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Arming kindergarten teachers, this was the best he could do?? #neveragain

I listened to the listening session on the way home last night. I have some concerns about how the guests were chosen. Some seemed very pro-NRA in spite of losing their children. But never mind that for now.

So, Trump proposes arming teachers and training them so that they can stop deranged shooters Matrix style. Let’s just review a few very good reasons why this is a hugely stupid idea. No, Trumpers, don’t even. If you don’t see how dumb this idea is, then your opinion here is just wasting everybody’s time. Don’t even start. I have no patience for it today. “Let facts be submitted to a candid world”:

  1. Teachers are self selected. Some of you may not know this but I was an elected member of my township’s board of ed back in the 90s. I’ve met a lot of teachers and sat in on union contract negotiations and referendum for new high schools and curriculum committee meetings. This is not to toot my own horn but just to say that my experience with the educational establishment is not superficial. Teachers, for the most part, go into the profession because they have a calling to serve the interests of children. Oh, sure, every now and then you’ll find some who really don’t belong in the classroom but for the most part, there is a kind of altruism that goes along with teaching. That sense of altruism, caring and service does not usually include violence of any kind.
  2. Teachers are not human shields. Many teachers will sacrifice themselves to save their charges but teachers are not police officers, soldiers or security guards. They’re teachers. Since when has it been our expectation that teachers will voluntarily take on a shooter and put their own lives in danger? This should be seen as a workplace safety issue and if I were the unions, I’d take it up with OSHA and the NLRB. So, you know, arming them and training them because we deliberately make their workplaces hazardous is a non-starter. Telling teachers to suck it up and pack heat when they go to work is unacceptable. None of us should be expected to tolerate it or put our lives at risk at work unless we’re astronauts.
  3. Who is going to pay for it? Oklahoma is so cash strapped from their experiment with tax cuts on steroids that schools are operating at only 4 days per week. There are so many school districts in NJ that the addition of training and security guards and metal detectors is going to quickly put a strain on the budget and other things will have to be sacrificed. Property taxes will soar and angry residents will show up at school board meetings attacking the very teachers they expect to protect their children. So, economically, it makes no sense.
  4. Who will pay for teachers’ combat pay? I mean, seriously, if you’re going to ask teachers to actively defend themselves and students, putting themselves in harm’s way, your union would be stupid to not demand extra pay, extra life insurance, disability insurance (no more GoFundMe’s), medical benefits. And who could blame them? They’re going into a war zone.
  5. It’s dangerous. You are asking people who are fundamentally opposed to violence to use a gun in an emergency situation when there’s chaos, confusion, screaming, and probably no clear idea where the bullets are coming from at first. So, these teachers are going to be expected to identify the shooter, aim accurately while potentially being fired upon, and not inadvertently shoot students who are running around looking for cover. We are expecting perfectly inelastic collisions with the bullet. It will not ricochet or pass through desks or doors or walls or windows. And these teachers will need to have the presence of mind to do all of this in seconds, concentrating on taking the shooter out while their students are looking for safety and clear directions.

If you don’t see yet how insane this all is, then your mind has been completely taken over by the NRA.

And who benefits from arming teachers to the teeth? I can only see one beneficiary. It’s the NRA who represents gun manufacturers. Giving teachers gun and training them only results in an escalation of the arms race where the gun manufacturers are guaranteed to make a ton of money.

I doubt that even one child will be saved by this. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost a lot of teachers who don’t think their altruism is worth their lives.

You don’t have to be a rocket surgeon to take this proposal to its logical conclusion. You just need to do a thought experiment.

Another thought experiment might go like this:

Question: Who is doing the shooting in schools?

Answer: mentally and emotionally disturbed young men with assault weapons.

Does the idea arming teachers and hiring security guards address ANY of those parameters? No. It does not.

What would?

What would happen if we required background checks to prevent mentally and emotionally disturbed people from buying guns? What if we authorized the local police to commit a mentally or emotionally disturbed person for 72 hours for observation and to confiscate their guns? What if we prevented people under the age of 21 from buying certain kinds of guns? What if we banned assault style weapons that really have no useful purpose in a free society? What if we required gun shows to follow the same regulations as any other gun dealer?

