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That’s gotta hurt.

Remember, “Friends don’t let friends vote Republican”.  But if they do, blame Howard Dean.

Standard disclaimer: This site is not a pro-McCain site.  The founder is not a Republican and does not intend to become one.  She was a lifelong Democrat.  PUMAs are not affiliated with the McCain Campaign and make no endorsement of his candidacy.  However, some individuals have made the decision to vote for him in protest or simply because he is less frightening than the alternative.

178 Responses

  1. ROTFLMTWAO. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Go, Deb!!!

  2. So glad this came out today. Can’t hurt our mission.

  3. That’s gonna leave a mark.

    A skid mark, in Howard’s drawers

  4. According to Bob B. on Fox News – the Obama camp really hopes Ted Kennedy will be able to make an appearance on stage tonight because he is the one Democrat who can pull the Clinton supporters back into the party.

    Guess they think we forgot his early shocking endorsement of Obama.

    Sometimes I wonder how the Democratic Party has survived. In truth, perhaps it hasn’t…

  5. AND Deb has her @** covered here—in case Hillary (by some miracle from heaven or through you PUMAs in Denver) gets elected to be our candidate, McCain can’t run this ad. She’s a proud Hillary Democrat!

  6. McCain has some excellent ads. He uses humor very effectively. It comes down to do you want the serious guy with a sense of humor to be President or do you want the whiner! Game, Set and Match, McCain.

  7. Fox news is showing it right now! And playing it up big.

  8. Nancy Pelosi might be pulling her hair now. 🙂

  9. RD: This is for you. We hope it will be useful for the PUMAs in Denver. Print it out, give it to the delegates, give it to the press, give it to the party leaders. These are the rules. Stick with it.

    The following comes from Article VIII.C.6 and Article VIII.C.7. of the Call for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Link to the entire document may be found here:


    6. Nomination of the Democratic Candidate for President: The Permanent
    Chair shall receive nominations from the floor for the Democratic candidate for the Office of President of the United States in the following manner:

    a. Requests to nominate a presidential candidate shall be in writing and shall have affixed thereto the written approval of the proposed nominee and the name of the individuals who shall be recognized to make the nominating and seconding speeches on behalf of a presidential candidate and shall be delivered to the Convention Secretary at a location as specified by the Secretary no later than 6:00 p.m. of the day preceding the day designated for the commencement of presidential nominations.

    b. Each such request must be accompanied by a petition indicating support for the proposed nominee signed by delegates representing not less than 300 or more than 600 delegate votes, not more than 50 of which may come from one (1) delegation. A delegate may not sign more than one (1) nominating petition for president and for vice president.

    c. The order for nominating presidential candidates shall be determined by the National Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, the Permanent Chair of the Convention and each presidential candidate, or his or her authorized representative, who qualifies to be nominated pursuant to this section.

    d. Each presidential candidate shall be allowed a total of twenty (20) minutes for the presentation of his or her name in nomination by nominating and seconding speeches, the time to run without interruption from the recognition of the nominator.

    e. Delegates and alternates shall maintain order during and following nominations for the Office of President and demonstrations shall not be permitted.

    7. Roll Call for Presidential Candidate:

    a. After nominations for presidential candidates have closed, the Convention shall proceed to a roll call vote by states on the selection of the presidential candidate.

    The roll call voting shall follow the alphabetical order of the states with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico and the territories treated as states for the purpose of the alphabetical roll call.

    b. A majority vote of the Convention’s delegates shall be required to nominate the presidential candidate.

    c. Delegates may vote for the candidate of their choice whether or not the name of such candidate was placed in nomination. Any vote cast other than a vote for a presidential candidate meeting the requirements of Article VI of this Call and Rule 12.K. of the 2008 Delegate Selection Rules shall be considered a vote for “Present.”

    d. Balloting will continue until a nominee is selected. The nominee shall become the candidate of the Democratic Party of the United States for the Office of President upon the conclusion of his or her acceptance speech.

  10. Ted Kennedy was one of those who freaked out when Hillary praised LBJ for his work getting the civil rights acts through Congress. Why should we listen to him?

  11. OMG! Kennedy is going to make us change our minds? Why? Because he’s terminally ill and to refuse him would be mean?
    So, go straight to the guiltius sectionus of the female brain and make them feel ashamed of themselves for opposing poor Ted. It’s his dying wish. I hate to be crass but *we* have to live with Obama.

  12. Katiebird – when are you posting your PUMAmobile account? I CAN’T WAIT!

  13. JoeySky
    If Nancy pulls her hair hard enough maybe it will be like an eye-lift.

  14. JoeySky, on August 25th, 2008 at 11:52 am Said:
    Nancy Pelosi might be pulling her hair now.

    That would be about the only way to gauge her reaction these days.

  15. That is the most ridiculous disclaimer I’ve ever read.

  16. Joey Sky—YES!

  17. RD – This ad is brilliant. I will make up my own mind about whether or not I can vote for McCain (so far, no), but I think a lot of people will be swayed by this, especially since Debra was treated so poorly by the Party.

    They are highly misunderestimating the PUMAs. Their idea of convincing us is either insulting us, or bringing out some high-profile Democrat to try and convince us to come back into the fold. Newsflash, guys – there is no one who can erase what Obama and the DNC did in the primaries EXCEPT OBAMA HIMSELF. And he doesn’t want to and can’t at this point.

    So, I’m glad Teddy is feeling well enough to attend, but he shouldn’t flatter himself that it will change anyone’s mind.

  18. Is it true that the twitching, hissing Roland Martin called Hillary’s supporters “dumb”?
    ohyeah, unity, baby

  19. Exactly madamab! If Hillary Clinton herself can’t sway our minds do they honestly expect Ted will have a better chance? These folks shouldn’t be allowed to walk without protective headgear.

  20. McCain is essentially trying to force Hillary to support him, even though she doesn’t want to. He has no legitimate right to wave her signs around like that.

    This sort of non-consensual endorsement stealing is a real low blow against Hillary.

  21. The DNC totally gave McCain a warehouse of ammunition when they made such a big stink over Deb Bartosevich’s comment.

    Oh well, can’t say we didn’t warn them.

  22. “These folks shouldn’t be allowed to walk without protective headgear”

    Sometimes fact is funnier than fiction!

  23. JoeySky, on August 25th, 2008 at 11:52 am Said:
    Nancy Pelosi might be pulling her hair now.

    Whatever she has left. Carol Diamonds gave her a NICE haircut in July!

