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How many times must Hillary prove she’s a sticker?

(See below for important update)

Amid reports that The Precious has clinched the nomination and will gracefully accept the mantle of his party’s nomination tonight . . . . Gales of hot air have blown rumors of Hillary’s plans to concede.


Confluencians don’t need the reassurance — we’ve heard this same exact song since the day of the New Hampshire primary (I still remember the huge headlines announcing her plans to withdraw from the campaign that night), but we do need another Open Thread.

So, here’s some sweet-talk from Terry McAuliffe — clearing the stinky smell of this latest round of “Why Won’t The Stupid Bitch Quit”:

Sen. Hillary Clinton, however, will not concede defeat tonight or end her attempt to make history by becoming the first female presidential nominee.

Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe rushed onto CNN this morning to deny an Associated Press report that Clinton would concede tonight after polls closed in the final two Democratic primaries in Montana and South Dakota.

McAuliffe called the report “100 percent incorrect.”

“The race goes on,” McAuliffe insisted.

Moments later the Clinton campaign issued a statement saying, “The AP story is incorrect. Senator Clinton will not concede the nomination this evening.”

She’s winning: That makes some people go crazy. But we (like Hillary) can rise above it.


Please if you have any spare time today, the campaign is doing Get Out The Vote calls to supporters. As you can imagine this drive isn’t helped by the false rumors. Every phone call will help. Please do what you can.


Possibly more important. Jeralyn at Talk Left posted this link to a site that makes it easy to contact Super Delegates. Today would be a GREAT day to put our thoughts together and send messages out to all the Super Delegates in our states.

73 Responses

  1. Ah kbird! I think Hillary should offer you a position in her administration. You are something else (and I mean that in a good way)

  2. katiebird, thank you 🙂 for the thread and the fresh air.

    This is so clearly an effort to suppress the votes today.

    People really should stay away from the media — it’s better for your health!

  3. Thank you Katiebird.

    The vultures have been circling since February and are ravenous.

    The last dog has not died!

  4. (bowing) Thanks Upstate & plural & Prolix!

    I went to Hillary’s blog to see what they were saying about the rumors. And someone had just posted the 100% wrong quote from McAuliffe. It was so recent, I had to do some digging to find it. But what a thrill!

    Then, I discovered that Jeralyn had actually talked to the campaign and she had the information posted too.

    So together, we’ll fight the lies!

  5. Being on sabbatical from the MSM has its ups and downs. Much of the time lately I have to rely on the blogs for updates. We need to stick together and only hear Hillary. Otherwise we will nuts trying to read the tea leaves.

    I will only turn to the media again when someone starts really taking shots at Obama who should be open to the scrutiny we give him. But allowing him to coast into the WH is not the kind of coverage that will bring me back.

    Just listen to Hillary.

  6. Bob Beckel Talks About a Cryptic Michelle Obama Bombshell! Video

  7. This is Haka of the most virulently aggressive order. Pass the popcorn. Thankyou to KBird and everyone else who ventures out to the mainstream media to bring us back dribbles of goodness. I dont know how you do it.

    reposted from downstairs — just wanted to comment on something Hir said in response to battling the Obama Movement, the MSM noise machine, and the Blogger Boiz HAKA:

    Hir, amen sister.
    We ARE a movement, but not the kind that needs a fascistic figurehead to imbue us with imaginary power.

    Hillary is our hero, but she is not our Leader. She represents our interests and her words/actions resonate with our own political beliefs and principles. For those reasons, we support her as a the leader of the country.

    We have power already. We never needed any politician to give it to us.
    You’re right. There is a natural coalition/allegiance among most of the voting groups the O Movement has tried to silence — women, lgbt, old people, immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities, the very poor, union workers, rural people, and sick people.

    What unites us is something somewhat counter-intuitive: namely, vulnerability. Our vulnerability to the majority when they depict us as outcast, unwanted, disassociated from the mainstream.

    We are vulnerable when we are isolated, powerful when united. The power structures in our culture label us “minority” or “special interest” even when we are neither, and only to make us weak and keep us divided.

    The Obama Movement has despicably exploited our need to stay united (How Big Brother is THAT??, unity pony my ass!).

  8. Wish I could call. You think my written English sucks? You should hear my spoken English.

    Many people in South Dakota and Montana would think I was Ricky Ricardo calling. It may not bother some, but you never know…

  9. Thanks, katiebird. Arabella has been reminding us that haka is practically nuclear right now. Am glad Terry M. is on top of this.

