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Monday: The Audacity

Jessie partying with Hillary

Jessie partying with Hillary

Last night, we had the premier party for the Audacity of Democracy and the media came.  The Boston Globe, CNN, NPR and Japanese TV among others came to the Fuel Cafe on the outskirts of Denver for screening a 40 minute cut of the movie.  Brad and Lorenda aren’t finished with the final product and won’t be until after the election.

Brad added a new section in the beginning of the movie about Barack Obama’s impact on his home town.  What did he do for Chicago when he was a community organizer and a state senator?  Turns out: Not Much.  Brad also catches an Obama supporter and quizzes her about Obama.  She can’t name a single accomplishment but she’s going to vote for him because he has “charisma”.  I know, I know, you just lost your breakfast.  But it’s very powerful to contrast her beliefs with the reality of the rest of the film.  You come to realize just how out of touch Obama people here.

Talking with the press has been a little like talking to Obamaphiles resigned to their fate.  There isn’t any real enthusiasm for Obama.  It has now become just another election and they have become assimilated.  The pattern is no different than any other year when the predetermined outcome prevailed- at least that’s how they sound.  They acknowledge that Hillary got a bum rap.  They admit that there’s something weird about how Obama got to where he is.  But that’s so five minutes ago.  Hardly worth pursuing.  Why do we have to go over the numbers again?  What can Obama do to get us onboard?

LadyboomerNYC is pretty in purple

LadyboomerNYC is pretty in purple

It really is astonishing to me that the media is missing one of the biggest stories of the whole election- the gaming of the convention itself.  This is going to be one giant caucus fraud and it’s going to be shown before a huge, televised, national audience and yet, the DNC and the Obama campaign are trying to force delegates into a final official vote before the actual roll call vote.  Do they think no one will notice?

One reporter got a clue last night (though we’ll see if she actually follows up on it).  She said something like, “Aren’t they supposed to do that on the convention floor?  If the vote is official before they vote, isn’t that breaking the rules?”  Ding! Ding! Ding!  Now, as a journalist, it would be super keen and nifty if she would use her credentials and find out if the scenario I am painting for her is true.  In normal conventions, is is the practice to take an informal vote before going to the floor, I guess to make sure there are no surprises, like Louisiana suddenly displaying a fondness for some obscure blue dog.  But if it is true that *this* year, the pre-roll call vote that happens in the hotels is the vote that will be considered official and final, then it seems to me that we have taken the scripting of the convention too far.  Other rumors are that some of the states are going to be skipped over until the end when they will be “adjusted” to make sure Obama is over the top ala the Indiana primary.

Patrick and Brad critique the hummus

Patrick and Brad critique the hummus

We hope to be hearing the delegates again before Wednesday so we can firm up some of what is actually going on.  But I challenge the press to investigate this more thoroughly.  The convention is just a giant caucus and it is very easy to pressure the delegates, mislead them and game the system.  Why would Obama have to do this if he were winning so handily?

We hope to see Gary and Mawm today in the PUMA Mobile.  (We need a Chitty-Chitty-Bang- Bang song to go with it) Today is The Beautiful Protest and Rise in Cheeseman Park from 2-10pm MT to honor Hillary Clinton.  We finish tonight in candlelight as we light our own little flames for Democracy.

More Tea Leaves: Heidi Li is following the conclusion of the FL and MI conundrum.  I believe the credentials committee restored them to 100% voting strength.  That means the final numbers to be the presumptive nominee have changed and presumably Obama is simply presumptuous.  The DNC is desperately trying to manage perception again with false reports of Clinton releasing her delegates but it turns out that some of those pesky delegates still want to honor their voters.  The reporter I spoke to last night was a pretty smart cookie, actually.  She started to make connections and I saw her brain clicking to life right before my eyes.  She fought through the confusion about the ROOLZ and the RBC meeting and credentials committee and I think she might finally see that the whole thing was Kabuki theater.  FL and MI were ALWAYS going to have to count 100%.  Withholding them was only a strategy designed to make sure that Hillary lacked the critical mass to put her ahead after superTuesday.  The states were “adjusted” to make sure that Obama had just enough delegates to make him look inevitable and resign the public to their fate.

