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Wednesday: Berliners’ Beer Googles Befuddle Barack

Maybe Obama has some kind of airplane cabin induced euphoria after his Grand Traipse through Europe. As Jonathan Weisman of WaPo’s The Trail notes (H/T to Taggles), he seems to be buying his own hype:

In his closed door meeting with House Democrats this evening, presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama delivered a real zinger. According to a witness, he was waxing lyrical about last week’s trip to Europe, when he concluded, “this is the moment, as Nancy [Pelosi] noted, that the world is waiting for.”

The 200,000 souls who thronged to his speech in Berlin came not just for him, he told the enthralled audience of congressional representatives.

“I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions,” he said.

(SophieL finds more along these lines from Dana Milbank this morning)

Heavens! I don’t want a symbol for president. The next thing you know, he’ll be performing at Superbowl halftime shows behind a giant scrim onto which he can project his giant, er,

Does that thing hurt?

Does that thing hurt?


Didn’t someone in his massive entourage tell him that most of the crowd was there to catch a buzz and quick afternoon snack? I hear the brauts in Berlin are pretty good. (Can someone work on the Brauts, Berlin, Barack tongue twister? I know it’s there somewhere) The rest of the crowd was CGI generated because it looks really good in the pictures splashed across the frontpage of the NYTimes.

Nawww, not our Schmoozer In Chief to be. At some point, even his miniscule conscience must start to bother him.  There he is, sitting on top of the world, in front of screaming throngs, knowing that he’s a cut throat lightweight with a razor thin CV.  It must seem unreal for him.  It seems unreal for *me* so I can only imagine the “Oh, $#%@!” thought going through his head.  If they discover that he’s a fraud, he’s done!  I’d be scared out of my wits.  So, there MUST be something there that the throngs want.  Something that only HE can give them.  Something that will make up for the incredibly vast empty sections of his resume.  That’s it!  He’s a symbol.

And they like him!  They REALLY like him.

In other news:

Obama’s campaign continues to flip us the bird according to this piece in the NYTimes called “Chance of Obama-Clinton ticket seen as increasingly unlikely”.  I find this article particularly amusing because many of the party loyalist Democrats went over to Obama after Clinton suspended because they were convinced that he would pick her as his running mate.  It made so much sense that it didn’t really need to be discussed.  It was a forgone conclusion.  “He *needs* her”, they’d assure me with a knowing smile.

Apparently not.  Either his campaign knows something that we do not, like the fact that they secretly implanted chips in our brains that they will activate on November 4 so that we all vote for him against our will, or they are the biggest collection of politically tone deaf operators we have ever seen.  Don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t want Hillary to take the VP slot anyway.  But as a courtesy, they needed to publicly offer it to her to gain the respect of her voters.  It was the polite thing to do.  Etiquette demanded it.

No, the Obama crew are determined to defyl logic and sensibility.  They’re risk takers, alright.  It must be an adrenaline rush to stick your hand in the mouth of victory to pull out almost certain defeat.  They don’t need us, they say to themselves.  They *have* to say that because the truth is terrifying.  It’s sort of like standing on that podium in Berlin.  They can’t let Hillary onto the ticket because she makes him look like the ethereal Invisible Man he is. Heck, they can’t even be seen together.  Therefore, she must campaign for Barack without him in the same venue, although, whether this is by the campaign’s choice or the lady’s is in question…

There is another possibility.  They could be copying the “in-your-face” stylings of their inspiration, Karl Rove.  Just do what you want to do and if people start complaining, kick it up a notch.  BAM!  What are they going to do about it?  They got nowhere else to go.  Well, when you put it that way, I HAVE to not vote for Obama.  Otherwise, I am contributing the the Republicanization of the Democratic Party.

The Obama Campaign must secretely be working for Clinton because every day they pull this kind of $#@%, I come to loathe them more and am more convinced that Hillary is the only person who can win this for the Democrats.  Yep, that’s got to be it because no campaign in its right mind pulls this crap *before* they win the election.  It’s just stupid.  Even Karl knows that.

205 Responses

  1. Good morning. Good post RD.

    More over-breakfast reading: President Obama Continues Hectic Victory Tour

  2. Coffee and Riverdaughter and a steady-soothing rain — mornings just can’t get any better. “Great Post” just doesn’t say it with the deep appreciation I’m feeling.

    Either his campaign knows something that we do not . . . or they are the biggest collection of politically tone deaf operators we have ever seen.

    THIS is what I can’t work through. I’ve heard about him registering voters in nursing homes and grave yards & now your brain implant theory — But I just keep thinking — If he had that stuff would he have lost EVERY SINGLE county in West Virginia? Would he have lost Kentucky? Or even Pennsylvania?

    I mean, he couldn’t win in Democratic Primaries — HOW is he going to pull off the General Election?

    Brain implants. The answer was right there all along!

  3. Ha!ha! ha! His giant ..err guitar? Someone in the know disagrees
    and I know he’s right, or M0 wouldn’t call her husband “pathetic”
    Glad that beer is starting to make its way in the news.
    And as for offering Hillary the VP? It would be the one smart thing to do – and I trust him to not do it. Cheerfuly so

  4. The Obama camp may be so cocky because they plan on rigging the general election. It wouldn’t be the first time. They rigged the primary, why not the general? With so meny of these corporations backing this fake democrat, anything could happen.

  5. Counting all these chickens before they’re hatched is guaranteed to find Senator Obama with egg all over his face. Omlettes, anyone?

  6. Every time I forget about how awful this whole affair has been I’m reminded of just one blasted thing. All of this is starting to flood back because I’m finally starting to read my former must-haves, like, Salon including the…comments sections.Yesterday, I was reminded of the RBC affair. Today, I was reminded of how Gov. Granholm was received–after–Clinton had conceded.

    Good. Lord. I will never vote for this bigot, power-hungry, fool of a man. Ever.

    Note: to all lurkers out there, PUMA simply means that we promise not to vote for Obama, which includes the option of leaving the top of the ticket blank. Get a damn clue! God, some of the commentators at Salon are absolutely mental: apparently, our refusal to vote for Obama is “deplorable!” (Oh, and they proved how “horrible” we are with that beyond stupid Pandagon link). Honestly, when did democracy become a crime?

  7. I love that guitar photo! hahaha I wrote about this quote today, as well. *obama believes himself to be the second coming…. *

    He is SO arrogant. *barf*

    Hillary does not want to be the frauds VP. I believe that story that he asked her at Feinsteins house, and she turned him down. I also believe she will run in 2012, if she doesn’t wrap up the nomination this year. But I still believe she will!!! I also believe that she knows all of the crap that is out there, ready to drop from the RNC. She is far too smart, in my opinion, to link up with Fraud Obama.

