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An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary,

I hope you don’t mind if I use your first name. I feel I’ve gotten to know you during this primary campaign. I’ve observed your performances in the debates with admiration. I’ve been amazed by your calm, composed demeanor as you handled a disrespecful and misogynistic media. I’ve marveled at your graceful treatment of a far less qualified opponent who has treated you and your supporters with shocking disdain. In short, I have developed a deep level of respect and admiration for you. You are a remarkable and accomplished woman, and you would be a great President for our country. I simply can’t give up on my dream of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

This morning the corporate media is filled with obituaries for your campaign. They have been writing you off since New Hampshire, and now they think they really smell blood in the water. They can’t wait to declare your campaign dead and rally around the weaker candidate. Their goal all along has been to get the foolish DNC to pick a sacrifical lamb who will go down to ignominious defeat to the Republicans once again. And it appears that the Democratic “leadership” is poised to let it happen.

Everywhere on the internet, I’m hearing that it’s just a matter of time. You won’t concede tonight but you may make some kind of peace offering to Obama in hopes of being his VP. I’ve heard that some of your top staffers are saying that it may be over by Thursday. I hope this isn’t true.

I’m just stunned by what is happening. I am one of the 17 million Americans who voted for you in a primary. Yet the DNC and your opponent treat us as if we don’t exist. They have even given your opponent delegates that he did not earn, including four delegates that were pledged to you! As one of the women who was thrown out of the RBC meeting on Saturday said, “they’ve given me two winners in forty years!” Something is very wrong here.

Hillary, I know that you have been through the fires of hell in the past few months. As one of your supporters, I have been enraged at the way you have been treated by your opponent, by the media, and yes, by the DNC and elected Democratic “leaders.” I must tell you that no matter what you say or do, even you can never convince me to vote for Barack Obama. It just isn’t going to happen. He isn’t qualified to be President, even in a time of peace and prosperity.

I hope and pray that you will not accept the vice presidency either. We need you to be in a position where you can make a difference. As VP, you would only be expected to train and clean up after a less qualified, younger man. The problems we faced as a nation require a strong leader, someone who will fight for democratic values and for the right of every American to have health care, a decent quality of life, and most of all the right to have our votes counted.

I am asking you as one of your millions of supporters not to give up now. We have watched you in awe as you fought back against almost insurmountable odds to win primary after primary since March 5. You are the one with the momentum right now. You are the one the voters want. You are the one who can defeat John McCain in November. Hillary, we need you. Your country needs you.

Just one more thing. I want you to know that over the past few months I have learned to trust you, to trust your judgement and your ability to make the right choices. Whatever you decide to do, I will continue to support you. If you stay in the fight for the nomination, I will be there for you. If you go back to the Senate, I will support your efforts in any way I can. Thank you for everything you have done for me–as a woman, as an American. Back in New Hampshire, you said you were finding your voice. In watching you in this campaign, I have found a deep well of inner strength and conviction in myself, and I will hold onto it no matter what.

I know you have probably seen this video before, but please watch it again, for the millions who have voted for you. America needs Hillary:

Sincerely yours, Boston Boomer

159 Responses

  1. That’s beautiful!

  2. Thank you!

    The AP story was a total fabrication, by the way. Par for the course with this McCainStream Media.

  3. Lovely bb.
    You write for all of us.

  4. Me too!

  5. Oh, {{bostonboomer}} that is lovely. Wonderful.

    You speak for all of us.

  6. boston boomer speaks for me as well.

  7. Thanks, guys. I’m sorry I couldn’t get the video to embed. But please go watch it again.

  8. Bostonboomer speaks for me too!

  9. That pretty much covers it, bb. Nice job.

  10. Bostonboomer speaks for Conflucians!

    Rise, Hillary! RISE! 🙂

  11. Thank you! You speak for me and millions who do not blog, but only have exposure to the MSM, and have come to these conclusions on their own, with a feeling that they are all alone out there.

  12. Beautiful. Thanks, BB.

  13. I am crying so hard right now I can barely see the screen. Bostonboomer, your voice is pitch perfect. I cannot stop the tears.

  14. A really lovely piece. I’m from the UK and have been following Hillary’s progress throughout these Primary’s. I hope she keeps fighting on as she carries with her a lot of women’s hopes all over the world. I have 2 daughters in their early 20’s, and have always taught them they can be what they want to be. (even though I’m just a house wife that works part-time!) Someone like Hillary can show them how far women can go, despite the odds.

  15. bb- You have me in tears over here. That was so perfect and beautiful. You guys continue to amaze me.

  16. Oh hell I am crying again. But thanks!

  17. Said everything I felt, am feeling and want to say. Senator Clinton, do not give up, especially in spirits. We need you to be our first woman President, if not this time, then in 2012. We will be here and we will support you.

  18. I am glad I am not the only one in tears. SHe has to win, she is the only one who can make things better.

  19. You speak for me, so eloquently. Fight On, Senator Clinton! Fight On! Fight On! Rise, Senator Clinton, Rise!

  20. I am going for a walk. The emotions are just flooding out of me so much that only nature will ease some of this pain that is flowing out. I cry for my country, my beautiful, wonderful, amazing country.

  21. BB, you made me cry at work. I feel exactly the same way you do.

  22. katiebird: Please request another group hug. We really need that.

  23. PLEASE GO TO LOBBY DELEGATES. It’s really easy. Just make sure you pick the email option before you preview your letter. It’s free or you can make a donation.
    Let your states SD’s know how you feel about Hillary.


  24. {{ group hug }}

    I’m overwhelmed. Thank you. I read all your comments this morning and I felt so emotional that I just had to write down my feelings. I hope somehow Hillary will see it. I know that Peter D. does read our blog.

  25. I’ve felt like I’m on an emotional roller coaster for some time now. This post was a high.

  26. thanks BB, beautifully stated

  27. Thank you, bostonboomer, for expressing our thoughts and emotions so powerfully and beautifully.

  28. Bostonboomer, YOU MADE ME CRY!

    It’s everything I feel. And we won’t vote vote Obama even if she is forced to say that we must.


