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Documentary proof of RBC “stop Hillary” corruption found

(crossposted at Correntewire)

A document filed as an exhibit in the Nelson vs Dean Lawsuit that was filed in October 2007 in an attempt to force the DNC to seat the Florida delegation provides indisputable proof that the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee singled out Florida and Michigan for sanctions, and ignored violations of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

The document is a tentative list of state primaries and caucuses, and is dated September 13, 2007. The listing for Florida says (“P” designates a primary)

1/29/08 Florida P Date of state primary; date violates rules; Non-Complia

But there are also listings for the four pre-window states, that note that these states cannot move their dates before the date set in the Delegate Selection Rules: (“C” designates a caucus)

1/14/08 Iowa C Allowed to go no more than 22 days before 2/5/08
1/19/08 Nevada C Allowed to go no more than 17 days before 2/5/08
1/22/08 New Hampshire P Allowed to go no more than 14 days before 2/5/08
1/29/08 South Carolina P Allowed to go no more than 7 days before 2/5/08


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Hit the DNC where it hurts most

I’m with Heidi Li on this one:

Believe you me, nobody but nobody is more disgusted with the current D.N.C., particularly with the hapless Dr. Dean. As with all corrupt institutions, I am refraining from having ANYTHING to do with the D.N.C. They make me sick.

Ok, that said, let me explain the following.

A Donation to Retire the Debt = A Slap in the Face to the D.N.C.

The D.N.C. is in real trouble right now. They can’t raise money. Senator Clinton’s most powerful fundraisers are not going to help them – at least not based on what I have heard them saying – even if Senator Clinton would like the D.N.C. to receive help (Senator Clinton is thinking of the downstream Democrats who rely on the party for assistance in their upcoming elections).

And in case you missed it, she was in on an intense phone call yesterday…..

Wednesday: Live by the sword… yada-yada-yada

Dayum, it sure is easy to become cynical this season. Everyone seems to be double crossing everyone else with a “nudge, nudge, say not more, a wink’s as good as a nod to a blind man, eh, governor?”.

The Blogger boyz who were supposed to keep the media in check were coopted by it. Joe Lieberman, the Wormtongue and bane of our existence, is suddenly worthy of pity as his camp tries to outfox Obama’s camp who is trying to nail down the coffin of the Clinton campaign that just wants to get their damn delegates counted like every other candidate we have ever known while Howard Dean tries to rewrite history, “No, we’ve NEVER had the loser’s delegates counted at a convention.”

Has the whole world gone out of it’s frickin’ minds?

We know the media lied its ass off.

We know the blogger boyz propagated those lies because they were having kids and the college funds needed filling and, “Jeez, it’s just a presidential campaign, all the candidates are the same, They’re the SAME, you stupid, old, uneducated, Sino-Peruvian lesbians, I swear, why do I even bother talking to you broads?”

We know the DNC rigged the delegate count. We saw it with out own lying eyes on channel 210, CSPAN 1, while Donna Brazile, who has provoked unwanted negative feelings towards the country in us, screamed about the RULZ that were selectively applied.

We know that Lieberman is a double crossing. mean spirited Iago and no saint and without question set up that abominable Kyl-Lieberman amendment as a political wedgie because no matter how the Democrat voted for it, he/she was screwed.

And we know that just like every frickin’ controversial and politically tricky vote that he has ever been confronted with, Sir Obama bravely ran away.

The only refreshing thing about this primary season is that Clinton was forbidden to behave cynically during this primary season. Oh, she certainly tried to slip a few cynical jabs in there but on nearly every occasion, she was caught, flogged, stripped of all dignity, had each example paraded before a national audience and ridiculed. Well, *that’ll* learn her. Yep, cynicism was definitely off the table for Hillary. She was forced to play a clean game and she nearly won. Some of us would cynically say that she actually *did* win. And this bodes well for future candidates. You can run a relatively clean campaign and win even if every breath you take is jumped on by the media and the blogger boyz as one you had no right to inhale.

But what of Obama?

Well, I’ve been saying all season that the best way to take down the poisonous media’s ability to choose our nominee every four years would be to elect Hillary. But instead of sapping their powers, we have cynically seen everything they were up to and given in to it while barely uttering a discouraging word. Now, the media beast has grown and it’s going to start focusing its laser like attention on the presumptuous nominee. And since the blogger boyz have lost all credibility, they will not be able to walk it back. The media monster roars with delight and toys with its food before biting off each limb.

I would laugh cynically about this except that it’s a sad, sad day when the place I hungrily turn to for news is my own blog.

(This not to denigrate any of the efforts of my worthy cobloggers. It’s just that, well, there’s not much else out there that we can trust anymore.)

In the meantime, PUMAs, put your cynicism away for the morning. Gird your loins for another battle.

Silly video; great song.

Note to Kbird and ronk: I cleaned out the moderation queue and have documented the atrocities in a Word file for future reference.