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Welcome New PUMAs!

I’ve had a look at our statistics and it looks like a lot of new visitors have been reading our post on PUMA Power. Here’s what it’s all about:  your vote.  Yes, you hold in your sweaty little hand the ability to change history.  As Murphy says, “We are the ones no one was expecting.” YOU are the real change.  You and me and 18,000,000 other voters are reaching out to one another and standing united in saying that we do not have to accept the fate that was decided for us.  We are united in saying that we expect the Super Delegates to do what they were created to do: give us the most electable Democratic nominee to run against the Republicans this year.

Our party is not united now.  There is no use in pretending that it is.  But the Super Delegates can listen to the voters and do the right thing.  They can assess the effect of the gaming of the caucuses on the pledged delegate count and decide if it can lead to an electoral victory for Obama.  They can deliberate over what will happen to FL and MI now that they have been restored to full voting strength but were prohibited from throwing their primary weight behind their winning candidate – Hillary Clinton.

But the most important thing they can decide is whether it is better to allow perception management techniques to continue to portray Barack Obama as the presumptive nominee or whether it is better to force Howard Dean to strictly enforce the rules and procedures for a fair, open and transparent election.

If they do not, we, the voters, reserve the right to take our votes and put them to use elsewhere in order to make sure the powers that be become the powers that were.

You are not alone.  No matter what happens, we will be here when the dust settles.  You can get involved by visiting PUMAPac, signing up for the daily growl and doing simple actions in your community to let others know that THEY are not alone either.

Find a buddy, hold hands, stick together.  People United Mean Action.

83 Responses

  1. “If they do not, we, the voters, reserve the right to take our votes and put them to use elsewhere in order to make sure the powers that be become the powers that were.”

    How incendiary – ranks up there with “When in the course of human history…” Powers that were – I love it!

  2. That should be “when in the course of human events…” My brain needs more caffeine. Or not.

  3. RiverDaughter: Well said!

  4. This “selection” not “election” was rigged and the nomination was stolen from Hillary. How dare they ask her to unify the party. I know she will do what she has to do. But, we, the voters were the ones who were duped. We were what was brushed off The One’s shoulders. And now WE control the fate of this election.

  5. Riverdaughter,

    Thank you so much for the updates and the encouraging words. It’s hard for me to stay positive when I realize how slim the chances really are that we can have a Democrat in the White House next year. It will be a long struggle ahead, and we have to keep our spirits up. You have raised mine once again.

  6. When Democracy comes back to the Democratic Party, so will we.

  7. Riverdaughter: awesome post.

    sm77: That should be the slogan on the official PUMA t-shirt.

  8. Julie – It’s definitely becoming my mantra now. Thank you!

  9. Riverdaughter said: “we, the voters, reserve the right to take our votes and put them to use elsewhere in order to make sure the powers that be become the powers that were”

    Perfectly stated, the powers that be need to become the powers that were!

  10. Apparently, the media is looking for a story at this convention and “disunity” is the meme they are pushing. Good. We don’t want to disappoint them.

  11. Hi Ben!

    Absolutely! I hope they cover the “Beautiful Protest and The Rise” Protest.

  12. sm77- your statement should be our slogan – cuz it is so true – I’m done with the Dems and having ole Teddy show up at the convention sure as hell isnt going to convince me to vote for precious – to hell with ’em

  13. Me< holding out hand…………

  14. Thanks Susie!

    I’m getting kinda handy at this slogan thing!

  15. {Hand out here, too.}

  16. Unless Ted was dead, he was going to show up.
    He’s the battering ram they have used to push this guy though fron the start.

  17. SM – A brilliant slogan. And RD, a wonderful post. Thank you!!! You two are truly magnificent examples of PUMAs.

    As Arabella says, Proud, yet graceful in repose.


  18. Pat J–grabbing your hand.

    sm77–You’ve nailed it again. First the PUMA acronym and now the slogan. We’re trying to put the small “d” back in the Democratic party.

    Unfortunately, having done a google search for PUMA press this morning from the convention, PUMA is consistently referred to as a pro-Clinton group. Well, I’m not a PUMA because of Hillary–I’m a PUMA because of caucuses that deny every voter the opportunity to vote. I’m a PUMA because of “selection, not election”. I’m a PUMA because we elected Dems in 2006 to end the Iraq war and, instead, they continued to vote for war funding. The list goes on and on, but a party that has no respect for its traditional base no longer represents me.