  29. Bostonboomer,

    I sent Hillary an email in the middle of the night telling her how much we all love her and want her to hold on and that to please not even consider aligning herself with the other candidate because I don’t want to see her tarnished by the allegiances and alliances of her opponent.

    Your letter, and the fantastic “movie” were powerful medicine this final primary.

    I also told her that we hoped she would talk to us often via utube format so that we wouldn’t suffer from withdrawal when most of the media coverage and speeches are done.

    I am so glad that all of you are HERE, and that I can be in the midst of people who are so appreciative and loving of Hillary.


  30. PUMAranians, take heart, I think all this hoohaa about tonight just might be our candidate’s manipulation of the press.

    Barry and his “Bunchkins” are looking at tonight as their big coronation where they throw the “witch” under the house. The way they see it is their night. They even rented out McCain’s “house” in Minneapolis to bring it to him. All the RBC crap on Saturday was about tonight.

    Well, tonight the big story isn’t about Barry. All eyes will be on Hillary and her speech. His speech is secondary.

    This is killing the bunchkins — they are rolling around on the floor right about now screaming this isn’t about her, it’s about Barry (they took sobbing lessons from Pfleger).

    With some clever maneuvering, Hillary has snapped their otherwise spindley necks.

  31. Oh, bostonboomer, thank you, this is so beautiful.

  32. B.O. is petrified that he’ll have to admit that its the SDs to whom he’ll have to depend to win the nomination—-showing just how arbitrary it all is.

    I hope she follows the advice of the terrific letter written above (tear-herker indeed)!!!! How do we get it to her?

    She truly has become a source of major inspiration in (some of) our lives—she’s so much more than B.O. can ever be. We need to keep her somehow, no matter what—to ensure that some new and lasting movement grows out of her magnificent accomplishment—both for ourselves and our country!

  33. Hatshepsut1988,

    Hillary’s campaign reads The Confluence. They have linked a number of our posts at the Hillary Hub. I’m usually not one for fan letters, but I really do admire Hillary. If she doesn’t become President, it will be a terrible loss for this country.

  34. Prolix,

    I would like to believe that, but If she were going to do that. Don’t you think she would float the idea after the polls had closed? I don’t think she would want to suppress her voters from coming out.

    I still think it is the same voter suppression campaign coming from Obozo and the media that we have seen all season.

  35. Mawm,

    I think this is all coming from the Obamicans. Hillary wouldn’t be leaking this stuff and then denying it. Even if she does suspend her campaign later, she doesn’t have to endorse Obama or release her delegates. It would be a mistake for her to do that, because even if she isn’t the nominee she controls so many delegates that she will be in a powerful position to make demands at the convention.


    THANK YOU SO MUCH for ur lovely and passionate words .Most of us feel the same . Please never stop writing and

    lets make calls to south dakota and montana .

    We can still win it if we try harder.


  38. great letter – you certainly speak for my partner and i and all our friends in london.

  39. PUMAs,

    Check this out – don’t you Love NYT’s tone of outrage and surprise at ‘what happens out there in Russia’. If Obama wins, this is us, folks.
    It is also a striking indication of how Mr. Putin has increasingly relied on the Kremlin-controlled TV networks to consolidate power, especially in recent elections. ~~~“The elections have led to almost a paranoia on the part of the Kremlin administration about who is on television,” said Mr. Pozner, who is president of the Russian Academy of Television.~~~ [] added: “The thing that nobody wants to talk about is that we do not have freedom of the press when it comes to the television networks.”~~~
    “I would be lying if I said that it is easy to work these days,” she said. “The leadership of the channels, because of their great fear of losing their jobs — they are very lucrative positions — they overdo everything.”

  40. Now the AP has a story saying Obama won the nomination already, based on “secret” commitments and “guaranteed” delegates from tonight (and likely using RBC tactics to give Obama some of Hillary’s delegates) and Salon frontpaged it like it’s true.

    What a bunch of tools.

  41. I sent her an email last night, basically saying the same thing but not at all as beautifully as you did! Great job Boston Boomer!

  42. It took 43 calls, since my mother called me and said he had been given the delegates he needed, but I got through to a live breathing person at the DNC.

    I told him that I was tired of being ignored and that my voice had not been heard. I told him (through tears) that I may have a southern accent that I wasn’t a racist hillbilly that didn’t deserve my party’s consideration. I told him that I would not vote for Barack Obama and I would not vote for a Obama/Clinton ticket. I told him we were tired of being offered support staff positions, when we knew more than the boss about the job that needed to be done. Somebody finally listened to me, but I still don’t think they heard me or even cared.

    I am a little upset now. I will try to come back on later.

  43. myiq2xu,

    The votes don’t get counted until the convention. Unless Hillary concedes, he is not the official nominee. And WTF is a “secret committment?” It’s BS, that’s what. They are just making it more obvious that Howard Dean and the rest of the faux Democrats are in the tank for Obama. It’s embarrassing. We live in a banana republic now, and they aren’t even trying to hide it. Well I’m not taking it!

  44. The Obama campaign got AP to run the story, so now Obamanation can fax it to every newspaper and television station in the country.

    It doesn’t matter who reports it, it’s bogus.

  45. “In watching you in this campaign, I have found a deep well of inner strength and conviction in myself, and I will hold onto it no matter what.”

    BB, you just wrote out what my heart is feeling. I fell I’ve got a lot more from this campaign than I have given to it, money/time/effort/outrage.

    Thank you for all of this….

  46. Beautiful letter, BB. You speak for me as well. I’m sure you could have gotten millions of signatures on that letter. I’ve seen the video many times, but it always makes me cry.

