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That sound you heard was the glass ceiling shattering!

With her speech tonight, Hillary Clinton *is* breaking the glass ceiling. She’s not backing down because she doesn’t f%&*(ing have to. She’s got 18 million of us standing in back of her and who knows how many Republicans who couldn’t vote for her who are just dying to pull that lever for Hillary. I heard from a lot of them when I was phone banking in PA. They couldn’t vote for her in the primary but they were making plans to march into that voting booth and joyfully vote for her in November.

This is what breaking the barrier looks like. It looks like proving yourself, about taking what the season throws at you and overcoming it. It looks like 18 million people not seeing you as a woman going after a man’s job but a person pursuing her dream.

Damn! She has carried the ball further down the field than any woman on the face of the earth. She can go the distance now or she can just walk away from it. But she’s not going to settle for second and she never, never should.  

Hillary Clinton made history tonight and nothing will ever be the same again.

159 Responses

  1. Wahooooooo!!!!




    She is asking for you to tell her you are proud of her and of all what is she fighting for.

    PLEASE !!!!

  3. RD said

    ‘nothing will ever be the same again’

    Jimi Hendrix said

    ‘you will never hear surf music again’

    the similarity of the truth.

  4. Wrote and contributed already. As did my sister, my father, my mother, my cousins, and my aunts!

    Go Hillary!

  5. I sent Hillary three e-mails today already and I sent her the open letter I wrote earlier today. I’ll send another one in the morning and try to figure out how much I can give her this week.

  6. Wife thought Hillary did well tonight. I was surprised TL allowed some of the comments they did in their Obama speech thread….ummmh

  7. I left a message for her and my recommendations for going forward. (what an inspiring speech). I asked her (for me and 18 million others to):
    1)Take it to Denver and fight for the top spot
    2)Don’t accept VP; you’re better than that and you owe Obama nothing
    3)If you don’t take it to Denver, please run as an Independent! We’re behind you all the way!

  8. Done!

  9. rd, you’re the BEST! I don’t know what I’d have done without your blog all these months. Thank you for the haven you’ve provided here.

  10. Don’t give up Hillary…us women are mad and we aren’t going to take it any more. Enough is Enough!

  11. Done! I said we’re with you, we’ll fight for you, we’ll be with you as long as you want us to.

    We are with YOU Hillary.

  12. so…if I may ask. Where do we go from here. blog i mean.

  13. Okay, RD, baby, where is the PayPal link to kick in for Mawm and gary?

    And off we go to give the junior senator from NY some well-deserved cash.

    (House is coming along, though I am tired tired tired.)

  14. I’ve already written to Senator Clinton. I thought the speech was brilliant and stuck all the pundits and naysayers in the eye [including the Obama folks]. It was wonderful to behold. No wringing of hands, no fake high-spirits, just the gritty determination that should make all women proud. Hillary Clinton is “not” getting in line. Not tonight. Not right now.

    Personally, I hope she doesn’t seek the VP spot. I do not think the ticket is worthy of her. But whatever she does, I’ll never be as proud as I was tonight.

    What a fabulous candidate!

  15. I haven’t taken a look at the other thread, but I just want to say (albiet with a bit of the drink in me) that her speech was great!

    At first, I was a bit apprehensive…a lot of her language complimenting the Illinois senator and his supporters felt like a build-up to a concession. But when she thank her 18 MILLION supporters, for winning the popular vote and voting for the STRONGER candidate and STRONGER president…I thought, “Um, I don’t think she’s conceding!!!!”

    Eat it, O-people!

    She’s going on!!!!!

  16. Donation given and email sent. I told Hillary that she has always said she will fight for us and asked her to continue. I also said say no to VP – it is an insult for a deserving women to be put in that position.

  17. We’re not going to take it … in Iowa!
    We’re not going to take it … in Nevada!
    We’re not going to take it … in Oh-hi-O!
    We’re not going to take it … in Florida!
    We’re not going to take it … in Colorado!
    We’re not going to take it … in PA!
    We’re not going to take it … in NJ!
    We’re not going to take it … in MA!

  18. capt, Carville said she may be giving her supporters time to come to grips before unifying. What do you guys think? I want her to hold out until he crumbles.

  19. She should never subordinate to such an unqualified man.
    NEVER !!

  20. Yeah. I nearly was verklempt a couple times during HRC’s speech. Regardless of how this turns out, I’m still so proud of her. She’s stood up to more than most candidates would ever dream of enduring, and still looks and sounds terrific.

    I’m DAMNED if I’m backing down as long as she’s willing to stay in this. And I think she should.

  21. Tabby: Well, if that were her intention, she went about it all the wrong way. We want her to stay and fight.
    All the way to Denver.

  22. And I thought we Conflucians were Hillary hardliners and admirers.

    Watch someone who put us to shame

  23. tabbycat: What do you guys think?

    Does it look like we’re “coming to grips?”


  24. I’m not backing down either Eleanor. The sneaky way they did the Super’s tonight sickens me. I don’t want her anywhere near that ticket.

  25. I’m not coming to grips! I have new hope. By August, they’ll be on their knees begging her.

  26. I think he’s lost too many people already. Look at his negatives.

  27. Hillary has started a third party,,,, and it’s within the Democratic Party!

    The Democratic Party .02! lol!

    HILLARY 08!

  28. I went and sent her my message as well May I share??
    I sent this poem-and a personal message asking her to stay in and win!

