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This should warm the cockles of your hearts

Oh, my! I’m a little choked up by this. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting a high number of crossover votes. Normally, I’d be concerned about this, and I *still* am, but look at who they’re voting for:

 A 69-year-old Catholic nun, Sister Ann Marie, was converted to the Clinton camp because of the former first lady’s experience. John Baggett, another ex-Republican for Clinton, said he simply wanted to switch, and Clinton represented a known commodity.

“I’m happy with Republicans, in general,” Baggett, 50, said. “I don’t believe they’ve done a good job the last eight years.”

In Strongsville, middle-aged couple Lucy and Pete See — longtime Republicans — both voted for Hillary Clinton. “I like that she has more experience in foreign affairs,” Pete See said. “The Republican candidate was older than me.

Lucy See said she voted for Clinton as well. “I want to be part of makiing history,” she said.

What can I say? Is the long national nightmare drawing to a close? Is Hillary the Uniter?

13 Responses

  1. Maybe my candle lighting is making a difference….NOT? 🙂

    Hey who knows, after all, St. Jude is the patron of impossible causes. We will see what happens after all votes are counted.

    ooooommmmmhhhh, oooommmmmhhhh

  2. Yay. Common sense Republicans. Good to see that Clinton really can unite the people who are looking out for the common good of our nation and not just voting for a Party or b.s. rhetoric.
    I don’t usually say this but I have a good feeling about tonight. I think she will win OH and even TX (though I’m not too sure about it because of the caucuses). I got 90% of the primaries/caucuses correct on Super Tuesday. I can just feel Obama’s support slipping as more people are starting to scrutinize his record and the lies coming out of his mouth.
    Even if he wins the nomination I truly believe that by autumn he will be a very, very weak candidate against McCain and people who didn’t support Clinton will regret their decision.

  3. Disenfran: I still can’t look. These primaries are so screwy from state to state it is almost impossible to predict. It’s like the butterfly effect. How will flooding affect voting patterns in southeast Ohio? Will there be enough frozen pizzas for all of the children in Texas whose mothers have to rush off to caucuses?

  4. I just went to DK (I have not been there in days, big mistake…)

    After reading a couple of posts by Markos, it is “clear” that no matter what happens today or even after (if Hillary decides to go on) Obama is still the absolute best : more money, better organization, 50 new superdelegates waiting to endorse en masse… you name it. He is just waiting to hammer her and the best thing poor Hillary could do is to go back to her poor little life and just leave the path to nomation open to Obama.

    Markos seems to be quite full of himself and does a great job at being his best cheerleader

  5. Upstate NY–

    Ugh! Did you see the diary about how Clinton supposedly made Obama’s skin and lips darker in some mailer? That place has started to look worse than Drudge. It’s like National Enquirer. I wonder if Markos ever looks at the disgusting diaries on the wreck list?

  6. BBoomer: I saw something like that in AmericaBlog, I think. Quite frankly, I did not see the skin hue in the picture being darker, the whole picture was more contrasted, but barely so… do these bloggers have nothing better to do? It is like all the broohaha over the “word” NIG in the 3 am ad and its subliminal message…

    I am not very impressed about all this…a waste of time.

    Ever since I moved to the States I have leaned Dem (I was a volunteer for Gore in 2000 even before I could vote and then became a registered democrat and voted for Kerry in 2004)

    This year I have become an Independent…. and the more I see all this nonsense in the Democratic party the more I believe I made the right decision.

    Go, Hillary, go…..

  7. I have to tell you that my daughter’s step mom in law…….Republican to the core…. voting for Hillary today and she spent yesterday calling all her Republican female friends to do the same.

    This woman has NEVER voted Dem in her lifetime.

    She told my daughter that she doesn’t like McCain….hates BO….and thinks that Hillary will “work her a$$” off for us.

    I still say that if Hillary is the nominee……there will be many Rep. women secretly voting for her.

    It will be woman power to the max.

  8. Cockle.

    I hear they make great appetizers.

    Note to self: two URLs in one comment apparently kicks it into the moderation queue.

  9. Goldberry-Riverdaughter,

    we miss you over at the horrible place. There’s a great NewHampster party going on. Won’t you join us. We can all attend two parties at once.


  10. I saw the NewHampster diary, I didn’t click because I thought he was talking about the party here!

    I just got home after a long day beating back anti-immigrant vigilantes who want to be able to harass people with Hispanic last names at will, on the chance that some of them may turn out to be illegals. Nice, huh?

    I saw a bit of Matthews going on and on about why point is served by Hillary prolonging the race for another seven weeks before giving in to the inevitable Obama win. Ugh. 14 year old now wants to watch American Idol. Better than listening to Tweety, who just took umbrage at Terry McAuliffe calling him a former Democrat — and it wasn’t the word “former” that offended him.

    I’ll keep fingers crossed and check returns later. Cannot stand bloviage.

  11. Eyes on Texas:
    The first totals coming in are early voting, which Obama organizers emphasized — zero precincts reporting poll votes — and mostly large urban centers.

    Mouse over the CNN map for an enlightening view.

    I’ll be preoccupied with other matters most of the night/morning/mourning … carry on.

  12. Ron,
    have a great evening. Always love to read your posts.

  13. Well I still hate open primaries (is Ohio one of those, or just a state that permits a quick switch in registration?), but if we’re going to have Republicans in our sandbox they might as well be with the right candidate.

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