  47. Poem that Maya Angelou
    Wrote to Hillary Clinton
    Jan 20, 2008

    State Package for Hillary Clinton

    You may write me down in history
    with your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may tread me in the very dirt
    but still, like dust, I’ll rise.
    This is not the first time you have seen Hillary Clinton seemingly at
    her wits’ end, but she has always risen, always risen, don’t forget she
    has always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and
    the delight of her friends.
    Hillary Clinton will not give up on you and
    all she asks of you, is that you do not give up on her.
    There is a world of difference being a woman
    and being an old female.
    But to become woman is a serious matter.
    A woman takes responsibility for the time
    she takes up and the space she occupies.
    Hillary Clinton is a woman.
    She has been there and done that and has still risen.
    This is a race for the long haul.
    She intends to make a difference in our country.
    Hillary Clinton intends to help our country become what it can become.
    She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family,
    more courtesies between men and women,
    more honesty in the marketplace.
    She is the prayer of every woman,
    and the man who longs for fair play,
    healthy families, good schools and a balanced economy.
    She means to rise.
    Don’t give up on Hillary.
    In fact, if you help her to rise,
    you will rise with her and
    help make this country the wonderful, wonderful
    place where every man and every woman
    can live freely
    without sanctimonious piety and without crippling fear.
    Rise, Hillary.

  48. PLEASE GO TO LOBBY DELEGATES. It’s really easy. Just make sure you pick the email option before you preview your letter. It’s free or you can make a donation.
    Let your states SD’s know how you feel about Hillary.


  49. Does anybody know what is going on in SD and MT (I think it is MT, anyway)? Have they already allocated delegates based on exit polls and ghost voters?

  50. White women take the gloves off!

    Rasmussen – 6/3

  51. Sorry, I know it is not an open thread, but I think we have none, right now, right?

  52. Hi UpstateNY, The Hillary’s a Sticker post is an Open Thread. I’ll make that bit bold since it’s not obvious.

  53. thanks kbird.

  54. To paraphrase Tommy Smothers, the Democratic party has pumas in their crevices.

    Nicely said, BB, thank you for putting it in words.

  55. Thanks BB. I don’t know if there are any Buffy fans out there, but I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot lately in terms of what it means to keep on fighting–for the slayer, for this candidate, for all of us.

    There’s moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you’re gonna be. Sometimes they’re little, subtle moments. Sometimes, they’re not…. Bottom line is, even if you see ’em coming, you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really, but it does… So what are we, helpless? Puppets? No. The big moments are gonna come. You can’t help that. It’s what you do afterwards that counts. That’s when you find out who you are… You’ll see what I mean.
    –Whistler, “Becoming Part 1,” BtVS

  56. Mawm,

    A good point, but I think the ego the OZero camp has in tonight, it might be worth it over the 30 or so delegates. At this point I think it is more about the “one up manship” in front of the country than 6 or 7 electoral votes in the end.

    What it shows is that the big Zero needs Hillary much, much, much more than she needs him because in can’t win without her.

    For Hillary, if the tape does hit tomorrow, she wants the country to see her in her elegance, graciousness and in a leadership position. If, and I know it is a big if, the tape hits, a big viewership of her speech will spike her numbers and we might very well see SD switching.

  57. BB….What a beautiful letter. I sat here with tears in my eyes as I read it. It says everything I am feeling in my heart. We all have to keep supporting Hillary for as far as she wants to go. I will join her in Denver if need be. If she decides to run as an Independent I will campaign my heart out for her. The one thing I won’t do is for her if she asks is vote for Obama. I just won’t be able to do it. I love my country too much and I will not reward the behaviour he has shown in this campaign.

  58. Hillary open to being BOs veep .. on fx

  59. This talk of VPness is making feel ill. Back to contacting SDs!

  60. So it was all BS. Okay not crying now, calling SD’s and will keep calling. Forgive me for not keeping the faith.

  61. Briana, SNAP out of it! We’re under attack. Turn off the TV right now!

    {{Briana}} Hillary’s going to be President, not VP.

  62. cay — so Hillary will need to driver a sword thru BO just as his soul gets restored?

  63. Can we please take what the talking heads are babbling with a grain of salt — at least until we hear Hillary speak for herself?

  64. Jon Ausman of FL broke for Hillary this afternoon. Hang on, kids… this is where it gets rough.

  65. kbird/Briana: I just read in the NYT that Hillary said she “would think about it” (VP)…what does it all mean? 🙂

  66. edwardian, I second the motion.

    MSM is our enemy

  67. All the way to Denver. Call me on August 27th and I’ll tell you who the nominee is.

    August 26th is Women’s Equality Day in the U.S. Do we really expect to see our most successful female contender quit before then?

    Hell no.

  68. Mawn: heh

  69. You guys are the greatest! Thank you for posting Maya Angelou’s beautiful poem and the quote from Buffy (I’ve never watch, but maybe I should).

    It’s important to stay positive today and hold fast for Hillary.

  70. That was beautiful!

    Your eloquence puts the exact words to how I feel as well.

    Please, Hillary do not accept any offer. Stand for us.

    We still believe.

  71. Uh-oh and OT:

    Larry Johnson’s site got hacked again, he posted a picture of Michelle Obama and Louis Farrakhan’s wife together. I saw it, it appeared in JET magazine in 2004.

  72. I call the question on pulling the strings on the MSM.

    For crying out loud, what could she say? No, I can’t stand Barry — of course she’s not going to say that to democratic officeholders.

  73. Obama does not like Bill. Bill loathes Obama. Seems that is one sticking point of the VP slot. The Bill problem. Obama should be so lucky to have Bill advising. Best 8 years we ever lived under.

    I am ambivalent. She should remain at the top of the ticket with Junior in second place. And he doesn’t ever deserve to be their quite frankly.

    1. If offered, should she take it? It will mean having to play second fiddle to him. But they need her/us to carry him over.

    2. If she takes it she closes down Denver and the floor. If bad things come out tomorrow does she live with his ineptness and go down in flames in November?

