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DNC, Show Us Clinton’s WMDs *NOW* Or Stuff a Sock In It

She’s going to destroy the party! We must act now or it will be curtains for us. John McCain will win in November if we allow Clinton to continue her reckless and dangerous quest for the nomination. The Party is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.

HI, Will!  I don’t even know you yet but I am inventing PUMA, right this every second.  Party Unity My Ass.  See?  It’s like Back to the Future. Isn’t this cool?

Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…
The dead rising from the grave!
Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!
What’s next? Howard Dean giving a speech at the United Nations with pictures of trailers in the desert filled with voter registration forms for unregistered voters?

Will you people get a grip?!

How can you guys expect us to take you seriously if your superdelegates keep coming up with lame excuses for why they’re switching their votes? It’s completely unbelievable. And there’s no reason to pre-emptively strike Clinton by saying she’s going to say mean things about you. Sticks and stones and all that. Besides, she hasn’t *done* anything to you yet.

It seems to me like the DNC and the party power brokers have decided to unilaterally disarm Clinton without taking the voters into account. They desperately want the anti-Clinton candidate to win. Does the fact that Obama’s campaign cut a deal with the DNC on joint fundraising have anything to do with it? The DNC is headed towards insolvency but instead of settling FL and MI so that it is fair to voters and to Clinton, they’d rather screw the voters in those states and, by extension, every other state that Clinton won. And voters are rightfully withholding their DNC contributions until the problem is solved to their satisfaction. Too bad solving it gets in the way of the party’s beautiful plans to take over the presidency.

Now they are reduced to relying on the Obama campaign to bring in the big bucks and bail them out with the vendors they are beholden to in Denver and all of the downticket candidates who are hurting. And those big donors for Obama, who can now open their pockets with $28,500 donations instead of the paltry $2300 per candidate are demanding quo for their quid. Out trots Andrew to do the dirty work. Now, I wouldn’t call him a traitor, but you know what happened to Colin Powell.

So, produce the evidence, Mr Andrews. Bring forth the nukes and the poisoned gas or stop the stupid fearmongering and STFU.

61 Responses

  1. You are absolutely right, riverdaughter. These hackneyed excuses and lame posturing are straining all logic. “She’ll do anything to win!” — right, that’s why most of never heard of Rev. Wright until the ABC show in March….

    If she wasn’t going to raise that issue, what would she be getting ready to launch now?

  2. The Illinois add on delegation was supposed to be announced on the 5th of May


    But yet they announce it now to counter the NY add on delegation. Also, I think they timed the Joe Andrew switch to coincide with this too.

  3. They picked the wrong side and now it is sinking in what the ramifications are going to be. They played dirty so they know there will be a price. They are projecting their own terror at being on the outside looking in at the time the Dems are supposed to be winning it all. This is why you must be nice on the way up because they will kick your ass on the way down. Smell the fear.

  4. Four New York Automatic Delegates Back Hillary

    Cuomo, Fields, DiNapoli, Arroyo named NY Automatic Delegates Today

    The Clinton Campaign announced the support of four New York automatic delegates today, after the New York State Democratic Committee elected its automatic delegates to the Democratic National Convention.
    from No Q..
    now I am off to read the story.

    I had fun writing an email to Andrews.

  5. BTD latest post on Joe Andrew is sooo good, I have to reproduce it here in it’s entirety.
    This guy’s behavior is the most bizarre I have seen in sometime. First he gives absolutely bogus reasons why he’s switching, and the he start attacking and savaging the Clinton campaign because he believes they’ll savage him. What is this, preemptive smearing? Oh but don’t worry, he called for unity in the Democratic party.

    BTD, take it away:

    New Obama Surrogate Joe Andrew Goes Negative Right Out Of the Chute

    The more we hear from Joe Andrew, the less I respect him. Undeterred by the fact that the Clinton campaign has said nothing about him, Andrew decides to go nuclear negative on the Clintons (and his HuffPo post is even worse):

    In an interview with ABC News, Andrew says he knows what’s coming from his friends at the Clinton campaign. He anticipates the Clinton campaign “will use the same words and the same language to attack me that Republicans used to attack me when I was DNC chair and I was defending Bill Clinton.”

    “I say this as a longtime participant in old politics,” he says. “I’ve sparred with everyone from Lee Atwater to Karl Rove. . . .The same words will come out of the [Clinton campaign’s] surrogates’ mouths to attack me that the Republicans used — and that demonstrates the very hypocrisy of the old politics,” he says.

