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What goes around, comes around

So, Obama is having another Terrible, Horrble, No-Good, Very Bad Week. It seems that his pastor has been “caught on tape” making some statements that indicate poor judgment. And this pastor has been associated with Barack Obama for 20 years. The firestorm seems to be getting pretty hot. I confess that I have only critiqued one video of Rev. Wright. Apparently, it was the more mild of the bunch and the others are really quite offensive to many white Americans (although Wright’s “God Damn America” and Michelle Obama’s statement that for the first time in her adult life, she was proud of America *do* sound like they come from the same place.).

Personally, I don’t care for these types of media scourges. Many of the offensive statements are taken out of context and blown out of proportion. If the media feels that it was successful over some innocuous statement that was deliberately misconstrued as racism, it just gets emboldened to try it out on someone else. And if a candidate benefits and *encourages* the said deliberate misinterpretation of innocuous remarks as racism and piles on gratuitously, then it should come as no surprise that the media monster will bite even harder the next time.

So, Obama has been forced to renounce the pastor’s words in the strongest possible terms. But Rev. Wright will remain on the Obama campaign’s board of spiritual advisors. Meanwhile Fox and other media outlets keep fanning the flames, giving us all a little taste of what it has in store for Obama in the future. It is very difficult for me to find sympathy for Obama over this matter. His campaign never fails to capitalize on a screw up on Clinton’s part. In some ways, it is regrettable that this media firestorm may be the thing that causes Obama to lose the nomination. I would have much preferred that he lost on something more substantive, like lack of experience, inadequate policy development or being cool with disenfranchising Florida voters and all of the rest of us who voted for Clinton. But losing his lustre and the nomination may be the unfortunate results unless he can pull his own ass out of the fire. I hope he doesn’t expect the stupid, non-creative, working stiff, prematurely aged women to come to his defense.

As they say, “What does not kill you makes you stronger” or “People and nations are forged in the fires of adversity”

Or, “Turn about is fair play”

Update: Ohhh, so now that the shoe is on the other foot, Obama wants everyone to be friends. Let’s just pretend nothing ever happened. No more accusations of racism and being a monster and you tell your surrogates to stop adding fuel to the Wright problem. Hmmm, and what will happen just before the NC primary? Will Lucy pull the football away? If Clinton is smart (and I know she is), she will “Trust but verify”. See? Reagan was good for something.

Update II: Ruh-roh, it looks like Rezko is going to pour gasoline on this fire.  The GOP is wasting no time in bringing Obama down.  Maybe they figure that they’ve split the party sufficiently that Clinton can’t put it back together before November.

69 Responses

  1. I have read that Obama will be on KO tonight & Anderson Cooper – the resurrection begins

  2. “When one door closes, another opens.”

    Perhaps Barry will see his next open door marked “exit”.

  3. Well, I looked up what the Rev. Wright said and I don’t find most of it too shocking in context. I had to laugh at the notion that saying that 9/11 was payback to America is unacceptable, given how many wingnut white evangelical ministers, including Pat Robertson, have said exactly the same thing.

    In a way, I’d have more respect for him if he wasn’t running away from Rev. Wright quite so quickly.

  4. briana…can’t wait to read the crap that KO will do in his next diary at DailyObama. I can feel the love already!

  5. I am certain you all know this is Hillary Clinton’s fault. (W)Right?

    Jeremiah Wright never existed until he was made up by the Clinton campaign. According to Keith Olbermann, this all happened during Hillary’s participation at the last KKK convention.

    She would do anything and put all types of youtube videos out.

    What a monster!

  6. Thanks for the chuckle MABlue

  7. I wonder what the uncommitted superdelegates think about the Wright matter.

  8. Maybe we could lock Rev. Wright in a room with Rev. Hagee and throw away the key.

  9. I agree with riverdaughter that most of the things Rev. Wright said aren’t that bad. But I don’t think it will play that way in middle America. I’m certainly not going to watch KO genuflect to Obama tonight. Maybe I’ll listen to Anderson Cooper if I can stand it.