    Don’t Quit
    Author Unknown

    When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
    When the road your trudging seems all uphill,
    When the funds are low and the debts are high,
    And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
    When care is pressing you down a bit
    Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

    Life is queer with its twists and its turns,
    As everyone of us sometimes learns,
    And many a failure turns about
    When they might have won, had they stuck it out.
    Don’t give up though the pace seems slow,
    You may succeed with another blow.

    Often the struggler has given up
    When he might have captured the victors cup;
    And he learned too late when the night came down,
    How close he was to the golden crown.

    Success is failure turned inside out
    The silver tint of the clouds of doubt
    And you never can tell how close you are,
    It may be near when it seems so far;
    So stick to the fight when your hardest hit,
    It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit!

  29. Hillary has done it with style, courage and class, and despite Obama’s contemptuous push to derail her campaign telling the world she couldn’t win since he won by a few votes in IA. She did it despite MSNBC, AP, CNN, Reuters, and the DNC. Hillary reached to the voters, and they did not listen to the lies coming from the Obama camp via the media. I’ve never been this impressed by a candidate. All I had known from Democrats were losers. Rise Hillary! Go all the way to Denver.

  30. tabbycat,

    I honestly think Carville is as much in the dark as everyone else. When Hillary decides what she’s going to do, she’ll tell us. I don’t think she’ll let us down.

  31. By the way, I shared the P.U.M.A. with my Clinton supporter primary party. We suggested a logo, “Party Unity My (insert pic of kicking donkey)” 🙂

  32. Done! I invited her to visit us here at the Confluence if she ever needed a spirit boost. This has been a rollercoaster ride. Tonight I am all psyched out again. And I do not agree with Carville that she is just giving her supporters time to digest a possible withdrawal. She appears to be in this for the long run and I think she really is looking to break that glass ceiling.

  33. I do not see how this unity meme is going to happen. I am sure the spin doctors at the D party are working like crazy but…..I just od not see it.

  34. i hope so BB. Didn’t Bill look determined to take it? He didn’t look like he was in any mood for anyone to tell her to quit.

    She stood up for US tonight..the people who have stood by her through every smear possible. I’m so proud of her. No one will ever get that many primary votes again because no race will ever go this far in the future.

  35. People have been hacking NoQuarters since LJ came out with the rumor about MO.

    His site has been sabotaged the last 2 days.

  36. MABlue,

    That video was really strange and wonderful. How do you come up with these things?

  37. Wrote and contributed. I have never been so proud of any politician in my life as I was of her when she responded to the question “What does Hillary want?” What a President she will make!


  38. I hope she takes it to Denver. I hope his karma catches up with him and his campaign implodes before August.

    Tonight, I am just thinking about one whole generation of men and women having their hopes and dreams dashed — this thought was inspired by a comment from a 80+ year old woman. It is not that we are all supporting Clinton because she is a woman — we are supporting her because she is the best, best among the three left standing. I am just saddened by thinking about women who don’t get what they so rightfully deserve. In this campaign the tragedy is that for some hate-filled people she was just a Clinton, not the first viable female candidate. How many people acknowledged the historical nature of her candidacy? Hell, they would not even give her a true celebratory moment.

  39. I’m trying to figure out how to come up with the money to travel to Denver this August so I can get arrested in a street protest.

    I’ll need gas, food, motel and bail money. A couple bucks for souveneirs would be cool too.

  40. myq: 😉

  41. Madam Clinton’s fortitude has been remarkable. I LOVE that she’s fighting on. Put the pedal to the metal, Hll. 🙂

  42. BB: Someone on a previous thread recommended the video. It just fits, doesn’t it?

  43. Hillary just sent out a very nice email to everyone on her mailing list and asked that we go to her website and leave a message. I had already left one, but I left another for good measure. I thought her speech was great. It certainly left the pundit panel at FoxNews dumbfounded.

  44. Heheh. The CNN panel has no idea what the hell is going on. You know, I’d worry more about the Obama people being put off, if they hadn’t run that RFK smear up the flagpole and sent out crazy-ass Keith Olbermann’s rant to the national media just about a week ago. They had a chance to be gracious as well – they’ve had many.

  45. Man. Larry must be on to something with that “whitey” tape. His site has been under a constant hack-attack for days, and is down again.

    The furious reaction of Obamanation tells the tale.

    Even if the tape doesn’t exist, the trolls know it could exist.

    Or at least their trollmaster, David Axelrod, knows it could exist.

  46. BB:

    That video was really strange and wonderful. How do you come up with these things?

    That particular pastor is usually so over the top, that he’s funny. You have to concede the fact that he does make good points.

    Generally, I keep up with all my peeps who are strongly pro Hillary. There are a very small but dedicated group.

  47. Hey, did Chris Matthews figure out if Hillary was being obedient or not?

  48. myiq: trollmaster.heh.

  49. Just got “Election Night Talking Points” from the campaign:

    *Tonight, Sen. Clinton is on the verge of winning in South Dakota, a state Sen. Obama’s campaign predicted he would win by 15 points. Hillary’s supporters never gave up on her, and she refused to quit on them, fighting to make sure every voice was heard in this election.

    *Regardless of the outcomes, Hillary will be making no decisions tonight. In the coming days, she will be consulting with supporters and party leaders to determine how to move forward. The best interests of our party and our country will guide her thinking.

    *No matter who the nominee is, Hillary is committed to unifying our party. Hillary and Senator Obama’s shared views are much greater than their differences.