    After this despicable, unprovoked attack, Andrew then has the gall to say:

    “We need to unite the party. You can actually be for someone without being against someone else.”

    You sure can Joe. Why don’t you try it some time. Not only is Joe Andrew a fool, he is a nasty, hypocritical fool.

    Can you believe this clown? I have said it many times: The DNC is ruled by morons and saboteurs.

  6. This is kind of odd (or maybe I need to get off the blogs and finish my housework) but Obama is appearing for a full hour on Tim Russert’s program on Sunday. Russert is responsible for canceling the appearances booked for Ariana Huffinton who was to appear on Dateline, Hardball, and Countdown, all on NBC and MSNBC, to promote her newest book. Now Ariana is in the bag for Obama, 24/7. Does anyone think he will go easy on “The One” this Sunday? Doubtful. Ariana supposedly had some harsh words for Tim covering 7 pages in her new book. Canceling her is a big deal because it also cuts out the opportunity to push Obama by Ariana. Just a theory.

  7. tucsonlynn, thanks for sharing the good news!

  8. People act like Joe Andrew did something noble. Frankly, I think there are orders coming from Howard Dean. I don’t get it. Why would you want to sabotage the candidate who can clearly win the GE for one who might, maybe, if there are no bombshells?

    Great news about the NY superdelegates! Thank heaven! It’s always a pleasure to come here and read the good news. I send all my pals here too.

  9. Let’s not mistake one asshat for the rest of the superdelegates or other Democratic elders.

  10. Mr. Andrews is apparently the most important person in the world, that no one has ever heard of. If Mr. Andrews had endorsed Hillary in 2007 and is sooooo important, why was that, in itself, not enough of a reason to give Hillary the nomination. I mean really he is Mr. Andrews after all. Poor Mr. Andrews will get a shortened 15 minutes of fame today– the breaking news is that the DC Madam has committed suicide.

  11. The Illinois delegation that was announced today was supposed to be announced on the 5th of May


    They announced it now to counter the NY add on delegation announcement. I also think they timed the Joe Andrews timed his “switch” (I think they had him a long time ago) to fool people that Obama has the momentum.

  12. Also, I think Joe Andrews is having delusions of grandeur if they think the Clinton campaign will spend time attacking him.

  13. In light of Mr. Andrew’s decisive use of nautical phrasing such as “The ship is taking on water …” in the attached article, here are some goodies for his next WWTSBQ posting:

    – between the devil and the deep blue sea
    – red sky at night, sailor’s delight; red sky in morning, sailor’s warning
    – batten down the hatches
    – clear the decks
    – in the doldrums
    – all hands on deck

    Oh, this is too much fun, I’ve gotta stop.

  14. Pat — As somebody already snarked, they shoot MTP in the studio, don’t they? Obama was complaining that he couldn’t debate because he had to get out of the studio and meet people.

  15. AB Stoddard article from the Hill:

    “He has to want it”


    “But so is the burning question of whether Obama will ever fire up again. There is a distinctly familiar look in his eye these days, that of George Herbert Walker Bush circa 1992. The man is clearly not enjoying any of this, visibly counting the moments until closure. Clinton is, of course, ebullient and gushing.

    She isn’t on her game, she owns the game.”

  16. They aren’t worried about Hillary having WMD’s, but they have solid information that she possesses “boobs”

    Two of them even.

  17. New Indiana poll from WRTV/Teleresearch poll:

    Clinton: 48
    Obama: 38


  18. ronk: He is such a loser. Stand him side by side with Hillary and he shrinks. It is beyond me what the DNC and those supers are doing. The polls are showing an increase in her direction along with a decrease in his. He is not a winning nominee. She truly can beat McBush in November. Once she has the nomination watch her get out of the gate fast! I have no idea why they keep standing firm with him. Very puzzling. If they could just wait until after Tuesday and declare it would make some sense.

  19. From the Hillary website:

    Fmr. DNC Chair Joe Andrew Endorses Clinton
    The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsement of former Democratic National Committee Chair Joe Andrew.

    “Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to compete and win across this country,” Andrew said. “I have seen up close her intellect, character, and fortitude, and I am convinced she is the best prepared to handle these challenging times. Her 35-year record fighting for America’s families is as impressive as she is, and demonstrates why she will be a great President of the United States.”

