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New Hampshire

Four prosecutors resigned yesterday after the DOJ overruled their sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone. Bill Barr is acting on Trump’s behalf.

We’re in a tight spot. You don’t even have to squint to see how Barr and the DOJ are going to put their meaty thumbs on scales to make sure Trump gets every advantage in the upcoming election.

And here we have a lightweight, consultant generated, small city mayor who no one even heard of until recently who is spouting Republican talking points and courting the white guy vote.

The media cohort of Chuck Todd et al are being extremely irresponsible promoting Pete. Two days ago, I would have said rocketing Pete up there was a bad idea. Now, I see it as fatal.

Because while the Russians are trying to cram Sanders down our throats by gaming the upcoming open primaries, the media empire of the guys is blatantly and dishonestly failing to cover candidates who THEY don’t like who would make far better nominees and are compromise candidates.

Stop it. Stop it right now. You are in danger of demotivating voters who will not turn up to the primaries if they have waited through a year of primary debates only to see their preferred candidate drop out due to media pressure.

We have to win this November in overwhelming numbers or this country as we used to know it will cease to exist. If you don’t believe me, go look at Hungary and Poland. That’s coming our way. Or worse, because unfortunately for us, Trump isn’t playing with a full deck in any way. People with his personality disorder can be cruel and sadistic when they think they are being disobeyed.

Pete will need to go up against Barr, Trump and the whole vast right wing Wurlitzer.

He does not inspire confidence.

53 Responses

  1. This is why I hope Amy catches fire. Her history as a prosecutor is a positive when running against the mafia.

  2. IMO Pete needs more experience… much like I felt about Obama in 2008. I still like Warren best of all the candidates, but will most likely vote D no matter who the nominee, unless they pick a really horrendous VP.

    Pete should run as VP and get more experience.

    • I don’t know who started that #bluenomatterwho thing but I suspect it was a person up to no good. Because it conditions the target to accept whoever it is as the nominee. We should push back against this meme as forcefully as possible. The party apparatus needs to get a grip on this situation as quickly as possible.

      • Absolutely it was Sanders people, and still is.

      • Sanders people. They came up with it, they use it constantly.

      • If you really feel that way, I assume you’ll stop criticizing the very few Sanders voters who did not end up supporting Hillary in 2016.

        • I’ve seen studies that say approximately 25% of Sanders voters did not vote for her in the general election. I don’t know how accurate that is, but I don’t know how accurate the statistics cited by the Sanders people that it was a smaller amount, are, either. I know that they booed every time her name was mentioned at the convention, and they had to change the seating arrangements there to keep it from turning into a debacle.

        • The difference is that Sanders is not electable. I met a lot of Bernie people in Pittsburgh who campaigned for Hillary in the last days of the campaign. They realized that it was going to be close.
          In this case, we can’t afford for it to be close. We need to vote in overwhelming numbers. And if you can’t get Democrats to the polls now, you won’t be able to get traditionally casual voters later. He will get slaughtered by the media and many of us will feel he richly deserves it.
          The voters do not deserve it.
          That’s why that stupid meme shouldn’t have started in the first place. It’s depressing turnout. If Bernie is a forgone conclusion, why vote in the primary at all? And if the most committed voters stay home in the early months of 2020, what makes you think they’re going to care and not be resigned to their fate in November? You think we’re smarter than that? That we’ll think it’s Bernie or doom? I think some voters will say fuck it.
          That’s how the Brits wound up with Boris Johnson even though he’s as popular as toenail fungus. It turns out that Corbyn was even less popular than that.
          For sanders, it won’t take much.
          Deep down inside, I think you know this. There isn’t going to be a sanders revolution. I’m not interested in vaporware either. I’d rather have structural change ala Elizabeth Warren, who I notice is the one media types are most anxious to get rid of in favor of plastic Pete.
          It would be great if sanders cared more for his country than his ambitions. Same with Pete. There are and were much better candidate that voters can rally around.

  3. I agree not just passing on the Primary’s but the election too. MNBC and CNN political punditry seems old (not age but exposure) stale and boring what’s with the Obama crowd Axelrod, Plouffe stuff, come on Democrats we need more modern avenues strong female party representatives energy out there. Recall our last nominee was a women who won 3 million more votes than the guy in the WH. Let’s start tackling and calling out the Demo Bots and media, read Hillary’s book if you need help understanding the Dog Screams going on and what you need to do to win this time. Come on move away from 2008 this election is not about Obama legacy’s or his transformational campaign, note Biden’s performance to date. A qualified women can win, that only a guy can beat Trump is a myth spread by men. We need fresh air…women’s voices it is the Party of Women after all.

