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I Am Ridiculous

It’s true! At least, according to the media, the Democratic Party, and of course, the man even our bought-and-paid-for press corpse is starting to call the “presumptuous nominee.”

I’m not ridiculous because I’m a PUMA, though. I’m ridiculous first, because I’m a woman, and second, because I’m a woman who refuses to do what Daddy tells me to.

You know, there’s just something so icky about being a woman anyway. And kind of embarrassing. I mean, I look down at my body, and I have two bumps where I don’t need them, and I’m missing a critical bump somewhere south of my belly button. Ewwwwwww, what’s that about? If only I had that bump, I could be in charge. I could do whatever I wanted to and no one would think it was ridiculous.

Look at George W. Bush. This man has the manners of a pig in slop. He talks with his mouth full, he farts, he calls his right-hand man “Turd Blossom,” he gives the Chancellor of Germany a shoulder rub, he can’t keep from invading peoples’ personal space. Of course, his Bushisms are legendary.

Yet is he ridiculous? Why no. For most of his horrific Reign of Error, no one in the press or the Democratic Party questioned this man’s credibility or right to be in his seat. He has that scrap of flesh hanging off his pelvis, so he must be respected.

Of course, Hillary was not in possession of that precious penile attachment. Open season, baybee! Let’s talk about her hair, her “cankles,” her cleavage, the horrifying spectacle of a woman growing older in office! Let’s talk about her coldness, her crocodile tears, her laugh, her ambition, her similarities to your “psycho” ex-girlfriend, her (supposed) menstrual cycle! Hahahahaha! Ooooh, it’s just all so delicious!

And when women object to this treatment of a woman who has attained a level of success matched only by a few others in our vast country of 300 million people? Why, we are just imagining it. We white women are a problem you just have to live with. How can Daddy fix it? You want a kiss, sweetie? Or maybe you just need to be taken into a room by a man and only one of you comes out?

Well, my lovelies, take a look at what you have wrought. Are you proud of yourselves?

Look at your Beloved, Obama, strutting around Europe as if he were already the President. Look at how poorly he’s doing in the polls (recently dropping to 4 points behind McCain in Likely Voters) now that he doesn’t have the Queen of All Vaginal Dentatae, Hillary Clinton, to demonize. Look how pompous and arrogant and empty he is. Look how little he has to offer for all the promises he has made. Barack Obama is the poster child for preening, unearned, overweening male pride. No wonder he sends a thrill up fellow traveller Chris Matthews’ leg.

The awakening of PUMA is exactly what the terrified little boys who love Obama are afraid of. The idea that women will some day look around and realize how much power they really have makes them simply crazy with terror.

And the fact that men, real men who are comfortable with female empowerment, have joined the movement? Well, how many times have you even seen the fact that some PUMAs are men even acknowledged by the media or the Democratic Party or (Heaven forfend) the presumptuous nominee himself?

My dear little FanBoyz of Obama, members of the “I Hate Hillary Just Because” club, you are the ones who are ridiculous. And you’re starting to know it, aren’t you?

How does it feel to look in the mirror and realize that people are laughing at you? That you have prostituted yourself for a man who is Just Not That Into You?

I hope that feeling is as painful as it deserves to be. Because thanks to your actions, we are thisclose to being deprived of the only candidate this year who is experienced, qualified, willing and able to lead this country out of Bush’s abyss.


Because she is ridiculous.

Did you need to ask?

Cross-posted at Oooh, nuance!

401 Responses

  1. Wow!!! I can feel the anger from here! Great work in expressing so completely the frustration we all feel.

  2. A most elegant rant! Well done and thank you!

  3. Why isnt Barack Obama opening up a huge lead on John McCain?

    All the factors point to a very large Obama win but its not materializing.

    I would really like you to come to


    and post why you think this lead isn’t coming to past. Can anyone explain this ? Give it a shot

  4. Excellent post, madamab. The boys who love Obama are terrified, indeed. I know because of the almost violent verbal assaults I have experienced from close family members who cannot accept my support for PUMA and for Hillary.

    It’s very sad what this election has done to people and the divisiveness it has sparked.

  5. Thanks, you two. I appreciate that very much.

    I must admit, I’ve been feeling this way for a long time, but it never quite crystallized until last night. And unfortunately, the more the DNC, Obama and/or the media speak, the worse things seem to get.

    I do feel that the WORM is starting to turn with the press and Obama, though. But is it too late?

  6. madamab: Andrea Dworkin. Too bad she’s no longer around.

  7. I would have expected Molly Ivins to put this moron in his place. God, I miss her.

  8. Powerful…I love it…

    Madamab said: “scrap of flesh hanging off his pelvis”

    OMG, that’s an image….

  9. An excellent rant!

  10. janicen – My father called me ranting and raving because I was not supporting Obama. I know what you’re talking about. He said Hillary was nasty and made fun of her voice.

    We’ve agreed not to discuss it any more.

  11. Awesome post. Hits the nails on the heads all the way around.


    President Hillary ’08


  12. An excellent rant, madamab, and perfectly attuned to the moment, and my mood.

  13. Gary – Don’t get me wrong, I love men – and parentofed, I’m no Dworkin. Sex is sex, not rape.

    But…isn’t it just ridiculous that a penis means so much in America? When are we going to grow the f&ck up here?

  14. She’s allowed to speak as the category of “woman,” but God forbid she should be recognized as the winner of primaries in the big states, and of the popular vote.

  15. I hope you all will forgive me for bumping this comment up to this thread:

    Folks, can you imagine if the situation were reversed, that Obama would be invited on Day 2 to give a speech on the abolition of slavery and its Constitutional amendment?

    Cries of “You’re seeing him as no more than a black man!” would (rightly) ring through the land. It would be seen as an insult, retrograde, deeply delimiting and reductive, and unworthy of the party and the individual.

    MY OWN PARTY is doing this to Clinton. The sexism, the reductivism, the essentialism, the marginalization, is beyond appalling.

    I am livid beyond words. I can barely type.

  16. I am hoping the nation is slowly waking up from their bout of indifference and considering the folly of electing this guy. They can chortle over McCain offering 4 more years of Bush but I believe Obama is closer to that analogy. Just the attitude alone, “I am the only one who can fix this” is enough to turn off most people. From the “I am a uniter, not a divider” to “we are who we have been waiting for ” should be the signal that this is a follow up 4 year turn and not one that will bring about the “change” these idiots have been clinging too.

    “Humble” was never a word allowed to enter the Bush or Obama world. And remember, Bush was unable to own up to one mistake when asked. Not in his vocabulary. Same with this one. A mistake is always the fault of someone else.

  17. Magdalena – Brava!

    PJ – Obama = Bush III. There is “no doubt” in my mind.

  18. I feel like Jack at the end of “Titanic” clinging to the raft for dear life.

  19. madamab. please don’t think I was criticizing your description, I think it is an appropriate juxtaposition given the power that that “scrap of flesh” has wielded throughtout history…it is jarring..great work!

  20. PJ – Unlike Jack, you have 18 million PUMAs to pull you out of the water.

    Never give up, never surrender!

  21. Don’t know if y’all heard the new Ludacris (“Obama has me in his Ipod!”) song calling our Lady a B**** and telling how wonderful Obama is. Anyone think the Chosen One will throw him under the bus?

    Have “fun” listening (sorry to subject anyone to this):


  22. Is anyone else seeing the similarities between the Obama campaign and the movie “This Is Spinal Tap”? Just call it “This Is Obama Nation”. Instead of drummers that need to be replaced because they spontaneously combust, it’s just various personalities being thrown under the passing bus. Too bad this can’t be chalked up to the DNC and Hollywood playing a big joke on the Democrats. Obama belongs to NO PARTY – he belongs to his own OBAMA NATION!

  23. Pat, I feel like the ship has sunk and the boats have left and I’m left alone in the water except for you all.

  24. No problem, Gary – I know it was inflammatory. I’m glad you didn’t take offense. 🙂

  25. As a mother of 3 sons and 1 daughter I can still see the signs of sexism even though I thought I was raising them to be Alan Alda’s. But in all honesty, my daughter is the one with the 4.0 average, who aced every test put in front of her, who knew the value of study, who managed her allowance and doled it out to the other 3 who let it slip through their fingers, who tested on 8th grade level for reading while in the 4th grade.

    The boys were intelligent but often lazy students who depended upon the oldest sister to pave their way with grades, girls, paper routes and advice. Still the same today. Tells you a lot.

  26. Nice righteous rant! I got a fundraising letter from the “One” today. The only question in my mind is should I mail it back with a nice long letter(sans postage) now or later enumerating why his chances of having me vote for him are slim to none.

  27. madamab, I’m going to make you even more pissed off.
    Yesterday, after my audition was over, I exited the hotel, and was about to cross the street when two young women about 19-21 approached me to ask me to support Obama. Of course they had no idea what kind of mess they had gotten themselves into with me.
    The first thing I asked one was to tell me what made her like Obama so much. She said one word, “Change”. I won’t bore you with the details of my talk with the two, except to say. They both pretended they had been strong Clinton supporters, but were now working hard for Obama. My BS meter went off.

    I had called WIll Bower right before running into these ladies, so after talking with them, I made my way up to a spot near DuPont circle where I was to meet Bower. What do you think stopped me not 15 feet from my rendez-vous point? Two more young women trying to get me to vote Obama. Again I asked what they liked about Obama. Again, one of them said “Change”. The other said “Hope”. We talked about Obama until Bower appeared and I left with him.

    The odd question that lingered for me was why did Obama campaign send these 20 yo women in pairs to canvas for Obama in DC? Especially near DuPont. Who were these women supposed to win over? Is he having trouble with the Gay vote?

    Also, It is depressing for me to see these young people so slavish to their Devotion that they don’t know anything about him really. None of them knew much about his flip-flops or any of the real issues. All they could repreat is “Hope” and “Change”

  28. wow…that ludicris song is nasty….he also says this about mccain

    “McCain don’t belong in ANY chair unless he’s paralyzed”

    fuck him, seriously.

  29. Loved “Spinal Tap” and Obama rates an 11 on his own personal scale. It doesn’t exist but so what. He is master of all he surveys. Citizen of the World my a**!!!!

  30. By the way, I want to thank all the men on this blog. You guys possess some real insight, and it means a great deal. Hug.

    I cannot believe what has happened to women since the 90’s, and the roles both women and men have played in resurrecting a public and widely sanctioned sexism that was unthinkable in the 70’s and 80’s.

    I cannot believe what the Democratic Party has managed to do within the last year.

    I have never felt so put back in my place as I feel now.

    But folks, I ain’t stayin’ put.


  31. I am sick of it being ok to be a so called “artist” and call women bitches and hoes, gays fags, and whatever else thing you can think of and then hide behind the fact that you’re a minority…as if that gives you license to be bigoted and intolerant….FUCK YOU LUDICRIS!!!!!

  32. I hope that song gets wide airplay and the blowback hits right where it should–against Obama.

  33. Magdalena: In a roundabout way we can thank the DNC for what it did. It brought to a head the deception and corruption we have witnessed this past election season and united us, the PUMAs, with a purpose.

    They honestly believed that we would just shrug it off, take the time to reflect, and fall into line since “where else can we go”. Had we taken that attitude we would be still in respective corners, licking our wounds, and being obedient. We chose the other road. No Way Obama Boulevard! This creeps them out.

    And for that, and that alone I may add, is what keeps the sparks ignited. They are on notice. Never again will they push this sh*t down our throats. As Donna B may be watching us, we are definitely watching them.

  34. Mawm – Wow. I kind of feel sorry for them. Really, how are we teaching them to know any better? They don’t get taught about civics or critical thinking any more. They get taught to regurgitate information without assimilating and analyzing it.

    They are perfect cultures for the Obama virus.

    Magdalena – I heartily second that emotion. PUMA men are AWESOME, right, sistahs?

  35. I’m sorry, but I never got the HipHop thing. I know a lot of you here love it, but I find it a case of “emperor’s new clothes.” To me it sounds like music meant for neanderthals. It is filled with anti-gay, anti-women messages. The so-called artisits are not creative enough to come up with their own original work. They have to rely on “sampling” which is another word for plagiarism.

    People do pay money for it, so I assume they find something redeemable in it. The best of it IMO comes down to it having a good grindy dance beat.

  36. Excellent! I like your comparison to GWB, too. Most instructive.
    _ _ _ _ _

    **Look at George W. Bush. This man has the manners of a pig in slop. He talks with his mouth full, he farts, he calls his right-hand man “Turd Blossom,” he gives the Chancellor of Germany a shoulder rub, he can’t keep from invading peoples’ personal space. Of course, his Bushisms are legendary.