    Andrew became the youngest DNC chair in party history when he took the reins in 1999, after five years as Indiana Democratic Party Chair. Under Andrew, the DNC rose out of debt, implemented new technologies and grassroots mobilization efforts, and raised more than $225 million.

    Andrew is the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of The Blue Fund, a mutual fund which invests in companies meeting standards of social responsibility, environmental sustainability, community participation and respect for human rights.

    He is currently a partner with the law firm Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP in Washington, DC in the Corporate and Securities, Venture Capital and Public Law & Policy Strategies practice groups.

    “Joe was a strong leader who put the Democratic Party on the right path,” Clinton said. “I’m honored to have his support.”

  20. I have no idea why they keep standing firm with him.

    Pat, the only reason I can think of is money. He has it, they need it. Come to think of it, did anyone check to see if Big Bill Richardson’s campaign debt has been magically paid?

  21. First he gives absolutely bogus reasons why he’s switching, and the he start attacking and savaging the Clinton campaign because he believes they’ll savage him. What is this, preemptive smearing?

    Sounds like Bush on Iraq, doesn’t it?

    When I first heard about the “joint” fundraising effort, I thought that the DNC was funneling money to Obama. I see now that the purpose of the “joint” effort is, at least in part, to give the DNC $$ donated by Obama supporters. Poor DNC, can’t pay its bills because donations are down because people are pissed at them for disenfranchising two key states.

    You think this is the solution to the “problem” of seating FLA and MI, Howard? Think again. You’re just digging yourself in deeper.

  22. As I said yesterday, NBC is working overtime to save Obama’s candidacy.

    NBC Morning Show, Meet The Depressed, Hardballs, Countdown with Keith Obamaman (where everybody now seems very angry).

    The management has pretty much given the entire network to the Obama family.

  23. When the postmortem is written, I have a strong feeling that Obama and his SDs are going to come off looking bad. I hope I’m wrong, but his endorsers say the most absurd things in their endorsements, as if from an Axelrod script (remember Richardson’s stage directions?). There has to be something going on. Supers can’t be this tone-deaf. Can they?

  24. Anybody got anything solid on the WWWV haka? The boiz are going nuts, but that’s a prima facie case for their being nothing there…

  25. Hillary should quit now. Winning elections isn’t going to help Obama in the fall. 🙂

  26. MABlue,

    Except for Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough solidly behind Hillary. Minka Pinhead, not so much.

    Merciless – I guess you’ve nailed it, it’s all about money and Barack can raise it. I think we’ll see a mass exodus when his well runs dry. Then, all of a sudden, they’ll be behind the candidate who can win – Hillary.


  27. My dream fantasy if for Hillary to get the nomination and amidst the cheering throngs turns to the camera and flips that universal signal to all the KOs, Tweetys, Mitchells, Gregorys, Huff posters, TPM, Kos, and the myriad morons who have savaged her from day 1. And then she turns and blows us a great big Dinah Shore kiss!

  28. Re: Joe Andrew–a Few Quick Questions

    …which he probably can’t answer with any logic…


  29. Profile on Senator Jeff Bingaman, Latest on the List of the Obama Diversion Team…


    ANOTHER one from NM who doesn’t believe in listening to the will of the voters….(she won here, remember???)

  30. I’m beginning to think the DNC WANTS to lose the GE this year. They fear how bad the economy and the war are going, and they don’t want to take responsibility until the damage is so bad it can only improve.

    They want McCain to win so it will all blow up on him.

    They want to run Obama because they know he can’t win.

    They DON’T want to run Hillary, because she CAN win… and that would require taking responsibility for America at a crucial time. This group of Bush-enablers doesn’t WANT to have to take responsibility.

    Is this all about a Dean-Pelosi ticket for 2012?

  31. Elixir, I’m not sure Obama’s well would ever run dry. I mean, he’s got people like Oprah and some big Hollywood types behind him, as well as (I heard rumored) Soros.

    The problem for the DNC is how to negotiate between the big money boiz and the voters.

  32. I hope we don’t get to find out if the rumor that Bama promised Nancy P. the VP slot is true or not.

    More than likely he has promised it to both Nancy and Richardson.

    The Game of Exedience YouTube video you can see on


    (scroll down–lots of new imput on that blog)

    shows me why Wright is so angry. Obama has gone against a code of ethics in the Black community (and even thrown his own grandmother under the bus). Is that Bama really the man in the congregation?

