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Quote du Jour

An oldie but goody:

“If we have truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not truth, it ought to be harmed.”

— Reuben Clarke

Take that Rudy Giuliani.


Peter Daou says:

Candlelight vigils tonight.

Hold hands, look both ways before crossing, watch out for one another.


31 Responses

  1. Maria Butina arrest shows how deep pooties incursion into the GOP is. Every Republican mfer who thinks he/she is compromised should get out of public life for the good of the country. Or Democrats and others must vote them all out!

    {Another tweet of record, Comey now begging people to vote Democratic}.

  2. OMG, Comey, I almost feel sorry for the guy. Think about how he must feel now that he almost singlehandedly destroyed the world’s greatest democracy with that stoopid letter.

    • History was blind in the fall of 2016.

  3. Watch out and keep an eye on the midterms.

  4. I hope the buffoon in the WH didn’t agree to sending his own public servants to gallows. Amb. McFaul is tweeting about this. We live in dangerous times.

    • Pootie also introduced a conspiracy in that presser for the trump minions, something about Browder raising 100s of millions for Hillary’s campaign which has been debunked.

        This is outrageous. More than that. The 25th amendment must be invoked. Trump is not mentally competent.

        • I wonder how far the treason will be allowed to go before the intelligence agencies and/or the armed forces decide they have no choice but to step in.

        • Trump had better accept a diagnosis of mental illness, as it may be his only way to escape charges of treason, or at least of lesser offenses.

        • Sometimes I feel the media focusing on his stupid tweets, his walkbacks, and all the other inane stuff is missing the big picture. They are so inadequate. We know that when the media talks about something, the Congress critters and even the WH listen. But the media fuckers are so so incompetent and inadequate for these times.

          • The owners of the “mainstream” media are McDucks, just like the owners of the openly reactionary media. They don’t want the Republicans cast out of power, because the Democrats might raise taxes on the McDucks. Their employees know this, and so they soft-pedal any criticism of the GOP.

            The McDucks would rather lick Putin’s taint than give up their “Precioussssss” tax cuts. 👿

    • The rest of the government, of both major parties, need to close ranks against Trump if he gets serious about this–for whom would he agree to send to death in Russia next?

    • This is why Bernie needs to go ahead and close up shop and admit that he is not running in 2020 since he voted against the Magnitsky Act.

      • We should publicize his vote and make everybody know about it. No chance in 2020

        • There are plenty of people publicizing it on twitter but it needs to be pointed out over and over again.

  5. This is so clear to even the most average person that the russians have everything recorded of the one on one meeting. It is the Americans and the rest of the world that does not have access to what trump and pootie did/said in that meeting. Why are not people paying attention to that? Why isn’t that a bigger issue for the Congress?

    • I hope the translator has 24/7 security.

      • I’m sure several countries have tapes/transcripts of the entire meeting. Certainly Finland does. If anything brings down this administration, it will be the narcissistic error of being unable to imagine others’ superiority to oneself.

  6. Just for the record! Shame on people for not using their heads.

  7. As far as I’m concerned, this goes more to the Purity Ponies and the Voluntary Non-Voters (NOT the people whom the GOP cheated out of their right to vote), than to the Trump Chumps:

    (h/t Melissa of Shakesville)

  8. I’ve said this before, but it turned out that the old Soviet subversion strategies work after all–the Commies were just fishing with the wrong bait.

    Putin merely needed to replace Marxism with White Supremacism as the operating ideology. 👿

  9. Cuteness break:

    Yotsuba & watermelon.

  10. “I don’t see why it WOULD be Russia.” That is what he said, with that emphasis. He said that Putin gave a strong denial, and followed that sentence with the above. There is not an iota of doubt as to what he said and meant. Even some media tried to give him an out, saying, well, it is a weak attempt; or that even if he now corrects, he still did a bad job. But it is not a correction, it is not an explanation, it is a complete lie. Is it hard to listen to a sentence on tape and understand that it is impossible to follow “Putin made a strong denial” with “I don’t see why it WOULDN”T be Russia?” Plus, yesterday after saying that he meant “WOULDN’T,” he said, It could have been somebody else.”

    This is all beyond obvious. And anyone who gives any credence to the idea of “correction,” is a fool, or desperate to seem fair to Trump. It is long past time for that. This was not written, it cannot be passed off as a typographical error. This is a man who along with his stooges, is completely lying about a matter of national security. And anyone who thinks that he is going to do one thing to stop the hacking of the upcoming election, is deluded. The Russian state TV is likely not trolling; he did indeed ask Putin to fix the midterms for him.

  11. Breaking: Trump says he wouldn’t feel comfortable defending the small Balkan NATO nation of Montenegro from Russian aggression because the people are so “aggressive.” Now we know what he agreed to.

    Good one, RD, on the oil pipeline. 😦

  12. It was said of Prussia that it was not a state which had an army, but rather an army which had a state.

    Likewise, Russia is not a state which has organized crime, but… 😈

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