Will it solve all of our gun problems? No. Will these common sense proposals violate the second amendment? No. Will it save lives and let children be children and teachers be teachers? I’m betting it would.

Let’s get real, people. Surely, Donald Trump could have come up with a better plan than turning our schools into the prison season of the Walking Dead. And if he can’t, then what the f^ck is he doing being president? For that matter, the whole GOP seems to be compromised with stupidity. There’s only one last resort to getting our point across that 2/3 of the American electorate want more controls on the access to guns: vote them out.

November is Coming.


43 Responses

  1. Some cockamamie idea from the most dishonest and incompetent guy; who is surprised? Most were praising him in the listening session! OTH, CNN townhall was good, but I only caught the latter half of it. That NRA spokeswoman, OMG, she is bitch, isn’t she? and without a heart and how she twisted and manipulated things around. I felt like she was not confronted enough about her lies and about NRA’s role in the gun culture in this country. The thing that is under our control is to vote them out, every one of them in the NRA’s clutches. Also, why are we not going back to assault weapons ban of 2004 and before? That should be the goal. Nobody noted the stats of these shooting exploding after that ban expired. That was kind of disappointing. Somebody should help these kids with the policies/stats and so on.

    • Yes, yes that NRA woman was a bitch.

      I also wish some other questions would have been asked. But more than that, I was hoping for a real conversation. This was basically, the kids got ask one question of the adults, but weren’t given the chance to respond back, or even to ask a follow-up question.

  2. The NRA is now simply the marketing arm of the gun industry… its original founding goals are no longer important to the organization. It is fully corrupt

    • Yup, this warped idea that the 2nd amendment can’t exist without the NRA, when it’s the other way around. They’ve convinced so many people that amendment would go away tomorrow but for their “efforts”.

      I checked out their website, and it’s pretty sickening, how they use the pretense of gun safety to bring guns into schools and get 6 and 7 year olds, who might otherwise not have even given a thought about guns, familiar with what they are, and then wind up building a curiosity about them.

  3. What trump said about bringing back mental institutions is also troubling. Can you imagine his ICE like enforcers going after random guys for revenge? Sheriff Israel (FL) meant well when he said police need more power to act on red flags but it is a double edge sword. Bottomline should be assault weapons ban. Period.

  4. Rubio also pissed me off with his….”Well, banning AR-15 style guns would STILL leave 200 other similar style weapons on the market so why bother?”
    It’s a start isn’t it? But he turns it into a non-starter. Using this justification of how the manufacturers will just change the plastic on the handle to get around it. I’m sure they would try, but does that mean you can’t then update the criteria for what’s required to pass any inspections, so they would have to meet YOUR regulations. C’mon, the government regulates everything, so don’t act like the gun makers are somehow so smart that there’s no point to even try to ban these weapons.
    Basically all Rubio was doing was offering reasons why we can’t ban, which means, he should really start looking for his next job now.

  5. This is an absolutely brilliant article and one that many supporters of guns in schools need to see. Do you mind if I share this?

  6. Can you imagine trying to take out a shooter with a semi-automatic weapon with multiple 30 round clips, body armor bump stock and helmet,( once they know armed people will be in the school), with a pistol? Of course kids will be running for their lives, bullets will be whizzing by, other teachers will be shooting as will the SWAT team. This is a recipe for making a 17 fatality tragedy into a much worse bloodbath. I think the gun nuts have been watching too many Die Hard movies.

    • I think those brilliant students have found a refrain for these cockamamie ideas and adults have to adopt that (bravely) in every interview they do, ‘we call BS!’ and shut it down. Because discussing the merits of it gives power (of distraction) to trump and his minions at the NRA.

  7. Why aren’t people using these types of stats? Frankly, the Sandy Hook parents seem timid to me. The ones I watched on TV could not even mention assault weapons ban.

    • Ha, this should be our rallying cry.

  8. Reblogged this on Coalition of the Brave and commented:
    This is a fantastic takedown of the absurd notion of guns in schools.

  9. […] don’t often cross-post between here and The Coalition of the Brave, but this post, by one Riverdaughter, is an excellent argument against putting yet more guns into a place of […]

  10. Really great piece, RD.

  11. I think trump is deliberately trolling the country by this idea of arming teachers. His latest tweets are even more idiotic than what he started with yesterday. So his and GOP formula is to say the most idiotic thing there is and media and everyone get consumed by showing how ridiculous it is until we move on to the next most idiotic thing he will say. The students had the right idea, start local and build up, state by state and politician by politician. Vote them out!

