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I got your tone right here for ya

I’m so glad I don’t have cable.  The last thing I want to see today is a bunch of civility bullies taking to the fainting couches because the demographics are swinging against the nitwit religious right who were duped for 30 years into selling our birthright for a mess of social issue pottage.

Oh, so now we’re not supposed to raise our voices as the forces of meanness, inequality and exploitation double down on the “compromise” and “bipartisanship” crap.  Hey, I don’t know if you guys know what it’s like to be formerly middle class, a college graduate in a highly technical field with years of experience who can’t find a job without taking a steep pay cut but that would include everyone I know.  Frankly, I’m fed up with the lies about how the wealthy just can’t find good help anymore and if you guys think I’m going to let the decades of surplus social security payroll taxes I PREPAID go without a fight, you’ve got another thing coming to you.

We’re not going to quietly and obediently eat our poisoned mushrooms just because we are getting in the way of the job exploiters’ desires to be free of any responsibility to behave like decent Americans and human beings.  We’re going to ask loud and clear:

“Why do the rich hate America?”

People who tut-tut us about our “tone” might find their asses defenestrated.

20 Responses

  1. I’ve sometimes seen it phrased this way . . . ” they sold out our birthright for a pot of message.”

  2. Riverdaughter, thank you for giving voice to the cause against exploitation. Your passion reinvigorates and inspires me.

    • The Esau reference did it, right? Old habits die hard. 😉
      I’m looking forward to 2013 being the year that success becomes your best revenge.
      Happy New Year, Jerry!

  3. The rich don’t hate the USA.

    That would be like tapeworms hating their host. 😈

  4. To misquote Dr. Johnson, “Civility is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

    Of course, Johnson originally said “Patriotism” instead of “Civility”, and our right-wing propaganda scoundrels misuse that six ways from Sunday as well. 👿

  5. [crawdadholer]

    Harrumph! It’s your own fault, you DFH! You should have tongued Scrooge McDuck’s cloaca with more skill and alacrity!

    [/crawdadholer] 😈

    Actually, those poor folks serve as a cautionary tale. Do not let a misguided sense of fairness lead you to pay attention to the corporate propaganda channels on any medium. The Smaug Elite would not pay big fat horse-choking wads of their ill-gotten loot to buy all that propaganda if it didn’t work, even on people who think they’re smart enough to resist it.

    Haruhi grant that the day will come when it doesn’t work on enough people.

    • Smaug Elite! I love it. It ranks right up there with The Bonus Class.

      • I thought of it from your comparison of the 1% (or to use the classic term which is my favorite, the Malefactors Of Great Wealth) to Smaug.

        Any other Tolkien-loving lefties may feel free to use it. Fly, little trope, fly!

  6. Ooh, defenestration. First time I read that one for tossed out the window was in a Gore Vidal novel, “Burr’, IIRC. Now just get a few best sellers of your own, RD.

  7. Frankly, I’m fed up with the lies about how the wealthy just can’t find good help anymore

    The wealthy want to find “good help” at minimum wage. That’s why they can’t find “good help”.

    • They want it at below minimum wage. That’s why they go to other countries to get it.

      Really, the MFs want to pay nothing for it. They want slaves. 👿

      • Less than slaves. Slaves, as Southerners of the 1800s used to say, had to be fed, housed and clothed albeit poorly. In some cases, they had to be purchased. They want a poorly paid rabble desperate for survival, what the old line socialist propagandists called “wage slaves.”

        Putting the minimum in minimum wage and truly earning whatever ccurse word you choose to use. Ladies and gentlemen, your smaug elite.

        • Good point. The old slave owners used desperate “free” laborers for the most dangerous jobs, since the slave owners didn’t want their slaves to die before old age–they were worth money, after all. 👿

  8. I am sitting in the surgeon’s waiting room to confirm that I have rocks in my plumbing that need to be removed so I can enjoy a cool beer again and I being forced to listen to a steady stream of cable news. And I had to fill out the same 20 pages of medical history as the last time I was here. Why don’t doctors get a hard drive and learn to use it??

  9. Yea! Let ’em have it, tell the truth…we are not going quietly!

  10. What? You don’t have cable? Maa-aaan, you don’t know what you’re missing.

    Perhaps it’s because I’m a cartoonist — and a “hard leftist” one at that — and satire is my business, and so I have to consume a certain amount of “boss media” in order to get inspiration… but I can’t describe the delicious pleasure I get out of listening to the babbling heads, especially the Liberal clowns on MSNBC, whining about the lack of “civility” in public discourse. They might as well hang a lit-up neon sign around their necks reading WE TOTALLY DON’T FUCKING GET IT.

    • Mike, I’d like to tell you how much we cable cutters appreciate the sacrifices you make. You’re taking one for the team. {{choking up, wiping tear, catching breath}}
      We love you, man.

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