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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Yes, this headline in WaPo is really a thing

There are many weird items on the front page today:

Don’t think for a moment that some people won’t try the bleach cure. I know people who have done equally stupid things as their own form of chemo. (Regular chemo freaked her out. Don’t even ask. Some people shouldn’t have access to hypodermic needles and Clorox 🙄)

So expect to see more incredible headlines about the predictable outcomes related to adding bleach to your diet.

The headline that disturbs me the most is how farmers are dumping food they can’t sell. Food banks are getting a lot of traffic these days. It’s immoral for any government to choose to decrease the surplus population through starvation rather than sending the national guard to collect potatoes, milk and eggs for hungry families.

Eggs, milk and potatoes make a delicious and nutritious frittata. Even kids will eat it.

If you voted for Big Orange, your real legacy might be starving children. That’ll learn us libs and warm the cockles of your shriveled hearts.

16 Responses

  1. it is hard to try to figure out what Trump’s goals are now, since they are not those of a normal person. is it a desperate bid at trying to stop the virus by any insane treatment he can think of? is it to kill as many people as he can, and then preside like some president of the Black Death? is it to do exactly what Russia wants him to do, which is to destroy the United States? it really is hard to know, because with no sarcasm intended, it is virtually impossible to come up with any humanely rational explanations, even just hat he is an utterly stupid person who somehow thinks he is a genius, and has a bunch of crooks and cultists around him who enable him.

    There is the world, and then there is Trump’s deranged version of it. Perhaps it is simply that though his usual laziness, and putting his election prospects and stock market gains over humanity, he let this get way out of hand, and is now desperately looking for some solution. Or maybe it is just trying to get elected, throwing out enough weird ideas to keep enough people hopeful, so that they will vote for him again. With all the decent ‘Biden poll numbers, he is still only leading in Wisconsin by a couple of points,and if he loses that state, we will lose the election, unless we somehow win ‘Florida, which is always rigged. So despite all of this inanity, he could bet he president for another four years, by which time this country would be a third-world dystopia with a few rulers and a bunch of people who have to eat whatever food they dole out to them,
    because they will have complete control over the food supply. And meanwhile people wait to sit transfixed at the daily “briefings.’ Today Trump will say that he never told anyone to swallow or inject anything, that he was being hopeful and trying to come up with good ideas; that the stock market is going back up, and that all these stores and restaurants which will close forever were badly run and deserved to die. And far too many people will try to ascribe some legitimate rationality to all of it, like a debate taking place in an insane asylum.

  2. Trump is easy to figure out…he’s certifiably nuts, so it’s a waste of time trying to analyze his actions or goals! The only goals he’s had since stealing the presidency was to advance himself and his businesses. Of course, with the pandemic he did nothing to stop, he is only now trying to save himself from the consequences of his being nuts. Why the media and people still trying understand his “thinking” is beyond me.

    If there ever was a time for the 25th Amendment to be enacted, that time is clearly NOW! Unfortunately, we are witnessing how powerful men (and trump’s administration is predominately male) react to an over the top alpha male with huge doses of toxic masculinity as trump has…they stand by and do nothing and make excuses for him. WHO DOES THAT IN THE FACE OF THIS CASTROPHY NAMED TRUMP? Why does his cabinet continue to enable this guy? They are cowards and will put their own self-interest ahead of the people they are supposed to be serving and leading. Their actions again prove why we so desperately need more women in leadership roles in our government. Following is an article which goes into detail how women are handling this pandemic as compared to their male counterparts: https://blog.powertofly.com/women-are-proving-to-be-the-best-leaders-at-getting-through-this-pandemic-2645743196.html

    • What is really nuts, it’s the fact the he’s a pandemic all by himself, and nobody can control him, make him disappeared or stop him…

      • bellecat,

        We could make him disappear if the gop were not a bunch of cowards who have literally betrayed our country for this man. I pray that trump doesn’t try to use this pandemic to avoid the election in November. I wouldn’t put anything past him. He will do anything to save himself and I pray that the dems do not underestimate the lenghts he will go to stay in the WH.

        What baffles me is why the media, after 3-1/2 years, are still continuing to talk about him and his actions in ay kind of respectful way. Where is the outrage? The Fourth Estate was intended by the founders to hold politicians, especially an authoritarian like him accountable, not to try to make sense out of traiterous behavior, criminality and total insanity. The media, like the GOP, appears to be part of the problem and it will be up to us to decide whether we want to fight for our country or just give up and give in to the insanity.

        • Well, the owners of the media–“mainstream” as well as wingnutty–are rich people, as are their higher-ranking employees.

          The Treason Party (fka GOP) consistently promises and delivers taxes on the rich so low as to be effectively meaningless.

          I think that is the #1 reason the “mainstream” media–the allegedly “liberal” media–keeps making excuses for Benedict Donald and the Treason Party. They want those low taxes, but if they told the full truth about Donnie Two Scoops and his mob, the public might throw all the GOP out, and then rich people’s taxes might rise.

          The average white affluent-or-richer American is THE world’s loudest, whiniest crybaby about paying income taxes or wealth taxes.

          • I agree but I think it goes deeper than that and has been going on for decades by design.

