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Breaking the glass amid the smoldering ruins.

The prosecutors on the Roger Stone case are resigning after Trump directed the DOJ to reduce Stone’s sentence from the recommended 7-9 years.

So unfair, says Trump. His friends did nothing wrong. Because didn’t Dershowitz say just last week that Trump can do anything as long as he thinks his re-election is in the national interest?

And wasn’t getting dirt on Hillary from Wikileaks in furtherance of his election in the national interest in the first place?

Therefore, Roger Stone did a public service. He shouldn’t be imprisoned for that. He should be on vacation to some sunny location with a sex club.

It is too late to break the glass. The glass should have been broken when Barr was nominated. The Republicans are complicit, not fearful.

There is nothing the Trump admin will not do to get elected this fall. Nothing.

Your civil rights were violated when you went to vote? Take it to the DOJ. You had issues with voting rights violations? Good luck with that. The count looks off? Too damn bad.

Your rights are very precious. They were earned with blood, toil, tears and sweat. And once they’re gone, it’s much harder to get them back.

In a little while, the plans for social security and Medicare will filter down to Trump’s base. Rugged Individualism without that social security check and healthcare after 65 isn’t going to be so appealing anymore. But it might be too late to do anything about it.

Well, maybe here in PA, we’ll be Ok because we’ll vote by mail. But Texas is screwed for sure. And it might not matter how many livid grannies there are in Florida. It will affect anyone who worked for a living.

Then Trump will act like he never knew you losers. Not my words. They will be his. If you weren’t smart enough to be born rich or rapacious enough to cheat others, then you’re a loser.

Did your 401K not grow enough? Were you not entertained?