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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Thursday: Mayday!

There are two times of the year when the faerie world and the human world come within close proximity of each other: The beginning of May and the end of October. Strange things happen and anything is possible. Like, Hillary Clinton goes on The O’Reilly Factor and gives good interview. Here is part 1 of 4:

Mayday is also a distress signal used by pilots just before they bail. It comes from the French “venez m’aider”, meaning, come to my aid. This must be what Joe Andrew was signaling today when he switched from Hillary to Obama in his home town of Indianapolis:

“While I was hopeful that a long, contested primary season would invigorate our party, the polls show that the tone and temperature of the race is now hurting us,” Andrew wrote. “John McCain, without doing much of anything, is now competitive against both of our remaining candidates. We are doing his work for him and distracting Americans from the issues that really affect all of our lives.”…

“He has shown such mettle under fire,” Andrew said in the interview. “The Jeremiah Wright controversy just reconfirmed for me, just as the gas tax controversy confirmed for me, that he is the right candidate for our party.”

Oh, brother. Does any of that make any sense to you? I can’t figure out what’s going on with the DNC. Is it some kind of Death Wish? If they’ve got some compelling reason to want Clinton to drop out for the good of the party, don’t they have an obligation to tell the rest of us so we can make the right decision? But they say nothing of substance, they don’t show us her weapons of mass destruction. They only spout this nonsense. There is no fire. So, I can only conclude that it is self-interest that is motivating this kind of announcement. Anyway, if anyone knows the real reason why Andrew and others like him are sending these distress signals, would you let us know?

Mayhill Fowler (of Bittergate fame) sees a different sort of distress signal from Obama’s campaign, which she continues to follow live. She is starting to sound like an increasingly disillusioned Obamaphile in this snippet comes to us courtesy of Jerome Armstrong at MyDD. Eriposte at TheLeftCoaster has more of Fowler’s report with some additional material. Very interesting.

Finally, May Day is a holiday to celebrate workers in many countries. My French colleagues probably have the day off. Yesterday, Hillary got an endorsement from Paul Gipson, a local steelworker labor leader in Indiana whose words of praise were, um, a bit unusual to say the least. Here’s the clip from MSNBC. Watch Hillary carefully.

50 Responses

  1. Rivedaughter,

    I asked this in the last post, but wanted to bring it up here as well. Do you know where Andrew lives? I’m interested to know if he has actually gotten to vote yet.

  2. RD, don’t you know what’s going on? The polls last night show that Hillary is gaining significant ground in North Carolina and that the Jeremiah Wright controversy has seriously wounded Obama—not just among white voters but blacks as well. (This was according to the FoxNews poll that was aired just ahead of Hillary’s interview with O’Reilly.)
    When Bill Clinton came to my town a few weeks ago, he said, “When people try to get you to quit, it’s because they’re scared you’ll win.” I think that pretty much says it all.

  3. Lucinda: Yeah, I ifgured they’re scared she’ll win but WHY are they afraid? What do they think is going to happen to them? That’s what’s so confusing. i mean, she’s one of their team so why aren’t they rooting for her? If it were something really bad about her, they would have leaked it somehow, right? But nothing’s come out so it has to be self-interest. Is it a matter of money? Power? Influence? Is she going to start asking congress to investigate all the $#%^ they let the Bushies get away with all these years? Is she going to cut off the gravy train from lobbyists and contractors? Is she going to make that problem worse? For the last two questions, it is just as likely to be the former because if it were the latter, they would have told us by now in more concrete terms.
    But so far, there has been no explanation for their remarkable lack of party loyalty to one of their strongest candidates and I would very much like to know what is at the bottom of this.

  4. I believe it is because some of these so-called progressive men are really scared for a woman to have power.

  5. Even his most damning justification for rallying support around Obama (Vote for Clinton = vote for McCain) sounds like utter bulls*** Do people still think Obama, especially after Wright, would fare better against McCain?

  6. The only real issue Andrew mentioned is the gas tax holiday. I don’t know what is going on with him. Is is possible that money is involved?

    I find it interesting that Obama thinks if someone saves $30 on gas, that’s no big deal. For me, saving $30 on gas over the summer would make a difference. I’m going to be living on a very low income for the next few months, and food prices are going through the roof too. It costs me more than $4.00 for a loaf of bread these days. Obama really seems to have no clue what it is like to struggle financially.