  4. I wrote a long post, and used the “r word,” so I hope it can be rescued.

  5. Well, I’ll try again, more briefly. “Sanders is the frontrunner” based on a primary which is very demographically favorable for him, where he won by 1.5%?

    Bloomberg is second favorite to win the nomination, and does not get mentioned in the coverage, unless they are going to mention “stop and frisk” all day. The problem we have is that in this time of great danger for our country and democracy, we must win, and win convincingly. Sanders vs. Trump is the Republicans’ dream. Who can beat him out of the current remaining field? Buttigieg is very unlikely to. I heard his speech last night, it was rather insipid. So that leaves Klobuchar and Bloomberg, or we get Sanders. I like Amy, but I do wonder if she can compete in primaries in the South and West. Sanders will get his 25% or so in every state, and will go up to 30% as more candidates leave the race. Bloomberg is going to get hammered on “stop and frisk” as if that defined his three basically successful terms as mayor. He’ll have to deal with that in the next debate, where he finally gets to participate. I still think that he offers the best chance to defeat Sanders and beat Trump i the general election, which if we don’t achieve, renders all of this terribly academic.

    Moderates (what they’re now terming center/left) did much better than “Left” in last night’s primary. But because there were three moderates oi the major field, and two on the left, Sanders was able to barely win Moderates are going to have to coalesce, although I am happy when anyone but Sanders can pick up some delegates, so I am sort of hoping that they all stay in for a while longer. Incidentally Buttigieg wanted to point out last night that he always has admired Sanders. I don’t know why, all Sanders has ever gotten through the Senate are in the nature of naming post offices.

    • “a primary which is very demographically favorable for him”

      God I’m going to love it when he starts sweeping the states with large numbers of minorities.

      I’m sure you’ll find a way to blame ‘the Russians’ for that too, though.

      • More blame for the drama queen media who picks their targets and their favorites based on entertainment value rather than on vetting and assessing policies and experience in a balanced way. At this point. IMHO, trump is still Russia’s dog in the fight so they can hold fire for now. Funny, you remind me of Niles. I still don’t know why either of you are here…it doesn’t seem a good fit for either of you, but we sure do make you feel superior!

        • Ah of course. The media has been too favorable to Sanders. Right.

          In other news, I have a massive bridge for sale.

          • Actually, I was thinking they were being too unfavorable to all the female candidates and candidates of color and too favorable to the old white men, but thanks for letting me know what I really meant….your mom must be so proud.

          • That bridge is about one-billionth the mass of your ego, I reckon. 😈

          • “unfavorable to all the female candidates”

            Are you kidding me? The media has been talking up Klobuchar since declaring she won the last debate.

        • “Funny, you remind me of Niles. I still don’t know why either of you are here…it doesn’t seem a good fit for either of you, but we sure do make you feel superior!”

          Cats x 3: Dunning-Kruger effect. 😉

        • As ever, Ivory, you can’t argue facts.

          If I turn out to be wrong about Sanders minority support, and I don’t think I will, I will still have adopted a position that up to that point appeared to have evidence supporting it. The Sanders campaign has already demonstrated such minority support in Iowa.

          So I will have still chosen a view that the evidence supported.

          Whereas you, and all the regulars on this site, stake out positions that consist entirely of media memes, that are not only not supported by evidence, but are directly countered by large amounts of evidence, all of which is accessible with a minimum of effort.

          You ‘know’ Sanders is a fake candidate, buoyed by ‘the Russians’, etc. How do you know? You just ‘know’. And then you attempt to call other people arrogant.

          • Plenue apparently still believes that formal rational argument carries great power, even outside of the groves of academia, so that his picayune victories here, if indeed they be such, actually mean something.

            I’m being nice to Plenue by posting another picture, giving him yet another opportunity to feel superior to me. Ain’t I generous? 😛

            I think Plenue is living on the wrong planet. Perhaps he should try the second world out from 40 Eridani A. I hear the natives of that world put great stock in rational argument, or, to use their preferred term, “logic”.

          • Shorter Woodpecker: “I don’t care about reality.”

          • And you think reality cares about you?

            It’s not whether or not I care about reality; it’s whether or not a sufficient number of our fellow citizens care about it, and can perceive it.

            Evidence in favor of that is thin on the ground.

      • If St. Bernard starts sweeping states with large numbers of minorities, I probably won’t notice.

        Why not?