  10. In other words, the kool-aide drinkers in the Obama Movement don’t need unity. They have privilege to rely on.

    The people in the Puma movement need unity more than anything else. We don’t have privilege, only principles.

  11. Upstate — I would LOVE to get a call from Ricky Ricardo asking me to support Hillary.
    It would MAKE my day!

  12. Muuuuuurrrrrphhhhy!!!!

  13. (grinning) My father in law was from Ecuador – now I’m missing the sound of his voice…

  14. Thanks for the update, KatieB. I thought the past few weeks alone would’ve made clear to us all just how badly the want Hillary’s campaign to come to an end. Given their support by most of MSM, nothing surprises me anymore. They have NO shame. None whatsoever.

  15. AOL News homepage has taken down the original AP story and replaced it with this headline under top news stories — “Concession Rumors Surround Clinton Campaign”.
    The lead paragraph states:
    “Conflicting reports surround the presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Associated Press reports that, after tonight’s primaries, Clinton will concede that Democratic rival Barack Obama has enough delegates to secure the nomination. But other news organizations quote campaign officials who dispute talk of any concession.”
    FoxNews has also retracted the story they reported at 11 a.m. They’re now reporting that McAuliffe has disputed the earlier story and Clinton will not concede.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait until she speaks tonight to find out what her real intentions are.

  16. Simply one more voter suppression tactic from the media and the Obamacrat Party. Ahh, the good old days when voter suppression was just for Republicans.

    Thank goodness I can hold my head high as a proud member of the PUMA Party where integrity and honesty are more than words.

    The PUMAs are prowling and growling and refuting the lies.

  17. Edwardian, they have no shame because they have no minds. literally. they are robots wearing a LOT of makeup who read scripts and mimic human facial expressions and voice modulations.

    Neither do they have souls.

    From which slave-laboring factory would their owners be able to procure them shame?

  18. I told you, Lucinda. Everybody “knows” what is going on these days. I say, let’s worry when we have to. It is going to be a bumpy drive the next few hours.

    Thanks for sharing the retractions.

  19. Lucinda,

    There is NO guess work required. What part of “The AP story is incorrect. Senator Clinton will not concede the nomination this evening.” is unclear?

    Don’t answer. I’m not interested in Obama’s BS.

  20. SD link at Jeralyn’s is very convenient to use (though it gave me some crazy server errors, but keep at it — it did send my email to all SDs in MD).

  21. This is so aggravating.

    Today is the last day of the primary season, which means things will play themselves out.

    What is this obsessive need from the part of the press to kill the Clinton campaign, although the campaign has been declared dead since February.

  22. Hillary is the dead candidate walking. She’s the corpse that keeps winning.

  23. And AOL News has always been craptacular. I close that box before the images ever have time to emerge. What a waste of space.

  24. Ratings, “they” are hot to set up new debate dates.

  25. MABlue: I proves one, very real truth: they’re trying to shut her down because the PEOPLE refuse to do so. 🙂

  26. I want a win tonight. Can it be done?

  27. UpstateNY,

    I adored Ricky Ricardo. Lucy was never the same without him as a straight man. Can you do amazing double-takes too, or is it just the accent you’re talking about?

  28. Thank-you, katiebird, and congratulations on ferreting out the red herrings and detecting the mendacious motives behind the rumour mongers. The plot indeed thickens fastest the closer to the dramatic conclusion of the story.

  29. Upstate: I was a huge fan of Desi Arnaz. Loved his accent. He seemed to be one of the nicest guys around at that time. Their love story used to really get to me. This may be off topic, but I loved Lucy too!

  30. The more they keep up the crap, it is only hardening my resolve to never vote Obama even if he sent Antonio Banderas to my house in a limo to personally drive me to the polls. Never!!

  31. It will be interesting to see what happens if Obama and the media don’t have Hillary to kick around anymore. Will the media turn on Obama with fangs bared? Will the “claws come out?” Or will they attack McCain? Will MSNBC remain the Obama network, or will Obamamann suddenly find himself alone in defending his precious one? Or will they continue to beat on Hillary and blame her for Obama’s every stumble and stutter? Whatever happens, I’ll keep on supporting Hillary.

  32. Antonio, eh Pat? Nice. They can send me Daniel Craig. 🙂

  33. Upstate, and another thing — your written English seems perfect to me. But that’s not surprising, as Ricky was a very smart guy! IIRC, ricky was funny and his accent was funny, but the joke was never that he was “dumb” or couldnt speak English correctly.