  33. Nobody would give up Speaker of the House for VP, so that isn’t happening.

  34. Wall Street Journal article: Where Were Obama’s Friends? by Daniel Henninger


    Asks some good questions about Sen. Obama’s staunchest supporters disappearing on him when he really needed them. I recall reading him say that when the campaign was over, he promised his two daughters they could get a puppy. Maybe, a la Truman, Sen. Obama should get that dog now.

    lambert—you have the Obama supporter who is on the board of WVWV saying that the GOTV effort was just poorly timed and executed, and nothing nefarious was going on, don’t you? Matt something, I think.

  35. Merciless – I guess you’re right, unless he implodes and his campaign crashes and burns. Then the money needs to go to a candidate who can compete, right? Call me a Pollyanna.

  36. Elixir, you, you Pollyanna, you.

  37. Part of the problem for the DNC has to be that its tried and true, reliable contributors over the years are now in Hillary’s demographic profile. Obama’s supporters have never been there for the DNC and they aren’t there now. Worse, the DNC has no mailing lists for them of any kind. Hillary’s supporters – us – are the ones whose addresses they have, and we have been sending back their begging letters with magic marker notes, the politest of which are probably SEAT FLORIDA AND MICHIGAN. Dean and the rest can only survive if Obama finances them. Let us pray they take him to the cleaners.

  38. Thank you, Merciless. I needed that.

  39. lyn5 again? Crap. I’m up to $21.

    (For those who don’t know…every time a troll posts, the Clinton Campaign gets $3. We’re also on lambert’s WWTSBQ watch, so every time somebody shrieks for Sen. Clinton to drop out, me and the fab GF have to kick in $10. A combinated troll-WWTSBQ means $13 to Clinton. Stupid math.)

  40. There is something really wrong with the way they are trying to push her out, RD. Why is the question. It is impossible that he will get mainstream voters after the Wright controversy, that’s my take.

    We can’t have American presidents “buying” the elections here now or in future by using propaganda techniques. In a way, this whole thing is a very good lesson for Americans on politics, fundraising, the internet and ethics.

    The best ad campaign does not equal the best President.
    It’s the stuff that President is going to be “made of” that matters, just as it always has been in elections past.

    The FEC needs to write up some rules on how elections are handled now and in future. To see what I mean go to a place called
    logobama and see what they have done in terms of astroturfing.

  41. This is an all around messed up situation. Florida and Michigan both felt that their states warranted more importance than their primary dates afforded them and so they moved their primaries forward. At the time that FL and MI voted to move their primaries forward they knew what the likely consequence was. The decision to move the primaries forward was approved by their legislatures and signed by their governors. The whole system is really pretty messed up if you ask me but FL and MI are not the victims here.

    I also have no sympathy for the Clinton in this area. She, like the other candidates, decided against campaigning in FL or MI. There was a consensus among candidates and party leaders that these two states would not count. At the time I am sure none of them saw this primary getting so crazy. I guess they just figured that the two states would not matter because there would be a relatively clear winner chosen with a modicum of speed. Oops.

    Even if they are not victims they may still have the answer. I am so uninterested in punishing FL and MI right now. Why the DNC wants to (still) is anybody’s guess. Right now, simply redoing the two states would solve a lot of problems. Every time I think about it I just sigh. The FL/MI debacle is not either of the candidates fault. Clinton cares now because it stands to benefit her. Oh well, it is still going to be more helpful to just hold MI/FL’s primaries at this point. Splitting their delegates evenly between both candidates is pointless; it wouldn’t solve anything or enfranchise any voters. Just giving them all to Clinton would be even more ridiculous. This whole situation reminds me of a regrettable fact. The Democratic Party is not in its current position because of stuff it did right but because of stuff the Republicans did wrong. It is showing.

    I really wish there were not supers. Why? They are just creating more problems than they can solve at this point. What exactly is there purpose? Are they tiebreakers or checks on people’s decisions to choose the unelectable? Whatever their purpose they’re not doing much good right now. Actually they are doing harm. Bad supers, BAD!

