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Jocularity! Jocularity!

Let it never be said that PUMAs and Conflucians don’t have a sense of humor.  Brook introduced me to Skippy Shorts the other day.  And so, I thought I would share one of his soothing bedtime stories *snort!* with you tonight.  Go get your jammies and your glass of scotch (hey, we’re old enough) and listen to Skippy tell us all about The Frog Princess.

Quitting? She’s WINNING — Why would she quit?

And (thanks Charles!) Here’s a new ad….

Ready to Rumble?

For the past two days the Obamicans have been pushing the rumor that Hillary Clinton will concede the nomination on Tuesday night in New York.

Just a short time ago Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee went to the back of the campaign plane to talk to reporters. According to ABC news, Elleithee said that’s not gonna happen. It looks like Hillary is ready to rumble!

“I think its pretty clear that she is not conceding.” Elleithee said, “I think its pretty clear that she is staying in this race. She is going, in the coming days, to be aggressively courting uncommitted superdelegates aggressively courting unpledged delegates, making the case to them that she is a candidate best ready to take on John McCain.”

When asked directly when Clinton will step aside, Elietthee told reporters, “as she has said dozens and dozens of times she is in this race until we have a nominee…Until there is a nominee she is going to try to win support.”

He continued “until there is a nominee we are going to still work to become that nominee. When asked when they would determine a nominee would be selected –- because the Clinton campaign has refused to accept fully the 2,118 number –- Elleithee said, “we’re exploring — she has said before she wants to have this to be resolved before the convention — we are reviewing our options.”

Jake Tapper is also reporting that Hillary has refused to accept the new “magic number” of 2118. He sends this message to Obamicans:

All of which is to say – Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, may reach 2,118 this week, but Clinton may assert that doesn’t mean anything.

Fasten your seatbelts.

I’m not surprised. Hillary is everything I’ve always wanted in a political candidate. She’s tough as nails and she knows her stuff! If you’re feeling generous, please donate what you can to support her campaign.

Use this as an open thread.

Rocky Mountain High: What happens in Denver if Hillary wins tomorrow?

American Research Group (ARG) just posted the (very encouraging) results of polls for Montana and South Dakota:


Democrats May 31-June 1
Clinton 44%
Obama 48%
Undecided 8%
South Dakota

Democrats May 31-June 1
Clinton 60%
Obama 34%
Undecided 6%

I know it’s extremely unlikely for Hillary to win both these states — but, HEY! If we don’t have a dream, what else is there?

Let’s all make calls for Hillary tonight and keep our dreams alive.

This is an Open Thread.

Kennedy to Undergo Surgery for Brain Tumor

Update Kennedy Doctor Calls Brain Surgery a Success:

Friedman said Kennedy was awake during the procedure and should not experience any permanent neurological effects from the surgery. A spokeswoman for Kennedy said the senator spoke with his wife, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, right after surgery, AP reported. He told her: “I feel like a million bucks. I think I’ll do that again tomorrow.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Senator Kennedy and his family on this difficult day:

Washington Post:
Kennedy to Undergo Surgery for Brain Tumor

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) is scheduled to undergo surgery today at Duke University to remove a highly lethal tumor that doctors discovered in his brain last month.

In a statement released by his office, the 76-year-old Democratic icon said he would fight the grim prognosis he was given in May through a combination of surgery, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. The operation, which is being performed by neurosurgeon Allan H. Friedman of Duke University Medical Center, was scheduled to start at 9 a.m. and last about six hours. But aides to Kennedy warned that those times could change, and a spokesman in Washington said late this morning that no information had been released as to whether the operation had begun.

Once, we were PUMAs

Note: This post was written on June 1, 2008 as a response to the Democratic National Committees Rules and Bylaws Committee, which disenfranchised the Hillary voters by using redistribution of the delegates of Michigan (where Obama wasn’t on the ballot) and by knocking both Florida and Michigan delegates to half voting strength.  The result of this reallocation was that Hillary Clinton appeared to be lagging Barack Obama by an insurmountable number of delegates.  Not only was this untrue as even with the redistributed delegates, the number that separated them was very small, but the Sunday before the convention in Denver started, the Credentials committee restored the delegates of Florida and Michigan to full voting strength.  At that point, the number of elected delegates between Obama and Clinton numbered something less than 20 with 4 of Obama’s delegates coming from Hillary’s earned delegates in Michigan and all of his tiny sliver of victory coming from the other “gifted” delegates in Michigan.