  8. @Kendall: They don’t need to rig the election a la Gary, Indiana style. The media will do everything in their power to keep the people ignorant. Once I told women I knew about Obama’s stark break with abortion rights law, where he takes the Scalia/Thomas position, they were floored (Mind you, that was before I told them of the highly inflammatory feeling “blue” rhetoric). They kept asking, “Can he even do that?!” These women have no clue as to how horrible Obama will be.

    And that’s just one Democratic issue. To me, Obama is nothing more than a Trojan horse for the right-wing (i.e. I don’t trust him at all, especially when all the Powers That Be are doing everything humanly possible to prop him up).

  9. “America returning to our best traditions”

    How does he get to figure that he is the only one who could do that? I mean, Bush has been president for 7-1/2 years. Granted, it feels like a lot longer, but any president with two brain cells would do what Obama is saying. And Hillary has a lot more than two brain cells.

  10. When we talk about this my husband said, he was concerned about fraud in the GE (by Obama minions) — why not? They did everything they could in the primary against their own.

  11. Kendall said:

    The Obama camp may be so cocky because they plan on rigging the general election. It wouldn’t be the first time.

    Perhaps this is the similarity to JFK that everyone keeps talking about.

  12. RD Thanks for this post. You keep us in focus.

    Obama is a symbol alright, your graphic say’s it all.

    In sales, there’s nothing like a testomonial.
    warning: adult language.

  13. whenever you see that link to pandagon don’t hesitate to remind them that Amanda Marcotte is a plagiarist and a fraud. She has stolen large tracts of other feminists works and passed them off as her own. She also was fired from the Edwards’ campaign for using this same sort of inflammatory rhetoric. She is about as trustworthy as Karl Rove. She is a hack and an opportunist.

  14. So, Dana Milbank escapes the grip of Olbermann for about 3 seconds today with his “presumptuous nominee” crack…
    Seriously, where was the critical gaze of the “official” 4th Estate when we really needed it?????

    I’ve dashed this off which expresses my frustration over “uninformed, conforming voters”…many who are in this state because of the lack of serious journalism in this country!!

    “Let’s Face It, PUMAs—Uninformed, Conforming Voters are Our Worst Enemy….No Matter How Smart They Are”



  15. RD, you’re the best blogger in the whole world.

    Should we all plan to send Barackie a “symbol” as a birthday gift (coming up on Aug 4th)? Maybe a copy of the constitution – ‘coz, y’know, that’s so SYMBOLIC ‘n’all?

  16. I read the posts from yesterday. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement, I think it went really well.

    Should we start calling Obama, “The candidate formerly known as Barry”?

  17. when he concluded, “this is the moment, as Nancy [Pelosi] noted, that the world is waiting for.”

    and we’re not allowed to say he’s arrogant?….yes barack, you are the second coming of Jesus Christ himself. Why? Because you say so, and nobody can deny it because you’re black, and if they do they’re racist….I am in a REALLY bad mood this morning …..

  18. mawm: It would be the symbolic thing to do.

  19. Check out the comments section for Milbank’s article. Big surprise! Obama supporters are charging him with racism because calling a black man overconfident is code for calling him racist. How much you want to bet the campaign is behind some of these comments?
    I posted this at NoquarterUSA:

    I am sick of people saying that we should not be concerned about Obama’s youth, overconfidence and inexperience because Kennedy was also young and inexperienced (and certainly overconfident) as if that had not been a serious problem. PLEASE read this article. It is from the Weekly Standard, but it uses credible sources and is consistent with what I have read many places:


    I admire a lot of what Kennedy did, particularly how he learned from his mistakes, but we do ourselves no favor when we turn our leaders into gods. The truth is that Kennedy’s inexperience and overconfidence was a major factor in leading to the world to the brink of all-out nuclear war, and was a factor in the arms race, the Berlin Wall and our getting into Vietnam. The fact that he handled the crisis well does not make up for us coming so close to Armageddon.(Contrary to what we were told at the time, Krushchev was not crazy, as his backing down from the brink even though he knew it would likely end his career clearly proved.)

    I am also sick and tired of people who worship Kennedy bashing Bill Clinton, particularly because of his infidelities (like all those Irish Catholic buffoons at MSNBC/NBC. I am one, too, so chill out). Clinton was an incredible president yet we cannot build on his legacy because Democrats have allowed it to be trashed. If Dem leaders had stood up for his record Hillary would be our nominee and a shoe-in and our country would have the best possible team in place to begin solving our huge problems. Unfortunately even liberals are not fully rooted in the reality-based community.

    Remember how popular Scott Peck’s books were a few years back? (“The Road Less Travelled”. “People of the Lie” were on the best seller list for years.) One of Peck’s main points was that the essence of mental health both at an individual and societal level was the willingness to search for and face the truth. It is time we revisited that idea. Refusal to acknowledge the flaws of our own heroes is just as dangerous for our country as the Republican’s doing the same.

  20. RD! Good morning. Another fabulous post!

    This really struck me:

    This is the moment . . . that the world is waiting for,” adding: “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

    I swear to gawd, this man is going to be the second coming of Reagan, JFK and Elvis!

    America’s best was FDR and Clinton. And we all know who would return us to THOSE days!

  21. madamab, don’t slander Elvis that way!

  22. gary said: we’re not allowed to say…

    That’s the thing. It’s clearly censorship. Like his stop the smears Web site and Sebelius’ comments that calling him inexperienced is r*cism; it’s thinly veiled censorship. If the media wasn’t already in the tank for him, the message is “if you don’t agree with us, we’re going to assassinate your character.”

  23. Exactly, riverdaughter!

    In addition to Obama arrogant display of ascendancy, two words were mentioned on ‘Morning Joe’ this am..as an accurate diagnosis of Obama’s affliction:

    “BURN OUT”

    The consensus of visiting analysts was: “Obama needs time off for a rest!” We know he’ll just whither away without benefit of the spotlight… either way, hezza goner!

  24. Can we wrap up a ‘clue’ and send it special delivery to Obama. He obviously does not have one.

  25. {{{{Mawm}}}}! Congratulations on your awesome audition! Let us know when you’re on (I’m sure they’ll call you) so we can all watch you and cheer you on. 🙂

  26. garychapelhill, on July 30th, 2008 at 8:59 am Said:

    Don’t be in a bad mood! Thigs are happening! Hillary will not be the VP! She doesn’t want it. She is in it to win it! boo yah! haahaha

    But, to cheer you up, check out the HILARIOUS video in my post from today, on my blog. It should cheer you up.

