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Saturday morning eeeeeeeeew!

Columbia professor is charged with incest, accused of bedding young relative for 3 years

A popular Columbia professor was charged Thursday with incest – accused of a sick sex relationship with a female relative, prosecutors said.

Political science Prof. David Epstein, 46, bedded the young woman over a three-year period ending last year, according to court papers.

He was arraigned before a Manhattan judge on a single felony incest count.

“We ask that everyone remember that he is innocent until proven otherwise and that these allegations are nothing more than allegations,” said Epstein’s defense lawyer Matthew Galluzzo.

University spokesman Robert Hornsby said that Epstein “is now on administrative leave and will not be teaching students.”

Epstein, who specializes in American politics and voting rights, has taught at Harvard and Stanford and often is quoted by news organizations. He also has blogged on The Huffington Post.

Sources said the victim was over 18 when the relationship began in 2006 and that the two often exchanged twisted text messages.

The “female relative” he was schtupping is his daughter.

According to Reuters, she was 20 years old when the sexual relationship began.

The Columbia Spectator gives us more juicy tidbits:

Epstein declined to comment when reached on his cell phone Thursday evening.

His wife, Sharyn O’Halloran, chair of the executive committee of the University Senate and a tenured professor, also declined to comment when reached by phone.


An update on Epstein’s Facebook account says he is no longer listed as married.

Epstein and O’Halloran have co-authored numerous publications on American politics since meeting as postdoctoral students at Stanford University in the 1980s.

Epstein is currently teaching a lecture class called “Scope and Methods,” as well as a class titled “Research Topics and Game Theory.”

A wingnut blogger places the story in the “right” perspective:

Palin-Hating Columbia Professor, Huffington Post Blogger, Busted for Incest

I’m surprised he didn’t squeeze in that Columbia is Obama’s alma mater.

If you’re really interested in the subject Tracy Clark-Flory discusses the law on “consensual” incest at Salon.

You can go take a shower now. Sorry about your breakfast.

20 Responses

  1. Disgusting! Why don’t they say it is his daughter & instead refer to her as a “female relative?” People make fun of the South, but your second cousin (while gross) is not the same thing as your daughter. It cannot be to protect her identity because she isn’t a minor. It therefore, has to be, to make him seen not as truly & utterly disgusting as he is.
    And, if in fact, this sick relationship did not start when she was a minor (which I find very hard to believe), then all I can say is thank God for small miracles.

    • I completely agree, angienc. I find it hard to believe that their sexual relationship started a long time ago. It’s all so very disgusting!

      • If they had a normal (warm but not sexual) father-daughter relationship, this would have been unthinkable to them both. I suspect the seeds were laid down long ago, by the father.

        There is almost always an abuse of power in such relationships. I just hope she is not pregnant or that if she is, that the baby is very lucky. The child would likely be at risk, genetically.


  2. Whay are they always “popular” teachers / professors? On a side note, why did he change his Facebook status instead of deleting his account?

    • I bet it doesn’t say “No longer married”

      I’ll bet it says “available.”

      • Let me tell you something, myiq — some people are plain old f*cked up! I’m reading around on the internets & there are people actually wondering “how this is a crime” because they are “both consenting adults.” I’m gobsmacked. Do they not get the fact that a father is always a father & his child is always his child, no matter how old they actually get biologically? Furthermore, imo, no matter what her age was when the sex started it is child abuse plain & simple. And let me just state right now: my opinion on this matter is not just my personal opinion, it an opinion by jurisprudence, so if anyone around here wants to defend this daughter-r@psit — stay the hell away from me.

        • Clarification: it is child abuse because no way does a child, even a non-minor child, “consent” to sex with a parent without growing up in some majory f*ckery.

        • I agree Angienc,

          It is the most gross abuse of power that can ever be and if people are defending him, then they should seek counseling quick. He also shattered the relationship between mother and child and that is very harmful.

          I do believe he can be charged with rape, and she has until age 36 to file charges, so he is by no way free and clear. I am surprised that he hasn’t been arrested, he should, as it may very well bring to light others he has abused.

      • Available for what? How many daughters does he have?

  3. In other pervert news, the guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart has been convicted.

  4. A SF shopper spotted a kidnapper and helped rescue a 12 year old girl from VA

    A relieved Virginia police chief extended an emotional thank-you from across the country to a San Francisco woman who spotted a fugitive sought in a slaying and kidnapping as she shopped at a Safeway in the Outer Richmond on Friday afternoon.

    “We’re so thankful to her – for a person to be that observant, 3,000 miles away, is almost incredible,” Roanoke County Police Chief Ray Lavinder said about the unidentified shopper who recognized Jeffrey Scott Easley, 32, from a TV report and called police, leading to his arrest and the recovery of 12-year-old Brittany Mae Smith.

    Roanoke authorities had feared the worst Monday when they found the child’s mother, Tina Smith, 41, slain in her home near Salem, Va.

  5. That’s one sick fuck.

  6. Esptein must be from the Father’s Rule Tribe. He is nothing more than a MONSTER.

    He’s had power over his daughter all her life, and he likely forced her via the emotional ties of parenthood. That is where the incest occured, in that “emotional” relationship.

    I’d like to know how this was revealed? From the wife? Regardless how, incest is a sex crime. And I can’t believe this man stands on one single felony count of incest, that could result in 4 years imprisonment. He’s just an outstanding profession that he was released on his OR. Didn’t hear a restraining order filed.

    Besides hereditary issues of incest, these laws are in place to protect children. And his daughter is disturbed, very disturbed. She’s been loyal to him, and he’s taken advantaged of her in the worst emotional and physcial way. I’d go so far as to say
    he considers her his property.

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