  7. I agree with Sarah, but I suspect that they would not be so afraid if it were a Pelosi-type woman running. Despite what Obama’s campaign and the press are putting out about Hillary, she is not the status quo candidate, and her gender is only part of it. Hillary is not going to take any s*** from anyone (to use Bill’s phrase). She has more _______ fortitude than the whole lot of them. So riverdaughter, I can only guess, but I have a feeling that there might not be a single, unifying factor causing these SDs in question to support BO, but rather many motivating factors (CDS, sexism, power, influence, $, etc.) that affect the individual SDs in varying degrees.

  8. As for what Gipson said, it’s OK with me. He might as well have said that Hillary has brass ones. She does (ovaries). It was funny when she rolled her eyes up after Gipson said that.

  9. Her reaction was so funny. I found her so cute. Gosh, I’m joining Joe Scarborough. We will setup a fan club, “Married Men Who Have A Crush On Hillary.”

  10. Now, an interview with O’Reilly takes cojones (or testicular fortitude if you want….). heh, Hillary rocks!

  11. Two interesting articles in the NYT this morning. Polls show him losing ground since the Wright debacle and it looks like the nomination may be slipping away. The other (which validates my position on the Wright issue) is background on the breech between Obama and his pastor. Seems as if Obama “hurt is feelings” when he initially asked him to stay out of sight the day he announced in Spfld. Wright is blaming Axelrod for the slight. When he came out the first time and played down his relationship to Wright the pastor was deeply offended. Then when the press beat up on him Wright felt a strong need to vindicate himself. When he did, Obama tossed him over. That did more to heighten Obama’s integrity than it did with Wright’s speeches. Now some black leaders have been begging Wright to just shut up for the time being but a spokesman in the church says that Wright is a “very sensitive man” so who knows. This is just not going away. Can anyone see O’Reilly pressing Obama about Wright and him heeing and hawing his way through an adequate explanation? I don’t.

  12. Riverdaughter,

    I posted this comment at TL but if you don’t mind I’d like to repeat it here:

    My take on super delegates from the halls of Congress is that they regard Obama as a kind of place holder while they bring power back to Congress from the executive branch. He probably won’t be a strong or dynamic president demanding much of them unlike Hillary who would run them ragged from day one. So, they can scurry around building personal power bases and working on their own agendas.

    I want power to return to the Congress but I also want Hillary up there pushing them to get things done for the country, not for themselves.

    This could also apply to staffers and hangers-on.

    Just a thought.

  13. Some verbiage from Pat’s articles:

    Fifty-one percent of Democratic primary voters say they expect Mr. Obama to win their party’s nomination, down from 69 percent a month ago. Forty-eight percent of Democrats say he is the candidate with the best chance of beating Senator John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican nominee, down from 56 percent a month ago.


    Along with this one….Does anybody really think being considered “less patriotic” than McCain won’t be a problem for Obama, given the GOP’s tendency to inflame voters on this topic?

    Mr. Obama has vulnerabilities. Only 29 percent of registered voters said they considered him “very patriotic,” compared with 40 percent who described Mrs. Clinton that way. Mr. McCain, a former prisoner of war, was considered “very patriotic” by 70 percent of the registered voters.

  14. Brilliant.

    I’m generally against Democrats going on Fox. But she took it to him. O’Reilly was AGREEING on some of the fundamentals of universal health care.

    Brilliant. She needs to be President.

  15. You can bet that the SD’s endorsing Obama (or “switching” to him) have been in his pocket for a while.

    CampObama has been announcing them at a rate of one of two a day for a while now.

    Unlike the party elites, the voters are moving towards Hillary. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for next Tuesday. Another devastating loss for Obama and he’s in deep doo doo

  16. I think it all comes down to aristocracy. Hillary has come out against mercenaries and private armies. Her health care is universal.

    Not that there’s any difference between the two on issues, but there are HUGE differences between the two of them on issues.

    Personally I think it’s just garden-variety greed and powerlust. In other words, corruption. Right now elite means having a LOT of power. It means profit and control and no oversight and being able to get away with a lot. Like owning the whole world.

    But another thing to consider is that Clinton represents a different political style from Obama’s famous supporters – latte libs all. The actual philosophy is different. She moves away from the politics of blame and victimization into things like welfare reform – responsibility along with opportunity as the key to prosperity and all that. She will finish bringing the New Deal if she can, but it will be a reformed New Deal, with the parts that do not work cut out of it (like housing projects and lifelong welfare recipients). Hillary understands in a way these guys still don’t that “crime and blight” is NOT a code word for white racists. It’s about wanting to live in a nice neighborhood and not wanting to excuse criminals. And that’s not an unfair thing to want.