  24. HillBlazer, what legitimate right did the DNC have to take away Debra’s status as a Hillary delegate because she said she wouldn’t vote for Obama? Since when are delegates for one candidate required to vote for another?

  25. Debra Bartoshevich reminds me of a younger version of Somebody Loves Raymond’s wife Debra.

    Ted Kennedy has disappointed me many times over the decades, but supporting Obama really took the cake.

  26. mccain at least is not so arrogant to think he can win by writing off entire demographics. sad to see that while mccain gets it, the oborg think they can order people around.

  27. HillBlazer – No, Hillary does not support McCain and she has made that quite clear.

    “Hillary Clinton’s support of Barack Obama is clear. She has said repeatedly that Barack Obama and she share a commitment to changing the direction of the country, getting us out of Iraq, and expanding access to health care. John McCain doesn’t. It’s interesting how those remarks didn’t make it into his ad.”

    However, her voters are free to do as they please. That’s the point of the ad. As I said, it’s not going to convince me, but I’m sure it will work on many others.

  28. Cindy, I don’t think she needs to vote for Obama; I don’t even think she should. Obama isn’t entitled to anything, and I don’t like him one bit. What I object to is McCain’s use of Hillary’s signs, name, and gear in an ad that’s clearly contrary to her wishes. He can’t force an endorsement out of her against her will, and he shouldn’t try.

  29. I also don’t like the condescending tone of the ad–“you can vote for McCain, it’s okay.” It’s obviously okay…we’ll vote for whoever we want, we aren’t stupid.

  30. They would be doing exactly the same thing using Obama signs and supporters if Hillary were the nominee.

  31. HillBlazer, I don’t see where he’s trying to force an endorsement out of Hillary at all. Is there anyone who really thinks that would ever happen? What I DO see is McCain paying attention to Clinton voters, which is much more than Obama has done. Well, except to keep repeating that we’ll all fall in line by November.

    Not me.

  32. you should see McCain’s new ad. Hillary is in it again

  33. Very effective ad. McCain is not stupid. For every PUMA (many of whom will NOT vote for him), there is another Hill supporter out there, maybe not terribly politically active, who is very uncomfortable with Obama, but is hesitant and feeling alone surrounded by the Bots.

    The primary message of that ad is “you are not alone.” It will work.

  34. The DNC/obama set out to screw that lady in a very public way. I think this add is poetic justice for her – I’m not sure how Hillary might feel about it, but we all know they have her on the world’s shortest leash.

    Honestly, if I thought Hillary *believes* the crap she is spewing about obama right now, I’d be pretty disappointed in her. I think she does believe ANY dem in the WH is better than ANY repub because “good” laws can get passed.

  35. American women are done with the democrats who do nothing but fear monger us with Roe v. Wade!!!! They have not made any progress for us in 35 years and than they insult, abuse and humiliate our first female presidentail candidate. We are done!!!!! And there is always some wher to go, even if that means staying home.

    I hope they understand that they tossed 56 -58% of the democratic voters (women) under the bus to appise the 6% of AA males.


  36. Cindy, if he wants to target us he should speak to our issues. Instead he thinks he can win us over by using Hillary’s image without her consent. I would be much more impressed with McCain if he paid attention to the things that Hillary’s supporters care about (choice, Iraq, healthcare, etc.).

    Contrary to what McCain may think, we aren’t driven by bitterness.

  37. Hiilblazer, I understand your beef, but I don’t think the ad is aimed at you. It’s telling the on-the-fence moderate Hillsupporters: “Obama said he doesn’t want or need your vote. I do, and I’m asking for it.”

  38. Honestly, I am so stupid! If Teddy tells me I need to vote for Obama, of course I will. If Michelle insists on narrating one more time his “life story”, there is no reason on earth why I should continue to resist. Just waiting for one more push from Oprah and I am onboard!

    These people must think we are wholesale morons. And this continual drumbeat of reliving the JFK and Jackie years is getting a little old. Been there, done that. Live in your little fantasy dreamworld but tell me how much higher my energy costs will be and how you plan on fixing it. And can I get some universal healthcare while you are at it?

    I may be a dumb deadender but I am not that delusional.

  39. Hillblazer, don’t you think McCain’s ad is just presenting a realistic view of the current state of affairs, that being that a huge number of Hillary supporters ARE going to vote for McCain?

  40. Off the top of my head, I can name at least 5 McCain ads I still remember clearly. I can only recall one of Obama’s. Obama is losing the ad battle- just another sign his campaign is doomed to defeat in Nov.

  41. plural – You’re absolutely right. First thing they did with Biden was publish his statements that Obama wasn’t ready to be President.

    Had Obama picked Hillary as his VP, he could have avoided a lot of this type of blowback. But the fact is, McCain is taking advantage of a colossal wave of resentment that Obama himself created.

    Remember, they did this on purpose. They wanted to remake the Democratic Party. “Out with Bubbas, up with Creatives,” said Chris Bowers. They wanted to redraw the map to include red states and the Mountain West, which OF FUCKING COURSE did not work with Obama (but might have with Hillary). To do that, they had to rid themselves of all the bitter white working-class voters. Well, they did it, and now they’re realizing they can’t win.

    Great plan, guys. Tell me, did you give that Liberian Prince your bank account number?

  42. yeah, I don’t know what to think of the McCain ads using Hillary and her supporters.

  43. Hillblazer: “I would be much more impressed with McCain if he paid attention to the things that Hillary’s supporters care about (choice, Iraq, healthcare, etc.).”

    Boy, you are so RIGHT about that. Wouldn’t that be the most wonderful thing.

  44. Hillblazer,

    I felt conflicting emotional responses to that ad myself. That last bit stuck in my craw too. I just felt sad that it has come to this. When people get mad at me for even considering a vote for McCain, I ask “What do you think it would take for a lifelong liberal Democrat like me to come to this?”

    It would be nice if McCain governed toward the middle as a nod to the advantage our base will give him to gain the presidency.

  45. Terrific ad. Very opportunistic and in good taste. McCain sees the opportunity to win this election going away and with a real mandate. Obama/Biden couldn’t be any more pathetic. The democratic party is such a disgrace right now. This is the weakest, sorriest candidate ever.

  46. There’s no way I’ll vote for John McCain–that will never happen under any circumstance and, to be honest, it sort of bums me out that any Democrat would even entertain the notion of voting for any Republican, particularly McCain, given their performance over the past couple of decades.

