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COMMUNITY ADVISORY — False flag alerts

Obots are out in force lately. Not just common trolls, but sock puppets and “false flag” posters who — in violation of every reputable Internet Service Provider’s Terms of Service agreements — impersonate established members of this community in order to disrupt and deceive.

Similar attacks are evident at other sites, and in some cases user names that have no posting history at The Confluence have been adopted from other pro-Hillary sites.

If you observe a comment from any poster, familiar or otherwise, who claims to have seen the light and decided to follow Hillary’s lead to support Obama, or pointing to McCain positions as reasons they must support Obama, please do not respond except if they’re using your username. For the time being, all such posts must be presumed counterfeit.

In time, with the assistance of their respective ISP’s, and possibly with the active cooperation of the Obama campaign itself, we’ll disable these miscreants. For now, do not talk back to them, and don’t believe any conversions on the road to Damascus.

If this is the Unity Pony’s best trick, it’s pretty lame, isn’t it?

58 Responses

  1. Haha. Do they think they are not transparent? I guess they really think Hillary supporters are stupid. Don’t they realize that is no way to win us over, demeaning our intelligence?

  2. [FAKE ALERT — Here’s one now — RonK]
    Thank God there are level-headed people in this world who will vote on the issues in November.

    The issues that will affect our lives, the lives of our family members and friends, and the lives of all Americans.

    We can’t afford another 4 years without affordable health care.

    We don’t want to see our soldiers dying in Iraq for another 100 years.

    We don’t want to lose our homes to foreclosure, have our jobs shipped overseas, or struggle to pay for the rising cost of gas and groceries.

    It’s about doing what is best for our loved ones, and for America. Voting McCain would only produce another term of disastrous Bush policies. We need to put a Democrat back into The White House.

  3. I’m just posting to ask people to check out PUMApac (link on right of home page). Murphy is gathering comments from those of us who believe that Hillary should be the nominee and all comments will be sent to Howard Dean. Our goal is 1000 people. Please check out PUMA’s goals and see if you are interested in joining and add your letter/comment to Howard Dean. Additionally, please think about going to other websites where Hillary supporters have been blogging so we can get organized. The only way we can make this right is to get organized and BE HEARD as a group. We cannot stand behind Obama, and we should not simply vote McCain to take a stand. Our stand has to be more focused. Moreover, we can still get Hillary as the Democratic nominee. We have until August. We have to get organized to accomplish our goal. Please tell your fellow Hillary supporters to share their ideas on PUMApac.


  4. PUMApac seems to be under attack already. Is that what you refer to, among other things? I’m still struggling with learning about blogs and had just typed in pumpac.org in Google. A website came up saying PUMApac could not have registered so quickly, is not legitimate, and is just taking money from the “disenfranchised.” It tells the reader not to donate. It’s pumas4change.wordpress.com/ I wonder if Murphy has seen it.

  5. Correction, “typed in pumapac.org”

  6. Keep it up riverdaughter I’am with you Janet South Jersey

  7. Can I get the person impersonating me to take my finals too?

  8. Lost Clown — Not if you want to graduate!

  9. It’s a good thing I read something about Obama’s background, otherwise the childish/thug-like activities of his supporters would be causing me a moral dilemma.

  10. If y’all see anyone with my handle anywhere talking positively about unity, it ain’t me.

    The real me is also rude, surly, and has a sick and twisted sense of humor.

  11. I agree that we need to organize with each other and bring the legitimate blogs and sites together in support of each other’s work. Like our online Village- to take a cue from Hillary–it takes a village.
    I do notice that you Riverdaughter are already doing that with your links. I think they all should do it.
    I love this blog and I’m also at PUMA and I like hireheels.
    There is a protest march that is getting organized at hire heels- the million woman march for August in Denver.

  12. Honora will never say anything nice about Obama. It is kinda like the reverse of what our mothers taught us. “If you don’t have something bad to say about Obama, don’t say anything.” If Obama ever does anything not horrible, you will not hear it from me. Take it to the bank.

  13. cant you see the email address and ip address for evety poster? Why not go back tp olf posts and cross reference them if you are in doubt. otherwise you are encouraging people to just attack people who dont agree with them even if the comments are reasonable.

