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The 300 Speak. Ha-OOO, Ha-OOO, Ha-OOO!

This just came down the tubez tonight:

August 1, 1008  John West c: 312-399-4458
Supporting documents attached
Sue Castner h: 503-203-1027


For weeks, rumors have been circulating about whether or not Hillary Clinton’s name will be on
the ballot at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  As a presidential candidate with
close to 2,000 delegates, many are wondering why placing the senator’s name into nomination
would even be questioned.  At a finance event at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC in
June, Barack Obama confirmed that such a possibility was, in fact, being negotiated behind
closed doors.  This revelation stunned many Clinton supporters.

“The path to party unity runs through Denver,” explained Daniel Kagan, a Clinton delegate from
Colorado.  “Whether this convention begins and ends with the party unified depends upon
whether the name ‘Hillary Clinton’ appears on the nominating ballot.”

A grassroots effort has been established by a group of Clinton delegates and volunteers to collect
300 names to be placed on a nominating petition.  The petition will be submitted to Nancy
Pelosi, Permanent Chair for the 2008 Convention in accordance with DNC rules.  These
signatures must be submitted before the commencement of the Convention on August 25, 2008.
Petition signatures must be notarized and submitted in writing.

“We fully expect to gather more than enough names to be able to submit this petition to Speaker
Pelosi,” said Michele Thomas, a volunteer working to organize signatures.  “These 300
individuals will make history – being part of the process that has been followed by honorable
men and women for decades.”

While Senator Clinton has neither supported nor discouraged this effort and has enthusiastically
endorsed Senator Obama, she did mention the nominating process and the role that delegates do
play at a recent event in California.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8gdU_1MM44)

Certified delegates interested in having their names included on the petition should email

#  #  #

300 Delegate Petition is not affiliated with any campaign.

There is a separate supporting document,  delegatesupportingdocs11, with information related to the rules by which nominations may be made at the convention.

To you delegates out there, we are with you 100%.  We appreciate all that the “300” are doing.  You are true party loyalists and understand that in order to make an omlette, you gotta break some eggs.  In the past eight years, we have seen instance after instance where the people who had a chance to do the right thing chose political expediency and “going along to get along”.  The result has been a disaster, starting with the Supreme Court selecting George Bush as president.  It was the path that was taken that made all of the difference in many thousands of people’s lives from 9/11, to the Iraq War, to Hurricane Katrina.  In so many cases, a choice was put before a person of power whether to allow a process to go to completion without rushing it, to alerting the proper authorities of a serious threat, to telling the truth about military intelligence, to spilling the beans that while people were drowning, help was being withheld while the White House played politics.  In so many instances, the persons in question gave into temptation or laziness or threats.  I never thought I’d actually be writing this sentence with any meaning but, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.”  If a Democrat has any chance of winning this fall, then the voters who cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton must be heard and recognized.  You are my delegates, our delegates, our 300.  Do not be afraid to do the right thing.

Follow Up X 3 – Obama’s Gesture – Too much, too little, and waaay too late

Riverdaughter & MadamaB said what I wanted to say in a more eloquent fashion than I would at this point (*$%^$(*$#&#^!!!), so I’ll let the following speak for me:  

UPDATE: A big sombrero tip to LetFreedomRing & Pat Johnson for mentioning this: Obama’s picking and choosing his own FL delegates.

Democratic National Committeeman Jon Ausman of Tallahassee, a super delegate supporting Clinton, had warned that party unity would suffer in November if Obama purged too many of the at-large and party officer delegates. Tallahassee City Commissioner Allan Katz and Kirk Wager, a Miami attorney who is Obama’s national finance chairman, said there were longtime Obama supporters who deserved to be delegates but did not make the list chosen by the state party in post-primary caucuses.

(Email and name were edited by me.)

It’s On Purpose. (A Follow-Up To “Obama’s Gesture.”)

Ahhh! I took a weekend away from the news and the primary race, and look what goodies I missed! Wow, it’s just so much fun to watch the Obama for America Party keep destroying any small vestige of hope I had that they might ever do the right thing and nominate Hillary Clinton, or at least honor her enormous delegate count and popular vote victory at the Convention.

Now that The One is the presumptuous nominee, he is doing exactly what Democratic insiders thought would be done in January – pretending that it’s important to him that the Michigan and Florida Delegates have their voices heard at the Convention. Of course, if Hillary is not listed as a nominee on the ballot, their voices will not be heard, because they won’t be able to cast their votes for Hillary Clinton.

