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The Presumptuous Nominee should take his own advice

The ultimate sweetie himself gave a little speech last night in Portland and encouraged his droogs, er, followers to “be nice to Clinton supporters”. Gee, you don’t think he’s worried that maybe they might have gone too far? Who clued him in?

In any case, it doesn’t look like all of his supporters got the message. I fished this out of the spam filter (I had to wear neoprene gloves and protective clothing):

Go_Bama_2008 | Obama_droog@hopey-changey.com | IP: foo.bar.foo

Who really cares what a few hundred or even a few thousand people say on this and similar blogs. Either vote for the nominee or leave the Democratic party forever. You will become even more irrelevant in the future. Nobody cares or is worried about your threats and attempts at electoral blackmail.
We dont want you or need you. Bye.

followed by:

  • Go_Bama_2008 | Obama_droog@hopey-changey.com| IP: foo.bar.foo

    And we don’t want you here. Any more of your BS and we’ll show you the door….

    Thank you. You are the bser, living in a fantasy land. WE are going to show Hillary the door next week. Haha.

  • Aww, I’m sure he meant well. He was just trying to show us his own special brand of “nice”.

I thought Obama had finally gotten the message and was going to rein them in. But, seriously, folks, this is the Obama Campaign we’re talking about. To them, it’s a “dog-eat-dog” world. They run an Enron style machine: Don’t wait to stab them in the back. Get while the gettin’s’ good. Do it to them before they do it to you.

So it came as no surprise that Obama still intends to carry out his “spiked football in the end zone funky chicken dance” before he’s reached the magic number of 2210. Yep. on Tuesday, the Presumptuous one will be in Iowa where it all began to deliver a giant “Fuck You” to all of us Clinton supporters and the great states of Florida and Michigan.

I’m sure he’ll be nice about it. He’ll call for healing and uniting and defeating the common enemy and he’ll call on his worthy opponent to help bring us all together, because he’s made a habit of getting other people to do his work for him instead of doing the “uniting” himself. If I were her, I’d say, “Oh, no, Barack, I couldn’t possibly stand in your way and steal your limelight. You go right ahead and do your unifying. Oh, sure, I told them to vote for you but there’s only so much I can do. The damn voters *will* behave like they have minds of their own. You gives’em books and gives’em books but all they does is chews on the covers.”

It is interesting that he’s actually thinking that he’s got some work to do to turn this thing around. He’s thinking that maybe his fans should take some lessons in etiquette. “It is perfectly acceptable to *think* you are better than her supporters but it is impolite to mention it in a mixed audience.”

But if I were him, I wouldn’t ruin this teachable moment with an acceptance speech until the balloons drop in Denver. Not only is it arrogant, unwise and premature, it just isn’t “nice”.

Anglachel seems to think that Hillary could show Obama a thing or two about civility and unifying the party.  Don’t count on Donna Brazile or Howard Dean to take notice though.  *sigh*

And lest we forget how he rode to this presumption on a wave of media sexism that he never protested, take a look at this and keep it in mind for Tuesday night. Of course, women weren’t the only targets. Apparently working class and Appalachians are also targets for derision now. Yep, he’s covered me in three different areas. Nice.

What Should Superdelegate Al Gore Do?


Sunday: Sweeties

Courtesy of UpstateNY and LavenderLiberal.com, we present this handy pocket guide to Obamaniac behavior:

Guide to Obamaniac Behavior

We believe they are oscillating between the blue and green sections right now. The thing is, many of us *aren’t* Democrats anymore, or should I say, Dean Democrats. We’re unaffiliated with the Dean Democratic party. But come Tuesday, they will be hard pressed to not jump to the yellow and red zones, which will undoubtably drive more of us to declare ourselves free of the childish Dean Democrats. Keep it up and the pie chart will shrink to approximately the size of a pinhead.

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