        Because I expect I’ll be too busy dodging the poop-bombs from the swarms of flying pigs. 😛

    • Pete was throwing major shade at Sanders with that comment because he finished it with “when I was in high school” implying that he had grown up and grown past Bernie’s childishness.

  6. “and courting the white guy vote.”

    Not according to his exit polling demographics (see: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/politics/exit-polls-2020-new-hampshire-primary/). He’s much more popular with women than with men, and was in fact more popular with NH women than either of the female candidates (or any of the other male candidates, for that matter). If only women Had voted in NH, Mayor Pete would have won. His core demographic appears to be white women over 40 years of age.

    There’s pretty much no point in doing a racial breakdown of the NH results, since the proportion of POCs in NH is so very small.

    • Like I said above, the blue no matter who thing for sanders may be suppressing turnout. Who cares who you vote for if the nominee is preordained?
      Also, the media fluffed Pete a mega ton last week and barely even mentioned Warren. You’d think she wasn’t running anymore and had already dropped out if you listened to MSNBC.
      But he’s also not electable.

      • Oh well, if St. Bernard or Mayo Lite Pete is nominated, we can always hope the economy will nose-dive in September or October, just in time to piss the fence-sitters off at Benedict Donald.

        You know, the kind of thing which actually gave Obama his 2008 victory. 😉

      • I agree he’s probably not electable. I think he’s basically another corporate climber spouting mealy-mouthed bafflegab instead of articulating real policies. All he needs is a set of Powerpoints to complete the picture. Of course, I thought that about Obama, too. I could see him as a Quayle-esque VP to a candidate who had some actual policies. One-on-one with Trump (or, God forbid, Putin), I think he’ll fall apart.

        Honestly, I think all of the sitting Senators were hurt by the impeachment hiatus – Pete and Biden basically had the campaign trail to themselves for a couple of weeks (I don’t think that actually helped Biden) and Bloomberg was just ramping up spending. It’ll be interesting to see if Pete can maintain his momentum going into Nevada and SC. Both he and Bloomberg are going to face an uphill battle with some communities because of past policy decisions they’ve made.

        The real winner in New Hampshire was Klobuchar, in my opinion. Tough, smart, and she beat Mayor Pete like a drum in the debate. I wish she had better policies.

        • “Bafflegab.” May I steal?

          • I didn’t originate it. It’s common slang in some STEM communities to refer to the sort of drivel spouted by MBAs and related vermin. Feel free. 😉

      • As for this: “[T]he blue no matter who thing for sanders may be suppressing turnout.”

        Turnout wasn’t suppressed in New Hampshire. They set a record, in fact, nearly 50,000 more voters than in 2016. There were so few Republican crossovers that the WaPo couldn’t poll them in the exit polls. Bernie did better among actual Democrats than he did among independents, by the way.

        Look, to the extent that #bluenomatterwho is a “Sanders thing”, it’s mainly been engendered by the treatment (that’s a euphemism, by the way) received in 2016 (and the false accusations against both Sanders and his supporters resulting from that). I don’t see it suppressing turnout in the primary process.

  7. Bernie’s not been vetted properly and no one is calling him out. Hillary called him out & bested him in the debates and that’s why he lost last time. Time to take off the gloves. He’s not so progressive. He has a very poor record as a legislator… he named a couple post offices. He voted against the Brady Bill 5 times, he voted to dump toxic waste in poor Latin communities in south Texas, he voted to fund civilian militias along the border, voted for indefinite detention of undocumented immigrants, he voted to confirm John Kelly at DHS who initiated child separation policy. If people actually KNEW this and the media actually talked about his record he wouldn’t be where he is…. he is coasting on name recognition at this point

    • Absolutely right on, Seagrl!

      The big question is why the media continues to ignore vetting the men while going over the women running with a fine tooth comb? I call it misogyny by those white males who run the media and it’s got to stop, if we ever want to have an election where the people actually get to choose the best candidate based on facts and not biased opinion against women, in particular. It’s supposed to be about the “will of the people” in an election, not the “will of the white male run media”.

      There was a small crack in the BS normally reported by the media. Last night, God bless him, Laurence O’Donnell asked Rachel Maddow why the media NEVER questions the “electability of a gay man or a Jewish man” but they always question the electability of a woman! He said it was maddening. Thank you, Laurence for finally saying what we’ve known all along since Hillary ran the first time back in 2008 against obama.

    • Sanders has been vetted. His platform now is the same as it was thirty years ago. They are already hitting him (and have been for five years at least) with the worst they can find.

