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Hillary’s a Sticker

In this upside-down year when a leading Presidential candidate has been relentlessly hounded to quit (see Lambert’s WWTSBQ Watch) it was refreshing to find this list of reasons why Hillary should stay in the race:

10 reasons why Hillary should stay
by Bob Hepburn

But Hillary vows she won’t quit the race before it’s over. She compares herself to Rocky Balboa, of the famous film about an underdog boxer. “When it comes to finishing the fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common,” she said recently. “I never quit. I never give up.”

And she shouldn’t.

Indeed, here are 10 reasons why Hillary should stay in the race:

1. She has strong, well-thought-out positions on topics from health care to Iraq and the environment. If anything, she has a wonk-like obsession with policy.

2. She is smart, has outstanding academic credentials, and was her husband Bill Clinton’s most trusted White House adviser.

3. She has a strong personality, enthusiasm, determination. She has never been afraid to fight for what she believes in.

4. She has a strong team of advisers who could form the backbone of a Hillary White House.

5. She is still winning primaries, and has won almost all the big states, including New York and California, that the Democrats must win in November to gain the White House. While Hillary trails slightly in elected delegates, she is virtually tied with Obama in popular votes. Polls show they are in a dead heat in Indiana while Obama leads in North Carolina, two states with primaries next Tuesday.

6. She is the beneficiary of the political damage inflicted upon Obama by the controversial comments by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was Obama’s pastor for 16 years. Obama is outraged by the latest assertion by Wright that criticism of his incendiary sermons is an attack on the black church, but polls show his support slips every time Wright opens his mouth.

7. She fares better in polls against Republican nominee John McCain than does Obama. In a USA Today poll taken April 18 to 20, Clinton led McCain 50-44 per cent while Obama led him by 47-44 per cent.

8. She is ahead of Obama in winning support of “super delegates,” who are party officials and elected politicians. This is important because neither she nor Obama will have the 2,024 pledged delegates needed to win before the convention starts. Eighty per cent of those delegates are awarded through primaries; the other 20 per cent are super delegates, who can vote any way they want at the convention.

9. What is so wrong about a “contested” convention? They are rare in the U.S., the last one being in 1952 when Adlai Stevenson won the Democratic nomination. In Canada, though, we see them every time a party holds a leadership race. Here, emotions run high, bitter words are spoken, but no one argues that every candidate except the front-runner should drop out before the actual balloting begins. There will be lots of time after the convention to heal party rifts and focus on beating McCain on Nov. 4.

10. She is carrying the hopes and dreams of millions of women.

When I was deciding who to support after Edwards dropped out, those first two reasons were what I liked about her. I thought they’d be important assets for a President (and they will.) But I had no idea how important they (and point number 3) would become as the campaign as the campaign went on through the spring.

Watching the debate in Pennsylvania and The O’Reilly show last night, proved the truth of those first three points. She handled the questions in that debate with easem making it seem like each question was exactly the thing she wanted to talk about. Last night, O’Reilly couldn’t shake her. She not only answered his questions fully — she turned them around on him. And she makes it look easy.

While stories are surfacing that Obama is bored with the campaign, Hillary is energized making even the routine into an opportunity to connect with voters.

I totally agree with riverdaughter that we should view them as trends rather than reliable numbers.  We’re starting to see a shift in the trend with Hillary’s Campaign looking very good and she IS connecting with voters.

She’s a sticker and wasn’t ever going to quit.  But, it’s nice to see her commitment and drive start to pay off.  She might never be a “media darling” but the tone of her coverage is starting to shift just a little.  And May is looking like a good month.

29 Responses

  1. Well said. Hillary has been smart enough to stay in and keep fighting – knowing that Obama would slowly unravel – a certainty for any candidate so unvetted and adored.

    The MSM tone is now sparkling and admiring – and she appears in bright colors that telegraph the optimism that her time has arrived.