  14. that would be – back to old posts –

  15. ronkseattle:

    How about writing a paper on how infrared thermometry works.

  16. *bangs head repeatedly*

    Well if they’re going to impersonate me why can’t they make my life just a little bit easier? I mean I think it would be funnier, but not easier.

  17. They keep hitting my blog too. And No Quarter has been getting hit rather frequently. This latest adventure is so yesterday.

  18. Shouldn’t the Obots be registering voters or something? God knows that they will need them in November when we all go BOWLling.

  19. Is the number of attacks unprecedented?


  20. paganpower — Yes, the texts you have in your “spooks” comment thread have been cut and pasted here as well.

    When your see a seen-the-light comment containing “something genuine”, you can be pretty sure it’s not.

  21. What’s up with people doing this? Is it just random bloggers organizing themselves to wreak havoc or does team Obama actually have paid groups of astroturfers, as wacky as that sounds to me?

  22. dar1a g, on June 8th, 2008 at 8:29 pm Said:
    What’s up with people doing this? Is it just random bloggers organizing themselves to wreak havoc or does team Obama actually have paid groups of astroturfers, as wacky as that sounds to me?

    That’s what I want to know….

    Since Obama’s base is “youth” voters, I can understand the commonality of understanding how to play tricks on the net, but every pro-hillary blog?

  23. I’ve certainly seen plenty of posts of random people claiming to have seen the light, I hope nobody is taking them serious.

    They’re too awkwardly written and usually write some dopey stuff about understanding our hurt feelings (who empathizes on the Internets? that’s not what it’s for) and often try way too hard to explain how they supported another candidate and on and on.

    I’m just saying, the hate speech and vitriol was every bit as much spam and annoying, but it read a lot more authentic than this making-nice spam does.

  24. Charles, if you aren’t logged in as a WordPress user on this blog you can type in any old username and email address you want. See? I just did it. I should probably get a login, but I do use the same email every time so doubtless the mods can identify me.

  25. None of it matters.

    They could promise me a free BMW, and a year supply of Banana flavored pudding.

    I will NEVER vote obama.


    Ethics anyone?

  26. From Reclusive Leftist:

    This comment is showing up in moderation queues throughout the Hillary-supporting blogosphere:

    When I watched her speech this morning, I felt something genuine in her voice. When she talked about dedicating her life to making America a better place, you could tell that was her deepest conviction.

    She seemed a little hesitant endorsing Obama, but she also seemed very confident when she said we cannot afford to allow the Republicans to hold The White House for another 4 years or more.

    In the end, I think Hillary’s decision to support Obama was what she feels is the best course for our country to follow. I’ve supported her so far, so there’s no reason for me to doubt her now.

    Let’s take back The White House for the Democrats and make America a better place.

    Har! The name attached to the comment is different depending on the blog; the pattern seems to be to choose the name of a regular commenter.

    What I love so much about this comment is that it was clearly designed by men to appeal to what they think women want. It’s like those web themes “designed for women” that look like boxes of douche — all pink and lavender with pictures of flowers on them. See, women don’t think; we feel. We emote. We listen to Hillary’s voice and pay attention to what we feel she’s feeling. And then we go right out and buy that douche so we, too, can feel feminine and fresh.

    I’ve seen several variations of the script right here.

  27. I think it’s pretty pathetic, immature, and desperate to resort to identity theft. But not surprising, given what we’ve seen these past few months.

    Maria, I was wondering what’s going on with Pumapac, too. I saw a similar comment on this site last week stating that pacs couldn’t be registered so soon, etc. I thought Murphy was the one who started it up. But then there’s been a commenter called pumas4change. So I’m confused.

  28. myiq2xu — Agreed with RL — we’re under a douchebag attack!

  29. MARLA I read the same thing and did not know which site was legit.

  30. I’m new here, and was only a sporadic commenter at TL, but if anyone reads or hears someone using my name in supporting an unqualified candidate for the Presidency, ignore it.

    Unless you have proof that it’s really me.

    In that case, please just shoot me.

