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      I was born in 1968, the year Wallerstein calls one of “world revolution”. It was a revolution that both failed and succeeded: women and minorities got more rights, often a lot more, but the end result was an oligarchy, where most people were equal in their lack of power, and where every year saw ordinary people becoming poorer, no matter what the official st […]
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Sunday: Go outside and play!

It’s June, fergawdsakes. Don’t you have geraniums to plant or beaches to go to? Why are you inside reading this blog when you could be outside making vitamin D and splashing in the pool?!

Ok, I know why you’re here. But I want to tell you that despite what happened yesterday, you have unbelievable power. You *are* the power brokers of 2008. That is what Hillary’s speech was all about yesterday. If you don’t believe me, read Anglachel’s most recent post, The Frontlines of Democracy.

We heard Hillary suspend her campaign yesterday but she did not concede a thing. She threw her support behind Obama but she set conditions on that support. Her business is the machinery of the party. Ours business is to see to it that Barry honors the principles of the party. That is our task.

Peeps, we are presented with a problem that has a number of givens and assumptions and only a few solutions. The givens are that Obama the Unready is the presumptuous nominee of the party. We have every right to expect the party to come to realize over the next couple of months that he is unelectable. I truly believe this. But for the moment, this is the person upon which all of their hopes and dreams rest.

We also know that he has gotten this far by flattering his supporters into thinking they are Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture. They are without equal. (Gag me with a spoon). But he will not win without us. Yes, Hillary wants us to unite behind him but uniting means different things to different people. To the Kossacks, it means capitulation. Alas, the Kossacks are every one of them deceived. True unity can only be accomplished when we all understand and agree to the principles under which we will unite.

We will yield not one inch. The party that many of us joined in our youth was one built on shared responsibility, equality, social justice, fiscal responsibility, a healthy planet, privacy and peace. Now, it is Barry’s turn to embrace these principles and demonstrate to us that he is assuming the leadership role of that Democratic party.

To unite means to become a true Democrat, to live those values and principles. It is our job to see that he does. If he does not meet our standards, he will not get our votes. And let us not get distracted by the overt sexism of this primary season. We are well aware of it. But appeasement on sexism without embracing the principles we hold dear will not achieve anything.

We must hold Barry’s feet to the fire and forge him into the Democrat we want. He has to prove himself to us. He has to bridge the divide and come to us.

Do not back down. Hold him to a higher standard and challenge him to meet it. Then, do as your conscience directs you on election day. You have the power.

177 Responses

  1. Obama has hoodwinked many.

  2. Do you really think we can influence Obama to become the Democrat we want him to be? I don’t.

    Obama is an egomaniac. He doen’t think he needs us. His “followers” believe that all those young people who have come into the fold will make up the difference. (I’m using religious imagery intentionally.)

    We have two corrupt political parties in America. Each one offers a candidate. For me, it’s that simple.

  3. Good Morning Riverdaughter! I think I will take your advise and go outside. I should at least have my coffee out there.

    How vibrant is this site? At the moment I’m typing this every recent comment is to a DIFFERENT post. That seems totally incredible. Also at the current rate, by this time next week we’ll have had one million visitors!

    To unite means to become a true Democrat, to live those values and principles. It is our job to see that he does. If he does not meet our standards, he will not get our votes.

    i don’t see how he can do this. If he couldn’t speak sincerely to Democrats about Democratic values and principles, why would he suddenly decide it’s important in the Fall?

    Also, he hasn’t HAD to do so.

    Look at John Edwards. He said he’d be watching the two candidates to see which one stood more staunchly for his Poverty Issues. What a joke There is no way a reasonable person could’ve endorsed Obama with that as your criteria. Yet Edwards did.

    So, I’m more than willing to “Hold him to a higher standard and challenge him to meet it.” — I just don’t think it’s possible for Barack Obama to succeed.

    (shaking my head

    I haven’t even had any coffee and your post has me awake and chatting!

  4. zazzle: Yes he has. But what makes him unelectable is that he hasn’t hoodwinked quire enough. Now, when he *should* be spending his time convincing indies and Repubs to vote for him, he has the added burden of convincing the other half of his party.
    I sincerely hope someone with an ear to the power brokers reads some of what we and people like Anglachel is saying. The strategy of getting an almost completely untested candidate into office by severing half of the base was just stupid because more money and energy is now going to be needed to win us back.
    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  5. dwwenz: There is no doubt that there is a problem and there is no hiding it anymore after what we saw in the RBC hearing last week. But just because it is a seemingly intractable problem does not give us an excuse to throw up our hands in despair and give up.
    We must hold them accountable. Barry is going to have to work harder than he ever has in his life.

  6. Riverdaughter, I should have said this before now: Thank you for your insights and brilliant writing. I am happy to be here. I don’t often comment on blogs, but now my dander is up and I cannot remain quiet.

    On that note, I will take your sage advice and sip my coffee on the patio! Hopefully I will settle down…

  7. I agree about throwing our hands up — I don’t advocate that. I wonder if Obama knows that he is going to have to work harder than before. This is the man who wanted to be left alone to eat his waffle.

    He’s in trouble, for sure.

  8. DJ: Hillary did not back out on us. She is with us every step of the way.
    Yes, we have to be on our guard that Obama doesn’t manipulate us and use emotional blackmail and learned helplessness to make the task easier on him. That is why we can’t get distracted by his attempts to smooth the waters on things like calling us racists and using the language of sexism to win. We already know what kind of person he is. Now, let us make him into the kind of person we want him to be.
    The primary season is in the past, There is nothing he can do about the way he won. He dishonored himself. But unless the idiots in charge wake up and smell the coffee, this is the person who has been foisted upon us. Now, let us make him eat our principles and live up to them or he will bear the responsibility for leading the party to another defeat in November.

  9. RD….
    go outside? In this heat?
    I know its just as hot where you are (middle-of-nowhere, NJ 😉 ) as it is here in philly…

    naw, I’ll just stay inside and bitterly cling to my prinicples, and my ceiling fans 😉

  10. Anglachel, Riverdaughter, and Alegre have it right. Obama has demonstrated that he can raise money (though we’re not completely sure from where yet) and twist enough arms to win a nomination. He hasn’t shown us that he can run a country or a party unless it’s by total domination. That might work in Chicago, but the rest of the country is now on to him. These are all short term gains with less than optimal long-term consequences. The hard work of really unifying the Democrats has just begun and Hillary and her supporters are a force to be reckoned with. Now that the doesn’t have to spend all her time fighting off the attacks, lies and disinformation campaigns of Obama and the MSM, she can probably get some real work done. Hillary is continuing to build her powerbase from the inside-out. Remember, she was writing a thesis on Saul Alinsky when Obambi was still in grade school.

  11. I’ve commented on here for a long time. And, frankly, I don’t understand where we are going on here at this point. I think Obama in unqualified to be president. Period. And now we are saying that we will support him if he becomes the democrat we want him to be. I soon expect this blog will start endorsing him because he has “come around.” I thought we would never trust this man? I don’t get it.