      Now if you don’t think he can garner 50+1% of the vote with his platform, or even just outright disagree with his New Deal ideas on a fundamental level, those are at least arguments that might have some reality behind them.

      But the idea that he hasn’t been vetted and has secret dirt hidden somewhere is itself an example of a panicked media manufacturing consent.

      • Who said it was secret?


        If a lone blogger could suss out all this crap, what do you think will happen when the Russopublican Pretty Hate Machine saturates both the traditional and Web media with these tales? It hardly matters whether or not they are true; enough people will believe them. They’re just licking their chops, waiting for you children (whatever your physiological ages) to nominate Grandpa Bernie.

        Again, you keep thinking truth and reason still count for something. Could Benedict Donald have gotten close enough for his master, Tsar Vladimir, to steal the election for him if reality still counted for anything outside of the physical sciences and their practical applications? Hell, could either of the Bushes or Reagan have been elected if it counted for anything?

  8. “Who cares who you vote for if the nominee is preordained?”

    Sanders people have been fighting that since 2016, RD, with the entire DC consultantocracy (now there’s a neologism to be proud of) arrayed against us. You know who cares? People who care about policy rather than the horse race, that’s who. People who are tired of hearing that we can’t have civilized universal health care, can’t have secure retirements, can’t have educational opportunity, can’t have a living wage for all workers, and can’t have a sane climate policy because the lobbyists and the Republicans will say mean things about us if we even talk about them.

    Here’s how I see it: The convention will be brokered. Insuring that is the whole reason why we had so many candidates this time around. That’s obviously been the plan all along. I’m actually surprised that Perez wasn’t wandering through the various homeless encampments in sanf Francisco and LA recruiting random people to run. The superdelegates will ride in on their white horses for the second ballot and nominate somebody “safe” (a synonym for “bought”), who will most likely lose to Trump in the general. The Democrats will carry New York, New England, California, and a smattering of other states. They will do this by a wide enough margin that they’ll either be close or take the lead in popular votes while Trump will carry the Electoral College by a landslide. We Democrats will then whine about this being “unfair” right up until 2024. We will bemoan the existence of the Electoral College and our powerlessness to either change it or change the minds of the people who used to vote for us but decided to stay home because we’ve forgotten both how campaign and how to govern.

    That’s how I think it’s going to turn out, and I’m still not giving up. I already voted in the primary (yesterday afternoon, right after my ballot arrived), and I’ll assuredly vote for whatever corporate tool the DNC decides to ram down my throat this time around in the general. I refuse to pretend to be happy about that, by the way.

    Less probable: I think the best we can hope for is that the Democrats, even if we win the White House and regain the Senate, will probably not pass any significant legislation because we’re too bloody cowardly to call the filibuster bluff. We will, however, not have a dangerous (and possibly senile) psychopath in command of the largest military on the face of the planet. That’s why it’s the *best* we can hope for. We will not make any significant policy changes. We will get very few judges confirmed. Trump’s environmental rollbacks will probably remain. Trump’s corporate tax cuts *certainly* will. We might tinker around the edges of the health care issue, but we’ll leave millions uninsured and millions more with essentially useless high-deductible policies. Health insurance stocks will soar. We will probably join some new climate accord by executive action, because we’ll be too afraid to bring it to the Senate for ratification. The next Republican President will then just pull us out (because, after all, it’s not a *real* treaty and therefore not binding).

    I actually think all this, and I still turned out. Do you really think some f*king hashtag is really going to make people stay home?

  9. Once again:

    If a lone blogger found all of this, you KNOW the Russopublican propaganda machine stands ready to saturate the traditional and Web media with it if Sanders is nominated. It won’t even matter how much of it is true or not; enough people will believe it.


  10. In NH Republicans could not cross over. But undeclared could request a D or R ballot. I wonder how many of them were Republicans and voted for Bernie? I would think a few % did. Just to rat fuck us. I really like Amy K. I could happily support her.

    • Exit polls out of New Hampshire showed that 13% of the people who voted in the Democratic Primary said that they were not going to vote for a Democrat in the general election. So the questions are, 1) why were they voting in the Democratic Primary, and 2) Who were they voting for in it, and why? I think that the answers are pretty obvious. They were voting for Bernie Sanders, because they think that such a vote will help the Republicans keep the White House. There is apparently a massive effort underway in South Carolina to have Republicans vote for Sanders in the primary. That is their new way to try to fix the election.