  2. I’m so glad she stayed in and kept going. If she had dropped out when the pundits wanted her to, it would’ve been too late for the voters to have their say after the Wright controversy, Bittergate and all of the other hidden agendas we have yet to learn about Barack Obama.
    I love Hillary, because she stands up for what she believes in and tells the truth. Unfortunately, this is also the reason why some people hate her so vehemently. It’s just human nature to flock around people who only tell us what we WANT to hear. It takes courage to stand and listen to someone tell us what we NEED to hear. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I still believe that Americans are courageous people and come Tuesday, the courageous people in two states, mine and Indiana will stand up and do the right thing.

  3. Of course he’s bored. He doesn’t actually like or want to do the work of winning the presidency. He likes being The Candidate, which demonstrates what he imagines to be his vast worth. He would react the same way to the presidency–it would bore him because what he really wants is the ego-boosting effects of the position. He doesn’t quite get that there are some situations where BS won’t cut it. Sometimes you actually have to prove your worth, and do something to win adulation. It doesn’t just come because you’re wonderful you.

  4. Ann On

    He seems like he’s not only bored, he doesn’t want to work very hard for this nomination. I found this over at Open Left, which is not very friendly to clinton,


    Candidate Events In March 4 through May 6 primary states

    * Ohio: Clinton 46-29 Obama
    * Rhode Island: Clinton 2-2 Obama
    * Texas: Clinton 60-37 Obama
    * Vermont: None
    * Wyoming: Obama 7-5 Clinton
    * Mississippi: Clinton 11-3 Obama
    * Pennsylvania: Clinton 77-38 Obama
    * Indiana: Clinton 56-23 Obama
    * North Carolina: Clinton 48-19 Obama

    The last one is quite evident to me. Hillary is spending much more time on the ground campaigning, and I think it is paying off.

  5. Son of Bill, yes, the gas tax holiday is a bad idea, policy-wise. She’s doing what successful politicians do, giving the people a bit of hope that she can help them out, if even for a little while.

    It’s called pandering. And as Jerome Armstrong pointed out, it’s why the republicans have regularly cleaned our clock in elections, that Democrats have a bad habit of telling people that they must suffer for the good of the policy.

    When Barack Obama came out against this idea, the AP pointed out that he’d already voted for just such a “holiday” in 2000 (the link is at MyDD; my linking skills suck).

    Hillary wants to win, and she’s willing to do what it takes. If that means a little relief for somebody who’s spending $100 a week on gas, then she’ll do it. I’m confident that she’ll have good long-term ideas also.

  6. I suppose if you have been compared to JFK, MLK, RFK and referred to as “the One who we have been waiting for” you probably do begin to think that all you are required to do is show up. It probably does seem “boring” at this point if you were promised the nomination and it still hasn’t been handed over. I mean all this pundits and blogs have just about assured you that you are the answer and here you are, still uncrowned. It must be as frustrating as waiting for the cable guy to show up.

  7. On the Obama boredom story, has everyone read the report form Mayhill Fowler on Obama’s recent appearances (she is the woman who leaked the “bitter” remarks tape).

    Did Senator Obama know to whom he was speaking? Likely not. That’s been his problem lately on the campaign trail–not knowing exactly where he was. He even made a joke about it in Hickory when he tried to recall where he had just met someone whose story he wanted to tell. “We were down in–where were we?” Quickly he came up with Winston-Salem, and everybody laughed. Monday in Wilmington, however, not only did he seem not to know Wilmington but the date and time, saying that it was “March” and “nine months to November.” The fact that his audiences are largely composed of die-hard fervent loyalists usually masks this underlying dis-connection.

    But Clinton doesn’t have this problem:

    …Senator Clinton always knows exactly where she is and to whom she is speaking. On Sunday in Wilmington, for example, her opening remarks touched in quick succession on several important things about the town: the glorious setting on the Cape Fear River, its connection to the military, the upcoming commissioning of the new submarine North Carolina there next weekend, and the fact that “this country has been very good to me and to many of you,”

    Audiences have to be picking up on this. It sounds like Obama is really being pushed past his energy limit. As many here have said before, Barack is not yet ready and he is melting down.