    What I really had a problem with was Wright’s assertion that Hillary never had work twice as hard as someone else to get somewhere (or something like that). All you have to do is look at this primary race and see that’s not true.

    I like your idea litigatormom. Those two deserve each other. Wright and Hagee should have a celebrity death match or something.


  10. Well, I got home to find my family in an uproar over it. My MIL (who lives with us) was in tears, thinking about Wright’s influence over Obama. The quotes she heard turned her stomach.

    litagatormom & riverdaughter, I’ve been thinking about what you’ve said about feeling uncomfortable that THIS would be the issue and that things aren’t that bad when heard in context.

    And that fits my instincts too.

    But the thing about Obama is that he’s running on his “Judgement” — that’s his big thing. It’s not issues or experience.

    So what does this say about his judgement? What would we say if Hillary went to Fred Phelps church?

  11. katiebird– I’m pretty sure I know what the media would be saying if this were Hillary’s pastor and spiritual advisor.

  12. Katiebird: agreed. Phelps woulldn’t go over too well. My concern is that they’ve taken a few videos that show Wright in full haka mode but they haven’t shown his more pastoral side. And in the process, they may be destroying the reputation of a decent person who sometimes strays off the reservation.
    But this is no different than what happened to Geraldine Ferraro for saying something that shouldn’t have even blipped the radar screen, My problem with the whole scenario is that the media is firmly in control of this process and what happens to the candidates has almost nothing to do with their good or bad points, though I think Clinton handles it better.
    BTW, if you read that Nedra Pickler article about the detente in the Senate, it’s really quite funny. Hillary’s spokesperson described the event and said they approached each other. Obama’s spokesperson quickly corrected the record to say that HE approached HER. So, the peace lasted just about as long as it took for the spokespeople to reach the spin room.

  13. Riverdaughter and everyone else:

    Your wish is your command. A writers’ strike at dkos is starting, and the names are piling up. So far, I think at least 20 people have joined in.

    My last link to that place:

  14. (shaking my head over the loss of peace among the Senators)

    rd, Does the fact that at least some of this comes from DVDs that the church sells to the faithful change your opinion or feelings? That they’re not just a casual Macaca moment — they’re deliberately crafted for the public.

    Did any of Obama’s $20,000 donation to this church help fund this DVD? Once we start questioning Obama’s judgment it opens all sorts of questions.

    I don’t think the media is in control of this story. I think it’s gone viral — email is flying between generations.

  15. Yep, though I’m not sure that approaching her first really worked to his benefit. If anything it makes it look like he is running to her for help. Or maybe to worm his way back onto the ticket.

    I keep flashing back to that horrible MSNBC debate when they really turned on her (the last one). As I noted at the time, for a moment it looked like he felt sorry for her. But then I realized that he actually had a look of abject terror on his face because he knew he was next.

    Look at the stuff on Talk Left/My DD re Wright and his closer relationship Rezko, it’s clearly a bad week for Obama. Though I believe Taylor Marsh and you have the bigger story about his loss of support among working class democrats.

    But what’s comical is the progressive bloggers insistence that we all go bail him out. Beaton had the nerve to say that if we didn’t go help Obama then we didn’t belong on a democratic blog. Some of piled on him for where he was when the MSM piled on Hillary but we all know it’s going to fall on deaf ears.

    I just can’t figure out Hillary’s play on this one. She seems to have gone quiet on Florida. She’s also pulling her people off him. As a normally nicer human being I applaud her generosity toward him. But I worry that she is letting too much go by with Florida. (Sorry wandering off topic.)

  16. As if we needed any more proof that the media is entirely in the tank for Obama, now it seems he will appear on Countdown, Hannity and Colmes, and AC360 tonight.

