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Another place and time

The news programs are not my style.  I’d rather let it all go and hear about it tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, these Canadians aboard the Bluenose II can take you away…

Pour a glass of wine and dream about swooshing dolphins.

75 Responses

  1. If I’m not mistaken, dolphins are one of cockles’ natural enemies.

  2. American Idol over. Tweety still asking for someone to tell him when someone will tell Hillary to quit. “When does it become clear that the Clintons are in it for themselves?”

    Then the discussion turns to remarks Hillary supposedly made — I have not seen or heard a clip — in which she says, “I bring a lifetime of experience, Senator McCain brings a lifetime of experience, Senator Obama brings a speech.”

    How do the rest of you react to this (sorry if you’ve discussed it already)? Because I am a little troubled by it. I have no doubt that Hillary would endorse and support Obama strongly if he is the nominee. And it doesn’t bother me when she compares herself favorably to Obama — after all, I agree!

    But I am a little troubled by the suggestion that after her, the best candidate might be McCain, rather than Obama. So others read it this way?


    Final vote totals to come.

  4. BTD over at Talkleft says that if the CNN exit polls are accurate, Hillary will win Ohio by about 5 points, Texas by 2, and RI by 5. Women outvoted men by a lot in all states and Hillary won big among women. She also won white men in Ohio.

    Yay!! I hope BTD is right.

  5. Breathing, innnnn…..ooouuuuttt. OMMmmmmmmmmmm…….

  6. Sweeeeet surfing @ 2.6GHz !! Which polling results are we to believe?

  7. Yeah…..Let’s hope BTD is right.

    Some big blogs are saying how disappointing it is that Hillary is winning in RI by single digits only…….

    Hey, a win is a win, right?

    Come on, Hillary!

  8. After more MSNBC talk about how Hillary is going to destroy the party by staying in the race, we have Howard Fineman reporting that senior Clinton officials are unhappy about continuing in the race. Who will save Hillary from herself?

    The only thing worse than this: listening to John McShame explain his campaign platform (bomb bomb bomb Iran, low taxes, no universal healthcare) to his exultant zombie supporters as he clinches the nomination. Now that the Rethugs are stuck with him, could we destroy him, please?

    I assume that since he is speaking, none of the other networks will covering anything else?

  9. > a win is a win
    A popular vote win? A delegate win? Slight win? Huge win?
    Regretfully, it is not so simple.

  10. Upstate NY–

    Of course a win is a win. I didn’t watch MSNBC for long, but I had it on for a short time while riding my stationary bike at about 7PM. At that time Tweety looked like his best friend died, then KO came on looking very crabby. At that point, I knew Hillary was going to do well. Then I switched the channel.

    Plus Howard Dean made it clear tonight that the race will not be over tomorrow and the continuing fight for the nomination is very good for the Democratic Party. Of course that wouldn’t be a convincing argument for Obama. Poor thing, he has to wait awhile longer. I hope his guts are all twisted up with anxiety.

  11. They have great interactive maps for TX (Caucus and Primary), OH, RI and VT at NYT http://www.nytimes.com/

    It is kind of neat to roll the mouse over the counties and see percentages appear…. Clic on the chart to change states

    Texas and OH are looking very reminiscent of MO, mostly blue in rural counties (Hillary) and green in urban counties (Obama).

  12. BFF: you are right, it is not that simple. However, after 13 straight victories by Obama I will take whatever I can get.

  13. I’ll drink to that 😉

  14. Hercules Double IPA, from Great Divide Brewing, fwiw.
    “Great Minds Drink Alike”

  15. Did you guys just listen to this 80 yr old men passionately making a case for a woman president?

    Wow! I got to meet him because we are soulmates.

  16. Question for next week: Does the New Politics have “shelf life”?

  17. Litiagormom–

    On the Hillary quote about both she and McCain having experience and Obama one great speech, I don’t have the entire context.

    But, it seems to me she is saying that the Dems need someone with both experience and willingness and ability to bring change–like herself–and that in the general election, in order to beat McCain, the Dems need someone with equal or close enough experience to negate that as a big factor for the Repubs.

    Now, McCain is also running on being a maverick (while gripping BushBoy’s hand) and somewhat moderate. It will either be a rout–or very, very close.

    And Timmeh seemed to be reading the obituary for any Dem candidate already! But I didn’t stay on MSNBC long enough to get really angry and do something rash, so I may have missed the full context of his remarks.