    But that’s me.

    I am 90% certain that I will opt out of voting for a Presidential candidate this year. The best I can do is to reserve my vote because there’s no one worthy of it.

  47. I am in moderation with the trolls. They aren’t nice.

  48. Thing is, I have no idea if Obama supports the things I care about either, because I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

  49. Kittens, if you don’t vote for a Presidential candidate, that means neither gets your vote’s advantage over the other….which could (not saying it will as I don’t beileve Oblowme has more support than McCain) put O in office.

    Am I wrong on this?

  50. Heroes is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

    Ad recall is very important. Who’s their ad agency I have no clue, but they are doing a very good job at advertising.

    Same happened with Kerry in 2004 who ran ABYSMAL ads. Not memorable, witty or clever at all.

    I still remember Bush’s Spanish ad “Viva Bush” – I did not vote for Bush, neither will I vote for McCain, but DAMMIT – I remember the ads!

  51. Cate: I told my husband (yesterday) if McCain figured out a way to embrace Hillary’s healthcare – he’d grab all sorts of moderate support.

    I think Bush is working to remove Iraq withdrawal from the table for November by setting up ‘time horizons’ (not time tables, mind you).

    That leaves choice, (which shouldn’t be the buzzword IMHO, it really should be a “woman’s right to privacy” since that is how the law came to be… nothing about choice ) .

  52. I won’t vote for Johnny Mac or Uh-bama.

    I’m gonna prove what a terrible rac*st and misogynist I am by voting for McKinney

  53. Cindy, on August 25th, 2008 at 12:25 pm Said:
    Thing is, I have no idea if Obama supports the things I care about either, because I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

    You can say that again.

  54. SM77, the only ‘ad’s I remember from 2004 were ‘Jib-Jab” HA! HA! HA!

  55. Hi Cate,

    Here’s the thing: I don’t want McCain and I don’t want Obama. Obviously, one of them will win, but I feel no need to participate in choosing between two inadequate alternatives.

    It truly sucks, but there it is.

  56. Charles,

    I was just talking w/Katie about that this am. The fact that McCain opted to stay as a POW in solidarity with those under his command. Would Obama EVER do that? Hell, I can’t even say I would do that.

    The thing is, McCain not only has experience, but has shown that he is -capable- of stepping outside his party’s dogma.

    Obama’s narcissism and the congressional enabling he will receive frightens me to no end.

    She’s been so sad & upset sounding since this began; it’s nice to see her have some FUN!

  58. Cindy – that’s my problem with Obama. He is a compulsive liar. He keeps repeating things like “I was raised by a single mom” that are patently false. There is no reason to lie about his background. It is very interesting and multi-culti and, in the unembellished version, makes a good story (which is all the Obamans care about).

    Of course, he has thrown everything I care about personally under the bus. He has neo-lib economic advisors which will keep the “free-market” status quo that has screwed our economy up so badly, he wants to put Cass “Unitary Executive” Sunstein on the Supreme Court, he has fudged his positions on Iraq withdrawal, abortion and the separation of church and state, voted to legalize warrantless wiretapping, and subverted the democratic process itself in order to gain personal power.

    He is a horrorshow. I don’t want my Party associated with this person and his disgusting enablers in the DNC and Party Leadership. Let them all be kicked out of power, never to return. Let democracy be returned to the Democratic Party.

    PUMA POWER!!!!

  59. Neither am I a McCain supporter but if I have to choose the lesser of two evils, McCain is it. Obama and the Chicago Rat Pack leave me very unsettled. Hopefully my state will show enough red (I seriously doubt it) for me to not have to cast a vote for McCain. But Obama, definitely not.

  60. The other decisive thing for me is that when I think about Obama as President I feel frantic to avoid it. I simply do not have the same outrage attached to McCain’s presidency. Resignation-yes. Outrage no. Obama cannot win! We cannot accept such a blow to our Democracy. If McCain acts like a repug, it’;s more of the same.


    Obama must lose, and I’ll do what it takes.

  61. Rolling Ted onto the stage is taking political cynicism to a sacrament . They aren’t just pushing buttons, they are mashing them. Ain’t working

  62. I’m going to backtrack a little and say that I can understand how a Democrat may feel it’s necessary to vote for McCain purely as a protest vote–to wrest control of the party away from Obama and his enablers, but I maintain that there’s nothing about McCain, in and of himself, that is worthy of a Democrat’s vote.

  63. sod, yes, they did try to drag up something like that before. And his first wife was pissed, supported him, practically told the pres to eff off, and said she and he had no animosity between them whatsoever.

  64. Kittens Westcourt, on August 25th, 2008 at 12:23 pm Said:

    I am 90% certain that I will opt out of voting for a Presidential candidate this year. The best I can do is to reserve my vote because there’s no one worthy of it.


    I’m with you at 99 o/o !

  65. Kittens:

    PUMAs are not McCain supporters.

  66. SOD: And Deval is his party chairman. Although he has lost some traction here as of late.

    My daughter, and RN, made a good point. If McCain gets in, and Hillary is still the power behind UHC in the Senate, she could ram it through and he signs on. Obama may fight to block her every step of the way out of petty revenge. I thought it was a good point she made since McCain likes Hillary.

  67. Pat Johnson, on August 25th, 2008 at 12:31 pm Said:
    Neither am I a McCain supporter but if I have to choose the lesser of two evils, McCain is it. Obama and the Chicago Rat Pack leave me very unsettled. Hopefully my state will show enough red (I seriously doubt it) for me to not have to cast a vote for McCain. But Obama, definitely not.

    The DNC’s decision to allow such illegitimacies to enrapture the Party makes ANY “alternative” we seek/cast, in November, level-headed and rational by comparison.

  68. I agree with joaniebone on this issue!

  69. The ad is quite simple. It’s meant to appeal to a certain demographic. Look McCain is a republican and not our candidate. He will and his people will do things differently than we would or Hillary would. He can never be a replacement for Hillary. He is a protest vote for us.

    Rush thinks Michelle is pregnant, and she is going to announce it tonight.

    What’s so weird…is that Rush is right about a lot of things regarding The One.

  70. I agree Hillblazer did say it best with this statement:

    I would be much more impressed with McCain if he paid attention to the things that Hillary’s supporters care about (choice, Iraq, healthcare, etc.).