  19. Having made Hillary “negotiate” to get on the ballot was the
    last straw. I wasn’t voting Bama, no way–unqualified, unethical,
    and the result of a rigged nomination that he either condoned,
    or is too out-of-touch to know what is going on, similar to another
    empty, arrogant suit in the White House.

    After the “convention,” I’m switching to Independent. Don’t want
    anything to do with such a corrupt party.

  20. sm77 – you sure are – i posted your slogan over on PUMAPac – giving you credit of course – god you guys are good……………………………

    Now the idiots think old teddy is gonna bring us back to them – where’d that come from? He lost me when he kissed bambi’s ass earlier and completed dissed Hillary especially since she won Massachusetts – screw ’em all

  21. Teddy, after he abandoned Hillary, who helped save his Senate seat? Forget about that.

  22. Put the JFK comparison aside: he is now being compared to Jackie Robinson! According to that agitator, Jesse Jackson Jr, who is now on C-SPan spouting off, the “factions” are coming together. What was once a “sore” has now healed since when you pulled back the bandage and uncovered the “pus” beneath, the air healed it. These are the words he chose to use.

    Obviously, we are the pus. Wonderful analogy.

  23. With yesterday’s post at Hire Heels of the official request for the court to investigate Obama’s citizenship, etc., with the documentary being worked on about the caucuses, with continued interviews w/ PUMAs in the MSM, and certainly with jarring negative Obama reports & ads from the McCain camp, Obama doesn’t have a chance in November.

    If only we could somehow speed everything up so the effects would be felt by, like, this afternoon….the delegates would not be able to be harassed or bribed to vote for Obama, or stay silent about the intimidation and thuggish strategies, because the power behind the public’s perception of Obama’s alleged power would be ALL gone…and there would be nothing left…before the Democratic Convention even got into full swing.

  24. Well, being called ‘pus’ is really gonna make me want to be in the party……………….like I said – screw em and the unity pony they rode in on

  25. PJ, it’s an apt description of his words about Hillary and hurricane Katrina before the SC primary.

    But I doubt he meant it that way.

  26. grayslady, this is not about Clinton, but the idiots don’t want to admit that, because it would make it SERIOUS, not something they can dismiss.

    If this were only about blind allegiance to Hillary, then we’d all be falling in line and voting how she told us to vote, no? That we are not is sort of prima facie evidence that it’s much, MUCH more than that.

  27. WMCB–Exactly. That’s why it’s so important for PUMAs in Denver to disrupt the media storyline at every opportunity.

  28. Maybe that lawsuit has some teeth, and Biden will be “the next (presumptive) president” as Baracky said, this is really what it’s all about: “Really people, really, we the Dems really really tried to have a person of color or a woman be prez, but it didn’t work out through no fault of our own, we’ll just have to make do with this old white fella who’s been a DCer for the last 35 years, really we tried!”

  29. Absolutely! Calling me “pus” will heal all wounds. How oxymoronic, or maybe just plain moronic.

  30. Our short-term mission is about Hillary. Our long-term mission is about returning democracy to the Democratic Party.

  31. Jesse Jr, I cried my eyes out over Katrina, but I will not shed one tear for your pusbucket lying scum self when your poster boy goes down in flames.

    I worked my ass off in SC trying to get votes for your daddy, and I cried when he won, as well. But I will not shed one tear for your pale shadow, half-assed, wannabe, snotty little pathetic strutting caricature of a civil rights leader self.

    Kiss my ass, you pitiful blown-up toad of a pretender. You’re not fit to shine your daddy’s shoes, much less King’s.

  32. WMCB,

    Amen to that! It was bad enough that Jesse Jackson, Jr. personally attacked Hillary Clinton after the NH primary, but when he disrespected his own father, he really showed his true colors. I was proud to vote for Jesse Jackson, but something went very wrong with his son. Where I come from, you don’t publicly humiliate your own parents. It’s just not done.

  33. Charles,

    Debra is a pretty attractive and effective spokesperson. The DNC is going to regret that one. They could have just let her vote for Clinton at the Convention. Instead, they created an enemy who will have an impact.

  34. word of advice: believe nothing until Hillary and/or Big Dawg says it first.

    Good luck guys. I have class now but I’ll be back on later.

  35. Oh yeah, screw JJ.Jr.

  36. Confluence new slogan……………..

    “When Democracy comes back to the Democratic Party so will we……”

    Very succinct, very direct, very dramatic…………

    I like it…………..

    Good fortune, Senex, Ireland

  37. Hi Regency!

    Fox News is saying that the biggest story in Denver is the rift between the Obama and Clinton camps. Good! Keep pushing that story, Fox! They are wondering how the Dems can keep claiming the party is unified when nearly half of Clinton supporters won’t vote for Obama. They protest too much.

