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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    William on Jeopardy!
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Latenight: Grace

Conflucians, I’m planning to go on vacay the week of July5-12. I’m not certain that there is going to be good wireless or high speed internet at the shore where I’ll be staying. So, if I’m not here in the morning when you get up that week, I’m hoping one of the other Conflucians can get your days started in the right frame of mind.

In any case, withdrawal symptoms will set in during the drive. We need more blogtalkradio!

Some of you may have wondered what the phrase Holy Hemiola! means. Well, it’s a sanitized version of Holy $%#^ and something my choral director used to say. A hemiola is a musical term that means “grace note”. Here is one of my favorite pieces of sacred music by Mozart that features the hemiola. It is the Laudate Dominum from his Missa Solemnis. Sit back, close your eyes and let you spirit soar on the grace notes of the amens at the end. You will feel like a lark ascending.

PUMA Action!

Our conference call was cut short tonight due to bad telephone connection but there are some interesting things in store this week:

  • There are now entries at the action page of JustSayNoDeal.com.  There are links for making phone calls, writing letters, donating to Hillary, etc.  Check it out at the action page.
  • There is an opportunity coming up to make a viral video/ad featuring the many ordinary Ammericans who are disenfranchised Hillary supporters in “1 in 18”.  Check out the page 1in18 and submit your photo.
  • There will be a mass action fundraiser for Hillary Clinton on July 4, 2008.  We want to give Hillary her independence so all of us in the coalition will be out in force asking our members to contribute $20 to the cause.  Think about it.  Think who you can hit up for a yuppie food stamp.  Or I will sic Carol on you.
  • There is a coalition blogtalkradio show and there will be a chance for you to listen and call in tonight at 8pm at NO WE WON’T.  Will Bower will be hosting tonight.  Tell him where YOU first heard of PUMA.

Feckless Petitions. Ooooo! I’m Scared.

This is too funny. It seems that a bunch of Obamaphiles have gotten together to start a petition to stop the PUMAs. They think we are a front for the Republicans.

Check it out here: Stop PUMA


{{gasping for air, wiping face, breathing deeply}}

But here’s what’s REALLY funny: who the f&*( are they going to send it to? I mean, we’re a coalition with a conference call. What are they going to do? Cut off our grant money? (nonexistent) Are they going to run to the Republicans and ask them to step in and stop us, we who don’t even know any real live Republicans? Yeah, that’s going to work. More likely, the Republicans will take credit for it, ‘cos that’s what Republicans do, then they’ll say, “Make Me!”

These people are *completely* unarmed.

Unity Through Purge

This Friday, my partner Gary and I traveled to New Hampshire to protest the sham Clinton/Obama unity event orchestrated by the Obama campaign. The event reached new heights of bizarre political theatre, as they bused a couple thousand Obama supporters into a town of 1500 whose one main road had to be blocked off to accommodate the several hundred bus trips in took to ferry them back and forth to their cars parked ten miles away.

The event was never about people. It was about a town’s name and its location. The event was held in a town called Unity. Leave it to Obama to elevate symbolism over substance, and to choose a location so remote dissenters may have a really hard time getting there, especially if the dissenters happen to be working people who are usually busy on Friday. It might also be hard to get there if you are elderly, or if you are not really rich, since going to out of the way places uses up a lot of gas, which costs $4.30 now, if you hadn’t noticed.

But “wait”, you say, “You are being unfair to Obama.” This event really was about uniting the Democratic Party, healing the rift, and all singing Kumbaya. If that we’re so, why did they never address the Clinton supporters who came there to express their disgust with the party? Every single one of the people who were most vocal described themselves as life-long Democrats. No one ever asked us about our concerns. No one ever tried to help us unify. Instead, we got told to go to a “free speech zone” down the road away from the event. I thought I was witnessing a rally for George Bush. Didn’t he invent the “free speech zone”?

Other attempts at Unity by the Obama campaign consisted of throwing out a Hillary supporter who had a sign that read, “Democratic party, A House Divided”, and getting the secret service to remove another who dared to hold a sign about 2nd amendment rights.

The following video and stills are of one of the PUMA supporters who was removed from the event (her daughter was still inside). I put up one pic earlier, but this is the whole story:

She did get back in (the secret service guards refused to heed the Obama campaign’s demands that no signs be allowed into the event). I got these stills of her being accosted by two campaign members:

There is a final video clip to this series where I ask the man on the left (a campaign member) why they took her sign. He says that the rules were that no “handmade signs” are allowed. When I point out the other pro Obama “handmade signs” he walks away. I haven’t rendered the video yet, but will add it on here when I do.

Obama campaign never cared what our issues were. He never asked. He never sent anyone to ask.

I know from talking to a lot of Clinton supporters that there are many reasons to be upset with the party and Obama. However, let me just explain what I think is my biggest beef in case Obama is reading this blog, and for a brief second cared to know why we feel the way we do

On May 31st , 2008 at the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee held in Washington DC, the Democratic Party took a giant leap backwards, retreating into its old-politics proverbial “smoky back rooms”. Instead of honoring voters, the committee violated their own sunshine rules and met behind closed doors where they struck a deal to give delegates to Obama from voters that had chosen Clinton. The hunch that the DNC had been rigging the primary to defeat Clinton was confirmed to be true for a lot of her supporters. In order to install Obama quickly, the committee was willing to trash one of the core principles the Democratic Party has come to stand for in America, voting rights.

