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Hillary needs our help: Contact Super Delegates today

Confluencians, I know that Hillary has assure us that she is untouched by the insults and demands that she quit. But, I would surely be easier for her if the noise was countered by the ringing endorsement of a Super Delegate (or dozen 🙂 )

Jeralyn at Talk Left has a link to a site that makes it easy to contact Super Delegates. Here’s what she has to say:

Here’s the link to Lobby Superdelegates.

Pick your state, tell them you are a constituent and make your case for your favorite candidate.

Superdelegates can make up their minds or change their minds anytime up until the convention. So long as Hillary stays in the race, there is no victor. As of tonight and tomorrow, this is a two person race.

Obama leads in pledged delegates, but doesn’t have the magic number. Hillary leads in the popular vote. More people have voted for her than Obama.

With neither candidate winning both the pledged delegate total and the popular vote, the question is, who is more electable in November and who can better lead our country?

Don’t be shy, this may be your last chance.

Here’s an experiment:  Before you make a comment to this post, please send a note to a Super Delegate.  Be nice, be gentle, be firm — Hillary is counting on us.

34 Responses

  1. according to fox .. bo is saying he has the nomination right now .. ..

  2. Not to be a goody two shoes, but I have already emailed all of the SD’s in Maryland and faxed my congressman and Cardin. Please, Katiebird, do I get to play now??

  3. He can said that but unless Hillary concedes he can not officially be the nominee until the convention. They are really trying to suppress the vote in SD and Montana. Please call.

  4. I also did my sd’s in Ca. who are so called pledged to BO and I did the ones who were ‘not pledged ‘ .. now for the first time .. I will write to encourage the ones who are for Hillary .. to stay strong ..

    Thanks Katiebird !!! ..

  5. Swannyj – you are right !!! .. thank YOU

    Breaking: Obama is Not the Official Nominee

    now back to my email .. lol

  6. This sdlobby site is very convenient — when you specify your state, it brings up three separate lists of SDs, Clinton, Obama, uncommitted. You can write different messages for each group and send one email message to each list with the click of a button.

    Honora, I did too, just the email but did not fax. I am from MD top Van Hollen’s district, ugh…

  7. (speaking from behind the curtain)

    This is not an open thread. — Unless you’ve contacted your super delegates….

  8. pm317 — you are my inspiration (clicking on link….)

  9. Radio Wars…

    Radio Wars…

    Radio Wars…or is that Radio Whores?

    I got radio whiplash this morning from competing “auras”…

    Usually I listen to the BBC World Service or Radio Australia when I get up, but the reception wasn’t as good as usual today. So, I skipped the radio until I had to go to the dentist.

    My oldies station was going to the news as I took off. They carry “ABC Now,” one of the most uninformative, chatty, gossipy, waste of time “news” breaks I have ever encountered, and the first thing out of the dulcet-toned “newsreader” was:

    “Barack Obama woke up feeling good today. He’s (sic) in reach of gaining the Democratic presidential nominee. Primaries in South Dakota and Montana…”


  10. pm317 — did you write to Heather Mizeur? She’s a rep from MD-20 (Takoma Park/SS) but votes as DNC member. Unfortunately, she’s also a former Kerry aide.

  11. It is also important to check all the districts Hillary carried overwhelmingly. Members of Congress from those Districts HAVE TO become SD for Hillary because that would be the will of the people.

    If John Lewis can switch from Hillary to Obama because he is following the electoral of his district, so can anyone else.

  12. I have been sending one email/half hour to the superdelegates for my state. I have been using comments collected from blogs, actual posts (Anglachel’s Journal = So) and any other place I can get material. Crediting them all of course – lets them know it isn’t just me.

    This one I paid the $5 to fax. I am proud of it, especially the SAVE YOUR SELF BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

    Dear Super Delegate,

    I urge you to switch your Convention voting pledge from Barack Obama to Clinton.


    A Devastating Bombshell on Obama Will Be Dropped Tomorrow [VIDEO UPDATE]

    By SusanUnPCcloseAuthor: SusanUnPC Name:
    Email: susanunpc@gmail.com
    Site: http://noquarterusa.net/

    John Fund of the Wall Street Journal was on Laura Ingraham’s show this morning, talking about the bombshell, according to our own No Quarter author Bud White.

    Bob Beckel, Democratic analyst for Fox News, reported on TV already that a “bombshell” is coming out tomorrow
    VIDEO BELOW. Here are written reports to date (and I will ADD MORE as they come in) — and I am adding the DEVASTATING electoral college projections up at HillBuzz that further underscore Obama’s unelectability. Obama is toast.

    John Fund, Wall Street Journal:

    “Indeed, rumors are swirling on the campaign trail that a new video will soon surface featuring Mrs. Obama appearing on a panel with radical speakers during which she makes more controversial statements.”

    Bob Beckel on Fox News, via HillBuzz blog:

    he has been told by numerous people,(enough and in a way that convinced him) that a bombshell will be dropping tomorrow about Michele Obama.

    The Friends turned white and asked what it might be…was it worse than a college thesis? Bob said—Oh yes, in a BIG way. He said that the Repubs were behind it and it was dumb because it meant that Mrs. Clinton would be the nominee. …



  13. OK, I did it. I wrote to every superdelegate in MA. I’ve written to several of them before, and I’ve written to Kerry and Markey more than once. This time I really poured my heart into my messages. And I made it clear to everyone that I will not vote for Obama and that I will work to defeat any superdelegate who supports him at the convention.

  14. I contacted all my Missouri SuperDs and made my best pitch.

    I hope they get a flood of faxs and emails.