    To compound the ridiculousness of the situation is the ultimate end game. We all know that supers are going to decide this primary. Even if/when we redo MI/FL it will still come down to them. Supers get to make up their own minds; its part of what they are. In the end I really think this lends support for redoing MI/FL. If supers are lame, then why not include more actual voters in the primaries? The fact that neither Obama nor Clinton can win without supers makes the intra-party partisans’ rhetoric ring hollow. If a super picks Obama then Clinton supporters hate it; if a super picks Clinton then Obama supporters hate it. Celebrity endorsements piss me off for the same reason that supers’ endorsements do. Neither groups’ votes should count for so much more than normal voters’ choices.

  42. Ryan, um no.

    She, like the other candidates, decided against campaigning in FL or MI.

    The candidates were not allowed to campaign in those states. Obama broke that pledge.

    Right now, simply redoing the two states would solve a lot of problems.

    Unfortunately, Obama called in the Bush DOJ on the FL revote, and refused to consider one for MI.

    . Clinton cares now because it stands to benefit her.

    Clinton spoke against the punishments on this, and chose NOT to take her name of the ballot in Michigan. She shouldn’t suffer the consequences. FL was perfectly valid, most states don’t get to see their candidates up close, so they whole “they didn’t campaign” whine doesn’t cut it.

    If a super picks Obama then Clinton supporters hate it;

    I’ll only hate it, if it makes the remaining primaries irrelevant. I would prefer this went to the convention, because once the primaries are over, the candidates could go back to Washington, and impress the SD’s by you know, actually leading. The media would follow them there, they won’t want to lose the cash cow, keeping what’s happening in Congress front & center, and lord knows this country needs it. I want the SD’s to make a fully informed decision, and that means letting the rest of the primaries play out.

  43. Want to give Joe a piece of your mind?

    1301 K Street, N.W.
    Suite 600, East Tower
    Washington, DC 20005-3364
    Phone: 202-408-5210
    Ph.: 202.408.6400
    Fax: 202.408.6399

    His letter is the longest, dumbest political blather I’ve ever read (and I’ve read a lot in over 50 years). Let’s see, Joe…you’re changing your vote now to tell other people to shut off voting in states you’re afraid Obama can’t win…is that your message? You’re afraid of the voters?

    Great message for a Democrat.

  44. Anyone see the Gallup today?
    Clinton is beating McCain by up to +17 point lead over Obama

    and even the young have swung Clinton +1.

    A lot of it is since Wright decided to do his Robin Williams impersonations a huge 8 point swing per MyDD today

    I hope the Superdelegates don’t sell out us real Democrats for this Independant pig in a poke bearing gift$s for their campaign coffers…

    We have to win the White House, with a real Democrat, with real Democratic policy.

  45. riverdaughter, why do my comments with links always go to the garbagefilter, while others linkfilled posts don’t? What do I need to do differently?

  46. We can’t have American presidents “buying” the elections here now or in future by using propaganda techniques. In a way, this whole thing is a very good lesson for Americans on politics, fundraising, the internet and ethics.

    Good point, vbonnaire. We mustn’t forget that one part of this equation, though one they’d rather not talk about, is the advertising demographic. Obama brings in the 18-49 year-old men, who are advertising gold. Why do you think NBC’s gone in the tank for Obama?

    As I said earlier, it’s all about the money.

  47. Ohio, give it a rest. I’m a Hillary supporter.

  48. lyn5, no.

  49. Anyone else think Andrew’s petulant insistence that this primary contest end following NC/IN could very well prove to further undermine Obama’s advantage? Methinks folks (esp. undecideds) raring to play a significant part in these upcoming states won’t think well of someone making their minds up for them. We’ll see.

  50. Ryan, the larger issue is, if the 4th and 8th largest states in the union wish to have a larger voice in the early process, why is it ordained by god almighty that a tiny lily white caucus state and a tiny lily white primary state should be preeminent in perpetuity? Regardless of the circumstances of the primaries being moved up (and it’s not as straightforward as you’re saying), the question is why the DNC is running interference for unrepresentative states. Even the Republicans aren’t as stupid and crazy as the DNC, they punished FL and MI by taking away some of their delegates without making a federal case of it, case closed. There’s also the question of why South Carolina, which also moved up its primary, wasn’t penalized. (IA and NH moved up their primaries without sanction as well). I understand why IA and NH want to vote first, I just don’t see why it’s Howard Dean’s problem. If anything, he should probably either stay out of it and let the states work out their own schedule without unnecessary interference, or support giving larger, more representative states a larger role in the process on principle.