    Yet is he ridiculous? Why no. For most of his horrific Reign of Error, no one in the press or the Democratic Party questioned this man’s credibility or right to be in his seat. He has that scrap of flesh hanging off his pelvis, so he must be respected.**

  37. yes, I know…..lurking… sorry. Madamab great post!

    First, I truely hope someday to be as courageous and articulate as you folks are here. I have been inspired and renewed by your daily comments. Thank you.

    Second, Magdalena…. I am right there with you. Completely livid.

    Third, my partner call the “precious penile attachment”
    during her rants “a useless flap of skin”

    I have considered myself a feminist ( I know I used the “F” word) for many years but this election cycle really opened my eyes! I never knew the sexism was THIS bad.

  38. Will someone who is AA on this blog please help me (I am Eurasian) understand why, at a moment when the AA community should be celebrating and joyful (I am speaking of the large percentage who support), there is this ugliness being directed outward? Especially when it is likely to do more harm than good to Obama’s cause?

  39. Ludacris is going to help Obama rack up an even larger landslide LOSS to McCain. Thank you Ludacris!

  40. Apparently all it takes to be considered an “artist” today is to use language so offensive and treat women as objects and be hailed as a “genius”. To those of us who find this type of “music” off putting, we are reminded that we do not share the same culture. Right. Like those black mothers, sisters, aunts and other female relations are just CRAZY about being depicted as sluts and whores, cheats and liars.

    The tepid response from the black leaders leaves me to believe they too approve and love the “bling” these guys emit. As long as you can rhyme “ho” with “bro” you have reached the pinnacle of stardom.

  41. Hi brtl12, I’m a proud feminist and have been for years, and won’t let anyone take that word from me, but I had fallen out of an activist role, believing it was time for younger women to take up the mantle.

    Pat is right, in a direct way this year is going to rekindle the passion in many of us, and in many feminists.

    I am more awake and alert than ever,

  42. anyone read the latest ny times article about “professor” obama? I couldn’t make it past the first paragraph:

    CHICAGO – The young law professor stood apart in too many ways to count. At a school where economic analysis was all the rage, he taught rights, race and gender. Other faculty members dreamed of tenured positions; he turned them down. While most colleagues published by the pound, he never completed a single work of legal scholarship.

    If he was offered tenure, I’ll eat my hat….and the fact that he was too lazy to publish makes him stand out in a positive way…arghhhhhhhh I need to go bang my head against the wall for a while…

  43. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25925202/

    the link if you’re sanity can handle it….

  44. Somebody please slap a wad of masking tape over steveeboy’s vulgar mouth. And while you are at, continue to drill into his filthy brain and let some of that sewage out.

  45. I can feel the heat. Awesome job, madamab.

  46. Hillary hated on him so that b*tch is irrelevant??? Oh boy.

  47. gary, they will never stop trying to turn Obama’s negative’s into positives for him.

    The fact that he never published is a great thing to them. Using that logic, maybe no professors should publish their work.

  48. PJ – I deleted his pathetic @ss.

    I don’t know how to mark him as spam in WordPress. Maybe someone else can help me out with that.

  49. He was never offered tenure. That’s a lie. It’s just not how academia works. You have to be a full time prof FIRST and you absolutely need to fricken publish.

  50. Mawm – you’re right. But what choice do they have?

    His lack of experience is so glaringly obvious, and his list of accomplishments so excruciatingly small, that all they can do is resort to worn-out marketing techniques.

  51. Those trolls simply cannot resist. It all boils down to, “my candidate is all about hope and change and even though I have no clue what that means, neither does he so we are on the same page. Asking me why I support him tells me that you do not believe in hope and change because you are a ra*ist and a Repub in disguise. You people stink! Get over yourselves! Sen Obama is the hope and change for the world! Step up! Don’t ask me anymore questions because frankly I do not have the time to answer them. Hope and change is enough for me. Now where is the nearest Starbucks!”

  52. steveboy was obviously educated by baboons…he things that this:

    Obama was invited to join the faculty in a full-time tenure-track position, but he declined.

    is proof that obama was offered tenure…actually it proves the opposite “tenure-track” means you don’t have it yet…ask your professor at bumfuck U stevee…most profs are “tenure track” for decades…

  53. “The courageous young president stood apart in too mnay ways to count. In a nation and during a time that desperately needed sound and steady policies for the economy, the war, and health care, among other issues, he traveled the world receiving acclamation for discussing the crucial nature of symbolism and rhetoric. Other politicians and leaders dream of substantive change and directly improving the lives of their consituents; he turned such stale notions aside. While past Democratic presidents labored day and night to see their intiatives passed, he completed rigorous workouts at the gymn, and not one piece of meaninful legislation.”

  54. “A recent CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll revealed that, while the majority of Clinton supporters had originally agreed to vote for Obama, that number has been steadily decreasing.”

    –Obama supporter Mario Altamonte at HuffyPuff, another ridiculous “we hate clinton just because” contingent of fools [not sullying this site by linking to it; you know where to find the kool-aid drinkers].

    This is very bad news for the DNC:

    In the race for the White House, there are nearly twice as many uncommitted voters as there were four years ago in late July (see other recent demographic highlights). While much has been made of John McCain’s struggles with his party’s conservative base, 33% of the uncommitted voters are Democrats while only 19% are Republicans.

    Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll

  55. The problem, steveeboy, is that registering voters who are not motivated enough to register themselves is risky and largely a waste of time and money.
    You run into the kind of problems that are cropping up in Virginia where volunteers are admitting to making up names so they can meet quotas.
    Or in other places in the South where volunteers have to resort to chasing people onto busses to try to get them to sign up.
    Then once you catch ’em and sign ’em up, you’ve got to get them to the polls and cross your fingers and hope that they vote the way you want them to.
    No, inspiring people enough to make want to them register and vote because they believe in the candidate is the way to go.
    But, you might not understand that.

  56. Magdalena – LOL! Absolutely brilliant!

    You should start your own blog. I love your comments! 🙂

  57. Apologies for typos, am still livid.

  58. I will wager that come November those undeclared voters vote McCain. Why? Because if they were that interested or admiring of the Boy King they would say so now. After all, isn’t this a historic race that everybody wants a piece of?

  59. bmc – Thanks for the information – I formatted your link so it didn’t run past the left margin. 🙂

  60. Those volunteers are like the marketers who accost us in the malls. We will sign anything just to get away from them. If you have a commitment to vote you find the time on your own to do so. Being chased all over the street by some wide eyed volunteer caught up in a cause can be offputting. People will sign any petition just to put an end to the badgering. I know, I have been guilty of doing just that.

  61. steveeboy and I are sharing lunch in the moderation cage.

  62. MadameB, I love the radiating anger. It’s a great feeling to nurture, because it leads to getting stuff done. No big ‘change’ -political, social, artistic, scientific – was ever accomplished through history by a non-angry, non-passionate person.

    And may this lead to a thousand angry women who finally wake up and fight for their rights.

  63. garychapelhill, on July 30th, 2008 at 1:05 pm Said:

    steveboy was obviously educated by baboons…he things that this:

    Obama was invited to join the faculty in a full-time tenure-track position, but he declined.
    Being on tenure-track means being able to get tenure in 6 or more years. Getting tenure in any univ is a lot of work — Obama is not cracked up to be that. Hey, I would even question his intellectual capabilities (he did not even write a single article when he had that law review gig.) He is a pretender in the worst sense of the word.

  64. Thank You madamab for this article.

  65. My pleasure, Vive!

    Steveeboy is going to be deleted everytime he posts here. He is a slow learner, apparently.

  66. Pat Johnson, on July 30th, 2008 at 1:08 pm Said:

    I will wager that come November those undeclared voters vote McCain.

    It won’t matter…don’t you see what’s going on? These “newly registered voters” are ALL going to vote for Obama, whether they show up or not.

  67. Hey madamab, I did have my own blog for a while, but then found this one and enjoyed the company so much more I let mine rest. I am thinking of reviving it, though. Thanks for the encouragement.

  68. Great rant madamab!

    I guess we are all ridiculous now. Cause it’s certainly ridiculous to expect our party or the DNC to treat us with respect.

    They were so sure that all the good little Dems, male and female would come home to poppa. Now that we haven’t they, in their arrogance are outraged.

    So instead of trying to entice us, they are trying the brow-beating and scolding route. Dumber than dirt IHO.

  69. They ha e to take the brow-beating and scolding route. We failed the subliminal messaging route. Early on in Obama’s campaign, I noticed his speeches contained lots of statements that automatically assumed people held a particular point of view and that view was good (in the “reasonable people agree” vein). Then it was the “you’re in if you’re one of us” beat. I always thought he ran the dirtiest campaign ever, just that it was well masked in an incredibly passive-aggressive manner.

  70. The odd question that lingered for me was why did Obama campaign send these 20 yo women in pairs to canvas for Obama in DC? Especially near DuPont. Who were these women supposed to win over? Is he having trouble with the Gay vote?

    Mawm, you didn’t see Aravoisis working a corner did ya? I understand his readership at Americasnob is down. 😉

  71. It took Obama five years and a vacation in Bali to write his first memoir, back when he was in his thirties.

    I could knock mine out in a week. Well, maybe two if I told the truth.

    A month if I told the whole truth.

  72. Time to openly start boycotting mass media re: pro-obama bias

  73. Pragmatist – I did that years ago due to pro-Republican bias. 🙂

    I watch no news whatsoever now. I get it all from the Internets. 🙂

  74. Pragmatist:

    You aren’t already?

  75. !! Madamab — What a wonderful post! I was out working on a programming problem this morning and just came back.

    It’s really great.

    That Bush and Obama get away with outright idiocy and the Brilliant Hillary was not good enough — it makes me sick.

    Still, I think things are slowly changing. I just hope it turns in time.

  76. Myiq2xu – Speaking of memoirs, I just watched “Auntie Mame” again last night.

    I now have a picture of you wandering around your house speaking at lightning speed, with a worshipful secretary taking down every word.


  77. Pragmatist: I don’t think a boycott is going to do it. The media is really the crux of this whole charade. It’s the selling of the Iraq war 2.0.

    We’ve got the MSM creaming themselves over him, yet we’ve got likely voters who aren’t falling for it, yet we will soon have “new registered voters” who are “finally inspired by hope and change” who will carry him over the finish line in in a most plausible manner.

    We need to do more than boycott the MSM. We need to bring them to their own “have you no sense of shame” moment.

  78. madamab, on July 30th, 2008 at 1:41 pm Said:
    Myiq2xu – Speaking of memoirs, I just watched “Auntie Mame” again last night.

    Ha! Me too!

  79. I occasionally read the local section of my hometown news paper. I don’t read any major newspapers or magazines, I don’t watch news programs, I don’t listen to talk radio.

    I don’t watch network television either.

    I watch cable reruns of old shows and movies.

    What you see here is my social life.

  80. Katiebird! Thank you!

    (waves happily)

    Hope you got your problem worked out.

    I think things are changing too. Marketing, no matter how good it is, cannot substitute for substance forever.

    And Hillary is too obviously the better candidate. She shows up Obama merely by being in the same room with him.

  81. How is anyone supposed to believe that this whole thing isn’t about you being pissed that Hillary lost when you guys post things like this?

  82. Is my ex-secretary selling those photos again?

    Time to renew the restraining order.

  83. masslib – Really? (giggle)

    My Gawd, Rosalind Russell was FABULOUS. She always played strong, independent women.

  84. “Speaking of memoirs, I just watched “Auntie Mame” again last night.”

    I loved that movie. I noticed it was on last night too.

  85. Alan darling,

    I don’t give two craps what you believe.



  86. Alan:

    Ask us if we care what you believe

    Go on, ask us.

  87. madamab beat me to the draw

  88. Madamab – you took me back to meetings of the redstockings (every Sunday night) in somebody’s tenement on the lower east with a handmade sign on the wall saying “speak pain to recall pain. People sat in a circle and some would talk about their lives as women. (Long time ago)

  89. Please vote on this:

    McCain just put out an ad that compares obama to britney spears and paris The McCain campaign just held a conference call with reporters to discuss the ad. Campaign chief Rick Davis was asked at the end if the McCain team is saying that Obama is — as Spears and Hilton are perceived — “frivolous and irresponsible.” Davis agreed that is a message the ad is intended to send:


  90. Hillary didn’t lose, she just wasn’t selected by the supers.

  91. I’m not pissed that Hillary lost. I’m pissed that she was forced out after winning.

  92. Please vote on this:

    McCain just put out an ad that compares obama to britney spears and paris hilton. The McCain campaign just held a conference call with reporters to discuss the ad. Campaign chief Rick Davis was asked at the end if the McCain team is saying that Obama is — as Spears and Hilton are perceived — “frivolous and irresponsible.” Davis agreed that is a message the ad is intended to send:


  93. Myiq – Mindmeld. 🙂

  94. The last time we got a President who was selected instead of elected it didn’t work out so well

  95. Problem that I have with Obama, Camp O and the DNC, is while most have that “scrap of flesh hanging off their pelvis,” they are all missing BALLS.

