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    lililam on I am not a general…
    Propertius on I am not a general…
    Beata on What Will the Midterms Tell…
    lililam on I am not a general…
    lililam on I am not a general…
    Beata on What Will the Midterms Tell…
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    William on What Will the Midterms Tell…
    William on What Will the Midterms Tell…
    Beata on What Will the Midterms Tell…
    William on What Will the Midterms Tell…
    Beata on What Will the Midterms Tell…
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The Florida Mail-in Revote Plan: Action Alert!

Big Tent Democrat at TalkLeft, has put up the proposal from Karen Thurman of the Florida Democratic party, for a revote by mail of the 2008 Florida Primary. They are soliciting comments at this time until 6:00pm tonight. If you are a Floridian and you have an opinion on the matter (and I’d find it hard to believe if you didn’t), please read the proposal in its entirety and the accompanying press release with FAQs and respond to Thurman’s request for input. This might be your last chance to chime in on it. This voter from NJ is in solidarity with the voters of Florida and Michigan and demand that their full delegations be seated or a revote conducted as expeditiously as possible. We all hang together or we will surely hang separately

See the post and documents at TalkLeft.

13 Responses

  1. I think that the Dem. Party is really starting to project itself, not just to Dems but to the whole electorate, as being in disarray. I am afraid that if this continues, it may turn off some of the lukeworm Republican voters and conservative Independents that both (BO and HC)campaigns covet.

    Hopefully a solution to the MI and FL revote will be reached soon. A solution that is *fair* to the VOTERS in these states, and not so much to the campaigns or the state/national party.

    Also, I read somewhere (I do not remember where now, sorry) that the “four pillars” of the D Party are: AA, Labour, Women and Ethnic minorities. I understand that these categories overlap but it would seem to me that as things stand now, both candidates have a major problem since BO seems to have most of the AA and Labour support behind him while HC has the support of Women and Ethnic minorieties.

    I would imagine either candidate will get support from the Labour movement in the end, but I am not so sure that will be true for the AA or the Women and or Ethnic minorities groups. I think we may have scr**d ourselves for the GE. How have we allowed this to go this far? We need a tourniquet and pronto.

    Anyway, for what they are worth, those are my thoughts on this whole revote matter fo the time being.

  2. Upstate: Hillary has the support of the Teacher’s and Nurse’s unions. And from what I can recall, several other unions have supported her as well. Ohio presumably had a bigger than most union representation and she beat Obama by 10 points. I think some of the union leaders are infatuated with Obama in the same way that Kossacks are but that doesn’t mean the rank and file are. We saw an example of that in Nevada.

  3. I just read the proposal and sent in my response. Here it is as follows:

    “Though I would prefer our delegates be seated according to the January 29th primary results, I am more than willing to accept a mail in/ in person revote. I am very disappointed in DNC Chairperson Howard Dean for allowing this unnecessary punishment of Florida voters to continue for this long and for even considering splitting our votes in half. Why should Sen. Obama automatically get votes he never earned? Sen. Obama’s complaints about not having an opportunity to physically campaign here are irrelevant – His campaign commercials frequently aired on cable tv and fundraiser were held in his honor. None of the candidates physically campaigned in Florida – fund-raisers were held in honor of the Clinton campaign, but Sen. Clinton didn’t even show up until after voting took place.”

    I thought of adding ” As a U.S. Citizen, a Florida resident, and a Democrat, I expect better from the leaders of my party.”, but I decided to keep it short and sweet.

  4. OT, but reason there cannot be a Bush V.3.0. No McBush, no McSame, no hell bent for leather militarist.

    “I must say, I’m a little envious,” Bush said. “If I were slightly younger and not employed here, I think it would be a fantastic experience to be on the front lines of helping this young democracy succeed.”

    “It must be exciting for you … in some ways romantic, in some ways, you know, confronting danger. You’re really making history, and thanks,” Bush said.

  5. Cathan: Nice letter. I wholeheartedly agree.

  6. Jawbone: He said that? I wonder why he didn’t feel the same sense of exhileration during the Vietnam War. Maybe Laura could have joined up as a nurse and they could have had intimate picnics by the Mekong Delta while watching the bombs bursting in air. Ahhhh, l’amour.

  7. Riverdaughter,

    I found a really good site that you might want to look at, or others here, too. It’s a very educated informed place with intellectuals talking about politics, like yours is, as far as I could tell last night. (Being bleary eyed and sad about all of this)

    There is a post on “follow the money” that is very important to read about O and corporations. You will be in shock about the bill he passed, as I am.


    best to you, today, and thank you for making this little refuge.

  8. vbonnaire: Who are you calling an intellectual??? I’ll take a look at it. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  9. This worries me a lot. If FL doesn’t do a revote I think Clinton loses the race (unfairly) which is exactly what Dean wants. Obama wants to seat the delegates at the convention rather than do a revote because he hopes that by then he’ll have such a huge lead over Clinton that it won’t matter anymore. Also, the perception up until the convention will be that Clinton has no chance to catch up with him in delegates or popular vote. This is just another opportunity for the Obamabots to try and get Clinton to drop-out before the convention. I don’t know what the plan is here in Michigan but it seems like we have a better chance of a revote than Florida does. This is very upsetting. How can any candidate legitimately win without counting two big states? I’m leaving the Demcratic Party if Obama wins without counting MI and FL. Period.

  10. “I think some of the union leaders are infatuated with Obama in the same way that Kossacks are but that doesn’t mean the rank and file are. We saw an example of that in Nevada.”

    Exactly. Just because a Union endorses a candidate doesn’t mean that it has listened to it’s rank and file when selecting the person they want to endorse. There have been times that the union leadership will endorse someone who they think is going to win anyway so that they don’t piss them off instead of endorsing the candidate that there people want.

  11. I was calling you a very big blue intellectual, my friend!

    (and damn good writer)/journalist?

  12. ps: I forgot to say I loved the way you do you cocktails ’round here too.
    I meant to tell you that’s a charming touch.

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