    Ferraro’s flub gets Hillary a farging special comment/sermon that compares her to David Duke. Wright’s 20 years of preaching hatred and bigotry to Obama’s apparent approval gets him face time on national television to talk about it.

    Now I’m pissed.

  17. echinopsia, what happened on the shows? Are they supportive of him and his relationship with Wright?

  18. ghost2: for some reason, I can’t get to DailyKos consistently from my home ISP. What’s going on there exactly? Are they doing a Judean People’s Front?

  19. Have I been banned from this playground?

  20. UpstateNY – Apparently not. I don’t see anything in the moderation queue or spam filter.

  21. ronk: OK then. I tried posting a couple of times and WordPress would not let me. I know my posts can be corny but I try not to offend 🙂
    It must have been some technogremlin

  22. ghost2, thanks for sending us over there. I didn’t join the Strike since I’ve already “left” but I did sneak in to give love to the strikers. I saw 2 comments of yours — you did good!

    riverdaughter, it looked like a dozen (maybe two) people are ready to join a dKos Writer’s Strike. And it made the recommended list!

    Scout Finch whined that they (administrators) TRY to tone it down….

  23. I don’t get cable; I have peasantvision. Wouldn’t watch anyway, but you just know it’s going to be all asskissing all the time.

  24. ghost2 — Thanks for spotting that. Interesting development.

    Note to self: we’re gonna need some infrastructure.

  25. I wouldn’t/won’t watch either echinopsia, but I hope someone does. And shares!

  26. I’m on strike at Dk. It feels great. Hope you guys don’t get sick of me hanging out here. As I noted there, it has been such a gross environment, that i never really ‘spoke’ there. I just took it off my favorites, I don’t think that I will miss it at all.

  27. “Cdalygo, on March 14th, 2008 at 8:33 pm Said:

    I just can’t figure out Hillary’s play on this one. She seems to have gone quiet on Florida. She’s also pulling her people off him. As a normally nicer human being I applaud her generosity toward him.”

    Maybe Hillary is just standing back and letting his campaign implode on it’s own. No need to step in and draw attention away from Obama right now. Just go out, campaign hard and plan for the future.

  28. So Obama then approves of Olbermann’s all-out smearing of Hillary Clinton? The man spewed flat-out lies in his rant yesterday and Obama’s going to be on his show?!


  29. thanks Ghost2 – went over & recommended and commented .. I’m proud of my comment , it may be too harsh, however it is the way I truly feel .. here it is 😉

    thank YOU Alegre (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:Lying eyes
    Since super Tuesday I have only come back here to see if you had written anything.

    This site has now become like the freepers and I warned about this some time ago – when the Obama people started doing the “money bombs” – copying Ron Paul – things were getting out of hand then and now it is has deteriorated to an even lower level.

    I will see you on the other blogs 😉 Thank YOU for your incredible decency in the the face of lying, misrepresentation, innuendo, sexism and of course misogyny . You kept your standards high, when the majority of peoples standard here had long dropped into the the sewer ..Not ALL peoples standards dropped, but too many .

    Thank YOU for the example you have been, for me and many others who are all ready at those ‘other blogs’ ..

    See YOU soon . .. now I do not even have to click here twice anymore .. woooohooo !

    I am proud of it .. lol , can you tell?

    makes me sick every msm is going to showcase him tonight .. lalalalalalalala….

  30. Upstate: No you haven’t been banned. Why would I want to ban YOU? Let me check the moderation queue.

  31. Do you have the same username at dKos, Briana? I’ll go recommend your comment.

    Hi, Honora! The air’s much clearer hear — you’ll like it!

  32. Wright left his honorary post in the Obama campaign. Meanwhile, the right is still salivating at the prospect of Wright attack ads. How could Obama listen to this stuff for 20 years?

  33. WS: I don’t know how much Obama listened to but I suspect that Michelle was much more engaged with Wright. Sometimes, I get that feeling from her.

