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Tweety on Hillary: “Can she obey?”

I didn’t want to mess up the Obama-free zone in the previous thread, so here I am.  The prodigal daughter returns from her self-imposed Obama-free life, which has also involved eschewing political blogs, reading my once-beloved New York Times (and the crossword puzzles), and of course, virtually all TV news.

In this special time, I’ve re-read four Jane Austen novels — Emma, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice and Mansfield Park — and am about to start Northanger Abbey, which I’ll be reading for the first time.  I had a brief virtual affair with the new American Idol, David Cook.  I actually voted for him.  Several hundred times, I think.  I am 52 years old.

I did a trial.  I’m still doing the post-trial briefing.

I’ve had my first job interview in 26 years. Not sure I even want to get a new job, but in times like this I feel like I should test the strength of the inertial forces.  Naturally, the guy interviewing me was an Obama supporter.

I just helped my daughter get dressed for her senior prom.  She looked beautiful.

I went to Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rico primary.  Bill was there.  I also ate arroz y habichuelas rosadas, mofoungitos y bistec

A friend who had persuaded me to go to an expensive Hillary fundraiser last fall unexpectedly argued with me when I protested the RBC “compromise” on Florida and Michigan.  It turned out that he had switched his support to Obama a month ago, and hadn’t told me. He’s a friend of the Clintons, and sadly told me of his “difficult” call to Hillary.   He urged me to unite behind Obama.  I told him that if Obama wanted the party to unite behind him, he shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for everyone to fall in line.   “Oh, I know, I’ve been telling them [the Obama camp] that.”  Keep telling them, I said.  There has been serious damage, I said, and they have to take responsibility for it.  “Yes, yes, I’ve told them.  I’m going to call you.  I’m going to get you involved.”  Communications thus far?  {{crickets}}

I just turned on MessNBC for the first time in weeks, because I don’t want to miss Hillary’s speech.  And I heard Tweety talk to Howard Fineman and KO about the possibility of Hillary Clinton as Obama’s running mate, which is why I was compelled to post.

Tweety to KO: “But can she obey?  Because that’s what a vice-president has to do. She has to obey the president.”

KO expresses skepticism. about Hillary’s capacity for obedience.  Tweety repeats: “I have to go back to this.  Can she obey?”

A few minutes later, Tweety asks Fineman: “Can she take the oath of obedience?  After eight years of political independence, can she accept the subservience?”

That’s what it comes down to.  Not can she help Obama win. Not whether her supporters can forget the sexism of the campaign.  But can she obey, can she be subservient?

I have the TV on CNN with the sound off.  Hopefully I won’t miss the beginning of her speech.  I think Rico needs to open the bar.



58 Responses

  1. So when did Tweety ask that question of Cheney?

  2. litigatormom, I’ve missed you!

  3. Teresa:

    Silly question. Only vice-presidents with uteruses have to promise obedience.

  4. who was the AA (Madison?) radio guy on Dobb’s just now? He said no, no , no to Hillary as VP. Said 99% of his callers oppose it and he would need a food taster.

    Let’s let them lose all alone Hillary.

    lmom, glad you are back.

  5. I’ve been out looking at a house with my son and have been totally offline for a couple of hours (almost 3) What’s up?

  6. Hillary may obey because she is loyal to a party who has cheated her, but we don’t have to obey.


  7. The vitriol is unbelievable. The media has never behaved so badly toward any other candidate. That Madison guy should have had his microphone cut. It’s disgusting behavior.

    Really disgusting.

  8. Ugh, those guys are such sexist assholes. I doubt they even realize what is wrong with their words.

  9. “[t]he press will savage her no matter what.”

    Dana Milbank on 12/30/07, reporting on the overall attitude of his colleagues

  10. Saw Tweety’s comment on Talk Left. That’s what it comes down to right? I actually think the Tweety’s and Olberman’s would enjoy her as a VP candidate. Then they can continue to diminish her with endless commentary on showing her her place. And the Democratic Party can use her to help Obama limp over the finish line in the fall. They can count me out.

  11. Teresa, are you one of the Teresa’s on Talkleft? I’m the plain “Teresa” over there. Every time I see you post here, I think it’s me!

