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      Kamala Harris and Joe Biden each have terrible records. There is no reason to believe they will do much that is good, and every reason to believe they will do much that is bad. Trump will, at least for Americans, probably be even worse. (It is less clear he will be better for foreigners.) The […]
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Clinton Cocktail Party: Cast your fate to the wind

Who knows what the future holds?  

We have been here before.  We have had ups and downs.  How many times do we wish we had just walked away and saved ourselves a lot of heartache?  Or wish we had walked towards when courage is what we lacked?  What was down the road not taken?  

It is still weeks until the balloons drop in August.  Two months and more before that fate is sealed.  Time for minds to change.  Cooling off periods to lead to reason.  For anger and disappointment to be heard and corrective action taken.  

Of all supporters, we Clintonistas have been the most hopeful because we knew that with our candidate, we were in good hands, responsible, mature, strong.  It may take the powers that be a little longer to see it.  But we have hope that we can once again make the country move forwards.  Hillary is the best of us. 

The Clinton Cocktail Party continues unabated!  Step up to the bar to the left of the door and place your order with Rico, our bartender with flair.  Tonight’s special cocktail is a Lady Luck, but you can order anything you like.  

Tonight’s musical entertainment is performed by George Winston.  It’s a melody written by Vince Guaraldi, of Charlie Brown fame.  This light and lilting piece is guaranteed to lift your spirits as you “Cast Your Fate To the Wind”:

Everyone is welcome, PUMAs and Conflucians and Marshans and newly unaffiliated, but trigger words are definitely verboten.  If you feel one wriggling out of your grasp consider leaving it with Florence, our lovely checkroom attendant.  The waiters will be circulating soon with meringues, wedding cake and confetti.  Tonight, we feel light and airy and hopeful.  Tomorrow we crush the Obamaphiles’ nuts!  Whoops!  How did that slip out?  Oh, Florence..

Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

375 Responses

  1. What’s a Marshan?

  2. Sangria, Rico, my man. Something light and fruity.

  3. Teresa: That’s what Taylor Marsh calls her contingent.

  4. I got a head start on all you lightweights. I think I’ll cool it for now and switch to virtual cocktails.

    Two months is a looong time in this election cycle.

  5. How bizarre, the names that people think they need to give their readers….I remember seeing Firepups on Firedoglake and always had to leave. I don’t know what I objected to (I love puppies!) but there was something.

    Conflucans, PUMA’s, etc are good names.

  6. Oh, I love cocktail parties! Especially those that start off a long, hot summer! Something with lots of lime juice, please… and oodles of rum!

    Thanks for the invite.

  7. God, I’m not a Democrat anymore. How did that happen?

  8. McCain (if he is not a trigger word) is whupping all over our “nominee.”

    Is schadenfraude a sin?

  9. Would someone alert me when Hillary comes on please? I refuse to watch these cable news outlets so my tv is off. tx

  10. The OFB is loud today, and though I know I am preaching to the choir here, can I just say that whatever happens tonight or tomorrow, or over the months to come, Hillary did not lose.

    She did not lose. More people have voted for her than any other candidate in history. We are small and insignificant, us voters, at least in the eyes of the DNC. So be it. Let them stand with their loser, who they will crown as nominee. Nominee he may be, but he is not a winner.

  11. For all interested, she’s on at 10 pm eastern time.

  12. I don’t think the unity calls will work with blue collar/Reagan Dems and white women.

    I don’t know about Latinos and Asians, but I think McCain will be competitive with them. I’m actually interested in what the Jews will do once the right wing airs out Obama’s Middle Eastern links and I don’t know what the gays will do.

    2 months though and I think the Republicans will not wait to tear him to shreds. Hopefully, by August, it’ll be clear to the superdelegates that Obama is unelectable. Obama scandal please.

  13. Thanks, Regency.

  14. Quite ridiculous to see the reports of Obama “officially” clinching the nomination this evening. SMDH.

  15. Fox has called it for Hill in South Dakota.

  16. I’m still a Democrat. Paraphrasing Anglachel, I’m not going to leave just because the frat boiz came in and threw a kegger. We have to clean up the mess either in August or after November when Obama loses.

  17. Rico, champagne for all!
    Riverdaughter, you’ve hit the bigtime. Major media are now taking note of the burgeoning group of fed-up voters who will not comply with the DNC’s expectation that we come back to the fold and show “unity.” Congratulations!

    I took vbonniere’s advice and started a blog today. I hope it will be a place like this — another oasis from the slimy swamp that is the MSM and the blogger Boiz. Any and all here are welcome to visit, comment, advise, and join me in my effort to start organizing a strong Puma movement that can’t be ignored. It’s the Puma PAC!


  18. I have a bad headache and I just sent my husband for beer. Mistake?

  19. McCain will be very competitive with latinos, except those from Chicago like most of my relatives. They put koolaid in the water there.

  20. cloudy: No, she did not lose. It’s just that the performance standards were different for each participant. In any other year, a candidate who failed to win California, New Jersey, NY, PA, OH, FL, MI, TX, MA etc, etc, would have been considered a failure. Well, he still is, but we are giving him extra points anyway for snagging Idaho and Utah.

    There is still time. There is still a cooling off period. There is still hope. As long as she doesn’t concede.

  21. Long time lurker, first time poster. Just feel like I want to tell someone: I’m a lifelong Democrat, have never voted Republican in my life but I’m seriously considering voting for McCain this year. If someone had told me a year ago that I’d be at this place now I never would have believed it. Anyway, it’s good to find like-minded people, it lessens the pain just a little bit.

  22. Fox News called South Dakota for Hillary.

  23. Clinton wins SD! Yeah! Take that!

  24. DCDemocrat–You may want to check and see if DCPUMA is available. I will hold your drink while you are gone.

  25. Fox News called South Dakota for Hillary with just 9 per cent reporting.

  26. oh for God’s sake, CNN is making me sick. if one more person talks about the voters making their choice……..do they not care about popular vote? what voters do they mean? Howard and Donna? I’m so angry.

  27. Hah, South Dakota. I can’t believe what the Democratic party is trying to do. Obama’s magical genius spreadsheet expected he’d win SD by about eleven points, I believe. What happened? If I were on TV with these talking heads, I’d have to say.. a big problem we’re seeing in so many contests from the start of March is.. the voters don’t want him. I mean, the media’s declared him the presumptive nominee and the race over since Indiana/North Carolina.. and since then he was rejected in West Virginia, Kentucky, Puerto Rico, and now South Dakota by substantial margins. This is not good.

  28. Let McCain work him over for a while and then see how things stand at the time of the convention. No need to panic. If he is still the nominee, then McCain is available 🙂

  29. DCDemocrat

    Many of us are wondering the same thing.

  30. Just saw the McCain speech from Louisana on Fox. He systematically deconstructed BO, said a bunch of stuff that Hillary never could say about BO and distanced himself from the Bush administration.

  31. Riverdaughter, thank you. You are brilliant. I just love the way you can put things in context.

    It’s amazing if Hillary took SD by 10 points. Obama was supposed to crush her. I don’t see how he can feel good about his “victory.” He’s barely won anything since February. I guess he’s used to affirmative action and doesn know the difference.