  11. Hmmm WAPO https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/you-like-amy-klobuchar-now-remember-that-when-your-inner-sexist-starts-doubting-her/2020/02/12/2ff97cb8-4db3-11ea-b721-9f4cdc90bc1c_story.html

    ANd of course Bloomberg:

    .@realDonaldTrump – we know many of the same people in NY. Behind your back they laugh at you & call you a carnival barking clown. They know you inherited a fortune & squandered it with stupid deals and incompetence.

    I have the record & the resources to defeat you. And I will. https://t.co/fO4azmZaUg

    — Mike Bloomberg (@MikeBloomberg) February 13, 2020

    Good media day so far, haha. Right on the mark “…Carnival barking clown…stupid deals and incompetence”

  12. Very unfortunately, this election is going to come down to about five states. One of them is Wisconsin. A poll today shows Sanders and Trump tied in Wisconsin. Biden is up by only one point. That is before the Republicans have gone after Sanders at all. Once they do, he has no chance to win Wisconsin, he’ll lose by 5-10 points at least. And how do we win the general election without Wisconsin? Win all the Hillary states and then substitute another one? Does Sanders have any chance to win Arizona? No. Other Democrats might possibly, but Arizona is never going to vote for a socialist.. Georgia? Not a chance. Texas? Not even dimly possible. Nominate Sanders, and the only minute advantage is that people won’t have to spend time following the campaign,,they might as well go to the beach, or try to save up money for moving to another country. The election will be over before the Republican convention has even started. Many Democratic leaders know this, but they are being attacked and mocked by the Bernie hordes, who are either too deluded and ignorant to realize what is going to happen, or perhaps some of them actually want Trump to win, to further radicalize things until the socialist Godot comes along.. Or maybe some of them are just Russian/Republican plants.

    The frightening thing is that no matter what the national popular vote polls show, the Democrats have to win every state that Hillary won, plus PA, WI and MI, or alternatively lose WI and win AZ or GA or somehow TX. That is the entire election, the rest is just surface noise. It should never be that way, but it is. Trump should be behind in Wisconsin by 10 points, with all that he has shown and done. What else is he going to do to lower his poll numbers in the swing states, if he’s still no worse than even in WI? Please wake up, Democrats, and nominate someone who might actually win the election, because that is all that matters right now.

    Did we fall into some kind of pit in 2016, where every sinister force was arrayed against us, and now we cannot somehow dig our way out, because those elements which had been boiling beneath the surface,, which include the perfect Socialist foil for the fascist Right, were unleashed then, and will continue to play out, making things even worse? Is this what historians, if there indeed will be any who are not mouthpieces for tyrants, will relate as the relentless spiral into darkness of America? We do not have until November to save this, we really only have until July to have a chance to do so. It will likely be all set in stone once we have chosen our nominee. That at least is how I see it.

  13. There’s a great group of young people madly registering Dems in AZ. Demographics have rapidly changed in SW states since ‘16 as West Coast too expensive for most and they’re moving East. I’ve noticed several newspaper outlets and Dem reps calling Sanders out today, warning against his winning the nomination. Giving reasoned arguments, e.g., he will be terrible for down ticket Dems in battleground states, and we must have them to turn Senate blue…. and even to just keep the House. It’s not all about Sanders. Also appreciate the education they are doing—most voters don’t realize POTUS doesn’t pass laws and must have friends in Congress in order for plans and hopes to become real. Sanders has only a loud handful crying in the wilderness and most others will not work with an Independent, which he’s running as in 2024 for Senate. So…. That’s it.

    • Heartening news. II o think that we can win Arizona, but not with Sanders. i think that Kelly will win over McSally, and that might even help the Presidential candidate.

      Yes, no one has seemed to mention that nothing Sanders talks about is ever going to get through the Senate, even if we somehow can win it this election. which would be impossible with him as the nominee. And the fact he has never worked with any Democrats on anything, makes it less likely. We all remember how Bill Clinton came into office with a strong national victory, and we had House and Senate, even if not by much. The first bill he tried to get through was a modest stimulus package, and Dole and the Republicans filibustered it. Then when he advanced his first budget, the Republicans and their media waged war on it, and it finally,passed by the narrowest of margins, and cost several House Democrats their seats in the 1994 election which we lost pretty soundly. Sanders and Warren would have people believe that they could come in and get major wealth taxes passed, and there is not a chance., which is a shame, but a reality.

      • Oh, ironies. Sanders is now saying that MFA is not going to pass but maybe we’ll get a public option. So basically he’s dropped his support probably because it is so unpopular but why would anyone vote for him now? The people desperate for MFA well, what are they going to do? Lord, he’s an idiot.

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