    *Sen. Obama is a talented public servant who has inspired and energized millions of Americans. And we have a more vibrant party and democracy because of the extraordinary campaign he has run.

    *Today, Senator Clinton was asked whether she was open to the idea of running as Vice-President and repeated what she has said before: she will do whatever she can to ensure that Democrats take the White House back and defeat John McCain.

    *Over the course of this historic campaign, 18 million people have voted for Hillary Clinton—more than anyone else in the history of the Democratic primaries.

    *18 million have cast their ballots for Hillary because they believe she is best prepared to lead our country as commander in chief and begin turning around our economy from her first day in office.

    *Hillary’s candidacy has attracted a broad coalition of new voters. Millions of new women, Latinos and people over 45 voted in the primaries for the first time.

    *Hillary will never stop fighting for the issues she cares about—providing universal health care, expanding economic opportunity and restoring America’s leadership in the world. She knows there is nothing we can’t accomplish if we start acting like Americans again.

  50. MABlue, It look to me like there were quite a few of your peeps at Hillary’s speech tonight. Anyway, loved the video.

  51. I’ve been reading this blog for the past few weeks and just thought I would de-lurk on this memorable night to tell you all how much your strong, sane, passionate voices have meant to me. Thank you.

    P.S. MABlue, great video – who is that guy?

  52. Welcome, karot.

  53. Well, I here’s the message I sent to Hillary:

    Dear Senator Clinton:

    There are 18 million of us who stand with you. Don’t concede! Take it to Denver. As I was making calls for you across the country as primaries were held, I heard repeatedly that your supporters will vote for John McCain before they will vote for Obama.

    I will not vote for the Democratic candidate unless it is you. This is true even if you are in the VP spot, which I hope you will not take. He will lose in November and blame his loss on you. He is the Democratic version of G. W. Bush, unwilling to take responsibility for anything.

    Don’t give up. WE NEED YOU!

    “This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” – Winston Churchill

    Thank you.

  54. Tonight’s performances may change some things: McCain can often get a one-liner off with great punch and power, but this evening’s speech, maybe it was the first time I ever heard him give an entire speech, was often painful to behold. Here I was, a life-long Democrat, prepared to hear, practically rooting for him to give, some strong, quick, indelible thrusts that would hint of the powerful challenge B.O, would now have to face in the GE (if only to make SDs and others wish that Hillary was the Democratic nominee)…and was confronted with something more like a creaky mechanical dinosaur’s head seen at museum exhibits. The silly refrain (“that’s not change you can believe in”) coupled with the slow-motion lip-snarls—never mind the numerous word flubs, and the flimsy audience—tended to suggest (for the first time, to me anyway) that mere energetic-quick-speaking vivaciousness could beat this!!! Perhaps I’m alone in thinking this, but it made me more inclined to favor Hillary as VP—lest she be left behind almost entirely once the contrast between B.O. and McCain’s lethargic and archaic qualities has them running in droves to B.O.! While she is still vital and still so very needed by him, perhaps, especially given her chosen commitment to the party, she should be part of it? Anyone else get this feeling after McCain (and the 2 other speeches?)

  55. Well, whatever Hillary does from this point forward, I will in the meantime do everything I possibly can to defeat Obama – starting tomorrow. I know there are a lot of angry women and men out there (pundits still acknowledging this tonight) and I’m not alone. If it means contributing $$ to McCain’s campaign, I’ll do that, too. I’m hoping Obama implodes before the convention in August so Hillary can step in. I get the feeling that she knows something is up; that there really is some radioactive dirt out there on him. Would love to see that happen, especially when the MSM has to do a complete 180. Serves them right.

  56. Actually that pastor Manning is no friend. He went around saying he had incriminating stuff on Obama that would practically end his campaign. He also said he would release that information right after June 3. Now he is saying he won’t do any such thing because he does not think the Dem party deserves to win. So, he is not doing us any favors here.

  57. Bob Beckel is flaming out on Fox. He is angry and unhinged.

    He’s coming unglued and Hannity (forgive me for typing that unspeakable name) is jabbing him with a stick.

    Beckel in giving Hillary down the road and raising his voice he actually looked full square in the camera and said, “People who are for Clinton — you lost!”

    Everyone else is lauding Hillary except Beckel. I love it. The Zero people don’t know what to do when someone doesn’t genuflect to the oh great Zero.

  58. Hey, peeps, I have 3 presentations tomorrow and a slew of meetings. I think Hillary can handle things ok with the rest of you mountain and pacific time Clintonistas covering her overnight while I sleep, so I’ll say sayonara until tomorrow.

  59. Eleanor A.,

    I just hope what she said about the vice presidency was polite hokum. I’d be so disappointed if she did that.

  60. Good night, RD. Sleep well.

  61. Night RD and thanks again for your hospitality.

  62. Nitey-nite RD.

  63. Bob Beckel. Another loser for Barack. Didn’t he work on the Dukakis campaign? Or was it Carter? Whatever. He’s loser.

  64. I didn’t get to hear Hillary’s speech tonight. Can someone summarize for me what she said? Thanks.

  65. Whoever McCain chooses for VP could be the game changer and the broadening of his appeal should Obama prevail as the nominee. That second GOP slot will be used to bolster the energy McCain may be lacking. It may also be the impetus for the crossover vote they could expect if O is “the One”.

    If that tape does not come out tomorrow, and I was really concerned when Bob Bechel was on tonight and it was never mentioned since this morning, something is up. Bob is the one who introduced it nationally yet little of it has been heard since. Not even on the Fox blog which surely would love to be able to spit in the eye of the Dems.