  12. ben, he’s NOT going to become the man we want him to be. That’s the point. (I think)

    He can’t become that man — it’s not in him to do that. He had so little interest in Hillary and Hillary’s concerns for the future of the country that he played GOLF while she spoke.

    He flew that loser Edwards to Michigan for a celebration. But he couldn’t be bothered to watch Hillary (I guess because the camera’s weren’t going to watch)

    It doesn’t change anything to define our terms. The point is that Obama will never match them. We’ve told him again and again what it would take to earn our votes (way back in February, I said I couldn’t support him as long as he blocked seating MI & FL) but, he never cared.

    And he still doesn’t

  13. Go outside? But Riverdaughter, it’s POURING rain outside and the temp hasn’t been much above 60. I’ve been through the torture of knowing that I have no candidates on the ballot. Now, you’re saying you want me to go stand in the rain? What? ;-).

    DJ: Do you have a link about the Louisiana Registrar? I checked their voter registration statistics and more people registered to vote last August than this May. So I’m not too worried. The secretary of state has to actually verify registrations. If they do then we’re smooth sailing.

    Yeah, I agree. Obama may become what we ask him to become what we want him to be until the one night stand in November. After that, he’ll never call.

  14. Plukasiac: Last week, I had an attic fan hooked up. HIGHLY recommended. It gets a draft through my townhouse that was built back in the mid-eighties when energy was cheap. You know, the kind with the high ceilings. The attic fan should cut back on my airconditioning bills and I noticed that this morning, the rooms upstairs are much cooler than they would have been last year.
    There is a association pool about 50 feet from my house. You’re welcome to join me in East Bumfuck, NJ. We can sit around the pool and drink cocktails snuck in past the lifeguards in our thermoses.

  15. I guess I was never that good of a democrat anyway. They have successfully purged me from what is now the Democratic Collective. Frankly, I’m not the one he needs to worry about, it’s people like my mom and her friend and many of my other friends who don’t blog and do stuff like this but who voted for Clinton but don’t hesitate to say they will vote for McCain. CAMPAIGN TO WIN OVER CLINTON VOTERS: ADVANTAGE MCCAIN. Obama can’t hold coalition together or expand his base.

  16. I too am doubtful of any real change in Obama. My grandmother used to often state “Leopards just do not change their spots”. Seems to apply to Obama also.

    There is good news. Kerry has a primary challenger, even after using dirty tricks in Massachusettes.

    Here is the link:

    Breaking: Ed O’Reilly secured ballot spot to challenge turncoat Kerry in Sept primary


    It is still a big IF to win the primary, but this will start sending a messages to those Obama SD’s.

  17. agree

  18. Kbird: “by this time next week we’ll have had one million visitors!”

    balloon, balloons, balloons

  19. I just checked my newspaper’s LTE’s and it’s loaded with negative letters about Clinton, with not one that is positive.

    I know people sent positive letters about Clinton, because *I* sent one.

    Our media is scum.

  20. rd–This is going to take me longer than I thought. I took your advice and went out in my garden. Oh course since I have not been out there in awhile it was filled with weeds. I grabbed my trusty bottle or Ortho ‘Weeds be gone” and started spraying. (I know my Green PUMA friends will be mad at me, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do) Anyway, each and every time I sprayed by bottle I thought of the ‘weeds’ that have invatded our beloved Democratic Party., It made me feel good to get rid of the weeds in my garden and now I am confident that the PUMAs will get rid of the other weeds as well.

  21. Isn’t about time we had a Tee with:

    “ME and 17,999,999 other voters!”

  22. Honora: I hope you didn’t go too far and poison the water table.

  23. just testing

  24. Riverdaughter, I have just been told by one of my readers that there is someone here using my name with my site link, who is encouraging people to support Barack The Horse’s Ass. This is very typical of Marxist savages, and I would like you to know that anyone who arrives here supporting Barky The Marxist Obama is NOT me. So you should feel free to remove all those posts, in fact I request it. My site is a NO OBAMA Zone. Anyone who has ever read my blog knows one would have to put a gun in my mouth to get me to support Barack and his Marxist pigs. With that bunch, who knows? It might just come to that.

    Should you capture the little marxist savage’s IP address, I would appreciate it. In the meantime I now have all blog comments on moderation due to threats and downright perverse remarks. You might find that this works better.

    The Real Uppity

  25. RJ,
    I’ve never posted here before, but I think you’re a troll.


    Because you’re propagating the meme that the DNC commits vote fraud by creating false voting identities, along with the things you think we’d like to hear about bad, bad Obama.

    Nice try. But as Riverdaughter and the rest of the board would say, we have legitimate reasons to suspect the worst of the DNC and Obama about our issues. Hell, that’s enough without putting baseless, unsubstantiated slurs about Democrats stuffing ballot boxes. The DNC can do just fine screwing its party members, without looking for new mischief.

    So, unless you have a reputable news link to your claim, I’ll know to skip over your posts, with a clothespin on my nose.

    (I know, I’m bossy. Hi.)

  26. Honora, RD, heh.

    Also, that Anglachel sure is smart.

  27. So I gandered over at Talkleft (where I don’t comment anymore) and apparently MissLaura has a very nice diary at Daily Bros commending the Clinton Supporters who stuck around and “remained cordial”. (I guess remain cordial means taking your whippings without wincing).

    Is anyone planning on going back to KOS?

  28. RD, I’m not getting on just any Democratic bus.
    I’m gonna wait here on the bus platform until the bus comes around with Hillary as the driver. It’ll be around eventually….

  29. Marxist pigs, oh my!

  30. Back to KOS? Are you friggin kidding?

    You must never forget or forgive the abuser….

  31. Saw this on a blog, made me laugh.

    While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old Texas rancher, whose hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Obama and his bid to be our President.

    The old rancher said, ‘Well, ya know, Obama is a ‘post turtle’.’

    Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a ‘post turtle’ was.

    The old rancher said, ‘When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a ‘post turtle’.’

    The old rancher saw a puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he continued to explain ‘You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he is up there, and you just wonder what kind of a dumb ass put him up there to begin with.’

  32. Henry: heh. That was funny, and oh so true.

  33. Now I want a post turtle tee-shirt

  34. I’ve been in this movie before upstate. And the result will be the same. Adults don’t let children, radicals and old hippies who are still on the bong pick presidents. This Left Cliff fringe is the reason Democrats have only elected two presidents in 40 years. Only one of them served two terms and that is because he was a Moderate with left leanings. Because the Moderates, who happen to be the sane Majority of the party, will not accept this fringe that cannot make it in its own party. This same fringe gave us Richard Nixon. Twice. That’s right, the electorate was so offended that it preferred Nixon. How bad is that? Barack Obama is Mike Dukakis, only taller. The electorate will never let him be President unless of course we revert to caucus instead of the voting booth.

  35. Look at this crap article by Beth Fouhy. WTF happened to the AP?


  36. “True unity can only be accomplished when we all understand and agree to the principles under which we will unite.”

    Brilliantly put RD.