    If she wins, it will be the final death blow to their whole failed political philosophy. The 1970s will finally be over and the Ted Kennedy Liberals lost.

  17. Hillary did a great interview on Fox. I don’t understand why Obama picks up 8 superdelegates in the last week and she picks up 3, because it is so clear to me he will LOSE the GE. Lois Capps bailed and went for Obama even tho she’s from CA, which Hillary took.

    As for Obama’s figures on gas, they are wrong. It’s not a savings of $30, but more like $110. So much for Mr. Math.

    Hillary stood up to Bill O better than anyone I have ever seen. Same for Olbermann. Why doesn’t the DNC value this? Why do they want to downplay Wright? This is ignoring the reality that voters are losing confidence in Obama b/c of Wright.

    Hillary needs these superdelegates, but it seems like the more Obama loses ground, the more they want to prop him up.

  18. Has anybody else noticed how much angrier Keith Obamaman has become since the reappearance of Rev Wright?

    Keith, it’s not yo mama who’s running. Relax!

  19. When Bill Clinton came to my town a few weeks ago, he said, “When people try to get you to quit, it’s because they’re scared you’ll win.” I think that pretty much says it all. — Lucinda


  20. I think they see Obama as their Reagan. I personally couldn’t stand Reagan but a large percentage of the population was evidently mesmerized by his speaking style. I think they want someone to fool the people with pretty speeches while they go about their self-serving business.

    I also agree with Kate that he won’t run them ragged as Hillary would. At this point, he would owe so much to the party he’d be completely controllable. She’s loyal to the party but would owe them less than nothing.

  21. well if Obama is going to bring such massive changes to Washington , why is all of old Washington uniting to scream ‘unite behind obama’?

    I really don’t remember anyone doing that for Reagan.

    And they are back with that “it doesn’t matter that people say they will not vote for Obama – they will unite before November” …in other words, ignoring the voters is now justified because .. ??

  22. I’m thinking that huge donor database, in addition to paying superdelegates outright, is what provides Obama with leverage. Sure, he’d go down in flames in the GE, but look at all that $$$!

    Fools that they are, they don’t realize that money will be gone once Obama gets slaughtered.

    I’m still praying Clinton holds her own in NC and beats Obama in IN. We’ll see.

  23. I’ll be “darned” if they are going to take me down – my country, my life, my children’s lives. This is the Bu$h media disaster all over again. Deja vu all over again – I knew what a failure Bu$h was and what harm he could do to this country – except he exceeded my worst
    fears. Now, my own party is trying to force an inexperienced, unelectable candidate down my throat?Why in God’s name? They are even using the “likeability” meme – I find an empty suit reprehensible for the office of POTUS. Is this some sick “we can match your idiot and then some”??

    I watched a little of the interview with Michelle O. last night on CNN – Caroline Kennedy S. repeated the same ole crap about Obama’s early life – raised by single mother, poor, such a sweet nature? Bleh. These people “fostering” him are brain dead. They do not care because they apparently have no concerns that normal Americans do. Now that we have some vetting for Obama, my gut level feeling is, he is a disaster – the little history that is real is not good, shows no substance whatsoever.

    Joe Andrew’s selection of Obama was not based on anything having to do with electability, strength of character, experience – nothing a CIC would be expected to have. What a blatant disregard for this country and its future. Before yesterday I was frustrated – now I am enraged. I sure do not want a Bu$hlite – even if the”party elders” do. I am tired of trying to find out the why – it is illogical. They have lost their minds and are not to be trusted.

  24. The DNC is close to bankruptcy. I read somewhere that they only have 5 million in the coffers. That means they are unable to fund congressional candidates which may be the reason they are sticking their necks out for Obama. His campaign is rolling in it and they may be hoping they put up the money in their place. Hillary is skating by with less and cannot afford to shell out much. Could be the reason but I have not sent one cent to the DNC in months but rather have sent what I could to Hillary. Howard and Donna must be feeling the pinch. Good!!

  25. Jacilyn,

    Ted Kennedy’s been a great senator working for liberal values for decades.

