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Gifts from Pittsburgh

Today, the mayor of Pittsburgh, my hometown, endorsed Hillary Clinton.  It’s a great fit.  In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d dig up another gift from Pittsburgh, Gene Kelly, who demonstrated with energy and grace how to live through stormy days:

Now, go play while I do some work.

13 Responses

  1. Does this count as Play? It’s pretty funny.

  2. That’s pretty funny! NewHampster has to have a good sense of humor for sticking it out at that snakepit for so long.

  3. Another gift for those trying to find motivation to deal with their addictions, of the Great Orange Satan variety or otherwise: Stuck in Rehab with Pat O’Brien.

    Also in the gift department, Marc Schmitt at TAPPED has fingered us as one of few “windows into a strongly pro-Clinton/anti-Obama view in the blogosphere”. Prepare for incoming.

  4. Where was the patch when I really needed?

  5. Ah, Gene Kelly. They just don’t make ’em like that any more.


  6. funny stuff

  7. ronk: Maybe “fingered us” wasn’t the best choice of words. In any case, we’re starting to attract some of the Obamaphiles as well.

  8. We’ve got a new Michigan Primary, June 3rd.


    We need to fix Florida. I don’t know if I want a revote where she’ll get big mo after winning one of the major swing states or if I want to keep the Jan. results with a half delegate penalty. Right now, I’m leaning towards a revote so that we get that extra mo at the end.

  9. Obama is getting trashed in every media outlet 🙂 Even Faux-News and the A.M. blowhards have been exposing his evil Minister’s tirades. I seriously doubt he can withstand this onslaught. Soon Geraldine will be a distant (albeit it painful) memory.

    Hillary in ’08 (The Agent Orange* of Change)

    * Agent Orange is a registered patent and trademark for Monsanto corporation (who Hillary worked for in the Rose law firm)

  10. Jeez, is it that bad? I haven’t been watching cable or network news since KO went off the deep end. What am I missing? Is it Wright 24/7?

  11. I sure didn’t hear much about Wright last night, but I haven’t seen any news today. To be honest, I really don’t care what Obama’s minister says. McCain’s sucking up to Hagee bothers me because he went after his endorsement even though he has no connection to him.

    If the media is going to trash Obama, I’d rather have it be on his hypocrisy on the FLA re-vote situation, or his whinging about Hillary every time she points out her greater experience or depth of knowledge, or his inferior health care plan, or his lfip-flopping on NAFTA….

  12. riverddaughter,

    I haven’t been watching TV, but I’ve been listening to CNN, CSpan, and POTUS08 on satellite radio. I honestly don’t see how Obama is going to survive this thing. If he gets the nomination, the Republicans can just play Wright saying “God Damn America” over and over. It will be a wipeout.

    On top of that, we have the Rezko stuff. We have letters from Obama supporting hundreds of thousands in loans for Rezko and then Rezko letting people freeze in Obama’s district during the Chicago winter. Then there are the Obama earmarks that were made public yesterday. If he can overcome all this stuff and whatever else is going to come out, Obama is more teflon coated than Reagan.

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