  32. And.. Team Obama projected..

    Indiana 53-46 Obama
    West Virginia 55-43 Clinton
    Kentucky 56-42 Clinton
    Puerto Rico 54-45 Clinton
    South Dakota 57-42 Obama

  33. Riverdaughter, from your mouth to God’s ears. I haven’t felt this low since Gore conceded in 2000. I cannot believe the Democrats are poised to nominate the Popular Vote Loser.

  34. S, I watched a little of the McCain speech, and thought how much easier the dems have made it for him. He could never have substituted Hillary’s name in his criticisms of Obama. The repubs have the most reason to celebrate tonight.

  35. highflyingbird: See what I mean about fate and unpredictability? If BO can turn some of us into McCain voters, maybe a couple months will turn some delegates into remorseful buyers.

    BTW, if anyone sees Mawm, could you please tell him I fixed his account and he should be able to post now? Thanks.

    Rico, hit me with a double

  36. Well, we all know that SD voters are low information and extremely prejudiced, no?

    Rico, give me something. What a day…

  37. oy Rico, I may need a triple! of anything……

  38. UpstateNY,

    Talk about crawling across the finish line. A couple of weeks ago, I heard that O was supposed to crush Hillary in SD.

  39. I forgot to say please. Sorry about that Rico… I am not in the best of moods, but my rudeness is inexcusable. Gracias, this really tastes good.

  40. my husband is storming around and sputtering. he was a lifelong republican, driven away from the party by Bush/Cheney. now he considers himself a democrat and is screaming “why would a party not nominate the POPULAR candidate?”

  41. I saw Mawm posting on another thread. Hillary projected to win SD by 8 says Fox, I think. I’m at work and getting updates here and there. This officially makes her the Popular vote winner even if you give Obama votes from Michigan that weren’t cast for him.

  42. I forgot to say please to Rico too. but I left a hefty tip. hope that makes up for my rudeness…..

  43. Hillary coming up Pat

  44. I’ll have a Corona with lime please, Rico. And I brought my pillow just in case.

    murphy: I am so proud of you! Went to your website, your writing is most impressive. Hope you get lots of traffic!

  45. The “nominee” of the Democratic Party wins the nod with delegates from a primary that he loses. Is that a metaphor, or what?

  46. Thanks RD

  47. I missed you guys today. I was at work and can’t really do blogs there. but I saw upsetting headlines all day.

    thank y’all for being you, and being here. this would be so much more painful alone, I think. plus……every time I think we’re done, I come here and find out we’ve only just begun to fight. that makes such a difference – I really do appreciate y’all so very much.

  48. Pat: I’ll have a Corona with lime please, Rico. And I brought my pillow just in case.

    lol Pat, it sounds like you’re making a pass at Rico???

  49. *lights up at the sight of RD* Look gang, mommy’s home! ((((group hugs))))

    I tell ya, this “democrat” party got me singing: Get out, right now! It’s the end of you and me

  50. Highflyingbird, I know exactly how you feel. Once we were proud to be democrats, but we didn’t leave the party, the party left us.

    The people here are great and smart. Have fun!

  51. Do you guys serve Sara Lee cheesecakes? I haven’t eaten a whole one since college…heck I don’t even know if they make them anymore…but tonight I feel like eating one till I barf.

  52. PatJ, thank you! please visit and comment — your views and insights (and humor) are very welcome!

    Is she on yet? I hate turning on the TV

  53. Holy fike you guys, she won SD!!!!!

  54. Murphy: I went to your site. Nice….Good for you.

    BB: yeah, he has shown her in SD, hasn’t he.

    kiki: we love you too 😉

  55. Obama said to be gunning for Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, and North Carolina. Ummm no.

  56. she’s not on yet, still assholes talking

  57. FoxNews says that Hillary will come on around 9:30. McAuliffe coming on.

  58. Link to South Dakota’s unofficial election results:


  59. DCDemocrat, the new Democratic Party has a strong affinity to losers. I honestly think they had to kick the Clinton’s out because they made them look bad. Can’t have winners in the new Democratic party!

  60. Can someone comment when Hillary is on. I don’t want to watch the TV until then.

  61. leslie Sanchez – WHO? – seems to be saying people like Obama’s “authenticity”

  62. Obama Speak a la 1984 — he wins by losing

    the world is truly upside down.

    Upstate: Gracias!

  63. Oh, Rico? Mojito, please. You are so kind.

    I think we have more strength together than we think. Otherwise, they wouldn’t waste time squashing the Clinton grassroots — or talking it away and assuring each other on the infotainment circles that we’ll come crawling back. Stand by your man, baby! Tell the world you love him!

    I think things are just about to get… interesting.

    Obama has a growing legitimacy problem, no matter than what Disney, Time Warner, Viacom, News Corp and General Electric insist.

  64. Yeah, kiki, Obama is the real deal, all right.

  65. She’s on

  66. Bill and Hillary are entering the room

  67. alice: “I think things are just about to get… interesting.”


  68. oh, and Chelsea!

  69. Murphy,

    Congratulations on starting your blog. I look forward to reading more of your insights. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading your thoughts here and at Corrente.

  70. Maria, I would bake you a cheesecake and send it if I could. So much better homemade than from the store. I bake when I’m upset. My boyfriend is going to be sooo happy. I think red velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting sounds good for tonight.

  71. Make it a mojito for me too, Rico.

    Senator Clinton is walking to the podium. Mrs. Greenspan is reporting that Clinton wants a “private meeting” with Obama.

    “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” is playing in the background.

    Sing it, Hillary!

  72. The problem Obama’s been having is that he’s used to running unopposed. if it weren’t for a contested primary, he would have been pretty much assured of carrying all 50, err excuse me 48 primary states. And sorry, I mean primary and caucus states. Well, barring write-ins, that is.

  73. Hillary speaking.

  74. Obama said to be gunning for Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, and North Carolina.

    And I am gunning to be the Queen of England.

  75. oh my god……………we have to recognize his supporters

  76. Ugh watch my husband come home now and harsh my Hillary buzz.

  77. Hillary’s on now

  78. Hillary is being incredibly gracious. And still managing to radiate warmth and serenity and strength.

    But it sounds too valedictory to me. I am going to cry.

  79. And here he is walking through the door right on cue. For the love of god. Love that man. But now is not the time I want to see his Obama loving face.

  80. I like my senator.

  81. wow, she’s making me cry. I can’t stand this

  82. Litigatormom:

    Off with their heads!

  83. You are the strongest candidate.

  84. BB, thank you. I wouldnt have tried without the inspiration from you and others here.

    She’s on now.

    Says more than 18 million voted for her!

    PLEASE dont concede! PLEASE!!

  85. Boo those damn pundits and naysayers!

  86. Murphy: I added you to the blogroll. May you be fruitful and fill the blogosphere with your determination to kick the Obamaphiles’ asses!
    Oh, dear, there goes another one. Rico, another sangria, por favor?