  66. Believe it or not, this was the headline at the War Room at Salon:

    Clinton wins!
    Instead of the sort-of concession many expected her to deliver, Hillary Clinton’s remarks to supporters on Tuesday night sounded remarkably like… a victory speech?
    Alex Koppelman [2008-06-03]

    Damn straight Alex!

  67. tabby, no way. she has nothing to gain from getting out. And the most fundamental fact of all of this is she knows Obama can’t win even with her help. She is not going to surrender to the Republicans.

  68. Pat Buchanan (yeah, I know) on MSNBC demanding to know.. Obama gives an excellent speech, he looks great, he outspends Hillary 4 to 1, and.. she’s been beating him for the past couple months. What’s wrong?

    MSNBC panel: …???

  69. I’m not positive but I believe any money given after midnight reverts to the Dem nominee. Hopefully, that will be Senator Clinton but if you want to make damn sure your money doesn’t go to assist Obama in the GE you may want to check it out.

    Is this correct? Anyone know?

  70. Prolix: Bob Bechel actually said that about Hillary supporters tonight? Did you see the tape from this morning on Fox News? I think it is still up over at Tennessee Guerilla. He was the one who suggested that Obama was in serious trouble because of the tape. This is an about face.

  71. Prolix you are on to something with that zero!

    Hold on, let me try it…

    0bama. Zero.

    Love it!

    Riverdaughter – again – wow, she is mutha-flocking doing what she wants! She is the mommy of all PUMAs if I ever saw one.

    I was so unsure what she’d say, but she didn’t fail me or the 18M who voted for her.

  72. I’d be pretty surprised if money given to Hillary goes to Obama.

    I hear you BB. I think it’d be a huge mistake for Hill to take the VP if offered. But I notice she’s backpedaling a bit…from tonight’s talking points email from the campaign:

    *Today, Senator Clinton was asked whether she was open to the idea of running as Vice-President and repeated what she has said before: she will do whatever she can to ensure that Democrats take the White House back and defeat John McCain.

  73. Eleanor, no! I don’t like that VP part in her release. Not at all.

  74. Pat, I saw the Bechel comment from this AM, if he says that there’s trouble coming, and he’s an Obama supporter, then that means this is true.

  75. The Obamanation trolls are going apeshit tonight. Someone forgot to tell them to be gracious though.

  76. Media as usual distorted the VP thing — she was asked about it and she gave a stock reply — whatever for the good of the party.

  77. There is no nominee until August. If you give to Hillary, the money is hers.

  78. Pat, I saw it. I just can’t stand Bob Prickel (oops, sorry for the misspelling).

    He was just angry at Hillary and he’s angry at her strength and at her supporters. He’s had nothing good to say the entire primary and his hatred dates back to the 90’s.

    I really think at the end of the day, the big Zero camp wanted it to be all about ring-around-the-Zero tonight. Hillary upstaged him and that just chaps their asses.

    And…me likey it much.

  79. Talkleft is in a world of hurt tonight. Every DK poster must be coming by to see what Clinton supporters are saying.

    Hillary, do not take VP. That is settling. You are better than that. Don’t let the “Party” force it on you. They have done nothing for you.

  80. So who’s more over the top, Reverend Manning or Tweety?

  81. SM,

    Thanks, the big Zero offers us PUMAs a world of fun and possibilities.

  82. Prolix: Somebody must have told Bob to shut his mouth because he is the original leaker of this to the MSM and he appeared to be sure of the sources. But since then no mention of it. Strange.

    I wonder if KO will do another “special comment” tomorrow night chastising Hillary for not giving in.

  83. My money is on Tweetie. For a long time. Seriously in need of some help.

  84. For me, this contest is not about Hillary. In a sense, it’s not even about Obama: He’s just another corrupt pol, one who happens to be in my own party.

    My enemy is the “progressive” movement, which has become a destructive force, a covertly Libertarian force, utterly opposed to the New Deal paradigm which brought this country its finest years.

    My manifesto is on my own site, but I’ll repeat the gist of it here: I have plans. You could even call them “schemes.” Politics is no longer an avocation with me; I live to defeat Obama-ism.

    Remember the battle for Gondor in “Return of the King”? This is the scene where the over-sized elephants show up on the field. They may seem invulnerable — but they’re not.

    I’m riding out to slay the monsters. Want to join me?

  85. Well if they release the tape tomorrow, that’ll take the wind out of his delegate win. It will definitely stick if its as bad as LJ says it is.

  86. Pat – you are right. We are due a special comment. The “long national nightmare” didn’t end tonight afterall.

  87. I’m in it with her all the way. I said go Denver. Why not?

    She can take a vacation and come back for the Convention. I won’t hold it against her. I’m ready.

    It’d be nice not to have indigestion every day from all the anxiety, but them’s the breaks.

    VP is no-go for me. I hope she understands that.

  88. Yeah, I haven’t been able to get in at Talkleft all night. Oh well, many Talklefters are also frequent commenters here, at Corrente, Taylormarsh, etc.

    I was actually amazed how many people left posts at Taylor’s tonight. Hmmmm. Maybe there really are enough of us in the HRC camp to force the Dems to come to their senses. I love that Hillary won SD tonight by such a large margin. It made it so much easier for her to come in on a high note.

    I read the VP comment from Hillary as a backpedal, tabby…that language is pretty generic. But I agree, I don’t want her to take the job either. She can’t save him, and will only injure her own credibility in the process.