  8. bostonboomer,

    I think this is why the Obama supporters try to pile on Bill Clinton every once in a while. They know that he is the best weapon Hillary has. He is tireless and relentless in his support of Hillary. Like I reported yesterday, he travelled over 100 miles and made about 6 stops in eastern NC in less than six hours. One of the reports I read in a local newspaper wondered if he had a time machine. Much of the local coverage was the same after Easley’s endorsement of Clinton. I remember that by the time I got home after the event and turned on the TV, Hillary was already in Indiana! The noon news people marvelled at how quickly she had gone from A to B.

  9. It’s a 12 week holiday for christ sake. Nothing wrong with that. It’s not permanent. It’s part of a broader plan to lower gas prices, as much as possible, which isn’t much, that includes releasing some oil from the reserve. I’d bet money today, that the Congress does this anyway, and she wants the oil companies to pay for it.

  10. It sounds like Obama is really being pushed past his energy limit.

    I don’t think that is it. Listen to Obama. He’s arrogant and petulant. He doesn’t like being questioned and he blames the voters for not voting for him. No matter how smart and how good your motives are, if you are as childish as Obama is you will be a disaster as a leader. Obama has never been a leader nor do I expect him to be one in the future–which is why I hate when people say “he will be great in 8 years”, he’s demonstrated no evidence he cares to actually be a real leader.

  11. Obama isn’t a leader, nor did he ever claim to be. He’s a meta-leader. It’s all about the meta.

  12. @garychapelhill 10:48

    “He seems like he’s not only bored, he doesn’t want to work very hard for this nomination.”

    Fundamentally, he doesn’t think he should have to. His attitude is that he’s entitled to it. Underneath it all, he’s a spoiled little boy who’s never really been required to work for anything; up to now, everything has been handed to him. People like this can appear to be functioning extremely well in situations where they don’t have to exert much effort to get big results. Evidently campaigning is not such a situation for Obama, and I believe the presidency also would challenge him beyond his tolerance for challenge. (Notice I don’t say he couldn’t do the work. Very likely, he could. His handicap is that he can’t tolerate challenges to his sense of entitlement.)

  13. I’m also a former Edwards guy, and Lord Obama was never even in my rear view mirror, from the get go I thought he did not have the experience, and came off as a Elitist, not to mention the fact he lost most all of the debates big time. The only time he shines, is with a teleprompter and an audience of his groupies.

    It sure would be great to have the Edwards family come out for Hillary, but second best is no endorsement. If they came out for Barry, that would be bad news, indeed.

    Looking forward to part 2 of Hillary on O’Reilly tonight!

    Go Hlilary!

  14. Does this mean Obama boxed himself in as the Democratic affirmative action candidate?

  15. I would like to point out that Sen. Salazar and former Gov. Romer are a) VERY POPULAR in Co and b) neither has endorsed a candidate.

    The Obama campaign keeps (pathetically) touting Colorado as a state they can (possibly) win. If one of these two Super D’s came out for Hillary, then it would be a clear message to the rest of the super d’s that Obama is NOT electable.

    Ken Salazar – http://salazar.senate.gov/contact/email. cfm

    Gov. Roy Romer – no known email but you can contact him via his son Chris, a state Senator here. (who I know for a fact supports HRC, as does his wife and three daughters)

    If you have time, our moderate Democratic uncommitted Gov. Bill Ritter would be a great person to write to as well. http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/GovRitter/GOVR/1177024890452


  16. Pat,
    You snarky thing! That was a great comment!

    I don’t LOL or blow coffee through my nose, but I do chuckle at wit and you’ve got wit!

  17. I am not that keen on the gas tax holiday either. However, Clinton’s plan is more responsible than McCain’s, which is a straight out pander. Therefore, I view Clinton’s proposal as a non-event from a policy point of view.

    Does she make politically expedient decisions? Duh. All politicians do. They try to address the concerns of constituents or potential constituents. This is called democracy. Do you think that Obama’s denunciation of Wright — and his earlier criticism of Wright’s remarks — were not politically expedient? Of course they were — they just weren’t entirely effective in addressing voters’ concerns. I don’t blame Obama for doing what politicians do; my only problem with Obama on that score is the pretense that he’s somehow above politcal expedience.