  87. Can we all move to a foreign country where the sexist jackasses don’t do everything in their power to keep her out?

  88. I think she is making a case here.

  89. And of course, she would run and become our president. Forgot to say.

  90. Murphy: Suspending is not the same as conceding.

  91. she keeps saying “party” but she hasn’t said democratic…..maybe she means PUMA???? she did mention a party that counts every vote. who could that be?

  92. Bill and Chelsea look as proud as I feel.

  93. Ex lurker here.

    I decided I really needed to be with in a warm , cozy
    place tonight with you wonderful people.

    I keep telling myself that there is a reason for every-
    thing. I hope I am right…..

    In the meantime, in honour of Hillary, I think I’ll have
    a ‘boilermaker’, please……

  94. I can’t see her conceding.

    She’s talking about how she won the popular vote and the swing states.

  95. Dont say VP, Dont say VP, dont say VP

  96. uh, uh, she is commited to unite the party….concession?

  97. right this minute, if she bought an island and started a new country, I would so move there

  98. Hillary’s in it to win it. Why on earth would she want a non-job like VP? It’s a joke.

  99. Que sera…sera.

  100. she is fantastic. such class. and determination. and a great speaker! at the beginning of this race i wasn’t sure who to support – but SHE will always have MY vote!

  101. POTUS or back to the Senate.

  102. oy, I picked a great time to quit smoking. when she’s finished speaking, I’m gonna watch Airplane.

  103. RD, youre right, If she suspends then she take up the mantle that is way tooo big for OB. I just dont want her to say VP.

    Very grateful for the blogroll. I hope someday to have a site as valuable as this one.

  104. my whole adult life. ouch Michelle.

  105. Oh yeah, Hillary go there….tell us what you want!!!!!!!!!!

  106. No, she’s committed to really uniting the party, not the threats and general bullying from the precious.

  107. she wants the 18 million who voted for her to be respected and not invisible. YES!

  108. I want that too.

  109. Breeze, welcome! The community here is the best. Dont be shy about commenting!

  110. murphy, she is not gong to say vp. obama and his supporters would use that to further humilate her, and she doesn’t want it anyway.

  111. universal healthcare. si

  112. damn, the democratic party so blew it

  113. Dont be making the case for VP. PLEASE!

    Obama is toxic. His associates, including his wife, are radioactive.

    Please dont join him.

    Party Unity My Ass!

  114. And we want Hillary for President!!!!

  115. Maybe she’s dictating her conditions to accepting the nomination from the DNC.

    After some written apologies, of course.

  116. gosh, I need more tissues

  117. I’ll believe you Seriously.

    If anyone in a 40-mile radius of Boston hears me screaming in happiness then you will have been right!

  118. MABlue: you could be right. I do not know.

  119. I feel that way WigWag , my party left me. The RBC closed door hijacking of an election told me all I needed to know. I am now unaffiliated as of Monday 3:45pm after 32 years as a die hard Dem. I no longer feel the need to defend the Indefensible.

    Heineken with a wild turkey shot please. 🙂

  120. she is sounding like a great president – best speech i have heard her give. keep fighting!

  121. kiki: issues or tissues?

  122. “Don’t quit, keep fighting, stay in this race”

    Yeah, she’s definitely going to quit.

  123. She’s listing her wins now.

    Biting my fingers off!

  124. Remind me again why we are not nominating her?

    This has been a hell of a speech.

    What happens now? NO DECISIONS TONIGHT.

  125. YES>>>>>>>>>>>>

  126. Take that suckers!!!

  127. She wants to hear from us!!!

  128. She is NOT giving up!!!!

  129. Mi senadora tiene estilo.

  130. YAY! she will be making NO DECISION TONIGHT! GO HILLARY!

  131. Oh no!

    I smell the fun.

  132. yay!!!! no decisions tonight…….Bill and Chelsea look so proud

  133. No, no. thank you senator.

  134. But this has always been your campaign, so to the 18mm supporters, I want to hear from you, so go to Hillaryclinton.com and let me know.

    Best interests of our party and our country guiding my way.

    Remind me again why we are not nominating her? She’d be so GREAT.

    Now I am crying.

  135. Now she’s sticking her finger into her opponents eyes.

  136. kiki,

    You slay me! I’m laughing through my tears.

    “she keeps saying “party” but she hasn’t said democratic…..maybe she means PUMA???? she did mention a party that counts every vote. who could that be?”

  137. She makes all her opponents look like amateurs!

  138. Hi Breeze! Welcome. Don’t be a stranger.

  139. BB: heh

  140. Watch the Obama trolls descend on Hillary’s website.

  141. Go to her website, tell her we will never vote for Obama and don’t want to vote McCain. KEEP FIGHTING HILLARY!!!!

  142. Love it. Just love it.

  143. bostonboomer:

    Yes, the PUMA Party. THAT’s the ticket!!!!

  144. She just put Obama on notice.

  145. Statue of Liberty. Twin towers…..

  146. resilient, courageous, embrace all our people – nothing we can’t do if we start acting like americans again. WHY is she not the candidate????

  147. So…how is that for a senator. sorry I am gloating.

  148. Upstate: My Senator has a pen? I’m sorry, it’s been so long since I took spanish. What is estilo?

  149. And now TINA–one of my favorite songs!!!!

  150. What a wonderful speech.

  151. I love her. Wrong to love politicians but I love her. She has real heart..

  152. You’re simply the best!

    That’s right! Hillary is simply the BEST!!!!!

  153. heh, style I am sure she has a pen too, though

  154. BB, she never did specify the party 🙂

  155. Hillary looks so beautiful–so much more so than when the campaign started. I think it is because she has become more relaxed and comfortable with who she is. She has grown so much. I don’t see any growth in Obama. He seems the same as when he started.

  156. She put him on notice and he can’t possibly deliver. “I want respect for my 18 million voters,” good luck with that from this crew. 😉

  157. So have any heads exploded at MSNBC yet?

  158. Kiki,

    I picked the wrong night to run out of potato chips. I may have to dig into the ice cream. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to sleep tonight. Last night I was up until 2AM I was so mad.

  159. Awesome! She is not conceding anything! I love that, because the press is no authority in this, and she has never recognized them as such.

  160. Listening to Juan Williams on Fox. He said that its too bad Obama released the text of his speech so soon since Hillary didn’t concede, half his speech was praising Hillary and now he has to deliver it anyway. BWAAAAAAAAA.

    Fox is calling it a take that Barack Obama speech.

  161. wow….wolf blitzer just said something like she still won’t concede even after WE have determined that Obama is the nominee…what an asshole. YOU are the media, you report the news, you don’t create it

  162. I think we should take bets on how quickly Obama insults her again. Will he condescend to her again tonight or will he wailt until tomrorow?

  163. Yeah, Hillary!

    I tried to go to her site but I think it’s been overwhelmed right now. 🙂

  164. Ahh, perfect. I can think of a few heads exploding right now…. explode, pretty heads, explode!!

  165. kiki: did he really say WE? too bad.

