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    Beata on Is “Balance of Nature…
    William on Is “Balance of Nature…
    Propertius on Is “Balance of Nature…
    William on Is “Balance of Nature…
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Friday night at the Puma Scratching Post

The weeks just fly by as we head into the weirdest and wildest convention ever. (sigh) GIVE me my roll call vote God Damn it!

Over at Corrente, BDBlue said pretty much everything I want to say. Stolen and reprinted here:

Violet Socks

I keep going back to what she said about the treatment of women by the party. You name me one other constutency the party would treat this way. You think it ever crossed anyone’s mind to deny Jesse Jackson a roll call vote? Do you think they’d deny the first hispanic to win a presidential primary a roll call vote? Hell no because they’d be worried these groups wouldn’t show up at the polls in November and with good reason. No other group would be expected to eat this shit and then be good little girls.

But, hey, it’s no big deal that Hillary Clinton is the first woman to win a presidential primary. Is the first woman to win a caucus. Nope, any woman could do it. It’s just a coincidence that nobody ever has. Hey, if there were a glass ceiling for women in politics, there would’ve been sexism in the primary and god knows we didn’t see any of that. So no biggie. Nothing to celebrate or acknowledge here. Move along.

The absolute necessity to deny any acknowledgement of sexism or women’s struggles for political equality is unbelievable.

I’m ready for a nice cool Merlot.

Open Thread

John Edwards is a cheating husband.

Russia has invaded Georgia.

Tawk amongst yerselves.

Those People, or Some People? (A Follow-Up to “Friday: ‘Those People’ are Voters, Barack”)

When I read about how Barack Obama had referred to Hillary Clinton’s supporters as “those people,” with trademark dismissal and contempt, I was reminded of two things:

1) It’s On Purpose.

2) Mama Rose.

For those that are unfamiliar with the musical “Gypsy,” it is based on the true story of the stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. Her mother, Mama Rose, was the classic narcissistic stage mother, whose insistence on making it in show business (despite her lack of talent) ruined her family and drove her crazy. Mama Rose didn’t care about anyone but herself, and forced her children to live a life of lies in order to further her personal ambitions and delusions of grandeur.

Eventually, Mama Rose is finally forced to face the reality that she is washed up, never had it, never will, and that her dreams will never come true. But this reality is too much, and she soon sinks back into her dreamworld.

Sound familiar?

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Friday: “THOSE PEOPLE” are *Voters*, Barack

It’s so much easier to ignore people when you don’t acknowledge what they really are.  Apparently, Obama has relegated us to the “Those People” category:

As to those avid Clinton supporters who still haven’t warmed up to him and may even resent him, Obama said, “We’re not talking to those people, we’re talking directly to the Clinton campaign people and staff.”

As in:

“Tsk, tsk, isn’t it sad what happened to those people in that Pakistani earthquake?”


“You’re not hanging out with those people.  They’re nothing but trouble.”

It puts a distance between the speaker and the target.  He’s not one of us.  He’s not one of “THOSE people”– over there– underneath the bus.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.  When you find yourself in a hole, it’s best to stop digging.  We’re not THOSE people,  We’re voters.  Does he consider all of the voters illegitimate or just Hillary’s?  I guess HIS voters are HIS people.  But we in the big states like NJ, NY, CA, MA, AZ, MI, FL, PA, OH and TX don’t really count.  He does not have to speak to us.  He only has to speak to Hillary’s campaign.  Doesn’t he know that Hillary’s campaign is a relatively small operation and THOSE PEOPLE represent 18,000,000 votes?  You’d think with the latest tracking polls shaping up the way they are that he’d be sucking up more to THOSE PEOPLE.  Apparently not.

This is the brilliant politician with the bestest judgement in the world?  Seriously?

Ooo, I see that the word of the day is ‘discord’. Well we musn’t have that.  It’s just embarrassing and gauche.  Much better for Obama’s campaign to deprive THOSE PEOPLE of their right to be heard by strictly enforcing notions of civility and decorum.

Real Democracy is so unpleasant and embarrassing.  We’ll have none of that.

Here’s a video from the original THOSE PEOPLE

OK, this is a parody too far.  Masslib found this post at Tennessee Guerilla Women about the new Obama Salute.

The Big O or the Big Zero?

The Big "O" or the Big Zero?