But *WE* can always go our own way:

84 Responses

  1. Hi Riverdaughter, I’m so thrilled that you’ve got the chance to talk to press people yourself and have some impact on the story we’re getting out here.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences (and pictures!!)

    Did Brad’s film get any attention from the press?

  2. I’m going to stop posting anything until I finish my coffee.

    YES it got attention from the press — that was in your first sentence!

    (never mind that idiot in Kansas)

  3. Thanks for keeping us informed, RD. I believe that getting the word out there about the when the “official vote” will be taking place, before it is supposed to happen and then hoping something actually happens when enough people are as horrified as we are, is the only defense that we (back here) have. Maybe this will SOMEHOW get on some vehicle of the MSM.

  4. Great job RD et al, You guys are terrific! Thanks for the brief explanation of how the roll call vote is supposed to happen – I thought I had read about how each delegate votes THEN when their state is called the state announces their votes. So I assumed the voting was done before they hit the convention floor, but, it isn’t. Let’s push the envelope with the press

  5. Kbird: they were there before the screening but many of them had left by the time it was over. But don’t worry, we got a lot of good interviews. Murphy is extremely popular because she is so young and pretty. She wore a red satin dress yesterday.

  6. Good morning Riverdaughter, that’s a great picture of Jessie & Lady Boomer!

    Can’t wait to see the 40 minute preview. Will it be available for us to see?

    Absolutely true with the delegates. I hope that the reporter realizes thought that no matter whether FL & MI was fully restored, the crime against Democracy was committed regardless.

    Where are the remaining 4 delegates PLUS 600,000 votes the RBC/DNC stole for Obama? They’re still in his pocket.

  7. RD, I’m so glad we got that Headquarters. How could you be getting all this done without it?

  8. Thanks for posting, RD! My heart and soul are with you all in Denver. You are good Americans and true, and you speak for so many who are being shunted aside.

    I am proud to stand with you, even if it’s only in spirit.

    PUMA POWER!!!!

  9. Of course FL and MI were going to count 100%. Obama planned on it – that’s why he had his supporters in SE Michigan pushing the uncommmitted vote. Hell, John Conyers even did an ad explaining that it was the way to vote for Obama. (I lost a lot of respect for Mr. Conyers there.)

    What he had to do was rig the game so he could get all the uncommitted votes and keep Clinton’s votes from giving her any momentum. Hence, The Roolz! The Roolz! The DNC did a banner job of helping him, and the Blogger Boyz played right along.

    At least I had the consolation prize of unloading on DCCC, DLCC and DNC phone beggars this weekend before telling them “no.”

  10. Oh, and before I go on to “real life,” let me add my thanks for the reports.

  11. Tensions boil between Obama-Clinton camps

    DENVER — As Democrats arrived here Sunday for a convention intended to promote party unity, mistrust and resentments continued to boil among top associates of presumptive nominee Barack Obama and his defeated rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton

  12. sister of ye, on August 25th, 2008 at 9:39 am Said:
    Of course FL and MI were going to count 100%. Obama planned on it – that’s why he had his supporters in SE Michigan pushing the uncommmitted vote.

    I always knew believed that there was some reason he took his name off of Michigan ballot, but this is the first time I am getting a confirmation and explanation of his sleezy strategy there. Thanks

  13. Way to go PUMAs and Heidi Li:


    While the official call for the convention specifies that presidential candidates will be placed in nomination and a roll call taken, it doesn’t specify that the roll consist of the traditional calling out of state’s names from the podium to which state delegations respond by announcing their vote.

    That troubles Heidi Li Feldman, a leader of the group who is a law professor at Georgetown University in Washington, “It’s clear they don’t want an on-air roll call. They’re extremely nervous about this,’’ she said.

    At the very least, she added, she and her supporters want to ensure “that the tallying of the vote is reliable.’’