  34. Hi katiebird. . no – I am ” A Person” .. lol

  35. rd, I think you may have something there. I don’t really have that much sympathy for Obama after what they did to Gerry Ferraro. Who will his surrogates tar as a racist (while Obama plays the good cop and say he or she is not a racist) before the NC primary?

  36. Hi Bri — I can’t find your comment… 😦

    riverdaughter, Over at MyDD, several people think Obama should drop out of the race. They just can’t imagine the Ads this fall with those speeches and the $20,000 punchline.

    (shaking head) I don’t know what to think. It doesn’t seem like the sort of thing to blow over.

  37. I’m listening to Obama on Anderson Cooper right now. He says he never heard any of the things that are in the you tubes and have been reported. So I guess he wasn’t in church at Christmas? He says if he ever heard these things, he would have spoken up. He says Rev. Wright was about to retire. I don’t understand the relevance of that? Obama was a member of the church for 20 years. He also admits that he listened to tapes of Wright when he was a student at Harvard. The upshot seems to be that since Wright has retired, no one should be concerned about this anymore.

    They are playing the anti-Hillary sermon now. Obama “condemns” it and says it doesn’t reflect his or Michele’s views. He claims he had never heard about this before. Rev. Wright live in the ’60s, so he’s still really angry (oh those baby boomer, they’re so terrible!). Maybe Obama didn’t really go to this church very regularly?

  38. Obama does sound kind of agitated on Anderson Cooper. I’m not watching it–listening on the radio. It sound like he’s a little rattled though. I wonder what it was like on Hannity?

  39. “They are playing the anti-Hillary sermon now. Obama “condemns” it and says it doesn’t reflect his or Michele’s views. He claims he had never heard about this before.”

    Is this possible? Wouldn’t his friends in the church have mentioned it?

    And what about the DVDs — does a church produce stuff like that without the big donors hearing (maybe paying for) it?

  40. Katiebird: He’d never *heard* it before?! Ok, that is just so fricking unbelievable that I don’t believe it.

  41. katiebird and riverdaughter– It has to be BS. Right now Anderson is talking to David Gergen and Tony Perkins (!), asking them if it is credible that Obama never heard about any of these sermons. Gergen says you have to give Obama the benefit of the doubt for now, but journalists need to check into when sermons were given and whether Obama was present. Tony Perkins says that it seems unbelieveable that Obama wouldn’t have at least heard about things that Wright said, because people talk about these things.

  42. “Over at MyDD, several people think Obama should drop out of the race. They just can’t imagine the Ads this fall with those speeches and the $20,000 punchline.

    (shaking head) I don’t know what to think. It doesn’t seem like the sort of thing to blow over.”

    And then Obama, assuming he wins the nod, throws up videos of Rev Hagee and his prayers for a horrific war that destroys Israel and brings on the Rapture, oh and accuses the Catholic Church of being the Whore of Babylon. And then he follows those with videos of Rev. Parsley, McCain’s spiritual advisor, calling for the genocidal elimination of all Muslims in the world.

    Really, would it be a godo idea to compare pastors? C’mon. And of course, there is always Billy Graham, pastor to Presidents and a known anti-Semite. If we condemn Obama for his pastor, we need to go pretty far back too.

  43. Apparently the Obama interview was taped ahead of time. Everyone is saying that Obama needs to do more to distance himself from Wright. Gergen says the candidates should be talking about the economic situation in the country and other issues. Gergen also says that the conversation in the black community is different than many Americans are used to. Next the new paster will talk about his relationship with Obama.

  44. reader1973,

    I don’t see how he can survive this. I think it would be a big mistake to nominate Obama–not only is there this church issue, but Obama is on the witness list for the Rezko trial. Who knows what is going to come up about him? There is already plenty of material for the Republicans to destroy him.

