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Anglachel’s Mother of All Rants

Just go read Anglachel’s post, When Wishes Come True. Oooo, this one is soo good. It reminds me of Conan the Barbarian’s response when he was asked, “What is best in life?” and he says: “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of the women” (Actually, this might have been the longest line he had to speak in the whole movie, but I digress)

Anglachel takes Obama and The Gang of Four to task for alienating the loyal Democratic base and describes the outcome. Here’s a taste:

Thus, Dean has painted himself and the party into a corner. The only solution that will be seen as legitimate is a revote of Michigan and Florida, and he is allowing his preferred candidate to block that option. As I’ve said before (dang, but I’m prescient…) if Obama has popular support, he would welcome the revotes. The fact that he is fighting hammer and tongs to prevent this from happening, despite the support of the party leaders, the pundits, the MSM and an alleged huge advantage in cash, tells me that he knows he will bomb. The frontrunner is on his way to being a has been.

To keep from losing everything in November (and I’m beginning to think we may lose control of the Seante at our current rate), Dean and the DNC leadership are trying to beg/cajole/threaten Hillary into conceding the nomination before she becomes any stronger.

Somehow, I don’t think she will.

The end is cathartic. You’ll feel like you just ate some raw meat and want to hear wailing and lamentations from the Obamaphiles. Right after we crush Dean.


We need a bigger Haka

I left Harrisburg at 4:00pm. Got a parking ticket. 😦 The office was humming along. All the way home in the car I heard reports of municipal boards of elections swamped with lines to register before the doors even opened this morning. It would be wrong to assume that this was just Obama’s work. It was not. The Clinton campaign mailed out registration forms to many households and they did canvassing and many other things this weekend. My phone banking only turned up 2 Obamaphiles. The rest were either firmly in Hillary’s corner or undecideds. I LOVE undecideds. They want to be seduced. They want to be told that their vote is the most important thing in the world to you. And it is. They are very important people. I try to direct them to Hillary’s site to read the issues online. It is very nice to hear that there are so many people in PA who are sick and tired of Republicans and are willing to step outside their comfort zone and vote for a Democrat, especially Hillary, who has withstood so much negativity. Which brings me to the second thing that happened today.

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Live! From Harrisburg, It’s HRC 2008!

Hi guys, it’s been a steady stream through here today. I gave some walk-in my Hillary button because there aren’t anymore of them. But there are plenty of stickers left! Dana is running this shop and everyone was busy this past weekend doing canvassing and phone banking. I’ve been phone banking this morning to try to encourage people to send in their voter’s registrations today. If you live in PA and you want to vote for Hillary in the presidential primary, you *must* be registered as a Democrat. This is a closed primary. Your voter’s registration form must be postmarked March 24, that’s today.

The Harrisburg office has a wish list of things that would make the next several weeks easier. Among the items they’d like are

  • folding tables (for desks)
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Bottled water
  • Food!!! (goldfish, snacks, pizza, fruit, veggies)
  • Quarters (for parking)
  • Diet Coke (soda)
  • lamps
  • air freshener
  • housing for staff
  • maps of Harrisburg (GPS navigators?)
  • anti-bacterial wipes
  • trash cans
  • kleenex
  • Internet expert- to connect the wireless to desktops(?)

If you can send something along, here is the address:

Pennsylvania for Hillary, Harrisburg

308 N. 2nd Street

Harrisburg, PA 17101

Now, you may be asking yourself, “How can I get involved in the campaign in PA?” Dana says the best way to be helpful is to volunteer through the coordinating office in Philadelphia. They will help you find a place in the state where you are needed the most. Here is the address:

Pennsylvania for Hillary Headquarters

520 North Delaware Avenue
Suite 202
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: 215.625.0329
Fax: 215.625.0379
As for those of you who end up in Harrisburg, good news! There are a couple of nice bar/pubs close to the HQ that are Clinton friendly who we will want to give our business at a nice cocktail party. I’m thinking the weekend before the primary will be a great time for us to get together and, like, um, meet. There may not be a Rico though. But I’m sure we’ll have a good time.
I’m going to duck out for some lunch. Later…


Monday: Last day to register in PA

Yes, ladies and gents, if you are a resident of PA and you want to register or switch parties *hint, hint*, today is your last day. Run, don’t walk to your local Board of Elections office or Clinton campaign office.

In other news:

  • Lambert at Corrente has started the “Why Won’t That Stupid Bitch Quit ? Watch” (WWTSBQW) Every time one of the Big Boyz puts up a post asking why Hillary won’t just get out now for the good of the party because The Math isn’t in her favor (and spreading an untrue meme because Obama can’t win *either* without superdelegates), some Corrente readers are donating $10 to Hillary’s campaign. If we all pledge an affordable dollar amount, she should be rich by the end of the week!
  • What if you were planning to throw a party and nobody paid? That is dilemma laid out in Money Troubles in Denver at the NYTimes. Howard Dean is having trouble coming up with half of the money for a downpayment. (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!) Ahem, excuse me for that. Where was I? Oh, yeah, no one could have predicted that anyone would take a large swing state, slam a harsh penalty on it, take another large swing state, slam *it* with another harsh penalty and manage to piss off the voters enough that they want their money back for the convention. It was completely unforseen. The comments, although peppered by the occasional cluelessly juvenile Obamaphile, seem to be uncharitable towards poor Howard. I know, I know, you’re heartbroken.
  • Hillary’s mother had a hard life when she was young. If you haven’t read this article, The LA ‘village that raised Hillary’s mother, in the LATimes from yesterday, you can see why Hillary might not want to go back to days like that.
  • Bill Richardson says he still feels loyal to the Clintons. Hmmm, “loyalty”. I don’t think that word means what you think it means. I understand. What’s a politician to do when he can’t get to the WH on his own merits? Oh, well, he probably is just thinking in terms that even Kos would understand. We’ll all just kiss and make up after the primaries. Right? I said, RIGHT?!

Ok, I’m going to hop across the river and see if I can make trouble at the Clinton HQ in Harrisburg. Later taters…