    3. If she doesn’t take it, and he wins, we are looking at a possible (God help me) 8 years of him and who knows how the landscape may appear for a future run. A lot can happen in 8 years and some of us may not be around thus cutting her favorability factor compared to today. She will be 68.

    4. If he does lose in November she could be in position for a 2012 run against McCain but may be blamed for a lackluster general primary. Obama has to blame others for his failures as we have all seen.

  74. dear bostonboomer,

    you’ve been an old friend on eco diaries at dailykos (from back when rational beings like all of us still wrote there) and I see you at talkleft and here and you have always a good friend…but today I feel like you are really a great friend.

    Thanks for this perfect encapsualtion of what all of us feel.

    Now I’m going to have to rewrite my previous boring policy-based pleas to the Supers…you have set a much higher standard.

    you must send this to the Supers too, bos!

  75. SM: You saw the picture?

  76. Someone at Taylor Marsh said that they called Clinton headquarters and asked what we can do to let Hillary know that we are with her. She was told to go to the website and send an email saying that you want to go to Denver. I just did it. Do not let it stop you from emailing SDs or South Dakota and Montana , but please take a second and do it. As my spin instructor said this morning, ‘Don’t save anything, leave it all here!!’. This may be the last day we can do something to make a difference in the campaign. Let’s not have any ‘oh, I shouldas’ tomorrow.

  77. hlr, not to take the metaphor too far, but his campaign and the DNC do seem like they’ve vamped out and not in a good way.

  78. Pat, yes, like 10 minutes ago, it was his first post.

    It’s a standard fare society photo at a RainbowPUSH Coalition meeting, 7 women were in it, Michelle was was standing next to Shoshana (forgot her last name) the first Iriaqi prisoner who was released, then at the bottom row sitting was Minister Farrakhan’s wife.

    Now, I’m trying to get back on Larry’s site to read comments on it, at you can’t get in!

    Larry’s been hacked several times this week alone. Boy, the Obama camp is SCARED SHITLESS.

  79. Here’s the Image from No Quarter. It was originally in Jet

  80. Wow – you want to some fortification for facing down the haka, read this:

    I’ve thought forever that Obama’s candidacy was a Republican initiative because I can’t make heads or tales out of why he is running at this time in history otherwise. Twelve years of Hillary and he’ll still be young enough to run. This article does a superb job of constructing that argument. There’s some other stuff that goes along that they’ve missed, but they certainly present a compelling case.

  81. Which? Makes me wonder what all we’d find going through back issues of Jet. It’s a weekly and has been around for many, many years. Most public Libraries subscribe to it.

  82. I wish Larry would stop the teasing and force whoever is holding this tape to release it now. I am convinced the tape exists. Just need to see for myself the context. We know these people are dangerous so how come the MSM isn’t on this? Christ, they went back years to discredit Tuzla which could have been just an honest mistake. We had to listen to those moronic Obamabots gloating over Hillary “the liar” for days.

  83. zazzles Rasmussen link:

    “What’s dangerous for the Democratic Party is that, for many women, the eye of the storm has moved beyond Hillary or anything she does at this point. The offense has turned personal.

    They are now in their own orbit, having abandoned popular Democratic Websites that reveled in crude anti-Hillary outpourings — and established new ones on which they trade stories of the Obama people’s nastiness.

    But worse than the online malice has been…”

    oh dear What’s dangerous for the Democratic Party is that, for many women, the eye of the storm has moved beyond Hillary or anything she does at this point. The offense has turned personal.

    They are now in their own orbit, having abandoned popular Democratic Websites that reveled in crude anti-Hillary outpourings — and established new ones on which they trade stories of the Obama people’s nastiness.

    the’re onto us…. Now we could lose the intertubes too.

  84. Larry also has an accompanying article up there regarding Willie Barrow who is another close friend of Farrakhan. Her words gush out on the page. As soon as the site goes up check her out. It is under the heading: Another Minister Problem for Obama, or words to that effect. Looks like this whole group loves Farrakhan. This should make the Jewish voters feel very positive about him.

  85. dot: We could always start writing in invisible ink.

  86. Pat, Fox news reported this AM that tomorrow the video was coming out after the primaries because according to WSJ sources, the Republican video holders decided that despite Hillary being the stronger candidate against McCain, they said that it will be out tomorrow to expose the close relationship between the Farrakhans & the Obamas.

    If Obama’s minion’s hacked Larry’s site, it’s because THIS is for real!

  87. Lori: That was some pretty scary stuff in that link. Thank God for Regina Ruggero who has been overlooked in this coverage. It is a fix, undoubtedly. By both Rove and the DNC.

  88. SM: No doubt about it. If untrue, why bother? When the truth is on your side you need nothing more.

  89. Meanwhile,
    Al Gore Resurfaces for the DSCC…(Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee)


    And I reply to him….

  90. Pat, I’m trying to search my C drive to see if the photo is in one of my temp folders. I hope it’s there!

  91. Do the Dem leaders actually want to win in Nov.? Hillary is the only one able to do it.

  92. SM: Fox news reported this AM that tomorrow the video was coming out after the primaries because according to WSJ sources, the Republican video holders decided that despite Hillary being the stronger candidate against McCain, they said that it will be out tomorrow to expose the close relationship between the Farrakhans & the Obamas.

    The significance of tomorrow is the AIPAC meeting.

    Not sure who is behind all of this, but personally I plan to not touch it w/ a 10-ft pole unless there’s a there, there. I have no problem w/ MO in a group photo that happens to have Farrakhan’s wife in it (along w/ a female POW, for crying out loud), so this already looks overhyped and smells bad to me.

  93. Here’s the Image from No Quarter. It was originally in Jet: The photo from NO QUARTER — not that it’s that-all interesting….

  94. WS: I am trying to come up with an adequate reason why they don’t want to win and the only one I can find is so stupid even I really don’t believe it.