    NO ONE ever agreed that the states would not count. The candidates agreed not to campaign there, but Clinton promised all along to fight for their delegates, as did Obama until he lost and changed his tune. Now he’s blocking a revote. No one is suggesting that Clinton get all the delegates (she’s entitled to all of them under the rules because Obama broke his pledge and campaigned in FL, but that’s a stupid rule too and she’s not going to go around like an idiot crying ‘the rules! the rules!’ and trying to disenfranchise Obama voters on a stupid technicality). They’re saying that since there was an election with record turnout, and Obama will not accept a revote, the delegates should be allotted on the basis of the actual vote.

  51. Sickofthis, your name kind of sums up my feelings. The longer this goes on; the more disenchanted I am becoming with the system as a whole. From where I am sitting the system seems to be making less and less sense. People here make a lot of good arguments, and I think your right. It seems to make little sense and yes, it isn’t fair, and it bothers me.

  52. check it out gang…..and spread the word…..
    electoral maps dated May 1


    (Obama 243 – McCain 269 – Tied 26)

    and then check


    (Clinton 291- McCain 247)

  53. Whenever I see these bought off for Obama people,
    I always say, oh thank god. I would want none of these folks to be in Hill’s camp. Really, can you think of one turn coat that hurt? I cheered when Kerry came out for BO. I can’t think of any big time Dem he has, that I’m not glad they went with him.
    The DNC doesn’t want Hillary Clinton. 1st she’s a Clinton and they make people work. Plus Clintons are the most successful Dems in 30 years , so of course they don’t want one . Then 3rd, Nancy likes being the queen bee . and having to say to Hill” thank you Madame President ” would kill her . The question is , do the DNC hate Hill so much, that they don’t care about winning? I can’t figure out if they even want to win….BO is melting now . by the time the GE comes around, BO will be in the fetal position . They cannot win with him…but do they care?? I rather think they would want MaCain in before Hill….at least that’s how they are acting

  54. Wow. Dean Derangement Syndrome. What’s next?

    Will you people get a grip?!

    Will you take your own advice? Probably not.

    Here’s a clue: The DNC spoke with both campaigns about joint fundraising. My sources tell me they either haven’t yet heard back from the Clinton Campaign or the Clinton Campaign turned the DNC down.

    Instead of frothing at the mouth, why don’t you contact the Clinton Campaign and ask them what’s up?

    Unless, of course, you like that sort of thing. Frothing at the mouth. I’m sure it gets you results /snark

  55. “Or Stuff a Sock In It”

    adorably cute….just so you know…

  56. you know riverperson…after reading the op for the second time….it is no wonder you are on of my favorite bloggers….

  57. of course that is supposed to be..”one of my favorite bloggers”…sorry…

  58. I sent a letter to the DNC last Friday. The idea that they would do joint fundraising with Obama combined with the Ogreman comment about beating Hillary into submission were just way over the top for me.

    We have gotten so used to the abuse that Hillary has endured that people are getting numb to it. The media matters article on how abnormal it is to urge a candidate to leave the race before they want to was great, that needs to get out to more people,

    It is unbelievable to me that the press has decided that they have the right to decide who should run for president and who should not.

    That the DNC should be telling Hillary’s voters that their candidate who is in a very competitive position with Obama, despite the actions of the DNC, if you look at all the votes (particularly those of DEMOCRATS rather than the Republicans who will go home to McCain in November) just appalls me.

    Hillary has had to fight the press and the DNC in addition to campaigning in the normal way, competing with the other candidates. We knew she would face smears from the Republicans, but who knew we’d see this from the DNC, Obama, and the sycophantic press.

    Everyone needs to really let the DNC know how they feel and what this means to their political identity. They need to know we are serious. Let them know NOW.

    AND make sure you are voting with your wallet. I donated again last night to take advantage of the doubling campaign. Get out your credit cards and vote at hillaryclinton.com – they extended the donation doubling campaign, so get your donation in NOW and your donation will go twice as far!

    Here is what I sent the DNC:

    What do I think? Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, and the DNC want to know what I think?

    I’ve told you before, but you haven’t listened. I’m a woman, so evidently it is fair game to dismiss me and belittle my value and my opinions. You do the same thing to Hillary Clinton, so why should I expect anything different from you?

    Shall I give you just one example of why I have donated nothing to the DNC and, at this point, will most likely change my long standing Democratic voter registration to Independent?

    The DNC, who sanctimoniously intones that they do not take sides in primary races, is now making arrangements to do a joint fundraising program with Barack Obama.