    Lambert sometimes comments that he is heartsick on primary days when things are “too quiet.” He thinks it bodes ill. Well, things are NOT quiet today.

    Energy is surging! Hillary is surging!

  34. If the MO tape is supposed to be released tomorrow according to Bob Beckel, would that stop the superdelegates? I think the tape exists, its just a question of when it’ll be released.

  35. BB: “Or will they continue to beat on Hillary and blame her for Obama’s every stumble and stutter?”


  36. edwardian: Colin Firth? He is a hottie!

  37. Pat, weeellll . . . I might be persuaded if they sent Antonia Banderas to my house in a limo to personally drive me to the moon, if you know what I mean!

    Is this a likely scenario? Sadly, no.

  38. Huh??!!! Antonio Banderas has the MO Tape!!!

  39. The tape exists. Too many people are alluding to it. And why, if it did not exist, would the Obama crowd be so hellbent on sanitzing language that did not exist? Of course they counted votes that weren’t cast so I suppose they could. I need a nap.

  40. WS – At this point, the SDs have to convince me they aren’t lobotomy patients.

  41. murphy: Your “shallowness” is showing.

  42. What if Antonio Banderas personally hand delivers the MO Tape?

  43. Stay strong! I got my daily EM from RCP Nd they stated they had to change their headline from something about it aint over til the fat lady sings to something else because they were inundated with EM’s from women.

    Sounds like we are hanging tough all over the web.

  44. to the superdelegates. Darn, joke ruined.

  45. Not the tape again… 😉 All right, I know, I know, I am being a hypocrite about the tape. Who mentioned the freak show earlier? Was it you Kbird?

  46. I wish there was a site that had videos of candidate’s campaign speeches. Maybe I am imagining a CSPAN archive or something or sorts.

    This site would also have any direct quotes from candidates or their highest level staff. Why? All the punditry just distorts reality. Want to know what HRC is going to do tonight? She did not say? McAuliffe said she is not going to concede? Gee, I wonder what is going to happen. A real mystery.

  47. “would that stop the superdelegates? ”

    not if they are Super.

    Theres so many good reasons to support the only real Democrat in this race, even besides her blowout wins against real Republicans. She is gonna be the first Democrat since FDR to win at the convention.

    Gotcha tapes are so Axelrod.

  48. Reports of people (Obama? Republicans?) trying to hack NoQuarter… and I’m getting a database error myself.

  49. UpstateNY, yes it was me. And (having just peaked into No Quarter) I’d say today’s one of those day’s where I might actually pay to watch. All Hell’s breaking loose over there.

    What’s the deal with the Beckel Story?

  50. Guys- I just faxed my Senator and Congressman. I sent them to both the district and DC office. I have heard that emails are just to easy for themy to ignore. I figure that someone has to take the paper out of the fax machine, so someone may actually read it. Just a my $.02 worth.

  51. “Ryan,

    I wish there was a site that had videos of candidate’s campaign speeches. Maybe I am imagining a CSPAN archive or something or sorts. ”

    Senator (globalwarming biggest hoax perpetrated on nation) Inohofe once overheard our own evil Spawn of Satan telling Sen. Boxer that we need the Fairness Doctrine back…


  52. I read on one of the posts on today’s PUMA thread that Bob Beckel, Dem Strategist on Fox News, said the MO Tape will be released tomorrow.

  53. RKMK, I think they’ve gone from 100,000 visitors per day to nearly a million a day — just since Saturday.

    And I saw a couple of new stories that look. Well, incredible. But, I can’t get in now to read them.

  54. Honora — I’m about to do the same 😉

  55. From toriinPA in today’s PUMA thread:

    “I just watched Bob Beckel of Fox News say: Something is coming out about Michelle O tomorrow. Asked if this was worse than her thesis….Bob said YES.”

  56. I guess it could be the tape or not.

  57. Fasten you seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.

  58. No Quarter has the Fox tape up on its site. The curious thing about this is Bob Bechel himself. He has been an Obama supporter and here he is making this announcement and to be honest, he looked very agitated. When asked if this was bigger than her thesis, he gave a very strong YES. This is going to be BIG. If this guy is suggesting this it has to be.