    Bush messed up so badly that whoever gets there in Jan 09 will face a disaster of such proportions they will be in over their heads. So they must have thought : let us run the weakest and least experienced of all of our candidates, one who has enough baggage to qualify for frequent flier miles, who we know will undoubtedly lose. Then we can say we tried and let McCain clean up the mess to the best of his ability. We will wait around until 2012.

    Make sense? Even I cannot buy it and it came out of my own head.

  95. cay…I think we’re going to be like Angel in the season 2 finale…stuck with a sword and sent to hell by the DNC, only to come back when everyone least expects it…

  96. hlr, if the video is as dull as the photo there isn’t a there, there. But, what could Beckel have meant? I know — there’s no answer at this point.

  97. katiebird: It is interesting. As I posted above, that Willie Barrow is a HUGE fan of Farrakhan and Larry has a posting up over there from this morning showing her liabilities. These people appear to be very, very close to Farrakhan.

  98. I agree 100%. The media should be put out to pasture. Vote suppression in my book.. Goes with the RBC theft this weekend. Big turnout means they did not steal enough Delegates for Obama. Newly unaffiliated voter (PUMA) and loving it. I feel clean and free.

    I am not voting for McCain, I am voting against Obama.

  99. Bechel has been touting Obama since the beginning. He appears to be very agitated in the interview. Why, as a staunch supporter, would he even take the time to reveal what many other people are unaware of who do not visit blog sites? There must be something really inflammatory as he did not go out of his way to minimize or apologize for what is on there. When asked he even resoundingly admitted that it is much more damaging than Michele’s thesis which reaked with anti-white sentiment. I think there is stuff on there that may derail him.

  100. The trolls are out in force. Don’t feed them. All troll comments will be deleted.

  101. katiebird — if the video is as dull as the photo there isn’t a there, there. But, what could Beckel have meant? I know — there’s no answer at this point.

    Yeah, this build-up looks to me like some sort of guilt-by-association play. Happily, this is still America where we can entertain a range of political opinion, whether we agree or not.

    At this point, I’m going to need MO and Farrakhan w/ their fists in the air, holding a sign saying: When we get into power, the first thing we’ll do is get rid of Whitey!

    Speaking of which, I have never heard a Black person use the term ‘Whitey.’ Is it from the 60s, or is it just getting said behind my back? 🙂

  102. bb: I have not seen many at this site. Have you been spamming?

  103. filtering, I mean.

  104. THANK YOU KATIEBIRD, you awesome PUMA, you!

    My little laptop has been chuuging along in a search that is taking forever.

    Ten minutes after that picture went up, the site is hacked.

    There’s a lot of activity going on for this to be “not true.”

    HLR: That makes total sense. AIPAC is defintely Republican controlled, definitely $$$, and definitely anti-Farrakhan. WOW.

  105. Wonder how many of us lifelong Democrats changed parties this week.? 32 years as a Democrat now a PUMA.!!

  106. hlr,

    For me, MO sitting on a pane with Farrakhan is enough. Farrakhan is the enemy of our biggest ally in the middle-east, Israel. For MO to do ANYTHING with that monster shows her real opinions. IT also shows how disingenuous Obozo was when he both “Denounced and rejected” Farrakhan’s endorsement only after HRC schooled him.

    Farrakhan is radioactive. Even nut-case left-wing politicians stay away if they want to be elected. That is unless their district is heavily AA.

  107. hlr, on June 3rd, 2008 at 4:24 pm Said:

    Speaking of which, I have never heard a Black person use the term ‘Whitey.’ Is it from the 60s, or is it just getting said behind my back?

    Previous to her using the “whitey” term, she says something about the “white man” then goes inter her “whitey/why’d he” rant then ends with “white man” again.

    Funny thing is most of the Obamablogs had the transcript of the “non-exisiting” tape.


  108. I don’t see any problem with the photo. Until I see this supposed video, I don’t buy any of these rumors. Bob Beckel probably heard about it the same way we did. It just shows that the out of touch Villagers have finally heard about it and they’re nervous. What is wrong with these people. They could have easily found out about Obama’s connection to Farrakan by reading the Chicago papers. Why did I ever think any of these so-called leaders actually knew anything? What a bunch of losers they are!

  109. Joseph Cannon traced the origin of that transcript. It apparently originated with some DK poster who pulled it out of his/her a**. It’s amazing how quickly this stuff spreads. I have to hand it to Larry Johnson for getting the whole thing started. He seems to have scared the crap out of a bunch of DC insiders. LOL!

  110. Can’t you just imagine the GOP spinning this meme set to turntable? But instead of Chaka Khan’s “I Feel For You” it’ll be “Ffff-ffa-Farrakhan! Farrakhan, let me rock, Farrakhan. That’s all I wanna do, Farrakhan.”

  111. Fascinating, as Mr. Spock would say.

  112. Kim,

    I think it is wonderful that you made that call to the DNC. Thank you for speaking up for all of us. I hope they took some of your message in. If not, they will find out in November.

  113. Some good news:

    Jon Ausman (of RBC FL proposal) just endorsed HILLARY CLINTON!!

    Hope some more come to their senses and endorse too!

  114. Upstate,

    I’ve filtered some very nasty trolls last night and today. Katie has been busy too. And these aren’t “sweeties.”

  115. SM,

    Read what Ausman said though. He’s endorsing Hillary because he wants her to take the VP slot. He says Obama is already the nominee.

  116. Edwardian! You gave me an earworm! That has to be the next viral Youtube.

  117. No — they’re nasty pieces of work. We’re done warning these punks. Their comments just get disappeared. Who need them?

  118. How much more ridiculous can this nightmare get?

    Check Jeralyn’s latest post

    Rumor of the Aftenoon: Hillary Says She’s Open to VP Slot

    Update: Jon Ausman, whose Florida challenge to the seating of delegates was heard on Saturday, announces is 1/2 superdelegate vote will go to Hillary. Why? He wants a joint ticket and she is the key to winning Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Shorter version (mine): Obama can’t win those states without her, and the Dems won’t win the presidency without them.