    I hope that “rift” grows into a canyon and Hillary gets mad enough to fight back.

  38. The DNC and Obama are cracking up because they smacking up against Reality . They call it Hillary, but its actually Reality. They want Hillary to some how alter Reality . But even Hill can’t do that. Barry has been tanking since Feb.. By Nov the stench will be unbearable , not just to us, but to the whole nation. Biden was a terrible pic. He’s an ass and that can’t be fixed .He keeps getting sent back to the Senate because he controls his tiny state. Big Woop . Barry picked Biden because Barry always goes for the father type, but also because Biden is a big zero. If Barry could get away without a VP , he would. This is not just a car wreck, it’s an ” oh the humanity ” blimp wreck

    The DNC : Blimp of Fools

  39. Ala the Hindenberg?

  40. Annetoo – LOL! Very well-said.

    I continue to believe that “God D*mn America” was the political death knell for Obama. Only election fraud and, as RD says, perception management has kept him viable until now.

    His time in the sun is nearly over. Unfortunately, the damage he has done to the Party and to the country will live on. That is what we PUMAs must take on in the future, I believe.


  41. Unless Hill is in the story , for the press there is no story. It’s like Brokeback Mountain…they can’t quit her!

  42. lurking and reading

  43. SusiePuma – USE AWAY & spread far and wide!!! I can’t go protesting to Denver but if my words can inspire, then WORK IT!!

    Seriously, that our core message. We LOVE being Democrats and still are to the core of our beings. Constitutional principles and the Bill of Rights are VERY dear to us. If the voters don’t have their votes represented, then it’s definitely ironic to be called a “Democratic” Party.

    AND YES, we walked out of the Democratic Party when Democracy walked out on May 31st, 2008. And when Democracy returns to the Democratic Party, so will we.

    I haven’t registered as an Independent/Unaffiliated voter yet – but I will be voting as one in the GE.

    PUMA HAKA, (h/t Carol!)

  44. you gals never cease to amaze me. our proud democrat history is of diversity of opinion and ethnicity, of ensuring that all voices are heard. we are the big tent party, remember?? what confounds me is not that you are so ardently supporting sen. clinton – in fact as a true democrat i fully support your right to do so. what is so stunning to me is your collective desire to cut your nose off to spite your face. i too have enormous respect for senator clinton and therefore i would NEVER consider voting for a party that has attacked her, abused her, humiliated her, lied about her and has disrespected her for the last 20 years! while i get that you are grieving, to vote for mccain is to vote AGAINST hillary, not for her. a vote for mcsame is to vote against EVERYTHING she has fought so hard for throughout her life. geez, grow up, will ya?

  45. LMAO, Annetoo! You are right, they can’t quit her.

  46. Oooo, Baby! We are getting heavy incoming! I’m loving it.
    New visitors, feel free to jump in at any time.
    We don’t bite- {{hard}}.

    we’re on our way to breaking a new site record. It’s still early here in Denver but we have many hours to go before WordPress resets the counter.

  47. madamab, on August 25th, 2008 at 11:45 am

    I agree with you and RD. It’s all been image management and fraud . Obama , The DNC and the Press have had to eat though the political norms like a sharks just so Barry can stay afloat. Now delegates have to vote at the hotel?? Turn their forever vote in like a homework assignment ? WTF?

  48. Fox just reported that the Obama campaign is calling us the “bitter-enders.” That’s nice. Bitter-enders and pus. Hey that should make us “come around” real quick, right?

  49. Delphyne,

    That line hit me over the head too. Our mission in a nutshell.

    “If they do not, we, the voters, reserve the right to take our votes and put them to use elsewhere in order to make sure the powers that be become the powers that were.”

    Riverdaughter and all you patriots in Denver, Thank you for giving all that you have. For putting such beautiful faces to our cause. We must all feel so proud to be part of this righteous (there, I said it) movement.

  50. SM,

    You’re always on a roll from my point of view!

  51. Charles, I am DELIGHTED to see you here again.

  52. I am today’s official Obama supporter translator (hat tip to fuzzy or sod, I think) so I will do the honors for Terri:

    “F*ck, we are really getting scared. If we’d known you were serious, we’d never have done all that jeering and sneering and saying we didn’t need you crap. Pleeeeeeeze come back, pleeeeeeze. Now I know Obama can’t win without you, and am crapping my big O logo underoos. Maybe if I try to insult and shame you some more, it will work this time….”