  71. …to wrest control of the party away from Obama and his enablers, but I maintain that there’s nothing about McCain, in and of himself, that is worthy of a Democrat’s vote.

    kittens, so you get the point. No one says Mccain is “worthy” as much as not as unworthy.

  72. I’m most certainly not a McCain supporter either. But this is the position that Obama and the DNC has put me in, and it makes me sick.

  73. Hi Kittens, yes, it does suck. But, I have to say, I want Obama to lose more than I want McCain to lose….and – ask anyone – I dislike Republicans with an unmatched zeal.

    I am hanging onto every shred of hope that the worst won’t happen….or rather that it won’t ‘keep’ happening….I am trying to keep my spirits up. I went to bed last night in my PUMA t-shirt so I could ‘sleep with the Pumas”…ha!. Then this morning, when I checked into PUMA Pac.com and saw Darragh Murphy out in front of the Puma HQ wearing ‘her’ shirt (same color, too-red) I decided to throw on my bra and wear it all day, too! I suppose it will need to be washed sometime but it makes me feel closer to our sisters and brothers there in Denver.

  74. pat- (locking arms-Red Rover Pumas)

  75. Pat, for me it is the old “better the devil I know.” However, I am in SC, which is going to go McCain, so I will not be forced to vote for him. My mother, on the other hand, is in NC and is so conflicted right now.

  76. We aren’t going to agree with McCain on the issues. So that is why this ad is effective on some levels.

  77. Oh great – so now we have terminally ill Ted Kennedy plus Michelle Obama’s pregnancy announcement?

    While my heart breaks for Ted (even if he did not support his state’s votes) and many congrats to Michelle Obama if she is pregnant (the Obama children are BEAUTIFUL kids) I still say PUMAtize the DNC.

  78. Come guys. The Clintons HAVE TO be shredded. There is only space for ONE royal family in America.

    The Return of America’s First Family

    With the rise of Barack Obama the influence of the Kennedys is growing. Edward Kennedy, the family’s gravely ill patriarch, has had a huge impact on the nation, and JFK’s daughter Caroline is helping Obama decide on a vice-presidential candidate. Could a Kennedy be slated for a role in an Obama administration?

    Again what qualifies Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg to chose the VP of ANYTHING?

  79. I wish Ted all the best but he picked his candidate early so his opinion means nothing to me. He would carry more weight if he had let the primaries play out without choosing a side.
    That ad is pretty cute. Bet the Dems wish they hadn’t treated Debra so poorly. Any payback she wants to give is okay with me.
    In the Repubs vs. Dems battle, I no longer see that much difference between them. They are both corporate-owned and no longer concerned with we, the people. They all want power and will seemingly do anything to get it and keep it. So I just will have to vote candidate by candidate or strategically-I’m either for them or I’ll vote against them. I think November is going to be tough for a lot of people, including me.

  80. That war vote was a joke. Had he been in the Senate he would have followed the leader on this vote since he caves on everything in the end. And as a newcomer to the Senate he would not have gained he political capital, a la Ted Kennedy, to take such a strong stand in opposition particularly if he entertained a run for the presidency.

    So like everything else about him, this too has always struck me as a bogus claim. And there is nothing available to dispute or refute on record.

  81. From Glenn Greenwald:

    “It’s literally hard to imagine how Congress could possibly be weaker and more pliant than they’ve been. If Congress became any more cooperative, Capitol Hill might just vanish altogether.”

    The only positive thing about Nancy Pelousy is she didn’t stand around scratching her balls while Bush wrecked our country.

  82. Charles,

    I can’t get past the feeling that Obama is sick (personality disorder). I do not feel that from McCain. I have lived next to that sickness, and it feels impossible for me to ignore the symptoms.

    As for Michelle announcing a pregnancy tonight:

    The ultimate in opportunistic, cynical garbage. Playing to the “oh, how cute it’ll be!” contingent. Make it stop. Please.

  83. Kittens Westcourt, I can relate. I don’t support the two major party candidates either. But I think McCain would make a better President than Obama. For the past 8 years we’ve seen how bad an inexperienced person can screw the job up! I’m hoping McKinney makes it on the ballot in my state.

  84. And it’s so insulting to elevate the Kennedys like this. What about the Clintons???? This is why I’m leaving the party. I never understood the deification of the Kennedys.

  85. I am at a loss to understand how Michelle’s pregnancy would affect anyone’s vote. Are we voting for Michelle’s baby?

    Must be me.

  86. Joan, on August 25th, 2008 at 12:42 pm Said:

    “In the Repubs vs. Dems battle, I no longer see that much difference between them. They are both corporate-owned and no longer concerned with we, the people. They all want power and will seemingly do anything to get it and keep it. So I just will have to vote candidate by candidate or strategically-I’m either for them or I’ll vote against them. I think November is going to be tough for a lot of people, including me”
    Well said.

  87. I think the ad is great. ObamaCo tosses people aside like garbage, and is shocked when someone else wants them. Debra is saying what she wants, and it helps McCain. I also agree that McCain is reaching out to a wide range of Clinton supporters, not necessarily us.

    But the real reason I’m not offended by the McCain ads is that, in the real world and in the world of opposing politics, John McCain, Republican and political foe, respects Hillary a hell of a lot more than Obama does. The McCain ad people would be smart to somehow make that real clear.

    Maybe after the convention, if Hillary is not the nominee, they safely can.

  88. A terminally ill scion and a newly pregnant First Lady? A complete recreation of Camelot is going to send me into the arms of Jack Daniels! Can it get anymore banal? The youngest of their two kids is 7. Do you mean to tell me at the age of 43 this is unplanned? Have they left no stone unturned?

  89. Kittens:

    PUMAs are not McCain supporters.

    My impression from reading these threads, however, is that some posters (can’t say whether they’re “official” PUMAs or not) are rationalizing a decision to vote for McCain (as in “he’s not so bad on issue x, y, z“). And then, of course, the ad in question with it’s rejoiner that it’s “OK” to vote for McCain.

    Well, IMO, McCain is bad and a McCain presidency would be a disaster. I guess I’m just not to the point where I could make the protest statement of voting for him.

    I know that many here are committed to seeing that HRC will prevail, but I just don’t see that happening for a variety of reasons, so I’m just trying to come to grips with what I’m going to do.

    I enjoy reading these threads because I don’t feel welcome in my old haunts anymore.

