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Lurking at the Orange Cheeto

It’s childish, I know, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder what the denzens of the O-borg are saying about us resistant Clinton supporters these days. Are they aware of PUMA? Do they understand that we are not going to come around? Are they going to try to win us over instead of screaming at us to STFU? Usually this happens when I accidentally click on a link at another blog.

Via Vastleft at Corrente, an Orange Cheeto diarist named “zeitshabba,” apparently laboring under the misconception that we PUMAs take orders from Hillary Clinton, has called on her to “kill the PUMAs.” “Zeitshabba” links the Just Say No Deal website, and says of the comments he/she read there, “almost all are your basic uninformed anti-Obama trash.” “Zeitshabba”:

question[s] the honesty of their D registrations, but figured there can’t be many of them out there, so I poked further. Besides the recurring Hillary links, there were plenty to this PUMA organization. Now I’m not going to condemn Sen. Clinton for having such odious supporters, but if they are truly supporters of her policies, she needs to reach out to them and get this shit under control.

What shit?

This shit [link to PUMApac website].

It’s not even a fortnight old – this was created after reality deemed her run futile. I was going to laugh them off, but I noticed their community seems larger & more active than I thought.

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Monday: Hoodwinked and Bamboozled

Have you ever been on the receiving end of some practical joke or confidence scheme? You know, where you’ve been lead on for a good long time only to find everything was a scam and deception from the word go?

That’s the way I feel about this past primary season now that the DNC has effectively picked the winner and moved the whole racket to Chicago. BTW, what is the exact definition of racketeering and has the DNC defrauded its donors and Clinton supporters of money?

Commenter CognitiveDissonance expresses my growing bewilderment and anger pretty well:

This is theft, pure and simple. And not just theft of Sen. Clinton’s chances of winning the nomination, but of so much more. It is theft of the thousands (probably millions) of hours spent by all her volunteers and staff – time we’ll never get back. Theft of the millions and millions of dollars that we contributed to Sen. Clinton. And theft of Sen. Clinton’s personal assets, since she contributed to her own campaign to fight until the end, and is now in the hole. Sen. Clinton is now in a bad financial situation regarding the debt of her campaign because of these thieves.

I never thought I’d see the day that one democrat would use racist smears against another to get elected. I also never thought I’d see the day that one democrat and the party leaders would blatantly steal like they have this cycle. I just can’t get past this. I would rather see the party die altogether than get away with this. It can’t continue as a viable party if this is let stand.

Friends, we really need to get to the bottom of this because if this whole primary season was fixed before it even started,where was our input, free will, enfranchisement? If it was all an exercise in futility it is something that must NEVER happen again

The DNC has some massive explaining to do and possible legal action required. It makes the calls for unity as cynical a ploy as we previously thought. In fact, the bloggers who instantly signed onto this fraud after Clinton suspended her campaign might want to consider walking it back.  This party and candidate would be a disgrace and they put themselves at risk of contamination. I hope for the DNC’s sake it isn’t true. Anger and fury would be only the beginnings.

Anglachel has more on this in Logistics.