    Every time I ask that the DNC and Howard Dean show a tiny bit of backbone and stand up for women, not for Hillary, but to speak out for women against the unbelievable misogyny and sexism of the press in their coverage of Hillary Clinton, the DNC rep spouts the same swill:

    “we’re neutral”, “we don’t get involved in primary campaigns” .

    You lie again and again about what the rules require and what the remedies are. You ignore Barack Obama’s rule breaking in Florida (Press conference, TV ads) and make no comment when he lies and whines that since he didn’t campaign in Florida it isn’t fair to count their votes and since he wasn’t on the ballot in Michigan, it wasn’t fair to count their votes.

    Obama campaigned in FL and dangled the seating of the delegates in a press conference in Florida. He took his own damn name off the ballot in Michigan. He thought he was being so clever at the time. His inexperience shows pretty clearly here, in this very simple action. He doesn’t appear to look out on the chessboard and see what moves are coming up. Do you think that might be important for a president?

    If anyone had doubts that you had made up your minds who YOU wanted as president, there are no doubts now.

    Your haranguing of superdelegates to choose sides on your timetable is unseemly and one sided. Your lies about the role of superdelegates in the election process show blatant bias. I wonder why you bother allowing us to go through the charade of finishing the scheduled primaries.

    And don’t get me started on Obama’s patronizing and demeaning view of women. He can’t really wonder why women say they refuse to vote for him, can he?

    In the beginning I just thought he lacked any accomplishments or experience, I hoped he would run after he gained them because he looked like a promising candidate. Seems like women (Remember us? We were formerly the backbone of the Democratic party) aren’t his only problem either. It looks like rank and file Democrats just don’t trust him.

    But at this point he isn’t even “likeable enough” anymore. His petulance went on display long ago when he didn’t get his way, but flipping Hillary off and quoting a rapper that demeans women in his lyrics at a campaign event are juvenile frat-boy antics that don’t rise to the level of dignity required by the office of
    the President of the United States.

    We know where the last seven plus years of frat boy humor and lack of intelligence got us. Broke, with no jobs, ballooning deficit, hated by the world, tied down in a senseless war, and in fear of losing our democracy and basic freedoms.

    He thinks because a Republican votes for him in the primary they’ll be there in the general? He thinks those caucus victories in Red states will make them change magically to blue? Yeah, right . I thought Democrats were in favor of living in the reality-based world.

    I am an educated woman. I graduated from a top university and I’ve worked in positions of responsibility my entire career. I’m intelligent and I work hard.

    When I hire an employee, I look at what they have actually accomplished. I look at their demonstrated skills and abilities. This is the best predictor of future success. Anyone working in the real world knows this. If you have hired staff you would know this too.

    I would only consider “giving pretty speeches” a
    factor in hiring if the person’s main job was to give pretty speeches. We all know that the president’s responsibilities involve a little more than that.
    Charm alone doesn’t cut it when you need to get a job done .

    If Obama had actually accomplished any of the things he speaks about we’d be having a very different discussion. That just isn’t the case.

    I personally do find Hillary both personable and charming. But that isn’t why I’m voting her and donating to her campaign. She knows what she is talking about. She is a policy wonk and can speak intelligently on the ills of the country and how we can solve them. She isn’t afraid of doing the hard work required, she has demonstrated that she works hard. She knows how government works, that government exists to serve the people, and that competence in government is a good thing. She gets things done, working bipartisanly, but not giving away the
    important Democratic victories of the past.

    Hillary supports the issues I care about and that the American people need her to implement NOW.

    She will work tirelessly for universal healthcare, she will start the long overdue investment in our energy future and needed scientific research. She will protect social security and veterans benefits. She will restore our standing in the world. She won’t allow another Katrina debacle to happen.

    And you know what, I bet women won’t be making just 77 cents on the dollar that men make by the end of her 8 years and I bet we have a cure for breast cancer then too. What a difference a (capable) woman makes!

    She is a wonk and I like that. I like working with smart people who know their job and get the work done. I can respect that. I hire those people. I am one of those people.

    Pretty boys who talk a nice line with empty promises and never quite get around to accomplishing what they talk about don’t strike me as presidential material. They lead to what we have seen over the last seven years with the current juvenile frat boy sitting in the oval office playing at being president while the country is reduced to a shambles.