  96. Wouldn’t it be funny, righteous, and truly hopeful if Hillary would say this in her Tuesday night speech:

    We are Democrats and tonight we are united, but just out of curiosity, by a show of hands, how many of you would have voted for me if this came down to a floor vote?

  97. FLVoter – Oh, they have balls. They just worry that should Hillary become President, she will visit their houses at night and pull a Lorena Bobbitt.

  98. SophieL, on July 30th, 2008 at 1:26 pm Said:
    It won’t matter…don’t you see what’s going on? These “newly registered voters” are ALL going to vote for Obama, whether they show up or not.


    Maybe that is why he is so sure he is going to be POTUS. How sure are we that the election is rig-proof?

  99. Holy crap! Madamab, this is absolutely the best thing I’ve read in weeks, if not longer, and I read A LOT of good shit. My husband and I have been having a similar conversation for days, about the apparent resurrection of feminism in the face of overt, abusive sexism and misogyny. I’m actually percolating a post about it in my head, and I’ll simply have to point out your wonderful post here in it.

  100. SophieL – That would be truly audacious! I love it! 🙂

  101. Annabellep, that is an amazing compliment coming from you. Thank you. 🙂

  102. I will concede to the mighty madamab, but I still insist that Obama’s balls are parasitic at best otherwise the 4th Amendment would still be in tact.

    I bow to your wisdom madamab! (great post)

  103. Madamab – the forcefulness of yoor great work above makes me almost wish I were a Straight Man…Almost! I would so take you on a cruise to the greek Isle and woo you with champaign and caviar.

    Why are so many puma’s LGBT and women? Is it becuase we think out side the little head? could be!


  104. Is Hullary giving a speech on Tuesday night?


  105. Oh to have a noodley appendage.

    Mountain Sage

  106. FLVoter – Well, I never said they were BIG balls. 😉

    Michael – Awwww, you are such a doll! Mwah! I would so go with you, too, if things were a little different for both of us. 😉

  107. The $60K question is, who is Keith Olbermann going to have on in Dana Milbank’s place? He used to be on 2 or 3 times a week when he agreed with KO 90% of the time and snickered at his idiotic comments. Now that he’s been critical of Obama, will he still be welcome on Countdown?

  108. madamab, thank you. Your anger resonates down to my toes. I add my appreciation to all the commentors who’ve vibrated to your post. I’m proud to be ridiculous.

  109. fuzzy: Hillary’s speech is Tuesday nite at the convention, not this Tuesday

  110. fuzzy: I think the reason so many PUMAs are women, LGBT, or both is because we are the ones who’ve

    been counted out but refused to be knocked down, and worked hard and never gave up

  111. I think it’s very interesting how many LGBT folks are drawn to Hillary. I think their effect on the race has been underestimated and underreported.

  112. I am sure that there were people that thought the people who signed the Declaration of Independence and then mailed it to the King George were ridiculous as well. Oh, what am I thinking those people were freedom fighters, revoutionaries, and patriots because they had penises.

  113. Madamab, thank you so much for putting what I’m feeling into words. I’m so impressed with the writers here.

    I first read “The Female Eunuch” probably 25 years ago. I was only 13 at the time. It was a real eye-opener. But what’s more shocking to me is that TODAY I could pass this book onto my own daughter and it would still be relevant.

    Why haven’t attitudes changed? Why?

    Witnessing this over the course of this primary season, I can tell you that I HAVE changed. No bystander effect here. I’ve donated money to a candidate for the first time. I’ve written protest letters and e-mails. I willing to do all that I can. I just wish I’d done it earlier.

  114. I’m still trying to figure out why Merkel, Thatcher, and their like “got away with it,” while Clinton caused such hysteria. The notion that female leaders in Europe have been much more conservative, and therefore were “allowed” to get away with it, does not completely satisfy, somehow. I think it’s something in our national character–a certain brand of spiteful misogyny that travels with the reactionary piggery that gave rise to Prohibition, a fistful of fundamentalist religions, and the onrushing police state. It’s ugly.

  115. Re: Ludacris, this guy is mainstream & in big budget films and everything, I thought he was beyond saying stuff like that. Obama met with him maybe a year or so ago probably to talk about some initiative or charity project, incidentally, it was in one of those fawning “Obama is the new cool guy who hangs out with rappers and heads of state” type of articles. ugh. BTW it’s not really a new proper song, just a freestyle on top of music is like 2 years old from another song (not his). but that’s just ignorant, although I shouldn’t be surprised, if it’s Hillary Clinton it’s just open season for people to say whatever insulting thing they want.

    Had a great time this weekend getting in a huge argument with some of my (guy) friends, not the usual crowd I’d talk politics with, who talked over me at every opportunity to tell me that Obama is actually more liberal and just pretending to be centrist to get elected, got all his money from small dollar donations, and nobody cares about universal health care, and.. It was obnoxious. Not that I sat there and took it, but I’m cool with arguing these things without being rude and telling people their issues don’t matter?

  116. #
    madamab, on July 30th, 2008 at 2:10 pm Said:

    I think it’s very interesting how many LGBT folks are drawn to Hillary. I think their effect on the race has been underestimated and underreported.

    Someone here, I think, mentioned last night they saw Chris the House Assistant on Flipping Out wearing a Hillary button.

    I think part of Hillary’s LGBT support came due to Obama’s having that minister appear at a rally in the early primaries (forgot the guy’s name-he was the one who believed you could be “cured” ) I think that turned off possible support for Obama from the community. I never did support him but that pissed me off that he was supposed to be all-inclusive and then has that jerk show up.

  117. Here’s how ridiculous we seem: I recently went to dinner with a group of couples, political leanings as follows:
    3 Dems, voted for Clinton in the primary, now unifying
    1 Dem, voted for Obama in the primary, still hopeful(tm)
    2 Repubs, voted for Clinton in the primary, still hate McCain
    2 Repubs, voted for McCain in the primary, voting for McCain
    1 Dem, voted for Clinton in the primary, now a PUMA (me)

    The two repubs who support McCain were outraged that I would not vote for Obama and that I could throw my vote across the aisle. “But you can’t!!” they said, “It’s not right!”

    Go figure.

  118. Fredster – Donnie McClurkin. That was a HUGE red flag for me. It was my first clue that Obama was not the person he was pretending to be.

  119. Honora, it was mainly because they were mostly wealthy land owners. Imagine if only some poor people of the time decided to send the Declaration of Independece out. Male or Female they would have been totally laughed at before the were hanged.

  120. madamab~

    This was most excellent. I hardly ever get to visit during the workday and this was the best visit I’ve paid anywhere in a while.

    ALthough some of my family wants me to stop talking about the lack of integrity of the DNC, the entire selection process of The Precious, and the enormous mistake and possible danger a BHO presidency could be, I refuse to be cowed.

    Last weekend, my sis told me her husband was back on board with Precious after being so demoralized by the FISA vote. I said I was sorry that they were letting their liberal guilt blind them to the reality of just how unqualified he is, and just how similar their cultish worship was reminiscent of the GWB followers. Of course, she can’t see it.

    Thank goodness for everyone here at the Confluence.

  121. Oh that’s right madamab! See how easy it is to forget? LOL!

    I still read Americasnob back then and John A. was livid about that. Of course after John cashed the Obie check he changed his tune and Hillary=bad.

  122. I am donating my time to transcribe miq’s biography! Should be a hoot!!

  123. fredster…not to mention Donna B and her henchwoman Leah Daughtry (who is now CEO of the Convention) who have been trying to oust LGBT’s from the party for a while now because they don’t like another group muscling in on the AA influence. Also Obama had Rev James Meeks as an advisor in Illinois, and he actually appeared in ads for him. He is a rabid anti-gay preacher who compares gay AIDS victims to smokers with lung cancer (they deserve it)…any self respecting gay who supports Obama is an idiot.

  124. aravosis is a an ass, as is Pam Spaulding. They both support dumbo and they were also willing to throw the T from LGBT under the bus to get ENDA passed…

  125. gary: That is what is so puzzling about Rachel Maddow. She lives in the Northampton area, about 20 miles from me, a community that is very much inundated with gay couples. These are basically highly educated, creative, political, upscale voters who I would assume be against both the sexism and homophobia attached to the Obama campaign.

    Rachel is super bright and her beating the Obama brand is mystifying to me. Maybe you have an answer but it eludes me.

  126. speaking of hateful … did any of you see hear this new ludacris song:

    Ludacris- “Politics” (Obama is Here)

  127. and don’t read Dowd’s column today without an airsickness bag close by … she’s
    “marveled” by obama having an aid by snowglobes for his daughter

    it gets more surreal every day folks! sheesh!

  128. leslie – I think the fact that Obama is running in such a terrible year for Republicans is making a lot of people give him a pass at the moment. They’re not really that informed about him yet, either.

    Just wait till the 527’s come out. The cavalcade of radical and criminal associates that Obama surrounds himself with will be a massive turnoff to voters.

    Obama will be lucky to win 10 states after the electorate sees him for who he is.

    Of course, the SD’s could avoid all of this by simply picking the candidate with the most primary votes, the most Democratic votes and the most votes, period.

    But no, that would be ridiculous.

  129. Pat, I think that in Rachel’s case its all about the money.. She’s been greatly rewarded for her propaganda and it just shows that even very bright individuals can have absolutely zero character or integrity.

  130. leslie said:

    “I said I was sorry that they were letting their liberal guilt blind them to the reality of just how unqualified he is, and just how similar their cultish worship was reminiscent of the GWB followers.”

    I like to call it “Guilt Gone Wild!” and I would love to see someone do a spoof video!

    They’d have to include a clip of that lady Gary tried to engage in conversation at the Unity rally. You could tell she was trying to talk but she was second guessing every single word. Any slight on The Precious might be construed as rascist.

  131. For the life of me I cannot imagine how anyone can support Obama. His actions of yesterday actually crossed the line and he should be indicted for violating the Logan Act and impersonating the POTUS.

    Dana Milbanks must not be appearing on KO’s show anymore, or he wouldn’t have dared write that article this morning. I never watch that program, so don’t actually know if KO remains in the tank for BO.

  132. Pat: Rachel is in the media. They have been taken over.

  133. Agree totally Gary. I remember reading about DB and her part in getting the guy fired at the DNC and then the ensuing lawsuit. Gee, it seems that everything Donna touches turns to shit doesn’t it? I mean, the Dukakis campaign, Gore’s campaign, etc. You would think the DNC would have found a nice little corner for her where she couldn’t touch anything and break it.

    You’re right about your last statement too. I don’t see how any gay person with an ounce of self respect could support the jerk. The photo-op (or not wanting one) with Newsome was a big clue too.

  134. Can’t wait for Ludacris to “rap out” the National Anthem at the inauguration! In his own words of course.

  135. both rachel and digby started out defending hillary from the sexism, but when they saw that no one else was going to push back, they caved and went along for the ride. I say shame on them!

  136. Oh! Forgot about Pam S.

    I wasn’t too surprised by that with her being AA and all, but I guess that’s making an assumption about all Dem African-American voters, isn’t it? After all, look at Sugar; she’s certainly not on the Obie wagon just because he’s half black.

  137. oh sheeesh .. !

    Richardson will host Clinton fundraisers

    really , I don’t know what to say about this ..

  138. I used to have a huge straight girl crush on Rachel Maddow. I thought she was brilliant and fabulous, and she tried to be fair to all the candidates in the beginning, which is what all liberal journalists should have done.

    Then, she sold her soul for the sake of her career. Now she’s just another MSNObama talking head.

    She’s such a disappointment.

  139. I have lost so much respect for people who I had once thought to be intelligent and insightful in their insights. I became a huge fan of KO and just fell in love with Rachel when she began making appearances and clarifying the latest Bush folly. But then came February and the tone and tenor took on a different hue. Hillary became to pinata to which all things evil were framed.

    I was a newshound 24/7. Watched them all. Read mags and papers daily. Now I am reduced to this and a few other blogs since the sense of proportion has disappeared. If perezhilton. com is one of my bookmarks, you absolutely can be certain that I have fallen off the news bandwagon. Obama day and night is like having to listen to the guy who screams out those Orange Glo commercials. My ears start bleeding.

  140. but Pam is also a lesbian AND a woman…I guess for her race trumps all. Which is what the oborg has been saying from the start. bigotry against AA’s because of race is more important than homophobia and sexism, and I call Bullshit…

  141. Obama is doing to the black community the same thing Rev. Wright did to Hillary on the altar. A screwing, is a screwing, is a screwing, no matter who is delivering it.