  166. She did not quit.

  167. I love the music!!!!! I think she put Obama and his enablers on notice.

  168. I got into the site — hope the hackers are off at a keg party or something.

  169. Her campaign has been telling them all day long and all day yesterday that she wasn’t going to concede. Did the really think they could bully her into it? They haven’t been able to bully her yet and they’ve been beating her up for months.

  170. I just want to know when Obama will be dropping out of the race. Hillary keeps kicking his butt in the actual primaries, the more people get to know him the less they like him. Plus he’s a scandal waiting to happen any second. He should get out of the way and let Hillary do her thing. Oh and will Donna Brazille be resiging? She said that if the delegates chose the nominee and not the “will of the people” she’d leave the party. So when will that be? It’s one of the few things I have to look forward to.

  171. We need to encourage a write in campaign. In my state, she has to file as a write in so our votes will count.

  172. KO is “befuddled” LOL

  173. cloudy03, on June 3rd, 2008 at 9:33 pm Said:
    Maria, I would bake you a cheesecake and send it if I could. So much better homemade than from the store. I bake when I’m upset. My boyfriend is going to be sooo happy. I think red velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting sounds good for tonight.

    Are you making big batches? Do you share?

  174. Who would take Donna, highflyingbird?

  175. it’s interesting if she merely suspends her campaign – I think that means she keeps her delegates. I could be wrong, but I thought that was what Romney did. I figured he was thinking McCain would implode and he could step back in. is that a possibility?

  176. I have heard the arguments about anyone is better than McCain. Wow. Compelling. Really, that’s pretty much how Obama has run his other campaigns: vote for me, I’m not that other corrupt woman/man. Other person: evil. Me: good. One note. With me or against me.

    You know, how many years of this sort of political strategy would we have to put up with if Obama won. A second term election? You can pretty much bet McCain would be a single termer.

    But they’ll see it’s a winning strategy if we give in and vote for Obama. So…we’ll tell him we’re very upset and then just, just, vote for him and if we are very very obeying and loyal, they’ll come around to seeing our value! After all, the party is more important than us. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Except we were the party.

    How long would we have to put up with a dismissive strategy to, particularly adult women, compared to McCain’s four failed years with a Senate and Congress fighting him?

    I won’t be giving my time, talent or money to a campaign fueled on hate and mocking and an attitude that looks down on people.

    This election was about purging the party power positions from those people so they can insert their favored people with the thought of “where are they gonna go? What are THEY going to be able to do about it?” These people loyally vote and you can play on their sense of duty. They’ll come around without giving them anything. They are dotty old women. (with money)

    And I’ll say it again about the Obama campaign: if I walked into a church and saw the churchgoers mocking the older women and shushing them and calling other people ignorant and racist for supporting a woman leader, I would want to be a part of that church. You could tell me that the behavior doesn’t reflect the lead preacher or the god they worship, but still…I think it does. If I went into a business and behind the counter the workers were very sexist about women leaders and mocking people, you could tell me it doesn’t represent the CEO, but I think it does.

    Let’s ask Oprah about that. …

    This Obama campaign was fueled on hate, not ideas.
    Vote for me: I’m change and not that corrupt woman. That’s about it. And I’ll prevent that corrupt McCain getting in. That’s about it. And, oh, yeah, if you’re critical of me, you’re probably racist. Either with me or against me…. In prior elections, the opposing primary candidates did not fuel their campaigns on dividing their party into mocked parts. This one fuels mocking to the core of who many of us are, not our ideology as primaries were in the past: women, older women, working class, rural voters, farmers, hispanics, crossover voters longing for a woman in the executive office, feminists, people who actually found a good thing to say about the Bill Clinton presidency…..

    And if we vote for them, then how does that make for change? What? AFTER we vote for them, then all of a sudden things get better?

    You know what I’ve seen in this election on the Obama campaign and his supporters makes me not want to be a part of it in any scenerio.

  177. Hillary wants us to go to her website and tell her our “thoughts.”
    Let’s do it!!

    The stats on FOX were that 30% of S. Dakotans wouldn’t vote for Obama in the fall…
    If that’s true across the nation, then he loses for sure.

    Since when does “clinching a nomination” mean doing it with less than half the votes…and with the person who has won the most votes in history not conceding??

  178. bostonboomer, he is insulting her right now, count on that. 🙂

  179. I found this site via the incomparable Anglachel. My mantra is that there is no nominee until the convention. If either HRC or BO had got to 2,118 PLEDGED delegates it would be over. Neither did, so it is not.

    A SD is an endorser and can change their mind right up until the moment they cast their ballot. What will the summer hold? Who knows. But BO is toxic and I for one will never vote for him. And if the Dems force him on me, I’ll vote for McCain with an absolutely clear conscience.

  180. I bet Barry is scratching the heck out of his face with both middle fingers.

  181. I am laughing and crying at the same time! She is super amazing! NO one is going to tell her when to drop out. Oh my God, I am so happy! Everybody this morning was so correct. Hang in there!

    I need a real drink about now. Oh my God!! She must have knocked a lot of idiots on their ass with this speech.

  182. these CNN people suck

  183. UpstateNY,

    I would trade you Kerry, Kennedy, and Patrick to have Hillary as my Senator. God, if only Kerry would go away somewhere and never show his face again.

  184. Turn it off, kiki. Don’t listen to those morons.

  185. Gloria: The stats on FOX were that 30% of S. Dakotans wouldn’t vote for Obama in the fall…

    Oh yeah, the Obama talking heads were acting like this was a *good* thing, as compared to KY/WV.

    No, fools. It’s just that South Dakotans didn’t feel like getting called racists. They know the score.

  186. Hillary is challenging the talking heads and other Clinton haters to come up with more insults and more horrible metaphors.

    Let’s see if they can say something we haven’t heard before.

  187. Is anyone going to watch Obama? I cannot listen to him. If so, please report on the thread.

  188. Whoever selected the music did a great job.

  189. lol, they’re worried that her speech will alienate people around Obama.

    yeah, time to turn it off………….

  190. BB: No thank you. Anyway, pretty soon we will loose her (White House and all that).

  191. ***I bet Barry is scratching the heck out of his face with both middle fingers.***

    You made me giggle. Eek.

  192. Poor Barry. She just won’t get out of his way.

    Did you see how many of the black heavyweights stood with her? Could it be a signal to the other black supers not to be intimated into pulling their votes for him? I would like to think so.

  193. they’re worried that her speech will alienate people around Obama.

    What? That too?

    I thought here mere presence on earth did that already.

  194. No trolls? Wow, you guys must be like the angels in the garden of eden with your virtual fire swords.

  195. I am so incredibly sad. She is a national treasure. How can the Democratic Party be so foolish? I think i will just read your comments and cry because typing seems to be too much for me and I haven’t even been able to get Rico to notice me.

  196. D’oh, Obama talking. going to go smoke a cigarette, I can’t put up with this.

  197. c’mon Denver! I believe there will be a knockout blow dealt to him at some point …there are just too many unreported scandals.

  198. Something has to be going on behind the scenes because she is essentially tell the DNC to go f*** themselves. She is taking advice from others besides Bill.

  199. she’s telling the media to eff themselves as well.