  89. okay…she’s a party loyalist, but she’s not a masochist. She not going to take vp and allow the democratic assclowns, uhh I mean senators to treat her like a sweetie and publicly degrade her at any turn. she’s not going down on the titanic, and he’s way too arrogant to pick her anyway.

  90. It sounds like she is floating the VP idea out there for responses. I say no. The Hillary hate tonight is worse than ever (how is that possible?). I really really don’t want her to do this.

    When I think of her speech, she made the case for herself as President…naming the swing states she won, etc. How could she accept VP after that?

  91. pm317:

    Obamanation has nightmares about Hillary snatching victory away from them.

    And yes, I intended the Freudian double meaning.

  92. Yes Cannon, I’ll join you with no hesitation! I’m going over to your site right now.

  93. I’m with you. Stop Obama-ism.

    I value democracy far too much to sit back and let Obama stroll into the white house and destroy this country from the inside out.

    So if he is the nominee, then I will spend the next five months doing my best to make McCain president.

  94. And if Hillary does take VP and is sworn in next January will part of her declaration be “I promise to obey”? Just asking since someone mentioned Matthews brought this up. What a moron.

  95. Time for me to go to bed. Good night, it has been a long day….

  96. Pat, don’t forget the “til death do us part”. She is waiting on that you know.

  97. Regarding Tweety, I think they must put something in the Yellow Hair dye he uses that destroys brain cells

    Tabbycat: I expect a special comment if Keithy’s head hasn’t exploded yet.

  98. Was I the only one who found McCain really personable tonight?

    Maybe I’m just that girl now but he spoke to me and I liked him. I think my children might be Republicans. My mom is threatening a switch.

    It’s a bad day to be “the nominee”


  99. Yep, Tweety is so funny. I need to search through his transcripts for where he asked other VP candidates if they would “obey”. Hardly.

  100. What would she get by being on the ticket as VP? Nothing. if she wants to run again in ’12, she’s still not going to get any support among the media or the dem establishment. She’s already got the voters. It’s pointless.

    and if by some miracle, Obama did win, then her life as his VP would be a living hell. Want to help him work out his mommy issues on a daily basis?

  101. You know what is always a good snack for Pumas – little Tweety birds.

    The only difference in the oath for VP is the word — “vice” preceding President.

    Tweety and KZero remind me of Garth and Wayne and the name of the movie is Zero’s World — losers loving losers all the while thinking about how to execute the perfect wedgey.

  102. Joseph Cannon:

    I was on your blog a min ago. You’ve got probably the best collection of CDS I’ve ever seen.

    I’ll submit that to the Smithsonian. It’s priceless.

    Hillary sent the O-zoids straight to therapy with her speech.

  103. I don’t think Hillary’s really vying for veep as much as she hopes the Obama camp will simply flatout refuse. It’s like she’s saying: “C’mon, I dare ya.” lol

  104. 18 million people cannot be wrong. We want Hillary for President, and we want her now! Mark me down as another one who hopes that she won’t accept the VP position to “unify” the party. The Democratic party, as a whole, has done nothing to help her. She has fought the media, the political pundits and the DNC; they all said that she was going to lose … but she is still here! And I am also another one who, if she does decide to run as O’s VP, will not vote for O for President. I cannot make myself vote for McCain, but I will consider a write-in vote for HRC, if possible. She has fought too hard to end up with VP. But whatever she decides, I will be proud of the campaign she has run.

  105. I peeked in at TalkLeft earlier and there was this huge long comment from one of the Hilary Haters from the orange bubble essentially babbling about Barry and asking for us to make nice. BTD requested that comment should be civil. Sorry. I’m not ready to make nice. I may never be.

  106. The question I feel like asking is this: What happens in the morning?

    I’m almost afraid to sleep and find out.

  107. Turnout in South Dakota was about 49.5% That is amazing for a last primary.

  108. Is her Pop lead safe? I just wanna make sure.

  109. And I bet Daschle wanted to borrow Fr. Pfleger’s hankie.

  110. I will do whatever I can to not have Obama be elected. I don’t trust him, I don’t like him and I don’t want him in the white house. I went to NYC in 2004. I’ll go to Denver in 2008 – it’s closer, and it’s easier to camp in Colorado than in NYC. Today, my daughter told me that she had just contributed to Hillary – for the first time. good for her. That was her message to Hillary to not give up. She lives in MA and may be willing to give up some time in August to go with me to Denver.

    Her permanent home is in AZ, and she will not vote McCain. Neither will I. but short of that, It’s Hillary or no one for us. (my 86 y/o mother as well. But not to Denver for her. We’re happy just to get her to the polling place.) 😉

    Go Hillary!!!

  111. David Gergen is about to cry. He’s gone over the edge.

    Based on Lanny Davis and Carville tonight, I think the idea is to give us time and also the VP. Lanny is talking about VP right now. He has a petition for it. Yuck Lanny.

  112. Teresa,

    It’s amazing. For the past two days the haka has been constant and louder than ever–telling us BO is the nominee, it’s over, and yet all those people went out to vote for Hillary. The voters are trying to tell the DNC something, but the DNC isn’t listening. This will be an interesting summer.

  113. I love it! Pumas eat Tweeties for lunch!

  114. Tabbycat,

    Good, Gergen has less spine than a jellyfish. He’s such a sychophant that he taught Larry Craig the wide stance.