  31. RonK which PUMA site is correct?

  32. Obamabots = little intelligence. I avoid them, and never, never, engage them. But I have a friend who doesn’t look deeply into the candidates before he votes, so he’s leaning towards Obama. I told him to investigate the FAKE Obama so he can find the true Obama, the one that talks unity but sits and listens to Wright for 20 years absorbing, like a sponge, how to practice division with race baiting. I almost have him converted into another NoBama vote. Scaring voters about McCain because he’s a Repug will not do the trick this time.

  33. The true P.U.M.A. is

    any other site is a fake and the work of the desperate brown shirts.

  34. This is kinda ‘Twilight zoneish’. I am sure that we will all gain control of our tvs any time now.

  35. Kim — pumas4change strikes me as alarmist and scatterbrained, and has propagated misinformation. PUMApac appears more stable.

    I have not vetted PUMApac, and one should exercise caution when transferring money or other assets to an unknown organization under unknown governance.

  36. PUMA Pac is the work of the wonderful Murphy, hell, he/she gave me & Riverdaughter props for starting it- so that’s how you know it’s legit.

    Because here, at The Confluence – PUMA was born.

    Ok, it was a joke at first, and you can see the original quote at the “Look Fine” thread, but dammit, where the rivers merged – it was born HERE at the Confluence.

    And props to Murphy for taking it a step beyond.

    PUMA power.

  37. PUMA pac is real. Murphy from Corrente started it.

    Murphy was inspired from the thread Riverdaughter made her legendary PUMA un-Party thread.

    Who woulda thought that a joke/snark I posted that I was joining a new party would take off like that?

    Murphy credits us, me & Riverdaughter and The Confluence as the source.

    PUMA Pac is real. I’ve had several private email exchanges with Murphy and its for real and I support Murphy.

    Anybody else is a faker and a liar.

  38. Sorry for the sort of double post! I thought I got spammed!

  39. I’m not sure if my name was used, but let me just say I am committed to Hillary and will vote for HER in November. If you see “me” saying any pro-Obama stuff, you can bank that it’s false.

  40. I would like to know why they even bother if their Messiah has indeed won and will win the general election. They have their new party and don’t need us. So why are they doing this crappy stuff. Don’t they have jobs or are they still living in their parents basement?

  41. SM,

    I released your comment from the spam filter. For some reason a bunch of regular commerters got caught tonight.

  42. Bostonboomer, it’s all good, more security or all the crazies running around.

    WTF is going on? If they are “the winners” WTF are they coming here for???

  43. If you see anyone bythe name of Sarah saying anything other than “Go to hell Obama” you know it isn’t me!

    I LOVE Hillary to the death…..

  44. The real question here is, why are they so desperate? Didn’t their candidate “win”? Didn’t all of us Hillary supporters get fired from the Democratic party by Donna and others? So what’s the big deal? We’re moving on, we’re doing our own thing. Why so scared.

  45. Heck, I found myself impersonated all over the place today. I kind of figure I must be doing something right!

    I want to thank you for taking the lead on this. As always, you are a leader among Hillary bloggers.

  46. I am new to this blogging world, in terms of actually posting comments. I’ve been reading you all for months and admiring your wit and learning a lot. This morning when I began to see the “tip of the sword” in the obama troll attack, I decided to step in and what a day it was….surreal actually. I felt like the obama supporters were trying to turn me into a Stepford Wife, creepy actually. But despite my creeped-outed-ness, I forged ahead and gave support to Hillary and her supporters whenever I could. I tip my hat (well I don’t actually have a hat, just an expression) to all of you who do this on a regular basis! As that guy on MSNBC who impersonates a real journalist says, “good night, and good luck”

  47. I doubt they would use mine, as I have relatively few posts at TL and neglible anywhere else. Used to have quite a few on Yahoo message boards several years ago but abandoned when it got overun by the kiddies.
    (also do not remmber what name was used)
    My syntax is different and these are so syrupy they are almost juvenile. Saw a few TL posters names on blogs and it seemed odd, was not their usual style or sentiment. Thank you for the warning.

  48. Thanks so much for all your answers! Yes, I had read the original conversation and know totally that Murphy and PUMApac are the right ones.

    My great concern has to do with the accusation made at pumas4change.wordpress.com that PUMApac is not set up legally –and is a scam. That the claim that it is registered is a lie.