    The fact that he’s supporting Obama doesn’t take away from that. It’s just a momentary slip in his “reality cap”.

    Sorry, but I hate to see him denigrated and his long record ignored.

  26. I just woke up to the news about Andrew’s switch on NPR. An extended primary hurts the Democrats, democracy, what exactly? They are scaredy cats because the extended primary brought Barry down to earth. And Andrew blames Clinton?! Man has blamed the woman ever since Eve. Get over it!

  27. Sugar watched Hillary yesterday on O’Reilly and landet immediately in Shrillville, where the guys and gals of Corrente, along with The Shrill One himself.

    Hillary handled herself like a real leader as O’Reilly tried to back her into this corner and that one, hitting him with facts and figures as he grinned in awe and I was once again reminded why she is the only candidate I could have decided to support.

    I couldn’t help but to think about how different that interview would have been had Obama been the one on the hot seat. First of all, O’Reilly is trying to get as much mileage out of it as he can, splitting the interview into four parts, but had he spoken to Obama with all of his hemming and hawing, he might have had to make it 8! Who has time to be waiting for him to collect his thoughts? Al Qaeda would be on the White House lawn before he made a decision! Lord, I guess we can safely say he wasn’t on his school’s quiz bowl team. Jesus!

    It’s a pretty good and well written review. Go read the whole thing.

  28. Pat,
    The DNC is low on funds now, but previously when it looked like they were low it was just because they’d been passing out funds as fast as they got them to Democrats running for Congress as they’d promised to do.

    Howard Dean has been a real disappointment when it comes to presidential politics but great when it’s been down-ticket.

  29. I agree, Davidson regarding the “huge donor” factor.

    I also happen to believe these SDs are attempting to convince both their fellow, uncommitted SD and voters alike that ‘all is well’. The belief that these official endorsements will effectively stem the losses BO’s currently experiencing – by reassuring those now feeling more distressed by his candidacy that it’s not as it seems. You know, who are ya gonna believe: me or your lying eyes? Heh.

    Now, is this course of action delusional and self-destructive? Why, of course. But this faction of the Dem Party often prove nothing if not tepid and self-destructive.

  30. Obama’s cash could buy him the nomination. That’s not the politics of change.

  31. Should Hillary win BIG throughout the remaining contests and these SDs *still* decide to nominate her opponent, an enormously immediate loss of credibility will be the LEAST of their concerns.

  32. kateNC: You could be right. My point is that I used to send them 20.00 monthly and they could depend upon that commitment. I just wonder if there are more out there like me, namely women, who diverted their contributions because they disagreed so vehemently with the Donna/Howard tactics. If so, it is just a minor way of demonstrating how out of touch they are with the female voters who felt the same way.

  33. Bingo, Davidson. Obama has been giving money to supers like crazy. I can’t believe they really think the money will keep coming. And unity can’t be it since he has divided the party. It can’t be electability because he’s going to be very much like Mondale.

    It has to be something but I cannot figure it out. Blackmail?

  34. apparently Obama was for a gas tax holiday before he was against it


    Granted, he says that he is against it now, because it didn’t work then, but that argument seems a bit weak seeing as how they never really concluded if it did one way or the other

    as for the $30 savings, I think Obama is missing the point. Most Americans go on vacation in the summer, many driving hundreds, even thousands of miles. The gas tax holiday could save them hundreds of dollars in that case. That’s why its done over the summer. Finally, I was so mad last night when they reported about this on the ABC nightly news. They never indicated that Clinton would pay for the holiday with a windfall tax on oil companies, instead implying that her plan was the same as McCain’s and that it was nothing but pandering to voters.

  35. apparently Obama was for a gas tax holiday before he was against it


    Granted, he says that he is against it now, because it didn’t work then, but that argument seems a bit weak seeing as how they never really concluded if it did one way or the other

    as for the $30 savings, I think Obama is missing the point. Most Americans go on vacation in the summer, many driving hundreds, even thousands of miles. The gas tax holiday could save them hundreds of dollars in that case. That’s why its done over the summer. Finally, I was so mad last night when they reported about this on the ABC nightly news. They never indicated that Clinton would pay for the holiday with a windfall tax on oil companies, instead implying that her plan was the same as McCain’s and that it was nothing but pandering to voters.

    I tried to post this once, but it didn’t show up, then it said it was a duplicate. not sure what happened, but I’ll try one more time with new text….

