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I call it “raw”

Here is a post from TIME on the FL and MI proposal currently under discussion:

–Michigan’s 156 delegates would be split 50-50 between Clinton and Obama.

–Florida’s existing delegates would be seated at the Denver convention—but with half a vote each. That would give Clinton a net gain of about 19 elected delegates.

– The two states’ superdelegates would then be able to vote in Denver, likely netting Clinton a few more delegates.

The betting: Florida and Michigan delegates, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign would all — some reluctantly– accept this deal.

Then it would be over to you, Barack Obama.

To *me*, it looks like asking for a complete capitulation from Hillary. Does anyone see something different?

Bumped up from the comments from Tucsonlynn:

From an email I just got. I suggest using it. to express your outrage.

“Word is filtering out from the campaign that we should contact people we know at the DNC ASAP. The FL and MI decision will be going down soon. The person we should really pressure is Phil McNamara. Phil will not be making decisions but he is the staffer who runs all affairs for the Rules and Bylaws Committee. Also if he receives a flood of messages it will get back to Dean.

Obama is pushing for a 50-50 split of the delegates. That doesn’t refelct the will of the people. It reflects the wishful thinking of the Obama campaign.”

Phil McNamara

Now’s your chance, guys. Make your voice heard, especially if you are in a state that went decisively for Clinton. Without FL and MI, our votes are meaningless as well. Let them know that there are millions of us out here who know what’s going on and the jig is up. Make it polite, of course. But if you must, tell them, “Don’t make me come to Denver and cause a scene.”

“Wishing doesn’t make it so”

My Dad used to say that to me when I would go off on a tangent and spin a fantasy of what would happen if something I divinely wished would come true. I guess these days we would say he was “harshing my mellow”.

Regretfully, Kos’s mellow is unharshable. He is still daydreaming:

At this point we know that 1) Obama will end the contest with the most pledged delegates, 2) Obama will likely end the contest with the popular vote tally, 3) Obama will end the contest with the most money and greatest fundraising potential, 4) Obama will end the contest with the most states, 5) Obama will end the contest with the best poll numbers against McCain, and 6) Obama will end the contest with the most primary state victories and caucus state victories….

Clinton is in a bad place. She is behind in every metric that matters, and has been relegated to trashing our likely nominee and entire Democratic Party constituencies and states in order to make the case that she’s somehow “more electable” despite all evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately for her, the super delegates aren’t all cloistered in New York or in DC.

and later on…

And as Democrats around the country see Clinton insulting their states and constituencies, don’t think they’re not taking that into consideration as they mull their own votes.

Ok, that last sentence is just laughable in the wake of Obama putting his foot down on seating FL and MI delegations AND revotes.

I don’t know what planet Kos is on. I think he might have signed onto something without carefully considering the damage to his reputation and brand name. But what’s done is done. It’s just that there is no point going on like this when The Math isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans at the end. Neither candidate has enough delegates to win the nomination outright. And since the DNC does have superdelegates *for just this eventuality*, they are going to play a role in deciding this whether Kos likes it or not. Not only that, but the delegates have to consider strategy and other intangibles that go beyond counting and proclaiming one the winner based on numbers alone.

Kos would very much like it if the inconvenient voters of NY, NJ, MA, CA, OH, AZ, FL and MI would just acknowledge the intellectual superiority and rights of the young, college educated and creative classes. To Kos, they just know what’s better for us. After all, we’re just Archie Bunker-type, working stiff, uneducated, old females. That’s all. More than half of the Democratic electorate are just like Edith Bunker and Kos is shouting “Stifle!”. At some point, Hillary Clinton is going to look out over her millions and millions of middle aged dumpy, invisible women and say to herself, “They’re right. Why am I fighting so hard for these people? They’re just the gamma and delta classes of the Brave New World. I should just accept Obama’s higher tally and fade into obscurity.”