  90. Ted Kennedy ……..Hey, it’s over, get over it. The Kennedy era is over, decades ago, but you want to take the Clintons down with you. You #$%#$

  91. So it begins, from AP:

    Clinton supporter says she was called ‘Uncle Tom’

    DENVER – A black delegate for Hillary Rodham Clinton says she was called an “Uncle Tom” by Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, one of Barack Obama’s political mentors.

    Chicago political consultant Delmarie Cobb says Jones made the remarks Saturday night while discussing her support for Clinton. She called the remark “fighting words” and unacceptable.

    Jones, who also is black, said Monday that he never uttered the slur. He says he referred to Cobb and other Clinton supporters as “doubting Thomases.”

    Cobb says that explanation doesn’t make sense because she confronted Jones at the time and he didn’t indicate she’d misunderstood.

    A dispute within the Illinois delegation could distract from the unity message Obama is trying to deliver this week.

    Exercising your civic duty is now being an “Uncle Tom.”

  92. This will be great for the 20 something crowd since it will show that they still “do it”. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Get those cellphones ready for the big announcement when the baby arrives.

  93. SOD – Thanks! 🙂

    I believe that this tactic is a big clue that the Obama/DNC Conglomerate sees Michelle as the huge political liability she truly is. They are trying to protect her from the RW onslaught that is sure to come down upon her if Obama is the nominee.

    I still don’t think it will affect anyone’s vote, though. It might get the R’s to back off if true, but they have so much ammunition against Barack that nothing is going to help him. He’s toast.

  94. madamab, if she IS preggers, she WILL be off-limits in a lot of peoples’ minds…I mean, you wouldn’t want to upset her by calling her out for being an American-hating racist, would you?

    Very clever, if true. AHHHHH….just think, a baby in the White House…how cuuuuute….better than any dog, for sure.

  95. Now they are talking about “transforming” the fraud’s campaign……. let me ask you, changing the message will give BO the necessary experience, character and maturity to be POTUS? I don’t think so. Nor will it cover up the meager, stingy attitude he has.

    It brings back all the discussions of the media (bought and paid for) talking heads of how to fix the awful FIX Bu$hit got us into. The answer was – get rid of Bu$hit. McCain is not Bu$hit the third as much as BO is.

    Will intelligent consideration EVER kick in with the Democratic leaders? Nah, they are on a rocket to a hellious loss – they are comfortable with that. They do it without the very backbone which has sustained them all these years. It was their choice and they made the wrong one – again.

  96. For my money, give me the dog.

  97. SOD – LOL!!!

    SM – Wow. They’re finally covering this sh*t, at the moment when it will do maximum damage.

    I knew the press would turn on Obama. McCain is their true darling, now and forever.

  98. Personally, I say “Go, Deb!” Serves the Dems right for kicking her to the curb simply for voicing an opinion.

    Slightly OT: Every time I see Obama-Biden my mind automatically reads “Obama Bin Laden”. It’s really weird.

  99. I believe that this tactic is a big clue that the Obama/DNC Conglomerate sees Michelle as the huge political liability she truly is.

    That was my first thought, immediately.

  100. These AA congressional and Dem Party leaders are getting on my last nerve. Really.

  101. According to PUMAPac, there will be a No We Won’t Blog Talk Radio show today at 1:30 eastern time.

  102. Take that, Oborg, Howard, Donna! Your creation! You made my day!

  103. stateofdisbelief–

    without itemizing all my problems with McCain, let me summarize by saying that my belief that McCain would be a disaster is based on his fealty to that national disgrace that is squatting in the Oval Office as we speak.

  104. Kittens:

    We consider McCain the lesser of two evils, and Obama the evil of two lessers.

  105. I can never understand a freaking word Cornel West says. I remember seeing him in Maher last year, he said something and the entire panel just looked at him, not with disbelief, they just didn’t understand what he was saying. I get the impression that he loves to spout out things, no normal person understands, so that everyone is amazed at his intelligence, when of course the intelligent thing is not to talk over everyone’s heads.

  106. PJ – They’re just getting their marching order from Howard “The White Party” Dean.

    Could they be any more r*cist?

    I’m liking myiq2xu’s idea more and more. A vote for Cynthia McKinney would show the Dems that we are not endorsing Republicans. Personally, I would like to make McCain competitive in NY without voting for him.

    I don’t think he will win here no matter what PUMAs do, but if he puts up a respectable showing, Obama’s delegate count will be smaller. 👿

  107. The most hypocritical aspect is that it goes without challenge or question that 95% of the AA community is backing Backtrack but us dissidents are being accused as ra*cists or Repubs for not doing so and that is okay. Still scratching my head at this one.

  108. We consider McCain the lesser of two evils, and Obama the evil of two lessers.

    I think it’s a tie. 🙂

  109. i am not a republican, despite obama and his supporters’ best efforts to make me one. i’m a democratic party worker. i picked up the mess after 1968, 1972, 1980, 1984, 1988, 2000, and 2004. 2008 is gonna be a real mess. and i’ll be here picking it up. i wish these damn kids would learn to pick up after themselves.

  110. madamab, I’m thinking of voting Nader for the same reasons. If a movement here picks up steam for McKinney, I’d be happy to switch.

  111. SOD, yes I am.

    I wonder how PO’ed we New Yawkuz are gonna be if Hillary isn’t nominated after being massively snubbed for VP, though? Upstate NY is red. And, HRC was re-elected in 2006 with 67% of the vote.


  112. This sounds weird, but i an going to take a nap, see u all later.

  113. MO is 44 years old. You can still get pregnant at 44, but generally it isn’t an accidental thing. Mostly done by medical intervention or concerted effort.

    Of course, there have been plenty of autumn’s children… but during a presidential campaign where she is in one state and he is in another? AND she is 44?

  114. After watching Mystery! last night, I ended up on HSN to avoid Obama talk. Miss Tina, the mother of Beyonce, was hawking clothes & stuff, and an obviously AA caller says right off the bat, before saying she loves the clothes, “….And here we may have a black president this fall, and then here’s Miss Tina…” I thought the host Colleen would collapse.

    I didn’t anyone ask about Obama playing her the Hillary-99problem-bitch song of her son-in-law.

    On a cheerier note, comic page today had Frank & Ernest watching TV. One balloon shows ‘There’s not much coverage of the political convention’ and the other shows, ‘No, the networks are doing much scriped programming anymore.’

