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      As usual, use this for topics unrelated to recent posts. Since the blog has been all Covid, all the time this last week, this is a good place to discuss other issues. The results of the work I do, like this article, are free, but food isn’t, so if you value my work, please DONATE […]
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No Commitment Zone

One of the comments this afternoon claimed to be from a pollster using a push question to see if we will commit to voting for Sanders. The IP address suggested that the user was coming from the U.K., but that could be just a proxy server. It could be from any of a number of questionable actors.

So I’m putting this out here right now. This blog was created with the intent to question consensus reality back in 2008 and this mission hasn’t changed. It’s perfectly ok to hold a dissenting point of view here as long as your comments don’t smell suspiciously like carefully tuned pieces of propaganda. Now, I’m no expert, but I grew up in a religious cult so I’m probably more sensitive to undue influence than other people who don’t have that armor. I don’t appreciate having my tears jerked or my emotions manipulated. And I don’t think the visitors to this blog like it either.

This blog is a No Commitment Zone. No one here is obligated to fall in line or pledge to vote one way or another until after the convention. They are free to sing the praises of anyone they like. Debate is encouraged. But marketing techniques that are intended to make the reader feel compelled to make a choice before they are ready? Nope.

Violators will be moderated or banned.

Standard disclaimer: We are 1st amendment advocates. We believe in your right to say whatever you like. The blogosphere is huge. You would not believe just how vastly enormous it is. If you don’t feel that your comments are well received at this blog, you are encouraged to start your own.

The Narcissism of Small Differences

Why am I not surprised that a Bernie Bro would have the chutzpah to tell a black guy that his shirt is racist?