  27. Gary, see how deluded Obama is? 😉

  28. sarintaly, I’m at work and don’t have sound on my computer so I’ll have to wait until I get home to watch your video 😦 but thanks for trying to cheer me up!

  29. This is sickening. Obama is like the guy in a bar that gets shot down and responds with, “You know you want me.”

  30. kim, like the “Night at the Roxbury” guys?

  31. Kim, on July 30th, 2008 at 9:08 am Said:


    Or insults you when you reject him.

    Obama: “hey baby, buy you a drink. i know you’ve been waiting for me”

    Girl: Get lost, dork.

    Obama: “you’re just a dried up olf bitter racist, anyway.”

    That is how I see Obama.

  32. From the Millbank article: “One source of the confidence is the polling, which shows him with a big lead over McCain. ”

    What big lead would that be?? That Millbank article is a must read, but I recommend you do it without eating–it’s really revolting. He is parading around Washington like Little Lord Fauntleroy. Meeting with Heads of State. And this is all BEFORE THE ELECTION?!!

    What the hell is going on? I am so thoroughly disgusted by this person, and each day only confirms and adds to my loathing.

  33. LOLOLOLOL!!!!


    Can that be Obama’s new name? “the “Symbol?”

    How about the “Eucharist” to target the Catholic market? “Eucharist of Democracy” – ooh wait, we can do “Eucaristía” or “hostia” en ESPAÑOL!

  34. Kim: LOL. I was thinking more of the dumb logic you get in a bar, “‘Cause I’m a guy and you’re a girl…” except for Obama it’s “‘Cause Im the candidate and you’re a voter”

    Sorry Obama, not matter how close it gets to last call, you’re not getting any prettier.

  35. SM, I don’t know about in other countries, but in spain if you say something “es la hostia”…that means its really cool, so it works both ways for him!

  36. yeah, he’s more “the ladies man” than the “night at the roxbury” guys….

  37. SM: I thought I overheard this at one of their rallies:

    Through Him, with Him, and in Him. With the Unity of the Democratic Party, all glory and honor is Yours, almighty Precious, forever and ever, Amen.”

  38. It is almost like Obama and the DNC are date rapists, No = Yes, because how could you not want me?

  39. LOL @ SophieL 🙂

  40. can all of us catholics and ex-catholics come up with a whole mass devoted to Obama? that would be a hoot!

  41. I knew it! The Kool-Aid is spiked with GHB, rohypnol, and ketamine.

  42. Thanks, BernieO for a terrrific post. While always admiring JFK (the first president I was old enough to know ANYTHING about) I always thought that LBJ (and in SOME ways, Nixon) were responsible for more meaningful changes and, yes (even Nixon) PROGRESS!

    But Bill Clinton remains the greatest president of my lifetime. I will be sorry if we don’t ever learn whether Hillary would have eclipsed him or ONLY turned out the second best in my experience.

    But, hope does spring eternal…


  43. gary: Absolutely! I’m an ex (Episcopalian now). And if we write a decent service, maybe my partner (an Episcopal Priest) will celebrate it.

  44. garychapelhill, on July 30th, 2008 at 9:08 am Said:

    BUMMER! it is really funny.

  45. p.s. Needless to say I won’t be voting democrat this year if it’s NOT Hillary…


  46. another great piece of “mob theater” in denver!

  47. Sophie, I am an ex-Episcopalian now as well. I always thought of us a Catholic-Ultra lite.

  48. Kim: sorry for being unclear. I’m ex-Roman, currently Episcopalian.

  49. I don’t know about Obama and a ritual that would be hard to swallow, especially now since I am thinking of him as more of a Barry White kinda schmoozer type.

  50. Gary – yes that is a very popular phrase, I’ve heard it more like, “el se cree la hostia” – as a play on a man’s arrogance. I really like this one too “El se cree la última Coca-cola del desierto, pero ya todo el mundo cambió a Pepsi.” I’m going to have a couple of satire moments – this afternoon. I gotta get some work done or I’m going to get in trouble! Confluence, I can’t quit you!

    SophieL: LOLOLOL!!!!! “This is my Democracy and it shall be given up, FOR YOU.” Oh that was scary.

  51. I think what you all really want is a Universalist Church of Christ service devoted to him…


  52. I was thinking of a service more along the lines of Extreme Unction–for us.

  53. Sorry sarainitaly – now that he is officially “Jewish” – he is the “first coming”.

  54. Deliver us from spin and lead us not into presumption

    For the kingdom, the power and the glory are PUMA’s now and forever, amen.

  55. I asked this question at Corrente:

    Why did Obama leave a prayer at the wailing wall?

    Isn’t he God?

  56. Gary, it’s more of a Latin American phrase, I don’t think it crossed over to Spain.


    Obama, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed.

  57. wow gary: there you were and there you weren’t!

  58. Obama can’t be Jewish because he can’t be circumcised.

    There’s no end to that prick.

  59. myiq ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. MYIQ! That’s right!

  61. sophie, I thought I might offend so I deleted it…told you guys I was in a bad mood ….

  62. MYIQ – if his dad/stepdad are/were Muslim, then yes, he is definitely circumsized.

  63. MYIQ: I’m so dumb, that was a JOKE!!

  64. can we please stop talking about obama’s genitalia, i’m trying to eat breakfast… 🙂

  65. Kim – Obama as Barry White! OMG OMG OMG…

    “Hey baby…just relax….I’m gonna make you feel real good…”


  66. Somebody give the Obama campaign the “last rights” and put an end to this insanity. I just woke up to his own laudatory comments about the world waiting for him. Good God almighty! Can he get anymore arrogant than this?

  67. Sophie, I am not sure I am really anything anymore. Sometimes I say I am Episcopalian and sometimes I say agnostic. I have seen so much bad and so very little good in the past few years, I just don’t know. The first thing that happened when I moved to Greenville, was an attorney told me I should switch to his church. He was former Episcopalian and the gay bishop thing made him turn away. He said his church had an excellent program working with gays in turning them. It made me sick to my stomach.

  68. Kim, sarainitaly, SophieL

    Along the lines of your analogy: You know that time when a bar shuts down for the night, they turn the lights on, and everyone who was there to hook up gets a good look at everyone?
    Although I’m speaking for myself and my experience at gay bars, I assume the same thing happens at straight bars.
    I think the lights are about to be thrown on. Sounds like Millbank is not too happy.

  69. Barry White? Like:

    PUMA’s, I can’t get enough of your votes…

  70. myiq2xu: Thanks. I just spit my coffee across the screen!!!

  71. myiq – LOL!!!

  72. Madamab. EXACTLY. I can hear him. with the “hey baby”. Although he would probably change the words to, “My darling, you, you can’t get enough of my love babe.”

  73. madamab – I just had to call 911 for that statement – I’m pretty sure I was just cyber r*ped!