    Hah! Even cartoon characters know this convention is a farce.

  115. HillBlazer – It might. I guess we won’t know until after the Convention. What we do know is that we own our votes. That is a victory in itself for those of us that ALWAYS voted straight D (like me).

    I smell trollie flop sweat. Smells like…a huuuuuuuuge loss in November for O’Biden.


  116. Campskunk:

    I spent better than 2 decades as a yellow-dog Democrat, only to be called a Republican ratfucker for supporting Hillary.

  117. MadamB – my upstate Republican mom who voted for Hillary twice is pissed because Hill’s not the nominee. She’s still not sure whether to vote Libertarian or Republican but one thing’s for sure… it’s the last time she’s voting Democratic.

  118. Kittens, my take is completely different. It’s Obama’s similarity to Bush that bothers me. I don’t hold McCain accountable for Bush’s disastrous presidency. Have you considered voting third party?

  119. No Nader for me.

    I will never forgive him for 2000

  120. Kittens Westmore, I’m with you in that I could/would never vote for John McCain unless he did a 180 on all his policy positions. And that ain’t gonna happen.
    If Mrs. Obama is pregnant again after seven years that’s great but to announce it at the Convention with all attendant hoopla would be cheesy to the extreme.
    I guess I’m of the old school and believe that basically pregnancies should not be announced but confirmed.
    Shrieks of ‘We’re Pregnant” when the stick has just turned blue make me a bit-well-queasy.

  121. If its a boy they will name him Edward Kennedy Obama.

    Its a really clever way to “pass the Kennedy torch” on to Obama.

  122. myiq, Nader is not the only third party candidate running. McKinney (my pick) and Barr are also alternatives to the same old, same old.

  123. myiq – Nor will I. Nader was great once but is now just a spoiler who takes money from the Republicans to try and siphon off liberal votes from the Democrats.

    Kittens – What about the divided government argument? I must admit, that one holds some sway for me. Obama’s authoritarian personality would be enabled and encouraged by a Democratic Congress. McCain is not an authoritarian and has shown it by working across the aisle many times; and besides, if he started to get too crazy, the Democrats SHOULD be able to stop him. (I will definitely do my best to make sure that happens.)

  124. I can’t do McKinney, she is just a little too off the wall for me. All the conspiracy theories she believes in, sorry, no can do.

  125. Dee, dont you think they’d name the baby “Obama Jr.”? Just think four adorable years of little “Bam-Bam” hiding behind the desk in the Oval Office?
    I need an analgesic just thinking about it.

  126. madamab,

    I would not CONSIDER voting for junior Hussein. But I am also a New Yorker who doesn’t particularly want to vote republican. However, I would if I thought it would make a difference! As a fellow New Yorker, what do you think of the chances for NY going red this year?


  127. myiq2xu, on August 25th, 2008 at 1:08 pm Said:
    No Nader for me.

    I will never forgive him for 2000



  128. Charles, he did but it was just a quick thing. He’s gone now.

  129. In truth the Democratic Party has abandoned us. There is no reason to believe that an Obama administration will result in any improvement in health care or anything else. Obama wants to get us out of Iraq but, put us into Afganistan (His big money supporters are making a lot of money off of the wars). In fact, I think Hillary’s defeat is due in part to the fear by the 100’s billion of dollars health insurance industry that she might actually get reforms.

    We can mold the Republican party our way if the Dems don’t want us anymore. It will depend on this November. If Obama is elected, I am out of the Democratic Party for good. If he is defeated, I will volunteer to work for the purging of the rest of the dead weight leadership and rebuild the Party from the ground up.

  130. Dee, sounds funny, but I’ll bet it would be something tacky like that.

    Obama/DNC still don’t get it. Liberals may like Teddy, and MA may like Teddy, and the whole nation may pity him for his illness, but when it comes to running in a US campaign, Ted Kennedy couldn’t get elected National Dog Catcher. He gave Obama a big push, and I’lll never, ever forgive him for that, but Teddy will not affect national politics. Period.

    On a similar note, the folks that oooh & ahhh and want to protect Mechelle are folks already committed to Oblah. If she’s preggie, it’s not to protect her from criticism, it’s to protect HIM from the fallout of her toxic mouth & attitude. She’s not outspoken & strong-minded, she’s an angry jerk with a big ole chip who wants to tell off the very people she needs to court.

  131. PSV – I don’t THINK it will go red, but I think it will be a lot less blue than it could be. Honestly, anything is possible this election cycle. The Obama/DNC Conglomerate has been so monumentally stupid that even “safe states” like MA are no longer a gimme.

    IMHO, a lot will depend on what type of VP McCain picks. Will he cater to his base, or to disaffected Democrats? NeoCon, TheoCon or Moderate? If he picks someone that Upstate NY voters can live with, I’ll bet he siphons off a lot of votes from Obama.

    Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  132. I’m thinking voting McKinney too … I always wished I was old enough to vote for Shirley Chisolm … she was a huge hero of mine

  133. Sweetie – you might be right. Where is the Kennedy desk now? Better get it out of mothballs. It is all about the marketing.

    Just last night I was telling my friend that I thought Michelle is preggers. She has not been out on the campaign trail, didn’t go visit Grandma in Hawaii (perhaps didn’t feel up to it) and she is wearing dresses/outfits that would hide a bulge. My friend argued that even the Obamas are not cynical enough to make a baby just for the purpose of getting the W.H. I argued that they are exactly that cynical.

  134. Which email do you use if you wanted to send an email to Hillary

  135. madamab,

    Interesting take – fairly provocative!


  136. Deb can’t be a Proud Hillary supporter! Look at her! She’s not an old retiree/ pensioner with gray hair! Aren’t we all suppose to be a bunch of bitter old whitey women who are racists, mean spirited, clinging to our guns & religion and hate immigrants?

    I could have sworn I read that somewhere. 😉

    GREAT ad, Deb! You go girl!

  137. Fox just showed a new Obama ad about houses. Basically, Barack says he wants to help us. Well, he lives in this house, wants to live in this house while his brother lives in this house. Can you really count on him for help.

    This is NOT a transcript of the commercial. Just what I took away from it.

    Can’t they do something like this with his OTHER grandmother too? (shudder)

  138. SOD – With respect: Nader was 100% wrong in 2000. He said there was no difference between Bush and Gore. Thanks (partially) to him, we have had eight years of the Worst President Ever.

    He gets no slack for that and certainly does not get my vote.