  14. McCain has locked up as much as 27 percent of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s supporters

    Two new polls showed yesterday that John McCain has locked up as much as 27 percent of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s supporters – and he’s mounting a new offensive to win over even more.

  15. From reading the link that Fred posted I have only one comment: Obama and “victory” do not belong in the same sentence. More like Obama and “hijacked” would be acceptable.

  16. Hello, Riverdaughter: In reply to your statement: “But I challenge the press to investigate this more thoroughly,” it shows that we need to hold the press accountable at this convention. As you are interviewed and filmed being interviewed, I urge Pumas to turn the press’s bogus assertions back on the press, in a very public way. For every outrageous claim they make, we should ask, “How do you know this?”, “What do you mean?”, “Who said this”, “Explain yourself.” Sort of like asking “Why” to every assertion until you get to the root. Journalists need to be held accountable for the fiction they portray as fact. Ideally this will be done in nationally televised settings, so the press’s bias and lack of homework become obvious to the public. Thank you, RD and Pumas, and good luck!!

  17. Riverdaughter, this is an encouraging report. Is the reporter whose interest was piqued from major news outlet? And I second SM’s question: when can we see the preview of “Audacity”?

    My sincere thanks to you and the other PUMAs who are in Denver on behalf of us all.

  18. Thank you so much for you reporting from the belly of the beast. Without you and a few other ethical bloggers we would have to rely on the drivel coming from our Media Hackocracy.

    You and we really are the ones they were not expecting.

  19. “Sister of ye”
    “I know she WON’T; but Hillary needs to “UN-SUSPEND” her campaign @ Tues. nite’s SPEECH!!
    Since June 3rd she’s been “WARNING” them that her
    “Well WE ARE NOT”; if fact we”re being “SILENCED”!!
    She can still say she supports him “UGH…”; but the
    “Shout-out to Jessi/you look AWESOME!!!

  20. This makes me want to cry.

  21. rd: Bless you and the others working so strenuously on behalf of those of us who can only be there in spirit. Because of you and other like minded seekers of truth, your efforts will never be in vain. Keep safe, keep well, and keep us posted! Your bloggers and fellow PUMAs eagerly await every word and morsel of these reports. Thank you over and over again!

  22. Thx sister of ye for explaining things.
    Lovely photos RD.

    Our hearts are with you today, and I will light a candle on my windowsill in remembrance of Stefanie Tubbs Jones and the suffragettes.

  23. Good Morning America just showed a clip of Darragh Murphy; they are talking about Hillary now – all that we are talking about here. So, it’s coming out somewhat on so-called “primetime.”

  24. Thanks, RD, for trying to explain things to the MSM. That is truly heroic and a real service.

  25. Viewing that video, and watching that super arrogant, rude, patronizing s.o.b. only strengthens my resolve and firms my commitment that he must never, ever be elected. Undeserving media creation!

  26. I feel like this is our last stand, and you are all so brave, out there fighting for us and what few rights we have left. Tearing up again, very emotional today for some reason.

  27. Hillary’s Delegate says Jones called her ‘Uncle Tom’

    DENVER — A black Hillary Clinton delegate on Sunday accused state Senate President Emil Jones of calling her an “Uncle Tom.”

    Jones — Barack Obama’s political mentor — denied using the racially loaded slur against Chicago political consultant Delmarie Cobb, but two aldermen who said they witnessed the Saturday night exchange back up Cobb’s account

    P.S Lets Stop These Racist Folks No Obama

  28. Republican John McCain holds a 1-point edge, 42 to 41 percent, in the first Dispatch Poll of the general election campaign. The Arizona senator’s lead is well within the poll’s margin of sampling error, plus or minus 2.2 percentage points. That means McCain could be ahead by as much as 5 points or Obama could be up by 3.

    Regardless of the exact numbers, McCain is being bolstered by Ohio voters who supported Hillary Clinton in the state’s March 4 Democratic primary and those who backed Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland in 2006. McCain also is doing better among party loyalists: 86 percent of Republicans back McCain, while 74 percent of Democrats support Obama.