  115. Teresa, PUMAs also chow down on Obambis – mmmm, venison….

  116. Lanny Davis is a great cheerleader but he does not represent the campaign. I’m sure he means well but I’m not signing that thing.

    It’s Hildawg or the Maverick

  117. I voted for and supported the best Democratic candidate of my lifetime. I have had no occasion to doubt it, and tonight I am more sure than ever.

    Regarding the VP thing, she hasn’t accepted and Obama most likely isn’t smart enough to offer. She wouldn’t accept unless it was a good deal for her, and for the country. Remember we’re dealing with Our Girl here, and don’t fear the veep either way.

    Ten points for We’re Not Gonna Take It!

  118. Joseph, Legolas > Oliphaunt!

  119. I wonder if part of what’s happening is.. she does not want to actually be Obama’s VP on the ticket. But maybe she does want to be the presumptive VP on the ticket, if the party finds by August that they’d better vote for the next candidate in line because Obama’s going to crash and burn.

    I’m so happy she stuck up for the 18 million who voted for her and insisted that they are respected. One of the worst things I’ve consistently heard from Obama’s side is blaming the voters for his losses, as if it’s our fault for not being good enough or smart enough or enlightened enough for him.

  120. edwardian, and you know they will. lol Expect a statement tomorrow, “Hillary clinton will never appear on any ticket of mine. never! and they can’t make me!”

    He is so willing to fall right into the trap and be the jerk who always takes teh kow road despite being such a great uniter.

  121. Why do I feel like throwing up? I can’t watch HIM, I just can’t. He’s not likeable enough.

  122. BB: I know. If it could have been spread out just a bit more, I think Hillary would have been clear winner.

    Now we have a tie, except with a small hoofie on the scale via the DNC.

    I don’t believe Davis and Carville. If they were telling the truth, the media wouldn’t have seemed so shocked, Donna Brazille wouldn’t have seemed so disappointed. I think Hillary is planning on fighting this. The DNC twisted the knife last Saturday, and she’s doing a little knife twisting of her own.

  123. The only way Obama will ask Hillary to be on the ticket is if Howard and Nancy tell him he can’t be the nominee unless he does. And I just can’t imagine Hillary taking it anyway.

  124. Teresa,

    I think so too. I think she’s enjoying this. She’s in a very powerful position right now. They know it, and they are starting to realized that they pushed the abuse and character assassination too far. They have no clue yet how many of us there are who will refuse to vote for him. I had Fox and CNN on a little while ago, and there are all these men announcing that the women will come around. They won’t want to lose Roe, etc. They are more worried about the “bitter” working class men. They take us completely for granted.

  125. BB, I would agree, but I can’t under estimate the hubris of the Zero camp. Their whole deal was wresting the nomination and beating the “old school.”

    They are on a high right now and pissed that they didn’t get all the glory to which they thought they were entitled.

    Right now Hillary is the boss of them and that’s a bitter, bitter pill.

  126. SM: Tweeties, Obambis, and little weasels named Donna and Howard!

  127. BB: They take us completely for granted, which is why we can’t let them win. Ever.

  128. I understand Tweety Matthews asked K. Olbermann – “If Hillary would be VP, would she OBEY him (BO)?” Good old MSNBC.

  129. Jerry,

    Yes, and that line will be remembered just like his “funny feeling in his leg” when he hears the big Zero speak.

  130. My sister Katiebird asked me to write to say that her power has been out all night due to a storm. I just got off work or I would have written sooner to say how much she wishes she was here tonight.

    We will see this through! I feel more confident than ever, actually. I just needed to log on and see Riverdaughter’s post on Hillary’s resolve. Wheew. Now I can sleep.

    Goodnight everyone–see you in the morning!

  131. oh poor katiebird. I’ve missed you Katie and hope you have power soon. I hope she didn’t miss Hillary’s speech.

  132. Thanks Joanie. Hope Katie and family are all keeping each other safe and comfortable, in the meantime.

  133. My enemy is the “progressive” movement, which has become a destructive force, a covertly Libertarian force, utterly opposed to the New Deal paradigm which brought this country its finest years.

    I agree. Can we start calling ourselves liberal again? As far as I’m concerned progressive = fauxgressive. I want no part of it.

  134. Has anyone noticed that Obama’s total delegates (2140) exceed only the required total when Michigan is not included (2118)? If you include Michigan, the total required is 2240. So he accepts a gift of 59 Michigan delegates which he didn’t earn, but doesn’t add Michigan’s delegates to the required total. Can someone explain to me how this clinches the nomination for him? Can’t anyone in the media count?

  135. Make that 2209; I guess I can’t count either.

  136. I’m proud to call myself a liberal.

  137. Argh @ The View. Couldn’t stand to hear Barbara Walters remark, after Whoopi Goldberg read out that erroneous AP report, that there “will be others” — as in other women who will pursue and, eventually, win a presidential bid.

    My peeve with that comment: I one fell swoop, it marginalizes the impact Hillary, and ONLY Hillary, has created. The foundation she’s setting for women, and for the future of this country isn’t something that can be dismissed or slighted in the least. Perhaps that wasn’t Ms. Walters’ intent, but it sure came across as reducing Hillary to little more than a footnote, in the context of women in politics. To me, that’s about as inane as discovering a solid young tenor, with some impressive high c’s and saying “Pavarotti who?”

    HRC can rest assured, she’s making her history in the here and now for all the world to see. Stand tall, stand proud, Madame Clinton. And RISE! 🙂

    Well that was my mini-rant for the night. LOL! ‘Nite all!