    We could have been well on our way to unprecedented prosperity, peace and energy independence. 9/11 would not have happened, since Bill Clinton and Al Gore actually PREVENTED terrorist attacks when Bill was in office. Now the country is falling apart, we’re in two endless wars, and both parties are playing stupid, destructive games instead of trying earnestly to resolve our deep and serious problems.

    It makes me cry when I think about how we were robbed of President Gore.

  139. Go Deb!!

  140. sdtateofdibelief,

    You should withdraw your comment.We do not need to perpetuate the same misogyny and violent images that the obots do. That comment is offensive in many ways and will boomerang

  141. Why oh why, lectures Roland, can’t Hillary and her supporters put party over “your petty personal issues.” Roland also threw around the word “dumb,” but refused to specify if he was calling Hillary “dumb” or her supporters. And we were just getting used to the term “dead-enders.”

    Yea, Rollin we are soooooooooo “DUMB’ that we don’t read or listen to CNN anymore! FYI Rollin I am concerned with the escalation with Russia, Georgia and Poland.

    Russia threatens nuclear attack on Poland over US missile shield deal

    Senator Barrack Obama is the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Subcommittee with oversight on Afghanistan and Europe. The Committee has jurisdiction over NATO….

    Barack Obama is All talk and no walk


    I don’t know about a candidate that doesn’t understand the importance of a committee that he ‘Chairs’. Hillary issued a statement/position months ago and understands what is at stake in the region. Someone should remove him from that position and let someone else do the job that he doesn’t see as important!


  142. “Rush thinks Michelle is pregnant, and she is going to announce it tonight.”

    Oh, won’t that be cute? An adorable little baby in the White House again! I think I’ll vote for Barky just because of that.

  143. No Nader for me. I think he is sick too, drunk on his own power as a spoiler— last round to the point of appearing mentally ill.. I don’t mind some of what he says, and certainly many of the things he has worked for. But no vote from me.

    God, the idea of this pregnancy makes me sick.




    here’s the info:



    try faxing..:

    FAX: 303-758-6542

    The receptionist will say NO…ask her if she got your fax…it’s URGENT…Democracy is at STAKE!

  145. O Well, my 2 cents – I don’t really much care what the hell happens from here on it – I’m done with Democratic Party and will not vote for any democratic ticket – don’t care who or what they’re running for – not sure I can vote for McCain either but either way – stick a fork in me I’m done and the whole democratic party can go straight to hell – this is no longer about Hillary – if she wants to continue to take the abuse – that’s her choice but no more for me – done done done……

    ‘When Democracy comes back to the Democratic Party, so will we.’,

  146. eh, er, it could be I have a weird mind, but I have long noted that cheating spouses tend to lose weight & slick themselves up. I’ve heard rumors about Donna B being gay, but it isn’t a little odd that both Donna & Howie have lost weight, and are big-time fixin’ up. I don’t think it’s just for the convention, because these two have been primetime players for a long time.

    Yeh, okay, here’s my hand, you can slap it now.

  147. You go girls. Really know you’re for protecting hard fought women’s rights or the. You’ve seen the light because you see the hurtful way that Mrs. Clinton was treated, that issue, the ultimate women’s rights issue Good for you you. Roe v Wade is a horrible sin. you know it now.John will undo that one. No more babies a dieing! Marriage between and man and women only. Great! We need an amendment and John McCain will do it. I personally am well off and you know Obama is going to go after us. . Gad to see you’ve seen the light Go John McCain!. Go Obama haters! He’s the snake in the pool below us. He’s to be feared. I can see the day when John McCain will be given Sainthood.

  148. Kittens, you can’t put me in the rationalizing camp. I am a full blown McCain supporter at this juncture. I am so angry with the Dems that I am voting a straight republican ticket in November. That is right because of Obama every downticket dem will suffer. McCain offers some aspects to governing that we have sorely missed since Clinton left office. We desperately need to balance the budget, lower taxes and scale back on the earmarks or unnecessary spending. Also, McCain has a long history of bucking his own party and working closely with Dems. He also is a very decent man. I don’t agree with many of his positions but I don’t believe he has ever openly cultivated sexism, homophobia, class warfare, and racism. Obama has run the absolute worst campaign ever. He is the most odious, foul, and corrupt politician I could ever imagine running or POTUS. It makes me ill that he has gotten this far. It should make you ill as well.

  149. Charles – Angery Black Guy is here. I missed that ruckus at TL the other night but I believe ABG is the former poster RLMcCLure – he first appeared the night that Rev. Wright’s taped comments hit the air waves. He was, as usual, very deep and compelling(ha ha ha).He stated “AA’s won’t vote for Hillary”. cough, cough, oh right! He has since continued with his deep message, we should thank him for all his hard work in solidifying voters resolve to push back on being threatened and intimidated.

    It is a continuing STUNNINGLY stupid meme that does not work. The facts are what motivates voters, concerned citizens.

  150. sod, I love ya, but please, give those images a rest. I have a big problem with talk of women held down and subjected to sexual violence, even in jest. ANY woman.

    I don’t think you meant it that way, but you are crossing a line.

  151. SOD: thank you very, very much.

    John: With thoughts & words like that, you most certainly could not be described as “well off.”

  152. What a storyline! “Country finally recovers from racist past … black child born in the White House.”

    ‘Scuse me while I barf.

  153. Thanks, sweetie. 🙂

    *ducks before sod can smack her*

  154. I most likely will vote for McCain too. And the way that Deb Bartoshevich was treated by the Wisconsin Democratic Party is only one small reason. I wrote the Wisconsin Democratic Party and told them so too.

    I don’t dislike Senator McCain and I do respect and appreciate his service.

    I do dislike Obama and have NO respect for him about anything. Once he trashed the Clinton’s, making them out to be racist, anything he said or says will not make me vote for him.

    Wisconsin is being put in the Obama column at this time. I’m no physic but I wouldn’t be so sure.

    I think putting McCain in the White House is a put up or shut up message to the Democratic Party. Either show some spine or get out of Washington.

    We need representatives who are interested in something besides getting re-elected. Divided government works best IMHO. But Democrats don’t seem to get that. The have caved so long and so often the seem to forget that an opposition party is supposed to, you know, oppose.

  155. If the pregnancy rumor is true (and I doubt it) — Wow, I’m surprised they could afford another child, with all those expensive dance lessons and whatnot.