  37. With the way Hillary bloggers are falling in line, my blog may well be about the last holdout.

    “Holding Obama’s feet to the fire” is simply silly. The guy is beyond political salvation at this point. The Democratic Party has shot itself in the ass behaving like the Republicans with tossing more electable candidates aside (Edwards, Biden), going after Clinton because it wants to expand its donor base, and allowing the infestation of GOP-style dirty tricks into the campaign (caucus abuse, crossover voting, etc.).

    I felt the day Edwards withdrew the fall election was over. Now that Clinton, the only person who could have prevented a total disaster for the Democrats this fall, is out, the Democratic Party is going to pay a heavy price.

    The only hope is to make sure the downticket races aren’t negatively affected by Obama’s massive loss.

  38. It’s funny – I’ve heard that post-turtle joke before, only in the old version, it was about George W. Bush. Just another similarity between two unqualified, arrogant candidates.

  39. Melanie: I have 2 words for you

    News fast.

  40. Read “Bittersweet Acceptance” at Anglachel’s Journal, too.

    Both are amazing pieces!

  41. Uppity: Obama may be many things, but a Marxist I do not think so. The Democrats are pretty much center left by all standards.

    Do I think the R are Fascist pigs? No, Do I think D are Marxist pigs? No.

    Ask yourself one question. Are people who sympathize with Clinton racist pigs? Sounds silly doesn’t it?

    I normally do not read TM or NQ comment sections because I find too many references to “commies” and “fascists”.

    I just don’t want the Confluence to become another DK, but that is just me.

  42. Anybody know where the Obamas are attending church this morning?

  43. Dkos is a money making venture that is very beholden to its patrons. It dictates the content. If that’s what floats their boat, cool by me. They could have chosen me as a frontpager earlier this year but I wasn’t their kind or quality. Instead, my privileges were turned off. No problemo. I just came here. I thought I would fade into obscurity. Little did I know that my hypergraphia would actually resonate with others. Who knew?
    So, if Kos wants me back, he can pay me some filthy lucre and I’ll post on the front page and we’ll all be great friends and all will be ticketyboo!
    In other words, when Hell freezes over.

  44. Ben

    “I don’t understand where we are going on here at this point.”

    I’ve read your comments for some time now and just want to say I’m with you 100%. You, Gary, Sarah, Mawm and so many others have expressed what I feel. I am so disgusted by what has been done. I will NEVER support such an unqualified, undeserving candidate. The unity bus can go off a cliff without me, if anything I will help push it off and watch it crash and burn below. Re: where to go- This site has and continues to be great, I love the people and what is being done, but I agree we must begin working together to make sure what occurred is not rewarded. I’ve joined PUMA, and other anti-Obama groups – I strongly feel we need to send a message to the DNC, Obama and his cult supporters and the media (I know, saying cult supporters and media is redundant) let’s unite and work towards defeating this monster, I welcome your suggestions.

  45. The NYT is at it again…you would have thought by now that they could have come up with a better headline than “Women’s Work”….they’ve put us right back in the kitchen again!


  46. About to head off to church, but anyone have any suggestions for a Hillary playlist? Thanks to RD and others, I have “Bitch” and “Not Ready to Play Nice”…any other suggestions??? Would like some songs to remind me of what we’re missing this political season…

    Think I’ll be buying a scrapbook and making my Hillary 2008 scrapbook…with some empty pages for Denver!

  47. RD: And if you did go back, you’d be relegated to act as Colmes to their Hannity.

    Why do people sell their souls for a buck?

  48. RD, you MUST never do that. Hill has an online legacy. It’s netroots 2.0. If you want to make this a money making venture, you can. Yes, you can.

  49. Captsfufp: I think of Carole King songs, like “It’s Too Late” and Carly Simon “You’re so Vain”

  50. I don’t have a link to Allegre’s blog. Can somebody help me?

    I’m redoing my favorites list. Late spring cleaning.


  51. “And let us not get distracted by the overt sexism of this primary season. We are well aware of it. But appeasement on sexism without embracing the principles we hold dear will not achieve anything.”

    RD: I don’t understand this comment. It sounds like you’re suggesting (at least to me) that sexism – including BO’s – is nothing more than a distraction from more important issues.

  52. Watching people switch to support BO on other blogs is depressing. Like watching a woman stay with an abuser because he might change or they dont feel they don’t have any other choice. He won’t change; we’re lucky that we have all the info we need about him. He won by abusive tactics and he is therefore disqualified permanently, even if he was qualified to be POTUS in the first place, which he is not. Nothing he does now can change that. Also, his friends/backers and future appointees will certainly never change.
    The only way to stay D is if Hillary is the nominee. The ship has sailed on any other option for me.

  53. John Kerry has a primary challenger – OK fellow PUMAians…get out those checkbooks and let’s get at it.

    This is our first chance to “make a difference”!

    (Edward O’Reilly sounds like a real down-to-earth guy, too!)

  54. It’s almost summer here in San Francisco, so of course it’s cold, cold, cold…even though the sun happens to be shining right now. Just waiting for “the fog comes/ on little cat feet”. And since it’s too cold to go outside, I’ll sit here and think of ways I can make Barfy think that there’s actually something he can do, or say, or become, that would make me vote for him in November. I’ll see how much he’s willing to work for my vote; I want to see that post turtle actually work a little bit! And just when he thinks he’s got this older, white, Jewish woman right where he wants me. . .I’ll laugh in his face bwahahahahaha and vote for McCain! Let’s see what the Obamapundits do with THAT!


  55. Robin – I’m on news fast. I’m also staying away from the blogs, except for those like Confluence.

    I can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought. My energy is a priceless commodity and I won’t waste it.

    I’m making a new blog list and it’s fun!


  56. Seriously, RD. This could be a very big money making venture. Daily Obama is not the place for your talents. You have a nice group of writers here, which you could expand on. You could open it up to diaries. There is so much room for growth. Never go back to Daily Obama.

  57. And just when he thinks he’s got this older, white, Jewish woman right where he wants me. . .I’ll laugh in his face bwahahahahaha and vote for McCain! Let’s see what the Obamapundits do with THAT!

    Nobody ever gets older, white Jewish women where he wants.


  58. Holy HEMIOLA! Karen O’Connor of American University was on CSPAN this am (I watch the DVR very sloooooowwwwwlllly). She just laid out the perfect VP for John McCain- Sarah Palin of Alaska. OMG, John McCain will so crush Barack Obama if he chooses her. He will have the elderly Hillary contingent eating out of his hands.
    Pelosi and Dean are so incredibly stupid. I feel no sympathy for them. What is about to happen to them was entirely avoidable. Just dumb in so many ways.

  59. RD – Yes! That would rock. If McCain selects Sarah Palin he’s a very smart man.


  60. Robin: Their reason is to play the game. They want “access.” If they’re high end bloggers, they want to be invited to the parties, be on the conference calls, etc.

    Their soul has a dollar value. Their integrity is transferrable.

    As for the C-classers? Harder to explain. I suppose they just want to be Democrats and their identity is about that. Or they’re people pleasers and me-too’ers, and Obamacrats will be nicer for their assimilation.

    Of course “assimilation” is something I never thought “liberals” would go along with. I suppose I’m not a liberal? Or they’re not liberal?