  12. LOL!

    I’m TeresaInSnow2. Was, I should say. Today is probably my last day there.

  13. When do the SD polls close?

  14. When Madison said that I knew right than and there I would absolutely not vote for Obama if she is on the ticket. She’s entirely too good for him….for them.
    I am now going to sit back and watch him implode and enjoy every second of it.

  15. Teresa, I’ve been at Talkleft for years. There are a lot of Republicans that post there, they’ve just mostly stayed out of our primary threads. As long as you don’t post something against the rules, she will allow us to still post. Don’t leave (though I might for the pro-Obama posts).

  16. Obedience and submission. Is Tweety into BDSM?

  17. They close at 9 Eastern. I hope Hillary waits until then so the media will have to acknowledge her win there because she will mention it.

  18. @UpstateNY, 8:22

    “Obedience and submission. Is Tweety into BDSM?”

    Do NOT go there. Seriously. 🙂

  19. I will have a hard time with the gooey pro-Obama stuff over there. I not only don’t support him, I LOATHE him and everything he and his followers stand for.

    My blood pressure is lower over here ;-).

    And of course, for red meat and amusement, I may occasionally take a gander over at NoQuarter. They’re almost as much of a caricature as DailyKOS!

  20. I agree with you Teresa. Tonight was the first time I said on there that I won’t vote for Obama. I figured BTD would fuss at me but he understands how we are tonight. He won’t later though so I’ll steer clear of posts like that.

  21. I am at peace. I know what I’m doing on November 4.

  22. Fineman is now extolling the patience of Obama in dealing with Hillary Clinton.

    How long they have waited for her to go into her obedience mode!

    Tweety is now saying that the VP has absolutely no authority, the office is “entirely derivative,” and that there is a “kabuki dance” going on in which Obama wil only offer Hillary the Vice-Presidency if he is sure that she will not accept it.

    And now, the only thing that could possibly me more nauseating: John McCain sucking up to Hillary. “She doesn’t always get the credit she deserves for speaking compassionately about the issues facing Americans.”

    I’m sorry. I have to go throw up now.

  23. When do they think she’ll be speaking?

  24. litigatormom: please promise us that you won’t “flip” and actually do work for Obama. Please. Please. Please.

    Why did you friend turn to Obama? I can’t understand that at this point in time someone would actually do that? Was it just the “lemming syndrome” that got him to get in line at the edge of the cliff?

    I remember seeing you over at DKos and I always read your posts. You are an icon. Please stick with our girl. She has shown so much strength and intelligence….I would follow her (at least to the edge of a cliff!) all the way to Denver and beyond.

    I have never been so proud of a “sister” in my life.

  25. P.S. Here’s what I said to BTD this evening:

    BTD, I’m sure you mean well, but you sound like one of those so-sensitive HR types assigned to hold the hand of the long-term loyal employee who has just been given two weeks’ notice and ordered to spend the time training her younger, far less qualified, totally less female replacement. You also sounded calm and reasonable all those months you were claiming–very mistakenly, to my ears–that Obama was more electable than Clinton, though you’ve recently come to disagree with your previous assessment.

    Is Armando the subtlest sweetie of all? His conversion experience came rather late for somebody who seems like a pretty smart guy.

  26. I would be seriously surprised if she joined him on the ticket. Do we know anything definitive?

  27. Someone should tell Tweety that the VP isn’t subservient. He/she is the President of the Senate and casts tie-breaking votes, and waits for the President to die.

    Those are the only Constitutional mandated duties of Fourth Branch.

  28. No way should she be this empty vessel’s vice president. I still will not vote for the cretin even if she foolishly agrees to be his running mate.

  29. McCain on right now said some very nice things about Hillary at the start of his speech. I know it’s all politics and quite clever of him to do that, but it was actually pretty affecting – at least his people noticed what’s on the mind of a lot of Hillary supporters. With Obama I suppose he’ll put the demand on us to bring about Unity and maybe he won’t flip Hillary off this time, but maybe he can’t resist.

  30. Teresa and t in t–Nice to see you in both places. My TL screen name is Chancellor. Know I’ve rec’ced your comments over there many times. It’s getting cozier around the fire here with a few new additions.