  142. Why is Richardson hosting a fundraiser? Why doesn’t he just give them the 30 pieces of silver and be done with it?

  143. oh sheeesh .. !

    Richardson will host Clinton fundraisers

    I don’t want that asshole going anywhere near the Clintons!

    SCREW HIM! I can’t see where any Clinton supporters would be there to help. Guess he’s hitting the Obie supporters.

    Bleh! I hope it’s announced that we took care of the debt for Hillary.

  144. We have breasts which are the best things in the world. Anyone without breasts is deficient. We know that.

    Wild boars have things right: the oldest females are in charge; the younger males can come around for breeding and then should get lost. (of course this does not apply to Will Bower!!)

  145. Pat I am so with you on this :
    Pat Johnson, on July 30th, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    I get twitchy when he’s on. It’s like watching the news sing “sugar, sugar” day in and day out to Obama … drives me nuts

  146. SophieL, on July 30th, 2008 at 2:55 pm Said:
    Why is Richardson hosting a fundraiser? Why doesn’t he just give them the 30 pieces of silver and be done with it?

    Perhaps he’d like to be elected to office again in a state that went for Hillary. Think he knows he’ll need to kiss serious ass to get anywhere in NM again.

  147. Governor Bill Richardson is set to announce today that he’s hosting a pair of fundraising events for Hillary Clinton in New Mexico August 17, which is being cast as one of the higher-profile installments of Obama’s effort to help Clinton retire her debt.

    from the Politico story

  148. McCain is right in one respect. Obama is as vapid as Paris Hilton. Her delusion is that she sees herself as a “role model” to young girls. (God help us!) He sees himself as the answer to the world’s ills. Both are convinced of their worth which makes it even sadder. And neither one has accomplished one damn thing to have gained this attention. Well, there is that Paris tape……….

  149. We have breasts which are the best things in the world. Anyone without breasts is deficient. We know that.

    Well, I have a man-chest and nips, does that count? Don’t quite need the manziere thing from Seinfield yet! 😉

    Wild boars have things right: the oldest females are in charge;

    Meerkat Manor… Flower!!!

  150. Pat Johnson, I don’t think McCain goes far enough.
    Obamania is as inexplicable as similar hooplah would be for a Milli Vanilli tribute band world tour and cd release.

  151. but Pam is also a lesbian AND a woman

    You’re right Gary, but I do think it’s a thing of identity politics and race was triumphant for Pam. Can’t see any other reason why.

  152. PJ – I have to agree with that. Obama could create a new word: CelebuCandidate!

  153. I believe I have developed a very discriminating nose, and I can sniff a subtle troll pretty well.

    You know who you are.

  154. trolldar? Mawm?

  155. By the way, I’m pretty sure the Clintons won’t be anywhere near the Richardson fundraiser. Think Bill’s still “overseas” and Hillary’s doing more important things like giving herself a self-breast exam.

  156. Mm, the Obama campaign has rejected and denounced the Ludacris song. How quaint.

  157. Hey parentofed,

    Andrea Dworkin (and her roommate John) was my landlady when I first moved to Park Slope. just mentioning…


  158. you know what’s really sad, is that people don’t take sexism and misogyny seriously because it is so ingrained into our society. My boss (a woman) just came up to my desk and told me I had to go with her tomorrow to an appointment with a client. The only reason I’m going…..he’s a man, and she is not comfortable being alone with him. What kind of screwed up backwards ass society are we in that we have to act that way??? Women are just expected to deal with the fact that they might be attacked or raped just because they are women. And that’s not as big a problem as racism???? give me a break…

  159. madamab – great post…it really continues to clarify that a lot of elitist men in this country, especially male journalists and pundits and their audience who acted like fawning younger brothers and the weak women who cling to the boyz club, just couldn’t deal with having a powerful woman leader. For them:

    Obama = Change
    Hillary = Change we can’t deal with at all

    what is heartening is that there are so many fair-minded men who are among the 18 million who supported Clinton who experienced by proxy the sexism and misogyny that women have endured forever and are now as outraged as we are. The process has been enlightening for millions and now we know we have allies and advocates in many men. And that I hope is the enduring silver lining besides that we’ll have Hillary as POTUS, someday.

  160. Just got a fund-raising emaill from McCain

    The Obama Democrats are counting on their wealthy special interest groups, Big Labor Unions and unregulated “527” groups like MoveOn.org to fill their campaign coffers and try to bury our GOP get-out-the-vote efforts in an avalanche of special interest cash.

    Notice how he says, “Obama Democrats”. He is not so subtley drawing a distinction between Clinton Dems and Obama Dems.

    Good work, John!

  161. Interesting, PSV!

    Regency – Isn’t this Precious?

    “As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn’t want his daughters or any children exposed to…”

    WTF? Those lyrics are okay for adults? Only children would be offended by them?

    I am so tired of Bill Burton, Barack Obama and their tone-deaf, offensive campaigning.

  162. epicurious – What beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing them!

  163. Has Richardson retired his own campaign debt?? Hillary needs Richardson’s help like I need Michelle Obama’s help in real estate investing.

  164. regencyg – Ludacris under the bus (for now).

    garychapelhill – thank you. you totally get it.

  165. Madamab: That guy is a phony of the highest order. It was never a question; now it’s a fundamental truth. He was the one that approached Luda as a fan. Ugh.

  166. madamab, on July 30th, 2008 at 3:19 pm Said:

    Interesting, PSV!

    Regency – Isn’t this Precious?

    “As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn’t want his daughters or any children exposed to…”

    Did Obama throw Bernie Mac under the bus for calling women menopausal ho’s? Or is that OK because children weren’t at that fundraiser?

  167. “As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn’t want his daughters or any children exposed to…”

    Every time he changes his position on anything, he always begins by saying, “As I have said many, many times before”…

  168. regencyg – Ludacris and Obama have the exact same attitude: entitled and superior to everyone, especially women.

    No wonder they lurve each other so much.

  169. There is a lot of “wink wink, nudge nudge” with AAs during this election. I read several posts about Obama’s Father’s day speech that essentially gave him a pass for his comments, because the writers were convinced he was just pandering to white people and didn’t mean it.

    I’d bet Ludacris’s love for Obama will not have waned even though he’s under the bus now. He’s probably explaining it the same way, that Obama just needs to pander to whites.

  170. He is such a liar. No one acknowledges that though.

  171. Robin, you are right. He never said anything like that when he was playing the woman-hating JZ rap song.

  172. SophieL

    It won’t matter…don’t you see what’s going on? These “newly registered voters” are ALL going to vote for Obama, whether they show up or not./

    that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking for the last month. That’s WHY they’re not interested in Hill supporters.

    Madamab thx for an excellent post (as usual)

  173. gary – your boss is probably intimidated by that customer.

  174. Madamab: Nah, you’re not ridiculous. To me, PUMAs are kind of like sectarian Marxist parties–the RCP, the PCUSA, and so on. They’re all sensible people, with sensible analyses…in fact, their analyses of what’s wrong with our country (class oppression) are more spot-on than anything in the political mainstream. But they’re pursuing something that is an impossibility, and in doing so, they make no useful contribution to incremental improvements that are indeed possible.

    Clinton in ’08 is, right now, about as likely as Worldwide Proletarian Revolution. It’s a damn shame, but that doesn’t change the likelihood. Sectarian Marxists sometimes say that it’s best to (implicitly) support the most reactionary, fascistic option, to “exacerbate the contradictions” of the system and thereby make real revolution more likely. I’m seeing some of that here, and my reaction is the same: it’s sacrificing too much, in terms of human misery, for something that’s not likely enough to happen. Four years of McCain won’t lead to a Clintonista reconquest of the party–it’s just as likely to produce a renewed Obamista purge of elements they (perversely) blame for their defeat.

    Sorry to be so long-winded, and sorry also to tie PUMAs to certain telephone-booth-sized parties, when obviously you’re a much larger movement. But that’s my take on it, as someone who supported Clinton and continues to see no particular merits to Obama besides his “not McCain”-ness.

  175. Yes, we’ve all caught on to Obama’s tell, haven’t we?

    “As I have said many times before…” ==> LIE

  176. I bet the Ludacris incident is manufactured – next up will be Ludacris crying “mea culpa” and then washing Obama’s feet and saying he will never write misogynistic lyrics again, and Obama will be shown as the champion of women / citizen of a fair-minded world. I would not put this beyond their propaganda swirly machine.

    It is amazing what propaganda does to us each day – it challenges us to be of sharper mind, greater mettle and more discerning and aware of BS.

  177. I think you’ll enjoy this:

    * The warmth of his halo keeps us all warm in winter.
    * He’s a perfect human being. There were none until he came along.
    * I’m really excited for when Barack becomes president, and we can get rid of those other two superfluous branches of government.
    * I don’t understand why we’re bothering to have an election.
    * No. Other people can only get in the way of this man.
    * Exactly! And really, what right do they have to pass judgment on this man. Shouldn’t he just assume the presidency?
    * To even cast a vote is to suggest doubt.
    * Voting, right now, is almost the least democratic thing you could do.
    * I’m insulted, on behalf of Barack of Obama, that we’re holding an election.


  178. carol, she’s a lawyer…I don’t think she’s intimidated by much of anything…except maybe being physically attacked….

  179. RIch in PA – Your concern is noted.

    May I just say this: John Kerry had the support of 89% of his Party, and he still lost in 2004.

    If Obama cannot gain our support, how is he going to win? Yet everything he does seems deliberately calculated to split the Party. His supporters do nothing but hate and threaten anyone who doesn’t want to vote for Obama. Do you really think that’s a good election strategy?

    Truth be told, we could all vote for Obama and there’s still no guarantee he’d be elected. So what you should be worried about is why Obama is doing so poorly in a year when generic Democrats are preferred by double digits to generic Republicans.

  180. Ok I’m back today. Slept off the cobwebs.

    I’m still super disappointed that Hillary has to let these Judas’ ask for money for her.

    It seems pathetic and why I’m so angry we were lead to believe the debt had been paid.

    We could have been donating and raising money privately.

    Now OB1 will look like he is helping the weak woman pay her bills.

    Did anyone see Will on cnn today?

    He no longer speaks for me.

    While I love all of you and your determination, I will not, can not, and refuse to help John McCain.

    I will be voting Green.

    I am going back to calling fox news and their friends what they have always been.

    Fascist enablers.


  181. I really think people need to re-examine what/who we promote as PUMAS.

    If our goal is to show America that Obama isn’t ready for prime time, how do we achieve that by parroting vacuous Right wing idiotic talking points.

    Talking points like 200k came out for rock bands and beer.

    And finally, it is a good thing that the world is excited that the Bush era is almost over.

    It is good for our economy, good for our national pride, and good for the American people to see how destructive republican governance has been to our reputation.

    The Democrats gave Obama a standing ovation for a quote we have posted her as evidence Obama is arrogant.


  182. Mm, the Obama campaign has rejected and denounced the Ludacris song. How quaint.

    This is probably his sista souljah moment, a la Bill.

    Wasn’t it Ludicris who appeared on Law and Order SVU? (I love the show). He can’t act worth a shit.

  183. But we make ourselves look DISHONEST and petty when we leave out the part when Obama says..
    ‘It has become increasingly clear in my travel, the campaign, that the crowds, the enthusiasm, 200,000 people in Berlin, is not about me at all. It’s about America. I have just become a symbol…”

    What is wrong with that?

    Are we really not concerned about the image of our groups?

    I can’t be part of a group that believes in the ‘noble lie’. That is Straussean neo con 101.

    We are better than that. Hillary would expect better from us.


  184. Fredster – Ice T. is the one who appears on SVU.

  185. Ok I’m back today. Slept off the cobwebs. snipped for sanity reasons.

    Okay, you can go now.

  186. My mother thought she heard Hannity say that Big Dawg knows and he ain’t a happy Bubba.

  187. Madamaab: Luda was on SVU as well.

    ICE T. is my boo.

  188. soyousay – I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here, but you seem to have a serious comprehension problem.

    Obama is not a symbol of America because:









  189. Ryan, you assume that my aim is to ‘“exacerbate the contradictions” of the system’.

    I don’t think they need exacerbating. They are already bad enough.

    If Hillary CLinton is denied the nomination, I will vote for McCain, not because I want to “exacerbate the contradictions” of the system. I truly believe he would be a better president than Obama. Not nearly as good as Clinton would be, but miles above Obama.

    Plus, unless I believed the President would show some independence from congress, as I think Clinton would, I want divided government. A rubber stamping Dem congress with Obama would be a disaster.

  190. No, no, Ludacris was there as a guest on the show for 2 episodes. I think he played Ice-T’s step-son or something. He played all kinds of hell with the SVU division in a court trial.