  74. madamab: Another great playlet is just sitting there writing itself. Get busy!

  75. Pat: I was hoping you’d help Gary and me write a Latin mass for The One.

  76. We’re just making small talk

  77. Yeah, Gary, but I would say it is probably worse at straight bars. I have always wished the guys I met at bars, had even an iota of the class of the gay guys I know.

  78. I have always thought the reason older women aren’t buying into the Obama hype is because we have heard it all before. Most women over 40 can smell bullshit from 50 yards.

  79. RD, fabulous post: My new mantra:

    “I HAVE to not vote for Obama” (versus I won’t vote for Obama).

    It is my sacred duty.

    BernieO, great post too, especially about the Democrats’ trashing of our own legacy–Bill Clinton. It’s true, and it refreshed my anger.

    I’m in a storm of rage this morning.

    Do you know, I think we may be watching Barry lose his mind a la certain other celebrities (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, et. al). Too much adulation unanchors you, it’s bad for the soul, debilitating to judgment and perspective. The problem is having someone like this in the WH instead of just Madison Square Garden. Especially, as RD writes, when in the deepest part of himself he has got to know there is no there there.

    I’m ragin’ and freakin’ out at the same time.

  80. myiq2xu:

    “I asked this question at Corrente:

    Why did Obama leave a prayer at the wailing wall?

    Isn’t he God?”

    It was a “note to self”

  81. Mawm, on July 30th, 2008 at 9:41 am Said:
    Kim, sarainitaly, SophieL

    Along the lines of your analogy: You know that time when a bar shuts down for the night, they turn the lights on, and everyone who was there to hook up gets a good look at everyone?
    Although I’m speaking for myself and my experience at gay bars, I assume the same thing happens at straight bars.
    I think the lights are about to be thrown on. Sounds like Millbank is not too happy.

    My brother calls those “strobe light honies” – cuz everybody looks good under a strobe light but once the lights kick on – ewwww.

  82. Kim, yes (45 years old here). He reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit “The Ladies’ Man.”

  83. britsgirl: LOL!!! Note to self!!!

    Conflucians are geniuses, I tell you!

  84. garychapelhill, on July 30th, 2008 at 8:59 am Said:
    when he concluded, “this is the moment, as Nancy [Pelosi] noted, that the world is waiting for.”

    And, wtf was Digby’s take on that? Let me guess…”Overt racism by Dana Millbank”

  85. I used to be a bouncer, and the very worst guys are the ones too cheap to pay a cover charge, so they loiter outside at closing time hoping to pick-up drunk girls.

    We called them “parking lot pimps”

  86. britgirls – LOL!!!! “Note to self.” Priceless!

    Yup, once we’ve gotten to 40, we’ve seen all the moves the slicksters make. We are Not Impressed. 🙂

  87. I just got a UPS delivery … thought it was my Hillary T-shirt, but it’s one I ordered from the Puma store. On it goes. I’m gearing up to write a letter to Rep. Murphy about that 18K Obama gave him.


  88. Getting older is horrible. The older I get, the less I seem to be able to control my sarcasm. When I was younger, I could smell the BS, but I would be all nice and say thank you. Now I just look at people like they are damn fools. I call it the Bea Arthur syndrome.

  89. Kim – that’s a feature, not a bug. 🙂

  90. OT – but my mom just brought me a copy of the Miami Herald Tropical Life Section from July 28, 2008. It seems that there is a group called Party Politcs, Inc. whose co-founders are 2 officers of the Broward Young Democrats (although they claim to be nonpartisan group they lean strongly democratic) that do gatherings for the young (born between 1980 and 1994) to get them registered and fill out absentee ballots requests at bars. In these “bar parties” the young get to mingle and hang out with candidates, but they also get free drinks, until midnight. They “host” these parties about once a month. Maybe I’m a little old fashioned but don’t you think it would be better to meet candidates when you are sober and remember what their platforms are? Do the new Democrats have to get people drunk to get their votes?

  91. SOunds like a great lawsuit if they get drunk, get behind the wheel of a car and hit someone.

  92. fox news is getting in on the Obashing!!!

    Call him the presumptuous Democratic presidential nominee.

    Barack Obama met with House Democrats in a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill Tuesday evening where he reportedly described his recent trip to Europe at length and concluded, “This is the moment, as (House Speaker) Nancy (Pelosi) noted, that the world is waiting for.”

    Referencing the crowd of 200,000 who attended his speech in Berlin, the presumptive Democratic nominee , according to The Washington Post, told the standing-room only audience of Democratic House representatives, “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

    His confidence is no doubt bolstered by his supporters.

    “There wasn’t a question he didn’t knock out of the park,” Rep. John Larson of Connecticut told FOX News. “His speech was soaring. But also down to Earth.”

    “He indicated that when he stood before nearly 200,000 people in Germany…it wasn’t about him. It was about Germany and Europe. And he said that he was a symbol of that hope,” said House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina.

    did they just call him the presumptuous nominee??? LOVE IT!!!!

    The Illinois senator’s comments come on the heels of a fundraiser Monday night near Washington, in which he expressed confidence in his chances of victory in November, saying “the odds of us winning (the election) are very good.”

    In fact, Obama in recent weeks has frequently seemed to believe his own hype. Being interviewed on CBS at the beginning of his trip to Europe earlier this month, he said that troops and leaders around the world didn’t seem to have any doubts about his foreign policy. Asked if he ever has any doubts, he smiled and replied, “Never.”

    In an interview with FOX News last week at the end of his overseas trip, Obama said, “There was a lot of confirmation of my strategies.”

    And when asked whether he would admit the surge in Iraq had been successful, he said no.

    “You probably will not get the particular words you’re fishing for. That’s why you’re doing interviews as opposed just feeding me lines,” Obama told FOX News’ Bill Hemmer.

    Obama admitted last week that a lot of the sensationalism around his candidacy could end up with voters feeling a potential let down.

    “You’re always more popular before you’re actually in charge,” Obama said in an appearance last Friday with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. “Once you’re responsible, then you’re going to make some people unhappy.”

    Polls also suggest Obama isn’t just going to cakewalk into the White House.

    link: http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/07/30/obama-confidence-shows-through-in-public-private-statemen

    I never thought it would be possible, but he’s even worse than Bush…what a jackass!!!

  93. Did anyone see the picture of Kerry campaigning with the kids at some college? They were all holding beer mugs, it was a tad distressing.

  94. Friends don’t let friends vote drunk

  95. So, there will be no debates between Obama and McCain?

  96. My five words for today and everyday:

    I hate that friggin weasel.