  12. The Republican Party of the United States of America can no longer be redeemed. It can only be destroyed.

  13. I think the word “just”, with its implication of something that only recently happened, could be removed now–but I don’t know how to edit images.

    I expect TR and Ike would like to know that as well.

  14. Not only that, but it’s challenging enough for experience cops to ID a shooter and, when the SWAT team arrives, who is the shooter(s) a teacher, a janitor or THE shooter?

  15. Unless they give the school guards (and teachers) an AR-15 also, it won’t be fair fight. What nonsense, even talking about all this! There was an armed guard at the school and he didn’t pursue the shooter. I think the news media, instead of talking about trump’s idiotic ideas, they should do fact-based result oriented interviews with experts. Analyze the scenarios like RD does and educate people what it takes to implement something as idiotic. Or just start with the number that was in WaPO — since 2004 when assault weapons ban was allowed to lapse, there has been a 183% increase in mass shootings!

    • Cops are trained not to go into firefights without backup.

      Plus, he was outgunned. One of the reasons our cops in this country tend to be trigger-happy is that they have legitimate reason to fear they will be outgunned.

      This is for the NRA, and the gun manufacturers the NRA serves:

      • He was apparently sheriff’s deputy (don’t know where) before this job.

      • What do you know about firefights, Skippy?

        • Only what I have read.

          I won’t ask you what you know about them, because anyone can claim any experience on Da Intertoobz. 😈


          Oh look, Niles, it’s a little anime girl!

          Now your evening is ruined. 😛

        • Is “Skippy” supposed to be an insulting nickname?

          If yes, I fail to perceive the insult. 😕

          Maybe the Trump Chump should stick with “Anime Boy”. That one amuses rather than offends me, but at least I understand it. 😛

          • Oh, wait–I think I get it.

            He wanted to call me “Peter Pan”, to say I was insufficiently mature–but in his haste, he typed the wrong brand of peanut butter! 😉

  16. Another graph!!

  17. We may have to wait for tech savvy generation like FL students to wipe out the damage done to this country by ignorant dumbfucks like this woman.

    • AND she was equally convinced that Hillary and her “bandits,” were in cahoots with the Russkies. Brainwashed.

  18. That NRA witch is a real piece of work. At their little pow wow today she was claiming the audience last night was chanting “burn her”, and then said the media loves when these mass shooting happen because white women crying for loss of their kids is ratings gold.

    Thank you for making this about race, and secondly; “the media loves it?” Gun sales skyrocket after every mass shooting, how much is this dumb broad pocketing in bonuses every time someone’s child dies?

    NRA’s new motto: The higher the body count, the higher our profits, so why the hell would we EVER want to see assault weapons banned….oh, yeah, and also because the 2nd amendment, or whatever.

  19. I hope by the time the Parkland kids hold their march next month, they have a set list of things they want congress to pass. I would like to see..

    Stricter backgrounds checks that are actually enforced,
    A ban on assault rifles.
    A minimum age of 21 to purchase.
    A waiting period where they don’t just sell you the gun anyway after 3 days even if the background check wasn’t completed.
    A ban on armor piercing bullets, which exist solely to kill cops.
    And reduced magazines

    None of these infringe on the 2nd amendment. And it’s the bare minimum this country should be willing to agree to, to help save lives.

  20. Good night, everypony.

    Lest we forget what all this is ultimately about…

  21. First National Bank of Omaha to halt production of NRA credit card

    The nation’s largest privately owned bank holding company will stop producing credit cards for the National Rifle Association in response to customer feedback, a spokesman said Thursday.

    The Nebraska-based First National Bank of Omaha will not renew its contract to issue the group’s NRA Visa card, spokesman Kevin Langin said in a statement.

    These are small steps, but that’s how it always starts. Those kids are changing things, and we will be better for it.

    • And it continues…Alamo car rental ending all discounts for NRA members.

      • Enterprise and National have joined them.

        • Rachel had Gov Cuomo on to discuss an interstate effort in the NE to share their more detailed databases for background checks. Loved it. The states are again stepping up.

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