    At least when Hillary is being politically expedient, she does it in a thoughtful, responsible way. Yes, her vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq was a mistake — a vote that she “wishes [she] could take back,” as she said in one of the recent debates. Many other Senators, unfortunately, including John Edwards and John Kerry, made the same mistake. Should she have made contrition earlier? It depends on whether you think that her vote was pure politics, or her best judgment on what was appropriate at the time she made the judgment. I tend to think the latter, even though her judgment was not mine at the time. I’m willing to forgive her that vote because I think she is the person best suited to get us out of Iraq quickly and safely. I think she is committed to that.


  18. Great video from a Hill supporter in NC:

  19. kateNC: I will never be mistaken for Doris Day.

  20. Joe Andrews has a post up at HuffPo explaining his switch from Clinton to Obama:

    I ask Hoosiers to come together and vote for Barack Obama to be our next President. In an accident of timing, Indiana has been given the opportunity to truly make a difference. Hoosiers should grab that power and do what in their heart they know is right.


    Translation: “Through an accident of timing, Clinton threatens to extend her winning streak to Indiana. Stop her before she wins again.

  21. I think some of the self-styled Beltway cognoscenti are also beginning to sit up and take notice, both of Hillary’s skills and of Obama’s weaknesses. In a recent McLaughlin Group discussion, arch-conservative Pat Buchanan, reflecting on Hillary’s victory in PA, mentioned that not only was Obama unable to connect with the middle class, but that Hillary ran a superb campaign in PA and should be given credit for that. Also telling was Eleanor Clift’s summary (from the same show):

    “And she’s presenting herself as the candidate for people with genuine needs, who need to look for government, whereas Obama is now looking like he’s a luxury for people who don’t really need government and want to entertain fantasies about a new kind of politics.”

    I couldn’t have summed it up better myself.

  22. merciless, Sen. Cinton’s energy policies are pretty good. You can read about them on her website, or better an environmental site like Grist, where they compare and analyze plans and discuss them at length.

    Okay, I need some more math help…

    Is lyn5’s question troll-bait or just stupid? Hm. Either way, I think I’ll add another $3 to the Clinton campaign fund.

    I’m up to $12 in two days.

  23. @litigatormom: If IN is in the power of truly making a difference, doesn’t that completely undercut the whole “Hillary can’t win!” myth? Why yes, yes it does!

  24. Good point, Davidson, and you’ve hit on the whole point behind the Andrews move. The wagon is about to go off the cliff, and they’re throwing out any old rope they can find to pull it back up.

  25. Make that $15 to Sen. Clinton’s campaign.

  26. Son of Bill Brasky: I don’t know how you get the impression that people here are “less interested in a President that makes sound decisions and more interested in how many hands they shake.” Talking about the details of the campaign doesn’t negate the substantive reasons why most here support Hillary.

    I gather from your posts that you are an Obama supporter. Why do you support Obama? Why do you think he’d make a better president? I’ve heard why others think so, I’m curious about your views.

    We won’t bite.

  27. […] Sex And Politics and Screeds and Attitude wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptWe’re starting to see a shift in the trend with Hillary’s Campaign looking very good and she IS connecting with voters. She’sa sticker and wasn’t ever going to quit. But, it’s nice to see her commitment and drive start to pay off. … Read the rest of this great post here […]

  28. Breaking: “Hillary Clinton will appear in a live town hall meeting Sunday on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” Just two days before the primaries, ABC’s town hall event will be broadcast live from Indiana, and also include viewer questions from North Carolina. “This Week” host Stephanopoulos is moderating…”



    I hope there’s a provision which allows Hillary to two knocks upside everytime GS decides to act a complete boneheaded tool. But that’s just my suggestion. She really should get in touch with me if her peeps aren’t already on that. Because if not, there not exactly serving your best interest. 😉

  29. Ann- You’re exactly right about Obama. It’s remarkable how someone can be so unlike GWB but so like him in one important regard…they both have a sniveling sense of entitlement about them.

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