  59. “Lucinda,
    There is NO guess work required. What part of “The AP story is incorrect. Senator Clinton will not concede the nomination this evening.” is unclear?
    Don’t answer. I’m not interested in Obama’s BS.”

    Excuse me? I’m a loyal Clinton supporter who has posted on this site many times. I’ve gone to see her and her husband in person. I’ve donated money to her campaign when I didn’t have the money to spare. I’ve stood outside in the heat and got sunburned canvassing for her at polling places.
    When I used the expression “I guess”, I simply meant that with the climate of rumors going around, we could only hear the truth from her own lips.

  60. My congressman is a Hillary supporter. My two senators, however, are for Obama. Two Catholics who apparently see nothing wrong with the rants coming out of that church along with their “love” for Farrakhan. What absolute sheer hypocrisy! My state went overwhelmingly for Hillary yet my two senators are overruling the will of the people the same people they supposedly champion. This election is a farce.

  61. I spoke with my family in Montana. All are die-hard Reoublicans who are voting for Hillary today. One said that he will be voting for McCain in the general but wanted to make sure if McCain had to lose to a Democrat, that it be one who knows what she’s doing!

  62. newhorizon,

    That’s amazing and wonderful. I hope your family is not alone. I have a feeling Hillary is going to do better than expected today, although she probably won’t win Montana. It would be so cool if she could win South Dakota.

  63. I don’t know what tonight will bring but I’ll always be glad I found the Confluence.

    The best candidate won–especially if she wins.

  64. Speaking of SDs, I got this email from the Responders:


    Tallahassee Democratic activist Jon Ausman – the man at the center of the fight to reinstate Florida’s presidential nominating convention delegates – will endorse a candidate at 2:30 this afternoon.

    Ausman, a state employee, said he still hasn’t decide whether it will be Sen. Barack Obama or Sen. Hillary Clinton. He’s holding a news conference outside his office in Tallhassee because he set himself a 3 p.m. decision to make a choice.

    Jon Ausman
    (850) 386 – 1387

    **My question is, is it really credible that he still hasn’t decided and is to make up his mind at 3 p.m.?

  65. Pat J — NQ has the tape up as a clip? Did you manage to see it?

  66. PLEASE GO TO LOBBY DELEGATES. It’s really easy. Just make sure you pick the email option before you preview your letter. It’s free or you can make a donation.
    Let your states SD’s know how you feel about Hillary.


  67. Thank you Terry McAuliffe!!

    Hillary doesn’t need to conceed, SHE HAS THE POPULAR VOTE!!!

    Popular vote trumps delegates!

  68. PUMAranians, take heart, I think all this hoohaa just might be our candidate’s manipulation of the press.

    Barry and his “Bunchkins” are looking at tonight as their big coronation where they throw the “witch” under the house. The way they see it is their night — and the way they see it, we’ve rented out McCain’s house to bring it to him.

    Well, the big story isn’t about Barry. All eyes will be on Hillary and her speech. His speech is secondary.

    This is killing the bunchkins — they are rolling around on the floor right about now.

    With some clever maneuvering, Hillary has snapped their otherwise spinning necks.

  69. PUMA is Rush Limbaugh’s wet dream come true. How many of you are really in Operation Chaos?

  70. It’s not our candidate’s manipulation of the press, it’s Barry’s sleazy MO of trying to suppress the vote so he can win SD and Montana. (I’m proud to be a Democrat, where at least we can win if nobody votes. Inspiring.) The Clintons are trying to get the word out that this is bs.

  71. Actually, TarHeel, it’s more like Obama, Dean and Brazile’s wet dream. People leaving the party? Great, maybe they won’t vote, fewer votes to suppress.

  72. Tarheel, WTF?? Why is it any time anyone expresses disgust with the Precious and vows not to support the party (considering their amazing lack of leadership and commitment to actual Democracy) it is asserted that one is really a Republican?? Jeez, have any friggin’ clue how many of us have spent DECADES working for the party, slogging through endless elections, holding our noses to vote for anyone with a D after their name. All for what?? The first time we have a well-qualified woman she has to take a back seat to an incompetent guy. Do you have any clue how many times I have seen that happen in my lifetime????? Plus she gets slimed by Mr. Post-partisan as a racist. Is that the Democratic Party I’ve supported all these years? HELL NO!!

    McCain is the least harmful GOP candidate in eons. I would be way more comfortable with him in charge than Barry.

    Don’t like that? Don’t accuse me of being some secret Republican, instead try not shitting on the party base next time.

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