  138. Did they give MI half votes as well as FL?

    or perhaps they decided to punish the voters of Democratic states by taking away some of their delegates.

    with this crew, it could be anything.

  139. the huffington post is claiming the Dems are still trying to push HRC out:

    “In the absence of a concession speech from Sen. Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night, top figures in the Democratic Party are set to go public, urging all uncommitted officials to declare their presidential affiliations. Sources have confirmed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, DNC Chairman Howard Dean, and an official with the Democratic Governors Association are planning to release a public statement on Wednesday morning requesting that the party close its ranks and prepare for the race against Sen. John McCain.”

  140. I can’t sleep still trying to figure out what is going to happen

  141. Well, I’ve got to think bullying someone they’ve already slandered is a poor strategy. 🙂

  142. FL and MI delegates only count for half a vote, hence the lower number.

    Also, Hillary isn’t going to be able to hammer home some of the details that the supporters have to:

    – Hillary received more votes than Obama
    – Nearly all of Obama’s pledged delegate lead is from caucus states who make up 3% of the total voters
    – Every caucus state that also had a primary showed drastically different results between the caucus and primary.

    In other words: Superdelegates are overturning the will of the people based off 3% of the primary participants and a caucus system that is demonstrably non representative.

  143. Personally, I think Hillary’s as tired and offended by the “veep” chatter as most of us have maintained. And I think that, perhaps, tonight’s speech was her way saying as much without overtly calling out both the party and her opponent.

    Despite how gracious and loyal the Clintons remain towards the Party, she has to be still reeling from the blatant disrespect paid her candidacy, unchecked and non-stop.

    So clearly she’s been reading The Confluence and has taken heed of my thoughts — Why board the Titanic, when a “bon voyage” from the docks will suffice? 🙂

  144. gq:

    Thanks for the clarification.

  145. My husband just sent her $25 (okay, so we’re poor working artists) without me even asking! Sweet. My closest friend got an email from the Dem party asking for a donation but he told them to go fuck themselves. Then he sent the money to Clinton instead.

    I hope she’s having a good fundraising night.

    Now, if you haven’t read this article about Obama being a Republican, you really, really need to. Trust me on this.

  146. There’s an article on HuffPo apparently about a Very Stern Letter from Pelosi/Reid/Dean insisting that superdelegates declare their preference.

    Someone over at TalkLeft called it the dog-and-unity-pony show.

  147. Alright, the ultra-queer in me, but this sorta reminds me of that “boardroom” scene from Mommy Dearest.

    Joan Crawford to execs: Don’t *eff* with me fellas! This ain’t my first time at the rodeo …

    I know how to win the hard way.

    Yes! That’s Hills for ya! 🙂

  148. edwardian, as per DNC rules, “knowing how to win’ in any way is grounds for automatic expulsion from the party.

  149. I do not know if the tape Larry Johnson (and now Bob Beckel and John Fund) speak about is real, but there seems to be a big enough and broad enough buzz about it that there is SOMETHING to the rumor….anyways, Hillbuzz has the following up on their site tonight:

    What’s on the Michelle Obama Rant Tape?

    Here’s what’s known so far:

    The Michelle Obama Rant Tape was filmed between June 26th – July 1st 2004 in Chicago, IL at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Conference at Trinity United Church: specifically the Women’s Event.

    Michelle Obama appeared as a panelist alongside Mrs. Khadijah Farrakhan and Mrs. James Meeks.

    Bill Clinton spoke during the Conference, as did Bill Cosby and other speakers, but not at the panel Michelle attended.

    Michelle Obama spoke at the Women’s Event, but referenced Bill Clinton in her rant — his presence at the conference was the impetus for her raving, it seems.

    For about 30 minutes, Michelle Obama launched into a rant about the evils of America, and how America is to blame for the problems of Africa. Michelle personally blamed President Clinton for the deaths of millions of Africans and said America is responsible for the genocide of the Tutsis and other ethnic groups. She then launched into an attack on “whitey”, and talked about solutions to black on black crime in the realm of diverting those actions onto white America. Her rant was fueled by the crowd: they reacted strongly to what she said, so she got more passionate and enraged, and that’s when she completely loses it and says things that have made the mouths drop of everyone who’s seen this.

    The “tape” is a DVD that Trinity United sold on its website, and possibly offered free for download up until March 2008 when Trinity’s site was scrubbed and the DVDs were no longer offered for sale.

    This outburst happened just one month before the 2004 Democratic Convention, when Barack Obama delivered the keynote address.

    JJ speaking again:

    I am suspicious because they do not provide any sources for this information, but this seems like it is something awfully specific for Hillbuzz to be putting up for it to be completely not credible. No? Any thoughts? Also, if this does exist, shouldn’t the Obama campaign be freaking out right about now and like withdrawing? So maybe it isn’t real…?

  150. JJ, on June 4th, 2008 at 2:54 am Said:
    Noquarter had a picture up (they have taken it down now) with her and Mrs. Farrakhan and others from this event. So that matches with the description from hillbuzz.

  151. The dog-and-unity show/letter is for one thing and one thing only: to prevent superdelegates from having to go on record giving the nomination to the person who received fewer votes. If Hillary concedes and relinquishes her delegates, than Supers are in the clear. They don’t want to embarrass themselves and show they are dysfunctional. That’s what the upcoming haka is going to be about, not party unity or going after McCain. So they don’t have to make a decision.

    Also, I have my contribution as to why taking it to Denver is necessary.