  18. MABlue, where did you hear the 80 yr old man for Hillary?

  19. Brian Williams just performing fellatio on John Bush McCain’s presidential prospects. He’s “reframing” the Iraq for a 100 years position into “bring the troops home when they achieve victory.” “Republican audiences respond well to this message.”

    This is like saying, “Bring the troops home when litigatormom is a size 6 again.” It’ll take MORE than a 100 years — and probably a little lipo.

  20. I know Cleveland, Cincinnatti (sp.?) and Dayton have not reported yet and that when they do it will change things, but so far OH is looking good. Also the numbers for RI are looking a little bit better. Can I get excited yet?

  21. jawbone,

    The old man was on C-SPAN2, just after McCain’s talk, and I believe just after (or before?) Taylor Marsh came on.

    He was great.

  22. jawbone, in case MABlue is offsite, the 80 yr old man was a caller on C-Span II. He was so sweet. I didn’t hear all of it, but he has four daughters and just basically thought it should be a woman’s turn. I was waiting for Taylor Marsh’s second segment to come on, and this guy was a very pleasant respite from Huckabee’s concession speech, McCain’s victory dance, and an earlier older male caller who said God told him women shouldn’t be in positions of power (although this was probably Obama’s charming brother-in-law).

  23. looks like tusconlynn did her job in El Paso! H-dogg up over 2 to 1. Still early though.

  24. Yay! Come on riverdaughter! I get scared too but I always watch the results come in. I can’t wait until the next day.
    She will likely win Ohio (as I predicted!) and she’s won Rhode Island.
    As I said earlier today, I was worried about Texas but believed she could take that state. Right now it’s 49%-49% so it will be close regardless of who wins.
    Hillary lives to fight another day and that’s all that matters!
    I also predict that she can win big in Pennsylvania and after that the superdelegates can decide who they should support (obviously the candidate who has won all the big states!). I also believe that more dirt will be uncovered about Obama’s delaings with Rezko. The Republicans will also start their attack on Obama. Then there are MI and FL which will either be seated or have a revote and FL will probably still go to Clinton.
    This is bad news for Obama! Seriously, guys and gals we should all be celebrating regardless of who wins in Texas tonight.

  25. Hillary is currently leading in TX. I just heard David Gergen on CNN, and he said Clinton campaign staffers were jubilant this morning, convinced they would win 3 out of 4 today. They are going on to Penn., no matter what happens.

  26. And El Paso hasn’t come in yet! BO did a little better in early voting, but it certainly looks like there has been a momentum shift. How will the big blogs spin it? I say they will yell louder that Hillary should concede right away.


  28. Yay!!!!

    That must have been so hard for them to do!

  29. Tweety was SOOOOO unhappy! He was so begrudging: ‘Well, she was leading there for a long time, of course, and that lead shrunk….”

    It totally messes up his desire to get that tingle in his leg and crown Obama.

  30. O-H-I-O!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, have you noticed how TX is looking bluer and bluer on the NYT map? http://www.nytimes.com/

    Caucauses are going to be a different story, I know, and it is still early, but……. I went to DK and the Obamaphiles are NOT all that happy.

    oooohhhhmmmmmmm, oooooooohhhhhmmmmmm

  31. Caucuses ought to be banned!!!

  32. MABlue: agreed!

  33. Talkleft is reporting that Texas ireturns are beginning to turn to Hillary.

    KO and Tweety continue to debate possible incantations to say that will force Hillary to drop out of the race. Hillary may actually pull Texas out. El Paso hasn’t reported yet, and supposedly it is going to go heavily Clinton.

    Man, I picked a bad day to stop eating Ben & Jerry’s.

  34. This woman is incredible.

    Hillary Clinton didn’t have her back against the wall, she had her back IN the wall.

    I truly believe when you take all circumstances, there has never been a tougher person in politics in US. Is there any doubt?

  35. My hero is speaking.

  36. As Ohio goes, so goes the nation!

    For all who stumble and stand up, fall and don’t stop, this one is for you!!!!

  37. MABlue, you are so right, she is the toughest person in politics. Raygun was made of teflon supplied by the press. Bush, the same for too many years.

    Hillary is tough because she wipes the slime off herself and keeps going. She’s incredible.

  38. Counties with big cities are starting to report both in OH and TX so things are still fluctuating…. This is going to be a long night.