  61. I just poked my head in at Huffpo. Haven’t been there in a month. It’s hilarious! There tearing each other’s eyes out. It’s like a meth house over there, rampant with paranoia, delusions, and conspiracy theories. I love it–I’ll have to visit the zoo more often.

  62. Add my voice to the unknown numbers of us who will never, under any circumstances vote for obama.


    And I am ECSTATIC that this fine blog is getting more and more traffic.

    If the Confluence existed in physical space, I imagine it to be a corner of a park, in a big city…with a lily pond, weeping willows, a comfortable bench, and flowers everywhere….the temperature’s just right, the birds are singing, and obama is just a constitutional law instructor.


  63. Riverdaughter, I live in Wisconsin and thus have been sucking coffee for hours. One more cup and my bladder will pop and I’ll be doing laps with the squirrels in my back yard. (Got all my planting done last week and good thing I did it’s rained here ever since.)

    Although I love everyone of you to pieces here I am going to go take a long bubble bath, put on my jammies and veg out on the couch with Ivanhoe. I bought the six tape set from the BBC and A & E some years back and once a year I watch the whole thing. It’s wonderful for those that love the whole long historical movie gig and wish they would go on longer. Six hours is just about right for me.

    Everyone have a great Sunday. I will probably pop in now and then because I can’t help myself. I’ve left so many places I called home in the past months that I’m so grateful that I have found a “home” that is the right fit at long last.

    PUMAs aren’t bitter and clingy
    PUMAs are determined and energized

    FYI: I found a site full of Puma Pictures and downloaded enough so that I can have a different one for my desktop every day of the week.


  64. I think supporting the party means voting for Obama, but staying critical of him and his dingbat supporters. They haven’t shown yet that they can learn, and they’re ignorant on so many levels, but anything can happen.
    We just have to accept that we’ve lost the most knowledgeable democrats of our time, try not to be upset while Obama fumbles through the office, and constantly regret the much greater achievements the Clintons could have made.

  65. Thanks, Arabella. I am overcoming news addiction as well 🙂 Better for my health.

  66. I’m, going to go against the crowd here. I want Hill as VP. It would give me something to vote for. And, there are too many advantages for Hill and more importantly, the country, to ignore.

  67. WillBFair, on June 8th, 2008 at 10:17 am Said:
    I think supporting the party means voting for Obama, but staying critical of him and his dingbat supporters. They haven’t shown yet that they can learn, and they’re ignorant on so many levels, but anything can happen.
    We just have to accept that we’ve lost the most knowledgeable democrats of our time, try not to be upset while Obama fumbles through the office, and constantly regret the much greater achievements the Clintons could have made

    Luv ya, but I don’t reward disgusting behavior with…well, a reward.

    THAT is why nothing ever gets changed for real; you do a lot of big talking, then act subservient when it matters most.

    Not me.

  68. But Melanie…if HRC as VP gives you something to vote for…that means you’ll also be voting for BO.


  69. Melanie: I would never want to see Hillary second to Obama. The Obamaphiles would rub our faces in it every single day for four years. But I understand why you want it.
    She’s got power right now. BIG power. We are her power base. We can make them come to us. We have something they are desperate to have. Now, it is our turn to make them come to Jesus.

  70. She would never be anyone’s second. I want her for VP. And, if BO wants me, he had better offer her the spot.

  71. WillBFair:

    supporting the party

    That’s the sticking point. I don’t support the party and their mis-behavior.

  72. I will not look at ObamaBlogs because I must protect my beautiful mind.

    What are they saying today? Have they made a list of what Obama “must” do now? The true believers may start having some problems now.

    Obama promised many contradictory things. Remarkably, each person seems to have a different memory of what Obama stands for.

    To steal from Bravo: “Let the flames begin.”


  73. Obama isn’t going to change and it would be a huge mistake to reward him and the Democratic party for their cheating and misogyny with votes. What could he do between now and the election? Make a few promises? He’s in the pockets of the money men and people like John Kerry and Howard Dean – don’t think he’s going to actually try to work for ordinary Americans.

    Some of the Democrats obviously learned from Florida 2000 that it was possible to steal elections and they decided to do it to their own party. If that were to prove to be a long term winning strategy it would be very bad for democracy in America which is already on shaky ground.

  74. Ben Carlson, you are right. Obama is not qualified period. We should not be talking about standards. He accepted delegates that were not his. Unpardonable! I hope this site DOES NOT ENDORSE HIM.

  75. Arabella: No, they’re still wrapped up in their Clinton hatred can’t let it go. They also realize that hating the Clintons was the ratings getter. Obama by himself is about as ho-hum as it gets.

    Today they’re talking about “why she lost”. LOL! We, here, know why she “lost”.

  76. (raising hand)

    I don’t endorse Obama, just in case you wanted to know.

  77. Someone wondered where Obama’s money comes from: FUI heard an interview with George Soros on the BBC the other night. He said he was supporting Obama but chose to stay in the background in order not to harm his candidacy.

  78. WillBFair, on June 8th, 2008 at 10:17 am Said:” I think supporting the party means voting for Obama, …”

    WillBFair: As a former Democrat, now Independent, I don’t support the party any more. After 32 years as a loyal, voting party member, I now choose to vote for the person, not the party, and Obama is not now, nor ever will be, the person I will vote for.

    Arabella Trefoil: You’re so right!


  79. Teresa – Yeah, I figured that. Without Clinton, they have nothing. It must bother them that the Clintonistas have padded away on their little cat feet. Less fuel for the fire.

    We are no longer little cats – we have morphed into PUMAs. We sit on our powerful haunches and wait for the moment to attack.

    Our silence speaks lounder than any words.

  80. Susan: We are not falling into line. We are flexing our muscle.
    Here’s the deal: What we have is voting power. Our votes do not automatically get turned over to Obama. He has to earn our support. Hillary has thrown her support behind Obama and she will work her heart out for him. I sincerely believe she will do just that. But we do not honor her by becoming a shrieking band of paranoid holdouts.
    Let me finish.
    That would diminish her strength.
    No, what we do is say, “Ok, fine, you are the DNC approved nominee. Not OUR selection because, frankly, you are an arrogant, unready jerk. But there’s nothing we can do to stop the DNC from nominating the wrong person except pray that they snap out of their psychogenic fugue before the convention. So, if he’s your guy, and you want our votes in November, he’s going to have to dance to our tune. He has to adopt our causes. He has to act like a real Democrat and it can’t just be lip service. It has to be real and genuine and he has to transform himself into a true public servant like the candidate we gave up. If he can’t do that, he’s not getting our votes. We won’t vote for someone we have no confidence in and who we can’t respect. We will vote our consciences. It is up to Obama to unify the party. Can he do it? We shall see. We will not impede him. We are gracefully stepping out of the way. The rest is up to him.”
    This is very different from what Jeralyn and Taylor have done. They have turned on a dime and put no conditions on their support. We do not. We are honoring Hillary by respecting her decision but we have our own criteria that Obama has to meet. if he doesn’t meet our standards, he doesn’t get our votes because he won’t deserve them.

  81. who ARE these little bobbleheads on Howie Kurtz who are laughing at Bill Clinton?

    I guess they didn’t get the memo.