  53. Terri-There is no grieving here. We are upbeat and know what we are doing. You have been listening to the media WAY too much. READ THE POSTS! We are voting against everything perpetrated against HRC and the voters of the democratic party. READ THE POSTS! If you can’t read the posts and get the gist of our mission, then please leave and shut the fuck up!

  54. BostonBoomer: LOL!

    Think about it, we totally are:
    P arty
    U nity
    S ubversives

    Here’s the Merriam-Webster on Subversive


    One entry found.
    Main Entry: sub·ver·sion
    Pronunciation: \səb-ˈvər-zhən, -shən\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin subversion-, subversio, from Latin subvertere
    Date: 14th century
    1: the act of subverting : the state of being subverted; especially : a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within

    So if someone calls me a PUS, hallelujiah!

  55. kim-funny how i defended your right of opinion but your response is ‘shut the fuck up’. no mention of the point of my post – to vote for republicans is a vote against hillary.

    no problem. i’m leaving you republican retards behind (dusting off the shoulder)

  56. Terri sherron, on August 25th, 2008 at 11:50 am

    look , it’s real simple

    Barry stands for Barry and we are not voting for Barry .

  57. I’m impressed. She followed the manual to a tee.

  58. Conflucians – Axelrod pays a bonus to his troll-a-blog army for every Conflucian they engage.

    Please do not feed the trolls.

  59. You did not defend shit. It is really funny that you think you can come to a site and state a few words and voila, you are going to change our minds. You really flatter yourself. It is almost as funny as The One thinking he can talk to other leaders and they will fall in line. But he can’t make a bunch of (looking above)
    bitter-enders fall in line?

  60. There is so much beautiful material for the PUMA brand here today!

    “When Democracy comes back to the Democratic Party so will we”


  61. New McCain ad entitled Right and it is using Hillary’s quote of Obama only having a speech

  62. SM are you kidding, where did we get that information?

  63. New post up, guys! Wow, RD is cranking ’em out today!

  64. Terri: Please consider along with your Obama worship that a vote for him is a reinforcement of the DNC who did exactly what you pointed out in her “defense”.

    I just tuned in again to C-Span and there sits your new party elders, Clyburn, Wilder, Jackson Jr, and Cornel West who as usual is explaining incoherently the groundwork and philosophy of this “new party”. Since I can never make heads or tails of what the hell he is talking about I had to shut it off. HIgh faluting language disguised as “principle” leaves me cold. This new tent they are talking about does not include you or me. At least I don’t think so since West was yapping away at something I could hardly recognize as substantive.

  65. For any newcomers. This election was rigged and it so happens it was stolen from Hillary Clinton. But if it had been stolen from any other candidate, who is clearly more qualified that Obama (and that includes almost anyone) we would be making the same case. Our Democracy is threatened here. And if you think I am being too dramatic, consider the consequences if our candidates going forward are allowed to be pre-selected by a few party members and then the primary race rigged in their favor. What would be the point of your vote?

  66. Terri isn’t even a Democrat. If “she” were, she would know that it’s the Democratic Party,” not the “Democrat Party.” But then, Obama doesn’t appear to be a Democrat either. Whoever heard of a Democrat who doesn’t like social security?

  67. Terri:

    I suggest you take a course on how to win friends and influence people.

  68. Kim – it’s a joke. But I wouldn’t put it past them since they hired thousands of them.

  69. Maybe it is the Democrats party………it sure isn’t the Democratic party anymore.

  70. NH, on August 25th, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    welll said.

  71. Terri – you gals?? Ha ha ha, you wish. We are made up of both genders, all colors and creeds. There is only one characteristic that we share – the brains and moral conviction the choose right over FRAUD.

    Keep those lips flapping – keep showing your ignorance – it works to our advantage. I am so happy to watch the terror and see the desparation. That is what is trumping the two other aspects that make this primary historical………. the Democratic Party leaders lost their minds and morals and is going to to be shot down. Book it!

  72. bostonboomer-as a matter of fact i have been a Democrat for 40 years – the party of democratic principles. funny how i voice my own opinion here and i am immediately devoured by the sharks. silly me for thinking for myself. you gals are no more tolerant of diversity than the party of Rove. (shiver) to each her own/you will reap what you sow.

    didn’t know there was an obama campaign manual. and i don’t agree (worship) with obama on everything. but he is alot closer than anything the rethugs can offer.