    The McCain crossovers more than offset Obama’s 4-point lead among independent voters, typically the key voting bloc in any election.

  29. Jessin wisc
    I got a reply from Justin Webb of the BBC as to why he was against Hillary Clinton.
    He said it was because Hill’s staff weren’t quote “nice” to him. This meant not returning phone calls, not arranging timetables, information stuff like that. (Obama staff were extremely helpful-some press it seems would almost “swoon” with joy coming out of the Axelrod press tent.)

    I have since read somewhere the other day, that Chris Matthews said the same-the Clintons weren’t “nice” to him.

    Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if an Axelrod ‘mole’ weren’t responsible for some of the non-returned phone-calls etc (Solis-Doyle comes to my mind….

  30. I wouldn’t be nice to Chris Matthews either. Tweety little twerp with the tingling up his leg. Bastard.

  31. With apologies to Amy Winehouse: “They’ll try to make me vote Obama, but I say No No No!”

    Ok. Silly. I’m off to work.

  32. In its first “official event” of the 2008 Democratic Convention, Pentecostal preacher and Bishop Charles E. Blake of the Church of God in Christ, took to the pulpit of an Interfaith Gathering and unequivocally denounced abortion, saying God could not be pleased with millions of lives being ended by elective abortion.

    President of the pro-life National Clergy Council, Rev. Rob Schenck, who was present at the event, said, “This is an amazing development. Bishop Blake was crystal clear in condemning abortion.


  33. I hope Chris Matthews isn’t still planning a senate run as a Democrat in PA. Doubt that he will have the Governor’s backing.

  34. RD, thanks so much for doing all you are and for keeping us informed. Is anyone in charge of capturing the interviews and getting them on YouTube? Let us know, so we can blog them and get you all some wider coverage.

    I’m so proud of you guys!

  35. It is so amazing that accomplishment no longer means anything!
    We have become a plastic society, where little is real and manufactured image is everything. Second best, to be generous, is now acceptable, and Obama doesn’t even fit the bill of second best. He is so behind ALL of the other candidates in terms of quality and having accomplished anything.

  36. Anybody else getting sick of McCain condescending to us? I think I’m voting for Nader.


  37. The press have a job to be objective. They have a job to report news. Where has it been written that a candidate has to be nice to them. This is not junior high. It is not a popularity contest. These people decided to report false news. They made up things about Hillary because her staff wasn’t nice to them. GMAB why are all these people acting like babies? Do your job!
    Webb should be ashamed for of the answer he gave. It makes him look bitter

  38. Sorry, that should have been http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=597YG23mAWs&eurl

    Speaking of audacity…

  39. When, if ever, will the delegates themselves cry foul?

  40. I have found the quote from Justin Webb:

    Mrs Clinton would be a very good story. Though truth be told the Clinton people have been quite outstandingly good at alienating reporters. An example: a friend of mine who’s the bureau chief of a widely-read foreign newspaper gave his business card to a senior Clinton person who responded, charmingly, “One more journalist whose calls I won’t have time to return!”

    On the other hand David Axelrod listened patiently when I gave him the 100 reasons Obama should talk to the BBC: I am sure he was hoping I would disappear in a puff of smoke but he was polite and I appreciated it.

    The other day I had to reorganise some coverage at short notice – his team could not have been friendlier and more accommodating. Back in the day, Karl Rove was the same – mostly. I don’t mean that nice guys win in politics – of course they don’t – but you can be nasty and nice at the same time.

    This the Clinton team forgot./

    from Justin Webb’s America 13 May 08

  41. HillBlazer – Yes, I am. It’s definitely not making me any fonder of McCain!

    But unfortunately, it’s a smart move for the Republicans. They are doing what Obama should have been doing ever since Hillary suspended. They see 50% of Hillary’s voters ripe for the picking and they are going for it.

  42. HillBlazer: They asked for it! Shutting her up and shutting her down led to this. Good for McCain. Capitalize it to the full extent.