  45. The new pastor of Obama’s church is Otis Moss, Jr. He praises Jeremiah Wright as a power and passionate voice in the pulpit. It is a shame that his long history has been reduced to 30 seconds in a you tube video. He says that the job of a pastor is to “afflict the powerful and comfort the afflicted.” The Wall St. Journal doesn’t understand the United Church of Christ or the African American tradition.

  46. I guess I also am not that appalled or outraged myself at a lot of the stuff on those videos – but my concern, as always these days, is how they will affect Obama’s viability in a general election. And I fear they are very damaging, if not crippling. Obama’s hope in the general is to convince middle-class white voters that he understand them and their concerns and that he will fight for them. All McCain has to do is play these diatribes and any efforts to reach those voters will be completely undermined.

  47. Gergen talks about how Frederick Douglass went to a July 4th celebration and talked about how black people have suffered throughout American history. Gergen has had black student who can’t celebrate July 4th.

    Me: I agree with all this, but I think the democratic party needs to think about how the average American is going to respond to this. I wonder what is going to happen?

  48. This is the third time Obama’s changed the amount of money he got from Rezko, It’s gone from “$50-60,000” to a quarter of a million? Besides having bad judgment, he’s also terrible at math!


  49. Wow — riverdaughter, you’re site is getting so many visitors, my comment was merged with reader1973 (the top half is mine, & the bottom hers/his….

    Boston Boomer, I TOTALLY agree.

  50. geordie–

    I agree. I have heard lots of good things about Wright’s church. For one thing they are very inclusive–they are supportive of the LGBT community, for one thing. I did find the sermon about Hillary offensive, but the other stuff about 9/11 and AIDS didn’t shock me. But we aren’t typical Americans. This is going to be bad unless Obama is really teflon coated in same way Reagan was.

  51. geordie and bb: I’m not watching any of this. I can only guess how bad it is. How serious do you think it is? Is it on a par with Gary Hart?

  52. Well, the Obama stuff has taken up more than half an hour on Cooper’s show – and to his credit, he’s going into McCain’s shaky “pastor” supporters as well. Very funny, Dana – Dana Bash just said wow, it’s so interesting this hasn’t gotten as much attention as the Obama stuff. Gee, ya think?

    I don’t think it will blow over – I think it will fade, of course, as it’s still primary season. But if Obama is the nominee, we will see all this stuff in the echo chamber ad nauseam in the fall, and that’s what I worry about. Tony Perkins is saying right now on AC-360 what we’ll hear – well, McCain’s preachers are just supporters of his, he doesn’t go to their churches! It doesn’t affect me, but it will affect a lot of white middle-class voters that Obama absolutely can’t win without.

  53. Here is Obama himself talking about his relationship with Rezko, in front of the American people:

    “I was Associate at a law firm, that represented a CHURCH group that has partnered with this INDIVIDUAL, to do a project and I did about FIVE (5) hours on work on this joint project. (…) The larger reason that I think this debate is important, is because we do have to TRUST our leaders and what they say.(…) CONSISTENCY matters, TRUTHFULNESS during campaign maters.”

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. The smell of “new politics”

  54. Well, as I said over at the Orange Palace several time, to lots of boos, you can’t base your political choices on hagiography. Obama has incredible charisma, is enormously attractive, and of course people have fallen in love with him – but a crush is no really good basis for a marriage.

    Obama is a Chicago politician – I worked for one of those, indirectly for years, and Chicago is Chicago, no matter who the politician is, and, you know, money changes hands. I don’t expect politicians to be saints – but a lot of Obama supporters (on the nets, anyway) seem to have invested a lot in his being one. And when he turns out not to be one, the crashing and burning will be painful.

  55. riverdaughter,

    I think more reporters are now going to be looking into the dates when these sermons took place and trying to find out if Obama was there. This isn’t going to go away.

    I agree with you, this isn’t what I would have wanted to bring Obama down. But let’s face it: Obama lies. He lies as easily as George Bush does. I can’t believe how much he resembles Bush. He has no experience. He doesn’t want to be a hands on executive. He will appoint good advisors. He will change the “tone” of Washington DC (yeah right!). He believes in faith based solutions to social problems and wants to privatize government functions. He even likes mercenaries.