  36. Riverdaughter,

    my comments keep disappearing. Am I doing something wrong?

  37. Hey folks, just some thoughts on Joe Andrew that I remembered in a convo at TalkLeft and thought I’d carry over here….

    Folks need to remember that during Andrew’s term as Chair, there were TWO DNC chairs – Andrew served as “general” chair, but the “national” chair during his tenure was none other than high-profile Hillary supporter Ed Rendell.

    My guess is that this endorsement has a whole lot to do with Andrew’s personal relationship with Rendell.

    Also, Andrew’s tenure with Rendell was during the 2000 election, hardly the most placid period of our Party’s history…just a reminder that his relationship with the Clintons may well not be as it’s currently being described by MSM.

    FYI, as we’re discussing the state of the race today….

  38. gary: There aren’t any comments in the moderation queue and I’m not deleting anything. Maybe it’s a hiccup in the server?

  39. ECM, on May 1st, 2008 at 9:11 am Said:

    Her reaction was so funny. I found her so cute. Gosh, I’m joining Joe Scarborough. We will setup a fan club, “Married Men Who Have A Crush On Hillary.”

    It’s not only men that have a crush on Hillary. Sigh.

  40. Eleanor A.: Great bit of info about Rendell/Andrew. We can’t discount the role of personal relationships in these matters.

  41. It may be “carrot and stick”… buy ’em with dough and threaten with primary challenges the next time out. It worked with the Black Caucus, and it may well be what’s happening with anybody who now feels a little weak in the knees.

  42. hey rd!

    you might want to let people know that they’ve extended the matching donation bonus on Hillary’s site.

    yesterday got crazy, and i was sitting at work just now when suddenly i realized that i never made my contribution! stomach sinking, i went to check out how much had been raised by everyone else and was delighted to discover that they had extended the deadline to include today! there may be other folk like me who didn’t get to donate who’d benefit from a reminder.

    just fyi…

  43. Pat,

    I too quit donating to the DNC, and I was a Deaniac. Many women just quietly change their habits without making a big deal about it. I joined Daily Kos in 2003, quit cold turkey a few months ago and didn’t say anything about it. I did, however, write a heated e-mail to the DNC.

  44. KateNC, the Democratic party will not survive if they cannot recognize the failures in their 1970s mindset. They screwed some things up BIG TIME but they won’t even listen, let alone apologize.

    Their policies have been regressive, falling squarely on the working class whom they ridicule instead of listening to. Their response has been to pooh-pooh grievances – for instance making absurd arguments about how affirmative action never hurt anyone (???) even as they mock us for being “less educated” because we rely on the military and 2 year schools and votech for our education. Or acting like working class guys are villains for wanting to earn a living, when they have decided the cure for all environmental problems is to simply get the entire industrial sector to just quit participating in the economy.

    As if their solutions were the best – ONLY – way to solve these problems. You can hear it now in gas tax arguments: “this problem is important. And so therefore who cares if it hurts the working class…”

    But their solutions don’t work. A gas tax won’t change anyone’s behavior – the ones who waste gas will merely be annoyed, but they will still rely on their car until a real alternative is proposed or until we run out of gas.

    Just to add salt to the wound, the liberal elite types get moralistic and preachy: I am supposed to understand I am a bad person for not agreeing with them. I must want a fouled environment. I must be a racist. Etc.

    Magnify that by twenty or thirty years and you might understand why Ted Kennedy, champion of some horrifically regressive policies, is not a popular figure in some places.

    I realize some people will disagree with me but what really infuriates me is not so much disagreement as silence. The regressive nature of Democratic policies are not mentioned anywhere. We are not allowed to speak of it, it’s challenging liberal orthodoxy (it’s why Clintons are labelled “Republicans”) – but the Republicans use these issues to convert people, they really do.

  45. whoops i meant to post that on my other acct. darcylinn = jacilyn – sorry for the sockpuppetry

  46. I went over to youtube and watched part 2/4. She really took it to O’Reilly.

    One possible explanation for the recent super influx for Obama is an argument for the upcoming DNC. It has become clear that this primary is going to come down to supers so the response by Obama is to show that Hillary will not be able to attract the required number to obtain the nomination.

    The difficult situation that the Democratic Party is in right now is tough to work out. There are basically two trains of thought and it seems most people prefer to discard one.

    The first one tends to focus on the political fallout of prematurely using supers to decide the nomination contest in favor of Obama. The suggestion is women, men, Clinton supporters, or whoever will feel that their choice (and others) was disregarded by party insiders with political motives.

