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Superdelegates: This is what November will look like

She’s not going to get over it.

You still have a choice.

Do the right thing.

SHAME! This is a day that will live in infamy.

The DNC Rules and Bylaws committee should be ashamed of themselves. This has been an disreputable example of a kangaroo court, the outcome predetermined and motions written in such a way as to force that outcome.

We have heard the word UNITY used as a weapon of mass destruction, directed at one candidate’s campaign in order to force her into a compromise against her own best interests.

We have heard the RULZ cited as a skimpy figleaf to cover the dishonor of awarding another candidate delegates he neither earned or deserved. Indeed, his intention in Michigan was clear: by taking his name off of the ballot, he set in motion this very outcome. He “flawed” the process and was rewarded for this strategy by a panel whose intent is clear.

The purpose of this meeting was to further level the playing field for a candidate of insufficient qualification. He lacks experience, knowledge, respect for the voters and the support of the voters. Therefore, they will award him points from the other candidate.

He is the affirmative action candidate.

The Republicans will use this meeting today as a warning to voters. They will hold it up as an example. “All politicians are dishonest. All parties are the same. They are indistinguishable. Look at what the Democrats have done to their own voters. What makes you think that you will do any better under them? They took the best, strongest candidate they had and they handicapped her to give you the weakest candidate. Now, watch us destroy him.”

Unity is a hollow word and after today, it is certainly something that the Democratic party will not get. Alice Huffman and Alexis Herman should not pay lip service to such notions. They do not know how deeply the wedge has been thrust into the Democratic body politic by the likes of Donna Brazile and Howard Dean. They have been insulated, content with the process, becalmed by their ability to reach compromise. Regardless, their attempts to unify will not survive the boundaries of the ballroom of the Marriott hotel.

We will support Hillary Clinton to the end. If they want unity, they’re going to have to walk it back and kiss our asses.

One more thing: I would like to thank garychapelhill and Mawm for doing an excellent job of covering the hearing. They have spent their own funds to travel from North Carolina and put themselves up in a hotel in Washington, DC. Please consider a donation to help them defray their travel expenses. I thank you very much on their behalf.

garychapelhill and Mawm’s RBC Adventure Fund


RBC Meeting: Morning Summary and Thanks to Garychapelhill

Use this thread to summarize your thoughts on the RBC meeting. Who made the best case for their state/candidate? Who did more harm than good? What arguments made the most sense, even if they were not favorable to your candidate? Will the outcome be fair to all parties?

Also, garychapelhill has done a wonderful job over the past couple of months capturing the North Carolina primary and the RBC meeting for us. He and his partner, John, have foot the bill for the trip to DC on our behalf. If you would like to thank them and help them defray their expenses (gas ain’t cheap and neither are hotels), any little donation would help so, please consider donating using the button below:

garychapelhill’s RBC Adventure fund:

RBC Meeting Live Blog- Thread 3

This is a continuation of garychapelhill’s live blogging direct from the RBC meeting in Washington, DC. While we wait for Gary to look up from the previous thread and migrate here, feel free to update us with your own thoughts in the comments.

Have at it, Conflucians.

2:30–I see that there is a new thread. Hope I’m not too late. “Disenfranchising voters is not the American way!”. We should have questions coming up and then LUNCH, yeahhh! Question from Hines(sp?) Does Clinton support MI party proposal? No she does not. Does not agree that primary was flawed. Does say that they should not have been allowed to remove their names as Florida disallowed. Hines ask if there should be rules on timing. He says they should rotate the schedule. Hines says the rules are products of years of study, doesn’t he believe in the rules? Blanchard says rules shouldn’t disenfranchise voters. Clinton did not have anything to do with timing, so question “would you do it the same way” is not valid. I know you guys would love it here. I keep hearing people muttering “but what about the rooooolz????” Proposal of another allocation other than actual vote will “be a mountain to climb”. Clinton is pretty much giving him the uncommitted. “but some may switch back, you never know”. He meant SD’s. I haven’t heard anything about this, but is it a foregone conclusion that all SD’s will be restored? Now this guy says that it trivialized 2000 to compare this primary to it. Blanchard says the right of voters trumps all. It is not trivial. Again with the “what about the people who didn’t vote?”. That is truly embarrassing. Oh no, Donna Brazille. She doesn’t consider ignoring voter rights disenfranchisement. Didn’t he already answer that question about whether he supports the MI party plan? Maybe she fell asleep. “My momma said I’ll give you something to take home. to play by the rules”. what a hack. She is getting heckled by the audience.  Ickes is up last.  That’s it for now. We will pick up later, if there is going to be an afternoon session.  Thanks for everyone’s participation!  Now I’m going to eat lunch!!!!!!  We’ll be back at 4:15

RBC Meeting Live Blog- Thread 2

Hopefully, Gary will look up from his posting and see the comments in the last thread and move over here but feel free to keep us updated in the comments as events proceed.

12:30–The state Dem party of MI is up as challenger. Will outline Mich. proposal. Seat entire 157 delegation at full voting strength. 69 for Clinton 59 for Obama. I hope he explains where that # comes from. Now to the proposal. Should seat entire delegation because MI has been punished enough and further punishment puts MI at risk in GE, and it is a must win. No campaign in MI. They were completely by-passed and that’s enormous punishment. Every time McCain visits MI, they never fail to remind them that Dems don’t care about MI. He wants a waiver, as has been granted to other states. OK, now to the numbers. Says it is fair reflection of voter preference. says actual vote was not a reflection of voter preference? They are arbitrarily picking what they think is fair? (Wow, about half of the crowd has left, what’s that all about?). Why do they want to count voters who didn’t vote?? what kind of banana republic do they want to make of this country? He is arguing that Obama should get delegates from voters who voted against him, that is unacceptable. This crap about proxy votes through uncommitted is BS, and his assertion that Obama’s supporters were urged to vote uncommitted is an admission that he campaigned there isn’t it?

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Saturday: RBC Day of Reckoning

Please see garychapelhill’s live blog below straight from the RBC venue.

I am still at home. Going to DC today turned out to be trickier than I thought. But fortunately for us, garychapelhill was able to snag guest blogger credentials for the meeting. I think we are in good hands.

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