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New Hampshire

Four prosecutors resigned yesterday after the DOJ overruled their sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone. Bill Barr is acting on Trump’s behalf.

We’re in a tight spot. You don’t even have to squint to see how Barr and the DOJ are going to put their meaty thumbs on scales to make sure Trump gets every advantage in the upcoming election.

And here we have a lightweight, consultant generated, small city mayor who no one even heard of until recently who is spouting Republican talking points and courting the white guy vote.

The media cohort of Chuck Todd et al are being extremely irresponsible promoting Pete. Two days ago, I would have said rocketing Pete up there was a bad idea. Now, I see it as fatal.

Because while the Russians are trying to cram Sanders down our throats by gaming the upcoming open primaries, the media empire of the guys is blatantly and dishonestly failing to cover candidates who THEY don’t like who would make far better nominees and are compromise candidates.

Stop it. Stop it right now. You are in danger of demotivating voters who will not turn up to the primaries if they have waited through a year of primary debates only to see their preferred candidate drop out due to media pressure.

We have to win this November in overwhelming numbers or this country as we used to know it will cease to exist. If you don’t believe me, go look at Hungary and Poland. That’s coming our way. Or worse, because unfortunately for us, Trump isn’t playing with a full deck in any way. People with his personality disorder can be cruel and sadistic when they think they are being disobeyed.

Pete will need to go up against Barr, Trump and the whole vast right wing Wurlitzer.

He does not inspire confidence.