    CNN is reporting Hillary has told New York lawmakers that she is open to the VP slot.

    Now here’s the funny part: Suzanne Malveaux reports that the Obama campaign says she is on the “short list” but is concerned that the Clintons haven’t been fully vetted.

    Could the media do any more today to discourage those in SD and MT from voting? This is their third attempt to tell them their vote doesn’t matter, may as well stay home.

    Donna Brazile’s new tune today: We don’t yet have a nominee. Update: 15 minutes later she says we’ll have a “champion tonight.”

    Memebers of the media: I beg of thee, today is the LAST day of the primary season, you have declared Obama the winner months ago, you have buried Hillary Clinton many times, why the eagerness to bury her if she’s already dead anyways?

    Please only a couple of hours left. Be patient.

  119. Bostonboomer. DAMMIT, did he jsut say that, gosh, I didn’t read through the whole thing. Oh, yeah, according to what happened this weekend, his Superdelegate strength is only 50%.

  120. Bleh, MABlue,

    I almost posted a GBCW comment when I saw it. I’m still not sure I’m going back.

    I don’t want to read that sh*t

  121. (hanging my head)

    Wow — where did that come from. I’m sorry — I really didn’t mean to yell and swear.

    I’m just sick of the never-ending pounding of this campaign.

    I will never, ever work with anyone associated with the Obama campaign on anything.

    (sigh) Unless Hillary’s the nominee.

  122. Has anyone got video, audio, or even a press release from the campaign saying that she is open to taking the VP slot? If not, the media needs to STFU.

  123. Ausman’s presentation. I’m not meaning to dig up bad memories, but watching it…for one thing, he is very impressive. I don’t know anything about the man, but as a law student myself, I bet he’s argued before an appeals court before b/c he is straightforward, simple, persuasive, and legal.

    Not that I’m fine with what happened…but I would be “more” fine with it (the Fla. decision) if the RBC committee explained their legal basis (by legal, I mean in keeping w/ DNC charter) for punishing the superdelegates. Ausman is pretty straightforward…you can’t do it!

    ~sigh~ Oh well, moving on. I got a call from the Clinton campaign from their delegate selection contact person. I first had tried calling the front desk, and you could hear all the phones ringing off the hook…don’t know if that’s good or bad. But, speaking with the nice woman who is coordinating delegates like me, it’s almost as if she was speaking like it was the middle of a campaign, which I found weird and refreshing. She didn’t sound like someone who wouldn’t have a job in the next week…

    Off to a primary watch party tonight with fellow Clintonistas…

  124. {{ Katiebird }}

    Go right ahead and swear. I feel the same way you do. There are still interesting times ahead. Remember: the Summer of Revelations.

  125. capt,

    That sounds good to me. The phones are ringing off the hook, Hillary has the popular vote lead, Obama can never be legitimate, There is still hope!

  126. Mawm,

    I’m not trying to dismiss your views or those of others who feel the same way you do.

    In the photo, you have a state senator’s wife, a judge, and a POW. They all happen to be Black. I imagine that what they all have in common is support for the Million Man March, for example.

    It also dovetails w/ BO’s basic theme — you don’t have to agree 100% w/ someone to find areas of common ground.

    So what I’m saying is that I think the purpose of this rumor-mongering is not to help Hillary in the Democratic primary, but rather, to cast the Obamas in a sinister light right at the time he is scheduled to address AIPAC.

    I say this, because Black Democrats will have no issue w/ this association, and most liberal Democrats won’t either. It’s an Operation Push/Rainbow coalition event. You can infer the common purpose.

    OTOH, more hawkish and strongly pro-Israel Democrats (who are pretty much already in Hillary’s corner) are likely to focus on Farrakhan’s remarks concerning Israel and the Jewish religion. These are the voters the Republicans are trying to peel off.

    Personally, I haven’t given a tremendous amount of thought to Farrakhan and his ties to the Obamas since I don’t plan on voting for BO, anyway — but the photo itself is a non-issue to me. Everything has a context.

  127. [Sigh]

    AP now says BO has clinched it. (www.suntimes.com)

  128. hlr,

    Same here. Nevertheless, the Republicans will use this stuff to destroy Obama’s chances in the fall. That’s the reason it’s a problem. It doesn’t really help Hillary, because she’ll only be blamed for spreading the smears and the Repubs will use it to divide the party if she is the nominee. Sadly, the Democratic leadership is too stupid to see what is happening and too lame to deal with it. Let’s face it. If they couldn’t even push back against all the sexism in the primaries, how could anyone think they’ll stand up to the the Repubs?

  129. Is this the new troll approach? “I used to support Hillary but now she says that she would not be closed to a VP spot, I can’t support her anymore”

  130. hlr, I agree with what you say. However, I am one of those more hawkish Democrats that is pro-Israel. It is also my opinion that more swing voters share this view than do not. Remember, this is all a show for the SDs, a lot of whom don’t care who wins as long as they get to drink from Obama’s money spigot. But others who really want to win the white house have to be affected by seeing more and more connections between the Obamas and radical politics.
    The photo on NoQuarter right now, I agree, doesn’t constitute anything in and of itself, but when aggregated with everything else that keeps coming out, it paints a really troubling picture.

  131. The tape as rumored would be enough to tip it over the edge I believe, but right now it is just part of a whisper campaign.

  132. and the tape would not be enough to scare SDs off Obama if they don’t care about winning. It’s a sick thought, but I can imagine some of the more depraved party leaders might actually want to see a really heated racial dialouge break out, in the spirit of exorcising America’s demons.
    Totally wild thought, but I believe some liberals think that way. Kerry told a reporter that BO would be able to build bridges around the world because he is black.

    I hate the racial politics. That is one of the major things that really turned me against Obama back when he was campaigning in SC. I was with Hillary from the beginning, but I didn’t hate Obama. Now, I detest him, and will work my heart out to make sure he never gets the keys to the kingdom.

