smell of the air and the loveliness of the neighborhood haven’t.

I chose my location carefully. It’s close to the bus stop if I ever need it. The street has a stable community of neighbors. The houses are pretty well maintained, mine being a bit of an issue because I bought a foreclosed property and had to spend my money on more critical needs when I moved in.

But I have never regretted moving where I did. Last year at this time, I was actively canvassing every weekend. I met people at my local Giant Eagle where I registered them to vote. I opened my house to strangers on the last three weeks of the campaign and most of my volunteers were African American.

And you know what? It was great. I learned a lot. Mostly I learned that people are people. They have families and feelings and jobs and careers and churches and interests. I still run into some of those volunteers and we’re happy to reconnect and catch up.

They are our neighbors. They aren’t “them”.

Love is love, and people are humans. Anyone who says anything negative about my neighbors or where I live is looking for a swift knee to the junk.

Grow up.

Classical music – rock genre

Early morning activities. Need to finish up something. Later

Comey, the sequel.

James Comey was prepared to exonerate Hillary Clinton last July and drafted a letter stating this. He did this after interviewing Clinton’s aides and before interviewing Clinton herself.

But Trump is hopping mad because it looks like Comey’s investigation was ending without a long term prison sentence, which is what everyone who either voted for Trump or didn’t vote at all was expecting.

Now, there are two conclusions you can draw from this. The Republican conclusion is that Comey wasn’t thorough enough and was failing to get with the plan to keep the email story front and center indefinitely.

Observing what happened shortly thereafter, where Comey had an unprecedented press conference condemning her highly irresponsible treatment of a handful of post email classified documents out of over 50000 emails sampled, it sure looks like someone applied partisan pressure on him to make the whole thing look like much more serious than it actually was.

You *could* conclude, as many Republicans did, that there had to be something there and Comey needed to go back and find it.

The other perfectly logical conclusion is that after he interviewed the aides, he determined that no laws were broken, nothing out of the ordinary happened that hadn’t happened before and there was no reason to keep the investigation open. That is a very plausible explanation. AND it has the benefit of being the least complicated explanation based on the facts.

But he trashed her anyway and then wrote that stupid letter just before the election and her lead vanished in a puff of smoke but no fire.

The pressure on him to make her look bad must have been intense. But he wouldn’t protect a law abiding citizen like Clinton the way he protected John Ashcroft back in the Alberto Gonzales days.

You got to wonder why he did it. Did he feel like he owed Republicans? Are there rogue elements in the FBI and why did he think it was Ok to go around his boss or her deputy Sally Yates?

Probably another case of not taking women seriously. The pressure was on and he decided to make a unilateral decision than have to sit in some kind of meeting with two women trying to come to a consensus or worse yet, have one of them tell him what to do.

Yeah another completely plausible scenario.

Taking down Cilizza for crimes against women

Chris Cilizza. You can’t live with him, you can’t feed him poison mushrooms.

As long as we’re taking down men in the entertainment industry and state legislatures, can we please get rid of this major proponent of implicit bias?

He really is more loathsome than Bill O’Reilly. At least with BillO, most of us knew what he was up to. He appealed to men and women who were very comfortable with women being traditional and subordinate. You knew he was a pompous creep but if that’s what turns you on, knock yourself out.

But Cilizza worked for the Washington Post and now for CNN. He’s supposed to be reality based. But his coverage of Hillary Clinton last year was a textbook case of implicit bias.

Let me count the ways. Actually, not necessary. Here’s a parody of Cilizza’s coverage of Clinton on Mashable about how she is covering up the shortage of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce. Hilarious but just substitute “email” for “Szechuan Sauce” and it’s a perfect match for Cilizza’s relentless pursuit of Clinton over what turned out to be nothing while barely mentioning Trump’s glaring flaws.

She’s unlikeable. She has something to hide. She’s responsible for everything that goes wrong. Her apologies are never good enough. She’s inauthentic. She’s calculating and devious. Her qualifications were never highlighted, only her behavior. She’s everything our culture tells us to condemn in ambitious women as if it is taboo to be both “ambitious” and “woman”.

That’s pretty typical of implicit bias. Where men are graded on their accomplishments women are graded on how they behave.

We are in the 21st century now. Biology is no longer destiny. But this nitpicky crap just puts women constantly on the defensive and continually draws attention to the very thing that has limited women’s progress for thousands of years.

Anyway, why stop with sexual harassment? Let’s take a long hard look at the Cilizzas in our media and workplace. You would think that the entities that hired Cilizza would have told him to cut that shit out as soon as they realized how it was potentially affecting his female coworkers. Because it does. If you can get away with undermining an extraordinarily talented woman in the press, imagine what he’s doing during private happy hours.

WaPo and CNN need to train the members of their staff about what implicit bias looks like and they should use a lunkhead like Cilizza as the poster child for it. Let’s start with the editors. Marty Baron, Jeff Zucker and Dean Baquet who need intense remedial training and should start measuring everything to eliminate any “he said/she said” and compensation ambiguities. Statistics: not just for football anymore.


A couple months ago, someone I knew waaaay back when who never used to express any sexist sentiment but has clearly been hanging out with a bad crowd, told me that female software engineers just could not stack up to any male engineer.

This in spite of the history of women who helped pioneer programming going all the way back to Ada Lovelace. But whatever. You gotta see proof, right?

So I give you Margaret Hamilton, lead software engineer on the Apollo Project at NASA standing next to her code in 1969:


Those were the days before fancy workstations and graphics and object oriented pipelines.

You have to wonder how we have gotten to the place where we don’t think women can do this stuff when clearly they were more than capable 50 years ago.

It was Hamilton’s software that landed Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon. Literally.

BTW, guess who coined the term “software engineering”. That’s right, Margaret Hamilton.

Too bad she just wasn’t any good and some dude could have done it better. {{rolling eyes}}.

Go forth and have no fear

All hail the underdogs and apostates

I’m speechless.

This is so unpresidential and inhumane I can’t believe anyone was clueless enough to vote for him to be president. WE knew he’d be bad but he’s even worse than we thought.

Trump *finally* got around to honoring the fallen soldiers who died in Niger but after this, he may never be asked to do it again:

U.S. President Donald Trump told U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow Tuesday that “he knew what he signed up for …but when it happens it hurts anyway,” when he died serving in northwestern Africa, according to Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami Gardens.

“Yes, he said it,” Wilson said. “It’s so insensitive. He should have not have said that. He shouldn’t have said it.”

The president called about 4:45 p.m. and spoke to Johnson’s pregnant widow, Myeshia Johnson, for about five minutes. She is a mother to Johnson’s surviving 2-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. The conversation happened before Johnson’s remains arrived in a commercial Delta Airlines flight at Miami International Airport.

Wilson witnessed as the widow, who is expecting their third baby in January, leaned over the U.S. flag that was draping his casket. Her pregnant belly was shaking against the casket as she sobbed uncontrollably. Their daughter stood next to her stoically. Their toddler waited in the arms of a relative.

Jeez, he can’t do anything right.

Get McCain to make the phone calls for petessakes.