  97. That’s the picture

  98. I love this one

    In an interview with FOX News last week at the end of his overseas trip, Obama said, “There was a lot of confirmation of my strategies.”

    Who confirmed what? Sounds like “the banking committe, which is my committee” type of talk.

  99. rd, it’s worth getting up early just to read your posts. Great.

    o/t I Fox & Friends this am opened with the rundown of stories, including a statement and also a ticker/sign thing saying that Obama is having trouble with the ladies (my recollection, not exact wording). I waited and waited. Nothing. At almost the end of the 1/2 hour (7-7:30 CT) one of the hosts looked into the camera and said that there had been a statement on screen earlier that was “a writer’s error” and they apologize to Senator Obama and the Obama campaign. Nothing was even hinted at during the program so if the viewer missed the opening chatter, they would be wondering what in the world gives.

    Is the O campaign watching all the news reports and censoring them? Is the fourth estate loosing its grip even more than it has up to this time? What is going on?

    Did anyone else see this?

  100. Barack brought bought brauts
    Bugger Barack

  101. Oh my Gawd. I’m so embarrassed for John Kerry. What the h&ll happened to him? He used to be something a long time ago. And his wife is such a great lady…

    John “Penis Straw” Kerry.


  102. :Please spend all spare time convincing everyone you know to NOT vote for Obama; use all the ‘ammunition gleaned from this and other like-minded websites/blogs; America can’t afford for us to be on the sidelines in November. We MUST spread the word.

  103. I have to admit I am speechless at this guy’s arrogance. Why bother with an election; we may as well just have a show of hands and get this over with. I am forever amazed at the way he conducts himself, as if he were a gift to us. What am I missing here?

    Is this election so rigged now that he can fearlessly make these claims and portray himself as POTUS without batting an eye? I find myself overusing the word “amazed” but it cannot be helped.

    How does this inexperience flop get to this position without being called out? And when did Fox become just another mouthpiece for him? Without Hannity, whom I admittedly loathe otherwise, there would be little opposition to this idiot.

  104. Speaking of late-night pick-ups, my youngest son had a sign on his dorm refrigerator which said,” No one is ugly after 2AM”.

  105. OH MY GOD! you people are killing me! thoses comments and jokes are so funny!!

    thank you for the good laugh!

  106. I don’t mind getting older, I just don’t want to get old.

    When I was younger I stressed out over lots of stupid shit.

    Now I don’t GAF

  107. If anyone was looking for evidence of pathological arrogance that statement about being the one should do it. Geez. The pick-up analogy is interesting and probably true, but how much rejection it will take to penetrate is hard to imagine.
    MadamAb could write a whole play about pickup lines and put-downs, I bet.

  108. Kerry looks wasted, and looks like he was getting a wee bit too close to the girl in the green dress (and black panties…)

  109. SOD:

    Don’t trip. The history of this nation is lots of mediocre to poor leaders, with a handful of good to great ones tossed in about once every generation or two.

    It’s sad but true, the current crop of venal greedy asshats is about typical.

    Read up on the GOP during the 20’s, it’s deja vu all over again.

  110. gary, interesting end quote from Fox. Here’s how Merriam-Webster defines cakewalk:

    a black American entertainment having a cake as prize for the most accomplished steps and figures in walking

    Do you think anyone will howl that Fox is being racist? That comment jumped out at me immediately.

    Personally, I suspect that remark was deliberate, but there have been so many false charges of racism in this campaign, courtesy of Obama’s team, that the real slurs tend to go unnoticed. Even though I can’t stand Obama, and will never vote for him for any elected office, I dislike real racism as much as I dislike sexism and misogyny. I will never forgive Obama for setting back the cause of race relations to the pre-Kennedy/LBJ days.

  111. panties? Where?

  112. We probably missed another Warren G. Harding in the WH with Edwards campaign being derailed.

  113. Bad Numbers For Obama And DNC: PUMA POWER

    while much has been made of John McCain’s struggles with his party’s conservative base, 33% of the uncommitted voters are Democrats while only 19% are Republicans. Forty-eight percent (48%) are not affiliated with either major political party
    It’s worth noting that there are far more uncommitted voters at this point in Election 2008 than there were four years ago
    This year, 37% of the uncommitted voters plan to vote for

  114. You do get wasted when you sell your soul to the devil.

  115. Here’s my letter & e-mail to Super Delegate and PA Rep. Murphy.
    It makes me feel a lot better to be doing something. Gotta go and tend to my kiddies now.

    Dear Super Delegate Murphy,

    I called your office yesterday to urge you to endorse Hillary Clinton for President when her name is put into nomination at the convention. Your staffer told me that “Rep. Murphy had already endorsed Sen. Obama because Obama represented his views.” I reminded her that you are in office to represent your constituents’ views and that PA voted for the most qualified candidate, Hillary Clinton. In your district your constituents voted for Sen. Clinton 78,655 to 46,287. Your constituents have made their choice clear. Frankly, I’m baffled as to why you would turn your back on them, so I looked a little further.

    I came across the following. A spreadsheet detailing the money that Sen. Obama has paid out to Super Delegates. And I found out that you have received over $18,000 from Sen. Obama.

    Now, I do understand that you are up for re-election this year and it costs a lot of money to run for office. I’ve no problem with him giving you money if he’d donated AFTER the convention. That is, when he wasn’t counting on your vote as a Super Delegate.

    Reminder: neither he nor Sen. Clinton have garnered enough pledged delegates through the primaries and caucuses and the Super Delegates must do their job in Denver and vote for the best qualified candidate.

    Giving you money before he’s secured the nomination makes it look like your endorsement was bought. But, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. Please take a look at the spreadsheet at the following link:


    Over $700,000 dollars has been doled out so far. Sen. Obama is running on the premise that he’s a break from the politics of the past. Doesn’t this look like politics as usual to you?

    Frankly, as soon as I read about how he pushed all of his opponents off the ballot in his initial run for office in 1996 (just Google “Alice Palmer”) it made it impossible for me to buy into the Obama packaging. He denied the voters a choice at the ballot. That’s just plain wrong.

    Please stand up for your constituents in Denver and do your job as a Super Delegate.


  116. I tried to sell my soul to the devil but he didn’t want it.

    Apparently Hell has too many lawyers already.

  117. Oooops! I’m in moderation.

    Moderation always makes me think of dieting.

  118. Maybe OT but has anyone else noticed the curious way Obama has with ‘I’ and ‘we’? Is the ‘we’ the royal we as in ‘we the Queen of England’ ? Sometimes there’s ‘I’ like in ‘my strategy’ in an above quote. Strange and if interpreted in a certain way – very off putting!