  82. George Soros is also a big backer of NARAL.

  83. Here’s the link to the Soros interview

  84. captsfufp,

    I like that song (not sure of title) – I get knocked down, I get up again…
    for what Hillary had to go thru this campaign.

  85. I understand what you’re saying, river daughter. I agree.


  86. ohioana: It;s called Tubthumping.

  87. O doesn’t have any core values, or at least we have no way of knowing what they are. Truly David Axelrod is the controller of the message, just like Karl Rove/Bush relationship. Which means we can NEVER believe what O says so there can be no “reconciliation”.

  88. Soros supports NARAL USA, or state NARAL? If it’s NARAL USA, he’s supporting a bad org.

  89. Kelderek: If that is how things play out, then he doesn’t deserve your vote. But this is what the DNC wants so let them do it. We will not stand in their way.

  90. RD – You are a smart one. Like Livia in “I, Claudius.”


  91. Riverdaughter,
    Well said… Though, I think he’s to arrogant to try to win out votes. Its uncanny how much he reminds me of Idiot Boy (Bush)… I foresee 4 years of O.B. cow towing to alllllll of his money backers, which will still do not know who that might be? With all of the BUNDLING that has gone on in his campaign, I find it to be very scary…. So for me, I can not vote for him, even if he tries to make nice, I do not trust him.

  92. Riverdaughter has an elegant mind. She plays a subtle game.


  93. Laney: He’s in a pickle. His freedom to operate is going to be very restricted by the OFB. In order to win us, he’s going to have to piss them off. Tricky, tricky.

  94. thanks, rd

  95. Riverdaughter, I am glad that you chose WordPress to blog in, These little blue boxes that pop up when I hover, they tell me just enough to know what’s going on without getting the full dose of ugliness. When I need to be masochistic, I run my mouse over, and voila, the reality of pain shocks me back to where I want to be. Snapshots are like flue-shots, indeed.

    I compliment you on your resolve and strength, your answering the call, and for being here for us. Your posts are brilliant, your consel, sage, your site a welcome abode!

    Riverdaughter, in these days of distraught you are the Emma Lazarus poem personified, for all the paddle boaters at sea. Stand tall and stand firm!

  96. Melanie, on June 8th, 2008 at 10:26 am Said:

    She would never be anyone’s second. I want her for VP. And, if BO wants me, he had better offer her the spot.

    Why would you want Hillary as VP to Obama? She will never get anything done? Don’t you get that? Dean/Pelosi and gang would never let her do anything. HILLARY SHOULDN’T BE VP!

  97. Laney: See the turtle on the pole joke here.

    The other thing I find scary is the very idea of Obama/Pelosi/Reid. I think that if the Republicans controlled Congress, I’d vote Obama (clamps on nose). However, via RBC we’ve seen how absolute power corrupts absolutely in the Democrat(ic) Party. We can’t have them making backroom deals for the sake of their corporate interests.

    I really think with how corrupt both parties are, we need divided government. Neither side is any good, but if they’re fighting each other, the rare legislation gets through.

    I believe there’s a reason telecom immunity is going to happen. The Democrats want it as much as the Republicans do.

  98. Could this be right? Another symbol yesterday of the power brokers that we are, Hillary did not endorse him by standing next to him (Edwards did and every other big name did) — she did not invite him to be there! I think that is the difference. She did it her way, the perfect way and on her own terms. She is not you or I even as she was saying those positive things about Obama; she has to work from within and the more we stand by her, the more power we give her to advance our agenda, that is, we can tell him “give us the respect and the recognition we and our issues deserve and then we will see about giving you our votes.”

  99. If Hillary took the VP slot she would be throwing away her power. Obama, if he won the presidency, would probably spend his time in office trying to contain her and humiliate her. It’s a job that makes no sense for her.

  100. Wow. I love this post over at Clintondems


    moved by this part:

    “Of course Democrats and Independents are appalled at the idea that I would support John McCain. “What about abortion rights and women’s rights?” they cry.

    Okay – do you not get it? I have just witnessed the biggest abuse of a woman in modern history – the take down of the most qualified, experienced WOMAN candidate by her OWN party.

    What about THAT Woman’s Rights?”

  101. #
    riverdaughter, on June 8th, 2008 at 11:00 am Said:

    Laney: He’s in a pickle. His freedom to operate is going to be very restricted by the OFB. In order to win us, he’s going to have to piss them off. Tricky, tricky.

    Tricky, indeed. Are they not the Frankenstein monsters he himself created?

  102. No to Hillary VP. Let barky crash on his own in November. Hopefully she’ll stay clear of the humiliating defeat awaiting the DNC.

  103. RD,
    AHHHHH, I love it when you put it that way… I would love nothing better than to watch him kiss our cute bottoms…

  104. pm317 – That is so spot on. Hadn’t thought of that.

    Pumas sit on their powerful haunches perched on high ground. They watch. They wait. In powerfull silence.


  105. You’re the one who sounds like she is backing down, riverdaughter.

    No words Obama could ever say will “prove” himself to us. Actions speak louder than.

    Haven’t you been paying attention to the Chicago mess? Obama is corrupt.

    I don’t like McCain, but he is the lesser of two evils.

  106. Nina, on June 8th, 2008 at 11:06 am Said:

    10 to 1, THIS person didn’t bother watching C-SPAN ALL DAY last Saturday, and CERTAINLY didn’t understand what occurred.

    THIS person can explain to us how “fairy tale” is racist, how mentioning LBJ along with MLK is racist, and defend this comment, Feb 4th:

    “New York State Senator Bill Perkins used quite explicit racial stereotyping in a speech aimed at discouraging his constituents from voting for Clinton by saying, Harlem “is not Bill Clinton’s backyard or his plantation. Underscore, plantation.”

    nina, stick to drawing with crayons and blowing spit bubbles.

  107. Nina: We’re not the minority. In fact, more TRUE DEMOCRATS voted for Clinton than for Obama. Many dems for a day voted for Obama. The race was tied. The margin of victory was less than the margin of error, but your Democrat(ic) party stepped on the scale for your candidate.. And yes, contrary to Obamacans notion, there is a margin of error in a vote.

    We have our vote. Many of us won’t use it for Obama. That’s YOUR problem, not ours, and HIS problem not ours. Even if we WERE the minority, all it takes in swing states is 5% of the vote going in the other guy’s favor and your guy loses. So yes, it is WE, not you, who have the power. If you don’t like it, I’m sure the Daily-BrosBeforeHos will enjoy your being a doormat for them.

    Enjoy your day.

  108. I don’t think people understand what riverdaughter is saying. Maybe I don’t either. Conflucians are analytical thinkers. Emotion doesn’t factor in.

    RD is playing Vulcan 3D chess. I’m playing 2D chess. Obama is playing checkers.


  109. So glad I found this site. I still venture over to TalkLeft, if only because they have rules on comments that are enforced, and I suspect they will move to Obama.

    But Taylor Marsh, she really needs to reign in her comments–yesterday was it for me over there. I really like Taylor’s writing, but I’m not going to a pro-Obama site. And the comments–a little moderation of chattiness and stirring the pot would help. I guess that is the MO of Obama’s supporters–drive away people from pro-Hillary sites.

