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Meanwhile, Obama says no redo in MI either

For those of you joining the story late, it appears that Obama is playing Florida: No seating of primary delegates, no redo of primary by mail and if they try it, he’s going to tattle on them to the Bush Administration’s DOJ, you know, the one that tried to load the voting rights division with lawyers who thought that white voters in Mississippi were being oppressed.

Now, he’s decided that there shouldn’t be a do-over in Michigan either. That’s right, he’d be happier if the DNC would just split the votes in Florida and Michigan 50/50 even though Clinton decisively won Florida and won by default in Michigan.

So, how do the good people of Michigan feel about that? Well, why don’t we drop in on some of them and see for oursleves? See this from Michigan Liberal. It’s not looking good for Barry.

(Isn’t Michigan called the Wolverine State? And aren’t they vicious and carniverous when taunted?)

One other thing:  If today’s events leave you somehow unsatisfied, make success the best revenge and donate to Hillary’s campaign.  Even $5 or $10 bucks can do a lot of work when combined with thousands of others.  Click here.


Read it and weep, kiddies. Keith Olbermann pretty much accused Hillary Clinton of being a racist. A RACIST. Here’s the money quote:

It sounds as if those advisors want their campaign to be associated with those words, and the cheap… ignorant… vile… racism that underlies every syllable.
And that Geraldine Ferraro has just gone free-lance.
Senator Clinton:
This is not a campaign strategy.
This is a suicide pact.

What words are you referring to, Keith? How close in proximity do the unconnected words have to be before you read something into them? As I mentioned before, we’re not fooled into thinking that you really have any interest in race relations. It’s not the African-American population you are sticking up for. They have nothing to fear and everything to gain from a Hillary Clinton presidency. She has been committed to healing the racial divide her entire life. And you have just crapped all over her accomplishments in this area just so you and Obama and his droogs can keep the old boy’s club exclusive.

No doubt, MSNBC consulted its lawyers before it allowed you to read this piece of pulp fiction on the air because, in my humble opinion, it comes very close to being slander and libelous. Of course, I am not a lawyer. I am not a journalist. I am simply a researcher in the deep, dark suburbs of NJ and not all that far away from you. And I feel like rushing up to Rockefeller Center and giving you a piece of my mind. But I think you aptly described exactly the words I would say to you, “Your accusations are cheap, ignorant and vile.” As for showing up to give you a piece of my mind, I’ll leave that to someone like Bill. You have crossed the line and karma is a bitch.

Clinton Cocktail Party- Fools Rush In

woman-with-cocktail-glass-and-rose-is611-019.jpgOk, all you brave and fearless Clinton bloggers, stand down for awhile. We are the ones keeping our heads when all around are losing theirs, we run interference for the underdog, we’re exhausted.

The frenzy and fury stirred up by the other guy is reaching a degree sufficient to push it over into the realm of absurdity. If you act like a diva once too often, people start to notice. And we rush in when the heat starts to blister to douse the screamers with ice cold reality. Well, someone’s gotta do it.

But we need a break. So, kick back and relax. Welcome to the Clinton Cocktail Party. Everybody is welcome. Say hellow to Rico at the bar to the left of the door. He’s got flair! Tonight his feature drink is Blue Angel #2, for all you angels out there. But you can order anything you like.

Tonight’s pianist is new to me. Oh, I’ve probably got Bill Evans somewhere on my iPod but I’ve never heard him do this version of My Foolish Heart. It’s just the thing:

We’ve gotten a lot more visitors from the other campaign here lately and we’re happy to see them checking us out. Let’s hope they’ll find us a friendly and forgiving crowd. Even so, everyone’s been a little trigger happy around here lately so please feel free to check your trigger words with Florence, our lovely check room attendant.

The waiter will be circulating soon with smoked salmon, herbed bean dip and crudities and a number of other munchables. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

And now, I’d like to solicit suggestions for taking the Clinton Cocktail Hour live to Harrisburg, PA in the lead up to the primary. Should we stream it live? Go to a bar? Commandeer my sister’s house and throw one there?

Don’t read this if you are relaxed and having fun.

Obama needs to be The Decider on Florida

The timing of a new Florida primary needs to be settled in the next couple of days:

Another problem is that the state needs 90 days to prepare for a primary once the governor and legislature have signed off on a new election. That approval has not come, and any new primary would have to be held before June 10 to comply with DNC rules.

June 10, however, is 93 days away, and there is no immediate compromise on a statewide election in sight.

Here is the message from the Clinton campaign to Obama’s Campaign:

David Plouffe
P.O. Box 8102
Obama for America
Chicago, Illinois 60680

Dear David:
The 2008 primary campaign has been a spirited contest that has resulted in record voter turnout. Both of our candidates can proudly boast of bringing new people into the process and energizing our Democratic Party.