    Bottom line: Obama scares me. We need a President with some knowlege of how government works and who has traveled and talked to foreign leaders before. Not to mention that Clinton will have access to Bill’s knowlege and experience.

  56. bb: He’s a uniter, not a divider….

  57. Boston Boomer, amen. I have been seeing the re-incarnation of W. in Obama more and more, albeit one who can read the teleprompter better. It also seems more ago ego with Bama (similar to Bush) than any good he wishes to bestow upon us. If that were the case, Obama would have stayed in the Senate and learned something.

    His “charisma” eludes me, maybe because I have seen better two-bit Elmer Gantrys.

  58. “Really, would it be a godo idea to compare pastors? C’mon. And of course, there is always Billy Graham, pastor to Presidents and a known anti-Semite. If we condemn Obama for his pastor, we need to go pretty far back too.”

    Come to the real world, Reader. You remember when Republicans were accusing Kerry of shooting himself in Vietnam? Maybe we should have had an academic discussion of bullet trajectory. It doesn’t matter what Mccain’s pastor said, by the general the Obama worshipping media will become the mccain worshiping, obama demonizing media. Prepare to hear these clips all day, every day. It doesn’t offend me, but it offends people like my grandfather, who’s a staunch Democrat, and others like him. You think this plays with Independents?

  59. Obama has insisted he is the agent of change yet his association to Rezko and Rev. Wright are suspect. I am listening to his audio interview with reporters with the Chicago Sun Times and he is positively tap dancing around the answers. Given the reporters tough questioning, this is probably the first time he has been part of real scrutiny. If nominated, he will be easy to beat as his patriotism, his religious affiliation, his ties to Rezko will be fodder for the GOP. Hillary is correct in saying she has been vetted. This could get real ugly. The Sunday talk shows will be the barometer.

  60. It almost doesn’t matter what any of us think about the Wright stuff. If Obama is the nominee the repugs will broadcast this far and wide. And it will matter to a lot of people. My mother and my aunt, staunch dems their entire lives, will be completely repulsed by Wright’s comments. They already have bad feelings about Obama because they live in IL and think he has been a terrible senator. This will not help.

    The sad thing is that many of the things Wright talks about are things that many in the black community believe and not without good reason. I’m not talking about the 9/11 stuff or the “God d@#n America” comments. But on AIDS, for instance. I remember, back in the ’80s, people in the black community were convinced that the government was somehow infecting them with HIV. To white people it sounds ridiculous, but African-Americans remember the experiments conducted on blacks (prisoners intentionally infected with syphilis so that doctors could research the path of the disease). And let’s not forget forced sterilization and other horrible things.

    I worry that some, perhaps many, think that voting for Barack will magically erase 400 years of racism. And then we won’t have to face the hard and painful work of confronting it, talking honestly about it as a country, and then moving on.

    Obama’s candidacy will not move us beyond racism. I fear the way things are going. I think it could get much worse. Not only will it damage the party; it will damage the country.

    I had this apparently naive idea that if Obama was the V-P with Hillary, we could use part of the next 8 years to have this discussion and move, as a country,closer to that post-racism Barack is supposed to bring us.

  61. reader1973,

    The difference is this: Obama has been attending that church for over two decades. He is not merely pandering like McCain is. He has been a faithful attendee to Reverend Wright’s sermons and he considers Wright to be a spiritual mentor. Wright presided over his wedding and the baptismal of his kids.

    This is not merely some association to inflammatory rhetoric, but a close, deep friendship.

  62. I see a lot of false equivalence arguments being made concerning Wright.

    When Obama supporters try to dismiss the controvery by comparing Wright to Hagee or Ferraro, they are being dishonest.