  39. Over at DK, the Obamites are getting really bitter. Check out this comment:

    All the F*&#*#ING TIME I wasted on Obama!!! I even gave his campaign MONEY I DON’T HAVE!!!!! Now we’re RUINNNEED!! He wasted OUR TIME and MONEY on a false campaign of hope!!! Well I for one am NEVER HAVING HOPE AGAIN. EVER. FOR ANYTHING. Hope is dead. Life is not worth living. We could have had a GREAT LEADER but now — just, shoot me, damnit. I’m sobbing. All I’ve wanted. I hate politics now. Life is MEANINGLESS. It’s all a F$&*$#ING JOKE!! I’m resigning from the party. I’ll never vote for a Democrat again, EVER. Hope is foolish. It’s stupid. I’m going to CRY myself to SLEEP after getting WASTED. HILLARY won! OUR DREAMS ARE OVER!! LIFE IS A MEANINGLESS BAG OF SUCK.

  40. Boston Boomer: please tell me that is snark. Please tell me that someone over at DKos didn’t really write that.

  41. My message to that LOSER John Kerry:






    PS: Sorry all for the caps. I wanted to scream through the computer.

  42. Uh-oh. Here comes Obama. “We are in a very close race in Texas, we may not know the results until morning. Congratulaions to Senator Clinton.” Tepid applause. “No matter what happens today, we have virtually the same delegate lead we had this morning, and we are going on to reach the nomination.”

    Now comes the stentorian preacher tones. I got two hours sleep last night. But I can’t stay awake during a speech like this, and I really want to know what happens in Texas. How many of you are staying up?

  43. MABlue: and scream you did 🙂

    Wow, El Paso likes Hillary! I do not know what is going to happen in TX but it looks quite interesting.

    DK is not a happy place today (although I know they will be happier after the TX Caucauses come in).

    Go Hill!

  44. Somebody has a bucket of Red Bull? I’ll soak my head in.

    I wonder if Chris Matthews is feeling that tingling up his leg, because this speech is really inspirational, transformational.

    I’m listening to JFK+RFK+MLK.


  45. MA Blue– I agree! I’ve had it with John Kerry!

  46. Litigatormom– I’m staying up as long as I can. I had to shut off Barack though. Have you noticed that a lot of times he just yells? He may have to do more work on his speechifying too. The off the cuff stuff needs serious work.

  47. Thank god we have a safe cozy place to go besides Orangeville. Thanks so much, riverdaughter.

    When you want to engage Obamans, though, Talkleft is pretty good though. The Obamans there are able to discuss things without cussing you out for blasphemizing their candidate.

  48. Boston Boomer:

    I still have him on, but I have long ceased listening. Yes we can turn him off. Oh thanks, its over. Not one of his better ones.

    Now, KO will come on to praise Obama. KO: speech a different tone from the usual victory speech. Tweety: it was an appropriate speech for someone who is ahead in delegates who isn’t going to be caught. I think he got the leg tingle: “I think it was a powerful speech. I think words mean something.” Yes, that leg is tingling. What’s that drug for restless leg syndrome?

  49. You’re kidding. Tweety said it was a powerful speech? Sad. I’m just listening to satellite radio. I have C-span on right now, but I’m going to see what CNN is doing.

  50. Litigatormom– I thought it was snark at first too. It was copied in a comment on the Clinton returns watching diary and apparently it was serious. I wouldn’t dare go into those front page open threads. The Obamites are so broken hearted that only one or two of them came into the Clinton diary and made weak attempts to disrupt the good mood. But their hearts weren’t in it. So sad….

  51. I went to look at alegre’s diary, all positive as usual. A few people were gracious enough to congratulate alegre for Clinton’s victory and for writing a positive diary, and then Obamans hijacked the thread: “Congratulations on assuring McCain’s victory!” It degenerated from there. Hillary is mean! Kitchen sink! Who told Obama to talk to Canada? Hillary is still mean! (add swear words as needed)

  52. I guess the diary I was in stayed under the radar. It stayed nice and friendly.

  53. “Hope is foolish. It’s stupid. I’m going to CRY myself to SLEEP after getting WASTED. ”

    God, that is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

  54. I’m leaving the computer to curl up on the couch. I only had two hours sleep last night and I can’t sit up any more and hubby is already asleep. I obsess about politics for both of us.

    Good night all. Congratz to Hillary for well-deserved wins in Ohio and RI, pray/cross fingers/meditate for a victory in Texas!

  55. Freaky Beaky:

    What the hell do they think hope means? That everything just comes to you because you hope for it? Isn’t that what George Fucking Bush has been doing for the past 7 and a half years?

    Hope must be combined with muscle. Hillary has both.