    Their argument that it takes X amount of time to file for pac status and that not enough time has elapsed can plant a seed of mistrust in a person’s mind.

    Also, I’m not an attorney, but PUMApac has been challenged on its legality–way over just the use of the name. From the little I know about how the IRS and other financial/ethical/politial government agencies work, they would be looking at why this challenge was made and if it has any merit.

    Anyway, I hope there will be some very strong clarification coming from Murphy. PUMApac needs it right now.

    BTW, I am an independent who shares every thought, every discussion, every word with you. I don’t have much to offer because this is a new world for me, not only blogging but politics, too. Alas, RD, my limbic system went the other way and stripped me bare of language and knowledge 17 years ago. I am recovering.

    Know I am cheering you on, appreciating you, and reading you every day. Faithfully.

  49. @VAcardinal

    They seem to be like the kid who tells everyone to leave I don’t need any of you and then when they all leave…..hey where did everyone go……please come back…..only kidding!!!!!!!

    As you said desperation, they did not think they needed us at first and they did not think we would leave. They are still trying to convince themselves we are just a few dead enders.

  50. If any “woodpecker” shows up singing the praises of Plastic Jesus, it’s not the real IBW. I already HAVE a Savior, thank you very much.

  51. You can recognize the “real” kenoshaMarge if the parade is heading south and she’s going north. She’ll be one of the ones NOT on the bandwagon. She doesn’t get tingles up her leg, or much of any place else anymore, and she still doesn’t know how to fawn over anyone after all these years. Just never learned how to get the “smarmy” stuff past my teeth.

    Real Hillary supporters don’t want unity with a bunch of creeps and crooks. I hope these dopey-hopey nitwits are having fun because otherwise their tactics are just another reason for Clinton Democrats to “Just Say No To Obamacrats”.

    PUMA POWER must be scaring the crap outa the little twits.

  52. Re: Fakes

    I suspect that real Hillary supporters won’t be drinking “apple-tinis” or or other “girly” drinks. Unless they are on the wagon (and no shame there) they take their liquor neat and their beer straight from the tap.

    They’ve made their peace with the mirror and Father Time, don’t care if they’re not “kewl” and don’t plan to rule the world.

    They’ve given up on being perfect parents and are trying to be pretty good grandparents, care more about comfort than looks, and have a “bucket list.”

    They think of thirty as “young” and consider “old’ as something they wouldn’t mind being someday, they can talk for hours about their kids or pets, and are determined that they won’t get fooled (again.)

    They would rather be alone than in a bad relationship, know the difference between shit and Shinola, and aren’t voting for Barack Obama.

  53. Ok, the PUMApac.org, is that a fake web site? When I go to PUMA I go to blog.pumapac.org. So which is the real PUMA and which is the fake? I’m confused here.

  54. […] he mindlessly cites some text, eliding what RonKSeattle and others have demonstrated again and again: Obamabots have assumed the identities of vociferous […]

  55. myqus2
    i agree with you
    if anyone using my moniker says there voting fr the fake
    messia it aint me
    im a republican thats been for hillary all the way voting for her in november
    keep the faith folks

  56. I would never “see the light” and support Barak Obama – I live in a swing state Florida- I will vote McCain – hope he wins all the swing states-remember we are chemotherapy for the democratic party. WE are here to remove the cancer of back room deals, voter disefranchisement, and so many other tumors that now infest the democratic body politic.

    The treatment course is going to be brutal and painful and a cure is not assured. We will be hated and vilified for our side effects- a McCain landslide in November-but what the party insiders do not understand and we do -is that which does not kill us makes us strong.

    So let the therapy begin and let the cancer be cured. so that we may build a strong body for the future.

    BOLWing in November- my score is awful-54-74 I am so ashamed-love you all-


    Michael Varvel

  57. Could someone investigate the website, http://www.obamasphere.com, for illegal activity and get back to me. I would appreciate it.

    Currently, I have reams of information I can share about this little black hole of Obama trolls involving the fact that the owner of this site is a superdelegate for the DNC, etc., etc. etc. I’m willing to go after anyone from Obama’s little cabal that is involved in illegal activity and have some very interesting information about this “superdelegate.”

  58. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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