I’ll tell you why it won’t happen. It’s because those voters have finally woken up and decided to vote for their own self-interests. It’s because they might be uneducated but they’re not dumb and they know quality when they see it. They may be working stiffs but that just means they can appreciate hard work. And as for creative class, there are plenty of people in Hillary’s camp that get creative everyday to pay the bills and make things run. And these people have a right to express their opinions and be counted. And they are represented by superdelegates. And they live in big populous states where Democrats are needed like FL, MI, OH, NJ, and PA, states that Hillary has won- decisively.

Kos might want to wish them away, but wishing doesn’t make it so. So, Obama is going to have to continue to prove he’s better. He has to earn their votes. He has to persuade them. And stiffling FL and MI, which ends up disenfranchising all of the other Clinton states is a losing proposition. Throwing a diva fit about racism and accusing a lifelong advocate for civil rights starts to look rude and desperate after awhile and people notice. Winning caucuses instead of primaries *in spite of outspending your opponent” tends to make voters wonder why you can’t close the deal.

I hate to harsh Kos’ mellow, but the perception game has turned against his candidate. Hillary has become a more legitimate candidate. She’s had to confront obstacles from both sides and she is winning. She’s not backing down. She’s getting better and I think that is earning her a lot of respect. Voters are noticing even as the news media, Obama and the Republicans beat her up. She stays above the fray. She takes the high road. She risks her own gains so that the disenfranchised have an opportunity to vote for her opponent. She is earning it. If she wins this, she really *will* have made history.

The daydream is almost over. A new reality is taking hold.

Thursday- Jeremiah’s Right

DisenfranchisedVoter pointed me to this very interesting segment of a Jeremiah Wright sermon. Wright is Obama’s pastor at the UCC church he attends. The word that comes to mind when I see this is “blinders”:

I’ll betcha Barack never had:

  • The guy sitting next to him at a business meeting put his hand on his thigh under the table.
  • The guy walking him home from a party force himself on him.
  • The chemistry professor spend twice as much time with the pompous but mediocre male student than him.
  • The boss who habitually praises the men in the group at his expense- all the F%^&ing time.
  • The men in other departments who complain that he’s difficult to work with because he’s so “demanding” and “abrasive”
  • The guy who calls him a “bitch” when he’s powerful and a “c^&t” when he’s not.
  • The guys from other departments who stare at his tits.
  • The rental agencies who won’t rent to him because he’s a single parent.
  • The self-righteous religious types who want to control his body.
  • The self-righteous religious types who tell him all the time how he has to be subservient because God wants it that way.
  • The guys who tell him he slept his way to the top.
  • Anyone tell him that “women writers, chefs, fill in the blank would never be as good as male writers, chefs, fill in the blank”

I could go on, but you get the point. Jeremiah thinks 15% of the population has had it bad and still does and he’s right. He just forgot about the 50+ % of the population that it is perfectly OK to *continue* to treat like second class citizens. But I can tell him with a high degree of certainty that if his female parishioners woke up this morning with lighter skin, their lives wouldn’t improve all that much.

Come, come, now, Pastor Wright. We are all brothers and sisters here.

In other news: Hillary was on NPR this morning and thought it was laughable that Steve Inskeep thought there was any valid comparison between her foreign policy record and Obama’s completely non-existent one. (Jeremiah Wright, take note) Oh, and she stuck up for Florida and Michigan. You know, the states with all of the disenfranchised, second-class voters that Obama would like to conveniently forget didn’t vote for him? Yeah, those guys. Solidarity!

Anglachel makes a good point about Hillary’s proposals for a revote in Florida and Michigan:

She is willing to risk losing the gains she has already accrued to ensure that the voters have participated and will view the outcome as legitimate.

I never thought about it that way but isn’t it interesting that Hillary is willing to let her own voters and Edwards voters reject her than risk losing these two states in the fall, but Barry is not. There’s a good possibility that Barry could *win* delegates but he’s not willing to risk it.

Contribution from MABlue: From the WSJ Op/Ed page is a piece entitled, Obama and the Race Card. These truths should be self-evident but apparently some explanation is in order.