    Keith O will probably explode

  200. Yeah, thank you Minnesota.

  201. You know, guys, I think she *is* breaking the glass ceiling. She’s not backing down because she doesn’t f%&*(ing have to. She’s got 18 million of us standing in back of her and who knows how many Republicans who couldn’t vote for her who are just dying to pull that lever for Hillary. I heard from a lot of them when I was phone banking in PA. They couldn’t vote for her in the primary but they were making plans to march into that voting booth and pull that lever for her in November.
    This is what breaking the barrier looks like. It looks like proving yourself, about taking what the season throws at you and overcoming it. It looks like 18 million people not seeing you as a woman going after a man’s job but a person pursuing her dream.
    Damn! She has carried the ball further down the field than any woman on the face of the earth. She can go the distance now or she can just walk away from it. But she’s not going to settle for second and she never, never should.

  202. They couldn’t allow her to do it her way. So she took it anyway. Good for you Hillary!

    My email is sent.

  203. I feel empowered. It is not over until all the votes are counted in Denver. The lady is a fighter.

  204. wait Daria, I’m going with you………Honora, take my drink…..it’s a triple something

  205. Is O on yet? How does he look? Like a deer in the headlights I hope. She just knocked him out of So Dakota by 12 points.

  206. daria, I thought you said Obama was smoking a cig. I’ll bet he needs one after her speech 🙂

  207. Hey cloudy? thanks for the cheesecake offer, but suddenly I feel a whole lot better. 😉

  208. OMG, Obama is thanking his “typical white woman” grandmother. He is simply not a good speaker. All he does is shout in monotone. OK, I’m shutting it off now.

  209. kiki, I think her gender already alienated everyone around Obama. lol

  210. whats this crap on CNN about SDs that haven’t publicly declared.

    and then they act as if South Dakota put him over the top …as if it wasn’t Brazile & Co.

  211. Well, I’m sure as shootin’ not going to watch the Precious One. I think it’s time I powered off the laptop and called it a night. Thanks, all, for the company tonight.

  212. change….

  213. Obama could never be as tough and self assured as she is even if he had to channel Michele.

  214. hopes….

  215. He will be the democratic nominee….yeah.

  216. The whole nomination seems, FEELS, like an Obama-press thing, nothing to do with reality.

    Wow, I dont buy it at all….

  217. Hillary outsmarted them tonight. She’s not going to give them the satisfaction of gloating. I heard earlier that the Obama camp was upset with Hillary because the media doesn’t want to shift the story away from her. I think they are now starting to understand that a large part of the supposed love MSM had for him was as a foil to Hillary. She is their real obsession.

  218. change…

  219. Did you see Bill in the audience? he was teary-eyed with pride and joy.

    I never loved them so much as tonight!

    Riverdaughter, she has broken the glass ceiling and is flying for the stars!

  220. I’m watching Obama so you guys don’t have to.

    He seems bored, irritated, distracted. Like there’s somewhere he’d rather be.

    He just claimed he’s the nominee, crowd going nuts. As though he hadn’t been claiming that since February. Big deal.

  221. Pat, but she told them to go %$#@ themselves in such a nice way, they can’t even get mad without resorting to typical Obot crazy mode. What are they gonna say, ‘The %^^–she said voters matter! That $%^*. she said democracy matters!”


  222. Oh!

    There was another speech tonight?

  223. how can Obama refer to a talented qualified “field” of democrats? there was really only one

  224. not just rivals, friends too.

  225. Hillary has made history….

  226. So, this “nomination” thing was just another media event, like the rest, for Obama?

  227. When Obama talks about his grandma these days all I can think about is that line from Polk Salad Annie…gators got your grannie.

  228. what no woman has done before…what is this Star Treck.

  229. “She’s not backing down because she doesn’t f%&*(ing have to.”

    That’s the one. It’s not because there’s something going on behind the scenes, it’s because there are 18 million votes behind her, because she is almost neck and neck with Obama and has the right, like every Democratic presidential candidate has done before her, to take the fight to the Convention floor.

    They’ll never give her what she wants, so she just has to take it for herself. Why should she step out? Because CNN and the idiots at Democratic HQ say so? No way.

  230. You know, guys, I think she *is* breaking the glass ceiling. She’s not backing down because she doesn’t f%&*(ing have to. She’s got 18 million of us standing in back of her and who knows how many Republicans who couldn’t vote for her who are just dying to pull that lever for Hillary. I heard from a lot of them when I was phone banking in PA. They couldn’t vote for her in the primary but they were making plans to march into that voting booth and pull that lever for her in November.

    LOVE IT! You really nailed it. I think you should email THAT to HillaryClinton.com.

    Obama picked a bad venue for this speech. You can’t really hear what he’s saying. It’s super-boomy.

    He’s parroting words from Hillary, talking about various states in the Union. Blathering on about his campaign team.

    Talking about “his primary opponents” in general…actually just name checked Hillary. Crowd actually enthusiastic, probably on orders from on high.

  231. “I will bring CHANGE, not the tired, cynical throwback politics of Clinton hating!”

    Oh, wait….

  232. lisadawn82,

    After North Carolina I baked 4 dozen oatmeal cookies. The lucky thing (for my waistline) is, I love to bake, but I don’t like sweets. My neighbors love me though.

  233. Obama thought his speech would come after her concession – lol

  234. When we fight the battle for Universal Healthcare she will be central to that victory….isn’t that special?

  235. He knows what gets Hillary up in the morning–yucky. Hillary is so beyond him.

  236. Congratulating HRC on South Dakota and the race she has run. Blech, ptui.

    Way too little, too late. He can bite me.

    God! It really makes me mad hearing him talk about her! He’s not fit to talk about her career.

    He’s not fit to hold her hat! GAHAAH!

    Claiming HRC will be “central to victory” for fight for universal health care.

  237. Wasn’t Obama part of the Clinton Hating Machine and didn’t he and his campaign foment it?

    When did he defend her against atrocious attacks from his “church”?

  238. ok, he just said “there are those who say….” uh huh, channeling GWB with the lame straw man thing

  239. “I’m a better candidate for having had the honor to compete with Hillary Clinton”

    More too little, too late.

    More faux-uplifting BS.

  240. His speech doesn’t even make sense, and his followers are still nasty. Obama is flat.

  241. No division, no, no, no, independents and republicans want change too. Plus new voters. Young people and AA and Hispanics and women…unity indeed.

  242. Kiki, join the Puma Pac!

    We’re still democrats as long as she is!

    She wont give up on us and we wont give up on her!


  243. HRC is not looking to carry the healthcare portfolio. Been there, done that!

  244. Everybody, turn off the MSM. Just turn it off. Go to HRC’s website and tell her how you feel.

    I love that woman and I just told her. Take it to Denver. I’ll meet her there.

    The primary is over and now we’re making our case. If we succeed, wonderful. If not, there’s always this speech to return to and know what could’ve been.

  245. You know that we cannot afford the old poltics…better future…let us unite….

  246. He really *does* seem rather blah tonight. Wonder if he knows some shoe somewhere is about to drop.

    Stealing more lines from everyone else…”we owe our children a better future”…GOD! *This* is the so-called inspiring candidate?

    Sounds like the same lines I’ve heard delivered more effectively by a hundred other pols. Yawn.

    Crowd eating it up with a spoon, though. Looks like a bunch of limo liberals.

    He just smiled for the first time this whole speech, about ten minutes in.

  247. You guys reporting on O are hilarious! Glad I don’t have to watch him. He is boring. She is electrifying.

  248. night y’all —thanks so much …I don’t think I could have made it thru without ya! On to Denver ~ xoxox

  249. Has he given McCain the finger yet?

  250. McCain is Bush clone. Bad McCain, bad McCain.

  251. Until 30 min ago, I didn’t really feel like having a cocktail. Now I am gonna make myself one.


  252. someone, somewhere said, “Fight until hell freezes over. Then fight on the ice.”


  253. Now talking about Republicans. He “honors” service of McCain. “My differences with him are not personal, with policies” – “McCain can claim independence from his party in the past, but independence is not hallmark of his campaign”

    This not too bad. But he still looks kind of blah.

    I don’t watch his speeches usually, so I don’t know how normal this is. But I am not impressed.

  254. War bad AND expensive

  255. Is he still talking?

  256. cloudy03: Where do you live? I just ate a whole package of cookies between 10am and 6pm. All gone. I can come right over if someone will hold my spot.

  257. troops …100 years… we must leave.

  258. Upstate: lol

  259. yes. he is still talking…


  260. Going heavy on the “change” meme. Bleah.

    Seriously. What he’s saying is SO generic. “Change is not supporting a war that should never have been started!”

    (I’m looking at my watch, here…He did a much better job than this back in the debates.)

  261. Veterans health care they deserve, rebuild military. Refocus effort Alcaida..21 century…please wake me up. How many times can he use change. diplomacy….wake me up….

  262. Kennedy….change

  263. GAG! I just can’t stand him! I dunno if I can finish watching this or not. Cynically exploiting the race card against the Clintons, and standing here pretending to be a visionary.

    I have to wonder if he realizes the mess he is in right now, and how many women will never, ever, vote for him.

  264. Eleanor A: You are a riot!

  265. Now what exactly is CHANGE?

  266. Thanks for the positive thoughts, folks. Today I emailed my SDs & sent Hillary a little moolah.

    When Hillary came to KY, my family laughed out loud when we learned she was going to the Maker’s Mark Distillery and have a picnic there. That was so, so smart!

    I was too nervous to eat/drink before her speech, so in her honor, I’ll now take a Maker’s and chocolate chip cookies, my faves.

  267. change, workers, economy, working families, big corporations, middle class brake, energy, schools……science innovation…..ponies?

  268. I turned on the radio and heard him doing the “change must come to Washington” thing.

    What a joke. All the eternal insiders back him, and he claims he’s for change.

    Plus ca change ….

  269. wow. 1st time I’ve ever heard him mention Bill in a positive way.

    ’bout damn time.

  270. MoveOn ran a really stupid ad tonight with mccain and bush. let’s see, between Obama and mccain, who is more reminiscent of a classless, petty tyrant with no experience, no knowledge, no qualifications, and an knack for acting like a fool and pissing people off?

  271. Bill Clinton was not that bad?.,..WTF?

  272. Now he’s just stealing Hillary’s lines about corporate tax breaks, etc. “Renewing our commitment to science and innovation”

    Just said something about “prosperity, like we had under Bill Clinton’s administration”!

    The crowd part cheered and part BOOed.

    How DARE HE!

  273. change….Iowa, night shift…personal story…..health care, now he wants ensurance for everybody…change.

  274. I watched Hillary’s speech on Fox, and afterwards, the panel was completely flabbergasted (and I enjoyed that immensely). Brit Hume was saying, “What was THAT?” and later he said it sounded like a victory speech. One of the panel members said that he thought Obama would be a little rattled by it, because he wasn’t expecting her to give that kind of speech. One panel member said it was like “take that, Obama!”
    LOL and loving it. (cried during her speech; went straight to the heart–I think it was her most powerful speech ever and I recorded it for posterity).

  275. Gawd I love CSPAN!

  276. Oh my goodness. I just went out into the living room to look at him for a minute. He looks really pissed off. He is shouting at the audience like he wishes he could shout at Hillary. She has thwarted him at every turn. I’ll bet he’s thinking, “Why won’t that stupid bitch quit?” He’s been beaten by a far superior candidate and she’s a woman.

  277. Murphy, got it bookmarked. great job!

  278. You don’t want McCain in PA, Barack, believe me.

  279. I just can’t stomach this guy. Does anyone know how I find an Anti-Obama 527 to contribute to? Any advice will be appreciated.


  280. he speech sounds just like Hillary’s… except there’s all that hopey/changey shit stuffed in the middle.

  281. Thanks Pat! I’ll keep watching…so far I’m able to keep my dinner down….it’s an effort though.

    Glad I watched Hillary first. She was just so awesome.

    Something about energy police that creates jobs that won’t be outsourced.

    Crowd shot now, people looking all rapturous. Seriously, you have never seen so many limo libs in your life. NOBODY wearing anything with union logo on it, that I can see. In a stadium full of people.

  282. sorry guys…brain cells are dying here. I give up…change, America, Obama is running for president…is he done…yeah.

  283. Eleanor A: The crowd part cheered and part BOOed.

    His drones are so programmed that they boo prosperity.

  284. “Change is not supporting a war that should never have been started!”

    umm, so change IS supporting it????

  285. Not many rally signs, either. Whoever prepped this video did a terrible job.

    More crowd shots, still zero lower-income-looking voters.

  286. bostonboomer LOL!

  287. Oh no, he is still talking….issues, future of the country….fear, innuendo, division…this campaign/party does not use religion and patriotism as a wedge…..

  288. Reward good behavior, y’all. Send her money to pay off her campaign debts at http://hillaryclinton.com. BTW, I hear she’s got a stash for the GE that Obama wishes he had.
    She’s the ant.
    He’s the grasshopper.

  289. they forgot the “mission accomplished” sign behind him. heads will roll

  290. Pat Johnson, I live in Obamaland, err, Hawaii. It’s beautiful if ignore the Obama paraphernalia. Needless to say, I’ve been cooking a lot these last few months. It makes me feel a little better giving cookies I baked with 2 sticks of butter to girlfriends who go on and on with their Obama love.

  291. He still looks so angry. And he’s doing that thing where he lifts his head up and looks down his nose.

  292. Barry is back to his kumbaya speech.

  293. “What you won’t hear from this campaign or this party is something that uses religion or patriotism as a wedge!”

    Only sexism. And race.

    Just claimed he doesn’t view opponents as “enemies to polarize”. Claims we are all Americans first.

    Seriously, my gorge is rising. BARF!!!!!

  294. False labels, false division….is he reading a teleprompter?…United by common challenges….goodness… patriots, Philadelphia…perfect union……oy

  295. We’re RIGHT, Yeah,
    We’re FREE, Yeah,

    We’ll FIGHT!, Yeah,
    You’ll SEEEEEEE

    We’re not gonna take it,
    No, we ain’t gonna take it!
    We’re not gonna take it!

  296. (D)asshole just got humiliated one more time by the Dems in his home State.

  297. UpstateNY,

    LOL! He does drone on, doesn’t he? Why doesn’t he modulate his tone just a little bit instead of shouting everything at the top of his lungs?

  298. women who shattered glass ceilings….chupza (sp.)

  299. Cloudy: *i* lived in Hawaii when I was a kid. Went to Pearl City Kai (name changed to Lehua Elementary) I’ve always wanted to go back. Can’t figure out what’s stopping me…

  300. “humility!”

    I snorted so hard, I hurt my nose.

  301. Claims he’s going to reduce the influence of lobbyists. Despite the fact that he’s taken bales of cash from the corporations that employ the lobbyists.

    “Behind all the false labels and categories and petty bickering that goes on, Americans are a decent, compassionate people, united by common hopes”…

    Seriously, I am just nauseous watching this right now. Now he’s talking about the founding fathers and people who died in Antietam…

    AFter he just cheerfully advocated disenfranchising millions of people.

    “Women who shattered glass ceilings” – seriously, it just offends me to hear him talk about this. He’s such a pretender and a charlatan.

    I wouldn’t vote for him for a million dollars.

  302. I don’t know, I think his religion was a pretty effective wedge.

  303. Our moment, our time, new direction…

    Do people actually believe this guy? Sadly, enough have.

  304. is he quoting song lyrics now?

  305. Oh dear, was that Obama’s party unity pitch? Sorry, I blinked and missed it. Oh, by the way — party unity my ass.

    You weren’t saluting your fine opponent when you were pimping out smear videos to your supine press release service, were you? Never will forgive that one, not in a million years.

  306. You guys have me on the floor laughing out loud! And I am all alone in the house. Funny stuff.

  307. New energy, ideas, our time…..new direction….O loves his country. long road…humility….good jobs, care for sick…planet healing…yikes…

  308. here’s what I think happened:

    he was about to start speaking, and someone told him Hillary didn’t concede. he said “take out all the nice stuff I was going to say about her!” and they said “it’s too late, the teleprompter is all programmed” and he totally bummed out, because the nice stuff was only for her if she dropped out, but he couldn’t make new stuff up off the top of his head, so he had to say it.


  309. God bless the USA…..is it over now, yes music. Thank you God.

  310. No, that was me. I was interrupting his speech!

  311. Thank you all for the play-by-play. It was really hilarious!

  312. “America, this is our moment! Time to turn the page on the past,” bla bla.

    “Time to offer a new direction!”

    “The journey will be difficult! The road will be long!”

    Where’d he get this speech? Out of a cereal box? It offers zero substance, seriously.

    “I face this journey with humility (HA)

    but faith in the American people…if we can believe in it we will be able to look back and say this was the moment where we started renewing health care and the environment and stopped the war!”

    He’s just blatantly stealing from Martin Luther King. Seriously. Blatantly. And people cheering like morons, or like they’ve never heard it before.

  313. kiki, you’re probably right.

  314. Wow, there are more than 300 comments on this post and we’re up to 754K hits. Riverdaughter, you’ve created a monster–a monster collection of energy and enthusiasm.

  315. cloudy03: If I keep up this constant snacking due to the stress of this campaign I won’t be surprised if Kirstie Alley asks to borrow the clothes I have outgrown.

  316. Another generous load of dingo’s kidneys from Obama.

  317. RD you should, it really is beautiful here. And people are, for the most part, friendly. And diverse! We have our problems, sure, I actually think it’s harder being White in Hawaii than anything else.

  318. He and wife standing on stage, not smiling, looking like they smell something bad.

    You know what? Audacity is right. The nerve of him standing up there pretending to be a change agent when he’s played every dirty trick in the book.

  319. “What you won’t hear from this campaign or this party is something that uses religion or patriotism as a wedge!”

    bs. he’d use anything as a wedge if he thought he could get away with it. And he’s probably just arrogant enough to use patriotism as a wedge against an ex Pow.

  320. omg, CNN is saying he never wanted this to be about race, but other people forced that issue

  321. Coldblue Steele, on June 3rd, 2008 at 10:38 pm Said:
    Our moment, our time, new direction…

    Do people actually believe this guy? Sadly, enough have.

    OldCoastie, on June 3rd, 2008 at 10:38 pm Said:
    is he quoting song lyrics now?

    It sounds like the lyrics to the generic American Idol coronation song, which is always a variation on th theme of a special moment in time. As in “A Moment Like This” (Kelly Clarkson), “This Is My Now” (Jordin Sparks), or (for my new virtual boyfriend, David Cook), “The Time of My Life.”

    Brian Williams repeats the whinge of an anonymous Obama supporter about not being allowed to “enjoy thi moment without having to strategize about a politician named Clinton.” Well, maybe they could have waited to enjoy their moment until they had actually clinched the nomination.

  322. Hmmmm. You know what? I think Hillary is seriously still in this. And I’m not sure I’d’ve said that four or five hours ago.

  323. Eleanor it sounds like a bad American idol coronation song.

  324. Kiki,

    I’ll bet Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea are watching him right now and laughing their asses off!

  325. I think she’s going to the convention. Harold Ickes said on Saturday that her campaign reserved the right to fight the Michigan delegates decision at the convention. He wouldn’t have said that without her leave, and he had to say it in order that they were on record as disagreeing. He revealed her campaign’s hand at that point.

    I’d be very surprised if she dropped out. I think anybody who thinks that’s what she’s planning on doing or that she wants the VP slot is in fantasy land.

  326. Just sent Hillary a message from the new form up at her website.

    I hope everyone will go there and urge her to keep fighting for the nomination.

  327. why can’t I enjoy Hillary’s victory tonight without having to hear a simpering asshole like Brian Williams? just sayin’

  328. Sweeties, you’re just feeling periodically down and lashing out. That’s when the claws come out. Brush that dirt off your shoulder. This is our moment.

  329. Pat, that made me laugh. Poor Kirstie being upstaged by Valerie Bertinelli. I actually took up running because of the stress of this campaign. It was either that or throwing things at the tv and I like my tv. It’s big and flat and the boyfriend and I have finally figured out how to hang it on the wall.

  330. He can’t change his speech, because he effs up, without a teleprompter. He thought she was going to to just go away… pscyh… This is going to sound un-PC, but his tone sounds different, not as preachery. Think myabe he is pissed because his speech lauds her and she just said, I aint leaving.

  331. Rico…something nice, please.

  332. Never wears a flag pin, doesn’t salute the flag, belongs to a sect that encourages hate, wife only this week proud of being an American, admires Farrakhan, yep, his campaign is “clean”.

  333. BB, I hope they are. they deserve a good belly laugh

  334. Went to the website, left an email and gave money.

  335. I don’t think she’ll drop out either. And I KNOW she won’t, as long as we keep supporting her and sending her money and lobbying SDs for her.

    Really short speech. CSPAN is showing the Precious wading into the crowd and shaking hands, which would be more impressive if we hadn’t already seen Bill Clinton do this 100,000 times.

    The idea, that he namechecked President Clinton. The nerve of him.

    I don’t think he begins to realize what a problem he has with the other half of the Democratic Party (and how we all see him for the faker he is).

  336. LOL litigatormom, we were thinking the same thing. So obvious.I think he should have done a Whitney Houston song instead.

  337. It would appear SO much BAD information about Obama is out there, I really hope SOMEONE in the democratic party is smart enough to see it.

    This whole evening just seems like a staged event, given the course of the primaries, it doesnt feel like Obama has the nomination at all, almost like we’re watching a staged event, like the other Obama “victory” nights.

    How many is this, now?

  338. katiebird not here tonight?

  339. This whole evening just seems like a staged event, given the course of the primaries, it doesnt feel like Obama has the nomination at all, almost like we’re watching a staged event, like the other Obama “victory” nights.

    I thought that, too. Since he’s been claiming victory for months now, what’s the big deal?

    They’re still playing some kind of music, but the acoustics so bad you can’t tell what it is.

  340. Charles: 4% may mean a lot in a state like Montana. What is the population out there?

  341. United by common challenges….goodness… patriots, Philadelphia…perfect union……

    Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? 🙂

  342. His “coronation” is taking almost as long as the Hubert Humphrey funeral. Still not sure if they buried him yet.

  343. Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

    No, actually, it’s off season.

  344. Has anyone checked on Tweetie and KO recently?

  345. Heeeer’s Donna. Reckon she’ll commit now?

  346. Hey, there’s a new post up.

  347. “Obama Declares He’s the Democratic Nominee” – Faux News Alert…


  348. I became a fan of Fox News during this primary. I can’t believe I said that.

  349. she’s not going to drop out or ‘suspend.’ she’s going to keep doing what she’s doing and hope the Democratic elite aren’t as stupid as they appear.

  350. I didn’t watch the whole speech. did he acknowledge that the democratic party GAVE him delegates he didn’t earn?

  351. the cnn pundits heads are still exploding over Hillary’s speech (“deranged narcissim of the Clintons” – Toobin)… nice way to step all over WonderOne’s speech…

  352. WS: Scary isn’t it. Many of us here have done the same. Not out of any loyalty or getting the news straight, only because they do not bash Hillary to any degree. Other than that weasel Dick Morris.

  353. Deranged narcissism — or the power of 17 million voters?

    I know which I choose.

  354. HILLARY PUMA’ed TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let’s all growl together and SPIT on the “presumptuous” nominee!

    Rico, Patron silver, bring the bottle – no need for a glass.

    I wrote my letter: Take it to Denver! Don’t quit!

    Murphy, you awesome PUMA you!! Thanks for the shoutout – we need PUMAs to growl hard and loud this month.

    Riverdaughter & all at Confluence, IT’S NOT OVER – ONWARD TO DENVER!

    I saw part of the Obambi speech, not impressed. So Hillary is going to be a part of HIS victory for Universal Healthcare & Energy? Becasue she has the better plan? What a joke.

    Also, did you see the “Unity” posters behind him??? HA!!! I spit on you and PUMA you!

  355. For those who need a chuckle

    This guy is actually funny.

  356. Rasmussen just said they are not sure if he CAN win

  357. I think we are akk dismayed that we are watching Fox News, they are at least Equal Opportunity bashers.

  358. Well, the stress is gone. This party made up its mind to get rid of the Clintons and made it easy for me to vote for McCain.

    I will not vote for him at the top of the ticket even if Hillary is VP.

    Will you?

  359. Murphy, I like how you revamped the PUMA words. The original meaning would have scared off people with virgin ears.

  360. For the record- I love this blog! I lurk a lot- comment sometimes, but I read this and Anglachel every day (and some others as well.) now that I have finished (ok, not really quite) crying. I am elated. Hillary is SOOOO not a quitter! Gotta love it! She will make her decision based on what is best for the country and the party. I love it- country before party! HOORAY!!!
    Rico, may I please have a glass of Merlot?
    Thanks for hosting such a great blog RD! Murphy- I went and signed up at your new blog. Looking forward to lots of excellent reading!

  361. my husband is storming around and sputtering. he was a lifelong republican, driven away from the party by Bush/Cheney. now he considers himself a democrat and is screaming “why would a party not nominate the POPULAR candidate?”

    Kiki this made me laugh.

    Mine voted Dem last cycle and swears that the Dems are a bunch of pansies that are addicted to losing. He finds this mildly amusing. I don’t

  362. I will ask her to stay in the race because I can’t vote for Obama the Unready and don’t want to have to vote for McCain.

    I don’t want to mention the possibility of VP, but she should never take it. He can’t be trusted.

  363. well, I like Pastor Manning.

    I suggest all those who are confused about how to vote simply vote “present”

    worked for….some guy, I forget who

  364. MABlue, that was powerful! I didn’t find it funny at at, it said everything we beleive, it was pretty darn awesome!

  365. You guys, write to Al Gore. If anyone can change the narrative, it is he. I have deep respect for Gore; it broke my heart when he lost in 2000. Today I politely asked him, in the name of Party Unity (ha!), to stand behind the people’s choice for Democratic nominee.

  366. I am going to take my tired behind home to have a quiet, news-free night with my boyfriend and our pup. I couldn’t have made it through today without you guys.

  367. I have to go to bed. I will sleep better because she didn’t concede, I think. I hope so, anyway.

    Love and appreciate y’all – hang in there. it’s so much easier if we’re all in this together.

    (I still wish she and Bill would just buy an island and start a new country. I would so be there! what a great experiment that would be!)

  368. Where is Florence when we need her.

  369. Man, what is it with the uninteresting trolls lately.

    I am not holding out much hope for Gore, sadly. TN Governor announcing for Obama tomorrow, despite HRC win in state by 14+ points.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the other undeclared SDs follow him, many of them better politicians than Bredesen who know Obama won’t win TN (and that Hillary might have a shot).

  370. MABlue: Are we to assume from Pastor Manning that he has a tape? He alluded to something than backed off. Not sure what he intends.

  371. I came in too late to have a drink with you all, but thank you for all your posts tonight. It’s been an awful day and I wish I’d been here earlier for some comfort and solace.

    I’ve lurked here for awhile and absolutely love RD.

    Now that Hillary, my hero, is not conceding, I’m so frightened she will accept VP. For all the reasons we all have, I will not vote for Obama, not even if she’s VP. It makes me sad to say it, but I just can’t.

    Do you all think she might accept VP, or is that a thread for another day? Thanks for calming me down this night.

  372. Pat:

    I think he says he knows for sure that there is a tape.

  373. I am working with Operation Chaos. I think we can keep this thing going till past the Convention. If the delegates don’t come around and vote the way we want, let’s sue everyone in sight! We can do this!

  374. He’s not the nominee until the convention and a lot can happen between now and then. Hillary is still our candidate so let’s write to the SD’s and let them know how we feel. I’m having vodka and riverdaughter, do you want to go steady?

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