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Wait. What??

The PA Supreme Court approved a new district map yesterday. It was designed by an independent expert at Stanford. For the southeast part of the state, it looks cleaner and less convoluted by large swaths of rural farmland creeping into Philly suburbs. Also, Harrisburg and Hershey are in a new district together, which should make it more difficult for the gun toting mouth breathers in York county to dominate.

All cool and groovy. Everybody’s happy.

Wait, what’s this? Mike Doyle’s district has been redrawn? Let’s zoom in for a closer look.

Zoom, ZOOM, ZOOM!!!

I’m now in a Republican district? Nooooo!!!

See that area circled in red? That used to be part of Mike Doyle’s district, the area in purple. Now, it belongs to the area in yellow that went heavily for Trump in 2016. My suburb is middle class/working class and diverse. It’s solidly Democrat. So, we’ve essentially been saddled with a Republican congressman unless we can turn this district blue this fall. It’s not impossible. With my suburb in the mix, it could happen. It’s just not the same as being in the warm fuzzy embrace of Doyle’s district.

The GOOD news is that Conor Lamb, who lives in Mt. Lebanon, could end up as my congressman. Woooot!!

I see so much canvassing in my future this fall.


Help turn PA 17 blue.


My representative next year will be Tom Marino, a hard right Republican who seems to be a steadfast opponent to choice and reproductive rights.

He’s got to go.


David Graham in The Atlantic writes that we don’t want to scare anyone unnecessarily so let’s just not talk about election meddling and the legitimacy of Trump’s president.

I couldn’t disagree more.

If anything, we should have a truth and reconciliation commission after this is over so we understand how the system was messed with. And I am not ruling out that the actual results were tampered with. It’s a possibility that we have to keep open until we are certain they were not. Color me not convinced yet. Yes, it might undermine the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency. Yes, it might make us look like Kenya. But sweeping it under the rug is a sure fired way for the inattentive American electorate to stop paying attention to elections again.

Pundits have to stop saying that we don’t know whether the Russian Troll Farm had an effect on the election. Intuition says it did. The question remains, how do we measure it? I’ll leave it to the analysts at Harvard to figure that out. But in the meantime, I would remind people of the Daou Triangle. This was an idea that Peter Daou proposed back in 2006 when the left blogosphere was getting crushed by red state blogs whose messages were consistently being picked up by the media and amplified.

We know how this system works. Of COURSE, it had an impact.

We’ve got to take it seriously. We have nukes. We owe it to the world to fix this problem even if we have to air our dirty laundry and look like half the country are gullible marks for cleverly evil people.

Get it all out there. Resist covering it up. Fix it before it breaks again.


I’m listening to MSNBC and CNN (not watching it) and the gloves are off. That presser with Sarah Sanders yesterday was the last straw. The level of lying, lying for no reason to lie, and the inept response to Mueller indictments and the gun issue, are unacceptable.

CNN is calling them out with the “OMG, do we look STUPID to you?” talk while MSNBC is less breathless, more analytical and very snarky.

I prefer MSNBC. It has better guests and a lot fewer pie fights.

But whatever frosts your Crockies. The media seems like it’s had enough and will not be playing the part of “stooge” in the program anymore.

Bring it on.


25 Responses

  1. Hell yes, especially since it is dismayingly clear that a large percentage of our fellow citizens are gullible marks for evil people.

  2. Go get them, RD! Vote every single one of the Rs out of office.

  3. How good would it have been if the media had helped Hillary voters or just about any anti-trump voter in 2016 a little bit in showing up trump like these very smart kids are doing and a lot less promoting trump?

    • The media is owned by McDucks who want those sweet, sweet tax cuts just like the other McDucks do. Hence, the media McDucks’ employees know better than to do anything that could actually hurt the Grand Old Cruelty and Treason Party which brings their McDuck employers those tax cuts.

      Rethugs and rich bastards are willing to sell our country out and bow down and lick Putin’s taint. Away with them all.

  4. This is exactly what happened to me with a search for Hillary video. These platforms are broken and their designers have lost control of their product. It is like a train wreck with a deranged driver taking all of us hostage and why isn’t everybody seeing that. Their fucking AI algorithms are NOT working. Or rather, their ARTIFICIAL intelligence is as FAKE as the term definition is.

    • You know as a researcher/computer scientist, I feel violated. These industry people should be disbarred (like the legal community does) and slapped with social malpractice and run out of business. Why wouldn’t the Russians use these platforms to corrupt the populace when there so many domestic players doing the same thing? SHAME!

      • I watched the video and I thought David was impressive. The lifeguard reminded me of assistant principal Richard Vernon (The Breakfast Club) as he becomes unhinged.

        • Yeah, video is real I read and he is impressive no matter what. But I think the conspiracy comes from the person who uploaded it and called him a ‘crisis actor’ whatever that means and how it is being used by trump and his supporters. It has been removed now.

  5. What the hell is wrong with the media? Why do they fall into this trap again and again?

  6. David Graham has balls the size of sesame seeds.

    Hey, Graham Cracker!

  7. My favorite part is the little dig at Turd Nugent. 😈

  8. They must have hired Cambridge Analytica to give them a good group of trumpsters from Broward County and elsewhere for the listening session. A couple went off the reservation though.

  9. No this is not a photoshop. It is an actual AP photo. Look at the font size, otherwise he can’t read. The leader of the free world needed that to talk to a bunch of grieving kids and parents. Think about that. It is pathetic. This whole charade. Put an end to this administration by an illegitimate incompetent mfer.

    • Good god. He had to be told to say “I hear you”. Is this Twilight Zone episode never going to end?

      • I couldn’t watch it, did he actually read from his crib sheet? He had to be way out of his depth. Rachel had clips of the young man who lost his best friend and the Sandy Hook mother who lost her six year old son. It was heartbreaking, but the Malignant Mango doesn’t have a heart or a brain or courage.

        • I only caught the end of it, where he was blathering on about arming teachers as the solution to gun violence in schools.

          Right now I’m watching CNN’s town hall with the Parkland kids. They’re pretty much ripping this NRA spokeswoman shill to shreds.

    • And note the 45 on his cuff….

  10. G’night, folks.

    More cr@wd@d repellent.

  11. Meanwhile, NON-democrat Bernie Sanders is blaming Hillary for not warning people of Russian meddling…https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/msn/sanders-clinton-should-have-spoken-up-about-russian-bots-during-election/ar-BBJqE1i he says he was too busy ‘working hard’ for Hillary to speak up about it himself. Is my memory fuzzy or wasn’t he acting like he was doing some great service to humanity by bowing out of a race he lost by millions of votes?

    • I saw that and tried not to get angry over that mfer. Tad Devine? What was he doing in his campaign? Why has Sanders voted against Russia sanctions, only one of two votes? Why has he not condemned Russian interference in our election? That is a trumpian answer and shame on him. She did warn all of us about Russia.

    • Didn’t Mook bring it up and pretty much get laughed at by Tapper? Didn’t Hillary bring it up at one of the debates and her rallies? Was the media listening to ANYTHING she had say unless it was to ridicule and denigrate her? Oh, and Sanders “working hard” for Hillary is a bald face lie.

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