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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    William on Jeopardy!
    riverdaughter on Oh yes Republicans would like…
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The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend?

/These are strange days. Remember back when we hated the turncoat Joe Lieberman with a purple passion? Remember when everyone called him “Holy Joe,” “Rape-gurney Joe,” “Lie-berman,” and God know what else? Well suddenly Joe Lieberman has become Barack Obama’s worst nightmare. Has he become our friend? Well, no. But I’m still rooting him on. Continue reading

Eat Me!

The heat is on. The DNC and Howard Dean especially is playing the villain, putting Hillary on the hot seat, pressuring her to give up her delegates. For what purpose? Is it because:

1.) There is a slim, infinitesimally small possibility that the pledged delegates and superdelegates will snap out of their psychogenic fugue sometime in August and realize they are not Republicans? “Oh, Shit! We almost nominated the wrong guy. He’s like sooooo not ready. What did you slip me?  Rohypnol?  F%^&!  I can’t believe you talked me into this guy.”

2.) The Clinton delegates will harsh everyone’s mellow over the platform and insist on Universal healthcare and social security protection? “Who invited those “losers” to the party? They’re all like into working class stuff. They’ve probably never even been to a Whole Foods” (Come to think of it, I’ve never been to a Whole Foods. Does Wegman’s count?)

3.) The Obamaphiles and their DNC enablers really are as rabid as we thought? “The evil one and her minions must learn to SMELL THE GLOVE! Down on your knees, you stupid old, uneducated, Sino-Peruvian lesbians. There is no hope for you. You will live in an America devoid of any place for you. Worship us and DESPAIR! And do it quickly, we don’t have a whole lot of time here.”

Ehhh, I’m going with all of the above.

But we don’t negotiate with terrorists. We’ll see what the O-borg has to offer and if it does not meet our standards (and it’s about time *someone* starts holding him to a set of standards), the party will be notified on November 4th.


BTW, I have noticed that the Obama and/or GOP trolls are lame in the dark and rude, snarky, sardonic wit category. So, I plan to bring in an expert to show them how to insult us properly. He’s French so it may take a few days of discussion, arguing, pros, cons, angst, philosophizing and a few Gallic shrugs before he condescends to treat us rudely. I look forward to it in a very Marquis de Sade kind of way.

Er sorry about the whole sidebar thingy going missing for a few hours. I’m not sure what to attribute that to except that we have been getting hit pretty hard in the past couple of days with hits from various refugees. It could be that our cache cups runneth over. The good news is that I think I fixed it! The bad news is that if you wrote some brilliant comment that should have been saved for all eternity, it may have been lost in the series of toobz. My sincerest apologies. But we should reach 1 MILLLION hits sometime very soon! (Imagine Dr Evil with pinky poised at the crook of my smile) Maybe I should open a PayPal link for a 50/50 pool. The user that comes closest to the day/time to the millionth hit takes half the prize. The other half gets forwarded to Clinton’s campaign to help her settle her debt. Lemme know in the comments if this sounds intriguing.

Jake Tapper reports Obama throws VP vetter under bus

Jake Tapper:

“Jim Johnson has a very discrete task,” Obama continued, “as does Eric Holder, and that is simply to gather up information about potential vice presidential candidates. They are performing that job well, it’s a volunteer, unpaid position. And they are giving me information and I will then exercise judgment in terms of who I want to select as a vice presidential candidate.

“So this – you know, these aren’t folks who are working for me,” Obama said. “They’re not people you know who I have assigned to a job in a future administration and, you know, ultimately my assumption is that, you know, this is a discreet task that they’re going to performing for me over the next two months.”

You can watch some of this press conference HERE.

Did I read that correctly? Did Obama claim that Johnson and Holder — two of the three people heading up his VP search committee — aren’t “work”ing for him?

I’m so proud.

Obama VP Vetter is a Corporate Shill

One of the promises that Hillary made during her campaign was to help shore up the crashing housing market by putting a freeze on so-called “sub-prime” loans, giving homeowners in danger of foreclosure time to refinance or find some other remedy to their situations before they lost their homes. Obama has (as usual) been vague on what he would do to halt the growing foreclosure crisis (over 1 million homes have been foreclosed on since the crisis began). Ironically many of those affected by the crisis are African Americans, some of Obama’s most stalwart supporters. Jim Johnson, who was selected by Obama to help him pick a VP, does not seem like a good fit for a candidate who promises to “clean up” Washington and keep lobbyists and corporate money at bay:

Yet despite Johnson’s legendary fastidiousness, his high-profile campaign role has suddenly exposed him to questions about his financial dealings. The questions range from his relationship with the embattled CEO of mortgage lender Countrywide Financial to his more recent oversight roles on various corporate compensation committees that approved hefty executive pay packages.

