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      There was a time when almost no one would have put forward anything like the below, today, guillotine references are routine. Today’s parents have forgotten that children’s play should teach them how to be responsible adults. pic.twitter.com/bGprm9rv09 — Will works for the working class (@ClassFirster) December 3, 2020 Back in the 2000s I spent a […]
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Easter in the Covid zone is the Mother of Invention.

I gave up Christianity a long time ago. I’m more of a Sikh without a Khalsa right now. Last year during my illness? Never once thought about praying to Jesus. Go figure.

But a lot of people, including my relatives, are into that kind of thing. So, what do you do for Christianity’s most holy day when you can’t actually go to church?

Ok, here’s the solution all you southern states, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama. Let us Yankees show you how it’s done. This is from a church in Monroeville, about 5 miles from here:

Note that the drummer and bass player are wearing masks.

Good job, people. Happy Easter.

We who are about to die… give you the finger

Omg. 🙄

This Washington Post article will validate everything you suspected about the way Trump handled the outbreak including proposing to sacrifice millions of Americans for the good of the market:

During one task force meeting in the Situation Room last month, Trump turned to Fauci and challenged him.

It was the day the administration was adding Ireland and the United Kingdom to its travel restrictions, and Trump wanted to understand why talk of “herd immunity” — allowing the coronavirus to sweep a nation largely unchecked, with the belief that those who survived would then be immune — was such a bad idea.

“Why don’t we let this wash over the country?” Trump asked, according to two people familiar with his comments, a question other administration officials say he has raised repeatedly in the Oval Office.

Fauci initially seemed confused by the term “wash over” but became alarmed once he understood what Trump was asking.

“Mr. President, many people would die,” Fauci said.

The president said he understood but since then has repeatedly made clear he wants to reopen things soon — although significant roadblocks remain.

There’s so much more in the piece. Go read it yourself.

One thing I do have to object in this article is that supposedly there is a shortage of data tracking provided by the CDC. It is a little weird that while our country has some fantastic online resources provided by the NIH (pubmed, pubchem, BLAST etc), the CDC doesn’t seem to have a crack bunch of developers working on apps. But that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out what’s going on and how to track it using open source development and resources. Here are some of the best:

JHU Coronavirus Tracker


Covid19 TOPOS compiler

There’s another one that I lost the URL for that predicts the apex for your state. So, plenty of data, plenty of geeks with experience with R, SQL and other stuff with a lot of time on their hands. No shortage of information from a county and state level, assuming those governmental entities are being honest and aren’t hiding anything (I’m talking to you Florida). Maybe it would be nice to have a centralized set of apps from the CDC but depending on how you display your data, a consensus is emerging whether the CDC is allowed to get its act together or not. The truth has a funny way of outting itself.


Derek Lowe of In the Pipeline posts summaries of the latest potential treatments and drug candidates for Covid19. Derek is a medicinal chemist who spent much of his career in R&D at Vertex. He’s my resident expert. His review of Covid19 drugs is pretty sobering right now. Eventually, there will be more positive studies to talk about. It probably didn’t help us that pharma wiped out a whole generation of small molecule drug discoverers and medicinal chemists during the patent cliff and Great Recession. But whaddayagunnodo? Shareholders gotta eat, amirite?


Finally, the best voice advocating reason, critical examination of data and calm is coming from a purveyor of frozen beef sheets:

Steak umm’s twitter account is definitely subscribable. Who knew?


Bonus: If you miss sports, check out Andrew Cotter’s twitter feed for his dog broadcasts: