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It’s Thursday. Has she quit yet? 5 Bucks says she’s in….

I dumped the "star" - 5BUX in the next 48

I dumped the "star" - 5BUX in the next 48

Gracious winners that they are the Obama campaign has been sending signals far and wide that if Hillary doesn’t get her campaign debt paid off by some arbitrary date the DNC won’t allow her name to be entered for votes at the convention. Most recently Alegre posted this:

Breaking! DNC Deadline of this FRIDAY re Debt

Someone just confirmed that there is a DNC deadline of this Friday for wiping out Hillary’s campaign debt you guys.

If we don’t get this taken care of by then they’ll use this to pressure Hillary re keeping her name off the ballot in Denver. That means no real Roll Call vote!

NO WONDER BHO’s donors dragged their feet in helping to wipe out this debt. DAMMIT all they had to do is sit on their hands and the DNC would finish this off by ending all hope of an open and honest vote in Denver. It’s just like the revote in Michigan.

So here’s the deal – we need to GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS on Thursday and Friday. Take care of the last of that debt and tell Howard, Nancy and Donna (ESPECIALLY Donna!) go get stuffed.

Why won’t these stupid losers back off? I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of the permutations this WWTSBQ routine has taken. We’ll get her debt paid off and they know it. They aren’t worried about her vendors. They’re just looking for anything they can use to lever her out of the convention in Denver.

And we’re looking for anything we can use to lever her right back in. So for the next 48 hours The Confluence and all members of the Just Say No Deal coalition will participate in the “I dumped the “star” – 5BUX in the next 48” fundraising drive.

We know that fundraising has been the critical issue this primary season. That Super Delegates were swayed by Obama’s magic bucket of money. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could prove that Hillary is a competitive fundraiser even when she’s stopped campaigning?

Let’s get this debt issue behind us. Then it will be a lot easier to move on to the REALLY important task of convincing Super Delegates that Hillary is the winning candidate NOT Barack Obama.

[UPDATE] I’ve heard a rumor that a $50 contribution can get you a tee-shirt (that link should take you to that promotion).

[UPDATE II] Heidi Li has up-to-date information straight from the campaign!

[UPDATE III] From JustSayNo.Com:

Clinton Donation Link temporarily disabled due to hi-volume…
Keep trying!

How many times must Hillary prove she’s a sticker?

(See below for important update)

Amid reports that The Precious has clinched the nomination and will gracefully accept the mantle of his party’s nomination tonight . . . . Gales of hot air have blown rumors of Hillary’s plans to concede.


Confluencians don’t need the reassurance — we’ve heard this same exact song since the day of the New Hampshire primary (I still remember the huge headlines announcing her plans to withdraw from the campaign that night), but we do need another Open Thread.

So, here’s some sweet-talk from Terry McAuliffe — clearing the stinky smell of this latest round of “Why Won’t The Stupid Bitch Quit”:

Sen. Hillary Clinton, however, will not concede defeat tonight or end her attempt to make history by becoming the first female presidential nominee.

Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe rushed onto CNN this morning to deny an Associated Press report that Clinton would concede tonight after polls closed in the final two Democratic primaries in Montana and South Dakota.

McAuliffe called the report “100 percent incorrect.”

“The race goes on,” McAuliffe insisted.

Moments later the Clinton campaign issued a statement saying, “The AP story is incorrect. Senator Clinton will not concede the nomination this evening.”

She’s winning: That makes some people go crazy. But we (like Hillary) can rise above it.


Please if you have any spare time today, the campaign is doing Get Out The Vote calls to supporters. As you can imagine this drive isn’t helped by the false rumors. Every phone call will help. Please do what you can.


Possibly more important. Jeralyn at Talk Left posted this link to a site that makes it easy to contact Super Delegates. Today would be a GREAT day to put our thoughts together and send messages out to all the Super Delegates in our states.

Quitting? She’s WINNING — Why would she quit?

And (thanks Charles!) Here’s a new ad….

400 bloggers fighting for Barack Obama’s desperate delusion?

News is spreading that the Obama campaign has hired 400 faithful friends to “throw elbows” at Hillary supporting blogs. My original thought was that this was an Obama-inspired rumor (like the one last week that Obama’s already got a Paid Transition Team) designed to make us tremble and go home. But I got a message in my personal email last night that makes me wonder:


I read your comment on Talk Left about Obama declaring “Mission Accomplished”. Found it confusing and even a bit troubling that you’d compare Obama’s pending victory in the Democratic nomination race with the Iraq War.

Obama might be tired, but his millions of supporters and donors (including myself) are not.

I am tired of fighting my own family members. I am tired of defending against both McCain AND Clinton supporters.

I’m not tired of working for justice.

I’m not tired of reaching out to new friends.

I’m not tired of discussing the solutions to our nation’s pressing problems – economy, healthcare reform, educating our kids, training a 21st century workforce, stopping corporate greed, preventing torture, ending the Bush Doctrine approach to foreign policy, etc.

So, I look forward to getting acquainted. Feel free to visit my homepage on the Obama website – and feel free to ask questions.

Take care,


Ben Vos

Obviously, I’m devastated that my comment is so troubling for poor Ben (if his name really is Ben). Or I would be if this didn’t sound so much like something written from a template. He’s picked out one phrase from some comment I wrote (who knows when, there’s no link) and launches into a lecture that has no connection to the issue that concerned me. Continue reading

Hey! Sweetie, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

I guess I left NPR on the radio this morning when I got to work. And when I got back, it came right on, “I guess this just slams the door shut on a campaign where the door was already pretty much closed,” some guy said while thinking, WWTSBQ, I’m sure.

Yep, Obama getting beat by a record number of primary voters in a blowout-landslide was successfully overshadowed by the endorsement of a has-been Presidential candidate who didn’t have the nerve to make an endorsement until he was all but certain to be on the winning side (Fred Barnes just called it a Meaningless Profile in Caution). John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama today.

So what? Yesterday, Hillary blew Obama out of the water by the only measure that really counts: Votes. As ronkseattle said, it was, 3-1. Three to One. THREE to ONE. — don’t let THAT door hit you, Barack!

It’s pretty obvious that this endorsement was planned for the day after Obama’s Humiliating Defeat in West Virginia. And (Just like the New Hampshire Debate) the boyz are ganging up on Hillary in a way meant to show just how much more powerful they are than her. I don’t know how successful all this who-ha is. When I got home, they’d just finished showing The Sweetie Clip, it looks like Obama really can’t stop himself.

When will that stupid bitch quit? Well, you fucking, fuckers — Hillary’s NOT going to quit.

[UPDATE] I don’t know how I left this out but, it’s particularly disgusting that they did this in Michigan where both Obama and Edwards totally screwed us all by removing their names from the ballot.

And Edwards?  He’s not worth my spit.

The Buzzing Boyz are Sometimes Girlz. Beware.

Uppity Woman called this, “Cavuto Hands Desperate Obama Adolescent Her Head On A Plate

[UPDATED] See below the fold . . . .

Hang on Hillary, Hillary hang on! Tomorrow’s Money Friday: We’re ready to help.

Friday Fast: Save your breakfast, lunch and dinner money tomorrow and send it to Hillary. The Big Boyz have been very effective in discouraging people from donating and volunteering for her. If you send in $10 on Friday and everyone reading this does the same, we can help refill her coffers. Also, one day of fasting will give you presence of mind and remind you of what is so important here. There are millions of Americans who are one paycheck away from insolvency, who have to use a food pantry every month to feed their families and these people are going to get written off by the “new coalition”.

Continue reading