In a presidential campaign where the subprime mortgage crisis and high corporate salaries figure to be staples of debate, Johnson is now at risk of becoming a political liability for Obama, who’s trying to sell anxious voters on an economic message that calls for stricter financial industry regulation and ridding Washington of special favors and tax breaks for wealthy CEOs.

On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Johnson received at least $7 million worth of home loans from Countrywide through an informal program for friends of company CEO Angelo Mozilo that offered rates below the market average. At least four of the loans were issued while Johnson was employed either as the CEO or an outside consultant for Fannie Mae.

Once again, either Barack Obama is a big fat liar when it comes to ending big money influence on politics, or he is exceedingly unskilled at vetting his vetters. John McCain didn’t waste any time pouncing on Johnson’s ties to Countrywide:

Signaling the campaign’s intention to fan the flames over Johnson’s ties to Countrywide, McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds issued the following statement in response.

“There is nothing ‘overblown and irrelevant’ about millions of Americans facing foreclosure and Barack Obama entrusting his most important decision as a presidential candidate to a man who has accepted millions in special loans from a subprime mortgage lender.”

In response Democratic leadership continued to show how politically tone-deaf they are:

Despite the controversy, Democratic insiders maintain that Johnson is highly-skilled at the vetting process, having handled the responsibilities for Walter Mondale in 1984 and John Kerry in 2004.

He was so skilled, in fact, that he helped pick two VP candidates for former Democratic LOSERS. Edwards could not even carry his home state of North Carolina (which would have almost given Kerry the EV’s needed to win the presidency). And, yes, Mondale’s pick for VP was groundbreaking, but he ultimately lost in one of the most humiliating landslides in presidential election history. And don’t forget who that VP choice was….none other than Geraldine Ferraro, who has been painted by Obama’s fans as the worst. racist. EVAH! I wonder what the WORM will be on this one. Obama is really starting to make GWB look like a brain surgeon.

Tuesday: To Tell The Truth

Some of us may remember a show from the 60s called, To Tell The Truth. That was where B list celebrities, like Kitty Carlisle Hart and Orson Bean got to be panelists in a game show against three contestents. Hmmm, maybe it was the other way around… Anyway, the premise of the show was there was a true story that went along with one of the contestants. One of them was telling the truth about his identity, the other two were bluffing and it was the job of the panelists to figure out who was who.

I was thinking about this game show this morning because we’re now getting into the post primary season recaps and only some of these people are telling the truth, or their version of it. If you watch the clip above, it becomes pretty clear who is telling the truth and who is telling a Whale’s Tale. There is an internal consistency from the truth teller. The others know bits and pieces but have to start making it up when they get to knitty gritty details.

So it is with our primary season recaps. The contestants will present bits and pieces but only a few will have the internal consistency that proves them credible. How do you know who it is? As you can see from the clip above, only one of the panelists picked the correct contestant and the reasoning was spurious. Unfortunately, this is probably pretty accurate in real life as well. If you tell a tale well enough, you can come off as pretty believable. But sometimes, all it takes is a pretty smile. How do we determine the truth teller? For myself, I compare what I know, what I saw with my own lying eyes, to the versions of the story and I look for consistency. I’m data driven.

This morning, I present you with two stories that recap the primary season. Read them carefully and decide: which contestant is telling the truth or at least a closer version of it?

First up: Taylor Marsh writes “Hillary Supporters Ask: How’d She Lose To This Guy?” in which she attempts to answer what we’ve all been wondering for a while now, how is it that a woman with every advantage in experience, knowledge, breadth of support, institutional history, etc, lose to a neophyte with a pastor problem?

Now consider: Anglachel attempts to address the same question in “Media Whores Online”. She comes at the problem a little differently.

Will the realist please stand up.

Now that you’ve had your fill of truth and consequences (totally different show), get your blood pumping, PUMAs. Remember who you are. You’re the new radicals, the ones that will not be submit to the establishment. The ones who want to subvert the dominant paradigm. The ones who don’t trust anyone under thirty (with the exception of Regency and his/her friends)

One more thing: Regarding the report that Clinton is releasing her delegates, here is a report from our own Conflucian, captsfufp who was in on the conference call last night. It doesn’t sound to me like she released them but read it for yourself:

Continue reading