  15. #
    katiebird, on June 3rd, 2008 at 2:01 pm Said:

    pm317 — you are my inspiration (clicking on link….)

    Thanks! Do I get extra credit? 🙂

    I brought up RBC and MI in all of three messages. I told them that we are not going to win with him as the nominee. I told them we would have an easier time uniting everyone if Clinton is the nominee because of how she has run a dignified campaign even reaching out to his main constituencies. For Obama’s list, I told them that we are being hoodwinked by him and his supporters because of his exaggerated delegate strength through undemocratic caucus wins when in fact, his electoral strength is weak.

  16. KB, thanks for the nudge and the link. It really is pretty quick. Just needed time to collect my thoughts and write something coherent. Remember to copy your letter so you don’t have to retype it each time.

  17. #
    hlr, on June 3rd, 2008 at 2:04 pm Said:

    pm317 — did you write to Heather Mizeur? She’s a rep from MD-20 (Takoma Park/SS) but votes as DNC member. Unfortunately, she’s also a former Kerry aide.

    You know I used the sdlobby site to send my email to her — and it bounced back (only hers) — looks like her address on that site is not working. My rep is Van Hollen but he has some convention related duties and has to remain uncommitted? (like Pelosi, of course!!)

  18. Katiebird, thanks for the nudge. I’ve just finished writing all my uncommitted Oregon SD’s. Now I’m going to start working on the Obama ones in an attempt to get them to switch. I’ll also send a note to all the Clinton SD’s thanking them for sticking to their principles. We are down to the 11th hour, so we really need to do this today.

  19. I wrote all yesterday. Unfortunately a lot of mine didn’t go through. I know I must’ve gotten 20 undeliverables. Some of the emails used by the site aren’t any good.

  20. I sent all the WA super ds notes. Thanks yous for the Hillary supporters. Change your mind or I’m not supporting you in your reelection campaign to the Obama supporters, and please choose Hillary or I’m voting green to the uncommitted.

  21. I wrote to all my state’s uncommitted superdelegates. I was courteous but not afraid to be blunt in my concluding remarks: Obama cannot win the GE and you will be held responsible for it. Also, I made sure to mention my age and ethnicity when I told them that a dangerously high level of Clinton voters will flock to McCain (because they honestly prefer McCain) or will abstain altogether due to the polarizing, unqualified candidate Obama is.

  22. Well, that was easy. There were only four “lost souls” in my state (one O, three uncommitted). Now that they have heard from me they are going to change their minds, right? heh. For the record, I have been very polite, in both languages.

  23. I’ve written to every state she won and a few she didn’t. Got two responses. I’m still fighting with one guy from Colorado who insists the MI primary was a sham and yet thinks what happened with the delegates was right.

  24. Ok here is one more thing you can do right now: Call Hillary’s campaign at the number below and tell her to go to the convention — no question of conceding or dropping out. I spoke to a young woman and conveyed that message to her and she said they have been getting a lot of calls to that effect. I think this is their Arlington HQ number:


  25. Just did for the NJ uncommitted ones and also told them I am reregistering unafiliiated after I vote today – in about 15 minutes. I’ll email the Obama delegates when I return.

  26. hlr, on June 3rd, 2008 at 3:11 pm Said:


    Great! thanks.

  27. I did every one during the RBC meeting while all the political junkies were otherwise engaged: my only shot at getting through – its been buuuuusssssy!

    try bedtime.

  28. I sent out emails to all the superdelegates from PA. I got one kicked back for Chaka Fattah because “mail quota exceded.” Must be getting a lot of email. I hope its all from Hillary supporters.

  29. Jon Ausman broke for Hillary! It’s a 1/2 vote, as he’s from FL, but still, keep it up!

  30. I got an IMMEDIATE response back from one of my Obama-endorsing superDs: “You got some stuff on your list that is misleading or flat-out wrong” and that he’s going to stand w/the Majority of our state’s voters. I’ve asked for clarification/correction, but have yet to hear anything. Here are my points:

    Hillary Clinton is the best Democratic candidate to face McCain in November. In addition to also running a historic campaign, she is the candidate:

    • Who has been consistently polling ahead of John McCain in the Electoral College
    • Who has won the big, must win states of New York, California, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania this primary season,
    • Whose pledged delegates represent 97% of the electorate
    • Whose pledged delegate lead comes from states Democrats are more likely to win in November
    • Who puts more of the must-have Swing states into play
    • Whose electoral demographics are _essential_ to a Democratic win in November
    • Who continues to win primary elections, even when she is outspent and facing an unfriendly media that calls for (and today falsely reported) her concession at every turn.

    I also mentioned that many Super D’s have gone against the wishes of Democratic voters in their states to endorse Obama, which is their right. I wonder if that’s why I haven’t heard back? 😉

  31. Got his reply back – he mostly said that what I wrote was up to interpretation – polling is early & could change, HRC can’t have it both ways (re Dem states and swing states), thinks Obama has other demographics that are also essential. He did correct me on the 97% of the electorate statement, since I was imprecise about primary vs. caucus representation – so it was wrong.

    Wish I’d sent it to him first – but oh well. He was gracious, conceded my request for his info was fair.

  32. Jack’s,

    He is undoubtably forgetting about the women who make up more than half of the party’s base. He will find out in November if Obama is the nominee. Good that he answered you anyway. John Kerry just sent me an auto-message saying my e-mail was not received and I would have to redo it on his website. F**k that and F**k John Kerry. This will be his last term in the Senate if I have anything to say about it.

  33. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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