    I luv Ice T’s character on the show. They’ve spotlighted him in a few episodes, but it’s an ensemble show. Wish they’d do more of him.

    Ah…here ya go:


  191. WHo is soyousay?

  192. akira – good stuff from Red Eye…especially this stuff which might be good to plant here and there on Kos for giggles though horrifyingly some will blindly agree:

    * I’m really excited for when Barack becomes president, and we can get rid of those other two superfluous branches of government.
    * I don’t understand why we’re bothering to have an election.
    * To even cast a vote is to suggest doubt. (and invoke racism)
    * Voting, right now, is almost the least democratic thing you could do.
    * I’m insulted, on behalf of Barack of Obama, that we’re holding an election.

  193. Mawm – I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it’s a troll.

  194. WHo is soyousay?

    T R O L L

  195. Mawm: I think I’m Ryan 🙂 Anyway, and I said this yesterday in response to someone else, if you think McCain would be a better president than Obama, then by all means vote for him! That’s what elections are for.

  196. Sorry Rich, I meant you.

  197. madamab, there is so much inaccurate information in its post, I knew they didn;t know much about PUMA.

  198. Alan: A loss I could possibly live with, but Hillary was mugged, ambushed, and is being subjected to an attempted political assassination. Damned right I’m pissed. The party I have called home for 50 years has been hijacked by arrogant un-democratic loonies who have told me that my time has passed and that I’m not needed anymore, and I’m supposed to just lay back and enjoy the assault?

  199. Re: Obama only having a small lead in polls in spite of massive media-whoring and promos.

    – The silent majority (who have learned to be especially silent after being accused of racism for daring to question the messiah) only express their choice on election night.

    – Getting masses of fans in Germany will guarantee masses of anti-Obama votes in the USA.

    – Obama “peaked” too early. He’ll be back to Earth by November, and since he’s only an empty suit, the landing could be very hard.

    – “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

    – Obama Girl didn’t vote in the primaries — too busy partying.

    – Ben Affleck campaigned for Kerry, but never voted. He didn’t even register.

    – Older people vote more, and the main attacks on McCain are all to do with his age. Not a good way of getting older voters to vote for that inexperienced fool Obama.

    – The people know that the media are kissing Obama’s ass from morning to night.

    – Even if Obama wins, he’ll only destroy Dem credibility. Look forward to Srpska Republic declaring independence, Serb-populated Kosovo splitting and Serb troops taking back their territory, Iran announcing their nuclear weapons program and daring anyone to do something about it — and all that on the first day of Obama’s presidency. Ha. It’ll be a riot. What’s the great peacemaker gonna do?

  200. Mawm – I think you’re right.

    Rob G – Very well put!

  201. Rich in PA

    It’s all part of BO’s inevitability argument. He owns the Party, he decides if HRC is in Nomination. He decides which downticket dems are financed/helped by co-appearances. Madamab’s first link to the presumptuous shows him to be blocking traffic in his limo, to be paying visits on the Pakistan Ambassador, to be wowing Dem caucuses. That is a very revealing article.
    Why is he doing that? Because he’s delusional?

    No, the right attitude now would be piety and being seen to be doing good. This after the German hospital farce, and also the news of that poor Barack Obama school in Kenya which he promised to fund while on a visit there last year, and promptly forgot about.

    Why then is he pushing his weight about?
    Even tho he’s risking deepening the presumptuous meme?

    The answer is that right up to the Congress he has to keep up reinforcing the idea that his Presidency is inevitable, a foregone conclusion,or even “God’s work”

    Which is why you’re writing what you do to reinforce that ILLUSION of Axelrod’s

    Clinton in ‘08 is, right now, about as likely as Worldwide Proletarian Revolution.”/

  202. It’s hilarious to me that, so far – six , yes that ‘s right , 6 dems have declined to be Obama’s veep … isn’t that a record or something .. ?

    It is really a tell – ” do not wreck your career ” .. knowingly …lol

  203. Is Obama a Bald Eagle? Now the Bald Eagle is the symbol of the USA (referring to the USA as America is not accurate imo, since America is comprised of South America, Central America and North America), and was choosen over the Turkey (Benjamin Franklin’s idea, if I recall correctly). So all Obama is, is a candidate for President and a US Senator. Anything other than that is extremely presumptuous, and an outright lie. Maybe Obama should stop believing his own hype.

  204. I don’t think a lot of us realize this, because we are Dems and we were not paying attention to Repub internal politics in 2000, but I believe the Dems are experiencing what happened to the Repubs then.

    Rob in Chicago’s comment is what I am alluding to. In 2000 the zealot Bush supporters over ran all the moderate Republicans, and silenced them with intimidation. THe Obamans are trying to do the same thing to us.

    The big difference between 2000 and now is that the moderate Republicans didn’t fight back.

    We are!

  205. FLVoter –

    Maybe Obama should stop believing his own hype.

    The chances of that are about as likely as Worldwide Proletarian Revolution.


  206. not congress meant Convention

  207. ‘It has become increasingly clear in my travel, the campaign, that the crowds, the enthusiasm, 200,000 people in Berlin, is not about me at all. It’s about America. I have just become a symbol…”

    No, all he’s ever been is a symbol.
    That’s the freakin’ problem.
    It’s called tokenism.

  208. I have no interest in electing a symbol, and that is one small part of what has always troubled me about Obama’s candidacy. I think the media is crazy about Obama for exactly that reason – they want him to be a symbol for the civil rights movement. During the primary, I think what hurt Hillary the MOST about the horrendous media coverage is the narrative of “You can’t take this away from a black man.” The implication was that anyone who tries to “take this away from a black man” is a bigot and a racist. Super delegates are by and large spineless politicians and it really takes a lot of courage to stand up to such a narrative and say that you will back the candidate who is best for the job. There is always this sense about Obama that he is more interested in being President in name than doing the job of President, which his quote about being a symbol exemplifies.

    I am not interested in electing a symbol, I am just not. I am a minority, I know what racism is, and I do not believe that electing someone who is a minority is going to solve the deep problems that we are facing, including racial discrimination, just like that.

  209. Actually all Obama has to do is admit that he has a problem. Isn’t that the first step towards recovery? I do realize that he has to get over his messiah complex that has morphed into a God delusion. Maybe, if he had bigger balls, it would be easier to admit?

  210. You are ridiculous because you are a typical white person and you dare not to follow what media tells you to. I mean, have they EVER stirred us wrong? meanwhile one of B0’s rapper boys has a new creation where he insults Hillary – by name

  211. josgirl – that’s exactly what it is, tokenism.

    He is going to give Affirmative Action a bad name. People see the less-qualified candidate being promoted over the more-qualified candidate. What are they going to think except that it’s because of his skin color?

    Obama is such a disaster on every front.

  212. Laurie: I don’t understand the emphasis on putting Clinton’s name into nomination. If she won’t win, what’s the point? I’m speaking as someone who thinks conventions are pointless and a waste of money (in this case, money the DNC doesn’t have, therefore the constant shilling).

  213. Mawm –

    In 2000 the zealot Bush supporters over ran all the moderate Republicans, and silenced them with intimidation. THe Obamans are trying to do the same thing to us.

    The big difference between 2000 and now is that the moderate Republicans didn’t fight back.

    We are!

    Preach it brother Mawm!

  214. Rich,

    My feeling is that she earned it. She deserves recognition.

  215. Re: “6 dems have declined to be Obama’s veep … isn’t that a record or something .. ?”

    Have you noticed his prominent supporters aren’t that enthusiastic?

    Like there was a big deal about “Jews For Obama” months ago

    Their site has endorsements from famous Jews like … uh …

    Bruce Springsteen [“Over here on E Street, we’re proud to support Obama for President.”],
    Hulk Hogan,
    Bill Clinton,
    Robert DeNiro,
    Colin Powell [“praise, not full endorsement”],
    Joan Baez (yes, she’s alive),
    Al Gore, and
    Tom Hanks.



  216. akira – Well, to be fair, Barbra Streisand is Jewish…:-)

  217. FL: She earned it, certainly, but why would she want it? (Assuming, as I do, that she wouldn’t win.) Especially if she makes a keynote speech, which to my mind is more worthwhile recognition. But in the end the only person whose preference should matter in this case is Clinton, as the would-be name in nomination. Is this something she even wants?

  218. Yup!

    I got THE lyrics.

    I’m back on it like I just signed my record deal
    yeah the best is here, the Bentley Coup paint is dripping wet, it got sex appeal
    never should have hated
    you never should’ve doubted him
    with a slot in the president’s iPod Obama shattered ’em
    Said I handled his biz and I’m one of his favorite rappers
    Well give Luda a special pardon if I’m ever in the slammer
    Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president
    Hillary hated on you, so that bitch is irrelevant
    Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what?
    if you said it then you meant it how you want it have a gut!
    and all you other politicians trying to hate on my man,
    watch us win a majority vote in every state on my man
    you can’t stop what’s bout to happen, we bout to make history
    the first black president is destined and it’s meant to be
    the threats ain’t fazing us, the nooses or the jokes
    so get off your ass, black people, it’s time to get out and vote!
    paint the White House black and I’m sure that’s got ’em terrified
    McCain don’t belong in ANY chair unless he’s paralyzed

    Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped
    Ball up all of his speeches and I throw em like candy wrap
    cause what you talking I hear nothing even relevant
    and you the worst of all 43 presidents
    get out and vote or the end will be near
    the world is ready for change because Obama is here!
    cause Obama is here
    The world is ready for change because Obama is here!

    I’m working on Obama’s next press release and I need some ideas.

    “This is clearly not the Ludacris I knew until this month, er, 3 days ago, er I mean, when did that record come out?”

    Another try:

    “I’ll give a historic speech about rappers in the coming days where all of these issues shall be addressed.”

    I’m not there yet but I need some help.

  219. Rich: Because to deny her the right to enter her name would be validating how differently she’s been treated compared to other (male) democratic candidates in the past. Even Howard Dean with his measly 300 some-odd delegates was allowed to enter his name for the nomination. In fact, he wasn’t even required to endorse the winner until then. Hillary has been hounded by a double-standard from the start. This is the last chance to rectify that.

  220. Akira, I had no idea Bill Clinton was Jewish.

    Wow, he was the first Black Jewish President.

  221. Rich – Why wouldn’t Hillary win? She’s beating McCain by 8 points even after withdrawing from the race.

    I don’t quite understand your attitude.

  222. Rich, I don’t agree that it is totally up to her to pur her name in nomination.

    She campaigned all primary. In my opinion, she owes it to the her voters not to short circuit the Democratic process.

  223. Regency: All of what you’ve said is correct *if* she wants her name in nomination, so that’s the big question for me. Do we even know the answer? Previous candidates have wanted their name in nomination because they were out of the running months earlier, and they enjoyed the thrill of hearing their name on the convention floor…it soothed their irrelevance. Clinton, precisely because she was so strong and is so far from irrelevant, wouldn’t get any thrill out of it in my opinion. She’d just be bummed all over again, that she lost by a hair. I just think she’s too significant to need this kind of charade.

  224. MABlue – I cannot wait for the forthcoming BO historic speech on rappers to be thrown under the bus.

  225. This isn’t about ego, Rich. It feels like you’re the one missing something here. It’s about “unity.” She knows and her supporters, former and otherwise, know that if the convention is not open, if it is not FAIR, the outcome will be illegitimate. Hands down.

    Hillary hasn’t come out either way because she doesn’t have to. She’s paying off her debt, doing her good works in the Senate, and watching the party’s presumptive nominee shoot himself in the foot.

    This isn’t about EGO. This is about fair.

  226. Mawm: I can understand that point, but in the end it’s not a direct-democracy system and the candidate is a much easier person to ask than the voters-in-general, about whether their name should be placed in nomination. After all, what would the threshold be if we ask Clinton voters? 1%? 15%? 50% plus one?

    As for short-circuiting the process, the PUMA argument is that the process itself was unfair, so it seems very formalistic to say now that the process should be run to the very end, especially since that end is the most formalistic, known-in-advance part.

  227. Rich – Some of us don’t think it’s a charade. And if she knew there were a chance for the SD’s to switch their votes, I have no doubt she’d want her name in nomination.

  228. Rich, she represents 18 million voices that need to be heard.

  229. Okay Rich, you are chattering a lot and hijacking the thread. I’m not sure you’re paying attention to anything we have to say, so please contribute something positive or you’re going into spam.


  230. FL voter, he isn’t a bald eagle, he’s a bad egg.

  231. Akira, I seriously enjoyed your first post up there. That list of gushings is so astutely anti-Democratic, it’s scary.