For those individuals who are looking for what the acronym PUMA was all about, do not look to die hard Clintonistas.  Although we thought the party was wrong to have deliberately hamstrung its strongest candidate, the real reason we were PUMA was because of the great offense that the party did against the voters who in good faith went to many primaries around the country to select the candidate they felt was better qualified to be president.  Those votes were nullified by the May 2008 RBC hearing and reduced the primary process to a pro forma show at best and fraudulent waste of state money at worst.  The party split itself and the left has never recovered.  That’s why we said Party Unity My Ass.  There was no unity.  It was all for show.  We also felt that a party that would go to these lengths to give the nomination to a candidate who was this unscrupulous was probably not in it for the best interests of its base.  We were right about that.

Here is the original post:

The Party Unity My Ass un-Party (PUMA) was born yesterday. We already have many new members. But, some of you may ask, what does it mean? How can we make a difference? Before I get to that, I’d like to refer you to one of Anglachel’s latest posts, The Idea of Obama. I think that what Anglachel is describing is a kind of “puppy love” or an infatuation. The situation we have here is precisely the reason why superdelegates were created in the first place. There is a unacknowledged immaturity about the Obama faction that many parents among us will recognize. Here’s the money quote:

The deep problem of Obama’s campaign is that he and his supporters do not want to face the political reality of their own conflicting desires. They both want to sweep to victory in November and they want to purge the party of anything connected to the Clintons, which includes all of the voting contituencies represented by that amazing and talented duo. The failure of the Unity Pony stems directly from that fantasy of majority status without majority support and the political work and compromises that go with cultivating that support. Thus, their model for unity is unanimity through elimination, purging the ranks of the unclean and unbelievers.

They will not acknowledge that Hilalry is a legitimate political actor and reduce her to an inhuman monster and enemy. They will not acknowledge that her supporters have sound, rational reasons for our support, and reduce us to mindless fools and spoils of war. They shift blame for their own choices and actions onto us and expect that we will cater to their whims.

Like adolescents, they insist on making their own decisions and yet expect us to get them out of a jam later. They hate us because of who we are and yet they need us in order for them to get what they want. And the superdelegates are the too permissive parents who are giving in to them because they can’t handle the screaming and guilt trips that will follow if they don’t.

This is where we come in, PUMAs. We will fill the role that the superdelegates have abrogated. It is our job to say “no”. We do not want to lose in 2008. We do not want another four years of Republican rule. We want 4 years of intelligence, competence and courage in a time of what will surely be a very critical time in our nation’s history. Terrorism is still out there. There are two wars going on. Our military is stretched so thinly that our national security is compromised. We have an energy crisis and many families are hurting. Our financial institutions got themselves over their heads. And there is a serious environmental catastrophe at hand in global warming.

Now is not the time to put a love object in office, a weakling who will be entirely dependent on his power elite enablers. Or worse, he may be a dissembler who has barely disguised his contempt for the voters.

There will be a lot of calls for “Unity!”. But let us acknowledge what this really is. “Unity” is a weapon that the party is going to use against us. It is the emotional blackmail of the teenager. “If you don’t let me have my way, it will be all YOUR fault if something bad happens!” “If you don’t get in line, it will be YOUR fault if we lose.”

Don’t give in to this. This is where a parent’s mettle is tested. When the stakes are not high, like staying up too late on a school night, we can afford to let them live with the consequences of their actions. When the situation is critical, we have to be firm. We have to give them choices. We have to tell them that we will not be willing participants in their destructive behavior. We have to tell them that the consequences of their behavior will fall on *their* heads. We have to take away the car keys. Not ground them. Just not aid them in doing what they want. We have to exert our authority.

That goes for superdelegates as well who are failing in their responsibilities. We will hold them accountable as well. If they allow these children to run the house, they will have to live with the consequences, not us.

Barack Obama is a ruthless campaigner who has brought out the worst in the political system but no matter how far he has come, he is a failure. He has failed to live up to core Democratic principles, He has failed to respect the voters. He has failed to disguise his contempt for average, hard working American men and women. And because he has failed in so many ways to appeal to the electorate at large, he will fail the ultimate contest. He will be a failed presidential candidate. We do not wish to be associated with failure while there is still time and an opportunity to avoid it.

We will not be blackmailed into party unity in order to indulge irresponsible people in their fantasies. Our votes belong to us and we will do with them what we feel is best for us, the party and the country.

The action plan for PUMAs is:

1.) Dissociate yourself from the party. Tell them you will not be a party to its self destructive behavior.

2.) Reflect on your values. Read the credo at the top of this site and create at better one. Keep the language general and inclusive. Concentrate on universal truths and beliefs. Avoid wordsmithing.

3.) Stick together. We are powerful as a unit if we do not fall victim to the psychological warfare that is about to be directed at us. Turn off the media. Avoid conversations with trolls. Stand firm and do not yield.

4.) Remember that there is a better alternative. Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate for the party and the nation. She has a lot of support out there. The nation will rally around her if we let them know we are not giving in. We must not let her concede one inch. Stand firm. Send her your good thoughts. Send her money. Do not give up.

5.) Spread the word.