    Hagee was not McCain’s “spiritual advisor” for 20 years, nor was Ferraro the pastor of Hillary’s church.

    Nor should people dismiss the issue as unimportant, an issue of religious freedom, or racist. People can legitimately question whether Obama’s voluntary association with Rev. Wright reflects on his personal beliefs without being racists. just because some people consider it unimportant doesn’t mean everyone will, and while everyone is free to practice their own religion (or none at all) that doesn’t mean that extremist religious views are unimportant.

    As for the argument that the right-wing can’t call Obama a stealth Muslim and at the same time criticize him for attending Wright’s church; since when was logical consistency a requirement for a wingnut?

    The real problem for Obama is that this gives the closet racists ammuniton to attack him. They can use Rev. Wright’s words to accuse Obama (guilt by association) of racsim and being unpatriotic while pretending that it has nothing to do with Obama or Wright’s race.

  63. My understanding is that some of these offensive sermons are on DVD’s that are sold by the church. If so, then they are representative of the what the church stands for and it is not believable that Obama had no clue about his pastor’s beliefs.
    I agree with Riverdaughter that it seems like Michelle is more closely aligned with this kind of thinking. She plays the victim card all the time. Her complaining to a group of working class women in Ohio about having to spend $10,000 on dance, music and sports lessons and about having to pay off loans for those Ivy League schools she just had to attend was bizarre.

  64. I loved this post. It actually made rethink my own blog this morning. The media has gone mad. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Obama taken to task, but not over his religion. If he’s anti-Semitic, that is something he can be called to account for, but I don’t know that he is. I think all the media has shown is that his Christian pastor had some connection with the Nation of Islam and that’s not enough to taint Obama. There is so much more to question Obama about than his religion. Clinton is the one candidate who hasn’t made religion an issue, and I applaud her for that. She seems to me to be truly the most tolerant. Can she pull the party together? You bet. She’s the only Democrat in the race.

  65. Ditto, dumblonde, ditto!

  66. I’m not bothered by most of the Wright comments — the HIV part is a notable exception, though; that genuinely turned my stomach as pretty evil, because the last thing we need is the more hateful ignorance about HIV. And let’s not forget how Reagan, a man Obama is so quick to admire, was silent on AIDS for years while the gay community was decimated.

    However, it’s the rank hypocrisy that bothers me: others have pointed to it… what would have happened if this were Hillary Clinton’s church of 20 years? Coming off the Ferraro pile-on, they hypocrisy is even more rank.

    The analogy in my mind is Ward Churchill, actually. In fact, I remember Churchill being excoriated on an unnamed site that now worships Obama. But, self-righteous hypocrisy is key on Team Obama, as they “change” the country one smile at a time.

    You know, I am not buying Obama’s phony statements on HuffPost (and elsewhere in interviews), either: “When these statements first came to my attention, it was at the beginning of my presidential campaign.” Oh, please. I don’t even care about the Wright feeding frenzy, and I think this statement is ludicrous. You were in the church for 20 years and never heard about this crap? And the reader comments on HuffPost… so many Obama fans falling all over themselves to say how BRILLIANT and WONDERFUL he is and how this AMAZING statement solves EVERYTHING. Do they not see how fawning they are? This turns me off the Obama Movement completely, because it indicates to me that no matter what the man does or says, no matter what his behavior or policies, they will simply worship him. Zero accountability.

    I don’t expect politicians to be saints. It’s the carefully calculated mantle of sainthood of Obama that’s the problem.

    Include the media in the base fawning. Hillary gets slammed, Obama gets invited to friendly spin-ready sessions. The more the MSM pushes and crawls and fawns, the more transparent and ridiculous it becomes. And the more I run for dear life in the other direction.

    Live by the sword. Die by the sword. *shrug* No tears shed here.

  67. If Obama didn’t know about these statements, why does he refer to some of them in his first book?

  68. Bonita: OooooOOOOooooo! you have been doing your homework. do you have citations?


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