  156. I am a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton. I cannot support the presumptive Democratic ticket consisting of Obama-Biden.
    Obama stated that Hillary Clinton would be on anyone’s short list and then he did not even consider her as his running mate. He also stated change. So much for change since Biden has been in the Senate since 1972.
    How could Obama turn his back on the 18 million people who voted for Hillary in the primaries?
    The party will not be unifiied. The delegates should wake up and nominate Hillary Clinton as Vice President. An Obama-Clinton ticket will be the real dream team.
    If a ticket of Obama-Clinton does not materialize, I have no other option than to vote for McCain or do a write-in in November.
    McCain will be the next President. The Democrats will have to wait until 2012 to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

  157. I honestly think at this point (assuming Hillary doesn’t get the Dem nom) having McCain be President would be much more beneficial to Hillary because at least McCain respects her and I can see Hillary as a Senator and McCain as President being a powerful force together in getting things done for America. But, if Obama is President, Hillary will get more of the same from him. He will not respect her and him and the ‘Pelosi crowd’ will do everything they can to cut her to her knees and strip any power away from her and basically try to ruin her career.

    For the record, I am a republican leaning, Hillary 1st, McCain 2nd, McCain Prez/ Hillary Senator 3rd, Obama never citizen of America:)

  158. I saw on the local news that a tornado touched down near Denver last night . Two questions:

    Was this another one of BO’s “messiah miracles” like the oceans beginning to recede and the planet starting to heal?
    Can anyone in Denver confirm whether or not a house has been dropped on Nancy Pelosi?

  159. Michele Trontz-Grossman, on August 25th, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    An Obama-Clinton ticket won’t be a dream ticket. Why would you want Hillary to iron Obama’s shirts everyday for 8 years. She would do all the work and he would take credit for it. Obama and his campaign hate Hillary so they would continue to insult her. Hillary doesn’t want to be his VP so why should she be forced

  160. I have to say that NOT nominating Hillary for VP is the first thing obama has done that I actually liked.

    I couldn’t be happier with is VP choice!

    My next move will be so much easier.

  161. IT IS NOW OFFICIAL. The Obama people REALLY DO think he is the Messiah.

    I shit you not. You couldn’t make this up.

    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), son of the one-time presidential contender, said Obama’s victory overwhelmed him.
    “I cried all night. I’m going to be crying for the next four years,” he said. “What Barack Obama has accomplished is the single most extraordinary event that has occurred in the 232 years of the nation’s political history. … The event itself is so extraordinary that another chapter could be added to the Bible to chronicle its significance.


  162. WMCB, on August 25th, 2008 at 2:25 pm Said:

    IT IS NOW OFFICIAL. The Obama people REALLY DO think he is the Messiah.

    I shit you not. You couldn’t make this up.

    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), son of the one-time presidential contender, said Obama’s victory overwhelmed him.
    “I cried all night. I’m going to be crying for the next four years,” he said. “What Barack Obama has accomplished is the single most extraordinary event that has occurred in the 232 years of the nation’s political history. … The event itself is so extraordinary that another chapter could be added to the Bible to chronicle its significance.”

    Forget under the bus! Apparently there’s not enough room up Obama’s ass for all these sycophants! 😛

    And of course JJ Jr. will want to run for Obie’s Senate seat if Obie wins the prezidency! 😉

  163. Would the Book of Barack come before or after the Book of The Apocolypse?

  164. jjmtacoma, Downticket and others,

    Speaking for myself, I couldn’t be happier with Senator Clinton NOT being considered for the VP slot. The thought of her being (real or imagined) seen as subservient to junior Hussein is sickening, to say the least…


  165. If mo says she is pregnant it just means backtrack was screwing her instead of the country.
    Unless it is a grudge baby and someone had it in for him,.



  166. Someone tell JJ Jr. that if by the worst of all nightmares BO got into office, we will all be crying all night and day!

  167. “However, some individuals have made the decision to vote for him … simply because he is less frightening than the alternative.”

    It’s a nice advertisment for the McCain Campaign.

    Nice People Get People Killed.
    Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama hold the exact same views and values.
    “Experience” is the weakest reason not to vote for Obama.
    Neither of them have ever been President. They both have NO experience.

  168. Troll alert

  169. My problem is that I truly believe that Obama is a danger to America. I am not a wild eyed fanatic, but with the Russian bear out of hibernation, Iran going atomic, rioting and bombings in Pakistan and our long long long war in Afganistan, how in hell can we entrust our nation to the likes of Obama. Inexpericed, vain, arrogant, not truthful, associates with despicable people who hate America (Wight and Ayers) . Our choice is not going to be about names or the party, but is what is best for the nation. I know how I am going to vote and I have been a Democrat over 50 years. I hope you do what is right.

  170. Agree, Fredster..

    we’ve had men in the WH for 232 years…nothing new here. Having a woman in the WH would truly be a historical first time event.

    Delusional thinking on Jackson’s part. It hasn’t occured to him there is a General Election that is going to get much rougher.

  171. Go PUMAs in Denver!
    After not seeing HRC even considered for VP, I will vote fo McCain. Signed up to work for “Citizens for McCain” in Virginia today.
    Yeah to Debra’s ad, my sentiments exactly! Its OK not to reward the DNC or the Obama campaign.

  172. did any of you hear two people arrested for pplanning to assainate Ob ?they were arrested ,it was on the local Pitts.news

  173. I have called theDNc so often they know my voice,bombard them about how you feel!

  174. Have some jam.

    (Edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  175. The dnc can keep on walking! We are not coming back.

    I as well sign upp for John McCain.I know that dnc and msnbc and some wll try to tell lies and run untruth ads on McCain will even tell the untruth of the polls.But,hey we all ready saw that with dnc-Obama had all ready did that with Hillary.DNC stole this election from one of their own democratics.We know it-We saw it-We heard you Donna Brazile-Howard Dean.So here is something that may hurt your ears…

    MCCAIN 08


  176. Experience counts!

    Dick Nixon ‘60.
    The upstart senator from Mass doesn’t have what it takes!

    Dick Cheney ‘08.
    The upstart senator from Ill doesn’t have what it takes

  177. It won’t surprise me if those asassins are wearing PUMAS for HILLARY shirts.
    Get over yourselves already.

  178. So since I see that my longer comments about you staying home in Nov. didn’t make it to your website, I guess we both know I hit a raw nerve.
    Good luck with all that……

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