    Axelrod whinging on MSNBarack now about the vicious kitchen sink. KO asks Axelrod: “Should she get out now?” GEEEZ, Keith, why the hell should she get out TONIGHT?

  56. Sleep well, Litigatormom. The tide is turning. I can feel it!

  57. anyone catch david axelrod just now on msnbc saying he was ‘surprised’ and ‘disappointed’ at hillary interview on 60 minutes re: obama’s religion? nothing like baiting people about that to gin up extra outrage! wtf

  58. CBS just called TX for Hillary!!

  59. Yeh! Hillary!!!!!!!

  60. I know that at 5% BO is leading the caucauses, but judging from the results in non urban counties, I would not be surprised if Hillary also carries Texas in that contest.

    ooooohhhhhhmmmmm, oooooohhhhhhmmmm,

    What did I tell you about lighting candles to St. Jude, eh? (and that considering that I am an Atheist 🙂

  61. tucsonlynn – you did it!!!!!! Thank you for all of your time and hard work in Texas!!!

  62. Hillary’s speech was so wonderful. I am so thankful for Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio. (I’m from Maryland, so I have a lot of penance to perform. I went to Pennsylvania to support Kerry (what a mistake), but I will have not trouble finding it to help Hillary . Keystone state here I come.) I will sleep like a baby tonight.


  64. shainzona
    yippe kayya mf! you betcha, !!!!
    I thought we would get kicked out of the state with the cheering a few minutes ago!!!!!!!!
    my buddha, what a wonderful day!So there we were watching the so called returns, and we knew we had won, but the goddamned tv people could not stand it, so we had to wait and wait and wait, and drink more. darn them…
    By the time they called Texas for Hillary, the city of El Pas was drunk dry .
    Gretchen from Bisbee and I about went nuts just now..

  65. honora, letyme know if you plan to go to Pennslyvania.
    I have family there in Philadelphia we can room with!

  66. gqmqartinez… what a sweet night!
    the tv people cannot stand it, but my goodness, what a wonderful feeling we have here in El Paso!
    send me your mail and i can sernd photos.

  67. lol .. 😉 .. I have been over at the Clintonistas party all night at the big Ofluff .. so nice .. I was there with them on super tuesday also .. .. Fun !! Fun Fun ..


    you just gotta love it .. 😉

    Thank YOU Riverdaughter – as you know I all most gave up .. and you were right all along .. ! .. actually I did give up ;( .. so Happy !!

    nite all , see you in the morning .. 😉

    a side note , don’t even go near the front page over there – some at the party were reporting and it’s worse than ever , if that could be possible .. I didn’t go but a few were ccpasting comments to us .. sheeesh .. om gosh .. horrible ..

  68. Hey boss, 😉

    Here’s a late night San Antonio field recap:


    GO CLINTON!!!!!

  69. I’m about to go to bed [it’s so late I may as well stay up :(], but I just wanted to say congratulations!!!! We did it! And, miles to go before we sleep….

  70. Okay, so it’s morning, and we won BIG!!!!! But when you consider how much more money Obama spent than Hillary, wow! Did this guy lose or what? Obama’s campaign claims that whenever the voters get to meet Obama, they get turned on to him and his message. Well, not so fast. He spent lots of time in Ohio and Texas (and even some time in Rhode Island), and he blew it. He can’t close the deal.

  71. Why did Obama even go to Rhode Island? That was just a dumb move. I guess he wanted to grace Rhode Islanders with his presence.

  72. I sat up and watched the returns downstairs so hubby could sleep, but the computer doesn’t get a signal there. I felt so lonely in victory!

    The MSNBC guys could not contain their annoyance that Hillary refuses to die. I’m staying home today (I got no sleep Monday night due to preparing for a hearing yesterday) and I’m just burnt out. But its a good burnt out, because the hearing went well, and Hillary did well, and Tweety is pissed. All is well with the world.

  73. Hi All-
    I’m looking for VOLUNTEERS for HILLARY and we need you desperately. We are making sure Hillary is represented in online comment (you’d be surprised how many people read them!) in local papers in upcoming primary states. It’s a fairly big job –started (too late) in WI when we realized Obama supporters from DC were cutting and pasting into local WI papers–But did great in TX and OH –with 89 people saying “I’ve changed my mind I’m voting for Hill”.
    Anyway, if interested, please reply!

  74. Boomer — Thst comment from dkos reflects my biggest fear of an obama candidacy (and presidency) … the disillusionment and cynicsm that follows.

    That’s a hangover that can last for decades, and impair any kind of progressive forward thrust.

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