  232. The PUMA movement is playing with the rules that exist, not the ones we wish we had. If we try changing them now, we’ll hear the screeching of nails on chalkboard across the nation. We’re playing this out to the end, because there is still a chance that the outcome can be altered within the existing guidelines. The guidelines suck; nothing about them that doesnt, but they’re what’s here.

    Saying we’ll change them next go-round doesn’t save us from 4 years of being screwed by inexperience or wrong-headed politics.

  233. Magdalena, I kinda thought that Ben Franklin’s Turkey was a better symbol of Obama.

  234. with so many likely voters undecided, sooner or later some of the credible pollsters are going to start looking at the numbers on a three way race. I predict that the 33% undecideds could present a serious electoral count for both of the “presumptive” nominees.

  235. Regency- Well, I have been known to miss the point, so it wouldn’t surprise me. My bottom line is that I don’t value unity at all, and I don’t value the party either. I only value the best policy outcomes, because that’s what government is about and the purpose of politics is to control the government. Working backwards from that, I don’t see much importance in the question of whether Clinton gets her name put into nomination, because she wouldn’t be the nominee and therefore wouldn’t be president…with the power and outcomes and all that stuff.

    Many months ago my concern was that Obamismo was composed of people who were too much into politics as a way of feeling good about themselves and their personal nobility, and too little into power and outcomes. (Let the record show that Obama, at least, wasn’t like that at all: he’s totally obsessed with power, as has been duly noted here.) But it seems to me that PUMAs are running away from the outcomes notion of politics and towards the politics-as-feeling-noble conception, the idea that “not giving in” is a good that trumps everything else.

  236. I just wanted to post a link to Obama’s total lack of financial help to the Kenyan school he visited and that was named after him (from the London Standard)


  237. I don’t know what Hillary wants right now, but her agreement to speak about the Nineteenth Amendment on Day Two continues to upset me. My hope is that her speech will go something like this:

    “I’m proud to stand here as a woman who can vote as the result of a once long-overdue amendment. Now, in the spirit of this subject, let me turn to some other long overdue matters . . .”

    From there on out she lays into everything from sexism against women to whitewashing on healthcare to lipservice to people’s actual economic needs to playing spin the bottle with the war.

    Possibly ending with something vague but deliberate.

    “It’s time for America to come to its senses.”


  238. The bottom line for me is that Clinton won the popular vote and is being denied the nomination because Obama bought off the SDs. It is a travesty of Democracy, and not putting her name into nomination is an anti-democratic move. The irony of them calling themselves “Democrats” is worthy of Swift.

  239. Madamab- I’ve spoken my peace, no worries.

  240. FLVoter, yeah, turkey, but maybe the more modern kind, with the artificially fattened chest?

  241. artemis, Remember Rass polled Hillary against McCain and she beat him by 8%.

    Rich, once more with feeling. This isn’t about nobility. We have been told repeatedly that there are delegates (super and otherwise) who would vote for Hillary if her name was placed in nomination. We’re giving every delegate the final opportunity to change their mind. That’s what this is. This isn’t about nobility.

    And no, this isn’t about unity either. But if Hillary even pretends to care about Unity she needs to sit back and hush until someone gives her a piece of paper to sign. This is all about outcomes. With her, the outcome is better. Without her, we have two bad choices; just a matter of which is less bad.

  242. Rich, your understanding of PUMA is perfunctory. The outcome is of utmost importance to us. Most here think Obama would be terrible, but feel Clinton would be a champion.

  243. Magdalena, I really wouldn’t worry about it. It’s nearly a month away. No sense in making yourself crazy here.

  244. soyousay, you are fooling anyone here. You are being completely disingenuous.

    Your use of we is not appreciated. Go back to your barack obama blog please.

  245. Magdalena, I whole heartedly agree!!!! But I would also add artificially fattened head.

  246. regency- (Sorry Madamab, may I speak one last time?) If there are delegates beyond the ones already pledged to Clinton, who are looking for the chance to vote for her, than I would certainly support having her name placed into nomination. that would bear on whether Clinton wants her name in nomination–if anyone would know about these stealth supporters, it would be her, and it’s up to her to make a stink about getting her name placed into nomination. If she says the word, I’m with her.

    And I also agree with your last line, about the least-bad choice out of the ones available. So we’re talking about which choices are actually available.

  247. soyousay, you are a liar and poseur.

  248. soyousay, chill out.

    This isn’t a self-help group. People come, if they like what they see, they stay. If it’s not up to your standards, start your own blog.


  249. And I don’t care how artificially juicy he tries to make himself look, or how much empty liquid they (DNC, MSM, etc.) pump into him, I’m not swallowing one bit of it.

  250. Rich in PA, I understand and respect your view, and I think it is a view that I held before watching this primary.

    The most important thing to me was a candidate’s health care platform, whoever could get us closest to health care for all, was the candidate I would support. During the primary, that was obviously Hillary. After health care, I would weigh and consider the various other progressive issues that I care about. But this primary season really jarred me in an unexpected way…

    The sexism and vitriol that was thrown at Senator Clinton, and by extension at all women, on a daily basis was heartbreaking. I don’t know of another way to put it. It was heartbreaking. And to watch this unfold while screaming at the tv, firing off email after email to the major networks, calling the DNC and begging them to say something, anything, to take a stand against the sexism was an enraging experience.

    But nobody stood up against the sexism, no one did anything. Howard Dean went on Fox news and told them they were race baiting about the Rev. Wright issue (a statement I disagree with, it is about judgment), but when it came to the sexism…? Nothing. Silence. Not a word. Not a damn word.

    The Democratic Party stood silent to the trashing of the first serious woman to run for President, and by extension the trashing of all women (and I am not even getting into the various sexist comments and strategies put forth by the Obama campaign). Even if I believed Obama would implement progressive policies (and I don’t believe that, not for a second) voting for Obama is a vote to ratify the DNC’s silence and abuse of women. And while I agree that policies matter, what good are policies if you do not have basic respect? What the hell does Roe v. Wade matter if women do not have basic dignity, equality, and respect? It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters without that.

  251. I placed soyousay in spam. We are a bit infested today.

    Rich – I think I know where you’re coming from, but obviously the PUMA movement doesn’t accept the coronation as a foregone conclusion. Clearly you do. That’s okay, but don’t expect a lot of us to agree with you on that one.

  252. soyousay sounds a lot like karenkaren….

  253. or maybe its the return of “woman with a brain stem” lol…..

  254. To me the PUMAs are not about Hillary Clinton. It is about the fight for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. To me placing her name in nomination regardless of the outcome is saying to the world that I will fight for my voice to heard. I will fight for equality and justice. It is a message to the DNC, Obama and Camp O that the ends never justify the means. Democracy must still be a fundamental value in the Democratic Party. Women cannot be taken for granted and our issues need to remain a cornerstone of the Democratic Party. Of course, everybody has their own reason for PUMA, but that is mine.

  255. What JJ said. A thousand times.

  256. JJ, I agree with everything, save for the respect aspect. It isn’t singularly about that, but Obam has shown little steadfast devotion to liberal policies. At every opportunity, he’s shifted farther and farther from his previous liberal stances and more towards an either centrist or somewhat conversative position. That’s a problem. He agrees with Alito, Scalia, and Roberts on any number of issues. That’s a problem. He agrees with McCain and/or Bush on anything. That’s a problem.

    I believe in the Democratic Party Platform, but it isn’t supported by the “nominee” they’ve selected. That’s a problem.

  257. Madamab, I agree with your take on the role sexism played and continues to play.
    I just think tokenism is the engine that drives this bus we’re all stuck under.
    All the other “-isms” are just tools to tweak the engine.
    The Democrats, like all politicians, want power, as much as possible.
    With Clinton, their power would be diminished.
    With a malleable neophyte Obama, their power is asbsolute.
    They can grab it and wield it under the guise of being “progressive” since what better illustrates the progress and promise of America than a president with a black face?
    However, no candidate with a black agenda or allegience would do, he or she would not be malleable enough to afford those who seek power to attain it.
    Thus, Obama is perfect.
    He deliberately appeals to white voters by distancing himself from the very black voters who provide him cover for this coup.
    The sheer power of the imagery is sufficient to secure the support of those black voters without sacrificing the power of the party.
    In fact, it strengthens it.
    This is tokenism raised to a fine art.
    And if the rights of women, minorities and former power brokers have to be trampled underfoot, so be it.
    To be truthful, that’s all the better.

  258. FLVoter – That is what it’s about for me as well. Thank you for expressing that. 🙂

    If we go along with this hijacking of the Democratic Party, we will have nothing but two corrupt, corporate Parties that represent the rich. We are trying to prevent that from happening, because what progressive policies would ever be enacted by two such parties?

    Can’t get more outcome-based than that.

  259. Wow, josgirl. Splendid.

    madamab, you’ve really sparked all of us under the bus today.

    Explosions are taking place.


  260. FLVoter – you are exactly right. This fight is about the democratic party.
    Obama is not a democrat. If he brings religion into the platform and chooses an anti-abortion vp, the party as we know it is over. We don’t know where he’s going on trade, business, social security. I am not simply someone who thinks Hillary got the shaft from her own party; I think party leaders have been hoodwinked.

  261. Thanks madamab- If I didn’t think you (collectively) were admirable, and if I didn’t share your preference for Clinton over Obama, I wouldn’t bother. It’s not like I am on Redstate, for instance. Speaking of Republicans, in the end this may well be more about them than about anything on the Democratic side. My kool-aid ingestion is completely a function of my view of Republicans vs. even the most obnoxious Democrat…say, a smug Zelig who did some kind of not-really-a-job called “community organizing.” You think I’m happy to go with Zelig? Not hardly.

    OK, now I’m really done! As you were 🙂

  262. artemis Said:
    with so many likely voters undecided, sooner or later some of the credible pollsters are going to start looking at the numbers on a three way race. I predict that the 33% undecideds could present a serious electoral count for both of the “presumptive” nominees.

    wouldn’t it be funny (ironic, not ha ha) if this turned out to be the year that Ralph Nader won.

  263. Soyousay,

    I can ask you that same question because Obama doesn’t share Hillary Clinton’s positions either. Let’s see: Universal Health Care – He’s against it, the 4th Amendment – doesn’t uphold it, Abortion – want’s to severly limit it, Iraq troop withdrawl – Changed his mind about that pesky withdrawl timetable, NAFTA – no problem with it now, Gas/Energy – onboard with Bush on that one (not even McCain voted for it) and these are just the first few that immediately come to mind. So really, this election if Obama is the nominee the USA Voters can choose either a Republican or a Republican as President.

  264. Magdalena, you know, you may be onto something. There are so many of us under the bus now, I think we could all throw it off, if we gave a great big heave-ho all at the same time. 🙂

  265. Hot Air is turning into one of my fave places to read comments; even when they’re wrong. About the whole Ludacris business.

    Here’s one:

    This isn’t going to win over ANy Hillary democrats! LMAO

    Party Unity? LMAO

    Looks like some ammo for the PUMA people..

  266. I don’t think BO had ANY real stances save the ones that could get him elected; this is why he can so easily go from one side to the other. Madamab–Holy Cow!! Thanks for the feminist rant. If there is truly a silver lining for every gray cloud, putting feminism back on the table where it belongs is going to be that silver lining coming out of this trainwreck. The difference now is that so many men are on board, Thank Goddess. I am heartened by how many men post here and other sites and are incensed with how HRC was treated by her own party. Thanks for speaking up–gives me more verbal ammo.

  267. What JJ said and FLvoter, I feel that too.

    I think that people like soyousay and richinpa should really get out their history books. Or even google wikipedia about past Democratic Conventions.

    It makes no sense twisting history to make out that Hillary’s name on the Ballot would be unnatural or indeed impossible.

    A Dem Convention is not an info-mercial, or infor-tainment. It’s a place where chosen delegates go to VOTE.

  268. Mawm – I deleted your comments as per your request. 🙂

    Soyousay is officially a troll.

  269. Mawm, that’s exactly what I’m hoping for!

    I wonder if the 33% of “uncommitteds” statistically include people like us.

    If not, even better.

    Sign me up for the right front tire. I run marathons, rock climb, mountain bike, whitewater raft, and do power yoga. My core is strong. I’m ready to heave.


  270. I noes! KarenKaren is back

  271. Everyone here is not voting for Obama, Karen. I can guarantee you that.

  272. Thanks Irlandese! 🙂 Every once in a while I get my feminist on. I was so clueless that I thought sexism was dying out.

    This primary has certainly taught me differently.

  273. Karen in Philly, you can push for HRC and not vote for Obama.
    They’re not mutually exclusive, you know?
    In fact, they go hand in hand.

  274. madamab, on July 30th, 2008 at 4:38 pm Said:

    I placed soyousay in spam. We are a bit infested today.

    Hmm…apparently sys slipped through again.