            I believe that the process of turning America into a “banana republic” has been in the making since the power elite ordered and facilitated the assassination of JFK. JFK could not be controlled to favor the rich, big business and the military/industrial complex, so he had to go. Jack Ruby even warned the Warren Commission that “a whole new form of government is going to take over…” because of the assassination and it has been realized to the max with the rise of the age of trump. To get to this moment of truth, along the way you have to question the list of presidents since 1963, who were in some way, associated with the assassination either directly or indirectly, as part of the plan or the cover up and to trusted to “follow orders” from the power elite. Let’s look back:

            (1) LBJ, who was going to be implicated in the Billy Sol Estes scandal which would have ended his career, defintely had good reason to at least be an accessory after the fact in the cover up and could easily be controlled once in power to go along with aiding in the rise of the military/industrial complex;

            (2) Nixon who was supposed to be president in 1960 but Kennedy outmanueverd him with the help of the mafia in Chicago. It has been confirmed that he attended a meeting at oil man, Clint Murchison’s home on Nov. 21 along with J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ to discuss what was going to happen the next day. Why was he there? What did he expect to gain? Eventually, the presidency; he could be controlled.

            (3) Gerald Ford (appointed to the Warren Commission, pushed the magic bullet theory and oswald as the lone killer and who was appointed by Nixon to be his VP, pardoning him for watergate crimes; he could be controlled.

            (4) Herbert Walker Bush who was a CIA agent in 1963 and was in Dallas on Nov. 22nd; he couldn’t be elected to any public office, so was finally appointed to head the CIA and then was inexplicably chosen to be Reagan’s VP and was probably acting more as president behind the scenes than Reagan, who was already showing signs of dementia when he was elected in 1980. He could be controlled

            (5) George W (no need to question whether he could be controlled!) He wasn’t even president, cheney was!

            Carter and Clinton were blips along the way, but their presidencies did not stop the momentum started by those who came before them.

            How could someone like trump ever be taken seriously as someone who could be president? We all now know that the media played a major role in making that remotely possible. Why was he given such power?

            Now, the same power elite who obviously wanted him in 2016 will have to decide whether or not trump is too risky to keep in power for a second term. Will another 4 years of trump wake up the masses from their continued denial and gullibility for the last 50 plus years in believing that we, the people, elected these guys? That’s their biggest fear — an awakened America.

            Maybe, just maybe, this pandemic is a blessing in disguise. It appears to have been the only way to bring the American people together and in the process will wake us up to the consequences of having a corrupt, narcisstic, authoritarian in the WH and what we must do to save our republic.

          • Problem: Why didn’t this hypothetical conspiracy install Jeb Bush instead of Benedict Donald? Jeb is smarter than Dirty Donnie (damning with faint praise, I know).

  3. How is Trump’s direction to inject disinfectants different from Jim Jones having his cult members ingest grape Kool Aid. It’s not like anyone not is trumps Base would be dumb enough to inject bleach or lysol into their bodies. My belief, he knows he is going down and he wants to take them with him.

  4. Peep, i think you are giving trump more credit than he deserves. I honestly don’t believe he knows the difference between the human body and the kitchen countertop. He is either mentally deficient/impaired or emotionally stunted, or both. Although I still remember Jessica Simpson asking her husband if Chicken of the Sea was fish or poultry and Chris Evert not knowing how to get pineapple juice out of a can. It is possible that he was so coddled and bereft of basic common sense intelligence that his reality is completely distorted. If left alone on a street corner, he would fair worse than an helpless infant or a toddler because he is so grotesque to look at and painful to listen to. I am sure Putin is still laughing his ass off.

  5. And hell yes, that food should be given to hungry people. We need to get rid of that evil, mean-spirited, and just plain stupid notion that the poor deserve their poverty.

    Many of the people who spout that nonsense call themselves “Christians”. Did Our Savior Jesus Christ ask whether the audience “deserved” food or not, before he multiplied the loaves and fishes?

  6. This could become a meme: 😈

    “I can’t believe I have to say this, but please don’t shave your private parts with a belt sander.”

    “I can’t believe I have to say this, but please don’t brush your teeth with Crystal Drano.”

    “I can’t believe I have to say this, but please don’t use small cacti as butt plugs.”

    “I can’t believe I have to say this, but please don’t clean your forks after meals by sticking them in live electrical sockets.”

  7. Kathleen @10:28
    Very well chronologically penned down and I agree on all.
    Never believed the JFK assassination as it was spoon fed to the world.

    As Hillary many times expressed: “A very vast right wing conspiracy that has been going on for decades.”

    • And actually, I also agree that this unfortunate pandemic is a blessing in disguise for so many reasons,
      Not only for our Republic but for our species way of life that has become unsustainable, self destructive and dystopia.

      Eight billion humans beings and growing, is not part of the world’s conversation. When enough is enough?

  8. bellecat and Ivory Bill,

    Thanks, bellecat, for catching the drift of what I was trying to convey.

    ivory bill, you seem to have either dismissed or missed my point in showing the overwhelming consequences of a high percentage of men who have inhabited the WH had an association in some capacity with the JFK assassination! What are the odds of that happening by accident?

    In answer to your question, it really didn’t matter that Jeb was smarter than GW (haven’t you noticed that qualifications for president are irrelevant?), it only matters who could be trusted to do as he was told without question. I think the reason GW was chosen instead of Jeb was because like his grandfather Prescott and his father HW, GW was a member of the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale. Jeb never was. Bonesmen are overtly loyal to each other, appoint each other to powerful positions and rely on their ability to keep secrets.

    The point I was trying to make by pointing out the presidents since 1963 is that the American people haven’t been choosing their president, the power elite have. If we continue to deny and believe that our elections are an expression of the will of the people, then they will succeed in completely turning our country into a corporateocracy with us as its toady servants.

    I also believe trump is their experiment to see just how much authoritarianism the American people would be willing to accept before they realized we had become a fascist government. I’m praying that we wake up before it’s too late and stop fooling ourselves and that’s not a conspiracy theory!

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