  152. pm317, i figured that is where they got the information about the event itself, but what about the information about the content of her controversial comments? the assertions put forth by hillbuzz are so specific that they seem like they must be the description of someone who has seen the tape, unless they are speculating (I hope not, they would lose credibility)…they give no indication as to why they believe michelle said what they are asserting…

  153. Over at corrente, Iphie has something aout how Obama supporters at Clinton’s rally got right up in her face and were screaming, “Concede, you liar! Concede!”

    i guess we should give them credit for not physically attacking her. OTOH, WTF is WRONG with these people?

  154. The obots were probably proud of themselves.

    If I had been there, I would have “accidentally” done something to stop them.

    If you’re next to one, “accidentally” step on their foot while bumping into them, they’ll go down in a heap. Fall on top of them, and act like someone pushed you too.

    A sharp jab or kick while smiling and not looking at them would work. Hell, if they were agressive, grab them and yank ’em back, and you could always claim you thought they were going to attack Hillary. You wouldn’t get prosecuted cuz you would have lots of witnesses on your side.

    If you’re too timid for that, just tell a Secret Service agent they’re acting suspicious, they’ll never get near Hillary.

  155. Hill wants to know what we think. I sent this:

    Dearest Hillary – You said you found your voice in this campaign – I want you to know through your glorious courage, your deep and compassionate heart, your brilliant vision of the future, and your unwavering commitment to the people of this great nation, you have helped me find mine.

    As I’ve faced my own struggles these past months, when I have felt beaten down and ready to fold, I have thought “what would Hillary do?” And I get back up, on shaking legs perhaps, but with head held high – and I go on. And when I see injustice – I can not be silent anymore.

    I beg you to take this on to Denver. We are with you. We are millions strong.

    This has become about more than any one issue, or even any one candidate – this is now about fighting for the heart and soul of America and of the party that used to make me so proud.

    The blatant and unremitting misogyny of the media and the silent tacit agreement to this behavior by the DNC and the Obama campaign have fueled a rage in women all over this nation. We have listened to month after month of sexist bashing that is unbelievable in it’s level of hatred and contempt. Now we are told that we will “fall in line” in November and vote for Obama. No. We won’t. I WILL NOT. I can’t. My vote is too precious.

    I will never reward the despicable behavior of the DNC and the Obama campaign with my support. Every sexist slap you took was felt by every woman in this country. The contempt the DNC and many Super Delegates have shown towards women (especially older women), blue collar workers, the poor, the undereducated, and every Democrat that isn’t African American or young has been terrible. The Democrats were always the party of inclusion. Now it excludes millions of us. DNC representatives have called Clinton supporters vile and told us to stay home as we are not needed. This will be the end of this party.

    The Obama campaign painting you and Bill as racist has been staggering in it’s viciousness. The only racist remarks I have heard have come from Obama’s church.

    There is only one way out of this – you. Please continue to fight for us. Take us to DENVER! Let us speak. Do not allow the DNC to disenfranchise voters! That is NOT what the Democratic party should stand for.

    I know it is unreasonable to expect any one human being to continue to take the abuse that has been heaped on you… but we are at a tipping point in the direction our nation will travel. Please, PLEASE know you hold in your hands the dreams of so many of us that have been beaten down – the dream we too can RISE.

    With deep appreciation, admiration, and love –

  156. I loved what you wrote about the glass ceiling RD. Well, I’m no longer a Democrat. I won’t vote for an O and Hillary ticket. I hope that Hillary Clinton leaves the Party she has worked so hard for all her life. I will follow if she does. Funny, she started off Repub, then switched. For me, it’s not “the Party” but “the person” that matters. When I get over how she has been savaged by the media, I’ll write about it, and what feminism has meant in my life.

    I don’t want to watch what is going to happen, now. My sense is that the backlash is going to be horrific and I will have no part in that. If I see ethical gaffes or more statements of the sort Brazile made I’ll concentrate on those.

    McCain and Hillary — that would be easy for me. He could handle the military mess and she’d do the homefront.

    I know you’re going to say “friends don’t let friends…”
    But, the New Left isn’t something I want to embrace — too grim
    Riverdaughter, you are the best, and this is the best group. Your hearts and your words have been a beautiful thing to see, and be part of. For my next music video I’m trying to figure out if I should play the Dead Kennedy’s, The Clash, The Talking Heads, Romeo Void or?

    Maybe the Violent Femmes.

    I love you guys (wiping away a tear) I don’t know what I would have done without RD’s voice and the Confluence.

  157. ps: I think the world needs to learn what being a feminist is.

    Let’s write that book, PUMAS. I became a jr, feminist in the 70’s, reading Erica Jong. Nobody knows about the choices our group of women made in this life. My first boyfriend was at 19. The first of many relationships. In a women’s studies class I took at my University we learned about Kate Chopin, Emma Goldman, Willa Cather, Eleanor Roosevelt et al. Our stories of courage in the face of one night stands, miscarriage, abortion, partners, children, violence, birth control and so forth. Nobody knows what it was like coming of age circa 1981 yet.
    I could be Caroline K. or Madonna –that’s this gen I’m in.
    We worked. We got our educations, didn’t we? Just like Hillary– in that sense “we are the ones” who advanced feminism.
    Let’s be role models for the little sisters and daughters, now.

  158. Thank you for the site! It’s the perfect antidote to Obamyopia….

    You’re so right…Hillary “should never settle for second…and why should she?”

  159. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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