With the campaign now entering the final phase of the nominating contest, it is vital that both of our campaigns come together to ensure that the delegations from Florida and Michigan be seated to reflect the will of the voters.

In Florida and Michigan, nearly 2.5 million Americans made their voices heard and participated in primary elections. We think the results of those primaries were fair and should be honored.

Over the last few weeks, there has been much discussion about how to ensure that the Florida and Michigan delegations are seated. We think there are two options: Either honor the results or hold new primary elections.

To that end, we are in active consultation with all of our supporters in Florida, including Members of Congress. In Michigan, we are in active consultation with the committee appointed by Governor Granholm.

We hope that your campaign will join us in our efforts to ensure that these votes are counted.


Maggie Williams
Campaign Manager

It’s time for Obama to stop foisting the problem onto the DNC in the hopes of running out the clock. Once the window of opportunity to get a new primary in Florida is closed, there will only be one option: seating the delegation as is. Nothing else will be tolerated. The voters of Florida deserve better and so do the voters of NY, NJ, CA, MA, OH, TX and AZ who are waiting for Obama to be a leader. If he doesn’t seat the delegation representing 1.7 M Florida voters who knew damn well what they were doing, then he will doom the party in November and doesn’t deserve to be president.

Make a decision, Barack.

Update: Big Tent Democrat at TalkLeft posted this about how the Obama campaign is going to ask the DOJ to intervene on the disposition of the Florida primary redo. Do I have to tell anyone that this is the stupidest f%^&ing thing Dean, Brazile and Obama could possibly do? Didn’t they learn anything from the US Supreme Court decision that went contrary to their attempt to count the votes in Florida in 2000? Have they forgottent the disaster that followed from that election catastrophe? I guess not. And this is the BUSH Department of Justice. You know, the one that loaded the civil rights and voting rights divisions with friends of Monica Goodling.

Obama can’t possibly win it now. No frickin’ way.

One more thing: Taylor Marsh summarizes the Florida debacle and it’s consequences eloquently:

Obama, coming off a huge win in South Carolina, with Clinton getting reams of bad publicity at the time, also ran million dollars worth of cable advertisement in Florida. He and Clinton were on the Florida ballot. As I’ve said before on Michigan, Obama chose to take his name off to genuflect to Iowa and New Hampshire. Now Obama wants an even split in Florida, while simultaneously throwing a wrench into a revote. This is about keeping voters from having their votes counted, because Obama is afraid of giving Clinton the advantage


For my daughter’s sake, don’t go there Keith

This is message to Keith Olbermann,

You *used* to be my nightly news guy. My 12 year old daughter, “Brook”, and I used to watch you faithfully. We recorded you on our DVR. But you turned on us, Keith, with your partiality towards Obama and hostility towards all things Clinton. MSNBC went full tilt in the sexist direction and as a result, we removed you from the DVR and we don’t watch your channel at all anymore. I want her to believe that there are no limits to what she can do and MSNBC undermines my parental encouragment.

Now I understand you are going to do a self-righteous comment tonight, highlighting the illusory offensive racism of the Clinton campaign. No doubt you will sprinkle your 3 minute hate with pictures of slaves and sharecroppers and shame us all into remembering how bad african-americans had it and have it. And all of this is very true. They *do* have it worse off than we privileged white people. No one is going to argue with that. But if you think you can paint Geraldine Ferraro as a racist because of an unfortunate proximity of the word “lucky” to the word “black” or paint the Clintons, who are life long advocates of healing the racial divide as being latent Klan members, you will find out that it will backfire in the most spectacular way.

Because here’s the truth of the matter, Keith: Woman is the ni**er of the world. And every time you and Tweety and Obama and David Axelrod go off on the Clinton campaign like this without curbing your own speech and body language, you reinforce that message. And whenever Kerry or Kennedy or Dean don’t stand up and demand respect for Hillary from you and condemn the words that flow out of your mouths when Tweety refers to her as ‘babe’ and Obama tells everyone that she gets angry at him when she’s feeling emotional, you reinforce that message. And any time Howard Fineman or Jonathan Alter or Eugene Robinson appear on Countdown with you to say how it’s urgent for the sake of the party that Hillary drop out of the race in spite of the fact that she has *earned* more votes in more crucial states than Barry ever has or will, you reinforce that message.

So, go ahead, Keith, make my day. If you still plan on having your special comment tonight where you drag Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro through the mud and expose them to shame and ridicule, I will have Brook sitting with me to watch you one last time. And I will carefully explain to her why men in power are never to be trusted to consider anyone but themselves. And that with this special comment, you are not sticking up for the african-americans out there who have nothing to fear from Clinton. You are sticking up for your *own*- the guys. And that the battle for equity had only reached the end of the beginning when I was in college. And that now it’s her battle to fight. And YOU are the enemy.