  43. These so-called journalists are truly pathetic. They are supposed to report the truth, and yet, for 16 years they have done nothing but lie and smear the Clintons thanks to Richard Mellon Scaife and the VRWC. Then they have the audacity to blame the Clintons for their disgusting, lying, sexist coverage of them. They accused the Clintons of murder, and they want boot-licking for that?!

    If only they gave the Village some BBQ, none of this would have happened, apparently. Yeah, sure. [rolls eyes]

  44. madamab: In all honesty, can you seriously think of one thing Obama could do to bring us onboard knowing what we know? The only possible thing might have been to make her VP but even that was up for grabs. I cannot think of one single thing he could do to change this, not one. He is dead to me.

  45. Have the DNC and party Obama panderers no shred of decency or gray matter left? While demanding that Senator Clinton and her supporters kuckle under, they continue to behave in the same thuggish ways that account for their lack of support. Many of us resist and vow never to join in the pep rally just because of these actions. This reason and the fact that half of the party think that Obama is in no way equipped for the presidency are the very things that will preclude me and, I am sure, many others from ever voting for him.

    One other thing, exactly just why is it up to Senator and President Clinton to enthusiastically campaign for Obama? I cannot accurately remember, but how much campaigning did Ted Kennedy do for Jimmy Carter? I remember Carter saying that Kennedy almost refused to shake his hand on the platform at the convention. Perhapse Obama should shun the beach and along with Biden do his own heavy lifting. Do we really want a president who insists that he be allowed his waffles, while others do his job? Oh he will bring abut changes as did George W. Bush, but I fear that like Bush, those changes will leave us no hope.

  46. madamab, exactly.

    One (supposed) incident involving one journalist, and we’re expected to believe this determined the coverage of the campaign.

    I don’t think so.

  47. Even when Hillary was nice to them, they bashed her behind her back and then showed it to the rest of us to see how cool they were. Does anyone have that video of Hillary on the plane?

  48. HillBlazer – I don’t see anything wrong with that ad. If the DNC wasn’t so dismissive of Hillary and her voters, an ad like that wouldn’t work.

    I understand not every one can vote Republican and I respect that but let’s face it, the actions of Obama and the DNC gave the McCain camp this opening.

  49. Riverdaughter, and so many other loyal PUMAs in Denver. YOU ROCK!! So glad Audacity was given some visibility last night.The media seems to be in some kind of time-warp, from what we are seeing here at home. All MSNBC talks about is Obama vs. McCain. Chris “Tweety” just wanders the crowd looking for “independents,” making inane comments. Even Fox, although faithfully reporting the poll results that show Hillary a better candidate than BO against McCain, . . . even Fox seems a little shell shocked by all the Obama hoopla.

    The PUMA presence is totally unique and beautiful. It is a class act and you all hold up to the light all the inequities we have been talking about so long. It’s great that at least a few reporters seem to be interested in going deeper.

    Thanks to Brad for sharing part of his documentary. Have a wonderful day today with the celebration in the park. Yes, Darrah is great and I know working every minute. You are so great too, RD. Good wishes to Gary and Mawm in the PUMAmobile. I keep looking for it on the cable coverage. It will make a great story when they arrive.

    Sherri sounded exhausted last night on blogtalk. I bet you all are. Make today a day of celebration and rest. Take care of yourselves and don’t lose hope. So many of us “at home” appreciate your hard work and willingness to put yourselves out there for the future of our party.

    Say Hi to HIllary for us all (chuckle, as if you will get close enough to talk with her). God/ess speed to you all. PUMA POWER IS REAL.

  50. Obamanation is in a snit because Hillary isn’t “doing enough” to unite the party.

    Maybe they shoulda thought about that before they decided to run a scorched earth campaign.

    They wanted a fight, well now they got one.

  51. Tell the foreign press……The American press/media is trying to elect a president……..and the people are saying ……..MY ASS, YOU WILL.