    Howard Dean and the DNC seem determined to impose THEIR WILL on the Democratic base.

    You’ll be losing a lot of voters come the fall if you don’t get off that river in Egypt. You are living in denial.

    Can’t quite figure out why you don’t have enough donations to pay for that little party in Denver? Let me give you a little hint, listen to the voters. They’ll be leaving you in DROVES because of your behavior and your bias.

    They may not vote for McCain, although some will, but a lot will be sitting on their hands come November. It probably won’t change the outcome, but it is incredibly sad that, in a year where the election of a Democrat should be a cake walk, you want to put forward a candidate who cannot win.

    And the way you pissed away FL and MI, even Hillary may have trouble with lingering resentment from these disenfranchised voters. They remember the last time their votes weren’t counted, and what that outcome was, even if you don’t.

    Do you really think we don’t read the DNC rules? Do you think we can’t see where you let some states off the hook for moving their contests up? Do you think we don’t understand the options and remedies available in “the rules” for FL & MI? Do you really think the voters are that stupid?

    If you don’t remember that Florida has been critical in past elections, many of
    us “stupid” voters do. Perhaps that is just an inconvenient truth for you?

    Do you remember how important Ohio has been in recent elections? Who do you think won those states? Look at the Electoral College map and do the math. Who do you think can get the job done? Please remember that we live in a reality based world, get used to it and apply it to your electoral math. That is the only standard that counts in choosing a nominee

    My party has left me. It doesn’t stand for the things I thought it did. I was proud of Nancy Pelosi, a fellow Californian, breaking the glass ceiling and becoming Speaker, but now I just shake my head when I hear her comments and bias.

    You stand by while people try to label Bill Clinton a racist. The most successful Democratic politician in a generation and you allow Obama to try and brand Bill Clinton a racist (remember Obama admitted the memo came from his campaign at the debate, so quit your whining) and you have the unmitigated gall to label Hillary as going negative in this campaign?

    You people don’t act like party leaders. Not of any party I want to be part of. You don’t care about me, my concerns, or my opinions. You insult me each time you diss my candidate. You insult women everywhere each time you refuse to speak out against the unbelievably blatant misogyny in the press, not to mention what comes from Obama and his campaign, which he says he sets the tone for.

    Good Lord, have you heard the things coming from MSNBC? Even just looking at this week, not even counting the insulting bloviating of Russert, Tucker, and Matthews, past and present.

    Did you see Shuster and his pen? Unfortunately that was the least of it this week, although it was extremely offensive and dismissive of women.

    Olbermann wins the “worst person in the world” prize with his suggestion that someone BEAT Hillary into submission . That was way beyond the pale.

    It is inexcusable and you should be leading the outcry against that type of comment. Instead you snicker in the back room and think we don’t hear. Your actions speak louder than any words or snickers could ever sound.

    I see from your inaction that this is all acceptable conduct in your world view.

    In what sense can you claim to support traditional DEMOCRATIC VALUES? How are you demonstrating your
    support of women and your support equal rights for
    all? Don’t Women count anymore? What about Women’s Rights are Human Rights? Or can you just ignore that ideal because Hillary said it?

    Hillary had the guts to stand up to the Chinese. I don’t think Obama has
    demonstrated any intestinal fortitude. He voted “present” on issues critical to women from a SAFE Democratic district. He also lied about it being during his US Senate campaign, but that seems par for the course for him, adjusting reality to suit his needs… who else does that? GWB perhaps?

    Hillary continues to inspire me because she gets up every day and keeps going, working towards what she knows is the best outcome for the country, what she knows is right. It doesn’t matter what filth gets thrown at her by the press or even her fellow “Democrats”.


    I’m going to donate more money to Hillary right now. I trust her. Hillary is working for me. She is qualified and I’m hiring her to do the job your candidate isn’t capable of doing.

    You don’t want my view; you haven’t listened to my opinions in the past. I don’t know why I’m bothering to give my feedback one last time.

    You think you have the right to impose your view on the outcome. This is bad enough when it comes from the press, but shouldn’t I expect better from my political party?

  59. Nancy Pelosi apparently hates Clinton for Bill’s refusing to give Pelosi’s daughter a job. This is a little bit of too much backsies, Nancy.

    BluestBlue, good letter. I wonder if it will get read. I too feel very alienated from my party.

  60. Nancy wants to run the Us with BO as her front man.
    I’m betting on Hill

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