Now, as more evidence comes out about Obama’s anti-Democratic practices in the primary, his blatant lies, and broken promises, his use of the worst divisive techniques, a trifecta including racism, ageism, and classism, more and more Clinton supporters are hardening their hearts to him. Many believe a vote for him in November would be a vote for voter suppression and fraud. To some, a vote for him would mean saying yes to using race as a weapon to deflect any criticism. Others have long not accepted that someone who has essentially never had a full-time job, who continually seeks higher office without ever having accomplished anything, and who has no foreign affairs experience should ever become President. They have lived through the Bush years.

Another dose of reality for the Obamabots.

To any Obama people who were at the rally:

Did you notice how many African Americans were at the rally? The few we saw were selling bootleg shirts, with Obama grafting 10% of the top of their profits.

Obama cares about you so much, he made you park 10 miles from the event, and forced you to ride buses. You were stranded at the event until Obama said it was time to leave, And you know what? He didn’t even care about you enough to make sure there was enough shelter in case it rained. But remember? It did rain, and the tents that were for the security service detail weren’t enough for everyone to stand under, so you had to stand out in the rain. Some of you didn’t even have umbrellas. I felt bad for you. Once Obama is through with his props, he doesn’t need them anymore.

See you next time Obama wants to unify.


Your dearest Mawm

********* Intermission **************

OK guys. I have so much more to tell you. Gary and I have been working like little faeries to get this stuff out. I have to pause because the NYC Gay pride parade is going to start in short order, and I feel I must warn the LGBT community the danger Obama poses to our community.

So here are our outfits. We’ll be capturing interesting things from the parade, so stay tuned. Gay Pride is always a blast!

Finally, from GCH, here is the video of MAWM being interviewed on Cavuto:

MUCH MORE TO COME: more suppression of free speech, an obamaphile calls gary racist, and much, much more….please stay tuned!!!! (we shot the video in HD so it is taking forever to compress and render–but its coming)

Sunday: Tell me again, who’s stupid?

I keep getting told how stupid I am. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz suggested as much the other night on Larry King. The Obamaphiles tell me Every. Single. Day. Even Governor Ed Rendell told me that HOUNDS are brighter than PUMAs.

And why shouldn’t they feel this way? After all, we’ve had 8 years of the presidential rule by the dumbest guy on the planet, save Doug Feith. We sooo want it to be over. We want SCHIP passed, stem-cell research funded, our civil liberties and habeas corpus back. Believe me when I say, oh superdelegates, we feel your pain most acutely. Some of us spent YEARS on DailyKos and canvasssing for our favorite congressional candidates and writing our representatives and protesting the war and we are tired, sick, disgusted and worn out of Republican rule. If we could load up the trucks and move the Bushies to Beverley today it would be seven years late but not a moment too soon.

So, why are you guys behaving so stupidly?

I mean, the rest of the country woke up. They were just as fed up with Republicans as we are. They snapped out of it, looked around and thought, “don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”. This was the year to put a strong Democrat in office. They wanted a DEMOCRAT. Sort of the kind that Hillary Clinton is. About where they are in terms of social policy. Ready to embrace the diversity of the American population in terms of ethnicity and lifestyles. Finally realizing that controlling what people do in their bedrooms won’t put bread on the table. Looking forward to competent, intelligent, wise governmental policies. And what do we give them? Mr. Obama. A man whose resume should have garnered him no more than a low level cabinet position, if that, where he can learn the ropes in safety, is now shooting for the highest office in the land.

And how did we get here? F%&* if *I* know. But there sure are a whole lot of factions supporting him who have virtually nothing in common with one another. The Libertarian Democrats and the academic pretentious liberal would have little to talk about at a cocktail party. The African-American faction is in the backyard having their own party. The young wouldn’t be caught DEAD at this soiree. Are you kidding me? The last thing they want to do is hang around with the old people who are trying way too hard to convince themselves that their tits don’t sag.

There’s no THERE there. No core Democratic principles sticking the whole amalgamation together. Not only that, they need the people they think are permanent losers: the working class, women, latinos, the elderly, Muslims, gays, you name it. Anyone who is unpopular or not one of the beautiful people or just not wealthy enough are not on their A list. And they let us know what they think of us all of the time. We’re stupid, we’re old, we’re women without educations, we’re old stupid women without educations. And we’re going to ruin everything for them. Everything! It is going to be all our fault because we won’t just shut up, sit down and fork over our votes.

God! What insensitive, stupid, selfish, racist idiots we are. We have *their* votes. They have to get their votes from US. Like they have time for this. If only we could see how important this is to them we wouldn’t be so ignorant and self-centered. Why am I not more reasonable with my vote? Sitting right under my old, stupid, racist, fat ass. Funny how that works. The older, stupider and more racist I am to them, the fatter my ass gets. I can barely move it now. Damn, I have NO idea how I’m going to give them my vote now. My ass just won’t budge.

Go figure.