Sincerely and with all my heart,


An opportunity for PA and surrounding state Clintonistas

I got a message from Tucsonlynn, our intrepid Clinton volunteer in Arizona.  She passes along the following:

Thanks for the email.  We were thrilled to have your help in Texas, and we would love your help in Pennsylvania! Right now, we are still in the process of developing our program as more and more offices are opening up in Pennsylvania.


Generally, however, we are recruiting volunteers to join our efforts in Pennsylvania every weekend now until the April 22nd primary.  And we are having an especially big push for volunteers to help with GOTV from April 19-23. Those volunteers dates/weekends include:


Volunteer Dates:

March 14-16

March 21-23

March 28-30

April 4-6

April 11-13

April 19-22


Our Pennsylvania Hillstars program–with greater detail and travel information–should be up on our website either today or tomorrow.  You can visit it at www.hillaryclinton.com/pahillstars to sign up and learn more. Until then, please stay in close contact with me, and let me know if you have any questions.




Mary McKenna
Hillary Clinton for President
Office: 703.875.1232 

There are a lot of dates on that list that I’m going to be attending.  My kinfolk live in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh.  I’m thinking about a live cocktail party as well.  Maybe we can commandeer a bar for the volunteers.  More details on this as the idea solidifies…

Wednesday- wonderings

Once again, human beings never cease to amaze me. It is just a mystery how we managed to survive this long without going postal on each other and wiping out the whole species once and for all. Today we feature some people saying the stupidest things:

  • Yes, Laura Schlessinger, it was all Silda’s fault.

    When the wife does not focus in on the needs and the feelings — sexually, personally — to make him feel like a man, to make him feel like a success, to make him feel like her hero, he’s very susceptible to the charm of some other woman. […]

    The cheating was his decision to repair what’s damaged and to feed himself where he’s starving. But yes, I hold women accountable for tossing out perfectly good men by not treating them with the love and kindness and respect and attention they need.

    Silda Wall, a former very successful lawyer in her own right, first lady of NY, founder of a charity and mother of three, should have dropped what she was doing to attend to Eliot’s needs and make *sure* he wanted for nothing while he was out of town. Otherwise, he would be susceptible to the charms of what might otherwise have all the personality of a Domino’s pizza with his favorite toppings. Let’s get this straight, Laura, if Silda dumps him, it will be no one’s fault but Eliot’s and he’ll have to spend a lot more time with women who think the sexiest thing in his pants is his wallet.

  • Ooo! Obama won Mississippi! Put another notch in his belt. Lucky for him that Clinton and her surrogates speak in words. I swear, I don’t know how they do it. They take the most innocuous sounding phonemes and turn them into something only a Klan member would say. Who knew Geraldine Ferraro had such nasty little thoughts lurking in her head? Well, *we* do now, thanks to the endless harping on it 24/7. I guess Hillary and her buds are going to have to learn to speak in sign lanuguage going into North Carolina. But here is my favorite Obama stupid remark for the week:

    In the final days of the primary race, Mrs. Clinton raised the idea that Democrats struggling to decide between the candidates could have it both ways, implying that Mr. Obama would make a suitable running mate.

    Mr. Obama rejected that idea on Monday as he campaigned in Mississippi, telling voters, “With all due respect, I’ve won twice as many states as Senator Clinton.”

    Let’s go to the map, shall we? Here is the primary map from the NY Times. No one cares about Idaho, Barry. At least, no one in OUR party. We are only going to come up winners in the states that *Hillary* has won so far. And Mississippi is just another write-off, I regret to say. Haley Barbour and his thugs will see to that. Anyway, the voters in Pensylvania are not stupid. They know how to read a map. More on this here.

  • Everything Maureen Dowd says today is stupid. Her column is full of dumb metaphors and non-sequitors, as usual. No, I’m not giving you a link.
  • It looks like Florida is headed for a Confluentian solution. There appears to be a mail-in redo in the works, although the FL Congressional delegation opposes a do-over. Since the outcome is unlikely to change, I guess they just want to seat the damn delegates already. But it might be out of everyone’s hands if the matter can’t be resolved by the weekend: there are 93 days until the last acceptable DNC primary date and 90 days are needed between the statewide approval of the new primary and its actual date. I’m thinking that they’re not going to make it. That means, the fate of the 2008 election will be in Obama’s hands. Will he waive the RULZ and seat the delegation as it is or will he screw Floridians and NY, NJ, CA, MA, AZ, OH, and TX? Will he accept the terms of the redo and the money that he didn’t even have to pony up to pay for it or will he turn his back on the rest of us for his own selfish gains? Will Clinton use this for all it’s worth in the last remaining primary states? What kind of stupid question is that?