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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Blitzkrieg or Sitzkrieg?
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    riverdaughter on Blitzkrieg or Sitzkrieg?
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“One precinct in one ward in one state…”

Charles Pierce at Esquire writes about the recent revelations that some voting registration servers were hacked and extrapolates to what it might imply. Short summary: we may not be able to handle the truth:

Not to be completely cynical, but “there is no evidence” can mean just that, or it can mean that we haven’t found any, or it can mean in the worst case that we’re afraid to look for it. In any case, it remains idiotic that we leave national elections in the hands of 50 individual state governments, with 50 individual secretaries of state, many of whom are undermanned, underfunded, and using equipment that is ridiculously outdated. That’s to say nothing of the ones—Hi, Kris Kobach! What’s up, Ken Blackwell?—who are party hacks with their own agendas.

Jeh Johnson has been right all along. The electoral systems should be treated like the power grids and communications systems. The states are too riven with internal mischief and budget problems to handle a problem of this magnitude.

Many of the states complained the federal government did not provide specific threat details, saying that information was classified and state officials did not have proper clearances. Manfra told us those clearances are now being processed. Other states that NBC contacted said they were still waiting for cybersecurity help from the federal government. Manfra said there was no waiting list and that DHS will get to everyone. Some state officials had opposed Johnson’s designation of electoral systems as critical infrastructure, viewing it a federal intrusion. Johnson said that any state officials who don’t believe the federal government should be providing help are being “naïve” and “irresponsible to the people that [they’re] supposed to serve.”

All it will take is incontrovertible proof that one precinct in one ward in one state was manipulated to crash forever what’s left of the faith we have that our elections are on the up and up. Given the damage being done at the moment to our institutions by the beneficiary of the Russia ratfcking that we know about, I’m not sure that the republic could sustain that kind of a blow. Neither, I suspect, are many of the parties responsible for investigating the possibility. The concept is terrifying, and rightly so.

Now, if you were on the winning side of the last election, you might be thinking “wooooot! Bring on the thousand year reign of theocratic libertarianism!” (Yes, it is an oxymoron but that’s what you’ve been voting for). It’s going to be great to trigger the snowflakes for generations to come.

There’s just one teensy little problem with it. The US dollar and bonds are global safety nets. They’re bought because the country is stable and the constitution guarantees that we always pay our debts. What’s going to happen to all that if political turmoil disrupts the “full faith and credit” of the United States?

You don’t want to know.

The other glitch in this perfect system of having our elections taken care of for us is what if it turns out you wake up someday to find you’ve been eating grass like some cow in a herd with all the other cows your color and you don’t like grass anymore? In other words, you get tired of seeing deportations night after night and posses of militia guys hunting down Black Lives Matters people or that your cable company won’t let you visit your favorite blogs anymore because they’re subversive.

What if it turns out you CAN’T vote the bastards out?

I know right? Too scary to contemplate. We don’t even want to think about one vote in one precinct in one state.

I’ll leave you with this thought that I keep coming back to. During the 2016 general campaign, Trump made a point about if he lost PA he wouldn’t accept the results. But the media pinned Hillary to the wall and made her promise that if she lost PA, she’d step aside gracefully to ensure a peaceful transition. I’ve always thought there was something hinky about that. It seemed incredibly specific and highly unlikely at the time. I’m willing to believe the media was just piling on as usual. But it was Trump who brought it up. Where did he get the notion that PA might literally become a battleground state with all his droogs showing up to intimidate us and push us around?

Let’s just say I found that “interesting”. And not in a good way.

I don’t even want to think about it. But we have to face this and get to the bottom of it before November 2018 slips away from us. Something happened in 2016. We need to know where and to what extent. Now.


Ezra Klein does another great interview with the Authors of How Democracies Die on The Ezra Klein Show podcast. It’s relevant to the topic and should be heard far and wide.


A Little Afternoon Music:

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

The other day, I was idly speculating what I thought might turn Trump voters off their kibble with him and decided that it wasn’t going to be enough to be the most corrupt, inept, stupid, destructive president in history. It was going to take some kind of twist.

Like human trafficking.

Now, I’m not saying Trump is into human trafficking, has friends who are in the human trafficking business or has had the goods of human traffickers pee on his bed in a Moscow hotel room. Because to accuse people of doing things without primary and secondary sources and videotape would be wrong. I’m just throwing it out there to go up against anally raping puppies on live TV as one of the few possible actions that Trump could take that would kinda sorta make Trump voters feel uncomfortable.

Anyway, that’s a long winded way of leading up to the weird story that was in the Washington post today about a modern day Marilyn Monroe British model named Chloe Ayling. Ayling went to Italy on what she thought was a modeling assignment set up by her agency. But when she went to meet the photographer, she was restrained, drugged, thrown into the “boot” of a car in a duffel bag and driven to a secluded location near Turin where she was to be kept until she was auctioned off as a sex slave on the dark web. That dark web thing sounds pretty sinister. It turns out, that’s where a lot of nefarious deed doers go to set up sales like this with all the encryption they can eat.

Ayling was kept at the house for 6 days and pictures of her in a drugged state, dressed in a pink velvet bodysuit were posted on the auction site. The kidnappers eventually let her go because as hot as she is with that combination of Venus like sensuality mixed with childlike vulnerability, it turns out she had given birth and was therefore, damaged goods. Vag all stretched out. A shame really.

Anyway, they let her go. Now her kidnappers are on trial in Italy.

That’s all I got. Just thought it was interesting. It caught my attention because the event happened last summer and Ayling isn’t exactly a celebrity, until now. It should be a little story buried in the interior of WaPo’s website, not hanging out on the front page.

Apparently, this human trafficking thing is all the rage in Eastern Europe where lovely young things are sold to middle eastern pashas and Russian oligarchs. Just for fun, I looked up “human trafficking Russian mafia” on the web. It turns out that Russia is a tier 3 country where human trafficking is concerned. I’m not sure what that means exactly but it also says that the Russian government has put laws in place to prevent it but does little to enforce those laws. There have been minimal prevention efforts in Russia. Also, there’s a lot of trade with North Korea and Russia for sex slaves.

The whole thing is drepressing AF. But that’s the world we live in. If you’ve got enough money and you can afford to visit St. Petersburg you can indulge in child sex slaves or go to Moscow for golden showers. The possibilities are endless.

“Fake News!”, screams the Trumpazoid. Look, I’m not saying that he has had personal interactions with sex slaves, though you have to admit, it’s a lot more likely in the post Stormy Daniels era than Hillary Clinton operating a child sex ring out of a DC pizza joint. But wouldn’t it be just as bad if he knowingly did business with the organizations that do? That seems entirely too plausible.

Rock me, Amadeo