  276. (Sniff sniff)

    Smells like troll flop sweat in here. Karen’s going bye-bye.

  277. If anyone here disagrees with the stated mission fo the blog, LEAVE.

    Again, simple.

  278. “lack of courage”?

    Whatever troll.

    What is it with trolls today? They have to pretend to be with us. I guess it is an attempt at divide and conquer.

  279. madamab: Is it a multi-nic troll talking to itself? 😉

  280. Mawm, I think if it’s that you don’t have a leg to stand on, you have to try to knock other folks’ out from underneath them.

  281. I’ve learned that when you are in a group of people that disagree with you, online you have roughly two sentences to make your case before we move past you. Paragraphs of text convince nobody because they don’t read it.

    Be concise, be convincing. But preferably be quiet.

  282. KarenKaren, you’ve been here trolling before. I recognize your IP address. Don;t start fibbing to us.

  283. madamab–it WAS dying out. It will ALWAYS be about gender equality for me. Everything else will fall into place on our planet when gender polarity becomes balanced. This is the shot in the backside that everybody needed to get back on track. “The most brilliant of diamonds are created only by tremendous heat, crushing pressure, and the sharpest of cuttings”.

  284. Yes, dear, anyone who uses insults to show opposition is a troll. There are other attributes too; you’ve got them all.

  285. Thanks, Irlandese. Right on.

  286. Irlandese – You’re right again! Gender equality is the ultimate goal.

  287. We ALL are crazy. Not just me?

  288. LOL – I guess these trolls want knuckle dragging anti woman democrats in office.

  289. All the money that I would have sent to the DNC in years ahead I will now send to The White House Project, Irlandese, which as you probably know is a non-partisan organization to get a qualified woman into the WH. We need to address sexism at the top and all the way to the bottom where the nutcracker-makers live.


  290. Re: the trolls
    We got something they want but they are never going to get it.

  291. SophieL – Yes, they want us to vote for Obama. They haven’t figured out how to “make” that happen yet.


  292. I am so surprised that intimidation, invalidation, and insults haven’t gotten us to change our minds yet

  293. I had not heard of The White House Project–thanks for mentioning it. I will check it out today. Of course, I have my own White House Project going on–I’m still trying to talk my 15-year-old daughter into becoming the first POTUS in the family. I’m not sure she’s on board, but I’m still working on it.

  294. As a democrat, my stated goal is to make sure Obama isn’t elected.

  295. Actually madamab, we have more than votes, we have minds and free will and it’s just killing them.

  296. I’d hoped to move on, but there’s another development on the “presumptuous” front, from Atrios this time. He’s made Digby look like a bastion of class and intellectual honesty. You can see the screenshot of the post <a href=”http://polculture.blogspot.com/2008/07/politics-wednesday-atrios-in-gutter.html”here. You won’t want to ever give his site traffic again.

  297. Why is it necessary for Hillary to speak before the convention:

    She won the goddamn popular vote! Her supporters were 18 million strong. People phone banked, raised money, did mailers, went way out of their way to attend rallies, pledged their support, viewed her villification and came to appreciate her remarkable stamina, she gave us a reason to feel proud, she did her homework, she labored on against all odds, she fought the system and won over legions of undecideds.

    She became our voice, our heart, our hopes, our conscience. Her experience and background were unquestionable. She has earned every right to be seen and heard regardless of those morons who have done everything in their power to crush her. Her name should be entered into that convention as she is only separated from the liar candidate by less than 170 votes.

    That is democracy and what is demanded. Anything less is a rollover sham and should not be tolerated.

  298. SophieL – Yes, it’s amazing! 😉

    I guess I skipped the part in the Constitution where it states that political parties own their members.

    Oh, wait….

  299. soyousay, on July 30th, 2008 at 5:16 pm Said:

    Deleting comments you can’t argue.

    Is there someone here talking to themselves? LOL!!

  300. I am steamed enough at the moment to be shoveling raisins into my face!!!!!!!!!!

  301. Let’s try that again.

    Link here.

  302. Pol C – That’s the tack the “progressive” blogs are taking now. It’s truly disgusting.

    I used to be a regular on that site. Not for months have I done more than stop in there briefly.

    It’s just horrible.

  303. soyousay, you are being moderated because you provided a false email in your login, a sure sign of a troll. any further comments will be deleted.

  304. soyousay: Listen up. Hillary is a free agent. She can say and do what she pleases. Example: She could get down on bended knee and beg me to vote for Obama and my answer to her is still NO. If she elects to take her name out of the running so be it. But to force her to, or to subject her to a time during the “coronation” like say opposite the Late Night Show, will be treated for the failure that this party is.

    I hope this answers your question. Hillary may do as SHE chooses, not what is CHOSEN for her.

  305. Irlandese, that is also part of the White House Project: encouraging girls and young women to believe they have what it takes to become political leaders, and then helping them reach what they aspire to, through workshops, training, networking, etc.

    The other thing the Project does is ask all of us, as women, to consider running for office, and no longer be content to let someone else do the job for us.

    I’m still working on that one, I have to admit.

    It asks all of us, men and women, to encourage women we admire, who may have never considered running for office, to run.

    Brilliant PUMA women here: I encourage you/us to think about it. To dare.


  306. soyousay, you are being moderated because you provided a false email in your login, a sure sign of a troll. any further comments will be deleted.

    Thank you!!!

  307. A little off topic, but did everybody see MoveOn’s “hope” ad?
    The “sorry Mom” line does go straight to the topic, though.

  308. Pat J: As long as they aren’t prunes! Eddy says take a deep breath. He’ll be over in a bit.

  309. soyousay actually believes that its arguments are too difficult for us to deal with?

    LOL! Talk about presumptuous!

  310. Oh madamab, you’re so funny! Didn’t you know that that part is found in the Obama Amendment which replaced the now extinct 4th Amendment in the Bill of Rights?

  311. regency: < One who truly understands!!

  312. In response to an earlier comment: Mawm, I am delighted to be under the bus with you and the others. Cannot think of a better place or better people to be with!

  313. Pat J: He’s been missing you, girl. He’s riding his Moto over. Give him a bit of time.

    Sadly my man’s either in Africa or on the way back, so he can’t comfort me. I miss him so!

  314. PolC, that is really ugly. Why do so-called progressives get a pass on that type of language and imagery?

    Can you imagine if a REpublican wrote that post title?

  315. FLVoter – How could you say such a thing? Obama has total respect for the Constitution. One person, one vote and all that.

    Oh, wait…

  316. regency:: Don’t be surprised if he stays there until after November 5th. Bill is not going to go out of his way to see to this faker’s nomination under any circumstances.

  317. Ignore it

  318. Now I know why Obama begins every answer with ahh ahh eee eee uuh uuh ahh ahh. He is speaking in monket first, then english.

    “Obama Devotee of Hanuman?”
    Carries idol of monkey god as luck charm.


  319. I think we may have this guy all wrong.

    His supporters insist there will be a different Obama emerging after the election. (For me, it would be the unemployment line.)
    So we just need to chill out and give him time to win over all those others, like the Religious Right, the unions, the Latinos, the hillbillies, the Repub lites, the undecided, etc., then we will see the New Obama we have all come to ……… well, you know.

  320. Mawm, want some of my raisins?

  321. Pat: After the way, Luda done bad mouthed his wife, they should be lucky he doesn’t lose go straight trailer-trash on their asses.

  322. Pat, you may be right. Once he panders to the right wing, he will inevitably have to throw them under the bus for consistency’s sake. Maybe that will mean he starts pandering to the left again. OR maybe he will strike out into a totally new political direction, oh say…down for instance.

  323. Obama’s fave rapper Lucacris’ new song is ure to win friends and influence voters for Obama!



    Can there be a post indicating where donations should go to PUMA and to the Denver Group and such? I’m not sure where I should direct my donations.

    Will see Hillary at a “retire her debt” event in Silicon Valley tomorrow afternoon and will be maxed out for her afterwards (I’m not even getting a t-shirt, but do hope to get close enough to overhear what she is saying about anything! I wouldn’t walk across the street to see Bama, even with beer and a rock concert.

  324. Another piece of the Bush legacy: If I turn the tv on it is to watch reruns of old sitcoms or D list movies just to avoid the Obamamarathon and Excuse Alley on his behalf. It is nauseating. My brain is turning into liquid.

    Leave it to Beaver was 50 freaken’ years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. Hee hee PJ – My husband loves Leave it to Beaver and Andy Griffith.

    I tease him relentlessly about this. 🙂

  326. News that may interest but won’t surprise you:

    July 30, 2008): More good news – McCain’s lead in Mississippi builds – (Rasmussen)


    McCain – 52%
    Obama – 41%

    McCain – 54%
    Obama – 42%

    He is now viewed favorably by 64% of voters here, up from 58% in June. Obama has held roughly steady from last month, with 47% viewing him favorably and 51% unfavorably.

    Seventy percent (70%) of Mississippi voters say lowering the price of gas and oil is more important than protecting the environment, but 20% disagree.

    58% of Mississipi voters beleive most reporters are trying to help Barack Obama win the election.

    Comparison Figures
    07/30 – 07/30 (McCain +12.0)
    McCain – 54%
    Obama – 42%

    06/24 – 06/24 (McCain +6.0)
    McCain – 50%
    Obama – 44%

  327. Magdalena–I did a quickie ‘drive-by’ at TWHP site and my favorite already is the “daughter” question. I’ve been using that one for YEARS, and only the dimmest of dolts can dodge that one. Thanks for telling me about it. If I weren’t so ridiculously outspoken and opinionated, I’d run for office myself. I, however, refuse to be apologetic for all the ‘skeletons’ in my closet and would embarrass my daughter even more than I do now. Maybe in a coupla years when she goes to college…

  328. soyuosay: Let’s change the subject shall we. Seen any good movies lately?

  329. Geez, if only I knew how to ban someone completely in this program…

  330. Thank you you just made my day you expressed exactly how I feel

  331. well McCain shouldn’t be worrying about Mississippi at all so I’m not sure what good news that is other than it’s showing that his base is coming together. I saw a young Obama volunteer with a broken down car on the University of Akron campus today. He had New Jersey plates and Obama placards all over his car. I thought it was symbolic.

  332. Has any presidential campaign had to spend so much time having to disavow their candidates supporters and friends or is it just my befuddled old bitter hag mind playing tricks on me?

  333. not only supporters and friends, but pundits, aids, and advisors too?

  334. PJ –

    Singiser, who worked for Clinton’s campaign and Senate office before that, told me Tuesday by phone, “We’re working really hard for all women voters and leaving no stone unturned.”

    Oh! So telling us to STFU and vote for him is “working really hard for all women voters?”

    OMG, I’m gonna puke with this guy.



  335. OMG…the first thing on a normal woman’s mind when going into the voting booth will be how do I pay for gas and put food on the table and maybe have some money left over to take the kids to Six Flags. His supporters are so out of touch.

  336. Ben: That wasn’t about McCain, just Obama. He’s not turning red states blue like he promised. In fact, states are getting redder by the day. Red does not equal electable.

  337. They have a really long road to hoe before November. Can’t think of what they could possibly do or say to change many of our minds. That ship sailed in February. Some will undoubtedly step aboard but unless McCain is shown peeing n public next to a school, I don’t see many women getting charged up to “lay back and think of England”.

  338. There is this hateful little bone in my body that shows itself once in awhile and it gives me pleasure when I see payback.

    Have been keeping a half hearted watch on the TM site just for laughs. She is averaging about 3-4 postings a day and the average comments garner between 80 to 190 each time. Remember the good old days when they reached over 350 to 400 within an hour? Oh well!

  339. PJ – LOL! Lay back and think of England, indeed!

  340. Okay, i’m going to plug this which means I’m plugging my blog:


    Hillary is the primary sponsor of the Paycheck Fairness Act which strengthens JFK’s Equal Pay Act. There are a bunch of senators sponsoring this important act that will mean women get paid what they deserve for the work they do and the qualifications that have earned. It’s an important bread and butter issue for women AND it definitely should be part of any candidate’s outreach to women voters. Guess who isn’t a sponsor of this bill?

  341. Close your eyes and think of England.

  342. Pat J: Shadenfraude is not a crime. I experience it everyday.

  343. if he was really interested in women’s lives and the economy, why isn’t he working for this important piece of legislation?

    isn’t this the type of thing women care about?

  344. dakinkat: Let’s face it. He could not care less. This is all about not him, not us. We are just the stagehands and extras in this teleplay.

  345. Obama’s just finally deciding to care about women because he can’t get past the 50% threshold at a time when a democratic candidate for president should be blowing away ANY republican. I’ve never seen any one so obviously and clearly opportunistic.