  110. Shortly after Hillary’s speech I climbed onto the neighborhood bus, headed downtown, and enjoyed a magnificent couple of hours of ballet for a mere $14. God, I love this city (Portland OR). My garden is coming along slowly in our cold damp spring. Our maritime climate is tres enjoyable with a high today of maybe 70. (After spending July in Boston last year I will never venture eastward again until after the leaves begin to fall. )
    I tried to listen to NPR this AM in hopes of finally being able to stomach a newscast, but the first story out of the box was a retrospective on Bobby Kennedy. Someone was saying the loss of hope for the future that occurred for so many with his assassination hasn’t really come back until He Who Must Not Be Criticized burst onto the scene. Click went that newscast! Grabbed a jacket and headed out for a morning walk. This PM plan’s include visit ing some specialty nurseries with my garden group. That’s what this PUMA is doing this weekend.

  111. I think Obama expects “conversions” rather than working for votes.

    Also, he’s not going to change his tactics. He’ll continue to be vague and keep talking about change and unity. The Unity Pony was given a second life, though, this week but its a weak horse and probably won’t go the distance as election day nears.

  112. Hi jm.

    Take off your shoes and sit a while.

  113. Teresa,
    I am also afraid of Pelosi/Reid/Obama… No checks & balances, very disturbing. Pelosi and Reid have been a huge let as it is, with Obama running the show, who know? I never thought the Dems were as corrupt as the Repubs, wow, what a awakening and such a let down.

  114. Let’s decide to support some candidates in this cycle. I think Ed O’Reilly in his bid against John Kerry in the primary here could be our first project. He’s a good Democrat. Supports single payer, was always an outspoke critic of the war. A good guy.

  115. does he support clinton or obama?

  116. RD- You’re right, let’s watch him try. But I think there may be more to this election than meets the eye. The DNC may have their own plan—& it’s not winning. David Gergen,Republican, CNN commentator, always seems to say what’s really going on . “Sometimes it’s better to lose an election and gain new voters ,revitalize party”. “It’s up to the Clintons now to tell their supporters not to vote for Hillary if they’re rascists”. Both comments were made after Hillary won big in different Primaries.

  117. Nina: He will HAVE to come crawling to us if he wants to win. We have the votes. We do not have to give them to him.
    We are not holding out spitefully, unlike every rabid Obamaphile who refused to see Hillary as a human being instead of some kind of monster. We are saying that real Democrats believe in a core set of principles and we have not seen Obama adopt those principles.
    What is happening this year has happened before, Nina. It has happened in 1968, 1972 and 1980. When the party is split, it is the nominee’s responsibility to put it back together. If the nominee does not honor the other side of the party, he loses.
    Hillary is stepping aside and throwing her support behind him but he has to do the heavy lifting. So, she is giving him space to do so.
    What I think it very bizarre about your comment is there is in somewhere an implicit assumption that Democrats just do what they’re told. That would be wrong. That is the way Republicans work. Perhaps this is the real problem behind failed Democratic nominations. Power goes straight to their heads and they forget which party they are leading. Successful nominees win by uniting the party and getting our buy in. They do not demand capitulation. It rubs Democrats the wrong way.
    But you’ll see.

  118. News fast. I’m reading Flaubert (in French.) With a side of Trollope (in English.)

    I’m also helping my mom with her garden, going for walks and reading the PUMA Federalist Papers.

    Time is my side, yes it is!


  119. Please see the first picture in the slide show at the NYT for HIllary’s speech: never have we seen a female American leader in portrait like this. A historic photograph.

    I think it should be required posting in the house of every Hillary supporter.

    She suspended her campaign – I have not suspended my support.

    Obama cannot count on my vote – as the placard said on May 31 – count my vote or count me out.

  120. I try to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out.

    Obama could potentially persuade me to support him.

    He’s got his work cut out for him though.

    The first thing he needs to do is follow the first rule of holes (when you’re in one, stop digging)

  121. Obama=Chicago=Corruption=Farrakhan. Enough for me to avoid. And I am also throwing in unmitigated arrogance for extra measure. Anyone who sulks because Hillary would not get out of his way on Tuesday after she continued to whomp him is an a’hole.

  122. Arabella Trefoil, on June 8th, 2008 at 11:13 am Said:
    RD is playing Vulcan 3D chess. I’m playing 2D chess. Obama is playing checkers. GO PUMA

    ROFLMAO. Perhaps BO could play checkers, but he prefers ‘the three shells’ .

  123. Peeps, I’m going to make my quarterly visit to the mall to spend money. I need some new shoes, new shorts, new blinds for my windows, new curtains, pillows, picture frames. I put everything off. Then when I come back, I am going to fill my thermos with Sangria and sit by the pool slathered in SPF 1000.
    Later taters…

  124. Obama is what is he, and we will not change that. He might do some fancy footwork to try to please and appease, but that’s all it will be. I for one refuse to vote for a man who isn’t smarter than a fifth grader. Ask any fifth grader how many states are united under our nation and I bet they’ll get it right. So Quail couldn’t spell patato, but I bet HE knew how many states are united under our nation. What more could he do to prove that he is not a true American at heart? As for me, I’m with Harriet Christain! Harriet for President! Well, okay … maybe not. But my vote will go to McCain (as scary as that is) before I vote for Obama.

  125. Pat: I’m with you all the way.

  126. RD, in the past I have enjoyed threads which focused on specific issues. For example, one part of HRC’s (which BO’s lacked) education plan that I really liked was universal pre-k. Dotcommodity’s discussions of energy policy were informative and terribly important.

    Anyway, you know I am not your intended audience but I still think some policy/issue threads could really be helpful for affecting policy.

  127. is o’reilly in mass. a clinton supporter?

  128. First off Ben carlson I’m with you 100% . Thanks for all your input over the last months , for me it’s been since Jan. that I found the Confluence ..

    Now, Riverdaugher, please consider this – BO will be pursuing the independents and frankly the repubs . There is no way ‘we’ or any other faction in the dem party can change that . Of course this is my opinion . I cannot vote for him because I will not support someone unqualified – I watched it happen in the repub party and I may be watching it happen again in the dem part y ..

    As to those of you who are ‘thinking’ or longing or ‘whatever’ for the orange cheeto .. well – of course that is up to you . I have found new blogs , with new excellent bloggers and I choose to support them .

    I’m not hanging out with people who comply with breaking the rulz in my own ‘used’ to be party – using racist /sexist tactics . And, I don’t like this “throwing under the bus the Clinton’s ” . I think it’s frankly dumb – yes the Clintons are older – yes those of us at that age are closer to dying … but darm it – !! .. We are still here at the present moment .

    “Hope has two daughters, anger and courage. They are both lovely.”

    (attributed to St. Augustine

  129. Don’t know if anyone has read this one yet. Michael Goodwin needs a response to his bloviating.


    P.U.M.A. !