    The second idea tends to focus what the effect of a DNC nomination battle will have on the party. Many believe that waiting that long will cripple the party’s ability to defeat McCain in November. If the nomination is going to rest on the supers then what is the point of further primaries?

    It would be a mistake to assume that only one of these is a real danger and the other is not. I also question the judgment of anybody who goes out and definitively states that either one of these scenarios is out and out more dangerous for democratic November hopes than the other. The assumption that a contested DNC is probably ok is stupid. The problem is that in order to avoid one you essentially must make an equally stupid assumption. Settling this race early is dangerous. There is no easy solution here. Either way, the party is going to face a potentially crippling hurdle. Which one is worse? Who knows?

    One mistake that people always seem to make is losing the greater context/timeframe. Is Obama unelectable? I don’t know. Is using the latest poll really the best way to think about this question? What probably is killing a lot of Obama supporters is that they are attributing a lot of his current difficulties to Clintons continued campaign. It’s silly to assert that it isn’t but as people here are quick to point; it isn’t going to be different for whoever wins and runs in the GE. It almost goes without mentioning that simply staying in the race is not tantamount to undermining your opponent.

    I fundamentally disagree with the theories about why supers/talking heads are shifting towards Obama. I think it is reflective of a shift at the higher levels towards the belief that a long and drawn out race is the more dangerous of the two. There decision may be hasty but since it is going to come down to supers/party leaders it seems a bit silly to outright reject their rational (ie: what they are actually saying). The democrats are playing a dangerous game.

    The danger from closing this contest out as early as possible is real. Some people would just rather deal with this now instead of later I suppose. I think how the loser loses is going to be a huge deal. Everybody here is familiar with what many Obama fanatics are saying about Clinton (mean things). If she gains the nomination I can see this being ratcheted up to a whole new level unless Obama/whoever can diffuse this. The other danger of course is if she contests and loses then I can see a lot of people criticizing her for the “pointlessness” of it all. Once again, the loser here will have a lot of potential in diffusing the situation.

    So here is the best explanation I can come up with. The Republicans are (or should be) weak. Instead the statistically likely nominee is suffering from the contest now. The first assumption is that the GE will be different because it will allow the party to exploit perceived Republican weakness. The second assumption is that ending the primary contest early will not permanently piss off Clinton supporters. Both assumptions are flawed but this all goes back to what is happening right now. Obama is revealing is secret supers in order to drive home the most likely scenario; a contested DNC where he wins anyway. Clinton probably has no secret supers because she could not afford it and has an “all in” in strategy. Her gamble is essentially that she can bruise him hard enough in Indiana and North Carolina to convince the majority of supers that she stands a better chance in the GE. Personally, I just see uncertainty in all directions. The party really is between a rock and a hard place.

  47. Ryan:

    I think you are wrong. The situation can be fixed by fixing the MI and FL fiasco. I can understand that SD can not throw the nom to Hillary right now b/c obama is leading the delegate count but if they count MI and FL, that would narrow the delegate count and give Hillary the pop votes.

    it would provide a rational for SD to nominate Hillary but as it stands today. the entire democratic party is determined to eliminate the CLintons so they will not count MI and FL. The Pelosi gang as Id like to call it is pulling strings behind the scenes and I know what I am talking about. My mum is a very big donor to party and has been blasting Pelosi for weeks but Pelosi is pretending to be deaf and blind.

    Hillary is 60yr and if she can’t win now, it is over for her. There won’t be another run in 4 years. Unless Chelsea wants to get into politics, the Clintons era will be over.

  48. Gary – I did not find an answer to your question regarding where Joe Andrew is located in this thread so, he is an attorney with a firm in Washington, DC – originally from Indiana. His email address is jandrew@sonnenschein.com FYI

    Sorry if this has already been answered.

  49. JD, I think you are right about MI and FL. It would settle a lot. Ultimately FL and MI are responsible; their elected governments decided to move the primaries forward. I’m past caring. They screwed up, just forgiving them and holding a primary would solve too much right now to throw out. Unfortunately it seems unlikely.

  50. Odd how MI and FL have dropped off the discussion table. Remember just days ago, everyone was asking “.. but what if you factor in MI and FL?” Not any more, I’m wondering what’s going on with this issue and is there any behind the scenes work being done.

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