  346. The Rasmussen tracking poll had it today at 45% to %43% Obama. A previous Gallup poll of “likely voters” has it McCain 49% to 45% Obama. I keep harping on these poll numbers because they will be the thing that moves the super delegates if they can be moved. All of Obama poll numbers contain a distortion factor. Even though it should not be a factor, it is! The AA vote is solid Obama,, but the remaining 12% is either third party or undecided and that is almost all white. As this vote breaks, it will follow the percentages, without the large AA percentage. I really don’t want McCain to win, but to turn the SD’s it has to appear that way.

  347. EXACTLY Pat: we’re the handmaidens!

  348. From Pat J’s recent link:

    A lovely lunch of organic chicken prepared by a renowned chef, Alice Waters…

    NO!!! Say it ain’t so! They got to Alice…

  349. He might have to pay his own staff a bit more…

  350. I’m just loving me this entire thread Madamab– i hate to be trivialized …

  351. roflmao jjm … that’s right , he would!

  352. Oh, I didn’t say – but madamab, this post is great.

  353. Pat – My schadenfreude is directed towards TalkLeft. Their traffic has declined spectacularly. (evil chuckle)

  354. Jessie is so correct. In this year’s election, after almost 8 yrs of Bush, you would expect the Dem nominee to be at least 20 points ahead! Both Kerry and Dukakis held that lead at this same time during their run. The DNC expected the surge to go this way and that is the reason they backed him so solidly in the first place.

    Apparently “hope” and “change”, along with Jon Stewart mildly skewering the Obama campaign nightly, the “we who we have been waiting for” bundle of sh*t is losing its luster. But a better candidate, say one with the initials HRC, would easily be commanding that lead at this minute. I know several Repub women who loved her but are now going back to the party simply because they cannot abide The One.

  355. FLgirl
    BO is Walking Eagle. so full of “himself ” that he can’t fly.

  356. I’m gonna lay back and stay home on November 4 and eat raisins with Pat while wearing pearls. While watching the Beaver. Cuz I know what my place is as a woman.

  357. dakinikat – It’s shameful that Obama is not sponsoring that bill.

    He doesn’t even get that sponsoring that bill and others like it (maybe even creating legislation of his own, gasp!) would make women feel a little better about him, maybe.

    He’s completely clueless.

  358. madamab: I kind of feel sorry for Jeralyn in a way. She was staunch for Hillary right up to the end. But BTD overwhelmed her to some extent. Now if you notice she more or less sticks to legal news and updates.

  359. Magdalena: I may just do some real housework that day since I have left a “few” things go since about February. If he is the nominee my interest would be about the size and weight of a raisin anyway.

  360. madamab …. that’s why i think he’s really not as smart as folks think he is … he had Bs in his prep school … I can’t even figure out how he got into ivy league schools except with some kind of ‘help’. I’ve not witnessed ONE thing about him that gives me any indication he’s intelligent. He’s really slow when it comes to answering questions. It’s like he can’t find words and he never quotes sources or figures. I can’t even figure out how he made it through Law School.

    I’m an Economics Professor. I’m pretty skilled at picking out brainiacs… and frankly, I haven’t seen one thing from him that makes me think he’s anything but of average intelligence.

  361. I really think The One thinks if he supports any women’s issues, it will be “giving in” to us, in his mind, and in his mind a sign of weakness.

    Gotta be Cock of the Walk.

  362. My exhusband of 20 years got perfect SAT scores. My last signficant other was a molecular biologist with a 172 iq and a phd from Yale. I’m no slouch myself, frankly. Obama is average and that’s all I can say.

  363. Also re equal pay: If The One, as many here contend, is really just a corporate lapdog, no way he’s going to support anything that requires employers to be fair. To anyone.

    You hear that, lurking progressives?

  364. By the way, Madamab — there is nothing ridiculous about you — except your finely tuned sense of the ridiculous.

  365. Madamab: who’s traffic isn’t declining at this point? Without Hillary, people just can’t be bothered to care anymore.

  366. dakinikat: I think of him as someone intellectually lazy, kind of like Bush but without the absurdity in his speech pattern. Probably bright enough, but not curious of anything outside his own province.

    That is why I would love to see questions put to the candidates such as: what do you read? who are your favorite authors? what do you get from reading fiction, poetry, non fiction? In other words, what exactly is your reading comprehension?

    Another classic is questioning their understanding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I could care less what they spread over their morning bagel or which team is taking the pennant this year. It is a deeper insight into their way of thinking.

  367. LetFreedomRing;
    I have a nice 4-monkey statuette, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and do no evil. I wouldn’t let him have it as I need it to remind myself be be an honorable person, but I could send him a picture. Maybe that would help him in the humanity department.

  368. atypical: You may only be appealing to a core that does not exist.

  369. also, Obama said NOTHING about that rule Dubya’s HHS department is trying to institute that Hillary’s been fighting against and Patty Murray. How could NARAL endorse that fraud?

    His Il record is mostly that of hiding in bathrooms to avoid tough votes and voting present on women’s issues.

  370. regencyg — we’re down a little bit but, not much. I blame it on the week Riverdaughter was “gone.” We still have VERY big days.

  371. KB: I definitely know that. The Confluence is one of the best political blogs left on the blogosphere. The big numbers come here. I just meant in terms of all the politiblogs. With Hillary gone, it’s all a little bit absurd.

  372. Obama’s solution to the Iraq war:

    Move the soldiers to another country and let them fight there.

    Obama’s solution to health care:

    “Pray to me, your God, for good health.”

    Obama’s solution for the middle and working classes:

    Promise to cut taxes on the middle class and raise them on the wealthy; once elected, explain, “Well, you always are less popular after you are elected,” and renege.

    Obama’s solution to the national deficit:

    Maybe it bigger and more visible, so we can really admire it. Oh wait, that’s Obama’s deficit.

    Obama’s solution to the housing crisis:

    Kick-back loans with no interest worked well for him; recommends them to everyone.

    Obama’s solution for concerned, pro-choice women:
    Sweeties, you shouldn’t have let yourself get f—-d. By me.

    Obama’s solution to the ongoing quandary faced quantum- and string-theory-physicists seeking a Theory of Everything:

    It’s me.

  373. reg: We are tipping towards 2 mil! You were gone along with upstate, Janis, Kim, and one or two others.

  374. Pat J: I know! This blog has existed since what February? How is that for success?

  375. Pat Johnson, on July 30th, 2008 at 6:14 pm Said:


    I think you are unfair to Jeralyn on that one. It’s HER blog and BTD didn’t overwhelm her.

    From the get go, she was clear that she wanted a Dem in the WH and she doesn’t like to get into some battles like some of us.

  376. I think this blog’s numbers are impressive. Considering the infrastructure (that it’s hosted by blogger, the commenting is linear, and there are no user accounts), the numbers are stellar. The reason is that the articles are interesting, well-written, and thought out and the community is unparalleled. The comments here are more well-written than some articles at other blogs!
    I am happy to type my own <blockquote> (and so on) tags to be here rather than elsewhere where the software does it for you.

  377. Exactly! Many of the mainstream blogs have been in existence for at least 2 years. This blog, in its infancy, has exploded in just a few short months. Astounding!

  378. Just look at the length, the energy, the variety in this thread alone. It’s boss.

  379. Considering the infrastructure (that it’s hosted by blogger, the commenting is linear, and there are no user accounts),

    Hi Sophie,

    Actually it’s hosted by WordPress and it’s been exceedingly stable. On the linear comments, I like that part. I think it keeps us from being cliquish.

  380. Thanks, KB! I don’t mind being ridiculous, but not because I have scary female parts. 🙂

    Dakinikat – I don’t believe Obama is above average intelligence either. Hillary’s IQ is probably twice his.

    I thought I was the only one that felt that way! I tried to mention it to my professor friend and he basically laughed at me.

  381. Boy, do we have major trollies today!

    The fear is palpable.

  382. nah, madamab … look at him, he really is very limited, if you know bright people, they usually do lots of things, he can’t dance, sing, play an instrument, he has not art skills we’ve heard about, he doesn’t speak any languages other than english … really he’s very unexceptional. the only thing we hear about that he does besides hold down part time jobs is play some basketball… he has NO signs of being an overachiever really

  383. dakinikat – Obama is an overreacher, not an overachiever.


  384. Hey everyone – RD has a new post up! She’s going to be on No We Won’t tonight! Wooohoooo!

  385. katiebird: sorry, I did know that (wordpress, not blogger) But the point I was making was that it’s not it’s own domain and doiesnot have all of the fancy bells and whistles–forgive me, but I’m thinking Big Cheetoh here. AND YET, here we have this committed, prolific community that is smart, astute, funny, friendly,…I could go on, but you get my point. The big point is, the content and the community make this place and it’s the right mix.

  386. hello all fuzzybear is finally home!
    do not forget blogtalk radio
    love fuzzybeargville

  387. madamab – Wow! So many comments! Almost too many to read now that I’m home from work. So if I missed someone else saying this, may I offer…

    You may feel, “I am ridiculous”, but at least, thank Heavens,

    You’re not Ludacris!

    (Enjoy all your posts)

  388. Madamab, I’m soooo sorry I didn’t come on earlier – was busy with work issues – I LOVE THIS POST!!!

  389. From Rasmussen:

    “In the race for the White House, there are nearly twice as many uncommitted voters as there were four years ago in late July (see other recent demographic highlights). While much has been made of John McCain’s struggles with his party’s conservative base, 33% of the uncommitted voters are Democrats while only 19% are Republicans.”

    Hmmm, wonder who all those uncommitted Democrats are?

  390. Thank you madamab. I am ridiculous too.

    But not ridiculous enough to ever give money to the DNC again. Sure wish I had the $1000 back that I gave Dean and his cronies to build up the Dem Party.

  391. You took me for a ride in my personal Way Back machine with this rant! I remember when my then-employer hired a somewhat “special” male to join our all female work group. We tried everything to bring this special guy up to speed, without much success, and often ending up doing his work for him just to keep the place afloat.

    This particular employer often had parts our customers needed on back order. I remember well the day we “girls” found out that Mr. Incompetent was being paid 50% MORE than any of us.

    That’s the day the Pecker Kits went on back order.

  392. When I signed in to my account this blogpost was showing in the top posts list. Way to go! I hope all those “purchased superdelegates” are enjoying their ill-gotten gain.

  393. Oyoyoy!

    I don’t think this campaign has even started because the RW got quite some material to play with.

  394. Fantastic post. I feel exactly the same way. Not only politically but personally. There is something huge afoot, a revulsion at the way our culture has backslidden towards the most craven misogyny. I have personally experienced the disrespect for far too long so I understand completely what Hillary was subjected to.

  395. God Bless You.

  396. Gary – Don’t get me wrong, I love men – and parentofed, I’m no Dworkin. Sex is sex, not rape.

    How ironic – that you believe and support the lies and distortions and misogyny that the he-man-women-haters-club have propogated about Dworkin, and many feminists, even though you can write such a righteous post all about what the same sick mentality has done to Senator Clinton and her supporters.

  397. ugsome: the most disturbing part to me is that women are saying nothing. Even feminist websites won’t even address the sexism. Besides Puma people, when will women get a backbone?

  398. soyousay, on July 30th, 2008 at 3:42 pm Said:

    Are we really not concerned about the image of our groups?

    I can’t be part of a group that believes in the ‘noble lie’. That is Straussean neo con 101.

    We are better than that. Hillary would expect better from us.

    Didn’t you just have this exact conversation Ann on NoQuarter a few days ago?

  399. A couple of weeks ago at Obama’s Fundraiser, comedian Bernie Mac’s sexist punchline was the effect that all “mothers and sisters” are “Hos”. Obama, after a man in the audience objected, ‘admonished’ Bernie saying “Hey, Bernie, let’s not have divisions on cultures, race, religion, gender….this is a family audience..” Then, Barack’s next sentence proved him to be the misogynist creep we’ve all learned that he really is:

    “Hey Bernie, I was just messing with you, man!”…In other words Obama agreed complicitly with this disgusting on-stage garbage that mothers and daughters are, like Bernie said, “just family whores we gotta llive with”!

    Now I know why 2 years ago in his Rolling Stone interview the OBAMEGALOMANIAC said that he deeply admired the “great talents of JayZ rapper and Ludicrass”!

    Please, Senator Obamegalomania, please revise your anorexic resume and apply at SNL for the rapper-wannabe mime act. And don’t forget to include your Youtube mega-hit:

    “Obama gives Hillary the F!nger”. You should get the job, and I ain’t messin’ with ya, man! You’d be a shoo-in. They’re okay with teleprompters, too. Don’t worry!

    And then we can give Hillary the top job she rightly deserves….

    Obamegalomania is a dangerous affliction that only Pumas can heal!

    Nobama ’08
    Go Pumas, let ’em hear you roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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