No one in the Obama/DNC Conglomerate thinks for one minute that this one-fingered salute will bring Party Unity (TM). Obviously, the New Democratic Party (AKA Obama for America) is proud to telegraph their complete and total disdain for people who voted for the Senator from New York.

It’s on purpose.

In other news, Obama is now okay with off-shore drilling, taking a position similar to “gasp” John McCain’s. Surprise, surprise, he sells out his previous, more liberal (and more sensible) position in order to gain political points. Gosh, it almost seems like he would do and say anything to win! I sure hope the “progressive” media, like The Nation, doesn’t find out!

Oops. Too late.

It’s on purpose.

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Monday: Obama’s Gesture

What have we here? Obama has asked the Credentials Committee to seat Florida and Michigan at full strength? (Read the comments to see how the average reader interprets Obama’s letter.)

I can’t decide what I loathe more: that Obama all but acknowledges he stole the primary or that he assumes that the average Hillary supporter will be in any way assuaged by this obscene gesture of asking the credentials committee to restore full voting rights to Florida and Michigan now that he’s taken his victory lap and then poked us in the eye with his Grand European/Mid-East Tour.

Back when his “magnanimity” would have counted, he would have suffered small hit in his delegate lead and everyone would have been happy and impressed by his sense of fairness to the voters. But back then, no amount of pleading could convince him to ask for such fairness. He couldn’t even be moved to join in a revote effort. The reason is very clear. Without Florida and Michigan, Hillary’s other states lacked the critical mass of delegates that would have put her on an even footing with him. In fact, if FL and MI had been counted fully from the beginning, it would have been all over by February 5th. Her substantial and decisive wins in FL, MI, CA, NJ, NY, MA, and AZ would have dwarfed his insignificant wins in the western caucuses. The weightiness of all of those big D and swing states would have had him barely hanging in the race. OH and TX would have finished him off. We all know this. That’s why it was so important for him to screw FL and MI back in February. It doesn’t make them any less screwed now that he’s sent a letter.

No, instead, Hillary was forced to pole vault a 435ft bar all primary season while Obama was allowed to gently ease his way over a knee wall, assisted by a boost up from his friends in the media and the RBC committee. Obama successfully kept these two states out of the tallies until he could get the Rules and Bylaws committee to grudgingly give them half of their voting strength, while at the same time awarding Obama uncommitted Michigan delegates that should have remained uncommitted. And he stole 4 of Clinton’s delegates.

He must think we are really stupid if he thinks we can’t see through this meaningless gesture:

  • He still selfishly retains 4 of Hillary’s Michigan delegates. He doesn’t give up a single Michigan delegate that should have remained uncommitted.
  • The number of delegates needed for nomination has now changed. It’s a higher threshold number now but there is no acknowledgment that this is the case. Does he even qualify as the “presumptive nominee”?
  • Unless there is a nomination for Clinton at the convention, the restoration of Florida and Michigan to full voting strength doesn’t count. They can only vote for one person, Obama, or their votes will count as “present”.
  • If the delegates can’t vote for Clinton for nomination, even if she doesn’t win it, there is no way for MY vote in NJ to count. I am officially a non-voting voter as far as the DNC is concerned. My delegate has about as much of a voting right as a Berliner.
  • It does nothing to achieve party unity. In fact, there won’t be party unity until every delegate has the right to vote for the person he pledged to and have that vote count. Otherwise, the convention is nothing but a sham, a Potemkin election where everything is scripted and a facade is erected to make it look like we are all onboard when nothing could be further from the truth. But the degree of the disunity will be felt in November when Obama goes down to defeat behind the unpopular party’s nominee.

Why bother, Barack? Are the numbers starting to frighten you? Did you decide you needed Florida and Michigan after all, as if any voter from these two states can’t see through this? How about you give back your ill-gotten booty in Michigan and take off the sash that says “presumptive nominee”? Why not leave it up to the voters in Denver to decide if you deserve that title? It would be the sincere thing to do, the honest thing to do, the courageous and unselfish thing to do.

Yeah, right. Why don’t you just brush those inconvenient Hillary voters off of your shoulder?

Stay Classy, Barack

Stay Classy, Barack