  52. About the “Debra” ad from McCain…that one was an ad waiting to happen. Did the DNC really think they could strip her of her delegate status and think that ad wouldn’t be out there? Amateurs.

  53. PJ – Nope, there has been nothing since Obama took two and a half months to NOT pick Hillary as VP. I am personally unsurprised and relieved that he didn’t, but his complete unconcern for the voters of half the Party is just astonishing.

    And they expect us to sit back and vote for him still? I think not. They know we’re not voting for him. It’s over for Obama and has been since Wright. They’re just dragging it out, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to watch him lose 40 out of 50 states to McCain.

    How utterly despicable the Obama for America Party is.

  54. I am excited to finally post my veryfirst comment on RD. I’m an african american male but It breaks my heart to see so many people of my race blindly follow this empty suit with such passion and anger. I just finished Soledad O’ Brien on CNN this morning and she was talking to Roland Martin. You could see pure rage in his face when talking Hillary Supporters, even going so far as to calling them “Dumb” on live TV. He tried to clean up his statement, but it was already out there. When will the hatred end?

  55. Cindy:

    Obamanation was so successful at manipulating the fluffer media during the primary, they didn’t realize it wouldn’t continue forever.

    There is a big chunk of the media that is hard-core conservative. They mostly sat out the primaries.

    The primaries are over.

    It also never occurred to them that just because there were things Hillary wouldn’t do it didn’t mean McCain would pull his punches too.

  56. I talked to a clearly pro-Obama reporter named Patrick Arden from the NY Metro. I thought I did a pretty good job of deflecting him and was calm in my responses until he got to this question:
    “So, you’re from NJ. And you guys got a Headquarters in Denver?!? How did you manage to do that?”
    To which I responded”
    “We middle aged women found this internet thingy and went to Craigslist.”
    What an ass.

  57. Cindy,

    Of course McCain wants to win over Hillary supporters, and he has every right to do it. But who is he to try and steal an endorsement from her? Whether she likes Obama or not, Hillary has made clear that she supports him over McCain. For him to use video clips of her and wave her signs around without her permission is a disgrace.

    It’s like he’s trying to force her to endorse him, and I find it offensive. Another example: http://www.onmessageinc.com/

  58. Good morning, all,

    My friend and I attended the preview last night, and want to give kudos to Laurie and Brad, Darrah, Riverdaughter, Diane, et. al. (If I’ve neglected anyone, forgive me.) All did a great job in responding to questions and stating the cause. Whether the press will hear them is still to be seen. As a former print journalist, I share your astonishment that so many reporters appear to be ignoring what could be one of the biggest stories of the year. Scamming the caucus process to rig the election is a huge story — Pulitzer territory — what most reporters worth their salt try to chase. I’m absolutely astonished at their indifference. But if one journalist heard last night and reports it, the rest of the pack will soon follow suit.

    The question came up last night about how best to catch the press’ attention. This suggestion comes from my friend Cindy, who also attended the preview last night (scream at her, not me, please, cause this sounds kind of sexist): We should put our prettiest, most articulate, most succinct women out front to make our case. Sex appeal sells. Think about the Barbie-doll lookalikes on all the networks, but especially Fox News. We should use this propensity to our own advantage.

  59. Yeah! Welcome InfiniteLove. Make yourself at home.

  60. Welcome Infinite Love! I’m a WOC, here, we are all colors, shapes sizes, genders, ages and you are among friends here.

    We want Democracy back in the Democratic Party, that’s all. This is what we are about and this is the reason why there are so many of us.

  61. I am simple technocrat, not savvy in the ways of the world of political machinations. What is the bottom line, here? Is there or is there not going to be a real floor vote? Does Clinton have a chance, or does she not?

  62. InfiniteLove…….your right……It’s the empty suit, we can’t vote for…….and the media, doesn’t care.

  63. Looking back at some stuff I pasted onto my computer I found this article on Obama’s backers, it makes for interesting reading:


    (could be conspiracy theory)

  64. HillBlazer, I was just commenting on this actual ad with Debra Bartoshevich. She’s the Hillary delegate from Wisconsin who said she would vote for McCain before Obama and was stripped of her delegate status by the DNC for saying so. Debra has every right to have an absence of the warm fuzzies for Obama and the DNC, and I can’t believe they didn’t see that one coming. That’s what I was referring to in my comment.