  130. I have to say this — what you see here are the most vocal of Hillary supporters. What you don’t see is the silent majority who don’t go to blog sites and such. They will quietly in their intuitive way think somehow things don’t add up and walk away — the refrain I have heard from such people is that they don’t trust him, simple as that. So Obama may be able to make up for some the lost voters with his new voters but there will be a silent exodus that will be unmatched. But if he is thinking he can cook up fake registrations like they do in Cook county (poster up thread had some Louisiana info?), this time around Republicans will be watching with hawk eyes. It would not be as easy as what he got way with in the caucuses.

  131. it’s too hot to go outside and play. Forecast high here this afternooon: 102. Yesterday was the earliest in the year we’ve ever hit 100 degrees EVER. Got to love the global warming. Anyway we’re going to go to the movies to keep cool.

  132. Don’t you think the Obama campaign and the Republicans totally deserve one another? Apart from anything else, it’s going to be funny seeing them going for one another’s throats.

  133. Don’t forget balloons, RD. Lots of them.

  134. Athena – here is the link for the Nyt pics of both Bill and Hillary . There is a photo in Bills vid or whatever you call it – that has him looking up at her , with his hands clasped together with unadulterated love .. I love the photos of both of them and Chelsea ..

    ” Bill Clinton’s Campaign Gone By”


  135. Arabella Trefoil, on June 8th, 2008 at 11:20 am Said:
    News fast.

    Flaubert in French is one thing, Trollope on the side? Impressive. . Barchester Lives!

    Agree about time, not someone BO would call friend, lol

  136. I have written a response to DC Democrats jerky diary:


  137. When lemmings are sitting around chillin’, there are some who say, “I like it here and I’m not into cliff diving.”

    Those are the lemmings I want to hang with. The DNC have blessed a candidate primarily chosen by red state caucuses. These states have caucuses for a reason, the chief one being that historically there’s not enough democrats in them to interest an Amway salesperson.

    At the end of the day, Dr. Demento Dean, Brazile Nut and the others have something in common with the cliff diving lemmings — they can’t fly and they won’t bounce too well.

    My being a democrat doesn’t mean I’m a lemming. The One with ears who can’t Hear is not good for the country — I hope he enjoys the scenery on the way down.

  138. He can’t make it because he is not real. He is faking all along and soon it will catch up with him.

  139. For all who want something to read to fill in for the not-going -to-visit-anymore websites:


    I’ve never had a tag line when blogging. I inaugurate this one–

    I am not now and have never been a member of the Democratic Party.

  140. What a beautiful Sunday to wake up to inspiring posts from RD and Anglachel! I look forward to when this site becomes the net watering hole for all 18,000000 of Hillary’s vocal and passionate supporters AND PUMA HEADQUARTERS!

    Oh and Ben: Not to worry. I think it is safe to say that the majority of us think that a toad will always be a toad and will never fly like an eagle.

  141. I’m re-reading Trollope’s so-called “political novels.”
    “Can You Forgive Her?” is the current read.

    Thought of the day: Sally Quinn is no Glencora Palliser.

  142. Hi Gary,

    It’s too hot to go outside for long here too. It’s even too hot for me to open the drapes in the living room until late afternoon. I have to drag myself out there to water some things and that will be it for me.

  143. I’ve Bumped Gary’s post from yesterday. I think a lot of us missed it. At least, I did….

  144. BB, I wanted to give you a hug yesterday and never did. So here it is this morning: {{{bostonboomer}}}

  145. JackJoeH, on June 8th, 2008 at 10:16 am Said:
    I just poked my head in at Huffpo. Haven’t been there in a month. It’s hilarious! There tearing each other’s eyes out. It’s like a meth house over there, rampant with paranoia, delusions, and conspiracy theories. I love it–I’ll have to visit the zoo more often.


    LOLOLOL! Thanks for braving it for us and the report. I needed that laugh. One can only hope they blow themselves up with all that mixing of toxic chemicals they’re cooking!

  146. Pm317 most of the Hillary supporters, imo will go back to the tent .. People have a natural inclination ‘to belong ‘ – ‘to be a part of ‘ .. etc.. and I understand that .. Look at those who all ready have . It’s hard to break a friendship after “all those years” .. Independence has become the way for me now .

    Ryan .. I am very interested in foreign affairs, global warming , physicians for single payer health care – blah blah blah … . I do not use one blog for ‘all issues ‘ .. does anyone ?? however , I have often thought ‘whats next ‘ ….? for Hillary Blogs … ? ? some will pass away .. lol . Some will expand and grow to find new causes and to continue change from within the dem party – and so on . It’s all good .

  147. I think some people are misunderstanding Riverdaughter. This blog is not going to endorse Barack Obama. But as long as he is the presumptuous nominee, we should see what he has to offer us.

    That is exactly what Hillary did yesterday. She spelled out exactly what Barack has to do to get her supporters to vote for him. Reread her speech with the list of demands. Hillary knows that we aren’t going to vote for him unless he commits to fighting for our issues–universal health care, no messing with social security and medicare, a government that works for the middle class, working people, and the poor. Traditional Democratic values, not libertarian, creative class values.

    The odds are strongly against Obama being able to do this. For one thing, he would have to convince his rabid supporters to really welcome us back into the party and to accept traditional Democratic values. They will never do this. They have come together to support him in order to destroy those traditional Democratic values. But let him try. If we simply reject him out of hand we are surrendering just as much as people like Taylor and Jerelyn who are just turning on a dime and not demanding anything.

  148. PA for Hill .. what on earth are they upset about at huffblow ?? Why are they not celebrating ?

    I have been there about four times since Jan. and that was through links from other blogs for a specific article ..

  149. {{{ Katiebird}}}

    Thank you for the hug! You just brightened up my day 110%. Hugs back to you.

  150. Brianna,

    They have to stay angry and pretend they are being persecuted. That is why places like Huffpo and Kos won’t be happy and celebrate. Besides they know that Hillary isn’t really dead yet. Obama didn’t really win the most votes. He isn’t the people’s choice. They have to continue the haka. That is who they are and who their candidate is. They are exacly like the people who put Bush in office and kept him there through threats and intimidation.

  151. Im not much of a blogger,more of a reader. Iam thankful to have found this site,feels like a refuge.I ‘m a 3rd generation, progressive,loyal,feminist Democrat (for 30 years),voting for McCain.However I resent having to consider leaving my party. Why should I have to leave? Why not work from within the party to replace the ledership. Were we all asleep while Dean,Brazzile,Kerry,and Kennedy re-drew the map? How could we push for reforms in the primary process,for example ,if we are not party members?
    The idea of being an Independent is strange,it’s sort of Ross Perrot-ish,and that’s scarry. On the other hand the Democratic party has morphed into something equally as frightening,those Obamabots are worse than the “Moonies” (Rev. Sung-Young Moon cult followers in the 80’s). Why can’t Hillary flex her muscles as a power broker in the party ,after all ,she’s got the support of 18 million. That’s political capitol that’s got to be worth something. Any thoughts on this?

  152. BB, you always brighten my day.

    Briana, I don’t get that anger. Maybe rage isn’t reality based?

  153. Bboomer – I hope you are right . .

    I just do not think he will have the time or the inclination to make a stand for SS etc. sheesh , he was putting it out there long before he was the front runner – and I repeat – He has to pander to the repubs and independents .. refer to his AIRPAC speech – lol – it has begun ..