  31. VP talk is nonsense. I think Bill and Hillary are making it as difficult as they can for the DNC to push a unity ticket. The DNC knows Obama is on free fall, a sure loser in November; they might want or need Hillary on the ticket. Bill’s latest comments, calling Obama on his dirty politics are meant to make a VP spot impossibility. Even though these two camps hate each other the DNC might force them on a ticket, but if it appears as if there is no way these two can co-exist, then Bambi is on his own. I sure hope so, because I’d hate to see Hillary share a ticket with that repulsive slime. Re: tweety- I stopped watching MSNBC in Feb, they’ll get no traffic from me. Ditto CNN (except for Lou Dobbs) lately the only tolerable news is FOX, at least I know they hate Bambi as much as I do.

  32. Litigatormom,

    I’m glad you’re back. I don’t even know what to say about the “obedience” nonsense. It’s as if nothing has changed since I was 10 years old. The entire women’s movement the battles we have fought for job equality, rights to our own bodies, all of it was for nothing. Once a woman dared to run for President they showed their true colors. I’m going to have to think some more about this and how to handle it.

  33. I don’t know what’s more to be said about Tweety – he’s disgusting. It must be hard for him being constantly nagged by the worry that everyone around thinks he’s a total buffoon.. because he is.

  34. The VP thing is all blown out of proportion as usual. My information is that she was asked whether she would consider it and then she gave her usual stock reply — if it helps the party blah, blah…

    But I hope she won’t consider it but I don’t think he will ask her. Did you hear Gergen (the new clown) say that he needs her more than she needs him — now he is talking sense.

    Only a landslide defeat will teach bastards a lesson and that is what we should give them — 0 state is probably too much to hope for, what with all those dead people in Cook County supporting him, how about -49?

  35. hi grayslady! I actually found the Confluence back before Super Tuesday. I’ve lost faith and given up many times but rd always brought reality home. I still think the big O will fold by August. (Though I think it’s all about the $ now and the DNC doesn’t care if we lose.)

  36. dar1a,

    I honestly don’t think Obama can help himself. He will continue to be dismissive of Hillary. I hope and pray that she doesn’t take VP. It would mean nothing but humiliation for her, and she’d have to watch him f**k up over and over again and keep her own counsel. We need her to be in a position to actually make a difference.

  37. Grayslady: It is definitely getting cozier around the fire.

    dar1a g: McCain is trying to suck up to our votes because he probably knows he can easily get them them. HOWEVER, he’s a much better politician than the empty suited O-word because he knows how and when to get us back. The O-word has all the charm of a rodent — and more and more will see that. I actually think McCain is going to win if O-word gets the nomination. He is just better at winning people.

    O-word is a fake. People, especially people like us, will see that.

  38. Please don’t take it Hillary. Don’t help them out after what they have done to you.

  39. Denise,

    Bill apologized for the “scumbag” remark. I wish he hadn’t.

  40. Amen to that Teresa!

  41. Everytime I see or hear Chris Matthews I want to drive a nail through my forehead. One of the worst people ever on tv. And KO is right behind him. These girly men who could never have the fight or endurance to do what Hillary has done. No name is too dirty to apply to them.

  42. BB

    Yeah, I saw that – I wish he hadn’t either, but hey Bambi gives fake apologies all the time,
    and distances himself from his pastor, his other pastor, his mentor, his white grandmother, his terrorist friendships, Farrakhan,….. on and on

  43. Halperin had a list today @ The Page of things both Clinton and Obama don’t fully realize.. (something along those lines).

    Obama’s list struck me as containing some pretty grave and deep rooted problems, particulary how upset women are and how negative they are toward him (true that). Also that McCain’s people have a deep-rooted disdain for Obama. A lot of things related to hubris, basically.

    Hillary’s list had something about anger in the Dem party about her staying in the race, and also not realizing the extent to which many women saw her as a martyr. I certainly wouldn’t use that word and I don’t think she would like it one bit, but.. it is painful to see how the media’s treated her and the constant petty mean-spiritedness of Obama and his supporters.

  44. I wonder if the media is even going to report the results of the primaries tonight? I’ve checked Fox, CNN, and POTUS08. Nothing doing.

  45. Clinton wins South Dakota!!

  46. bostonboomer, Fox is showing that with 11% in in SD, Hillary 56 %, Obama 44% and they project her win there.