    I know Hillary has to do what she thinks is right, but we all own our votes. As much as I love and respect Hillary, I love and respect my country more. I cannot and will not be a party to putting that fraud in office.

  65. The thing about all this that truly saddens me is that we are still expected to do as we are told. Take a seat behind the gentlemen, ladies and mind your manners. I want to fucking revolt to the point of a “Network” Albert Finney SCREAM. It is just so damn typical.

    A perfect example is this guy I have been talking to, we met online, talked for a few months, phone and internet. We had arranged to finally meet and he calls and says he met someone who lived closer, and if it didn’t work out, could he call me again. WTF? NO, YOU CAN’T!?!?!

    This is typical bullshit. A part of me wants Hillary to get the nomination and another part wants to see the DNC go down in flames. Why did they think they could do this and it would be okay? Why, are women still considered to be such fucking doormats that we will just say okay Donna, Howard, let me bake you some cookies and all will be right with the world, we trust your judgment.


  66. HillBlazer – I don’t find it offensive. I was actually happy when McCain made that ad because Obama made his VP annoncement by texting his supporters at 3:00 am. I find that offensive. He did it out of spite. The fact that McCain made his ad which is actually stating the truth about Obama and sent it out at 3:00 am, made me happy.

  67. Thank You so much RD and SM77!! I have been lurking on this site for months, but just now had the courage to blog. I absolute adore everyone on here because we are fighting not just for Hillary, but for the retainment of Democracy for our country. I cant tell you how many times I wanted to get involved in the fight for freedom, but I dont know how to be very honest. I dont know any PUMAs in Dallas, TX to become active in getting the word out. Does anyone have any advice? I could sure use it.

  68. InfiniteLove – I saw that to. I found it amazing and, as usual, solidating my resolve. These people are blind and sooo short sighted. A little earlier I checked MNBC to see how brittle and angery Mika was today – hm, her face is going to crack into a million pieces. Much joy for me..

    It was very hard to get through yesterday with my rage flaming. Today, I am finding the humor in how wrong the media has been all along. They are blaming the Clinton’s for the huge lose that is coming for BO – while doing this they are only further hardening the resolve of the voters who will NEVER vote for the fraud.

    Thank you RD! There are so many people to thank for their hard work and dedication to getting the truth. I love you all. And, to quote the Brazilenut – WE SHALL OVER COME! (your racism – idgits!) Live by – die by it.

  69. Roland Martin……..thinks we are ignorant, and mentioned, the supreme court and etc, etc, the same old stuff……………..Roland, we know………No deal.

  70. To Roland Martin, I say – what about Joe Biden giving us Clarence Thomas…so much for the Supreme Court. We have not got a real clue about who Teh Precious would pick.
    Oh, thank you RD et al. for your presence in Denver. No Obamacrat can say they weren’t warned.

  71. Keep us posted on any new developments on the floor vote. Sounds like the rumors are flying but we will only act on facts.

  72. InfiniteLove,
    I found a local group at
    also at
    http://blog.pumapac.org there is a way to register for information about events in your area. that is how i found out about Dean coming to register voters

    welcome. I love this sight because we come together from diverse backgrounds and points of view with the same determination to put democracy back in the process. I am even more determined every day with the support of those here.

  73. Hey everyone – many new threads and updates are posted. Check them out! (and welcome InfiniteLove!)

  74. regarding “news” that Hillary is releasing her delegates. I received an email tracing that news but can’t cut and paste it so will try to get sender to post

    did anyone hear Congresswoman Sanchez this morning when she said she was not voting for B0 because he had not even asked for her support and she continues to support Clinton. i think she was interviewed on Morning Joe, they were discussing it when I got up later

  75. Ed Rendell was on CBS this morning, doing his best to explain that HIllary supporters should get behind Obama for the good of the health care plan. He called it hers, then Obama’s and talked about how hard she had worked. I still like him. They are all trapped by this. Think what would happen if they actually acknowledged the whole election was a fraud at this late date? How would it be handled?