  119. Only one thing I hate worse than lawyers, our clients.

  120. When he get Bambi, he’ll have the ultimate lawyer who could have started the whole joke.

  121. Obama went to law school, but I ain’t heard a whole lot about him doing any lawyering.

    I do you teach law when you just passed the Bar exam a couple years ealier and you’ve never practiced?

  122. Hey Pat

    Don’t insult Ohio’s last president Warren G. Harding!! The biography of Florence Harding is a helluva read. We should add it to our book club. She makes Hillary seem timid.

  123. Has he ever argued a case?

  124. Francisca08, on July 30th, 2008 at 10:46 am

    He switches to *WE* whenever there was a f*ck up.

    LIke *we* messed up by saying there were 57 states. Or *we* perhaps didn’t say it as best as we could have.

    but, it is I when he talks about himself. We blah blah banking comittee, which is MY comittee. I am the one we’ve been waiting for.


  125. Dana Milbank’s column was snarky but where was this guy in the beginning? He sat each night with KO, damning Hillary Clinton and talking up Mr. Pompous Ass while KO applauded. Now all of a sudden we see a little shift that maybe Obama is just another jackoff, so full of himself that even the press is having a hard time swallowing, and it may be too little, too late.

    Wake up, Dana. The signs were all very apparent months ago and his lack of qualifications and experience were the first red flag. Your constant drum beating in the early stages paved the way. As a result, we are left with this asshole. Thanks for absolutely nothing.

  126. I was convinced that Bush was the most arrogant, belligerent, empty headed leader we have ever seen on the American stage. Convinced! Until now. This idiot has Bush beat by a mile since he has yet to WIN and has encased himself in all the trappings of a goddamn king!

    Prepare to bow, scrape, and curtsy when the time comes. Otherwise the ra*ist label will be heaped forthwith. Just ask Digby.

  127. Ok riverdaughter, here is your tongue twister:

    Bamboozling, backtracking Barack’s baloney-laden braggadaccio baffles, bewilders and befuddles brauts-biting N beer-imbibing Berliners, begets boredom.

  128. sharmajee, on July 30th, 2008 at 11:01 am Said:


  129. Thanks sara, agree but there are instances when the ‘we’ comes across as more pompous; we have had talks with so and so during the trip etc.

  130. I cannot read Corrente anymore. Vastleft is convinced that we really, really need Obama in the WH. I must have been absent the day the placed those chips into so many skulls because I just don’t get it.

  131. Francisca08, on July 30th, 2008 at 11:03 am


    but I think the WE in those instances is because there really was a WE because he is too inexperienced and green to talk to these people alone. it truly was a WE. hahaha

    I read an article that described how beaten Obama looked after talking to the English PM.

    And he cancelled the hospital trip in Germany because he would have had to go ALONE?

    He can’t be on his own, it would reveal all of his faults.

  132. Perhaps he means Wii, as in Japanese video game.

  133. A “Savior” needs no one. The royal we is a mere slip of the tongue. It is I, I, I, me, me, me all the time. Whatever it takes, this guy has got to go.

  134. Pat, that post by vastleft is really funny. Did you read the whole thing?

  135. Kim: I think you might be right – kind of like a game where you play president by going through the motions but don’t really do anything.

  136. You should see me bowl when I don’t have to use a real ball!

  137. jjm–or play a guitar with an overblown joystick….

  138. madamab: Ooops, my bad. I read his headline and went no further. It is pretty funny.

  139. From a 2004 article by Paul Krugman criticising the “cult of personality” surrounding Bush:

    “It was not ever thus. Bill Clinton’s budgets were illustrated with tables and charts, not with worshipful photos of the president being presidential.

    The issue here goes beyond using the Government Printing Office to publish campaign brochures. In this budget, as in almost everything it does, the Bush administration tries to blur the line between reverence for the office of president and reverence for the person who currently holds that office.

    Operation Flight Suit was only slightly more over the top than other Bush photo-ops, like the carefully staged picture that placed Mr. Bush’s head in line with the stone faces on Mount Rushmore. The goal is to suggest that it’s unpatriotic to criticize the president, and to use his heroic image to block any substantive discussion of his policies.”

    It’s the same game. Only the names have been changed, and now it’s a Democrat rather than a Republican. Too bad Prof. Krugman isn’t willing to re-visit his thinking on this issue and do an updated piece featuring Obama as the “heroic image”.

  140. Because some of you continue to bring up Digby – I only heard of her a couple of days ago – and you say she used to be principled, I call Bullshit!

    I posted this late yesterday and don’t know if any of you saw it. If so, please excuse the reposting. I believe it shows what is truly her “white guilt” surfacing. I personally have none.

    Carol, on July 29th, 2008 at 8:53 pm Said:
    I just went over to read something at digby per all of the previous positive comments about her site .

    The 2nd short paragraph I started to read was regarding the earthquake my son was in today. No one was really hurt that I have heard about, but it did disturb a lot of people today as they were running and trying to get out of buildings, gas pipes broken, water pouring into some streets, phone lines down, accidents, streets opened up, ………………. not to mention the time taken away from productive work.

    My niece was in northern California and her 11 month old was about 20 miles from the epicenter with her grandmother. She couldn’t get through on her cell phone to her mother and daughter, so she called me in Texas to check on her cousin, my son, and to see if I could get her mother on the phone. It was pretty disturbing for the 10 minutes or more that we didn’t know exactly where the epicenter was and the strength. It turns out there was a lot of shaking, furniture moving around, but my great niece was safe once she was grabbed out of her nap although she screamed for about 30 minutes while she hung out in the open street with her grandmother in the heat and sun with nothing to drink.

    The point of my story is this: digby was very condescending that the media was reporting what she declared was a non-event. She was safe, the dog and spouse didn’t even wake up. The clincher was when she surmissed that this non event was only being reported was because she guessed ‘no white women missing.’

    I believe it is best that no one return to her site because it is obvious she doesn’t get what the word “r*cist” really means. I suggest she look into the mirror. Maybe she can share one with BO or MO.

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  141. best troll comment ever! Left on Puma Power:

    MyFaceWasEatenByAPuma, on July 29th, 2008 at 6:09 pm Said: Edit Comment

    My face was half-eaten off by an actual puma. So I think your name is ill-chosen

  142. Digby is an idiot. Another site deleted from my bookmarks.

  143. gary – I don’t think so. If the commenter was a troll, we only bite, chew, spit and rinse – trolls are poisonous!

  144. It is not enough to “not vote for Obama” We have to make sure he does not win and the only way to do that is vote McCain and wait for Hillary.

  145. I dunno, felizarte. I think the first thing we should do is vote for Hillary.


  146. If she wins in August, yes of course, Madamab! Just sent $50 to her “retirement party” retirement of debt that is. (expression she used in e-mail.