  47. South Dakota win- what a slap in the face to Dash
    The empty suit limps to the nomination; he’s being carried across the finish line by SD’s – what a joke

  48. Palomino,

    Yes, I have a crush on Armando. He is in serious competition with RonK for my undying affection.

    Good guys.

  49. South Dakota win- what a slap in the face to Dash
    The empty suit limps to the nomination; he’s being carried across the finish line by SD’s – what a joke

    Today, someone suggested to me that Tom Daschle would make a good running mate for Obama! Can you imagine? I laughed. I explained how Daschle had acquesced to Bush’s demand that the Iraq war resolution be scheduled before the 2002 congressional elections “so that the elections weren’t politicized.” Can you imagine? The same Daschle who insisted that we had to support the Iraq War resolution for patriotism’s sake, and that the Dems would win anyway on the economy.

    Yeah, a nice slap in the face to Daschle. I wish I could slap him somewhere else.

    In the meantime, Hillary is giving a GREAT SPEECH.


    Yes, that is the question. But it is being asked too late.

  51. She wants the 18 million people who voted for her to be respected, and not to be invisible.

    Sing it, Hillary. Ain’t no mountain high enough!!!!

  52. Well, I am never voting for Obama. No way. Nor McCain. I haven’t figured out if I’m voting 3rd party or just skipping the race yet (no write-ins counted in TX unless the candidate has registered with the Sec. of State.)

  53. Great to see you again litigator mom,

    and to answer Tweety:

    No. She won’t “obey”

    Just watched her speech. Amazing non concession speech. Chants of Denver! Denver behind her.

    then local noos guys whining because it not only knocked Obama off the noos cycle but it deliberately left only 1 minute for their punditry

  54. V. good speech. There is no need for her to have said anything else.

    FU Barak Obama — we are 18 mil strong.

  55. River deep, mountain high…

    old Tina Turner song?

    a great song for the next stage of her campaign.

  56. Thanks to you all for being here and saying the things I’m feeling right now.

    At the moment I am pissed at Taylor Marsh’s blog — she seems to be pushing Clinton for VP and for me that is the wrong move for Hillary.

    As noted above — snObama is in a free fall — the majority of voters DO NOT LIKE snObama.

    I don’t watch TV — can’t stand all the ads — and the news is worse than useless. So thankfully I don’t have to listen to snObama.

    The raw sexism (not even hidden) of this campaign has been an eye opener. I’ve always known that there is a deep seated hatred of women by the media — but snObama has allowed the boys to let lose their real inner selves. The boys can now run barefoot through the grass singing “I’m free to be me — the real me”.

    Back to lurking.

  57. Northwest rain,

    Don’t lurk. Come up and join us in the latest post–if you want to. You’re in the right place.

  58. Keith Olbermann accused Hillary of wedging herself into the news with McCain and Obama; at which point Tom Brokow kind of flinched and frowned. He admonished Keith that there were also two primaries in which she was still involved. Of course, Keith was talking about Hillary saying she would be open to the VP slot All of the pundits either have Alzheimers or simply do not hear other people explain that she had not said anything different than she had always said about helping the ticked in any way she could. This is something that goes on constantly on both CNN and MSNBC becaue it just does not play the way they want it to play, so they go back to their original line.

    Perhaps the thing that irritates me the most is that they keep throwing out the racist thing at Hillary voters. Rev. Wright was the most racist event during the whole d@@@ primary and anyone that could sit there for 20 years and not recognize what that preacher was presenting to that congregation was just brain dead. To lay the racist accusation at Bill Clinton for comparing Jesse Jackson to Obama and then shrug off Rev. Wright is just blatant hoodwinking and okey doke. (don’t really know how Obama used it, but you get my drift) I don’t like racist by any stripe, whether it is white against black, or the reverse. We are not making progress by trading one for the other. Also, I seriously doubt that there are many voters that back Hillary that are racist; that simply has not been the kind of person who were drawn to the Clintons. Previously, I don’t believe anyone questioned the sincerity of the way they felt about equality for AA’s. I won’t go into how honest some people were about replying to a question about their education, etc.; that is just the one that bothers me the most.

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