  133. bostonboomer: Let’s face it. If they couldn’t even push back against all the sexism in the primaries, how could anyone think they’ll stand up to the the Repubs?

    Excellent point!

    Robin: Is this the new troll approach?”

    No, it’s been a fairly consistent sentiment. Not unanimous, of course, but quite common in its frequency for a variety of valid reasons.

    Mawm — I totally get where you’re coming from. Agree on the whisper campaign — nothing to see as of yet.

  134. Mawm: Kerry told a reporter that BO would be able to build bridges around the world because he is black.

    I’m sorry to say this, but I interpret that statement as BO provides cover for planned meddling in Africa.

    First para:

    With little scrutiny from Democrats in Congress and nary a whimper of protest from the liberal establishment, the United States will soon establish permanent military bases in sub-Saharan Africa. An alarming step forward in the militarization of the African continent, the US Africa Command (Africom) will oversee all US military and security interests throughout the region, excluding Egypt. Africom is set to launch by September 2008 and the Senate recently confirmed Gen. William “Kip” Ward as its first commander.

  135. If Obama is the nominee:

    Palm Beach and Broward Counties GONE!!!

    Cuyahoga County, Ohio (home of Cleveland) massive losses in the suburbs: Shaker Heights, Pepper Pike, Westlake, Parma.

  136. A lot of people forget that traditionally it has been the Democrats who were more eager to intervene with force around the world. Republicans were usually the ones decrying “Nation building”. I think a lot of young people don’t even know that, and they think the Democrats are all anti-war.

  137. Joeleary6/”Bill”

    Run along and play somewhere else. We’ve already seen your meager offerings. Not interested.

  138. Mawm, do you think his involvement in the Kenya presidential election should be viewed in this context?

  139. Robin, I don’t know enough about that.

  140. Looks like the VP story was another spin … thank goodness!!! Here is the press release from the campaign.


    Hillary should not accept the VP spot for any reason. She should not legitimize the things that offended so many – race baiting, sexism and delegate theft – by working under him.

  141. Hillary being BO’s VP will be legitimizing everything that BO has done. The new Democratic party doesn’t follow the core Democratic values of FDR. She wouldn’t even have any power.

  142. Wonderful letter, BB!
    Do you think McCain will carry Mass?

  143. Wonderful letter, BB

    and… contrary to all of the hype and bloviating, there is no nominee until August.

    Anything can transpire between now and then.

  144. Don’t they see that Obama is going to lose in November (sorry for breaking the Obama free zone)?

    The Republicans have so much ammunition to use against him. We need to take this to the convention, but it’ll take a scandal to knock out Obama I think.

  145. Looks like the video will be released tomorrow.


  146. Thank you, Boston Boomer, for writing such an eloquent letter about a beautiful and superb candidate and leader.

    She is truly an inspiring person, and it is hard to imagine that she will not continue to be a leading inspiration, in whatever role is given to her, the best role of course being the presidency.

  147. you know, i think it’s fantastic that you censor those who do not agree.

    i was not trolling. i was curious what you had to say. but disagreed with it, not only in tone, but in points of fact. i laid out a well-reasoned comment that did not insult anyone and, in fact, not only complimented hillary, but also mentioned that i voted for her for senator.

    perhaps a better tact would have been to engage me, someone who was obviously not hurling insults or spitting on your beliefs in any way, instead of simply deleting my comment.

    maybe this is why there are no hillary converts, only the 40 percent of the party who have supported her since the beginning.

    obama and hillary agree on most things, so again i say, if you vote for mccain over obama, the issues obviously do not matter anyway.

    just food for though in a comment no one but you will ever see…

  148. […] An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton Dear Hillary, I hope you don’t mind if I use your first name. I feel I’ve gotten to know you during this […] […]

  149. lestro,

    We don’t censor. We are aware that there are many other blogs on the internet for you to choose from. This is a blog for supporters of Hillary Clinton to come together and interact. It is not a debating socieity.

    You are wrong that there are no Hillary converts. I am one myself. Many of us here at the Confluence supported Edwards originally. And you are wrong that her support is only 40% of the party.

    We chose Hillary because we were impressed with her knowledge and history of accomplishments. We watched her performance in the debates and found her impressive. Obama, on the other hand, did not impress us. When he doesn’t have a teleprompter in front of him, he stumbles and stutters and makes silly mistakes like GW Bush.

    We don’t like him, and we have all had bad experiences with his rude and obnoxious supporters. That is why this blog was formed and why we have so many visitors. Hillary is much more popular now than she was in January, while Barack’s negatives have shot up over 50%. The more people see of him, the less they like him.

    We have already heard all the arguments and the talking points, and we reject them. We don’t need to do any further investigation. We have found our candidate. If Obama is the nominee, we will not vote for him. You and the rest of his supporters and the Democratic bosses will have to get him elected without us. And, trust me, we number in the millions. We are more than 50% of the party’s base. Good luck and Godspeed. You have an impossible task ahead of you.

  150. Boston, thank you for this letter. It brought out the tears I have been holding back all day.

    This campaign may have helped Hillary find her voice, but she has helped me find mine. She has shown me what it means to really be tough and to take on the world with a smile and that is a lesson and an example that I will carry with me. A commentor on another blog mentioned that when her five year old niece was crying, she reminded her to be “Hillary tough” and the little girl knew exactly what she meant and stopped crying.

    And should the worst happen, should the superdelegates insist on propping up the most flawed candidate in the history of the Democratic Party, I will respond not with tears, but with tenacity and with force. No amount of convincing or cajoling could ever make me vote for Barack Obama. He is not qualified to be President. It is as simple as that.

    To the Democratic Party, you reap what you sow. Enough is enough. To hell with you. You think we can’t voice our outrage this November? You think we won’t?

    Oh yes we can. And oh yes we will.