  76. Can someone clarify what “releasing her delegates” means? Isn’t it true that HRC’s delegates can vote any way they want at any time? It’s my understanding that they could vote Obama or Clinton. Or can only the superDs change? It’s all very confusing especially with BO changing the delegates under the radar.

  77. Thanks for the inside info on the Convention. I don’t dare to watch because I get too angry. The only CNN program I now watch is Lou Dobbs because he seems to understand what we all know about the Obama candidacy. Perhaps some of you at the convention can email him with what you have discovered. He seems to be our only ally with the exception of Faux (my new news station)! Lou doesn’t pull any punches when he sees corruption!!!

  78. myiq2xu, on August 25th, 2008 at 11:00 am Said:

    Obamanation is in a snit because Hillary isn’t “doing enough” to unite the party.

    1. Obama should carry himself (people tire of seeing women
    carry him over the top as he steps on them).
    2. Oprah should be out there stomping for ‘The One’ and not
    3. Biden is his person of ‘CHOICE’ so he needs to get out
    there and push or lift him up.
    4. Pelosi needs to go on the ‘stomp trail’ along with Dean,
    Donna Brazile and Axelrod (destroyer of people).

    Hillary has done more than any other candidate for their
    opponent, if the people don’t want to buy the product
    (lacking in experience) than don’t blame her. Blame Pelosi,
    Dean, Donna Brazile and Axelrod for selling something that
    wasn’t quite ready (Who said he will only run once…lets keep
    him to his word.).

    *WE* can always go our own way and so can Hillary. Hillary
    is a worker and will continue to work for the people. She will
    always be our CHAMPION of THE PEOPLE.

  79. Here’s the exchange about Hillary’s VP chance on Sunday’s Meet the Press:
    “TOM BROKAW: Three weeks ago when I interviewed Senator Obama in London, I asked him about Hillary Clinton as a prospective vice presidential candidate, and he said of course she is. There’s been a fair amount of confusion since then about whether in fact she was ever taken seriously. Her people are saying she was never vetted, and now there’s a report today that she says she didn’t want to be vetted unless she was going to be chosen.
    “CAROLINE KENNEDY: Well, I’m not–you know, I don’t know all about that. But I can tell you she is obviously serious candidate, tremendous groundbreaking figure. Everybody admires her greatly. I’m confident, and she’s already been out there campaigning for Senator Obama. She–he is going to need her in the Senate. You know, she ran a fantastic campaign. I’m a huge admirer of hers. So, so I think it will be great all around.”
    Yeah, it figures that Obama needs Hillary in the Senate to help him pass his legislation. (And I LOVE McCain’s ads against Mr. Not Ready to Lead.)

  80. InfiniteLove, on August 25th, 2008 at 11:37 am:

    It’s nice to see a fellow Texan. I’m in Fort Worth.

  81. ” … he is going to need her in the Senate.”

    Yeah, and you don’t need that horrible big ol’ nasty job! We need you in the back room making coffee.

  82. It’s all about experience.

    Write in Dick Cheney ’08.

    He has more “experience” in the administrative branch than any eligible candidate.

  83. […] Monday: The Audacity (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) It really is astonishing to me that the media is missing one of the biggest stories of the whole election- the gaming of the convention itself.  This is going to be one giant caucus fraud and it’s going to be shown before a huge, televised, national audience and yet, the DNC and the Obama campaign are trying to force delegates into a final official vote before the actual roll call vote.  Do they think no one will notice? One reporter got a clue last night (though we’ll see if she actually follows up on it).  She said something like, “Aren’t they supposed to do that on the convention floor?  If the vote is official before they vote, isn’t that breaking the rules?”  Ding! Ding! Ding! […]

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