  147. “Asked if he ever has any doubts, he smiled and replied, “Never.”

    No doubts, ever? Like Bush has no regrets. Or can’t think of anything he’s done wrong.

    Speechless is what I am.

  148. I was a little late getting to read today. But like always, I swing from being totally disgusted ” this is the moment the world has been waiting for” to laughing out loud: at the Wailing Wall “note to self”.

    I have learned to keep my office door closed while strolling through RD.

    Love this site. You guys rock.

  149. Following up on last night’s post about Hopefund’s campaign contributions to superdelegates:

    With the Federal Elections Commission database, anyone can track the exact date of Hopefund contributions, as shown by the scanned original records.


    To get a sense of the unfolding race for all superdelegates, not just individuals, someone should track the overall number and amount of Hopefund contributions on the same timeline as significant milestones in the primary season. I wouldn’t be surprised if the media coverage were parallel.

  150. keep an eye out for the primary in Steve Cohen’s district in memphis next thurs. he is the only white representative in a primarily AA district (he won because after he replaced Harold Ford several other AA candidates split the vote)…he just yesterday passed a bill to apologize for slavery and Jim Crow in congress. His opponent Nikki Tinker (I think that’s right) is black and both support Obama….I think it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will it be appropriate to ask if they are not voting for cohen (who has been a strong advocate for the AA, he even tried to join the CBC, but they wouldn’t allow it) just because he is white? I think this race may expose a LOT of hypocrisy coming from leaders in the AA community…stay tuned.

  151. Don’t cry! :O)

    I feel we have hit the bottom, and from here on out, it is getting better!

    people are waking up.

  152. It has occurred to me that Obama has spent less time in a legislative role than an intern. What gives him, or the public who slobbers over his candidacy, the confidence that this inactive politician is the person who can “change” the world? Most interns I had were still trying to figure out the how to put ink into the copier by week 10.

  153. Gary – thanks for that info. I will keep an eye out.

    Really, what has Obama done to prove that he will be good for the AA community? He has earned nothing from them.

  154. Women can take the subordinate role, as usual.

  155. PJ – Oh, thanks for that link! Yet more confirmation of what we all suspected. 🙂

  156. Does it bother anyone else that when we get glimpses of Obalamadingdong going from his meetings with Repugs to other Repugs, he’s wearing Aviators, chewing what seems to be a cud of gum like Elsie’s brother and when he gets in his Fauxsidential Suburban, he NEVER, ever says thank you.

    Character is what you do when no one is looking, well, BZero, we are all looking and we’re not picking up what you are laying down.

  157. They really are cocky..from that ny daily news link:

    She said Hillary Clinton has accepted the role of speaking on the passage of the 19th Amendment,” said Gus Bickford, a DNC member and superdelegate from Massachusetts who was on the call. “It really does send the signal that Hillary will not be the vice president.”

    you know, because he is already president. and they still don’t get us all that much:

    Giving Clinton a prominent, prime-time speaking role – on a topic freighted with significance for Clinton, the first woman to almost win a presidential nomination – is a fitting consolation prize that should help to heal remaining tensions within the party, some said.

    do you all think it is a fitting consolation prize????

  158. I am hoping for a big floor fight in Denver. I want that fully scripted event upended. I want to see Hillary supporters spitting mad enough to call off the “unanimous” rollcall just to watch this “unity event” dissolve in front of the lying eyes of those Kossacks. I want to see the finger flipped at all those blowhard speakers bloviating over Obama from the podium. I want to see the same floor coverage that happened in Chicago in 1968 when Dan Rather was escorted by the police off the floor for daring to attempt to interview the anti war faction. I want chaos to reign over this huge mistake being perpetrated by the Obama people. Oh, and I hope it rains like hell when he makes his “speech” from the Mile HIgh Arena.

    Is this asking too much?

  159. gary, that quote reeks of condescension.

  160. Like handing a cookie to an unruly child. God these people make me sick.


    Okay, that’s it. I’m posting my angry rant now. I think we’re all in the mood for it. 🙂

  162. PJ, yes, when you lost out in a game at a children’s birthday party.

    I hope the DNC tries to call me again for a donation. I’ll tell them how “healed” my “tensions” are.

  163. Go, go, go, madamab!!

  164. I hope Millbank chokes on Obama’s, um, arrogance.

    I listened to Millbank over & over during the primary, just waiting for him to at least pretend he was either a journalist or an adult. All I saw was frat boy playing straight man to frat boy-in-chief Keith. I won’t forgive Keith if he apologizes on bended knee while rending his shirt; I might forgive Millbank but it would take at least that. Keith needs firing, Millbank needs a sweat lodge of cleansing.

  165. “Women can take the subordinate role, as usual.”

    Yup, plural.

    If this guy wins, I will a) leave the current bumper sticker on my car that reads “Someone Else for President” and b) joyously add, “Don’t Blame Me, I Didn’t Vote for Him.”

    Then I’ll sit back and wait for the people to come up in grocery store parking lots and nod (as they already do for my current sticker).

    PUMAs can’t see the future; nor do we possess ESP. We simply have excellent vision, day or night.

    And that’s not the royal ‘we.” That’s the species “we.”

  166. Berliners being brought beer and brats before Barky brags begets barfing back home.

  167. Go for it Madamab — I’ll hold the ladder.

  168. They so graciously allow her to speak — as if no woman has ever spoken at a convention before.

    She can walk ten steps behing the Glorified One.

  169. No, it is not a fitting consolation prize. Just when I think they can’t make me any madder, they do.

    You know, all we women are fit to talk about is that we are women, and all we are fit to do is stand aside while we are talking about it. We can’t be entrusted to run the country. But any lightweight born with a nutsack can.

    Jesus F*cking Christ. I am about ready to jump into RD’s river. Somebody stop me.

  170. Based on what we know of Obama:

    If Obama were a potential boyfriend, he would be rejected.
    If Obama were a future hire, his resume alone would be rejected.
    If Obama were seeking a loan, he would be rejected.
    If Obama were to take a lie detector test he would be rejected.
    If Obama were to be considered as a friend he would be rejected.
    If Obama were to write his own speeches he would be rejected.

    Then why is he being considered for the office of C of C based on the number of rejections so far? The man is a drone.

  171. Message to John McCain: Nominate Sarah Palin, and I will vote for you. That is how pissed off this condescending bullshit has made me.

  172. Magdalena: Don’t do it! We need you! Besides, don’t you want to at least stick around for the grand finale when he gets his ass handed to him?