  73. Has anyone else read Politico’s new piece on the primaries? It’s long, I’m about halfway through, and thought I’d share it with others to see their reactions:

    Click to access relentless.pdf

  74. All the bad feeling could so easily have been extinguished had Obama done what he should have done at that outdoor reconciliation meeting where Hillary said she supported him and he said he loved her. If Obama had then said to the crowd (seemingly unrehearsed) words to the effect that “This looking for a VP is absurd; I have my VP right here, right now, and there’s not a reason in the world to look any farther,” then added, “Hillary, will you accept my proposal?”, pandemonium would have broken out. The grins would have been mile-wide.

    The gemutlichheit would have enveloped the large crowd and the TV audience, all the networks would have played it over and over, bigtime, and the party would have been united in a way that nothing now can achieve. And we Hillary supporters would have been appeased, and in a way which would have helped the party.

    That could have been Obama’s moment–looking like, “Why the hell need I look further? She’s got 18 million voters and they’re going to LOVE this.”

    Instead he chose this path. Personally, I’m not that fond of Biden despite his fully-Democratic party voting record and credentials. He’s got a safe seat and can be his own kind of flippant self, with those cute answers for quick, cheap laughs during the debates. But I remember too well how absurd he looked during the Bork hearings when he exhibited little understanding of Bork’s decisions and, like Ted Kennedy, trashed Bork by using typical partisan bushwa rather than vainly try to attack Bork’s decisions, which proved unasailable (though Bork wasn’t). I’m not a Bork fan; he’s not MY type. But Bork looked and spoke and wrote like a Supremo, while Biden looked stupid and Kennedy looked like a blowhard. Sue me, a Democrat, but I still remember well those days, including Biden’s boast about his scholastic record and the later embarrasing publication of his dismal grades. Not to mention his “stolen” speech. I want a man who’ll vote in the Senate for 97% of Democratic principles–but I’m not enthused about Biden for VP–he’s got too much of the pushy salesman attitude about him, and I think the public won’t like him. And to me, at least, though he seems brighter than that totally-dim-bulb Richardson, Biden never sounded that bright or deep, despite his time on his two major committees.

    Too bad–Hill and Barack would have been unstoppable.

  75. Terri sherron said:

    .” i too have enormous respect for senator clinton and therefore i would NEVER consider voting for a party that has attacked her, abused her, humiliated her, lied about her and has disrespected her for the last 20 years!”

    Terri, congratulations on describing the DEMOCRATIC party PERFECTLY!!!


  76. I just look above and saw how JJ Jr. called us ‘pus.’

    Well, pus is the body’s way of fighting off infection. It is composed of infection-fighting white blood cells that are held together in these secretions.

    So, we are actually a bunch of fighting warriors held together by a cohesive element in order to fight off a danger to our body general.

    I accept that!

    I’m a PUS and proud!

    P arty
    U nity
    S ubversive

    I’m on a roll, people!

  77. Absolutely!
    The CNN poll taken after the # AM VP idiocy

    “The number of Clinton Democrats who say they would vote for McCain has gone up 11 points since June, enough to account for most although not all of the support McCain has gained in that time,” says Holland

    It was a good thing for us!

  78. leftnut4hillary, you are absolutely right. My husband, while watching that event, said what Obama should do, at that moment, was offer the VP job to her….!!!! They could have had 2 months to gain on McCain. But no….he knew better.

    Today’s polls tell us he made the wrong choice.

  79. leftnut4hillary,

  80. leftnut4hillary, you are absolutely right. My husband, while watching that event, said what Obama should do, at that moment, was offer the VP job to her….!!!! They could have had 2 months to gain on McCain. But no….he knew better.

    Today’s polls tell us he made the wrong choice.

  81. Are you all mad at Obama or the 18 million voters who supported him.

    Its a free country and your vote is YOURS. But what is your ideology: more conservative judges, continued Iraq fighting? Did you not hear what Hillary and Pres. Clinton said at the DNC convention? Its time to support the Democrats any non-vote is a vote for the Mc-Bush agenda.

    What are you formed to do: vote or complain. If McCain wins I do not expect to see you protesting on the Lawn because you have no ideology as far as I can tell.

  82. Last night I found the PUMA site. I think many women are starting to see how they have been used by the good-old-boy network of the democratic party. One or two issues should not divide us women now. If we want power over our lives, we must start voting for women into office, instead of voting for men who “promise to give us power.”

  83. Y’know, maybe someone should PUMA the GOP…. I wonder if there are any conservatards out there that don’t like McCain’s pick of Palin… maybe they oughta be told to set up their own party or something.

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