  151. I appreciate your response and your passion, but your facts are wrong.

    A) if Clinton had more than 50 percent of the party, she would be the nominee, but a quick look at pollster.com will show you that hillary has gained a total of eight points over the course of her campaign. also, at the end of january, Clinton was polling at 46 percent. she is polling at 43 today. she had a slight bounce in February, but soon dropped back down to the level at which she has remained for the entire campaign.
    B) Obama’s unfavorable is lower than Clinton’s, which is higher than it has ever been. Even Bill’s number has gone down over this campaign.
    C) it is the Clinton campaign currently banking on the Democratic Bosses (i.e., the superdelegates) because they lost too many primaries and/or caucuses because Obama’s support was larger.
    D) as for the GWB comparison, i again, obviously, disagree and can only ask who voted for Bush’s war? who has said that they would “obliterate” iran? and who likes to tell tales out-of-school about snipers that has little to no grounding in fact? All of those things are much more GW-esque in all the important ways than stumbling through an answer.

    I was not aware this was a hillary-only blog when i posted my comments, but the simple truth is that you are just like the right wing echo chamber when you only talk to supporters and keep repeating “facts” that are not true.

    as for not liking him, i can’t change that, but he does have more foreign policy experience than Bill Clinton did when he was elected president and presently has more elected experience than Hillary, so statements about him being unqualified seem a bit silly, don’t you think?

    and the task is only impossible if it is so important to hillary supporters that she get a shot in 2012 that they are willing to vote against their own beliefs and issues.

    all that being said, Hillary Clinton is an excellent senator and i look forward to her getting back there to do the kind of good work she can do.

    thanks for your time and when you get a chance, drop by the Church and feel free to lambaste us if you feel it necessary. we welcome discussion and debate as we feel it is the best way to move the country forward.
    when you only talk to people who agree with you, no one learns anything and half truths and lies (“As far as I know”? come on) get bandied about as fact if they support your cause.

  152. I had not seen this before but it is awesome. It is all that ever needs to be said about who she is.

  153. jj,

    Thank you so much for your comment. That is a wonderful story about the niece understand “Hillary tough.” I will remember that one.

  154. Lestro,

    “and the task is only impossible if it is so important to hillary supporters that she get a shot in 2012 that they are willing to vote against their own beliefs and issues.”

    That is so insulting and condescending that you should be ashamed to have written it. I won’t vote for Obama because he doesn’t support my beliefs and issues. Not only that, he is corrupt, utterly corrupt, which is why the Democratic establishment wanted him so badly.

    The people on this blog are intelligent, involved, politically astute people. We are not stupid, and we won’t put up with being patronized.

    Now you’ve had your say. I could recommend a few Obama-friendly blogs for you. Try Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, Americablog, Open Left, and Booman Tribune. However, if you don’t hate Hillary, you will have to have a bit a strong stomach. Those of us here all left those blogs to start blogosphere 2.0. If you want be part of it, you can start your own blog on http://www.wordpress.com. Or you can go back to Obamaland. Best wishes.

  155. BB, my comment is late, but I want to end this thread on a high note. What a great letter! It had me in tears.

    Now, whenever I’m feeling put upon and down, I am going to remind myself to be ‘Hillary Tough’. What a role model!

  156. Ok, Ann ruined my ending, so I’ll do it again.

    Great letter BB!

    And Ann, respect is only shown where respect is EARNED. Your candidate has yet to earn it.

  157. Hillary, last night you wielded us18 million like a club.

    You displayed us real Democrats – our strength. You learned from Obama in this campaign how to utilize the power of the people. And you leveraged our power for the Common Good.

    You made it clear that our side of the Democratic Party has now proved that we real Democrats simply can’t be pushed around any more by the media.

    Remember when Americans were deterred from voting by such measly criticisms as sighs, earthtones and screams…?

    Those days are done.

    You showed that they can even call us low info racists, even call our candidate an assassin, and


    We have shown the fascist ruling class running this country that nothing can deter us. The days of sighs and screams destroying us are done.

    We, Your 18 million, are the pragmatic and fine print reading policy wonk side of the Party. We know we need your intelligence, your judgement, your pragmatism and indefatigable determination at the top of the ticket to make progressive change happen. Only you can be the FDR this nation needs now. We, your supporters know that bipartisanship is a chimera. There is a difference in the agendas between the parties for a reason.

    Theres another 18 million sweet (and some, not so sweet) hypefilled dreamers on the other side, and many want the same things, and believe Obama can or truly wants to get it done. They are not bad people, but they are mistaken about that. You cannot cave to Republicans AND get the Democratic platform enacted.

    His supporters didn’t happen to live where we need Democrats to, in enough swing states we must have to win the GE. This is too important. We just cannot lose at this moment in history, when we are so close to tipping points on climate.

    For all their sakes (even Ann’s) as well as ours, take us to Denver. We have your back.


  158. Although Hillary has made a grand appearance through the primary season i lost confidence in her with her health care plan.
    When the government requires you to have health care under penalty of law it isn’t right. I pay an exorbitant amount for health insurance and would like to see some breaks or a national plan. $12,000 per year is too much for coverage in my opinion which is what I pay. (yes it is a great burden to us)

    But Hillary has done nothing to ease that as my Senator.Still I need it for my family so we pay what we must for the care we may need sometime during an unknown future.

    However, when the platform is that I must have health are or else … that is not American. Freedom is the first and foremost thing guaranteed by the constitution. It is the basis for it and I would never vote my freedoms away which a vote for Hillary would be. If she had a plan that would make health care affordable *if i wanted it* we would be talking about a whole other story.

    I can agree with everything else she wants, or says she wants anyway. But this is a breaking point I’m afraid to say.
    When politicians do things for the greater good and the masses, history shows us that we have to give up freedom.

    That’s too high a price to pay.

  159. […] I watched the primary debates, I realized that Hillary Clinton was by far the best candidate. She was smart, articulate, and strong-willed–always prepared for any question. She handled […]

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