    I sure am all for “letting him try ” especially with the rural , bitter voters .

  154. Kbird – I am no longer angry . You are simply misreading my words . in the cyber world I always try to stay away from guessing what others are feeling .

    Unless they tell me . I am calmer than I have been in months . Of course , it’s because she has ‘suspended’ . Frankly , the only reason I am able to post this much is because my ‘feelings’ have defused .

    Thinking without emotion is always better for me .

  155. Briana, I thought we were talking about the anger of those at HuffPost & dKos — not you. I think if they’re still mad, it’s not “reality based” because they’ve got everything they wanted. Haven’t they?

  156. Sorry Katiebird – I asked that of the person who posted it .. I thought you were asking it of me .. uh yeah .. I still do not know what they are upset about .. maybe I will go over there . I wouldn’t even know which one to read ..

    It’s h ard for me as I ‘really ‘ didn’t care for huffblow blog that much at its beginning .. I thought it was sort of like “People Mag for politics” .. that was my take fwiw .. I did go there – as some good writers posted there on occasion etc.

    forgive me for the misunderstanding ..

  157. Katiebird – The people at Huffpo and dKos are kids. Like all children, they like making noise and creating messes. They need non-stop stimulation. Is this the result of violent computer games? High fructose corn syrup? Peter Pan syndrome?

    Adults learn to listen to others. Adults are capable of understanding cause and effect, and the need for long term planning. The children at Huff-PO’d and the kossacks are incapable of actually getting anything accomplished.

    By the way, how is that Recreate 68 thing going? Now that Obama is the presumptive nominee what will they do?

    I prefer to be a PUMA – powerful in silent repose.

  158. Briana, don’t be sorry; I’m glad we had the chance to clear it up. I haven’t been to those sites for well over a month and don’t intend to anytime soon.

    It’s funny how I felt when I first came here. I thought it would be a lot more wrenching to leave those places behind. But, I’ve hardly looked back.

    Riverdaughter’s a genius. This place was the perfect antidote to their poison.

  159. Amen Katiedbird – me too . If I had not found Riverdaughter and Everybody here , including the Wonderful Guys .. honestly – I do not know where I would be . I know that sounds dramatic .. but I really had something that I describe as an ‘inner tremor’ – it’s like I was frozen or something .. and voila – the very night I got here – Poof .. rd told me with calmness – ‘we’ will get through this together’ . that tremor was gone by the morning if not before .. lol

  160. Briana,

    You are so right–Huffpo is exactly like People magazine, lol! I’ve never cared for it that much either, and I never trusted Ariana. I can’t believe anyone could just switch overnight from a right wing nut into a liberal. As it turns out, she didn’t. She just decided to take over the Democratic party and make it more like the Rockefeller Republicans.

    I will never forget my first visit to The Confluence. I came here through a link from Lambert at Corrente. I read the “invitation to Kossacks in exile,” and I felt I had found someone who thought like me (only more elegantly). I was right. After a few more visits I left DK for good and never went back. I don’t know how I stayed there as long as I did.

  161. Send in the Clowns, Judy Collins

  162. Briana & bostonboomer:

    Arianna does not deserve to be compared to People Magazine. I have a friend who contributes there now and then…they fact check.

    Arianna is a Star, Enquirer, OK!, rag of a publication.

  163. The post above by someone claiming to be Uppity Woman is a lie. Uppity loathes Obama and would never in a gazillion years post the drivel above.

    Just goes to show you what scum these Obamacrat are, they don’t even have the guts to say what they have to say honestly. Frakkin lying coward!

  164. Okay the comment is now gone and I look like and sound like a lunatic. 😦

  165. KenoshaMarge,

    No, you don’t look like a lunatic. You pointed the imposter out and action will be taken. Thank you for doing so.

  166. rojo,

    You are right. Point taken.

  167. Don’t how long ago I read this story: FWIW
    There was a tiny kingdom, so tiny it only had one well from which all the subjects drew water. It was ruled by a kindly king beloved by all his subjects except the witch whose lifetime goal was to destroy the king.

    At last one day, the witch finally concocted a potion that made anyone who drank it, crazy. The witch dumped the potion into the well and that morning, all the subjects who drank water from that well became crazy.

    The king who normally wakes up later than all his subjects, woke up to a great murmuring outside his window. Listening closely, he heard the people saying, “the king has lost his sanity!”

    The king surmised that it must have something to do with the water. So he ordered water to be fetched and he drank it. Then all his subjects rejoiced saying, “The king has regained his sanity!” And they lived happily ever after.

    I SUPPOSE THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS: DON’T DRINK THE WATER! or in more recent times, “Don’t drink the kool-aid!”

  168. Hillary to me is a composite of two heroes in the Bible: David and Judith; called to serve their people heroically and they did. The story of Hillary and her heroism is still being written in blood, sweat and tears.

  169. BostomBoomer, thanks, for the explanation. That kind of thing gets me so riled up I thought maybe the smoke coming out of my ears had blurred my vision.

    And I repeat and stand by what I said about people who have so little class or integrity that they post using someone else’s username. Lying Frakkin cowards is what I call them when I’m being polite!

  170. Obama may try to sound like he’s behind the agenda Hillary laid out (although I suspect he’s too much like Bush to do that) but I wouldn’t trust him for a second on any promises.

    Beyond that, my position since Feb 2 is that there must be payback for what has been done to Hillary, and women in general. And the only power we have is to not vote for him.

    Because if he makes promises, and we Hillary supporters say, well, that’s a victory so we’ll vote for him, be assured that the Dem overlords will be saying, ‘see, the women always fall into line’. And we can be dismissed again. The only thing that will get their attention is losing.

    And we’d better watch out during the elections, assuming he actually becomes the nominee: Chicago politics, from what I’ve gathered, consists of winning the election, no matter how dirtily, say anything one has to, and then do what one damn well pleases, or even do nothing. Meaning his operatives will be doing Rovian things *big time* to skewer the votes. (Maybe look for the creation of ‘lefty-owned’ voting machines, for example?)

  171. Here’s how Obamicans operate. They are in force in every pro Hillary blog attempting to frustrate people into not blogging.

    If they can get people to stop blogging, to stop highlighting Obama’s weaknesses, to stop people dialoging then they are more likely to sit out or come back to the fold.

    It’s a great tactic but that’s all it is.

    P.S. It’s to hot to go outside 103 here in GA.

  172. Whoa, you said it, Bonita! I hit 3 different blogs today, and there were trolls everywhere!

    Just wanted to catch up on the news today. Thanks, all, for offering a safe haven.

    I’m sweltering in Beantown – a cool 90+ degrees.

  173. If you haven’t been to Savage Politics today, I’m linking to a YouTube they have on their front page. It is absolutely hysterical.

  174. rojo7449, I will do one better.. Bush’s 3rd term anyone? From savagepolitics as well,

    How very sad?

  175. It seems ALL the posts on hillaryclinton.com are pro Obama now. Is this the site to go to for people who supported Clinton and who will not support Obama?

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