  173. PUMA HAKA

  174. I’m also off to some research into McKinney. I will not longer stay home on November 4. I will vote against Obama.

  175. It’s all about symbolism, guys.
    Everything’s a tie-in.
    Marketing 101.
    New Coke.
    They’re trying to sell a guy whose whole political outlook is based on theory, not experience.
    It’s canned air, and for the low, low, price of all your common sense, you too can have the image of the outline of the potential of the symbol of a president of your very own.
    Calling him an empty suit is an insult to menswear.

  176. All right guys, it’s up. Enjoy! I’m roaring this morning. 🙂

  177. Calling him an empty suit is an insult to menswear.


  178. Pat, I am red with rage. So Clinton gets to deliver a speech on the 19th Amendment. She is allowed to discuss a subject from the last century. She is relegated not merely to a supporting role. She is firmly put in her place as a woman who is limited to her definition as a woman.

  179. Magdalena, even when the sack is empty.

  180. You got it, Mawm.

  181. “She is firmly put in her place as a woman who is limited to her definition as a woman.”

    Very well said, Magdalena.

  182. Why isnt Barack Obama opening up a huge lead on John McCain?

    All the factors point to a very large Obama win but its not materializing.

    I would really like you to come to


    and post why you think this lead isn’t coming to past. Can anyone explain this ? Give it a shot

  183. Give me Old Man McCain with his impotency against the Boy King with his hubris. At least I can view McCain policy from years past and know what I am up against. Obama’s “clean slate” is troubling. Like handing the keys to my house to a convicted arsonist and hoping he doesn’t light up!

  184. Folks, can you imagine if the situation were reversed, that Obama would be invited on Day 2 to give a speech on the abolition of slavery and its Constitutional amendment?

    Cries of “You’re seeing him as no more than a black man!” would (rightly) ring through the land. It would be seen as an insult, retrograde, deeply delimiting and reductive, and unworthy of the party.

    MY OWN PARTY is doing this to Clinton. The sexism, the reductivism, the essentialism, the marginalization, is beyond appalling.

    I am livid beyond words. I can barely type.

  185. Hey Pat: “I have to admit I am speechless at this guy’s arrogance. Why bother with an election; we may as well just have a show of hands and get this over with. I am forever amazed at the way he conducts himself, as if he were a gift to us. What am I missing here?”

    I’m speechless, too. However, I think the keyword is “racism.” And, of course, Axelrod, Obama & Co. (not to mention Reid, Pelosi, Brazille, et al) all know it. I look back to all the hoopla in the last year or so when the media pounced on celebrities who were “so-called” racists. Imus comes to mind; but there were others. Hmmmm ….

    So, Milbanks stands up and says it like it is – and what happens? Constituents stand up and scream racism. This is scary stuff goin’ on here.

    My stance is this: I was raised a liberal; I grew up in Kansas, on the “suburb side of town” in an all white school in the 60’s; I debated and argued for blacks rights; my parents had black friends that came to our home. I will NEVER meekly remain silent about a PERSON because of their color of skin. I don’t see color of skin; I see the person. You can call me racist; I don’t care because I know I’m not one.

    MYIQ: It’s OK to be mellow as you get old; and to another poster, it’s also OK to be sarcastic (which can be used as humor). Just don’t get cynical – noone will take you seriously nor listen to you anymore. LOL

  186. GaryChapelHill quoting NY Daily

    “Giving Clinton a prominent, prime-time speaking role – on a topic freighted with significance for Clinton, the first woman to almost win a presidential nomination – is a fitting consolation prize that should help to heal remaining tensions within the party, some said.”



    This is mere evidence that Male Journalists are from Mars and Women are from Venus and as out of touch as a guy who beats the living shit out of his female partner and then says, “well, if I go to Tiffany’s and buy her something, it’ll be a great consolation to her and she’ll be just fine.”

  187. It’s time, people. The Democratic Party has run its course. All the stuff we see is just the prelude before disaster. The Party may win more Senate & House seats this fall, but its moral core has been destroyed. A company or a firm that makes losses year after year may live and increase revenue for a few years without making profit, but it evenutally folds. Similarly a political party that neither commands nor exerts power in the direction of its guiding priciples needs to, and will, fold.

    We’re seeing it happen live, and the fireworks at the Democratic Party’s funeral are going to be bigger than any Barry will have at Denver.

  188. Epicurious – check out the next thread. I think you’ll find it quite apropos to your comment.

  189. I think that “most” people aren’t paying too much attention to all of this going on. Our culture is too into “American Idol” mode. So many of “us” are working hard to spread the word and the You Tube below is no exceptio

    This You Tube from http://www.RealDemocratsUSA.org shows the money paid by BO (not by Hillary); this is the gist of what needs to be “out there” in front of people. Many of the superdelegates that endorsed Obama were bought even though Hillary won the votes in that superdelegate’s state.

    IMO this is a direct contradiction to BO’s message of CHANGE. This is the change? I find this to be absolutely outrageous!!!

  190. Let’s bring down the One with Laughter:

    What is 20,000 Germans led by Obama out of Berlin?

    Total Traffic Gridlock.

    Because by the time Obama is done with directions, North is South unless conditions change at which time South will be South again whenever he says so, but only for a while. West is East, but not really because he misspoke, and South-East is a no-no because unless you go there backwards, eyes shut and singing Kumbaya, you’re a racist.

  191. stateof disbelief:

    most days i write my 5 words:

    “I hate that friggin weasel”

    so no one here ever is persuaded to cross over to the evil side and to remind people that we cannot give in

    also – it just makes me feel better

  192. ““I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions”

    Wow. Hubris thy name is Barry Obama.

  193. If I was depressed yesterday, I’m so much more than that today. And now this; Hillary will speak on the 19th Amendment..well isn’t that special!!!
    I’m so done, so over it, and can’t take any more of him, the Dem. Party..I’m just done

  194. Are you still removing dissident comments, even the polite ones? If you’re that dismissive of civil discourse, or perhaps thin-skinned about your writing skills in general, why allow responses at all? Why not just assume that everyone agrees with you? That certainly seems no less comfortable than what you’re doing already, and it would save you the trouble of patrolling for any troublemakers, instigators, or civil fellow Americans?

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  196. obama is not going to have Hillary as veep for one simple fact; Bill. we already know that this is a man who is so immature that he cannot handle a relationship with a man like Bill Clinton, vilified or not. then of course, there is the fact that he knows that Hillary is more qualified to be president than he is, and that he cannot possible handle being compared to the most successful political couple in the known world. lol.

  197. Oh shut up. You don’t know WTF you’re talking about.

  198. Karl Rove is laughing his balls off. Have you seen him lately? Light on his feet, I would say.

  199. To people in Berlin, a berliner is a type of sausage so when JFK claimed to be a Berliner he was, in
    German, claiming to be a hot dog. Obama followed suit.

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